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Andy asked on 03/31/08

Hey Hunter – it’s diffcult to think of a word describe how fantastic this site really is! It really is a goldmine full of useful information.

Following the recent fire at the Monte Carlo hotel have the necessary renovation works been carried out as of yet?

Just out of curiousity how many times a year do you visit Vegas?

Thanks again!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:


Monte Carlo has re-opened about 80% of its rooms. The fire has accelerated an already existing plan to renovate all the rooms, starting with the most damaged at top. Expect renovations to lart through the Fall most likely.

As far as how many times I go, it depends, but usually 10-12 times per year.

dustan asked on 03/30/08

when i stayed at nyny last year i think i remember hearing stuff on a clud that was going to be opening there called rokvegas, i cant seem to find anything on this, did they scrap the idea or is it still in the works just wondering. thanks for the time you put in here that makes your site the best.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Nope, it is still in the works, going into New York New York. It should be open soon, though I couldn’t get a precise date.

Jeremy asked on 03/30/08

I have sought your advice before on my many trips to Vegas and you’ve never steered me wrong, so with an upcoming trip in May, I’m curious as to can’t miss places for Cinco de Mayo? I’m staying at the Hard Rock and this is a guys only trip.

Any place in particular having any type of activities that I need to experience?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Cinco de Mayo isn’t really a big Vegas event like March Madness, New Years, Chinese New Year, etc… Still, I would expect pretty much every bar and club to try to get into the vibe with extra advertising, drink specials, etc…

Now, some places with a Mexican theme are probably places to watch, specifically the Pink Taco (Hard Rock) and Isla (TI).

christine asked on 03/30/08

Great Web Site. Wondering if you know approxately when the “summer family” crowd dissipates. I know every state has a different back to school start date. Two years ago Mandalay Bay pool area was completely filled with kids in late August into Labor Day weekend. Is is safe to say it is less child oriented after Labor Day? How is the convention schedules at Mandalay in the middle of September? A travel agent said the convention schedules peak in October.

Thanks again for all the great information on your site.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Interesting question… I would say there are certainly less kids after Labor Day. Personally, I really like going in mid-to-late September. Great weather but not too hot, less people than the Summer, etc…

Conventions run all year but some of the biggest are in the October – February time frame. September is usually not all that crowded as far as events go.

LOUISE YOUNG asked on 03/29/08


Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Gosh, I think maybe like a year or so ago and I believe it was just something they didn’t want to offer any more.

Joe asked on 03/28/08

Going to Vegas in July. Can you reccomend the top steak houses? I have been to the Luxor Steak House, Craft and the Delmoinco and they were all really good. I’d like to try some others that are up to par. Thanks

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

If you like the above, also check out:

SW (Wynn Las Vegas)
Country Club (Wynn Las Vegas)
Prime (Bellagio)
Nine (The Palms)

dermot walsh asked on 03/27/08

come on now after all the reviews lay it on the line about the excalibur regards staying there whats it really like for a pair of 40 something irish young at heart.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Excalibur is a cheap place to stay on the Strip. Most people I know stay there because it is cheap, not cause they like it.

Ben Stott asked on 03/27/08

First of all, I would like to say the website is excellent.

My partner and I have visited Las Vegas five times before and are beginning to start planning our next trip. Given the amount of construction currently ongoing, am I right in thinking 2010 could be the year Vegas reinvents itself again with the opening of City Center, Cosmo, Echelon etc.

We would like as many new hotels/casino’s as possible to be open to give that whole new vacation feeling.

I know it’s some way off and all of the information might not be available but which of the upcoming hotels would you recommend (planned facilities/room types) for a joint thirtieth birthday celebtration.

Thank you and I look forward to your response.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:


2010 will be a huge time for Vegas, akin to the boom years of the 90s as new places were opening all the time.

As far as your party, it’s almost impossible to say. I would argue that I’m probably as clued in as anyone as to what these places will be like (other than the designers themselves) and in many cases details are sparse.

I think the consensus is that Encore, the Wynn Las Vegas sister property opening this year will be hard to beat on luxury but that City Center’s hotel could easily pack a huge punch.

