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mahsef asked on 09/11/05

We are planing to get married in Vegas on November 19th. We already have booked a five night stay from Nov 18-Nov 23. Now we decided that we would like to have the Prima Suite for the night of the 19th. But since we booked the whole stay already on priceline we can’t upgrade that night until we actually check in and who knows if by then the Prima Suite isn’t already booked or twice as expensive as now. My question is: Do you know if there are any conventions going on at that time and if you think we could maybe book the suite under some one elses name and then just have one of the guests stay that night in our pricline booked standart room? They also said that there is a hospitality suite that we could book, but it doesn’t have a view so we really want the prima or maybe the piazza suite. What should we do?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Yonkers. A few minor conventions but nothing huge. If you and your fiancee have separate credit cards, the one not on the original reservation could book the suite and then you could have someone else stay in your std. room? One issue is that the guest name needs to match the credit card holders name on the reservation. If you can work that out, you should be set.

satchel asked on 09/10/05

Celebrating my son’s 21st birthday in vegas and need some suggestions to make it memorable without spending an arm and a leg, other than on gambling of course?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Hiya… Your best bet is to use the search form at the top of the page for ‘birthday’ (without the single quotes). There are a lot of questions in the archives about birthday suggestions. Hope that helps.

kanyon24 asked on 09/09/05

I am going to vegas on Oct. 9-13. I am splitting my stay 2 nights at the Wynn and the last 2 night at the Venetian. How are the resort rooms at the Wynn, and how are the restaurants there? At the Venetian what is the difference between the Luxury room and the Venezia Bella? Also how are the Venetian Rialto rooms

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Wynn’s ‘Resort Rooms’ are great! Very large and well appointed. Great bathrooms with everything you’re looking for – you’ll love Wynn Las Vegas. The restaurants at Wynn are probably the best collection of places to eat in the city. While other restaurants at other resorts are good and some may individually be better, Wynn has the best line up. SW Steakhouse, Okada, Alex, Wing Lei and Bartolotta are stand outs… Are we comparing a Venezia Standard and Venezia Bella? The Venezia rooms in general are much nicer than the Venetian rooms. Luxury and Bella are almost the same – Bella includes VIP check-in and a slightly higher level of service, that’s it. The Rialto is more of a suite (I don’t consider the standard or Bella rooms at Venetian to be suites even though they claim they are), though still not an incredible room product. In general, I think you want to be in the Venezia Tower but unless you’re going for a ‘Concierge Level’ suite or above, the rooms aren’t all that different.

indy5 asked on 09/09/05

I am making my first trip to Vegas later this month. I have not decided to rent a car or use public transportation. If I get a car is it tough to get around vegas and park? Also I am not a huge gambler but do enjoy to play a bit. Where is a nice place to play that has low limits.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

All Strip casinos have free valet parking and large self-park garages. Parking on the Strip is rarely a problem. Downtown, the casinos have self-parking with free validation. Driving can be frustrating sometimes. Tourists + construction + lots of pedestrians = traffic and people that don’t know how to drive. Just keep your wits about you. As far gambling, North Strip properties like the Sahara, Stratosphere and Riviera have low limit games all the time. Downtown properties like Binion’s and the Nugget often have low-limit games. Premium Strip properties often have high limits on weekends, day and night. Possible exceptions include Casino Royale and O’Shea’s, though neither are really ‘nice places to play’. If you’re there during the week, you can pretty much take your pick.

seanbertiger asked on 09/09/05

Hey Hunter, im going to Kelly Clarkson’s concert in Aladdin this saturday and my sits are in section 106, row Y. How close is this to the stage? I’ve never been to Aladdin theater and i bought these tickets on ebay hoping to get good seats so i can see Kelly upclose. Let me know if i made a good choice with these tickets. Thank you so much!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Hi. You’re fairly close to the stage. Section 106 is on the floor level, stage left. The place is pretty big but all the seats are good – when they imploded and rebuilt the Aladdin they kept the theater because it was worth holding on to. You’ll have a great time!

nsxdrift_89 asked on 09/09/05

I heard that new conceptual art was released for Planet Hollywood, I was wondering if you knew if it was on the internet or not.


Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Art was originally released when the purchase was underway. Since then, no new art. Picture 1, Picture 2. There have been some minor alterations to the design since then but not significant.

lafogdog asked on 09/07/05

Kind of a dumb ?. Do the cashier cages cash travelers checks and approximatly how much money do you have to gamble to get comps, such as a free room upgrade?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Yes, they will cash your travelers checks. As far as how much you need to gamble, most Strip resorts want at least 4 hours a day at $25/hand at table games, slots vary. Gambling just to get comps is not a wise move – you’ll almost certainly lose more than it would have cost to buy the item outright. If you do play and win, that’s just icing on the cake.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 09/06/05


Are there any more details about Wynn’s Golf Course Development. I have heard that he will take the course out, and put a 5,000-room resort in itsplace (with a lak in between all 3 propertes {Wynn, Encore, and this Development})

Thanks alot

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The possibility of developing that land has been discussed but only in terms of a 10-15 year plan for the property. The golf course won’t be there forever – it’s too valuable. As far as details go, they haven’t even begun to plan it other than the basic concept.

doublemom1998 asked on 09/06/05

Hello again, 5 days and counting! Cannot tell you how ready we are! I am planning to try the $20 trick at check in at Caesars to get upgraded from Deluxe room to the Palace tower. If there is no upgrade available, which tower do you suggest we try to get so we are centrally located to the casino, forum shops etc. Not sure which would be best; Centurian, Forum or Roman? Much Thanks!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The Forum and Roman towers are about the same. I would say my least favorite is the Centurian Tower. All three of the older towers have elevators in various locations – they aren’t as far apart as the Palace or Augustus (newest) towers.

alinda asked on 09/05/05

Hi, my husband and I are going for our first time in Oct. for my 40 bday. We are considering Bellagio, Mandalay Bay or Mirage. Is it worth spending a little more to stay at MB or Bellagio? Mirage seems to be the best deal but heard the rooms need updated. Have they been renovated lately? We would like a place with nice pool. Any suggestions?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The rooms were renovated at The Mirage a few years back. The Mirage is a great hotel – I would consider upgrading to a ‘Tower Deluxe’ room – higher floors, bigger bathrooms, etc… A nice upgrade and probably still cheaper than MB or Bellagio. The pool at The Mirage is also great. It’s a good choice overall.

tcanty asked on 09/05/05

We’re visiting as a group of 8 guys in Oct. You mentioned that we should get “table service” at a club if we don’t want to wait to get in. What exactly does that mean? How do we do it/whom do we call? What does it cost? We’re looking at Rain and/or Ghost Bar. What do you think of the packages that include limo and club entries together? Are they a good deal, or would we be better arranging things on our own? Thanks!!!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Reserving a table, sometimes called ‘table service’ or ‘bottle service’ means reserving/renting a table at a club. The club will have a certain minimum of booze you have to buy, served by the bottle and usually at least two bottles. For instance, you get a bottle of Jack Daniels and a bottle of Belvedere vodka. With that you get a bunch of mixers served to you at your table. The table is yours – no one else can sit there. It is usually protected/guarded by security. It means skipping the line and going right into the club. It means attention inside the club. Basically it sets you apart from everyone else. All of this good stuff doesn’t come cheap. Typically the average bottle costs $300-$400. That varies a bit if the booze is rare or otherwise expensive… It might seem crazy to spend $400 on a bottle of Jack, but you’re really buying the experience, not the booze. Also, when you factor in all the costs of drinks for all the guys, the price isn’t that insane. Most clubs also waive any door fee if you have a table. As far as the other packages go, typically you can probably do a bit better coming up with your own deal.

tcanty asked on 09/05/05

You are the best! I ‘d like to get my room at Bally’s comp’d/upgraded in Oct. I have about $10k I can gamble. Is it true that cashing a check at the hotel is somehow better than bringing cash? Would it help to get in touch with the casino host ahead of time, and if so, what should I tell them?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

