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qtpielondon asked on 04/18/06

im going to LV for my honeymoon in august and have no idea which hotel to go to! Im currently choosing between aladdin and luxor. i want a realy nice room, and a hotel that is close to other places, which is why i prefer the strip. so far ive read luxor is dark, and it takes ages to walk to your room. im also interested in shopping and spas.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Well, almost all Las Vegas hotels are so large that there can be significant walks from one area to another. Yes, some hotels are better than others and parts of the Luxor are quite removed from the rest of the hotel. Aladdin is more centrally located but they are still working on transforming it to a Planet Hollywood and construction is on-going. It is fully open during this time but some amenities may be shutdown and you will notice the construction going on. The Aladdin is closer to shopping meccas The Forum Shops and Grand Canal Shoppes, plus it has its own semi-interesting mall, Desert Passage, connected to the resort. Mandalay Place, connected to Luxor, is pretty bland. The spa at the Aladdin is newer than that at Luxor but they are comparable in size.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 04/17/06

Hey Hunter,

Might you know if Palazzo is still on track to open in 2007?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Currently scheduled to open in the 2nd quarter of 2007, I believe this date will be pushed back as parking excavation and litigation took longer than they thought.

lafogdog asked on 04/16/06

Hunter, Is there a website where I can look up the progressive payouts on the slots? Also, are those progressive payouts just for Vegas or do they include the entire U.S.?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Some of this info is available here (off site link): A2Z Vegas. As far as the scope of the progressives, it depends on a per machine/per vendor situation. Many states bar progressive slots by law.

deemo15 asked on 04/16/06

Greetings Hunter,

Thank you for the reply to my last message. I have narrowed it down to Wynn Las Vegas and Bellagio. Would the $20 trick (or even 50, 100, anything) work to get a suite from a regular room? If not, what do you think I should do. We are a young couple in our early 20’s and I want to really show the woman that she is the one.. Thanks man..

Also, another couple might go the same week. The girl is only 20. Are there any clubs/fun spots for a group that has a 20 yr old with them?? If not, fine, I am all set either way. But please help with the room!!! Thanks!!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

You never know but often, moving from a guest room to a suite is the hardest level of upgrade to get. Can’t hurt to try. The service at these places, especially Wynn, will impress. Wynn Las Vegas, even more than Bellagio, is full of all kinds of small intimate places in the resort – much more so than any other hotel on Las Vegas Blvd. My wife, who enjoys Las Vegas but not as much as I do, was very impressed by Wynn Las Vegas. We’re the same age (mid 20s). I’m sure you’ll love it. As far as clubs for under 21, there are basically none… The lounges in the resort, restaurant bars, etc… will likely let her hang but she’s not allowed in the casino (and they will card her if she looks young), so if she only has her legit ID, she’ll probably be a bit bored. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions… Have you seen my Wynn photos? I have hundreds of them: Vegas Photos.

suepc asked on 04/15/06

Need your opinion. Staying at the Bellagio and are unsure which to book – either the Bellagio Suite or Penthouse Suite. Some reader reviews say the Bellagio Suite is getting run down. Have you seen them both recently? Is the Bellagio in good shape? Or, should we splurge and go for the Penthouse? Any comments on the Penthouse?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

These two suites are basically the same with different quality furnishings. This is just the same as other former Mirage properties like The Mirage itself. Bellagio went through a guestroom remodel in conjunction with the opening of the Spa Tower in late 2004. Unfortunately this didn’t include the suites on most floors which have since undergone some spot replacement but nothing wholesale. The Penthouse Suite is nicer than the Bellagio Suite, plus you are guaranteed a higher floor and better view. If you can afford it, it’s the way to go since you are guaranteed a fantastic room. If you can pull it off, do it. If not, the Bellagio Suite won’t be a slouch but view and room location will be more of a crapshoot.