While the Cosmo may be an interesting place, I have doubts it would really be what you’re looking for.

Echelon and Fontainebleau are two sorta ‘x factor’ properties – we’ll see how they do – probably well but no one really knows for sure.

I’m personally most excited about Encore and City Center.

SEAN asked on 03/26/08

What is happening whith the properties on the north end of the strip where the Westward Ho & other small casinos once stood. I think MGM owns all that acreage & IS WAITING TO DEVELOP IT. I checked a real estate site i like & there was nothing.

Thanks Hunter

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

They are indeed planning to develop that land – it’s a joint partnership with Kerzner, who have casinos in other parts of the world. Development should start in about a year or so, just as City Center is being finished up.

Also in that area, Boyd is building Echelon on the site of the former Stardust.

Jessica V. asked on 03/26/08

Staying in Vegas mid-April for 10th anniversary – we’re staying at the Platinum Hotel. I would like to find a nice, romantic restaurant. I’ve read lots of reviews of the Top of the World and the Eiffel Tower restaurants and they both seem to have mixed reviews – and there are an overwhelming number of other restaurant reviews also. I don’t mind spending some money since it’s for a special occasion, but I don’t want to have “buyers remorse” either. Any suggestions?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Either one of those would probably be fine but wouldn’t be on the top of my list.

For really over the top high end romantic, check out Alex (Wynn Las Vegas) or Picasso (Bellagio).

For steaks, Delmonico (The Venetian) or SW (Wynn Las Vegas).

For less stuffy, check out Bartolotta (Wynn Las Vegas).

Greg asked on 03/26/08

We are planning to stay at Caesars in april and will be there sunday night thru wednesday night. Would like to stay in a deluxe room in either the Palace or Augustus Towers, but those are a little out of our price range. I have read on some online reviews that sometimes Caesars give free upgrades upon check-in. Thinking about booking a standard room and requesting/hoping for an upgrade. Any thoughts or tips?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

That does sometimes happen, yes, though I’d say it is happening less these days as they seem to be able to fill the more expensive rooms almost all the time.

Sunday through Wednesday does help as the hotel will be less busy.

Some folks attempt what is known as the ‘$20 Trick’ to get an upgrade – search on this site or Google for more info on all the ins and outs of that maneuver. It is discussed often.

Lastly, just be nice and explain how much it would mean to you, etc… If you strike out the first night, call the front desk the next night to see if you can move. Never hurts to ask.

Andrew asked on 03/25/08

While there are many reviews of hotels available, can you recommend a place to see what hotels are currently undergoing room renovations, what hotels are starting to get tired from lack of reinvestment, and when those renovations would be completed? I recently say that some of the Bellagio rooms are being redone (their suites), but what about the standards rooms there? Those rooms don’t even have flat screen TV’s in them yet, and these days that is evidence a supposedly high scale hotel may be falling behind the times.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Well, the standard rooms at Bellagio were re-done a couple of years ago so they’re not due for another remodel for probably another year or so. MGM Mirage typically has a ~5 year remodel period on their rooms, though sometimes that is adjusted… Now, since City Center is going to come online, I would expect the rooms at Bellagio to be re-done again before that in 2010 so that the hotel can keep pace – you’re right that they have to keep doing this stuff to stay competitive.

Some other notable renovation projects include the Monte Carlo – their project was accelerated due to their fire and will be starting in about 2-3 months and The Mirage – overdue for a remodel, the rooms will all be re-done with the new rooms available next month in some circumstances.

MGM Grand has talked about another room remodel project but no dates have been announced.

While they haven’t said anything official, I would expect the rooms at Wynn Las Vegas to get an upgrade sometime in the next 1.5 – 2 years, especially with Encore coming online to raise the bar.

Mandalay Bay recently remodeled, which was desperately needed. Luxor is in progress and Excalibur completed last year.

The Venetian just finished a remodel to bring the rooms to parity with those at thew newly opened Palazzo.

I have all this info but not in any one spot – I have a list of things I’d like to add to my database and this is one of them… Plus, it could be useful for the iPhone application I’m working on.