If you deposit a check into the cage, it can help your rating since they know what kind of $$‘s you have on hand to play with. As far as a host goes, call the hotel ask to speak with a host. Explain that you’re coming in, haven’t played before and tell them how much $$‘s you are bringing. They’ll ask you some questions about what games you play and how much you bet per hand. Two things to remember: be honest about your play – don’t exaggerate as it won’t help you and will probably hurt you. Second, tell them what you want. That’s the best way to get comps… The folks that get the most are constantly asking for stuff. If you are timid, you’ll get a lot less.

kanyon24 asked on 09/04/05

Hi, great site. I just got back from Vegas in July, and I am planning to go back on Oct.9-13. I notcie the hotel rates are almost double then they were in July. Is October a busy month?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

October (and the Fall in general) is much busier than the Summer. Summer is typically the slowest season. Rates can be very high October-February.

mise asked on 09/03/05

Fantastic site!
Can you tell me which has the better rooms—MGM or the Aladdin?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

There are several different types of rooms at the MGM Grand, which are very different.

The ‘Grand Tower’ rooms are the standard offering while the ‘West Wing’ rooms feature a very modern design. The West Wing rooms are noticeably smaller than the Grand Tower rooms. Beyond that, there are several types of suites.

The Aladdin’s rooms are spacious with nice bathrooms.

I would say the Grand Tower rooms and the standard Aladdin rooms are pretty close in terms of what you get. If there is a major difference in price, I would go with the one that is cheaper. Keep in mind that the Aladdin is transforming into Planet Hollywood, starting near the end of the year.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 08/31/05

Hi Hunter,

Do you have any reviews of Avenue Q, at Wynn. Also, how is KA compared to Le Reve. Thanks

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

No reviews of ‘Q’ yet – it is still in preview so the resort doesn’t want the press writing anything yet. ‘Ka’ and ‘Le Reve’ are pretty different. Besides ‘Le Reve’ being water based, it is a darker mood than ‘Ka’. Both have incredible staging and the the theaters are quite something. ‘Ka’ has fared better with reviewers.

clare asked on 08/31/05

We are booked into Bellagio in September in a deluxe room through a local agent. I contacted the bellagio and asked how much it would be for a lake view room. A very helpful lady said they are booked up but could offer a partial view at $30 per night. Are these partial view located in spa tower and is this as nice as original rooms?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Yes, the ‘Partial Lakeview’ rooms are in the Spa Tower. The view of the lake is obstructed and depending on what part of the Spa Tower, the obstruction can be more or less (rooms further North are worse as you can’t see past the main Bellagio tower). The Spa Tower is a very nice addition in general.

angie90210 asked on 08/31/05

Hi Hunter. Great website and most helpful. Am planning on staying at Mandalay Bay next June but unsure as to whats the best part of the hotel to stay in. I heard good things about both Four Seasons and Thehotel. What do you recommend?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thanks. My preference at Mandalay would be THEHotel, Four Seasons and the ‘normal’ hotel, in that order. THEHotel is very hip/chic – dark woods and carpet, plasma TVs, the works. It’s also the newest part of the complex. The Four Seasons rooms are in the standard Mandalay tower but you get that Four Seasons service, along with higher end in-room amenities. The main hotel is my third choice. It’s not all that nice in the standard rooms and I would make an effort to be in one of the other parts of the hotel.

luckykb asked on 08/31/05

Any word on when the Monte Carlo and Mandalay Bay will begin accepting the MGM players card? I have been receiving offers from MC with MGM on the bottom of the letter. Does that mean I don’t have to carry my “ONE” card any longer?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

It will be some time… The systems are fairly different ‘under the hood’ and integrating them is no small task. They are working on it but haven’t announced a time line yet. If you’re going to be playing at one of the former Mandalay properties, bring your card.

mise asked on 08/31/05

I don’t really understand what a no limit texas hold ‘em game is. For example, if it’s $4-$8 no limit game, what is the most that someone can bet?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

No limit with limits? Hmmmm… Where did you see that?

