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5 Stars La Cave Wine and Food Hideaway @ Wynn Las Vegas by Pokerbucketlist on March 30, 2015

Great little spot. Small plate items and wine flights. Upscale but cozy and welcoming. With all the huge restaurants around, it's nice to go to a small intimate place once in a while. This is a good place if you a drink and a light meal but not get too full.

3 Stars Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by Tom on March 25, 2015

Been there once for an anniversary - we are neither big gamblers nor clubbers, so I will concentrate on the hotel qualities.
Usually we stay in the lower-tier resorts, since we hardly need more than some beds and air-con, and spend most time away (pool, daytrips, walks...). We like a little design, as long as it does not worsen the function.
What's awesome about this place is easily said: Location! We had a terrace one-BR looking at lake Bellagio, and the view is spectacular. There is rather pleasant artwork all over the place, be it digital or physical.
To be honest, the rest is rather mediocre. I couldn't get the audio box to accept my Ipod. The wardrobe is open to the sitting room, and there's a large trunk right in the way to everywhere. Resort fee at time of visit did not include wi-fi. Soaking tub useless and uncomfortable. The kitchenette is a bad joke, And the terrace (=balcony) is only accessible via the bedroom. I'd call it a suite without suite essentials.
As a bottom line, it's hopelessly overpriced, and I had better stays at Excalibur, for a fraction of bucks paid.
Consider for yourself, if a balcony is the thing you need.

5 Stars Spa Mandalay @ Mandalay Bay by Prof Plum on March 17, 2015

The facility is fantastic. If you're standing at the Mandalay Bay/Delano property, skip the Bathhouse at Delano and come to Spa Mandalay instead. The size, the amenities, everything about it is bigger and much better for the same price. I love the pools, both in form and function. And I loved that there was a rinse shower in the wet/steam sauna.

3 Stars the bathhouse @ Delano Las Vegas by Prof Plum on March 17, 2015

The facility is very nice, but small. There was a frustrating lack of robe/towel hooks for both the showers and the pools. The temperatures on the pools are not great; The cold plunge was not very cold, and the hot jacuzzi was warm by most standards. If you're standing at the Mandalay Bay/Delano property, skip the Bathhouse at Delano and go to Spa Mandalay instead. The size, the amenities, everything about it is bigger and much better for the same price.

4 Stars Five50 @ ARIA by Mark B ( on March 16, 2015

This is awesome pizza at a great price. Crisp crust and tastes great. We went a few times in our trip.

5 Stars Luxor by Marc on March 16, 2015

I've stayed at Luxor more than any other Strip property in the 20-25 times I've visited Vegas. Stayed in the West tower & down at the end of the hall. Nice & quite & the location meant we were close not only to their fully adequate & well furnished gym, but the pool as well. Room itself was spacious & clean. Entire staff was beyond kind and gracious. Luck was so-so in the casino but hey.....that's no one's fault but mine for playing. Going back in May. Staying there again. Love me some Lux!

5 Stars Tao @ The Venetian by Marc on March 16, 2015

Fifth visit was last Friday, 13 March. I had my favorite dish, Drunken Lobster Pad Thai. Superb as always.

5 Stars Gonzalez Y Gonzalez @ New York New York by Marc on March 16, 2015

Always great!! Been frequenting "G&G" since 2005. Their fajitas were awesome & salsa trio was delicious!

5 Stars Koji Japanese Sushi and Chinese @ The Orleans by Marc on March 16, 2015

Excellent! Did well at the tables at The Orleans, so my wife & I decided to give Koji a try. It made us happy, first off that they were serving their full menu (sushi included) until 1am. We split the Singapore Street noodles & 3 types of sushi rolls. Service top notch & good prices. Will return soon!

5 Stars L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon @ MGM Grand by Paul on March 15, 2015

Amazing food, and a nice bustling atmosphere.
Recommend the tasting menu, and sit at the bar tables, the chefs have a chat and guide you through the meal

1 Star Dick's Last Resort @ Excalibur by Squid on March 14, 2015

This is a really dumb concept. The food is not very good, and the service is crap. I think a Chuck E Cheese restaurant would have been better. Sorry Excalibur, but I think you can do better.

4 Stars il Fornaio @ New York New York by Squid on March 14, 2015

This place is pretty good. They make some good omelets.

1 Star MGM Grand Buffet @ MGM Grand by AC on March 12, 2015

Free breakfast for two courtesy of myVegas: great! Food poisoning: bad! Ruined my entire Vegas trip. Just stay away.

2 Stars Shake Shack @ New York New York by 360 Vegas Mark on March 08, 2015

Meh. Food is fine, nothing special. No need to revisit.

4 Stars American Coney Island @ The D Las Vegas by 360 Vegas Mark on March 08, 2015

Good chili dogs and fries. Hot dogs were a little firmer than I prefer but still good.

3 Stars White Castle @ Casino Royale by 360 Vegas Mark on March 08, 2015

Hate the burgers so I tried the chicken rings. They were okay. Maybe it's just really hard to mess up pre-formed chicken.

3 Stars The Palazzo by 360 Vegas Mark on March 08, 2015

Nice rooms, nice casino and even found some decent blackjack table limits. Video poker still awful.