David asked on 03/25/08

I am planning a stay in Las Vegas in September. In trying to my homework I have checked prices and reviews for various hotels.

I am down to the MGM Grand or the Mirage. Some reviews say the MGM Grand is too large and difficult to maneuver, the walls are too thin and you can hear the neighbors at night, but otherwise say it is a good place.

Which do you believe is better? Also any alternatives you think give greater value in the same price range.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Well, having stayed in both, hopefully I can help. One fact that might be telling: about 20:1 I have chosen The Mirage over MGM Grand.

Both hotels offer a mid-range/high-mid-range experience (with the exception of the Skylofts/Mansion at MGM and the villas/lanais at The Mirage).

The Mirage was built as a high-roller’s paradise while MGM Grand was built as a mass-market hotel for families – for that reason, The Mirage has a lot of higher end details that don’t always exist at MGM Grand.

I find service to be better at The Mirage but that can vary.

MGM Grand probably has better restaurants on balance – they have put a lot of energy into dining – but The Mirage is no slouch here.

The Grand is quite large – if you don’t like walking or are overwhelmed by large spaces, that could be a problem.

Bottom line is both are great places to stay and I’d feel comfortable recommending either one. MGM has the edge on food, Mirage on service and intangibles. The Mirage has a better pool and I would say the location is better but that last point is debate-able.

Hope that helps.

Eric asked on 03/23/08

Do any of the Vegas buffets serve “hot” crab legs. I know some of them will heat them on the grill for you, but do any just serve them hot? Thanks!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Yes, some do. I’ve seen them at the Rio ‘Seafood Buffet’ (they have two buffets), Bellagio and Wynn Las Vegas, though for the last two, not every time I’ve been there.

SEAN asked on 03/23/08

As a person with a visual unparement, i would like to know what mesures are being done to reduce strip traffic. Sometimes getting around can be a real challenge.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Probably the biggest thing that’s been done and will continue is the construction of overhead walk-ways that reduce the need to cross at street level. Also, more and more people movers/trams.

seidler asked on 03/21/08


what are your impressions on the flamingo? i’ve heard some good things about the “go” room. im with a bunch of guys and want to get a room in a good location as cheap as possible.

i feel like flamingo may attract younger people too, with lower casino limits and a good pool scene. can this be something to expect?


Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Ya know, I see the Flamingo as a very second tier property that recently has put some money into upgrading its amenities and has become a great mid-Strip value for customers that are looking for a better-than-just-decent room in a great location.

For those looking for value but don’t want to sacrifice location it is a fantastic option. The lower room prices are attracting more younger people though it’s probably still tilted towards a little older comped crowd.

Stacy asked on 03/20/08

My husband and I will be in Vegas in May and planned on going to see Purple Reign at the Monte Carlo Brew Pub. Last time we were there they played every Wednesday night. I have been trying to find out if they are still booked there since the fire at the Monte Carlo but I cannot find any solid info….any info would be greatly appreciated !!!!!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Purple Reign has been doing regular gigs at Santa Fe Station and South Point so they’re still in Vegas but not at the Monte Carlo.

Neil B asked on 03/19/08

Hey Hunter,

loving your blog and podcasts; still!

just need some info about The Mirage. i am booked in to stay 21st-26th may 2008. i have stayed there before but would love to stay in the newely modelled rooms, so my question is how far along will the room renovations be by then?
i got the room for an average of $185/night so will the check in clerk be able to sort me out with the $20 trick or are we now looking at a $50 trick to get the job done these days?

thanks, neil

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

They’re being a bit cagey. I was told that guests will be in new rooms this month but as far as I know, they still haven’t opened any yet. Could be any time, literally. I would expect a few to be done by May, or at least enough that you could probably get one. The project will be completed in the Fall.

As far as the $20 trick vs. the $50 trick – inflation is indeed creeping into these sorts of things.

mike asked on 03/17/08

i am going to vegas in a few days. can you tell me if there is a cover for pour 24 at nyny. and possibly how much for the average beer? thanks for the great site!!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Yes, there is a cover charge, which varies based on the night, anywhere from $20-$40. Drinks are like most other places, between $7-$15.

