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Sigma asked on 12/06/05

I have gone through the list of restaurants on your site but I did not see any that offered a line of barbecue style dishes besides some that may offer a plate of ribs. Are there any slow cooked barbecue restaurants in the Las Vegas area?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Not in any of the casinos but in the valley, I have heard that Memphis Championship BBQ is pretty good. web site.

miwatch asked on 12/05/05

Hunter – first of all great site! I find myself back here before every trip to Vegas. We are coming out for New Year’s. I would like to avoid the larger crowds (don’t ask why we are coming to vegas on NYE with that as a goal) and was curious if you had any suggestions for New year’s Eve dinner locations / packages that basically allow you to stay put all night. Your reviews on the food have not been great but I was curious if MIX’s dinner package might be worth it for the views alone. Any other similar suggestions? Thanks -

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Some folks really like MIX so I’ve decided that I need to give it another try – I may have just had an off-night. I think that would be a GREAT place to spend NYE… Fantastic view and a cool bar. In general, all these places are going to be busy so I think you are wise to pick something and try to stick with it. Other than the Strat, none of the other restaurants have great views to offer. The Range at Harrah’s is on the second floor so you can see a bit, plus the Buccaneer Bay Club at TI. Mon Ami Gabi at Paris is outdoors, but that could be a little cold.

musicmansimpson asked on 12/05/05

Hunter, my buddies and I are staying at Aladdin for one night on my next trip before heading to Wynn. Where do you suggest we eat? Is the buffet the front runner?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The buffet at The Aladdin is a good one – many stations and some good Middle Eastern food, which is hard to find in other buffets. The Zanzibar Cafe has some good hot dogs from Pink’s and Tremezzo has good high-end Italian but the portions are a little small.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 12/04/05

hunter, why has Las Vegas Sands leased land from Harrah’s to build an employee parking structure, when they have made all this room for the sub-terranean parking sturcture, do they not have enough room?

Also, what are the plans for Palazzo, is it going to be Venetian-esque is design and layout (i.e.- follow Adelson’s design ideas) or will it be something completely different?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Even with the subterranean parking at Palazzo, they still need the employee parking areas and especially during construction. Steve Wynn played hardball with the county to ensure that Adelson would be forced to build all the parking spaces that the project requires. Expect the Palazzo to be similar to the Venetian in many ways. Instead of a heavy theme, it is more ‘California casual’ type styling but many of the successful Venetian concepts, such as concierge suites, are being repeated. I wouldn’t expect major trailblazing from Adelson.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 12/01/05

hunter, what do you think the chances of being upgraded to a suite, from a regular tower suites room, would be during dec. 19-21

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Not very likely without you picking up the difference. I assume you’re talking about Wynn Las Vegas and suite upgrades aren’t coming easy.

ayjaydee asked on 12/01/05

Hi, love the site. Found it while browsing hotel deals. I’m coming over Feb 2nd for 5 nights including Fri/Sat. Room rates in general seem a bit high at the moment. Would I be better waiting until nearer the time before booking, seems loads of availability everywhere.
Also best place(s) to see some good comedy when I am there? ( Not into circus/broadway type shows but I cant spend ALL the time gambling.
Thanks in advance.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thanks. I would suggest booking a room now AND keep looking for some better deals. Most hotels have a 48 hour cancellation policy so you can dump it if you get a better deal. On the comedy side, Beacher’s Madhouse is a popular option at the Hard Rock and Harrah’s has their Improv, with acts rotating all the time.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 12/01/05

hunter, i was just wondering, do some of the rooms at wynn with 2 beds, have strip views, and, has the soundtrack for le Reve been released yet? Oh, also, what are the chances of seeing Steve walking around the resort during Dec. 19-21 (if you might have any idea) Thanks

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

We have conflicting information about where the double bed rooms are located – working on clarification. I believe the soundtrack is available now, yes… As far as seeing Steve, he’s around all the time. It’s not uncommon to see him in the hotel. I’ve talked to him a few times, he’s always been very gracious.