3 Stars Forum Food Court @ Caesars Palace by 360 Vegas Mark on March 08, 2015

Barely looks different from before, still looks fine. Ate at Earl of sandwich. New location, same orgasm.

3 Stars The Riviera by 360 Vegas Mark on March 08, 2015

You will be missed.

4 Stars FIX @ Bellagio by 360 Vegas Mark on March 08, 2015

Quality option. Basically STACK 2.0 in food & decor.

2 Stars Five50 @ ARIA by Jane Public on March 07, 2015

I stood at hostess stand for 5 min. Then a very unattractive hostess asks me if I want to sit at the bar for slices and seating in dinning room is only full round pizzas..what kind of crap is that??? Josie was my server, she's a nice gal but didn't know what hot sauce was at all and brings me saracha and not Tabasco, she got schooled afterwards as well as in her tip. This place was only a quater full at a prime time on a Friday which was odd because the casino was booming w/ gamblers and there in a prime spot w/ a ton of foot traffic. I should have just stuck w/ ol reliable Wolfgang Puck Cuchina and Pizzeria hands down best service there and right around the corner in Crystals mall...uhhhhh

5 Stars The Mirage by Ed on March 02, 2015

Very good hotel. Check in was easy and the turn down service in the room was exceptional. Casino floor difficult to navigate sending you the longest way round which isn't easy when your drunk but hey that's vegas for you. Overall experience very good and would recommend if your undecided on which hotel to choose.

1 Star South Point by Kevin on February 28, 2015

I am not a gambler, I did not lose any money here. However, I brought 4 families from all around the western U.S. to this hotel for 5 days. My family needed to check out 1 day early because of the smoking in 100% of this hotel. My elderly mother-in-law has asthma and was hours away from having to go to the hospital. She had been taking breathing treatments and inhalers for 4 days and was literally in tears because of the air in this hotel. After talking to SHELLY, the operations MANAGER of this hotel about a 30 minute late checkout, and being told, "We will charge you full price if you are 1 second past our checkout time", we had to pile our belongings into the hallway and pack there to avoid the charge. My mother-in- law survived, but I would appreciate it if none of you would spend your money with these un-American, in-compassionate, arrogant people. Our group spent in excess of $15,000.00 in this hotel/casino during these 5 days and SHELLY could have cared less. Help me make a point, please, because this hotel's OPERATIONS MANAGER, SHELLY, couldn't give a squirt about the elderly and their health.

5 Stars Sinatra @ Encore at Wynn Las Vegas by Hunter on February 14, 2015

The veal was insanely good, as was the truffle pasta. Love this place. My dining companion didn't feel so great afterwards but I felt fine so I'm not sure what's up with that.

4 Stars Jasmine @ Bellagio by Hunter on February 14, 2015

The lemon chicken was insane and we had a great table by the fountains. Great spot.

4 Stars ARIA by Hunter on February 14, 2015

Great service, clean room. Not a huge fan of all of the tech though.

2 Stars Caesars Palace by Diana Clarke on February 14, 2015

I don't understand the draw with this place! Totally over rated! Room was well below the standard of other Vegas hotels and I was in the new tower! Also I don't think it's fun to crawl on to my sunbed next to a complete stranger because they are packed in so tight and there's no other option on how to get on there! And then lie next to said stranger practically touching! Iv been to 7 other Vegas hotel and have never encountered this! Nor have I been charged for tap water or a cup of ice as I have here!

5 Stars Ocean One Bar & Grille @ Planet Hollywood by Diana Clarke on February 14, 2015

Love it here! Always a first day stop for breakfast! And again later in our trip! Food is magic and a great price for what u get and the staff have always been top notch after 16 + visits!

4 Stars Harrah's Las Vegas by Matt509 on February 04, 2015

My girlfriend and I stayed 3 days at Harrah's during the Superbowl weekend. It was a wonderful stay. The room was very nice & clean with a decent view of the High Roller. We used the Food Court & Starbucks when we wanted a quick bite to eat. It was a little on high side but not bad. The casino was lively and fun. We ended up watching the Superbowl in the Carnival Court and it was a blast. When I check out at the front desk they even waived my resort fees without even me asking them too. We found great value here and would defiantly consider staying here again in our future stays.

0 Stars Mr. Lucky's @ Hard Rock Las Vegas by Jane Public on January 22, 2015

Hit and miss w/ service. There veggie burgers fall apart too easily.large variety of food on menu to appeal to anyone's appetite drunk or sober. The young hostess just let folks stand up front and not be sated for quite awhile, when asked to be seated she acted surprised as if no one ever asked her such things. My server was a nice older lady but I had to wait a while and flag her down twice for things. Granted there is a rather larger convention here at HRH but the resterant need not be understaffed.

3 Stars Puck Pizzeria & Cucina @ ARIA by Jane Public on January 19, 2015

Friendly service w/ staff and management but they need to quit F-ING around w/ the old items on menu I always became back for.

1 Star MGM Grand Buffet @ MGM Grand by @tigewells on January 18, 2015

Not worth the money! $30 each for breakfast. Food was bland and tasted as if it was sitting out for a while. Server was friendly but it did not make up for the poor food.