Frode asked on 03/14/08

First I must give you credit for one of the best sites regarding Vegas, really spot-on.

We are getting married next year in Vegas (April or May), and we will probably be a party of 10-12 persons travelling from Norway.

My questions are:

1)We would like to have a reception (champange etc.) at a fancy suite with a great view (looked at the skylofts etc.), or maybe have the ceremony in the suite. What is your best recommendations for this?

2) How do we get the best prices for a suite and a couple of deluxe rooms? And at what time?

Best regards!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:


As for #1, do you not yet have a hotel? Typically you would need to rent the room for the night so that’s why I’m asking. SkyLofts are a good option for sure. I’d also consider Salon Suites at Wynn Las Vegas, Penthouse Suites at The Mirage or Bellagio.

As for #2, there’s really no secret. Call around and see what is available – most hotels don’t put the best rooms on their Web sites. Prices change all the time so keep calling and checking. Book when you find a rate that you like.

Brooke asked on 03/12/08

I will be going to Vegas in the beginning of April and it is my first time going there. My friend will be celebrating her 21st birthday, but I wont be 21 until June. She has invited me to go with her for free, and I cant refuse. My problem is I know I wont be able to do anything that she is able to do. So, I have given up on the idea of a fake ID. My question, however, is My friend who looks like me has offered me her ID to take so I can get into the clubs and casinos. I wont be gambling but I do want to be able to hang out with everybody on the trip. Do you think I can get by with a look-a-like ID, or is the security going to be paying a lot of attention to the picture on the ID rather than the birthdate?

Thanks a bunch for the help in advance and I have to say this is the best site available on Las Vegas inquiries you have such great information!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Well, I can’t encourage you to do anything illegal so this is for the purpose of debate only.

I would say that the bouncers in Las Vegas are no more or less tough than any other mid-to-large city’s clubs. Pulling it off is probably more about confidence than anything else. Only you know if you can pull if off or not – I’m sure many many folks have done it before you.

Lynne Hetzel asked on 03/08/08

Coming to Vegas this weekend and staying at the Palazzo. Is the work out room open or do we have to use the one at the Venetian? If so, can you tell me what the work out facilities are like there? This is a big concern for my in shape friend. Thanks!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The expanded Canyon Ranch area is not yet open so you have to bus over to The Venetian side but it is quite a nice, large facility. One of the better parts of the property.

Robbie Gill asked on 03/08/08


I’m considering returning to Vegas in June, and I’d like to stay at the Wynn. However, I was wondering if they have any resort rooms with two beds? I have read various places that you can get two double beds. However, on the official site, they don’t mention this…only a King is recognized. Maybe I have to call and request doubles? If they are not offered, I will probably choose to stay at Bellagio.

Thanks so much for any help.


Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

They do have rooms with double beds, yes.

Margaret D asked on 03/06/08

Hi Hunter,

We will be staying for three days at the Palazzo March 19th, do you know the exact date the new pool will be open?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I don’t because they’re not saying. It’s much closer to being finished and ‘pool season’ starts right about now. It’s possible it will be open next week but I wouldn’t count on it.

william pearsall asked on 03/06/08

I just happened onto your column while looking for some information. My wife and myself have been vacationing in Vegas since the early 70’s, We have stayed at almost every hotel at least once. I estimate we have been to Vegas at least 150 times, and yet I still have a question. Sometimes we would like to take our small dog with us and I cannot find anyplace other than the westin and some fleabags in no mans land that is pet friendly, any help with this? We are harrahs diamond level players and they will not even consider pets. I would not mind paying occasionally if someone allowed the dog.
As a side note I was reading several questions in the column, some of these people should spend their money in disneyland, as they still think Vegas is free if you spend a $10 bill in a slot machine. They need to be updated, the $20. trick is now the $50 dollar trick, and vegas is not free anymore.
Thanks Bill

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Amen on your comment on money – I agree 100%.

As for dog friendly hotels, the policy of every single Strip hotel that i know of is: No Pets (seeing eye dogs are excluded from this).

