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hoopsrule asked on 04/13/04

Hunter, awesome site you have here. Anyway, I’m going to Vegas next month and am trying to decide on a hotel.
Considering Mirage, MGM Grand (Grand Tower), Paris, Caesars (Forum, Roman, or Centurion – I heard that the Palace Tower is the best but the rates are too pricey) and Aladdin. Was wondering how you would rank these five hotels on an overall basis, along with a few comments on each?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thanks! From your list I would pick The Mirage as my first choice, and following that Paris, Aladdin, MGM Grand, and the older towers at Caesars. The Mirage is a fantastic property that was built in 1989 to be the best in its class. Since Bellagio is now the top of the line, prices at The Mirage are usually quite reasonable, coupled with great service. The rooms are a bit smaller than at Paris or the Aladdin and the buffet is offline until a new facility opens in June… I stay at The Mirage often and never regret it.

mississippilulu asked on 04/12/04

We are going back to the mirage in oct. arriving on a thursday night. do you think the 20$ trick would have a better chance of working since we are checking in late? also will the pool be busy during mid oct. never been there in oct. we have stayed in sep over labor day and it was pretty busy. but we figure that is the last real holiday weekend of the year besides major holidays and figure it might be a bit slower.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

This can be quite a crap shoot… This usually depends on available room inventory and the disposition of the check in agent… Sometimes checking in late works to your advantage but other times all the rooms you might want to upgrade to are full… So, you never really know… The pool slows down in October as the temperature drops. Nothing like the late Spring and Summer months. There are quite a few conventions in the October-January timeframe in Las Vegas so depending on your dates, you could end up there during a busy time.

mbrd2000 asked on 04/09/04

I was wonder what the vegas “neon lights” tour is like, I was wondering if it is safe and if it is really worth booking the tour?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

If this is the tour I am thinking of, you ride in a helicopter over the Strip at night to see the resorts from the air. As far as being safe, helicopters are a relatively safe way to travel by air. Of course, there is always risk involved in anything like this. Seeing the Strip from a helicopter is a pretty amazing experience.

cormo asked on 04/08/04

hi hunter, just a quick question. would it be easier to try the $20 trick at the airport check-in for the flamingo hotel, i know you’ve said it tough now as its manly automated. would it be easier at the hotel.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I’ve heard many reports of little luck getting upgrades when checking in at the airport. The staff stationed there seem to have less ability or desire to help in this regard. With the new automated ATM like check-in machines at the Flamingo, getting free upgrades is more difficult.

mbrd2000 asked on 04/08/04

I plan on going to vegas for the first time in December, the week of Christmas, can you tell me if it is really crowded during this time of year.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Christmas is a popular holiday for many in Las Vegas. Sometimes certain restaurants or shows are closed down, but it is certainly not a ghost town – the city is very active at that time. Book early to make sure you get the hotel you want.

mbrd2000 asked on 04/08/04

I was wondering what is the normal attire in vegas, are jeans okay if your just gambling or should I dress up more and what about the restaurants do they require you to be dressed up, I guess the main question is, Do you see alot of people with jeans in vegas?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

You will see all levels of dress in Las Vegas. It is not unusual to see a gentleman in a tuxedo playing next to a guy in shorts and a t-shirt. Wear what you will feel comfortable wearing – it is what you make it. Very few restaurants have dress codes but again, you can get dressy if you want to and not feel out of place.

Curlyqb99 asked on 04/07/04

My question is about traffic. I’m leaving from Orange County on April 11th, Easter. What time would be best to leave in order to get there by check in time, 3pm?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The general rule is to allow 5 hours of transit from the Los Angeles area. This can vary based on your exact location. Traffic to Las Vegas on a Sunday is usually fairly light, I wouldn’t expect traffic delays barring an accident of some kind. I would probably leave in the 9am-10am range and take my time. Enjoy Spring in the desert!

cormo asked on 04/07/04

hunter, i heard the that the wet n wild has new owner. I was wondering if it will be open this summer or do the new owners have differant plans for the site. thanks for your help on my last question too.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

That site will eventually be cleared to make way for a new resort. It will be open this Summer, opening late April.

wildrose1218 asked on 04/05/04

I’m looking for some places to go dancing for people of 40+ in age. I don’t want to have to compete with the “KIDS” or the single scene. I’m looking for these places to be on the strip with some elbow room too and no cover charge. Thanks.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