4 Stars ARIA by Dorian on January 18, 2015

Excellent hotel, I have stayed here three times and the corner suite is one of my fave rooms in Las Vegas. It was built to exceed Wynn and Bellagio but it falls a little short. It looks like an office building in Houston and the pumped in aroma smells of Aqua Net Hair Spray and Chocolate. It's like I went to my Nana's house.

3 Stars Rao's @ Caesars Palace by Dorian on January 18, 2015

Good, but not great, I don't get the hype. I would only make it a return trip if I was staying at Caesars.

4 Stars "Secret" Pizzeria @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by Dorian on January 18, 2015

The best pizza in the strip and the best late night drunk grub ever!

4 Stars Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab @ Caesars Palace by Dorian on January 18, 2015

In my opinion, it's the best steak house in Las Vegas. The Stone Crab is awesome and the steaks are broiled to perfection. The hash browns (extra crispy) are a delight! Great location at the valet door of the strip dude entry of the Forum Shops.

4 Stars Gordon Ramsay Steak @ Paris Las Vegas by Dorian on January 18, 2015

We had an excellent meal with exemplary service. The Beef Wellington is perfection and a throwback menu item that you no longer see today. The dining room was busy and modern. Enjoyable.

5 Stars Absinthe @ Caesars Palace by Dorian on January 18, 2015

Wrong, raunchy, politically incorrect, crude and laugh out loud, gut busting funny. A perfect Vegas show and it's completely unique. The best comedy variety show in Las Vegas by a mile. Not for the faint of heart.

5 Stars Petrossian Bar @ Bellagio by Dorian on January 18, 2015

One of the most classy and iconic lobby bars in the world. Petrossian is a must stop for me, every time I'm at Bellagio. The caviar sampler is superb and they have their very own Woodford Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon made just for them. Ask for an Ice Diamond to complete your bourbon.

4 Stars Monkey Bar @ SLS Las Vegas by Dorian on January 18, 2015

A smart sleek clubby lounge just off the front desk lobby. Limited bar seating and service is a little slow. One of the best drinks in Las Vegas is the Manhattan with Caramelized Bananas. It's bourbon perfection in a glass.

0 Stars Downtown Grand by Jane Public on January 17, 2015

Just so you know the valet parking is charging $15 just to park up front. The was a sign that's misleading that had said free. I had a business meeting w/ client staying at this hotel. valet guys were total ass clowns even before exiting my car. If you spend more then $15 in the hotel you can park for free. I just paid after my meeting and didn't leave a tip.
Hotel doesn't have a bad smell. Rooms are well maintained and awesome. I still wouldn't stay for valets crapie Additude

5 Stars Fountains of Bellagio @ Bellagio by Dorian on January 16, 2015

A Steve Wynn created Las Vegas staple, that's a must see for any Vegas visitor. These fountains have surpassed Caesars fountains in popularity and are iconic.

5 Stars FIX @ Bellagio by Rob on January 05, 2015

Great food. Ate at bar Mindy and Cisco great servers and talkers. Great innovation on classics. Am in town for CES will try to eat here again before I leave.

5 Stars Chart House @ Golden Nugget by Squid on January 05, 2015

First time eating here. Everything was great. Best crab legs we ever ate. The prime rib I ate was very good too. Was not too crazy about my cucumber martini, but the rest of the meal and service was excellent.

5 Stars Nine Fine Irishmen @ New York New York by Squid on January 04, 2015

It's been over three years of my last review for Nine Fine, but not much has changed. Food is still great. Drinks too. Very cool decor in this place. We usually eat here about ten times a year.

5 Stars Lagasse's Stadium @ The Palazzo by Squid on January 04, 2015

After reading some of the other reviews here I was quite hesitant to keep my reservation here. However, I'm glad I did. We are here last night for UFC 182 and the Steelers, Ravens game. First I'll say the $100 cover for two people is nothing compared to $1500 for two UFC tickets that get you decent seats where you do not have to watch the huge monitors anyway. All our food and drinks we ordered were also great. Your food bill is counted against your cover what's the big deal? We ate and drank $80 of our $100 cover fee. So basically I had to cough up $20 to sit there for three hours in comfortable seats watching numerous big flatscreen TV's. I think that's quite a deal. Our server Kyla was also great. We will be back for sure.

5 Stars Gallagher's Steakhouse @ New York New York by Squid on January 03, 2015

This is one of our favorite spots in Vegas to eat. The service and food are always great. If you like Steak, Prime Rib, or Lobster Tail, this place will not disappoint.

3 Stars PUB 1842 @ MGM Grand by Squid on January 03, 2015

Too pricey for what it is, but I guess you can expect this for a high-rent location in the MGM. The food is good though the couple times I've ate here. Service has been mixed though. One time great, the other time just "ok".

5 Stars The High Roller Wheel @ The LINQ (Imperial Palace) by D on January 01, 2015

This is a fun attraction. Worth the $ and a great way to see Vegas from the sky. If you intend to drink, pay the extra and upgrade to 'all you can drink'. Tons of room in the pods and barely a wait in line. Just make sure you piss before you get on.