Unless you’re a Bellagio villa level customer, that’s pretty much set in stone.

One place to check: I heard the South Point does allow pets but I was unable to confirm.

mats andersson asked on 03/05/08


We are going to Las Vegas 10 days between 13-23/6. We have looking to stay at the Luxor for 4 days and Ceasars palace for 6 days.
We havent decide yet if this is a good choise? Do you recomend some others hotels or is this a good choise. We are going to married us on the 17/6 and we want our place the last days to be really good.

Best regards Mats A

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Well, there are lots of different kinds of rooms at Caesars Palace but I would say that you’ll likely enjoy it more than Luxor – most of the room types (except for the really old ones) are nicer.

Luxor is undergoing a transformation but in my opinion is still not a great (read: luxurious) place to stay. Alternatives could include The Mirage, Paris, Planet Hollywood or even Treasure Island.

chris nomoi asked on 03/04/08

hello. a group of friends are going to Mandalay Bay in August. They are booked in the two bedroom suite in the regular Mandalay Bay hotel. We were told that this room is completely remodeled. Have you seen these rooms and how would you rate them. I think under the website it says 1500XB.

Thank you for all the excellent information.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Yes, they are completely re-done and all of the rooms at Mandalay Bay are considerably nicer than they were before the re-model.

They are trying to re-cast the hotel as a high-midrange/high-end hotel and they are doing a good job fixing all the little things that were starting to go wrong at MB.

Becky asked on 03/03/08

Hunter, Have you or anyone you know used a company/service to reserve bottle service at a club? If so which company. Thx

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Typically we call into the hotels and book directly with the club.

Lori asked on 03/03/08

Hi. We really enjoy playing VP while sitting at the bar (slot bars?) at night. We will be staying at the Bellagio in april, can you tell me if the hotel has any slot bars? Thanks.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:


Both the Baccarat Bar and the Fontana Lounge have slot bars, as well as the sports book area.

suepc asked on 03/02/08

I know the city center is right by the Bellagio. We were thinking of booking the Bellagio Suite (mot strip view). Is there a lot of construction going on for this August/September? Are guests in the area of the Bellaagio suites complaining?

Please advise. Thanks!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

While some folks that have been in rooms in the Spa Tower’s South side have maybe heard some noise, I was just at Bellagio in a room overlooking the City Center site and was not disturbed at all.

Andy asked on 03/01/08

Are there any Sigma Derby Horse racing slot machines still in service in any LV casinos? My wife became obsessed with this machine years ago, & I read on a website that (as of 2005) only 3 were still currently in use at MGM. Excalibur, and Luxor. We were in Vegas last year , but couldn’t locate one. We will be returning at the end of March, and I would love to suprise my wife with the ability to actually locate one.Thanks.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Sigma Derby is the best!

As far as I know, the only one left is at MGM Grand and I was told that it is still there as of about three weeks ago so hopefully it still is.

The machines at Excalibur and Luxor are gone and of course the New Frontier’s machine is who-knows-where.

Go to MGM Grand and if it is still there, it was located near the sports book.

Mathias asked on 02/26/08


I am coming to Las Vegas in May 23rd for a week to stay at the Luxor Resort with two friends of ours from Sweden.
Most important for me and my wife is the pool area. I have heard that Luxor will be renovating its pool area sometime in 2008. Do you know when they are starting to update and renovating the pool at Luxor? Will all guests still be able to use the pool as usual?

Many Thanks in advance & for a nice website!



Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Hi There,

They are planning on doing some pool work at Luxor this year, though they try to have it done by April to avoid prime pool season.

Typically when a pool is not available for guests, they allow them to use pools at neighboring properties, specifically Excalibur and/or Mandalay Bay.

You should be covered.

Stephanie Zabo asked on 02/24/08


Can you tell me if the Flamingo pool is available to guests at Harrahs since it is a sister property?


Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

No, it is not. Flamingo guests only.