From a poker strategy site:

In a Fixed Limit game, both the bet and raise amounts for each round are a preset amount. For example, in a $5/$10 Fixed game, both the bets and raises for the first two rounds of betting must be $5, no more, no less. The last 2 rounds have a bet/raise amount of $10.

In a Pot Limit Game, the maximum bet/raise can’t be more than the current pot amount. So, if the pot is $30, you can’t bet more than $30. One thing to note: If you are raising on a player’s bet, your call is already included in the pot. So, for example, let’s say the pot is $100. Player X opens the betting with $100. Your maximum bet is now $300 (Pot = Initial $100 + Player X’s $100 + your $100)

Still with us? OK, the final game type is No Limit. The name says it all; there are no maximum bet limits. You can bet as much as you like during any round of betting. The minimum bet is the big blind amount. No Limit Hold’em makes for big pots, fast action, and great watching.

Rob asked on 08/31/05

Hi Hunter – great additions to the sight in recent months – the blog is very good.
Do you have a list of when all the major hotels last renovated their guest rooms (and pools etc)? Its a factor in deciding which hotel to pick – and would be useful to see on one page for comparisons.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thanks! The blog is a lot of fun and I really enjoy doing it. For those that haven’t seen it, click on ‘Blog’ in the navigation near the top of this page. Unfortunately I don’t have that information in a format such as you’re looking for. If you have questions about specific properties I can get you that info. Often guest rooms are remodeled at different times than pool areas, which are done much less frequently.

deville0202 asked on 08/30/05

Hi Hunter, Can you believe that after all my research and questions to you my fiance had already boked a spa suite at the Luxor (go figure). I hope its nice, what do you think? Also are the trollys the best way to get to up the strip from luxor without too much walking? And do you know any fun casual places to get married(its only the 2 of us) once agian thanks for your help, knowledge, and dedication.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The ‘Spa Suites’ are what they used to call ‘Jacuzzi Suites’. If you’re in the pyramid, these rooms are at the very corners of the building with the jacuzzi looking out the window. They are a lot of fun. As far as transport, there is a tram that goes from Luxor to Excalibur and from there you could hop on the monorail at MGM Grand. I’m not a big fan of the trolley – it’s pretty slow and crowded. As far as getting married, I’m less able to help here. This site should have some good info for you on that topic.

RobbieM asked on 08/30/05

Hi Hunter, great site. I’m heading to Vegas in September. We’re staying at the Mirage but since booking I’ve read there is quite a lot of construction going on at the resort. Are there any wings or rooms I should avoid when I check in to avoid disrption from this work?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thanks. I love the Mirage and recommend it often. Yes, there is construction starting up soon but nothing that should be too disruptive. None of the rooms are being worked on. The biggest thing is that dining choices will be more limited until early next year when things are back in full swing. I think the best view at The Mirage is the ‘Pool View’. Most people go for the volcano but once you’ve seen it, it is pretty repetitive.

mccloud527 asked on 08/29/05

Hi Hunter, Just thought of 1 more question if choosing between Flamingo or Monte Carlo which would you prefer

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Hmmmm… Between those two, probably Monte Carlo. The facility is newer and a bit more up to date.

mccloud527 asked on 08/28/05

Great site glad i found it. Planning on visiting vegas soon. I have back problems and am tring to find the best beds around the middle of the strip, without breaking the bank ( i still want to be able to have fun money ) any suggestions

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thanks. I would take a look at Treasure Island, The Mirage and Paris for some great beds. Wynn and Bellagio have the best beds in town.