5 Stars The Signature at MGM Grand by May on December 30, 2014

Love this hotel, a little bit walk to the casino but rooms are big and clean and well equipped, also the price is very good compare to other hotel. Will come back again!

4 Stars Bellagio by May on December 30, 2014

Fountain view is great, room is old and small, snacks and drinks in the room is annoying and taking places, will not come back again.

5 Stars Mystere @ Treasure Island by May on December 30, 2014

This is my favourite show of this visit, totally worth the money, all the performers are charm and talented, I decide to watch all the CDS show after seeing this one.

4 Stars Blue Man Group @ Monte Carlo by May on December 30, 2014

It's overall great, staff are friendly, environment is good, my kid love it.

4 Stars BODIES... The Exhibition @ Luxor by May on December 30, 2014

Love it, a great review for my anatomy lesson, only thing I don't like is that they do not allow to take pics otherwise I will be able to see it any time I need a refreshment. Recommend for those who is interested in anatomy.

1 Star Sensi @ Bellagio by Rob on December 22, 2014

Ate at bar. Food good service bad. Was ignored by bar staff in a relatively uncrowded bar. Bar staff spent their time conversing with each other, and friends.
Felt like my presence was an intrusion into their private club like social scene. Had to practically beg for a second glass of wine. Was on a business trip so was wearing a suit with an open collar. Would never go back. When I want sushi in Vegas next time will go elsewhere.

3 Stars The Pantry @ The Mirage by Hetz on December 18, 2014

The service was disappointing. They seemed disorganized starting from the Mlife que to be seated through out the meal. We had the veggie hash and an omelet Lorraine. Both were average at best. The omelet was lacking the cheese, ham and onions for the most part. Pretty spendy for what you get. I won't go back.

2 Stars Five50 @ ARIA by DaveW on December 16, 2014

You can get much better pizza next door at 800 degrees at montecarlo. Slices were loaded up with toppings but were so greasy that the crust was soggy. At five bucks a slice, you can do much better

1 Star Planet Dailies @ Planet Hollywood by DaveW on December 16, 2014

Went for a late breakfast and experienced lousy service and food. Ordered a Vegas favorite, loco moco, and received a hamburger with canned gravy atop day old steamed rice that was overcooked to the point of being crunchy. Friend's omelet was meh. Pass.

1 Star Tilted Kilt @ The LINQ (Imperial Palace) by BJ on December 12, 2014

Ugh! Probably the worst wings I've ever had at a pub. Beer selection is good, but is overpriced and pales in comparison to Yard House. Staff (especially hostess) seemed uninterested in any facet of customer service.

4 Stars Haute Doggery @ The LINQ (Imperial Palace) by BJ on December 12, 2014

Basically the Holstien's take on hot dogs. While the dogs themselves are standard fare, you gotta give them props for both the creative and traditional recipes used. The biggest draw though is their return of 99¢ shrimp cocktail on the Strip!

4 Stars Steakhouse at Camelot @ Excalibur by Chris Moore on December 10, 2014

Very nice mean. Atmosphere was really nice and the service was excellent. The food was very good, but nothing that blew me away. I did really like the place and if given the chance we will go again.

5 Stars Sterling Brunch @ Bally's by Chris Moore on December 10, 2014

Great experience. We ate here for my wife's birthday and it was such a great brunch. This is something we will be doing every trip to Las Vegas.

4 Stars PRESS @ Four Seasons by Jeff In Boston on November 30, 2014

Quiet place to grab a drink before heading out or a late nightcap. Sat outside overlooking Four Seasons pool. Good drinks and service; also has a good bar menu with daily specials.

4 Stars The LINQ (Imperial Palace) by Kyle B on November 29, 2014

We have stayed at the Quad once (very average), and being in town right after the property transformed into The Linq, figured we'd stay here to check out the new areas and the new rooms. Not all of the hotel is open, only a tower or 2, but at check in we requested a room away from the parking garage and they gave us a room on the 19th floor overlooking the high roller and the Linq promenade. The room was pretty cool, very new, bathroom a huge upgrade over the Quad, as was the room itself. The AC worked great (this is one of the main issues I have with hotels in Vegas), and the fridge in the room was a bonus. The new main bar is awesome, tag bar is great for beer, Hash House is still a great dining option, and having OSheas and the Linq right outside is also great. Parking garage is still the worst in Vegas, but what can you do

4 Stars Golden Gate by Toastcmu on November 27, 2014

Stayed here for the first time in a regular room after having fun here every time I play. The room was a standard queen - I was more than happy since I was by myself. I had an interior facing room so Fremont noise was not an issue. The staff is always fun, especially the blackjack dealers. Played in the high limit area - felt funny as it is in the area that used to be the restrooms pre expansion! Will be back!

1 Star The Riviera by Daniel on November 25, 2014

Was flat out lied to by front desk personal. Was told I would not change rooms and then was forced into a smaller room at same price as bigger room. Room was big but was dirty. Needs new carpet badly, the 1970s wallpaper has got to go. Bath tub was so warped it was real hard to stand up in.
My first and last time at the Riviera Las vegas.