This is more difficult than you might think. Most of the nightclubs are firmly focused on the 21-30 age group. Sometimes you’ll get some dancing at Bellagio’s Fontana Lounge, but not really an orchestrated nightclub scene.

lronhubs asked on 04/05/04

Hunter, my friends and I are staying at the MGM Grand in May for a bachelor party. MGM has confirmed a Terrace Suite for us. I heard and read on your site that these rooms are pretty cool. Is it true that they have a hot tub outside on the patio as well as a bar? It’s not described on any of the MGM’s sites but I have seen it published by others who have stayed. Can you give me your opinion/description of the room when you can? Thanks

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Not all of the suites have the outdoor jacuzzi, make sure you ask for it! The Terrace Suite is a great room for a bachelor party. You’ll have a great time.

chazina asked on 04/03/04

Hi Hunter, addicted to your site, going to vegas 1st week of may, staying @ flamingo, celebrating 40th birthday and 1st yr anniversary, just like to know the success rate of the $20 trick at the flamingo. Also would like to know of any safe/reputable tattoo parlors on the strip, for hubby to have one re-colored….thanks so much for the informative site!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thanks! $20 trick at the Flamingo is tough since they have converted most of the check-in to automated machines. As far as tattoo parlors, a good spot is right off the Strip at the Palms on Flamingo. Brand new joint.

jsaldridge asked on 04/02/04

I have never “requested” a certain type of room, but I understand I need to request either a view of the strip or a P room at the Paris. What is the proper etiquette when requesting a specific room? Will there be an extra charge? What should I tip the person for helping me out?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The key is to ask nicely. Sometimes you will get what you want and other times you won’t. Sometimes they will quote a higher rate, other times they will do it for free. There is no science to this, you just get lucky. A $20 tip is good for encouraging these folks.

jsaldridge asked on 04/02/04

I’m staying at Paris April 16-19th. It’s the weekend and I’m curious about the table minimums, both during the day and nights. I will play craps the majority of the time with a little blackjack as well. In addition to the table minimums, do you know how Paris rates the craps table? Is it simply what is on the line, or everything on the table? Finally, what can I expect to see comped with an average pass line bet of $20, with a total of about $75 on the table in place bets and odds?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Expect weekend minimums to be $10-25 a hand on 21 and $10 min at the craps tables. Ratings are based on your action not including your odds. Line bets, place bets, etc… are calculated into your ratings. To be rated you have to play $25 a hand at Paris and for that expect some food comps and perhaps a casino rate room if you play more than 4 hours per day.

jsaldridge asked on 04/02/04

one more question, I’ve set aside about $3500 for gambling purposes during my four day stay. However, I’m not real comfortable carrying that much cash on me during the plane ride out there. I’m probably going to send out a cashier’s check as the hotel recommended. My question is, if I do that, how easy is it to get access to that money to take to other casinos? I’m staying at Paris, but am thinking I will be gambling at Caesars atleast one night while I"m there. Any suggestions on other methods of getting cash out there? ATM is not practical due to limits placed on access by the bank I use.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

If you take a marker against money on deposit in the cage you will be given checks (chips), which you can convert back to cash easily. Sending funds in advance is probably your best bet.

Roach asked on 04/01/04

Thank you for putting such a great site together. Husband and I are going to Vegas for the first time for 5 nghts in June. Am having some trouble choosing a hotel. My options are: Bellagio (Tower Deluxe room), Mirage (Tower Suite), Caesar’s (Palace Tower Room). Which do you recommend and why? We have dinner reservations nightly, so that’s not a concern, but breakfast is.
Please help, if you can.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thanks! All three types of rooms are great bets… The Tower Suite at the Mirage is the route I would go. Those rooms are very large, have huge bathrooms and come with FANTASTIC service. Bellagio is a fantastic hotel but the deluxe rooms really don’t compare to the suites at the Mirage. Caesars Palace Tower rooms are also very nice but again can’t compare to the Mirage suite. Have fun!