suepc asked on 04/15/06

Hi Again. Is there a grocery store or convenience store in walking distance from the Bellagio? Thanks again for all your help!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I just answered a question on this topic regarding Flamingo, which is the same deal… A grocery store is within driving distance. A convenience store would probably be the pharmacy next to Monte Carlo, just down from Bellagio. They have beer, wine, sodas, snacks, etc…

deemo15 asked on 04/14/06

Hello, this will be my 3rd visit to Vegas from the East Coast, but the first time I am bringing the girlfriend with me. Need some advice here… Am I better off going for a top of the line room (i.e. Ziggurat Suite at NYNY) at a non-5 star hotel, or go for a average to above average at a hotel like the Venetian, Bellagio, or the Wynn? Looking for a little romance but more of a good time. Thanks a ton.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I would go with the nicer hotel even if you can’t get the best room they offer. The service at a place like Wynn Las Vegas or Bellagio is head and shoulders above NYNY. It’s also a more sophisticated environment with better dining options, better spa, pool(s), etc… I would rank ’em as follows: Wynn Las Vegas, Bellagio, The Mirage and then lastly The Venetian (not one of my favorite places). Hope that helps!

Onexenuf asked on 04/14/06

What is the approximate cost of a taxi from the airport to downtown (Golden Nugget specifically)? Thanks for the info!!!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Well, it will depend a bit on traffic. The cabbie will take the 15 downtown and sometimes it can get a big clogged. I would expect $15 tops on a regular day.

musicmansimpson asked on 04/11/06

Hunter, can I have your thoughts on the new Signature at MGM Grand?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Well, it hasn’t opened yet but will be soon. For those that don’t know, this is MGM Grand offering ‘rooms’ in the new condo towers out back from condo owners that are part of the program. Basically MGM sells them as rooms and pays the condo owner a portion… They are an interesting proposition. For folks that want more of a condo than a hotel room, it could be a good option. Kitchens are included but the walk to the casino and the Strip would be a hike.

Orlandoguy asked on 04/10/06

I’m confused about when cab drivers should use the tunnel leaving the airport for trips to the strip. Are there destinations that it’s legitimate and others where it’s just used to get a higher fare? Thanks for the great site!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Yeah, there are. Not all of these trips are a scam. If you’re heading to Mandalay Bay or Luxor, it could be legit, depending on traffic – it’s not always a bad idea.

cleary asked on 04/10/06

is there a grocery store within walking distance of the Flamingo?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Not really. A quick drive, yes but not within walking distance. The VONS on Twain is probably the closest.

angelthomas asked on 04/08/06

I will be staying at MGM April 14 – 16. My reservation is for the Grand Tower. I have heard bad things about the Emerald Tower, but I do not see any choice for reserving a room in the Emerald Tower. Were these rooms remodeled? The pictures they have of the West Wing rooms look very nice. What should I request if I try the $20 trick and have people had success with the $20 trick at MGM? Thanks.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The Emerald Tower has been re-made as the West Wing, small but hip rooms with interesting decor. The Grand Tower is much more of a standard hotel room and recently redone at that. Bumping up from the Grand Tower would be into one of the various types of suites they offer, perhaps a Hollywood or Celebrity suite… Probably a bit unlikely however.

gold_da asked on 04/08/06

Has anyone stayed at the one bedroom penthouse suite at the Monte Carlo?

I booked it for my ten year anniversary and wanted some feedback on it.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Been in but not slept in. Generally a nice room. Very large and spacious. Of course, not as luxurious has comparable suites at resorts like Wynn Las Vegas, Bellagio, The Mirage or THEHotel but it still compares nicely. asked on 04/08/06

shuttle buses from casinos

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Is this a question?

chumpreed asked on 04/08/06

I just found out about the Skylofts while looking for a suite. I am throwing a birthday party for a couple of friends and was looking for a place for all of us to crash – does the MGM limit the number of guests in the Skylofts? Anyone know how many people the 2 bedroom would hold?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Legally they have limits to enforce, I believe 4 persons per bedroom. Practically, these are not typically enforced but you don’t have a guarantee. Of course, if you’re group is loud or breaking stuff, the chances of getting kicked out increase exponentially.

suepc asked on 04/07/06

what are the chances of booking a Bellagio Suite and getting an upgrade to the Penthouse upon arrival? We are celebrating a 50th birthday. If we say that would it help? Would a $20.00 tip help? You mentioned to look out for discount codes, were do i find them?