Stacey asked on 08/28/05

Hi Hunter, We a staying at the Luxor in November arriving on a friday late afternoon is the East or West Tower closer to the casino, we won’t use the pool so that is not a concern? Also, what would the $20 trick get us? I was hoping to get a room with a view of the strip but it seems like if it’s available they offer it to you without the $20. A jacuzzi room??? or is that asking too much?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Both towers are about the same distance from the casino floor. The West Tower is a bit closer to the pool. Often you can get the view for free, that’s correct. Views from Luxor are a bit though due to its position on the Strip. A view facing North will offer views of Excalibur and South of Mandalay Bay. A Jacuzzi Suite is an unlikely free upgrade but anything is possible.

deville0202 asked on 08/28/05

Hi Hunter, Thanks for your quick response to my last question this sight is great eapecially for ppl who’ve never been to vegas. I heard that the flamingos rooms have all been recently renovated and the beds are very comfy. Do you know anything about that. Also as far as the $ 20 trick, we will be arriving on a weekday, have you heard if it works at the flamingo?? Thanks again for all your help.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

All of the rooms have been renovated since 2000, most in 2003. This was a ‘deep’ renovation, with the rooms stripped down to the concrete and rebuilt. As far as the $20 trick, usually it works better when the hotel is less occupied, meaning weekdays are generally better than weekdays. You never know for sure – only trying it will solve that!

kevinab asked on 08/28/05

My last Luxor question for now (sorry to be a pain) is slots. I heard reviews that slots are tight, no one wins anything, & others slots are loose, & they’re happy with their winnings! I don’t know if you’re allowed to give me advice on this, but what are yuor input based on slots in Luxor? are they tight or loose? should I stay away from gambling slots at the new strip hotels & go downtown at fremont to the slots? Hope you can answer this. thank you very much :-)

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Unfortunately this is an impossible question. Each slot machine in a casino can have a different payback percentage and even then, ‘luck’ plays a huge role. Typically downtown and off-Strip properties have more machines with higher payback but again, no way to know machine-to-machine.

kevinab asked on 08/28/05

thank you for your answers Hunter. I appreciate it. yes.. I my questions mistakingly cut off. Sorry :-) I know we’ll have a great time at the luxor , as I love Egyptian art & theming. My next question, if you don’t mind, is I heard reviews that half the people can hear everything in the tower rooms, with the thin walls, & half heard of no sound at all! based on your expetiend staying in the tower rooms, did you hear anything, enougyh to distract you, or not? thank you again. :-)

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I don’t recall hearing sound bleed through the walls (at least nothing excessive). The Pyramid rooms can be loud with the casino noise though.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 08/27/05

Hunter, I was reading on the blog, and was realy interested on your article on the Casino Design OCnference, but other than the one concerning the mountain, etc. at Wynn, I couldn’t find any other articles, that contain any additional information. I was wondering if you found out any more interesting information about the design implementations of the hotel, or Encore. Or any other future projects that Wynn is planning.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

They were very tightlipped about Encore and golf course re-development. There was a lot of discussion about specific design details, such as sourcing the materials for the hotel, etc… If you head to the blog and read through all of the Wynn articles (there are quite a few), you should get a good picture of what was gleaned. Thanks for reading.

kevinab asked on 08/27/05

only stand still for 15 minutes. I’m staying at the luxor tower rooms. I read the check in in the tower is for group bookings, & willl the check us in a tower suite die to my disibility? is there valets & bellmen there at the north entrance? I’m thinking the East tower is shorter for walking , since we have no interest swimming, & wanting to get to the casino & hotel more, but registration & valets to get our car is less walking than the main entrance, due to my stroke.
thank you :-)

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Oh, looks like this is the second part of your question… I believe you are able to check in at the group booking entrance for the Tower – it is located in that part of the hotel. You are also able to check in at the main check in. There are valet and bellman at both entrances. The waits are significantly shorter at the North entrance. I hope I’ve answered your questions. If you have more, hit me back.

kevinab asked on 08/27/05

Hi hunter! :-) I love your website & I value your opinion! I’ll be traveling with a friend in a car & we’ll be staying at the tower rooms in the Luxor Hotel next month. I loved the Luxor, staying ina pyramid room before, but that was before the tower rooms were added. I’m a 37 year old male & a stroke victime. I can walk long walks with a limp & a cane, but can only stand still for 1