birdie88 asked on 04/01/04

Hi Hunter, and thanks for all the great advice! I really enjoy your site, and am working my way thru all 68 pages of Q&A. We staying at the Fitz in May—we have 3 nights comped and will (I’m sure) get the rest of the week comped too. We have been assured that all the rooms have been updated (last year our room was a bit shabby, and the air conitioner kept us up with the noise) However, we like the casino and the comps. Do you have any recommendations about where the best room might be located, and/or if there are upgrades? The website calls all the rooms “delux” haha. Also, which rooms do we ask for to get a decent view?
One more thing—what form of ground transport do you recommend airport-downtown. If you think cabs, how much should it cost and is there a specific route we should ask for?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I would probably just grab a cab. Tell the driver not to take the tunnel – it is a long-haul tactic. Expect to pay $20-25 for a cab ride downtown. If you want a view of the Strip from the Fitz, you want to be looking South towards it. All of the rooms were re-done as part of their new ownership changes in the last few years. The next upgrade would be to a low-level suite, which you might want to go for at check-in.

Heat asked on 04/01/04

Hi Hunter, it’s been awhile since I’ve had to ask a Q, but here goes. I read someone asked (We prefer a room with a view and a Jacuzzi for two Which strip hotel has a reasonable price that you would reccommend?) and your answer was:
“I would suggest trying Luxor, Aladdin, Treasure Island, and Paris. They are all great mid-range properties.” And I am just curious as to why you didn’t add the Excaliber to the list, which is very reasonably priced. I am thinking of going there late September. I’ve stayed at the Luxor, which has an awesome jacuzzi room, (yes the view is not great, but it IS a nice big window and gives a great romantic atmosphere) I don’t want to pay the ‘upper’ 100+ a night rates. Out of those you mentioned WHICH one as an overall hotel (Thinking…. of the jacuzzi) would you recommend and why?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The reason that I didn’t include Excalibur is because I just don’t like the property that much. Every time I am inside I can’t wait to get out again… I’m just not a fan of the hotel for several reasons and I don’t usually send folks there… It does have a great low-limit poker room though… Properties like Aladdin, TI and Paris are a huge step above Excalibur… If you want a jacuzzi but don’t want to spend a lot of money on your room, Excalibur is probably your best bet…

hotcashman asked on 03/30/04

We are visiting July 5th week for 4 nights – 2 adults, 3 teens (OK, we must get 2 rooms with this crazy bunch). We’ve decided Mandalay Bay is choice as kids love the beach/pool complex – its 9 to 5 entertainment.

My question is this – we can get $119 rates to stay at Mandalay, or should we upgrade and pay $159 to stay at THEHotel at Mandalay? THEHotel looks nice on web-site, but trying to validate if its worth the $40 upgrade per room ($80 per night) to stay at this place. Also heard its farther away from pool area, but its got these 43’ plasma TVs

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

THEHotel is a bit further from the pool, yes. The tower is brand new, opened late 2003. The rooms are much nicer than the standard MB rooms, I would certainly go for the upgrade if it was a possibility… If the quality of the room isn’t important, you could safely skip it…

ludwiga30 asked on 03/29/04

My husband and I will be arriving late (9pm) on Friday. We have tickets to see the O show at 10:30. What is appropriate attire to see the show? I don’t know if I will have much time to change after getting off the plane.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

I have seen folks at O in everything from tuxedos to business casual attire. It can get a little cold in the theater sometimes so make sure you have a jacket you could put on.

cormo asked on 03/26/04

hi hunter. I’ve booked a room at the the flamingo hotel in mid-june for me and my girlfriend. I know people keep going on about the $20 trick, but i was wondering what type of room to request when doing this, some say facing caesars in the tower, other say facing the strip towards the bellagio. so which of these would you prefer. Also where’s the best place on the strip for low limit texas hold-em? thanks for any help you can give me..

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Getting upgrades at the Flamingo is now pretty tough as they do check-in through automated computer terminals, sorta like ATM machines. If you can get a real person to handle the check in, both rooms facing Bellagio (sort of) or Caesars would be good. The rooms are the same in terms of quality so it comes down to what view you prefer. If you get a good Bellagio view room, that would probably offer more excitement since you can see the fountains… but it is a pretty severe angle. For low-limit Hold’Em on the Strip, try the Excalibur. Seriously.

arubatam asked on 03/25/04

We will be arriving in Las Vegas at terminal 2 at the airport. We were going to do the airport check-in but i have read it is in terminal 1. Do you if we would have problem getting to terminal 1. Is there a tram?Thanks!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Once you arrive in Terminal 2, you have to clear US Customs and Immigration (assuming you are coming in Internationally, which is what Terminal 2 is for). Getting to Terminal 1 from Terminal 2 can be a little tricky and involves some walking… You might be best off just heading to the hotel and checking in there.