PJTremblay01 asked on 12/01/05

I read a past question that was submitted on Nov. 26th. You mentioned that the design of Encore at Wynn Las Vegas is complete. Sounds like you might have some insight about the design process. If so, is the design of Encore going to mirror Wynn Las Vegas or will it be different?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I know bits and pieces… The design will mirror many aspects of Wynn Las Vegas. Expect the tower to also be a curved shape, higher than the Wynn Las Vegas tower and also higher end rooms. Encore will be a slightly higher price point (if that is possible). Encore is very much a sister to Wynn Las Vegas, much more so than TI and The Mirage.

micheal1967 asked on 12/01/05

Going to Vegas June 25 for 5 nights would you consider the Stratosphere, Imperial Palace, Excalibur or Aladdin.Going with wheelchairbound wife and daughter 16.Pros and cons please.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I would say the Strat is probably out due to location. It is so far away from anything that even walking the street at all would be impossible. Aladdin is probably the nicest in terms of rooms. By then, the property will be looking much more like the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino that it will become. The IP can have great deals but the hotel is very low end, no frills. Personally, the Excalibur theme makes me a little sick to my stomach but the place is probably the most kid-friendly of all of them.

chapin asked on 12/01/05

Hey Hunter, before I get to my questions I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your site is, it is a haven of useful tips and, most importantly, first-hand information that is invaluable to us the consumers. So thank you! Now, here are a few questions. I have recently booked a 5 night stay @ Wynn (largely based on your comments and recommendations) we are very excited and will be staying there from Jan. 8-13. Is it worth the $50 a night charge to upgrade to a panorama room from a resort room? Are the resort rooms in the basement or something? And is this possibly a situation where the $20 trick could get us that upgrade instead of the $50 a night more, seeing is how we are visiting the hotel at a somewhat slow time? We also would like to catch some shows while we’re there; we’ve already booked Ave. Q and would like to know which of these shows you would recommend, Rita Rudner or Carrot Top, La Reve or Blue Man Group? We have seen all of the “cirque”-like shows except La Reve, and we are really up for anything so any other suggestion is welcomed. How is the spa @Wynn? I am looking to send my wife to a spa for 3 or 4 hours but don’t know if doing it at Wynn will bankrupt me, are there any more affordable, better value alternatives? I am looking to spend around $300. Lastly (I promise) I have read your reviews on restaurants in the city and we are definitely trying Alex and Picasso, but what are some other, less pricy, places that will still deliver good food/service for around $30 a plate? Sorry for all the questions, but you’re the only place to find these types of answers. Once again you’re awesome and I can’t recommend your site fast enough to all my friends.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thanks! The resort rooms are just fine… No real need to upgrade to a panorama room. The only upgrade worth considering is into the Suite Tower, as you have access to the private pools, check in, nicer lobby, etc… Otherwise, stick to the resort room. It’s always really hard to tell people what shows they will like but if you’ve seen all the Cirque shows then don’t expect a lot of new material from Le Reve. If you love that stuff, it’s a good extension but no matter what people say, it is similar to ‘O’. Blue Man Group is funny and intelligent – something unlike many other offerings, though I haven’t seen them since the move to The Venetian. Personally, I’m not a Carrot Top fan so I can’t in good conscience recommend him to anyone. Rita Rudner is known for having an awesome comedy show, consistently funny. Wynn’s spa is very nice and only open to hotel guests. Prices are consistent with other major LV hotel spas, massages averaging about $100 and other services available. The hotel can send you a price sheet. The only other spa I can recommend is Canyon Ranch at The Venetian – great place but not any cheaper than Wynn. Alex and Picasso are great for ‘blow you away’ meals. At Wynn, Red 8 and Corsa have great food at lower prices. The Country Club Grill is a great breakfast spot and Tableau has many dishes in that price range. I hope this stuff helps.

lanatolman asked on 11/29/05

Which restauant would you go to at Mandalay bay with a client but wanted to also be able to talk, price is not a issue

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

MB has some great options. MIX, on top of THEHotel, has a fantastic view. The food is highly rated but my last meal there was off target. 3950, MB’s steakhouse, is a great place to have a great meal in a venue where you can hear people at the table. Beyond that, Shanghai Lilly is also a good option, though the portions are bit small.

lanatolman asked on 11/29/05

What do you consider the best restaruant in LV – regardless of price. Qualty of food and service????

What do you think of the following restaruants at the Wynn
Alex, Bartoltta and Daniel Boulud

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Best restaurant really depends on what kind of food you want. There are standouts in many categories. In terms of raw blow-you-away food and service, probably Picasso at Bellagio or Alex at Wynn. Still, both are pretty formal and the food is very ‘gourmet’. Bartolotta is probably the best Italian in Vegas. Fresh fish flown in daily. Great stuff. Boulud is good but not the best restaurant at Wynn. I would visit Bartolotta, SW, Alex and Wing Lei first.

julio asked on 11/28/05

i plan to move there soon, but frist i need my dealer certification. will it be easy 4 me to get a job as dealer

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

It depends.