1 Star Banana Leaf Asian @ The Riviera by Daniel on November 25, 2014

Ate food from there deli well threw away food from there. Parfait was spoiled, fruit was bad and was all way over piced. Took food up to room so I didn't have a chance to go back until morning and when I did they show no concern and charged me $5 for a coffee. No refund for bad food Overall The Riviera is Bad bad bad, stay away at all cost!

5 Stars Light @ Mandalay Bay by Alecia on November 20, 2014

Awesome nightclub! I'm not really into nightlife but bottle service along with all of the awesome dancers and acrobats that were all around the club made it worth the money. One of the best times I've ever had in Vegas!

4 Stars Bellagio by Alecia on November 20, 2014

Beautiful decor, rooms a little on the small side but beautifully decorated. Very upscale and classy hotel.

5 Stars STK @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by Alecia on November 20, 2014

Went here for a birthday dinner, and couldn't have made a better choice. Great food, service, and atmosphere! Definitely worth trying.

3 Stars The Plaza by Blonde4ever on November 17, 2014

Oct 28 to Nov 1 2014
My likes and dislikes from my four night stay.


Loved having the food court available . Sometimes you just want something quick and having this right on the premises was very handy. I ended up using the Mexican place, the coffee place, Mc Donald's, Subway, and Pop up pizza.

Hash House a go go is another good addition to the food choices.

Loved the wifi.

Apparently there is a shuttle three times a day to the airport. Only ten dollars for hotel guests!

Loved the fact that the casino was cool and well ventilated. That is very important. Nothing will make me leave faster than a hot stuffy smokey casino.

Enjoyed the selection of slots and loved the 99% payback video poker machines by the bar.

Hotel guests get free Louie Anderson tickets but I didn't have time to use them.
You also get a fun book of hotel discounts on food etc at check in.

The air conditioning in my room (1483) worked fabulously. Another very important thing. TV was modern and worked well also.

The room was spacious and I liked the furnishings. The bed was comfy. I adore the bedside lamps and the old Plaza picture on the wall.

Loved the modern safe that was large enough to hold my iPad and not on the floor. ( I am looking at you Four Queens). This was eye level and easy to use.

All of the staff I encountered were pleasant and helpful. I especially enjoyed a certain cocktail waitress. She is of a certain age, but fast and efficient and funny. She was working down by the VP on Tuesday night.

Loved having the cab stand right outside the door.

There were lots of elevators for the south tower. They were fast and worked well.

At no time did I feel unsafe in the hotel. I was not pan handled once within the hotel either.


The scent in the casino. Still too strong. Cut it way way way back.

Lose the time share people who attack you as soon as you come in the door. They are universally hated.

The bathtub toilet area. Omg, who designed this? I was staying alone so I left the door open all the time, but if you had a roommate , you almost have to step into the bathtub to close the door! I wish during the remodel that they had taken two feet off of the big room and added them to the bathroom.
Also the tub is terribly slippery when wet. There are signs on the mirror asking me to use the bath mats for safety, but there are no rubber mats given. Only the towel mats that you use to step out of the shower. There definitely should be some non slip material put in that tub.
Also there is nothing to hold onto. No towel bars or soap shelves either. No hook on the bathroom door.

You cannot control the bedside table lamps from the bed. You have to get up and walk across the room to turn them off and on. Strange.

My room had a few dings on the wall where the paint had been knocked off. It would be a simple thing to correct with a few dabs of paint. As it was , the paint issues were the first thing I saw when I walked in the door. Not a major issue, but it speaks to the upkeep of the hotel.

Obviously there were way more likes than dislikes. I would definitely stay again, only next time I will ask for a handicapped room to see if I find the bathroom more user

5 Stars Andiamo Steakhouse @ The D Las Vegas by Marcie on November 15, 2014

We went there to celebrate my birthday. We ordered table-side Caesar salads and Filet Mignons. The salad was the best I've ever had. If there was any fault, it would be that it was too big. But, the dressing was delicious. The filet was cooked to perfection. And the seasoning/flavoring added to the meat, not covering it up. Our waiter was very knowledgeable and the atmosphere of the place was wonderfully old-school Vegas! I'm very glad that we picked this place to celebrate!

5 Stars Blue Man Group @ Monte Carlo by Vix on November 11, 2014

This show is simply epic. A visual and musical spectacular with comedy and audience participation thrown in for good measure. If you only have time to see one show, you must see this.

5 Stars Tuscany by Vix on November 11, 2014

Stayed here between 2nd Nov-6th Nov. What a fantastic find. Really friendly and accommodating staff, large, comfortable and quiet rooms (we had a lovely pool view). It is under a 10 min easy walk to Ballys (pretty central in the strip) which is less time than being in a strip hotel at the north or south end. The pool was a little cold but it is November, but the massive jacuzzi was lovely and warm. We used the laundry facilities, which was so helpful after a weeks travelling, but there is no machine to purchase washing powder or softener, so you need to bring your own. We dabbled a little in the casino and if you sign up to the members card (free) they give you $5 free play and a card that has lots of offers and free gifts. Lastly we ate at Marilyn's cafe for breakfast a couple of mornings. The food was good and plentiful. After eating there, we never needed lunch. Will definitely come back.