cpenorab asked on 03/25/04

Hi Hunter great site,quick one for you….did they build a fourth pool at Caesars Palace and is it open, I read somewhere one was coming. Thanks

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Thanks! Caesars has three major construction projects going on right now. One is the Forum Shops expansion, the second is the Roman Fair area on the corner of Flamingo and LVB and the third is a new hotel tower. The pool configuration hasn’t changed since the opening of the Palace Tower in 1997. They have three pools, Palace, Neptune and Venus.

hebe asked on 03/25/04


Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:


reesesgirl67 asked on 03/24/04

Because of some awesome rates that we found at Luxor, we will be staying there May 7-12, 2003. My only dilemma is whether to stay in the Tower or the Pyramid. I have heard that the Pyramid rooms are not as nice as the Tower rooms and that the A/C cannot keep these rooms cool in the summer, but that it is more convenient to the casino & restaurants. On the other hand the Tower is nicer with bath tubs, etc, but that they are further from everything. Can you give some insite on this? Also, I have heard that check in can be awful. We are arriving on a Friday, probably the WORST day of the week for arrivals. Do have any suggestions regarding check in as well? I have heard about a check in in the Towers that not many people know about because it is really for groups, but that they will let you check in there. Do you know anything this? Sorry so many ??? Our first trip! Thanks!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Basically, you’ve already answered your own questions… The Towers are much nicer than the Pyramid, having stayed in both. The Towers aren’t really all that much further from the casino but it’s a little walk to the pool. I think it is worth the extra walking to get the nicer room. Sometimes they allow guests to check-in at the ‘Tour Lobby Check-In’, which is right off the North entrance (not the main entrance). Check-In can be a long process so I would give this a try first and see if they will take you there.

whinkle asked on 03/24/04

Hunter… I’m going to be staying at THEhotel at Mandalay Bay on April 12th thru the 16th. Do you know what kind of views there are at this hotel? I would like something showing as much of the strip as possible. What would you recommend? Also, is there anything else you can tell me about this hotel? All I have seen is a couple of pictures. Thanks for your help.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

If you end up in a North facing room you will have an amazing view of the Strip, really great. THEHotel is a brand new tower added to Mandalay Bay. The rooms are of much higher quality than the standard MB rooms with larger TVs, nicer beds and upgraded deluxe bathrooms. It is really a hotel-within-a-hotel… Have fun!

vegasbums asked on 03/22/04

First of all thanks for all your help! Me and my wife are visiting 3/28 to 4/3. We want to do something different and try out a sports book and bet on our local nhl team . We are staying at the golden nugget. We were wondering where are some places that have good odds and not that crowded.I have seen you listed a few already but I’m sure those are pretty crowded. Also, do they serve free drinks like in the casino? Are there any good ones downtown?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The free drink policy in the sports books varies based on the book. Some will give you a free drink per ticket/bet. Others will keep ’em coming if they see you have a ticket but not give drinks to folks just hanging out. Some just serve anyone in the area… None of the downtown sports books are all that fantastic… If a really comfortable and cool book is less important to you than not fighting the crowds, I would perhaps try the Las Vegas Hilton, Ballys or Treasure Island… All are pretty good books but less glamorous than Bellagio, The Mirage and Mandalay Bay. I hope that this helps.

beelzebubba29 asked on 03/21/04

Hi there – My wife and I will be staying at the TI in a Petite Suite in August for 4 nights for our 10th anniversary. What views are possible from these rooms? What should I request? Does anyone ever try the $20 trick just for a better view rather than the room upgrade?
Thanks for your time, and GREAT SITE!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

These rooms are usually views of the ‘Sirens of TI’/the bay… If I recall correctly, there are a few that overlook the pool and the mountains. You can usually get whatever view you ask for, if it is available, when in these suites. I think the ‘Pool’ view is best because you see up the Strip. You can only watch the pirate battle a few times before it gets very boring… But if you’re into construction projects, the ‘Siren’ views are directly over Wynn Las Vegas and give a great view of progress on that resort.