PJTremblay01 asked on 11/28/05

I finally saw the Venetian. I was really impressed, it was a nice hotel. The lobby was looking very luxurious. One curious question, do you happen to know how high that rotunda is in the Venetian’s lobby? Also what is the name of the nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas and is it worth going to. Thank you.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Wynn’s nightclub is currently being renovated and should re-open by year end as ‘Tryst’. How high is the lobby at the Venetian? that part of the building is about 3 stories high, give or take.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 11/26/05

hunter, should construction on Encore be beginnning in Dec., or will it be pushed back to the beginning of 2006?

also, i am planning to have a first-class steakhouse meal in dec., should i eat at SW, Delmonico, or Prime?

thanks alot

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Encore’s start date has been shifted around several times, pending the completion of the design. The design is now complete but the groundbreaking still hasn’t been scheduled. There is speculation that Wynn Resorts may wait on Encore until Wynn Macau is open, August of 2006. As far as steakhouses go, while Prime is good, I think SW and Delmonico are a cut above. SW has better ambiance out there on the lake. You can’t go wrong with either one – they will both treat you well.

chapin asked on 11/24/05

Hello Hunter, I love your insight. I am planning a getaway to vegas with my wife and was going back and forth on where to stay. We are looking to spend about $225 a night and were wondering, is it better to get a regular room @ Bellagio, or Wynn for around there, or would you go for a different hotel and upgrade to a suite for the money? We have been looking at MGM bungalow king suite, TI petite suite, or just a normal room @ Bellagio or Wynn. So in a nutshell which is better: some kind of a suite at other hotel, or bellagio or wynn regular room?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Well, I think it depends. The standard rooms at Wynn are much nicer than Bellagio. They are bigger, better furnished and have much nicer/larger windows. I’m not picking on Bellagio, but the type of rooms being built now are not what they were building in ’98. For me, a suite has to be multi-room to be a true suite and neither of the rooms you mentioned fit that bill. On top of those things, the hotel is about more than just the room – there is the service factor, and Wynn beats them on that. So, I would probably go with the room at Bellagio or Wynn, and between those two, stick with Wynn Las Vegas.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 11/22/05

Hunter, what is the musical piece that plays on the Bellagio Website (the enhanced version) during the introduction (start page), thanks alot.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I believe it is Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’.

maggiepaul asked on 11/20/05

I know its too late for an answer but I’ll try.
We are leaving a 1pm tomorrow – is there anywhere in vegas the has dinner and dancing? We are in our late 40’s so not exactly into hip-hop. This seems to be the one thing missing in Vegas. Thanks for your help. Maggie

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Sorry I didn’t see this in time to help you… I think you’re right, this is basically missing in Vegas. For a nice place to do some dancing, try Bellagio’s Fontana Lounge, with live entertainment.

PJTremblay01 asked on 11/18/05

Am gonna be going down to Las Vegas in about 3 weeks. Am going to be staying at the Venetian. I hear it’s one of the most luxurious hotels on the strip. Just curious, is the Venetian a Five star hotel? and would you recommend staying there? Thanks

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I am personally not a huge fan of The Venetian. Putting that aside for a moment, the ‘star’ grade can be tricky. In terms of AAA diamond awards, it is a 4-diamond property. There are two 5-diamond properties in Las Vegas, Bellagio and the Four Seasons. Wynn may be added to that list next year – too soon to tell. The property is designed to be luxurious and in terms of the guest rooms and restaurants, it is. My primary gripes are with exterior design and the casino design. As I see it, the focus is profit instead of customer service which sometimes means that the guest loses out. Despite me being down on The Venetian, many people love it, so take it as one man’s opinion.

Nox asked on 11/17/05

Thanks for replying my previous question. One more question actually.

I heard you can get codes from LA Times for hotel discounts, do you know if Seattle Times or NY Times have those codes? If so, which day of the newspaper carry those codes? Checked everywhere, don’t have LA Times in town.