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thanks! It looks like part of your question got cut off. I’ll try and make a guess what you were asking… The Tower rooms are further from the casino and pool than the Pyramid rooms. If you’re able to do long walks, you’ll be fine, it’s really a medium sized walk. The Tower rooms are nice – larger bathrooms and bedrooms than in the Pyramid. Have a great trip!

shirleyd asked on 08/26/05

Further to my last question re: SW Steakhouse at Wynn – do you have a photo of either the interior or the patio? Because it’s our anniversary, I’m looking for a nice romantic setting , but I’ve read complaints that SW was a little noisy – did you find that?
Also, other than the new nightclub, what kind of construction can we expect at the Mirage the last week of October?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Here is a photo of our table the last time we were there: table. The design there is fairly minimalist. I did not find it noisy, our meal was spectacular matched with great service and the noise level never reached a level we thought was ‘too high’. That said, it’s not a super quiet restaurant either. In the October-December time frame you will see the opening of several new restaurants at The Mirage. The Ava lounge will likely be closed at that point as well.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 08/26/05

Hunter, would now be a good time to book a trip in pre- Christmas, December. I have found fantastic rates at Wynn and Venetian. My only thing is for the price of a view room at Wynn, I can get a Venezia Bella View Suite at Venetian, or a Rialto Suite. I really want to try Wynn, but these are great rates for Venetian. BTW, I have already stayed at Venetian, so that may factor into a decision

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Never too early to book the room – if you book with the hotel you can always change the reservation up to 48 hours prior to arrival. I give Wynn the edge over the Venetian big time… Better service, great restaurants and the place feels great.

lafogdog asked on 08/25/05

What is a good club type place for the over 30 crowd? We went to Ra in January and we felt like grandparents the crowd was so young!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Most nightclubs in Las Vegas cater to the 21-30 age group. If you’re looking for a cool place to unwind, check out the Fontana Lounge at Bellagio – live music, dancing and a great view of the Fountains of Bellagio.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 08/25/05

Why didn’t Wynn Air Condition his elevators? It almost seems like he was rushing and didn’t have time, if that is the reason, is there a plan to have the A/C installed. Also, at his other properties, I noticed that he has large square buttons in the elevator for chosing the floors, but he used the ‘generic’ small, circular buttons for chosing the floors in Wynn. Was this a deliberate choice, or is there something behind it?


Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Good question. This is considered a misstep by many. Right now there are no plans to change the elevator setup. The small buttons were a deliberate choice, yes. According to a design team member, the elevator designs took quite some time to get the way they wanted them.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 08/25/05

Was there ever really a point for Venetian to build the Venezia, I know that they put the concierge rooms in, but they rest are supposed to be just like the Venetian rooms, with some different amenities. So, was there any other reason, than just using the space on top of the parking garage (of all things)?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

More rooms = more people in the casino, more room revenue, etc… The major reason was simply to increase revenue.

deville0202 asked on 08/25/05

My fiance and i will be visiting vegas for vacation and to get married around the middle of November. This is our 1st time in Vegas so i’m hoping you can help. We love to stay in nice places but we are on a budget so places like Bellagio would be out of the question. My plan was to stay at the Tropicana ( we go to the one in Atlantic City) but after reading the reviews..i dont think so. I was thinking of the Flamingo but i know nothing about it. Important to me is nice updated room, comfy bed, location, and slots. Important to him is blackjack, 3 card poker, location, and price. I’m hoping with your expertise you can point me in the right direction. Thanks

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Congratulations! I think it is wise to stay away from the Trop. The property is very old and while you can get some good deals, the rooms are dated. The Flamingo could be a good choice. I would also check and compare Treasure Island, the Aladdin, and Bally’s. TI has great service and fantastic rooms. The rates vary quite a bit but sometimes you can catch a bargain. One of the best values on the Strip is the Aladdin. Since it has had financial problems since it opened in 1997, rooms are often cheaper than other hotels. That’s been changing along with new management but sometimes you can still find deals. Even though Bally’s was built in the 70s, the resort has been maintained very well. Most Strip hotels have similar slot payback, ranging from good to okay to bad. It really depends on the machine and ‘luck’. Typically slots in downtown Las Vegas and off-Strip casinos have better slots.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 08/25/05