Disney asked on 03/20/04


I’ve had a search on the site and can’t seen to find any views on what tower at the Stardust have the nicer rooms. Can you help?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Your best bet is to end up in the main tower, facing South. The other buildings are very small, motel like buildings.

mhealy34 asked on 03/16/04

Hunter – I have been going to Vegas for the opening rounds of March Madness for the past several years. The last couple of years I have enjoyed watching the games at Paris at the theatre d’arts because of the large amount of seating (meaning I don’t need to get up early to get a seat) and the large projection screens (there isn’t a bad seat in the house). Paris has informed me that they are no longer showing the games in the theatre. Do you know of any other casinos that will show the games in a similiar ‘auditorium’? By the way, if you know anyone at Paris who made this decision. Tell them they are idiots and whoever determined attendance was down last year wasn’t inside the building. Thanks!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

From what I have read, the NCAA is starting to crack down on ‘public performances’ of their games for facilities that have not organized special licenses with them… Similar to the situation with the NFL and the Superbowl this year at several Nevada casinos. You will have a hard time finding a venue broadcasting the game in this setup… My first instinct was to check with the Palms but they stated they will not be showing any NCAA games outside of their sportsbook this year… So, it looks like if you want to see those games you’ll have to compete for a good spot at the book… Best books in town: Bellagio, Mirage, Mandalay Bay, and Ballys.

cosmo asked on 03/16/04

Hi Hunter

I’m looking at getting a Cabana at the Flamingo for Sun June 6, our flight will arrive at 08:00 and check in is not until 3. Our thought was to check our luggage and head to the pool. How do you secure a reservation for a cabana before you are a guest? Also how much will a cabana be and what will it include? Thanks

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The hotel should let you rent the cabana with nothing more than an active reservation in the computer… I would book that soon however, as those things are popular! You can easily check your luggage and head for the pool. The cabanas vary in price depending on the season and include bottled water, juices, soft drinks, a telephone, television and changing room. Call the hotel and ask for cabana rental to get this taken care of now!

farmerwife asked on 03/12/04

May be traveling with teenagers – Which of the hotels leave pools open into the evening? Thanks!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Most of the hotels will extend pool hours in the late Spring and Summer seasons… Depending on when you are traveling, check with your prospects to see how late they stay open.

Curlyqb99 asked on 03/12/04

Hello, what room view @ the Bellagio is better, pool view or sunset?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Sunset = mountain view. Pool view would be superior, though be warned that Bellagio is constructing a new tower that will be visible in this view if that sort of thing bothers you… The best view at Bellagio is the lake view, but they will often try to charge you extra for that view.

flyfish35 asked on 03/12/04

Hey Hunter, have spent hours browsing your site! Terrific!!! Question: My family – 4 of us, including 2 teenage sons, will be in Vegas in early April. Have reservations at Aladdin…the panoramic suite (with the 180 degree view of the strip, 52" flat screen TV, computer, separate bedroom, etc.) Our rate is approx. $329.00/night. But I am also intrigued by the Venetian Venezia Suites. The average rate there is approx. $289.00 plus they offer continental breakfast if you have the concierge suite (that would be a tremendous savings, esp. with 2 teenage boys!) We are looking for a “once in a lifetime” vacation….extra special, extraordinary. Can’t decide which suite would be best. Have you been in the Panorama suite at Aladdin? The separate bedroom would be nice…kids could sleep on the sofas. We have stayed at the Luxor and Excalibur before…but are looking to snaz it up a bit…as this will be the last family vacation before my son enters the Navy. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Great question… I have been in both the new Venezia tower rooms at the Venetian and the Panorama suites at Aladdin… While the Venetian claims that its standard rooms (including the bulk of the rooms in the Venezia tower) are suites, they are really stretching it with that claim. The rooms are very nicely appointed and very large but they are not true ‘suites’ (multiple rooms, etc…). The Panorama Suites at the Aladdin are true suites with multiple rooms… When you enter they will take your breath away with the 180 degree view and the huge television… It FEELS like a deluxe Las Vegas hotel suite where the Venezia rooms feel more like super-deluxe hotel rooms. It is hard to totally quantify but those rooms at the Aladdin have the ‘WOW’ factor. I hope that this helps you make your decision.