Also, is it still possible to use the discount codes if I booked my hotel through a travel agent and it’s part of a package with flight tickets included?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The advertising supplement is unique to the LA Times but you can often see them here. Usually you can only use the codes if you book direct, at least for hotels.

Nox asked on 11/16/05

Hi Hunter! Got 2 questions:

1) I heard that some shows are not operating around Christmas time. Do you know what good shows are “dark” between Dec 19-Dec22? (I think that’s the term)

2) I always hear about good food and great shows in Vegas, but how about shopping? What good deals are around? (Looking for boutiques, or computer shops)

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

1. What shows are the ‘good shows’? Schedules vary quite a bit. For instance, ‘O’ at Bellagio has shows on Christmas day as well as during your stay. If there is a specific show you want to see, I would direct your question that way. 2. Las Vegas has fantastic shopping… Everything from Armani, Gucci, Prada and Tiffany to Banana Republic. Between high-end boutiques in hotels like Bellagio, Wynn and The Venetian, there are also several very large shopping malls… As far as computer shops go, there is an Apple store in the Fashion Show Mall, as well as a Fry’s on South Las Vegas Blvd. and a CompUSA on Tropicana.

RobbieM asked on 11/16/05


I’ve got a few questions about Wynn Las Vegas. Firstly do the rooms have coffee makers? and secondly is there an equivalent of Palio/gellatio at the pool area?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

There is an equivalent but not near the pool. ‘Sugar and Ice’ is located in the Esplanade. As far as coffee makers – no dice… Visit ‘Sugar and Ice’, ‘The Drugstore’ or call room service.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 11/15/05

Hunter, I have read that the new name of La Bete is Tryst, are there any legs to this, or is it just a rumor.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Yes, that is what has been reported for the past several months. I believe it is correct.

Wiggy asked on 11/15/05

Hello Hunter
The site’s as brilliant as ever. I’ve heard that there’s a porn industry convention held every year in Vegas. Do you know when and where it’s being held next year (but don’t tell the wife)?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thanks. You’re probably thinking of the AVN convention (Adult Video Network?). It usually runs in January at the Sands Expo.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 11/15/05

Hunter, have the pedestrian bridges at the corners of the Fashion Show, Wynn, and TI open yet, if not, will they be open by Dec., thanks.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I read about a ribbon cutting ceremony last week but I heard that the TI<→FSM was the only one open, with the other two about to open any day.

PJTremblay01 asked on 11/14/05

Hi, just to let you know your website is awsome! I hear that the Palazzo is trying to compete with Wynn Las Vegas, when it comes to being the best luxury Resort in Vegas. Is this true? because I’ve read a lot about the Palazzo and how it’s going to be a dull and boring piece of work from Sheldon Adelson.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thanks! Yes, the Palazzo will compete with Wynn, as well as Bellagio and MGM Grand… And yes, it sounds boring to me too. Adelson can put up some good numbers but in my opinion, he doesn’t build resorts that inspire – they evoke no emotion. Steve Wynn is about ‘evocatecture’.

AtomicLush asked on 11/14/05

Hi Hunter! I just want to tell you how much I enjoy using your website here! Anyhoo, I’m going for another trip to Vegas in December and have a question about food. We are arriving Sunday afternoon, so no Sunday Brunch for us. But I still want to try a buffet for each meal (on different days of course), but I am not sure which buffets to go to for each meal like 1) Breakfast, 2) Lunch and 3) Dinner. Can you please recommend your top choices for each meal? Thanks in advance!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thanks! I’ve been visiting buffets less and less lately but I have been to most of the good ones so I should be able to help at least a bit… People rave about the buffet at Paris and most of the time I am not all that impressed with it… One meal it is a very good choice for however is breakfast. All kinds of great pastries – good stuff. A place where the French influence shines through. Scheduling the rest of the meals is more difficult, since lunch and dinner menus can be similar. I think if you stick to the good places, you’ll be fine. That means Bellagio, Wynn, and the Aladdin at the top of the list. Bellagio and Wynn have pretty similar types of offerings. The Aladdin is not quite as good but offers a nice variety. New buffets at both The Mirage and TI are good but not off the wall fantastic. The chili cart they have at TI is a nice touch. Hopefully that gives you enough options to chow down!

