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July 30, 2005

Gaming Stocks Strong in July

Posted by detroit1051

The LV Review Journal reports that a weighted average of nine gaming stocks increased in July for the second month. Wall Street analysts are upbeat about the industry and Nevada. All eyes are on Las Vegas Sands which will report next week and on Wynn. Wynn said 2nd quarter results will be announced by August 9, but there will not be a conference call for analysts to ask questions of management.

In my opinion, Steve Wynn is his own worst enemy when it comes to Wall Street. He creates an antagonistic atmosphere when he appears less than forthcoming. Contrast this approach to MGM which always has open conference calls and takes all questions regardless of their significance.

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August 1, 2005 1:05 AM Posted by Mike C

MGM/Mandalay update: They seem to have a better handle on what to do to improve these properties than they do with the Mirage ones.

I don't know what they're going to do wit hthe other places, but at Luxor the lights on the outside corners of the pyramid are working again. There's minor changes inside, newer slots are starting to come in and replace old ones. I noticed an old ugly chrome and neon ceiling decoration near the slot club desk had been removed. An area on the other side of the desk that had previously been advertised as a grind zone (nickel machines and some tacky name like "Pyramid Party Pit") was taken down, with the signage gone and the nickel machines whisked away for some quarters. I was lost for about 30 seconds without the familiar ugly gewgaws hanging around telling me where I am.

I told the woman at the slot desk that this looked much better. She said the changes were because of the new owners and said said something to the effect of "This is just the start, you won't believe what's changing next." I politely asked for details, but she didn't know whether she could say anything or not, so I have no more to report on that effect.

Again, minor design details aside from the exterior lighting, but the place appears to be on the upswing.