3 Stars The Rio by Anthony C on November 09, 2014

I was staying at Rio because I was meeting some friends who were there for a convention. This would be my first time ever staying off strip. Although I have visited Rio many times and liked it, I was hesitate about staying because of the location. I had a lay flight on a Friday so I didn't get to the hotel until about 10:30 pm. The check in line was short and I only had about a 5 minute wait. I had booked just a standard room and I didn't even plan on trying the $20 trick because it was only a two day trip and I was fine with anything. But out of no place she offered me a free upgrade to a mini suite on the top floor of the old tower. I have no idea why but I took it. You needed the card key in the elevator to access the 20th floor of the old tower. When I got up you could tell that in its day this floor was the high rollers floor. It looked like it had its own check in desk ( or what looked like it) and its own lounge. But all of that looked like it was not in use any more. The room was great. Really high ceilings, huge windows, couch, little dressing area. You can tell it was due for a make over, but it was very clean. Overall I had a great experience, but I don't know if I would stay again unless I had to. They do offer a free shuttle to Ballys, and I took it once without any issues, but I still love just leaving my hotel and being on the Strip. But other then the location it was a great hotel.

4 Stars Golden Gate by Donnymac on November 07, 2014

Stayed at the Gate for #VIMFP. Second time in a suite and 4th time overall. Suites are very good, staff are outstanding. Would definitely stay there again.

4 Stars D Grill @ The D Las Vegas by Donnymac on November 07, 2014

Our first attempt to eat here back when they first opened was after a long night of gaming and we just needed food, after 45 mins of no food we left still hungry and found food back on the strip. This time we attended the #VIMFP jazz brunch. It was busy when we walked in and we overheard our server apologize to the table beside us for how long their food was taking, this was starting to sound familiar. We asked her if food was taking a long time and recounted our previous story, and she assured us it would be out in good time. So we stayed and it was a great experience. The food was above average hotel coffee shop fare and we would definitely return again.

3 Stars Andiamo Steakhouse @ The D Las Vegas by Donnymac on November 07, 2014

This was my fourth time eating here and not sure we are in a hurry to return. We loved it the first three times. This time the service was still top notch, the wedge salad was amazing but both pasta dishes were not good. The agnolotti was way too salty and the bolognese was bland and the pasta was overcooked. I hope it was just an off night but we will be hard pressed to return with all the great options now in the Fremont area

0 Stars Noodle Asia @ The Venetian by Steven on November 05, 2014

worst of the worst
this place define the word bad
Venition is a shame to have them in their property
will take my game elsewhere becuz of this place

1 Star The Henry @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by Jane Public on November 03, 2014

Ok so I was a little touched both times when I visited. The first time I remember having skinny fries...SWEAR. The 2nd time the male server brings out these fat steak fries which seriously needed to be cooked some more. I was disappointed at the service and I did point it out,nothing was done on the bill. Its just another version of a 24 HR Denny's just different decor.Its very loud surrounding the Henry as it faces a major gaming area with dancers on stages. Seeing the pretty ladies was the best part of my time at the Henry. I need to find another 24 hr place in Cosmo to eat....uhhhhhhh

1 Star Circus Buffet @ Circus Circus by Jane Public on November 03, 2014

OMG I ate there 4 years ago in between meetings because they were being held at this casino and what a joke. The food was horrible,filth every where, careless parents letting there kids go wild, I saw flies over the food yet the weird workers were still serving it,noodles were way too over cooked,decor seriously needed to be upgraded from the brass and 1990's era.

5 Stars Guy Savoy @ Caesars Palace by Jane Public on November 03, 2014

I have been here twice.I loved it hands down!!! Best French restaurant in town. There wine list is like a phone book. Worth the money!!

3 Stars Top of the World @ The Stratosphere by Jane Public on November 03, 2014

The food was great.The prices are way to much for what you get. Oscar's at the Plaza has much better prices.Dinning room very slowly rotates.The boyfriend got ill from it and the elevator ride up to get there. I hate how my ears popped. No smoking except where you can observe rides outside. You can also see the jumpers from the cables attached to building as they decent over 800 ft down.Waiter was too pushy and kept coming back too often. Its not like its going to be full on a Tuesday evening.

2 Stars TGI Friday's @ Gold Coast by Jane Public on November 03, 2014

So I ended up taking my car for repairs close by Gold Coast Casino. TGI Fridays is probably your best option for dinning because the Subway is always packed,under staffed and they didn't carry veggie patties the day I went. This TGI Friday's I have been to before and I am not impressed with management,which was no where to be found. The lack of under staffing in this restaurant as well when we are in the middle of convention season here in Vegas is ridiculas. I ordered what was vegitian items which will not take long to cook and it literally took 45 min for the whole order to come up. The female bartender kept making excuses as to why the other orders to her 13 patrons sitting around the bar were delayed as well making a huge dramatic scene. Its not my issue your management dose not staff well for convention season but there are other dinning options I think I and as well as you should be exploring in the casino or surrounding areas. Food was average and not much a tip left.

5 Stars Carrot Top @ Luxor by Cathie on November 02, 2014

Saw Carrot Top a year ago when we were there saw him again this time he is hilarious and we will definitely make him a regular show on all our trips!