maggiepaul asked on 11/14/05

Can you suggest a “don’t miss” show to see on Nov. 22,23 or 24? There does not seem to be much happening over thanksgiving week. We are not much into dancing girls. I appreciate your help.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Depends on what you’re looking for… In the Cirque stable of shows, I recommend ‘O’ and ‘Mystere’ as the best choices. Looking for Broadway? Avenue Q is at Wynn exclusively outside of New York. Danny Gans at The Mirage is always a hit but he is off for several weeks and will be dark. Hopefully these suggestions will get you started.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 11/13/05

Hunter, I was looking on Vegas Today and Tomorrow, and they have the new Coke v. Pepsi map, and I noticed that all the MGM Properties have switched from Coke to Pepsi, when did Bellagio, Mirage, and TI switch?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I spoke with Bellagio – they are serving Coke and have no plans to switch.

macfrodge asked on 11/13/05

What’s a good restaurant/lounge with the best view of the strip? Am thinking of Voodoo at Rio for an upcoming trip, but would welcome any other suggestions for an evening of cocktails and dinner. Thanks!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Voodoo is a good choice. Most of these places don’t have food, so if you’re looking for food, the options narrow. Mix at THEHotel/Mandalay Bay can be good but I’m not a huge fan of the food. The view is incredible. Alize at the Palms is also on the roof and has fantastic food.

g2 asked on 11/11/05

I was tthinking of a trip in early Jan. All the hotel web sites have very high room rates for Jan 4, 2005 (over $400/night at some). Is there something going on for that date?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Yes, that is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the biggest convention in Las Vegas with over 200,00 attendees.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 11/11/05


What is currently happening to La Bete at Wynn, I noticed it isn’t listed on Wynn’s website and was wondering if and when the club will reopen and if it will have a different name or it will be completely new?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

It’s currently closed. It should re-open before NYE and will likely feature a new name. The decor will be different and the room slightly reorganized to make better use of the space.

maggiepaul asked on 11/10/05

I love your site! You are great! Should be called everything you wanted to know about Vegas! Can you tell me what is happening with the Alladin? Is it going to become The Hard Rock Hotel? I heard the Alladin is in receivership or something to that effect, can you fill me in? Booked for Nov. 20. Thanks
alot , keep up the good work.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thanks! The Aladdin filed for bankruptcy but emerged with new owners. It will become the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino mid next year. The hotel and casino will be open while they convert it over – they will be working in segments.

PJTremblay01 asked on 11/09/05

I’ve been reading a lot about Wynn Las Vegas. I haven’t had a chance to visit it yet, although am hearing a lot about Steve Wynn’s second Phase called “Encore at Wynn Las Vegas”. Do you know when construction is suppose to begin on this project? Am hearing the end of this year or early next year?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

We’ve covered Encore extensively on the blog: Wynn Las Vegas/Encore. Design work is complete for the expansion. As of now, Encore is supposed to break ground before the end of the year but that could be put off. Many folks believe Wynn will wait until Wynn Macau is open in China before they start with Encore. Macau opens next August.

kmajka asked on 11/09/05

Taking a trip to Vegas the last week of March. Got a great deal at the Hilton – even worth being off the strip. Are the pools open yet? Tried to do a search, nothing popped up. Thanks

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Wow, planning ahead! March will be a little cold. The Hilton typically has its pool open in early March.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 11/08/05

We are arriving at Wynn on Dec. 19 at about 11:30, and we are staying in the Tower Suites section. Should we be able to check-in and get our room at that time?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

As that’s a Monday, there’s a good chance they won’t be totally full but with the Tower Suites, you never know. Official check-in is closer to 3pm. It all depends if they have a room or not. Even then, checking in that early might mean that you get a room you don’t like (i.e. lower floor, view you don’t like). So, you may even elect to wait. They will hold your bags for you if you need them to.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 11/07/05

What would be the best restaurant for a nice dinner at Wynn, not overly expensive, but a nice dining experience.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Most of the restaurants there are pretty costly. That said I’ll share my advice… All of the places are great. The most expensive restaurants is probably Alex, followed by Wing Lei, Boloud and SW. SW Steakhouse offers a great atmosphere, fantastic food and good service. Downstairs right off the Lake of Dreams, it reminds me of Prime at Bellagio crossed with Delmonico at The Venetian. Wing Lei is a better Chinese joint than Jasmine, which I previously regarded the best in Las Vegas. The rooms is also decorated very well. Cool look. Either of those restaurants are slam dunks. Two restaurants I haven’t tried that I hear good things about: Country Club Grill (near the golf course) and Tableau (near the tower suites). They are very highly regarded despite being lesser known. Red 8 and Corsa Cucina are also good picks but not really in the ‘nice dinner’’ category.