danforth_1606 asked on 03/09/04

A group of 5 guys (late twenties) coming Mar 18-21 for first weekend of March Madness. What are some good sports books to watch games and have free drinks? Also, what time do you have to show up to get seats? (I’ve heard 6 or 7am – ouch) We are staying at Excalibur (only cheap rooms we could find) so anything in the south to mid-strip area would be preferred. Any and all info you could provide regarding that weekend would be welcomed. Thanks.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The best sports book hands down is at Bellagio. It is a good size, has great chairs and good drinks. The problem is that everyone knows how great it is, so it is always pretty full. Those times aren’t out of line if you want to sit down. If you can’t get into Bellagio, head to the Mirage, also a great book… Quite a few of the more recent resorts have skimped out on their sports books… The book at Mandalay Bay is so-so, not great but not terrible. The book at Luxor is a joke, very small… Honestly, try to get in at Bellagio if you can.

eveman asked on 03/09/04

My husband and I will be staying at the Aladdin this weekend 3-13 and I wanted to see if I should try to get an upgrade using the $20 trick, do you recommend me doing that at the Aladdin? And if so, what upgrade should I ask for? Thank you for your help!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Like most Strip resorts, you never know if this is going to work. If you are courageous, give it a try. If you are in a standard room, try for a ‘Resort Room’, that is the next level up.

cjennin1 asked on 03/07/04

What are the best casinos to visit for low wage blackjack? Ive heard rumors that certain casinos have $1 and $3 tables but I have no clue as to which ones.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Most lower stakes tables are found downtown. You can find games in that range at casinos like Fitzgerald’s, the El Cortez and Main Street Station, but the limits will change with the time of day (weekends are higher, etc…). On the Strip, you will be hard pressed to find anything lower than $5 and even that can be hard to find these days… The Sahara sometimes has $3 21, but only at certain times of day and usually just a couple of tables.

craps44 asked on 03/05/04

hello again. there was one other thing i meant to ask you. i have been checking on line about the monorail. do you know when that is going to open? i was really hoping it would be open when i was going april 4 to 8. i could experience alot more. thankyou again for being so helpful.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The current estimate is the end of March but it has been delayed several times so I wouldn’t make plans based on it being open.

gewalt asked on 03/05/04


Great site. I’ll be visiting Las Vegas in mid-April and staying at the Flamingo. Can you recommend the best room area to request. Reviews on different web sites seem to recommend varying things, but I’ve heard the Strip View rooms have been updated most recently. Any other “Flamingo guest” tips are appreciated as well. Many thanks for your reply. Cheers.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Most of the check in at the Flamingo is now done through automated, ATM like machines which don’t take room requests… If you can find a human to check you in, the Strip view rooms facing Caesars are always popular.

pattyxxxx asked on 03/04/04

just wondering about rental car companys. We found a great deal with payless car rental in las vegas and was wondeing if you know how reputable they are or would we be better to stay with the more familiar names. and is the new monorail open yet to the riviera hotel and do you know approx. cost to travel the full distance on this new monorail

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The monorail is supposed to open at the end of March 2004. No one knows for sure exactly when. We have no personal experience with Payless Car Rental, so be careful when you are making your reservations… Rates are set at $3 for a single ride ticket.

arliss18 asked on 03/02/04

What is the best hotel to stay at for 4 22 year olds. We are looking for a place we would fit in the best and would not disturb people at late hours of the nite. Which place is best for a younger crowd.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The best places for young people are the Palms, the Hard Rock, Luxor, Mandalay Bay and perhaps the MGM Grand… The Palms and the Hard Rock are both off the Strip but are the places to stay for folks 21-30. The Palms is more happening right now, especially since Baby’s, the nightclub at the Hard Rock, is currently closed… If you can, go with the Palms, it will be a good choice.

Mikeynla asked on 03/02/04

Hunter, despite the great deal I had at Mirage, I just couldn’t pass up the seemingly impossible deal at Bally’s: a “Grand Player Suite” of 750sq.ft., with step-in Jacuzzi, etc… $145/night over an April weekend! Do you have any recommendations as to what tower in the hotel I should request when I check in? Thanks a lot, as always!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The South Tower is slightly newer but both have recently been remodeled. South Tower is much closer to the front door and casino but further from the monorail and the swimming pool. I have stayed in these rooms in the past and they are very nice, you’ll have a great time.

bridalneeds asked on 03/01/04

what kind of deals do you get from the hotel you are staying at when you get married in vegas.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Many have package deals that include everything, from ceremony to video to pictures to a room… You would need to check with the individual hotels you are interested in to get current specifics.