Thanks for your help! Love to read your site!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

You honestly never know. Upgrading between suites is much easier than upgrading from a standard room to a suite… If all the suites of the type you booked are taken, they move you up. Sometimes if you have a suite you can trigger this even by checking in late, hoping that the suites of the type you booked are taken… You just never know though. A tip might help but no guarantees. As far as discount codes, the simplest way is to join the hotel’s mailing list from their Web site.

DoubleGW asked on 04/07/06

Hi Hunter,
Thanks for the great advice in the past! My step-daughter, son and grandkids (3 & 5 yrs) are headed to The Wynn in Mid April. We have a complimentary Resort room for 2 nights. Will the pool be open and if so, is it heated? Also, I was told that I can possibly ask for a room with a sofa, instead of a chair, at time of check-in. Do you think the $20 trick might work in order to get this?Thanks so much and great site, as always!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The pool will be open and also heated, yes (year round). The Resort Room is their standard room but do all include a small couch, as well as a table and chair.

fabinbalt asked on 04/07/06

Heading back to Vegas for a week at the end of April and have a few questions. My boyfriend are staying at TI should we request any special rooms for the best view? Also we are renting a car for a couple days and would like to see some parks outside Vegas any opinions on top picks, Grand Canyon vs. Bryce canyon and Valley of fire vs. red rock canyon? Thanks for your help!!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

TI… Okay, here’s what I would ask for. The top floor has really high ceilings, even in the standard rooms. Kinda neat. A pool view (South) is probably the best Strip view. The pirate view lets you see Wynn and The Venetian as well but can be loud (pirates!). The ‘mountain’ or ‘sunset’ views are of the I-15. As far as stuff via car – the Grand Canyon is truly amazing, as is Bryce – but both are a good drive. Red Rock is really close and Valley of Fire isn’t too far. If you have the time, check out the GC. If not, Red Rock will be a good day and you can even check out the near by Red Rock Station Casino, opening April 18th. It is getting a lot of high marks from those that have toured it.

jane asked on 04/06/06

I’m going to LV next week. Really excited. Do you have any favorite buffets? – Thanks!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The best are typically known to be Bellagio, Paris, Aladdin, and to a slightly lesser extent Wynn Las Vegas. Enjoy!

steveham99 asked on 04/06/06

Hello, What a great site you have!
3 questions
1. My wife and I have not been to Vegas in 15 years we are staying at Thehotel april 11-14 I heard that some amenities were closed (like the pools and Rumjungle) Any truth?
2. Does Thehotel have anything to upgrade to? (The $20 or $50 trick has worked in the past) what should I ask for is my question.
3. Do the "same day’ ticket sellers really work? (I.E. good seats, good shows big names) can you suggest any?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Rumjungle was renovated but it is open again. The pool is also open… As far as upgrades, not a ton unless you somehow talk your way into the Presidential Suite. Almost all the rooms at THEHotel are the same. Some same day sellers work, sure. There are some shows you’ll never find there though, such as the various Cirque shows or some headliners like Danny Gans… Tix2Nite is one of the more popular ticket sellers.

carol asked on 04/06/06

Staying at Bally’s. Is there one of the towers that has newer renovations on their rooms? Thanks.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Both of the towers have been fully renovated at this point.

lv_3600 asked on 04/03/06

What is required to be eligible for slot tounaments… i’m most interested in Wynn, but i don’t know what is required besides the red card… Thx.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

It depends on your level of play. Some slot tournaments will require more than others. Generally, the higher the prize pool, the higher the requirement. The tournaments are reserved for medium to high end players so if you want to get in, start racking up points (and hopefully winning (wynning?)).