dglover asked on 11/07/05

How nice is the men’s spa at Caesars? The website does not provide much detail or information. How does it compare to Luxor’s spa?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

It is fair to say that it is nicer than Luxor, which is not known for a high end spa. It is a mid-range product. Not as nice as Venetian, Wynn or Bellagio’s spa but still quite nice and very clean.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 11/06/05

Hunter, have you seen Avenue Q at Wynn, is it very good, is it worth a hundered dollars.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Haven’t seen it yet but I’m very excited about it and will see it on the next trip. Do you like Broadway shows? If so, you should love ‘Q’. It’s gotten great reviews and the LV version is the same as the NYC edition. I’ve listened to the soundtrack – it’s funny and irreverent. So, if you like theater, I think the show is a slam dunk (and ticket prices are about the same as they are in New York). Personally, I am a little sick of the Cirque-everywhere Vegas entertainment mentality and I’m happy that shows like ‘Q’ are helping to diversify the lineup a bit.

doublemom1998 asked on 11/05/05

Hello again, we are thinking of a quick trip in January and will stay downtown for the first time. We are choosing between Las Vegas CLub, the Fitz , and Lady Luck. All three are really reasonable for a Fri adn Sat ($59-$63 per night). What would be your pick? We want cheap, clean and fun. Thanks!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Fitzgerald’s has been pouring more cash into updating the property than the other two. That said, all three should give you cheap, clean and fun.

Jeatonne asked on 11/02/05

Your page is so full of information, it is great! Now to my question. I will be in Las Vegas with my fiance for the first time in December 19-23. We are going to get married on the 19th at Cupids wedding chapel. We have planned on staying in a Celebrity Spa suite for a few nights and then moving to a Skyloft for one evening. My question is – do you think we are better off staying at another hotel in one room – like a Mirage Penthouse suite for about the same amount of money? It is really important to me to have excellent views, and a jacuzzi tub for two. I aslo looked at TheHotel. But I really need some help. Any ideas? thank you in advance for your help!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thank you! The Mirage Penthouse suites are fantastic rooms with great service. Certainly the kind of suite that makes you go ‘WOW’. The tub is not a circular jacuzzi, it is an oversized rectangular tub with jets, that can easily fit two people comfortably. The tubs at THEHotel are less comfortable for two people. All three rooms, the Skyloft, Mirage and THEHotel feature fantastic views. Moving between rooms can be a bit of a drag though… If you checkout of the first room at noon and then have to wait until 3pm to check back in to the other room – it can just be a pain. So, you have to put that into the equation as you make your decision. I hope that this helps.

rjudge8005 asked on 11/01/05

Where the heck is Ellis Island? I looked at the map you hav ehere and nothing, i also looked at other maps, can’t find it. i they hiding because of the cheap steak special? I heard is is a great steak for 5 bucks, what do you think?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

It is located on Flamingo, about a block and a half East of Bally’s. They do have a famous, low cost meal. It’s not gonna win awards but it is cheap and decent.

DoubleGW asked on 10/31/05

I’m taking my step-daughter to vegas (her 1st time) for her 25th b-day. What place would you recommend for a dinner celebration for the 2 of us? We want something fun and unique. We are staying at Paris-no car.

thank you!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

You have a ton of choices. If you’re looking for an absolutely drop dead great meal in a good setting, you STILL have a ton of choices. My top picks: Delmonico (Steakhouse – Venetian): great service, good room, fantastic food; SW Steakhosue (Steakhouse – Wynn Las Vegas): great service, good room, fantastic food; Picasso (French/Spanish – Bellagio): real Picassos on the wall, legendary food, very fancy; Jasmine (Chinese – Bellagio): fountains right outside the window, fantastic food, a bit stuffy; Alex (French – Wynn Las Vegas): fantastic food, a very cool room, undeniable service. The fact is, all of these restaurants will wow you with a great meal. A big part of choosing is trying to determine what you want to eat. Even though the Venetian and Wynn are down the street, don’t let that deter you – it’s a very short cab ride.