Terry S. asked on 02/24/08

Hi, again, Hunter:

We’re two couples visiting Vegas in May. Have booked 2 regular rooms at Bellagio. Can also get a 2-BR Penthouse suite at Mirage for basically the same price (actually, less). Seems like a no-brainer to go with the PH suite. Wanted to check with you first, since we know you’ve stayed at both places.

Thanks, as always,

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:


Yeah, I’d get the PH at Mirage. Bellagio is a great hotel and if the comparison were standard rooms I would flip it around but the PH suite is great – huge room(s), private floors, great service… Plus, The Mirage is renovating itself and working hard on upgrades all around the property – its no slouch.

sarah asked on 02/23/08

hello! I should to answer a letter in english which have 5 paragraphs.
– What’s the people like?
– What’s the city like?
-What they do?
-What’s have in the city?
– Put things whichs you know
I would to have an answer today at the moment.please!Thank You!!!!!!!!!!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Hmmm. Hard to answer these questions. They are pretty general. I suggest doing some Web reading on Las Vegas – you’ll learn a lot.

Deborah K. Damon asked on 02/22/08

Hey there, Hunter how is it going? Listen have you heard anything about what is going on with the Lady Luck Hotel and Casino, what the latest is on it. I heard that it was under renovations what’s going on now.


Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Still closed for ‘retrofit’. No one really knows.

Bob Dainton asked on 02/22/08

I understand that Planet Hollywood is in the process of renovating their rooms from the old Aladdin style. How is this progressing and what is the probability that I will get a renovated room at standard price in April?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

It’s going well – I think it’s actually pretty close to done at this point. You’re almost certainly going to be in a new room.

Peter asked on 02/20/08

Hallo there, could you tell me where i can find photo`s of objects/facade`s sprayed with the product Luminore in Las Vegas ?
I know the dome on the bellagio and the arche in front of the Wynn hotel are done with it.
It would help me a lot.

With best regards,


Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Sorry, not familiar with that product.

Robert asked on 02/18/08

I was wondering if you could tell me what the current jackpot is for the .01c megabuck slot in Las Vegas.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

IGT lists some info online:

Drew nelson asked on 02/13/08

Hi, I will be heading back to vegas at the end of April and saw there is a new show at Paris called Ohh la la, and I can’t seem to find much on it, just wondered if you had any info or could direct me towards some?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

It’s pretty recent. Other than being a topless show affiliated with Anthony Cools, I don’t know anything about it beyond what’s on the Paris site.

Carol O'Reilly asked on 02/12/08

Looking to see Marriage Can Be Murder show in the Caynon Club at The Four Queens. The write up sounds great, not a large room and two prices. Is it worth the extra $$$ for VIP and is it pre-assigned seating? Also, we all hate those awful long tables where the best view is somebody’s head. Do you know the seating arrangements.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The VIP tickets don’t get you a whole lot – more drinks and some extra food. Probably not worth it, no.

richard asked on 02/12/08

Greetings Hunter! Awesome site with keen info about Vegas.

My question is who has the best chocolate shop on the strip? Nothing beats a great truffle/bon bon after a day of gaming! Thank you, Richard

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I’d say it has to be Jean-Phillipe at Bellagio – tucked away back in the Spa Tower, it’s to die for.

Janna L. asked on 02/09/08

My husband and I are going to stay at Treasure Island in Las Vegas for 4 nights in March for my birthday and I was wondering if we have a chance at getting a complimentary upgrade by emailing first instead of doing the $20. trick right when we get there. Any advice???

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

It’s certainly possible. Do a search on this site for “$20 Trick” to learn more. Also, visit this site:

Sandy Armstrong asked on 02/08/08

Hi Hunter, as always love this site. We are thinking of staying at The Orleans in July.Any thoughts on good or bad or have you stayed there??? I checked out their website and it doesn’t look bad but…..

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thanks much! If you don’t mind staying off the Strip a little bit, The Orleans offers a fantastic value. Some good restaurants and very personal service. The Strip isn’t too far away so for many folks, it’s a great option to consider.