PJTremblay01 asked on 04/01/06

Hi, so… Is Encore definitely breaking ground April 28th? and is it going to be taller and similar to Wynn LV. Thanks

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The word is groundbreaking on 4/28/06, yes. The financing is now all in place. It will be taller, yes and will look basically the same as the existing WLV tower, curving in the other direction. The standard rooms will be larger than WLV, over 700 square feet. The casino will be about half the size and the resort will have its own restaurants, spa, pool, etc…

Hatter2004 asked on 03/31/06

Hi, I am visiting las vegas in Dec 2006 for 4 nights and have been considering the Flamingo. I have visited Las Vegas in 2005 so know a bit about the place. However this will be my honeymoon. Can i expect to get anything free? Thanks

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I wouldn’t expect it but it might happen. Make sure you mention it when you make the reservation and they can note it on the account. Hotel managers have been known to send up some welcome gifts such as champagne or fruit.

suepc asked on 03/30/06

Visiting Vegas in October in the Bellagio Suite. Would like the Penthouse Suite, but at $600.00 is quite expensive. Do you know if the Penthouse ever goes on sale for October? A friend said they have seen it for around $400? The Bellagio Suite is currently on the website for $425 per night. My second question is about purchasing show tickets in advance. If there is a hurricane, and we cannot fly out, would the hotels give us an exchange for the show. We would like to see Penn and Teller, Danny Gans, and Jubilee? thank you,

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Rooms and suites go on sale all the time but there isn’t much of a pattern to it. You just need to keep checking to see if you find a deal. October is the start of convention season, so deals can be a little harder to come by. As far as tickets, most of the shows are non-refundable but check with each box office to be sure. You could always sell the tickets on E-Bay if you couldn’t use them… Shows like Danny Gans always sell out so advance tickets are a must.

lafogdog asked on 03/30/06

Hey! Just wondering how much ,approxmatly, is bottle service at the clubs, Tao/Jet for example, and do you have to wait in line and pay cover? Thanks!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Usually ~$300-$400/bottle depending on what you order. Some stuff is more. Usually no cover when you have a table and you shouldn’t have to wait in the main line either. Sometimes security dudes try to be lame about it though and make you wait longer than you’d want to.

mjinkville asked on 03/30/06

How likely would it be to get a room upgrade if I mention to my hotel that I am staying the week of my 40th birthday? Should I go ahead and mention it or just try the $20 trick?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Honestly, probably not all that likely. Can’t hurt to mention it but I doubt that alone will get you an upgrade unless you’re really lucky.

mjinkville asked on 03/30/06

I will be in Vegas for a week in late September. I am gay and do not have no or plan on having a partner when I go. How is the gay scene in Vegas? I am interested in everything from a nice bar to sit, sip a cocktail, and ogle to a place to hookup and play.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Hmmm… This is actually the first time I’ve gotten this question and I’m not sure how qualified I am to answer it… I would say in general, the nightclub scene in Vegas is as happening as anywhere, so that’s certainly one thing to keep in mind. I honestly don’t know how good the gay scene is but I do know that the city’s marketing folks have been actively marketing to gays and lesbians for some time and they claim they are having a lot of success so I would hope it’s thriving. A little Googling came up with a couple of sites that might interest you: Gay Clubs and Gay Vegas.

mjinkville asked on 03/30/06

I will be spending a week in Vegas from 9/24-9/29. I have searched for what show will be available for that week and the picking, so far, are slim. Am I correct in assuming that as time goes on more shows will get added for that week? In addition do headliners do mid week shows or is that more of a weekend thing?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Yes, non permanent shows will be added/announced as you get closer to your dates. Sometimes headlines do 4-5 nights in a row, so yes, mid-week shows certainly do happen. Wed/Thu is more common than Mon/Tues.

mjinkville asked on 03/30/06

I am staying at the Imperial Palace the last week of September. I have seen both extremes of reviews on this hotel. Some say it is great while other say it is the armpit of the world. What is your opinion and do you know if the luv tub rooms are worth the upgrade?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

It’s a budget hotel. As long as you understand that you’re not at Bellagio, you should be fine. The buffet there usually gets pretty low marks but I know some folks that love this place to death. As far as the tub rooms being worth the upgrade… I can’t really tell you if it will be worth it to you… If you can afford it, go for it. A better room is a better room!

dealerschoice77 asked on 03/28/06

Great site Hunter.