pliddy asked on 10/31/05

Thanks for your advice on contacting hosts for the Stag that I am planning, following your advice of shopping around I was able to get an offer for FREE rooms at either Bally’s or the Flamingo. I prefer the Flamingo as a hotel but I got a much better vibe from the host at Bally’s – it helped that 3 of us are rated at Ballys’s-which one would you pick-also what is up with being rated at Bally’s but not at the Flamingo – are they both not Harrah’s properties?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

They are both Harrah’s properties, yeah. They should be able to communicate regarding your play. Personally, I think that Bally’s has been kept up better over the years. The hotel was more recently renovated than most of the rooms at the Flamingo. The pool at The Flamingo is landscaped better but Bally’s has a deep end. I think Bally’s gets a bit younger crowd while The Flamingo has hung on to a lot of its older patrons. I’ve been to a couple of bachelor parties at Bally’s for guys under 30 that worked out quite well.

Alyx00 asked on 10/30/05

Hey Hunter,
We decided to book a room @ Ceasar’s Palace. We booked a superior room with our agent. I am hoping we made a good choice. Any feedback on what to expect? She did say it is an older hotel but it does live up to it’s five star expectation. I hope it all works out. Do I slip a 20 when getting there? Do they have nice view rooms too? thanks again

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Do you know what tower you are in? That’s the key in regard to Caesars. The Palace and Augustus towers are very deluxe while the others can be more hit and miss and really depend on the type of room and view you get. Caesars has some really high points, no doubt about it. Yes, it is old but it has been extensively renovated over the years as well – it has kept up. Some of the rooms have great views of the Bellagio fountains – get one of those if you can. The $20 trick is usually done at check-in. Good luck and have fun!

indy5 asked on 10/28/05

I am interested in returning to vegas in april (was there last week of sept) and want to play some golf this time. How is the weather in april and is there a web site that gives Vegas golf rates and such.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

April can be a great time to be outside. Not too hot and not too cold. VegasGolfer – has some great info.

kimberlyrana asked on 10/28/05

We will be in Vegas January 11-14. I understand it will be quite chilly then. Do they close down the rollar coaster rides at the stratosphere during winter? Are all the other outdoor activities still open year round?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

It can get very cold, yes. The rides will be open though. They really only close them for maintenance or when there are high winds. Some pools close in the winter but most Strip hotels have year round heated pools.

jjjj asked on 10/28/05

Hi! I’ll be in vegas novemeber 20 and want to visit some clubs and lounges. I’ve been seeing in front of line passes for Ghostbar and rain, what do they mean. Does it guarantee entry, should I still get there early? Also, since I’ll be there during the week as opposed as the weekend, will I still need the passes or will ut be a slow night? Thanks, great site

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

All of the ultra-lounges and nightclubs that are worth anything feature insanely long wait times to get in. It is not uncommon for folks to wait three hours on a Friday night. The line passes basically put you in a shorter line. The only way to guarantee entry right when you walk in is to reserve a table, which unless you have a large enough party, is expensive. Weekdays are much lighter than weekends. In many cases the lines are VERY manageable on weekdays but it can also depend on what is going on in Las Vegas when you are there… And Thursday night is pretty busy even though it is a school night.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 10/27/05

Has there every been any talk about a Steve Wynn biopic (similar to The Aviator), it could make for an interesting film about his life and the hotels, the MGM buyout, and Wynn LV.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I remember reading about an HBO movie about Donald Trump and Steve Wynn’s rivalry but it looks like that didn’t go anywhere. I think you’re likely to see an authorized biography before a movie.

Alyx00 asked on 10/27/05

Went to Vegas in March 05 and stayed at the Aladdin. I liked it although our room had a crappy view I enjoyed the stay. I would like a nicer room somwhere. We are returning in Nov. on the 8th actually and wanted to stay at the Mirage… well they are under construction…. I am disapointed about that and unsure of what to do. I also would like to stay at the Wynn but heard the food price was outrageous. Can you help me out here please. The Bellagio is sold out for that time. Should we stay at the Wynn? p.s. What is the weather like beginning of November?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I love Wynn Las Vegas but it is not the place for a budget vacation (neither is Bellagio though). The food is pricey, but not that much more than gourmet food in other hotels (or other cities). The construction at The Mirage is focused on restaurants so unless you planned to dine at one of the closed joints, it won’t really impact you too much. Since there are so many food choices nearby, perhaps it isn’t a big deal to you. November is getting cold, even during the day. Bring a jacket or sweater and expect to wear it when outside.