Hi Hunter,

I was wondering, how many different room color schemes at Wynn. I have seen maybe four different schemes on the internet, but I’m not sure if those are all of them or not. Thank you

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Yeah, that’s it. They aren’t even all that different.

tcanty asked on 08/25/05

GREAT SITE!! I’m visiting 10/14-10/16 w/a bunch of guys ages 30-40. That weekend seems very expensive, but on AAA’s site, I got Bally’s for an average of $175/night. I have some questions:
1) Do you think the prices might drop before then? If so, when would be a good date/day of week/time to check again? I would love to find similar rates for Alladin, Venetian or Caesars – do you think there is any chance of that?
2) Do you think the $20 trick will work that weekend? Is there any point in asking for an upgrade before offering $20, then asking again w/$20 if they say no? Or is that just rude?
3) I’m looking for poker rooms that have either a) inexperienced players on weekends (= easily beat), or b) have low rakes – do you have any info on that or know any sites that do? I hear Rio gets a lot of amatuers.
4) Does Bally’s comp well? I like craps and table games, but some hotels are tighter than others. Any suggestions for hotels that give comps more freely and are located similarly to Bally’s?
Thanks for your help!!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I’ll take your questions one at a time… 1. October is always a popular month for conventions and can get quite busy/expensive. If you plan to re-book at a lower rate and you’re booking through a third party like AAA, make sure that you understand their cancellation policy. I would check every week until about 3 weeks before you go, then every few days. 2. It’s always worth a try. Usually the busier they are the less of a chance but you never really know. As far as following up a denied request with a $20, I’d probably either put the $20 out to begin with or not at all. 3. Stay away from the rooms at Bellagio, The Mirage and Wynn if you’re looking for easy beats. Excalibur is a notorious player training ground. 4. Comps at Bally’s are on par for Strip hotels and maybe a little tighter than I think they should be based on the age of the hotel and newer competition.

tcanty asked on 08/25/05

I tried posting a quesiton, but my session timed out, so I have to retype it all again. You might want to increase your timeout. I’ll send my question next. Thanks!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The timeout is 30 minutes – that’s a pretty large chunk of time. Sorry for your inconvenience.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 08/24/05

I was wondering, did Treasure Island add on a new lobby in 1997, because I don’t remember any other lobby besides the one they currently have. I also heard, that some time ago, TI was planning on renovating all of their rooms, I was wondering if they had ever planned to capiltalize on that plan?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

When TI opened in ‘93, the lobby was located where Francesco’s is now. The current lobby was added shortly thereafter. TI remodeled all of its rooms in 1999.

Stacey asked on 08/24/05

Thanks for the promptness on the last question. I was wondering which hotels on the strip are having construction done? I know of the Mirage, is there anywhere else? Aladdin?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Construction is something you get used to in Las Vegas. Casinos almost always have some kind of project going on, some minor and some major. The Mirage will be under various forms of renovation for the next 9-10 months. The Aladdin gets underway before the end of the year. Bellagio has some minor construction going, as does Harrah’s, Caesars and Luxor. Even Wynn Las Vegas is remodeling several areas of the resort and it opened in April!

shirleyd asked on 08/23/05

Hi Hunter,
We had such a great time last October for our 25th anniversary that we’re coming back again this fall. (Hopefully it won’t rain this time!) We’ve got tickets to see the 6:30 show of ‘Avenue Q’ at Wynne, and we’d like to try SW Steakhouse for our anniversary dinner. (Oct 27th) How far in advance will they accept reservations? How does it compare in price/portions/quality to Kokimo’s?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

SW is a cut above Kokomo’s. The food, service and presentation are all top notch – you’ll love it. Don’t miss the bacon rolls – the best bread I’ve ever had. Prices are maybe 10% higher than Kokomo’s. Not off the charts by any means. Call Wynn reservations now – they should be able to book your reservation.