1 Star Westgate (Las Vegas Hilton) by Darrell on October 29, 2014

The biggest piece of crap hotel ever. I will never stay in this hotel again. The people are rude, the rooms are dirty. I should have stayed at motel 6

3 Stars Golden Nugget by Rob skyyontherocks on October 25, 2014

Wanted to give it a better rating but based on the time spent in the property it was just ok. The good is that the casino has a great vibe with good variety and many bars and restaurants. Also, the pool and spa is the best relative to downtown properties. The bed was very comfortable, and the bathroom amenities were better than average. Being so close to all other properties within the downtown district pulled me to places that had better gambling opportunities like El Cortez, D, and Golden Gate. Therefore, I don't think I gave the property the best opportunity. On the downside, despite warnings, I continuously hit my shin on the bed frame which is about 6 inches oversized from the bed. Also, I stayed in the rush tower which was supposed to have its own registration desk. What they didn't tell me is that the hours for this desk has been cut down and therefore was closed when I was checking out on Monday. People were friendly and housekeeping was fine. My stay was Oct 16 - 19th 2014.

5 Stars Vdara by Joe Kro From Motown on October 25, 2014

An overwhelming positive experience. The room was beautiful, the bed perfect, and staff was wonderful. Highly recommended.

4 Stars Golden Gate by Joe Kro From Motown on October 25, 2014

Always reliable, usually inexpensive. Right in the heart of the action. The rooms are small, but the beds tend to be comfy. Attentive staff helps put the experience over the top.

5 Stars Andiamo Steakhouse @ The D Las Vegas by Hunter on October 22, 2014

This place continues to be epic. Had the prime rib special and it was perfect. Service was accommodating but not over the top. Would return anytime.

3 Stars SLS Las Vegas by Hunter on October 22, 2014

Visited, didn't stay. Place is clean and well kept. Not very busy. Would perhaps consider a stay.

4 Stars The D Las Vegas by Hunter on October 22, 2014

Great stay. Super fun.

Nice staff. Room was clean and bed was comfortable.

One complaint is the elevator system. The reserved by floor is an improvement over long waits but still pretty weird.

2 Stars Bally's by Mike on October 17, 2014

Disappointed in Ballys. We have stayed there the last 6 years. Elevator didn't work dirty and staff didn't show much concern. Will try somewhere new next year.

5 Stars V Variety @ Planet Hollywood by Holley on October 16, 2014

I would like to add: The theater is incredibly small, but don't judge a book by its cover! We were very happy it was so small, we could see everything so well, even in the very back!

5 Stars V Variety @ Planet Hollywood by Holley on October 16, 2014

We enjoyed the show!! Very entertaining and engaging. I'm not sure tickets are worth full price (we got ours free) but it was fun. Great for the whole family.

4 Stars Bally's by Holley on October 16, 2014

We enjoyed our stay. It was not the fanciest hotel with the fanciest rooms but it was nice. We got exactly what we wanted, a nice place to sleep for a few hours a night.

4 Stars Ellis Island @ Ellis Island by Holley on October 16, 2014

Don't judge a book by its cover!! This place is great! Best Shrimp scampi ever!! My husbands steak was a little over cooked but was good (would have been delicious if cooked to his liking) The beer was AWESOME & super cheap!!

5 Stars SEA - the Thai Experience @ Bally's by Holley on October 15, 2014

This was the first time anyone in our group has had Thai food. We were absolutely satisfied with our experience!! The food was AMAZING!!! The Pad Thai will not let you down!!!

5 Stars R Steak & Seafood @ The Riviera by Holley on October 15, 2014

We went here because we had BOGO coupons. We were surprised with our experience. The food was AMAZING!!! And our server Bobby V. was awesome!! Our group had the steak fillet, lamb chops, mac-n-cheese & the potato soup- you will not be disappointed with any of these dishes!!!!