Going to be out in Vegas for a 10-12 man bachelor party at the end of April. I called Tryst to make reservations for bottle/table service on Friday night. I got a friendly girl on the phone who took our reservation, gave me some pricing info and told us to show up between 10 and 11. On some messageboards, I’ve been reading that the clubs will turn away a group of guys regardless of a reservation. Supposedely, the only way to get in would be through an independent host in Vegas. Is this true or are these hosts trolling the message boards looking for businss?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I haven’t heard that no. Waiting in the main line would almost certainly not work out well but if you have a table, they should be parting the rope and letting you all through. The independent agents aren’t all crooks though, sometimes they can be a big help. One in particular is worth talking to. Bill at Mecca Entertainment can do some amazing things. Drop him a line at and tell him I sent you. He’s a really good guy.

Wiggy asked on 03/28/06

Hello again Hunter. Me and the Mrs will be in Vegas for 3 weeks in August, during which, my parents and my daughter (12) will be visiting us for the first week. They want to do the Helicopter – Grand Canyon and Cowboy Ranch trip. Do you think I’ll need to book it way in advance for them or will I be OK to book it while I’m there for them to go a few days later?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

To guarantee the time slot/day you want, I would recommend booking in advance to ensure availability. asked on 03/27/06

Sirs: We are planning a trip to Vegas. Made reservations at the Sahara Hotel for August, this year. I read a rating and the person said the rooms were dirty, lamps, heat didn’t work, etc. Should we cancel our reservation. We have been going to Vegas every year and never had a problem with other hotels. Please let me know what to do, while I still have time.
Thanks So much
Anna Pann

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Hi, glad you got your question in. The Sahara is not a new hotel and it hasn’t been renovated in a good amount of time. It is a value/budget place and I assume that is why you picked it. The rooms are of a quality comparable with a Motel 6, not a Strip mega-resort. If you got a room with heat that didn’t work, that’s a problem with the room and you could always asked to be moved. That’s not normal and you don’t have to put up with it. As far as it being unclean, it’s not going to be as spotless as a high end hotel but things will be generally clean. I hope this helps, have a good time.

SMITTY asked on 03/26/06

Do you know if the tour that goes inside the hoover dam is still off limits.
Thanks – C. Smith

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The tour offered now is not the same one they ran for years but you do go down into the power generation area, yes.

GLew asked on 03/26/06

Sorry for I have too many question. This is our first time to Las Vegas. Which one would you pick: Luxor, Monte Carlo and TI? Thank you for all your help.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Of those, I would pick TI, Monte Carlo and Luxor in that order. TI has great service, even if some of the architecture needs to be fixed these days. The rooms are nice as well. Monte Carlo is pretty average but Luxor has gone downhill faster than it should have in the past few years. Maybe MGM MIRAGE can stop the bleeding but for now, it’s at the bottom of that list for me. Like lists of Vegas stuff?

mthabic asked on 03/26/06

We are going to Vegas 5/19-22. We plan on staying at the Mirage. I noticed that weekend seems to be the most expensive in the month of May – any ideas as to why?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

There are several medium sized conventions in town, plus May kicks off the busy Summer… Other than that, nothing I can see on the radar. Have fun!

GLew asked on 03/26/06

What do you think of Stratosphere? I am even considering it because of its offer:
free daily admission to the fitness center
2 Viva Las Vegas tickets
2 for 1 tickets for American Superstars
2 for 1 tickets for bite
free admission to the tower viewing deck

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The Strat is a bit isolated but if you don’t mind that, you can get a lot of hotel for a little price there. As far as the tower goes, IU wouldn’t pay to get up there anyway – MIX at Mandalay Bay (THEHotel) has the same view.

badboy asked on 03/25/06

Just found your site today and love it. We are going to Vegas in a couple weeks and will be staying at the Flamingo. My question is what hotel mid-strip offers the quickest drink service while playing in the casino? Also, for someone that has only played Texas Hold’em at home parties is it best to try and enter a low cost tournament or should I try out a 2/4 game first? Thanks in advance!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

For drink service, it can really vary depending on server and time of day. Wynn Las Vegas and Bellagio have very timely service. The Mirage, usually good at this stuff, has been getting slower. Along with Bellagio, Paris and the Aladdin have had good service lately. Like good service? Tip well and ask them to keep coming back. Tip when you ORDER your first drink. On the Hold ’Em game, I would find a game before a tournament so that you can figure out any game and casino specific rules first, etc…