craps44 asked on 03/01/04

hi hunter sorry to bother you again. about the alladin again my sis told me i did not ask the question right so here it goes. since it is not planet hollywood or whatever it is going to be do you think the people working there really care about service? also do you think there will be any construction going on the first week of april? would you also mind telling me how to get comps playing craps. is it the amount of time, or how much you spend. my sis and i went to foxwood in conn and played 5 hours straight believe it or not on 50.00 dollars each and i walked away 15.00 up her 20.00 up and we got compted for 4 buffets each. which casino would you say is the best for us to play at . we like it lively with people that enjoy playing with other people high fiveing each other and just having a real good time. thankyou again for your help.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Well, the Planet Hollywood folks have stated that they intend to keep most if not all of the current Aladdin employees, so these folks aren’t waiting out a death sentence. In my experience, service in the hotel portion is good to very good… I’ve had mixed experiences in the casino, sometimes great service and other times bored dealers and bad attitudes. In those instances I’ve walked across to Bellagio or next door to Paris Las Vegas. They have not announced construction plans yet… It is possible that construction will be gearing up at that point… These places are pretty good at minimizing impact to guests… Bellagio has had a major project on for more than a year and many guests don’t even notice. Comping on all casino games is determined by your average bet and the amount of time you play… So the answer to your question is both… Most Las Vegas casinos won’t give you comp credit for the odds part of your craps bets (pass and come lines), since they have no house advantage… So you’re only going to get ‘credit’ for the rest of your action… Finding a good craps table is not an exact science… You can walk into a casino that has a great game going and have a great time and then come back an hour later to find long faces and the check racks empty… You could do a little wandering between several casinos in close proximity to find some good tables… Check out Bellagio, the Barbary Coast, Harrah’s and perhaps Casino Royale (next to Harrah’s) for some potentially good games.

bridalneeds asked on 02/29/04

I am getting married march 13 2004. I need to rent a gown and tux. Where can I go that’s close to the newyork newyork casino?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Where are you getting married? Usually they can provide you with a list of vendors for things like tuxedo rental.

craps44 asked on 02/28/04

i will be staying at alladin april 4 to the 8 th. i have been reading alot of negative reviews about alladin , should i still stay there. stayed at ti with my husband am going with my sister her 1st time and she seemed to want to stay in a bigger hotel property. i really enjoyed area around harrahs alot of fun. found ti casino dealers very boring not even cracking a smile. me and my sister like playing craps because its so much fun. can you giive me some recommendations as which casinos are fun to play at and which have 5 dollar min., we are looking for a hotel that is considered classy but fun. also what temp is it first week of april. every time i look i get diff answers. some sites say 80 some say 65. thank you for your help its great to know someone does this so you dont go there and get dissappointed.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

As far as the temp goes, the mean average is in the mid 60s but temperatures in the 80s is not unusual during the day… Bring something warm to wear at night. I’ve stayed at the Aladdin several times… I think the hotel component is very nice, the rooms are priced below market as they are trying to fill the place… I kinda feel like the casino at the Aladdin is a bit dead… The design has not been drawing a lot of activity, though this may be fixed as part of the conversion to the Planet Hollywood casino later this year… Since you have so many other resorts near by, I think the Aladdin is a fine place to stay. Personally, I am surprised to hear you didn’t like the dealers at TI. I’ve had a great time with them in the past… Believe it or not, Bellagio has some really fun $5 craps on weeknights and during the day… Also, Harrah’s has a great craps pit with some fun dealers…

Whitney4 asked on 02/26/04

Is there any dance clubs 18 and over??

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Unfortunately there don’t seem to be many offerings in this department. Sorry.

jrmc72 asked on 02/26/04

Hello Mr. Hunter,
My question is what (dancing) nightclubs should we just not miss? Are they open Sundays? What time is a good time to show up so we don’t have to do mile long lines? Is there really a change in atmosphere between clubs to club? I’m looking for something “different ” not somewhere with uptight; think they’re all that people.

P.S. Is there any Clubs (NOT STRIP CLUBS) where they do just a little more than dancing (hint)?