Stacey asked on 08/22/05

Where would I be more likely to find $5 blackjack tables; TI, Monte Carlo, Aladdin, Paris, LV Hilton, Caesars and the Luxor? When we went to Vegas 2 years ago there were some at the Luxor and at Mandalay Bay. I’m just wondering which, if any of these hotels still have them.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Depending on the day of the week and the time, all of them can. Of the hotels you listed, Monte Carlo, Aladdin, LV Hilton and Luxor are the most likely to have $5 tables more often, with the LV Hilton and Aladdin being the most likely. Friday and Saturday evenings are tough for $5 anywhere on the Strip south of Wynn.

Ldot asked on 08/22/05

Hi Hunter, My husband and I are headed to Vegas Aug. 31-Sept. 2 and got good rates for a pool view deluxe room at The Mirage. We booked a deluxe room last June and with the $20 trick were upgraded to a tower deluxe room at no additional charge. At the time they offered a suite for $50 more a night, but we declined because it would have been for only one of the three nights and we didn’t want to move once we settled in. I’ve been checking the online reservations and they seem to have an inventory of all rooms, including suites, for our dates this trip. In your opionion, is it worth an extra $50 a night for a suite (even a petite suite) or if offered the “free” upgrade to a regular tower deluxe are we better off? We will be arriving around 1:00pm on a Wednesday and leaving Saturday…this gets into Labor Day weekend so I was a bit surprised by the rates/availability. Will any of their current renovations interfere with the pool? Thanks for your input – this is a great site!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

You’re always better off in a suite! It really comes down to your travel budget. If you can afford it without causing problems, treat yourself! If it is a major impact on your ability to do other things, then don’t take the suite. The pool was renovated a few years back and isn’t on the docket for this round of changes. Have a great trip!

nsxdrift_89 asked on 08/22/05

Are the double-bedded rooms at Wynn Las Vega, any different from the king rooms. Also, do they have the double-bedded rooms in the Tower Suites

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The rooms are exactly the same, just a different bed configuration. The hotel opened with some double beds in the Tower Suites but I am told they are reconfiguring them.

doublemom1998 asked on 08/21/05

Hi Huner, I was wondering if you know where one can locate a list of the shuttle services available to get to places like Green Valley ranch, Forum Shops, Hard Rock and the Palms. I know that there are shuttles but no idea where to get them and when. We are staying at Caesars in Sept. Thanks!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Hmmmm… That sounds like something that someone with a Vegas Web site should do! Seriously, I get asked this a lot and should have a page up. Until then, this page has some info: Vegas Shuttles.

dmd195 asked on 08/18/05

My husband and I will be in Vegas from Oct 16-19 staying at RIO….we are looking for discount coupons. We would also like info regarding hoover dam tours. Should we book in advance or when we arrive? Any tour suggestions would be appreciated. Thank You!!!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Getting on to a Hoover Dam tour is almost never a problem – booking in advance is rarely required. The best source for coupons are the magazines you will find in your room or around town, ‘Showbiz Weekly’, and ’What’s On’. Both feature information on what is going on as well as some discount coupons.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 08/18/05

I am sorry for so many question, but we are staying at Bellagio on Friday, and we have a partial lakeview reserved, and were wondering is the view very good, or was it just wasted money. If we could, we would love to get a Deluxe Lakeview, but they are sold out, so we’re in the Spa Tower. Is it nice?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The Spa Tower is very nice. The rooms are practically brand new and some of the rooms do have good fountain views. I wouldn’t be disappointed about being in the Spa Tower.

nsxdrift_89 asked on 08/17/05

Thanks for helping em out, with that last question. I think we will get the Tower Suites room, but we were also wondering if Le Reve was better the O, we are trying to decide which is better.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Even though they are both based on water, they are different shows. Le Reve is made up of much more dark subject matter than O. O is probably more polished, having run thousands of times since it opened. Both are quite an experience.