GLew asked on 03/24/06

My husband and I are going to LV in the last week of August. This is our first trip to LV. We need your help in choosing a nice hotel. Right now we are looking at NYNY, Aladdin and MGM. I heard NYNY have too many kids; MGM is way too big; and Aladdin is under construction. Which one would you recommend and why? Thank you.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

How did you pick those three? In my opinion, you should always have The Mirage and possibly TI on your list. Great service, great hotels, reasonable prices. If you’re looking for something really nice, check out Wynn Las Vegas. The hotel is truly amazing and you won’t forget it. Bellagio is always a good choice but can be very expensive. I’m no fan of The Venetian – no attention to detail. THEHotel at Mandalay Bay is a great, huge room but Mandalay Bay is so far South on the Strip, I feel isolated. So, I would check out The Mirage and then TI, in that order, to see if they have rooms. If not and you’re back to your original list, I think of the three I would pick MGM Grand. NYNY is not a fave of mine – I don’t like the whole motif. The Aladdin’s fine but it is in the middle of a massive remodel right now, moving over to ‘Planet Hollywood’ and so until that’s done, I would probably stay away. MGM Grand is huge but because of that, they have something for everyone. Tons of great restaurants (Emeril and Joel Robuchon), great rooms and suites, and a connection to the monorail. So, The Mirage is my tops, Wynn if you’re splurging and MGM Grand from your list.

brentsm asked on 03/24/06

Thank you so much for your reply regarding the NYNY hotel. I feel much more reassured and a little less stressed. My honeymoon isn’t until Jul-Aug (HOT) but I will be sure to comment on my experiences there. I have one more question for you- What is VIP check-in? And what qualifies you for this? Also, are there special honeymoon accomidations available if I were to call ahead of time to request them? For example, Have a bottle of champaign and some strawberrys waiting for us in our room upon check-in. Thanks so much for all of your helpful answers.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

VIP check-in is typically the check-in offered to casino players and invited guests. The qualifications vary but generally you would have to be a rated casino player, at least $25 per hand for 4 hours a day. Many Strip hotels will do something nice for honeymooners such as leave a bottle of champagne if they are aware it is your honeymoon. I would make sure to let them know ahead of time, just tell them you’d like it noted on the reservation. Still, any special treatment is at their discretion, not a guarantee. Hope this helps.

Onexenuf asked on 03/24/06

Just found your site and it is AWESOME!! Will be celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary and got a package to stay at the Golden Nugget (Jun 25-28). I’ve stayed on the strip many times, but first time downtown. Have heard about the GN’s towers and want to know which is best and the ease of upgrade. Also, transportation to and from airport (free or cheapest is always the best). Finally, I know the light show is a good attraction, but what about other attractions, good restaurants and gambling downtown. Thanks for the information. Your knowledge and insight is invaluable to visitors to Las Vegas.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thanks very much! At the Nugget the South Tower is probably the nicest right now, though it is the furthest from Fremont Street and the casino. Upgrades are certainly possible at the Nugget but predicting how easy it will be is anything but, you just never know. The Nugget is currently being renovated and the pool is closed until those changes are complete. By the end of 2007, a new hotel tower will even have been added. Getting Downtown from the airport, you can of course take a taxi. If you’re really interested in something inexpensive, you could hop on a bus but expect that to be a fairly long route. Downtown doesn’t focus on Strip level attractions like the Mirage Volcano or Bellagio’s Fountains. On Fremont Street, the attraction is really better odds at the tables and inexpensive amenities. Generally speaking you should find loser slots and better odds on the games than you would on the Strip. As far as food, the Main Street Station Brew Pub is a good one, as is Hugo’s Cellar at the Four Queens. The Nugget has several new restaurants that look promising.

bel32 asked on 03/22/06

I looking for 18 and over dance clubs do know of any in las vegas

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

This has come up a few times. I suggest using the search functionality at the top of the page to see past responses. Basically, your choices are extremely limited for anything that’s not 21+.