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The most happening nightclubs in Vegas are Light (Bellagio), Rain (Palms), Studio 54 (MGM Grand), Ra (Luxor), and rumjungle (Mandalay Bay). These joints have dancing and are always packed… There is this new type of venue called an ‘ultra lounge’, basically a bar with really loud music and expensive drinks… Still, very popular new idea. Examples include Tabu (MGM Grand), Caramel (Bellagio), mist (TI) and V Bar (Venetian), ghostbar (Palms) – this one is kinda cool. All of these places are open on Sunday, no problem there. The lines do get crazy in the 11pm-2am area… Your best bet is to get there earlier (9pm?) to avoid the line, problem is that the places aren’t too happening at that point. A lot of these places have some uptight folk… The trendy kids stream in from LA and act like they own the place. Some places are worse than others. Worst offenders: Ra and rumjungle… Anyway, you can have a lot of fun… As far as a little something extra, I’m not sure what kind of extra you mean… If you’re looking for a swingers type joint, not a lot of this in the major nightclubs, though I have heard of some local places… Some of these places have gotten in trouble for ‘fornication’ in public (Baby’s at the Hard Rock got nailed for this), but you would really have to know someone if this is what you were interested in, as this stuff isn’t available through normal channels… As with most other aspects of Las Vegas Strip debauchery, money talks. I hope this helps, not sure if I answered your question.

jlas04 asked on 02/25/04

Hunter: love your web site – found it simply by accident!!My wife and I are going to Vegas Easter week for our 10th wedding anniversary. We stayed at TI in 2002 and although we really like it, we wanted to try something a bit closer to mid strip. For that reason we chose Paris. Here are my questions: 1) what’s the weather like in early April – will the pool be open and warm? 2) we have the option of renting a Premiere room ($154/night) or regular room ($119/night) – what the difference is it worth it? 3) we are renting a car (from airport) what’s the easiest way to get to Paris and valet parking? 4) Is there a liquor/beer store close by? 5) does Paris have in-room safes? 6) is the new monorail working yet? and last but not least… 7) we love seafood – what’s the best place to go for anniversary dinner – do we need reservations?
thanks – sorry it was so long!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Early April is pleasant – not too hot but not too cold. I would bring a jacket for nighttime but you shouldn’t need one during the day. The pool will be open and heated if it is cold out, many use it that time of year. The Premiere rooms are a tad larger than the standard rooms. If it was my choice, I would splurge for the better room. Paris is not far from the airport at all. If you want to take a scenic route, exit the airport and head West on Tropicana Avenue towards the Strip. Make a right on the Strip and head North until you get to Paris, about 1.5 blocks (long blocks). You can’t miss the valet entrance right in front of the hotel. There are several small convenience stores in the Strip malls just South of the hotel. Also, there is a CVS pharmacy across the street next to Monte Carlo. Paris does include safes in the rooms. The monorail is scheduled to open in early March, perhaps as early as March 1st… For great seafood, I would try Emeril’s Fish House at the MGM Grand. Yes, you will need reservations. Have fun!

mdsc9 asked on 02/24/04

Ok Mr. Hunter here’s the real deal referring to yesterdays question! Wife IS a Mexican Citizen and her real age is (18) which is what shows up in her passport. As you must know moneys talks and we got an official Mexican drivers license that says she’s 21. SO IT’S NOT FAKE, It just says she’s older. In what casinos do we have a better chance of slipping in by only showing her mexican drivers License? In which should we just not try? And any other tip’s referring to this matter I would greatly appreciate.

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

Gotcha. I have a little experience in this area, from my pre-21 days… Generally it will most likely go down like this: she will not be carded often as most folks don’t seem to check unless you look really young. If she is carded, she will present her ID. It is valid, they can check their ID book, etc… If they decide not to accept it, the worst case scenario is that they will tell you that and say that you can’t play in that casino. No big scene, etc… You should be fine… Just make sure you don’t act like a fool (drunken scene in the middle of the casino) and you won’t draw unwanted attention to yourselves.

mdsc9 asked on 02/23/04

hello again hunter,
I got a Steeplechase room at the Boardwalk for this saturday. I mainly did it beacuse I didn’t have much of a choice for a descent price on a saturday. I wanted to know what type of room I got and whats the best I could get if the $20 trick would happend to work?
Thanks in Advance!

Vegas Mate @ RateVegas answered:

The Steeplechase rooms are in an adjacent 6 floor building connected to the casino. The best rooms at the Boardwalk are the ‘Tower’ rooms, offering the best views.