1 Star Caesars Palace by Paul on October 15, 2014

So let me tell you about my weekend at Caesars Palace..... this was my first time in Vegas and we had rooms at the Caesar's palace for Friday and Saturday night. The place was visually stunning and upon checking in we decided to visit the Bacchanal buffet because after 6 hours of not eating anything during the flight over we could think of no other better way to start the weekend then a buffet. We looked around the buffet and visually it looked amazing! It had prime rib, ribs, brisket, sushi, duck, crab and a multitude of other things. It was pretty awesome and about as equal to the buffets in Biloxi, MS. Then the alarm went off... imagine sitting at a table enjoying your meal...laughing, joking, fellow shipping with your companion and having the alarm go off. BEEP.......BEEP.......BEEP......BEEP.......Remember how we are conditioned to respond to an alarm since kindergarten, the unknown danger that could be occurring and for our safety we should get up and exit the building because we never know if it is a drill or not. So as this alarm raged on for countless minutes BEEP....BEEP....BEEP....BEEP each one ticking by like the moments of a watched pot boiling and other patrons asked the woman who seemed to be in charge what was happening her reply to them is "It's nothing unless you see me running then you should run" so my eyes are glued to this hostess/manager waiting to see if she runs so I to can run just waiting in full flight mode for as soon as she makes a move ... waiting to react to a constant alarm ringing in your ears BEEP....BEEP....BEEP....BEEP. Can you imagine this scene? you are enjoying some of the most superb food in Las Vegas and then an alarm goes you run for fear of death or do you stare at the woman who declares to follow her if she runs? is she running now? did you blink? where did she go? I don't see her BEEP....BEEP....BEEP....BEEP....I think we should some more? are you crazy? our lives are so much more important then a buffet...... this amount of stress ruined my appetite and not wanting to eat any more we just left the buffet. As outrageous as this seems this was my first experience in Las Vegas.
Then as in other casinos we had to go to the desk that issued the cards that we could use at the slot machines and such, in Caesars this is called the "total rewards" desk. We, my companion and I went there after the fiasco at the buffet because at some point in the weekend it would be important to have the ability to gamble and we should just get it over with. At this time I choose to relay my experience to the total rewards desk workers and thought that they could help resolve this horrible display of people skills as I had no faith in the manager of the buffet to resolve my issue due to her unprofessional behavior in the midst of a possible emergency.
When we went to the total rewards desk to sign up to gamble. I told the ladies there about what had happened at the buffet and they were extremely empathetic and it meant a lot to both me and my lady. I was asked to fill out an incident report and the person at the counter even offered me $20 free play for my inconvenience of going through that. I declined the money as all I wanted was what was fair if a dining experience was ruined then the dining experience should be replicated for the ruined party. This I thought would be simple but as it turns out it is not so much........but I will get back to that lets get back to the first night at Caesars.....
After registering for our cards and still felling stressed out about the trip, the flight, and then the indecent at the buffet we purchased some liqueur and garbed some food from Serendipity then retired to the room to watch a movie, relax, and start again fresh tomorrow. On the way back to the room we asked if because we had a cash deposit on the room would we still be able to order a movie the lady at the desk assured us that it would be fine and it would just come out of our cash deposit. Up to the room we go to relax after a long day Rum, Nachos, and Garlic potatoes in hand.
After getting to the room getting the food set up and drinks made jumping into bed and trying to order the movie...... the TV saying we were not authorized. So instead of caring about it I pulled out my Kindle and tried to connect to the hotel internet to watch something while we enjoyed our drinks and snacks which they assured me I was authorized for.....which I was not. I called the tech support listed on the authorization website to call if you had any issues on my cell phone. After many many minutes and finding out that the tech support didn't really know what he was doing I called the front desk while on one of the extensive holds from tech support and asked them if the room was authorized for Wi-fi they said there was some issue in the system and it had been corrected I thanked them and hung up the phone as the tech support rep came back on the line and side he didn't know why it wasn't working and didn't know how to find the IP address on my device to manually authorize it but the Mac address I gave him should work and he would submit a ticket that would give me access in 30 -40 minutes I thanked him and hung up the phone.
So now with no movie and no internet access and so few "local" channels that we could not find anything suitable to relax to and our food getting cold I called the front desk again and asked why I could not order the movie after being told I could. They Lady I spoke with this time said I would need to put a credit card on the room to charge the movie to the room...which was contradictory to what I was told in the first place. Even though I am old fashioned enough to not want to give anyone my card number if I don't absolutely have to but I was beaten at this point, gave up, and asked if I could give the card number over the phone, I was told I would have to go to the front desk to add a card to the room.
So, getting dressed again and making my way back to the front desk and after some discussion between the agent at the desk and someone in the back room they added the card to the room and assured me nothing would be charged to it except for the movie and that was the reason they needed it. Also that the internet should work now to because that had something to do with it, I thanked them. While I was down stairs I walked over to the Total rewards desk and checked in about the status of my complaint as it had been an hour or so and was told that there was no resolution and no estimated time of one from the manager JR but it was in his bosses hands and just to check back in at some point. Frustrated to no end at this abysmal day I thank him and return to what I think is going to be a fully functioning room, with drinks, soggy nachos, and cold potatoes.
Think again the video on demand was still not authorized and neither was the internet. So again I call the front desk and ask them why the video on demand is not working and they say it a system issue and that they have changed something in the computer and it should work now, I let the representative know to hold the line while I checked and again it said I was not authorized. The representative stated they could send a tech up to the room to see what the problem was I ask her to hold the line for a moment before sending anyone up and just powered off the TV and powered in back on and then tried to order the movie and it worked.....I thanked the agent and hung up the phone to enjoy my now soggy nachos and cold way over seasoned garlic potatoes with a few drinks and the company of my lady.
The incompetence of the Caesar Place reception staff and tech support at this time is almost to much to fathom but we let it go and committed to having a good time and started the day out fresh and had a pretty awesome day that I attribute to not having any interaction with any of the Caesars Place staff except the total rewards desk to check on the status of my complaint which we did in the morning and the late that night as they had no resolution time and time again and no update to an estimated time of resolution. I stated that we would be leaving the following afternoon and was told it was in the food and beverage side of the house's hands and given no way to contact them to check on the status. It didn't feel this time that they cared at all and it really felt like they were telling us forget about it just deal with it. After checking the following morning before setting off back to the airport and still 48 hours later they had no resolution.
So I am dealing with it and letting everyone who cares to listen that Caesars Palace's customer service, professionalism, and job knowledge is some of the poorest I have ever come into contact with.....ever.