Bronco asked on 02/06/08

Hunter, thanks for all the advice in the past; I appreciate and try to support the site when possible. Question, Monte Carlo is presently closed through February 11th. I am going to Vegas 2/22-2/25. 1) Do you think they will be open by my travel date? 2) If so, would you expect there to be some truly wait and see discounted rates since they have been inoperable for a few weeks now with nor reservation taking 3) Not even chance it and just book something now? Thanks for your thhoughts and insight…

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Sorry I’m just getting to this – yes, Monte Carlo is re-opening this coming Friday the 15th of February. You can check MC’s rates but I wouldn’t wait much longer to book – not much time left!

Deborah K. Damon asked on 02/03/08

Hi Hunter:
First of all you do have a great site here, you give out great advise, now i have another question for you. I have been trying to get coupons so i can save money while i am on my trip which it is coming up in June. The only problem is i seem to only find ones that are always two for one, and i am going alone. I have already tried the Magazine Casino player and found nothing. Do you know any hotels that have great coupons for the person that goes to vegas alone can enjoy? probobly not. Thanks

Deborah K. Damon

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thank you.

As to your question, the casinos love two-for-ones because often times if means you’ll take the coupon and bring a friend which is of course good for them in the end.

If you haven’t already, I suggest trying to get some copies of Showbiz Weekly and/or What’s On – both are commonly found in hotel rooms and you may be able to get some via E-Bay or other Las Vegas forums for trade. These often contain all sorts of coupons, including straight up discounts for shows and restaurants instead of just two-fers.

I hope that helps. Part of the problem is that solo travelers are often business travelers and the hotels assume they have expense accounts with a balance to burn.

Carol O'Reilly asked on 01/27/08

Planning to see the Sopranos in April when they are at the Riviera. I believe it is general admission seating and offer two different prices. What do you get for the higher price and most of all is the seating arrangements those awful long tables or regular tables/booths? Thanks, Carol

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Hi Carol,

Honestly, for something like this your best bet is to call the hotel to see if you can get some specific answers. This far out, for a non-permanent show, it is not unlikely for them not to have set a lot of these details.

Brent N asked on 01/26/08

Greetings, first off, you have a wonderful site here!

Will be travelling to Vegas 8-11 Feb for the celbration of my wife and her twin sister’s 40th birthday. We will be staying at the Paris. What we’re looking for is suggestions on a restaurant for the big birthday dinner (our party will be 10 which includes two children ages 11 and 15) on Sunday the 10th of Feb.
We are hoping to find a good steakhouse (with some finicky kid friendly options) in the downtown area. We intend to do the Freemont Street “tour” that evening after dinner. We were planning on the “Triple George” but it is closed on Sundays for dinner and the online reservation system for Vic Anthony’s in the Golden Nugget tells me they have no available tables for 10 that night.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:


Vic and Anthony’s would have been one of my recommendations but if that’s booked, you might try Hugo’s Cellar at the Four Queens – it’s quite nice. My only concern is that it might be a little too fancy for young children.

If that won’t work, Binion’s Ranch Steakhouse is also an option. Located up on top of the tower, the restaurant offers great views.

Lastly, on the North Strip is another option if you find it’s worth making the trip from Downtown – the Circus Steakhouse at Circus Circus is a hidden gem with very reasonable prices. A great potential option.

Mark asked on 01/25/08

Thanks for the great site, always a big help. We are staying in the Vista at Mandalay over March madness 1st weekend. My question is do you you know about how much the cabanas run at the pool? Is it worth the price and what is included? Thanks so much for your insight.

Mark in KC

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:


Cabana prices change all the time – you need to call and see for your specific instance. It’s usually about a couple hundred bucks and includes dedicated cocktail service, TV, a place to hang out, etc… It’s a good way to do something that doesn’t involve the casino and if you like hanging at the pool, it makes it much much more fun.

Cdnyankee asked on 01/23/08

Hi Hunter, great site. Quick question on the Mirage. I read that they will be renovating(sp) the rooms there. Any idea when this will start and how long it will take? I was thinking of booking there in September but just wondering if the rooms would be done by then or if the renovations will cause any problems. Thanks in advance.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The changes begin this month and should be complete by the Summer so in September you should be guaranteed a new room, assuming the schedule holds up.