gail59 asked on 03/21/06

We will be in Las Vegas this week and decided to stay this time off the strip at The Tuscany Suites & Casino. Have you heard good/bad about this place?
And I’m also interested in info about free comps – when we check in – is this when we would ask about earning free comps (front money)? Each year we go to Vegas but I’m not sure how the free stuff works so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Yeah, this property is just off the Strip and a nice place. A bit more low-key than other casinos, you still have all your favorite games. As far as comps and front money, they aren’t the same thing. Comps are when the casino gives you free stuff like rooms, food and beverage, etc… in return for your play. Front money is usually only given to large players to entice them to a property. Comps can be obtained by anyone, simply make sure you sign up for a players card and use it when playing on the slots or table games, so they can track your play. Each casino has a different policy regarding what level of play is required to get certain levels of comps. The casino staff can fill you in on what those levels are.

mulkeyc asked on 03/20/06

which hotels have on site babysitting services for children ages 5 and 1

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Most Strip hotels can bring in an outside babysitter from an agency if you require one. We still recommend leaving children that age at home with a relative.

jane asked on 03/20/06

Thanks for the info on Mandalay Bay. Another question only an "insider’ would know.

I have a choice of going to LV on Sat 5/20 to Fri 5/26, thus avoiding the Memorial Day weekend ,but there will be 35,000 people attending a convention – OR – Tues 5/24 to Wed 5/30 which avoids the convention but puts me there over Memorial Day weekend. — I am 50 and not crazy for crowds.

In your opinion, are the crowds higher during the Memorial Day Weekend or during a convention of 35,000? – OR is Las Vegas so big that it doesn’t really matter?

Thanks again. I’m very curious to see what your opinion will be! – Jane

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

You won’t feel a convention of 35,000 in Las Vegas. You don’t really feel a convention until it breaks 100k. Memorial Day will be HUGE with people coming in from California and Arizona. If you’re anti-crowd, stick with the conventioneers. Typically, they don’t ‘consume’ the same sort of entertainment that general tourists do…

mandm1 asked on 03/20/06

I am 25 years old but look a little younger. I will be going to Vegas in a couple of days, but my drivers license expired on 01/31/06. Is this going to be a problem if they card me when I am gambling? I dont have any other form of id, except my credit cards

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

It’s hard to say. It could be a problem, yes. There will be places you don’t get carded. There will be places you do but they won’t notice or care about the expiration date and then there will be places where they DO care and then they’ll ask you to leave. Even a paper renewal would be better than nothing, combined with your photo ID.

kmajka asked on 03/20/06

Do you have any info about the restaurant at Ellis Island Casino? I heard the food is great for the $$, but I also heard it is really smokey. We will be there with kids, so I don’t want to walk into the equivalent of a bar. TIA!!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The restaurant is one of the legendary values but it is a bit of a seedy environment. Actually, calling it the equivalent of a bar is probably pretty accurate so if if you’re with your kids, I might skip it and save it for a trip with the adults.

cinnabear asked on 03/20/06

We are coming to vegas the end of the month and we will be staying at circus circus the first night then switching to the super 8 on koval for the next two nights to a suite. I have read several reviews that claims this is a bad area, I have 5 children and want to stay in a safe area, can you tell me about this area and also the motel? Thanks.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

It’s not what I would call a super bad area but I also wouldn’t want my children walking around there at night. It’s a couple of blocks from the Strip and as long as you keep an eye on them, everything will be fine. You might find a few crazy looking people milling about outside at night but it’s still a fairly busy area – not isolated and super-scary.

maggiepaul asked on 03/20/06

Dear Hunter: My friends are going to be in Vegas April 3-9th, and they have asked my help booking them a hotel. I’ve checked out all my favorite/not so favorite places and there is absolutely nothing available except little motels, WHAT THE HECK IS GOOING ON IN VEGAS THAT WEEK???

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

There are 4 medium sized conventions during that same period, totaling about 80,000 extra people, easily squeezing the the supply a bit.

d00wh0p asked on 03/19/06

what section is best at ceasers palace, celines show. orchestra section or which section?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Celine’s show, like many Cirque shows, has a lot of action going on all over the stage so being right in the front means lots of looking around. Center about 1/3 of the way back is probably the best spot.