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3 Stars Top of the World @ The Stratosphere by Squid on October 06, 2015

This was our first time here at ToW. That being said, the view was what saved this place from getting a lower rating. The price certainly does not match the quality of the food served. Servers were attentive and nice though. There are many other places nearby that offer much better quality food for equal or less price. Bottom line, we enjoyed the experience but not so much the food and will not make it a place we will return to.

5 Stars Chart House @ Golden Nugget by Jane Public on September 27, 2015

Excellent service and food every time

3 Stars ARIA by Professor Yaffle on September 21, 2015

I really don't understand why people love this place. To me it is just full - very generic and with nothing to pull you in.
Yes, the rooms feel modern and my toilet had some very techno features(!), but the views aren't great, the corridors are long-ass and the hallways are looking very beaten up.
The pools are dull, there are no standout bars and the walk to the strip is just a joke.
Nothing to tear me away from Wynn or Cosmo in future.

5 Stars Surrender @ Encore at Wynn Las Vegas by Professor Yaffle on September 20, 2015

Not previously been into the club scene, but as long as you ignore the obscene cost of table service, this place is batshit awesome. The setting, the girls, the service, the drinks, the music, all amazing.
Best Vegas night out in years!

5 Stars Portofino @ The Mirage by LarryCW on September 18, 2015

A very delicious meal. My wife and I dined at Portofino with a MyVegas buy one get one reward, but we would pay full price to return here. The Osso Bucco was delicious and the service great. The manager, Chris Zadie, came to our table to help us select our wine and told us how the Fig salad was discovered and developed by a chef he hired. The meal was very romantic and the wine as delicious as our meal. We will dine here again.

2 Stars Zarkana @ ARIA by LarryCW on September 18, 2015

My 4th Cirque show to see, after Ka, Zummanity & Love. This is a decent show, but very disjointed, some really good acts, but interspaced with 'filler' that detracts from the flow. This may have been a very good show before it was 'redone' because it was 'too' dark, now it is just a bunch of parts with no flow. A MC, like Absinthe has, would really help this show. The first Cirque show that had me looking at my watch.....I would not recommend this show unless you can see it for free or at a really reduced price. I saw Zarkana with free tickets, I barely feel it was worth my time, my wife actually did fall asleep during the show......

5 Stars Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab @ Caesars Palace by Mike on September 16, 2015

Never heard anything about this place, but another member of our group chose it for our nice group dinner in April and I was thoroughly impressed. We got stone crab claws as an appetizer and, having never had stone crab, I didn't expect anything much different from any other crab, but it absolutely exceeded expectations. First of all, the claws were huge as tasted fantastic, but what really stood out was the mustard-based (I think) sauce that was served with them. My filet as a main course was great as far as I remember, but I was buzzing pretty hard on some great wine by then. That part is definitely fuzzy, but the stone crab is crystal clear. I will be back at least for the crab and probably for the steak as well. Tab broke down to $150 a person, but several bottles of wine contributed a lot to that. Definitely as worthy of your time and dollar as any other $50-$100 per person restaurant on the Strip.

5 Stars Bond @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by Ryan King on September 13, 2015

I recently had my first experience playing video poker at Cosmo, and it was amazing. I was here on Labor Day around 3pm, and there were plenty of seats (the party pit was not in action yet). I sat down to play, and over the course of the next hour or so a few super classy bartenders made me several super classy cocktails. The 6/5 Bonus Poker pay table was worth the quality of service and atmosphere.
They even have a coffee table with video poker next to the bar (which allowed my girlfriend to study while I was playing and drinking).
A great experience, and I expect to find myself at Cosmo more in the future (instead of just for Secret Pizza).

5 Stars "Secret" Pizzeria @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by VimpfChips on August 28, 2015

If you are in the mood for some pizza then this is the place. Look no further. It's the best pizza I have ever had in my life.

3 Stars Tender steak & seafood @ Luxor by mike_ch on August 19, 2015

Good service and pricey food that focuses more on presentation than taste. Quite a wine selection.

Lounge opens up to the casino and is relaxing, not quiet but not too noisy.

2 Stars D.O.C.G. @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by Rob@skyyontherocks on August 17, 2015

Not recommended. Average food at best with small portions even as described as being single servings. One plate had to be sent back and the replacement seemed to take longer than it should have. Should have been better for the price and not up to expectations for being in the Cosmo. Service was fine.

4 Stars BRAND Steakhouse @ Monte Carlo by Rob@skyyontherocks on August 17, 2015

This was very close to a five star event. I was concerned because i felt this place was slipping a bit and because we had 10 people in our party. While we did not order any Wagyu beef, we all had steak. I had the filet with blue cheese topping. It was awesome: Perfectly prepared with the exact amount of blue cheese with a very consistent melt. I left it short of 5 stars since I felt the sides were a little small for the price. Service was great and any issues were handled effectively.

1 Star American Coney Island @ The D Las Vegas by Antonio on August 15, 2015

It took a while to gain entrance into this place due to underage hip hop chumps and wannabes, since they love loitering as a way of life. The food ended up not tasting great and within a couple hours on came the bubble guts and diarrhea. If you would have given me a canvas I would have created a work of art splattered like no paint you have ever seen. Never again will I be dining here, unless I end up buying a canvas.

4 Stars Senor Frog's @ Treasure Island by Chad on July 20, 2015

One word: Melting. America of course is known as the worlds melting pot. Our great nation is blessed with cultures from across the globe, but perhaps none closer than Mexican. So it was one such afternoon I found myself craving both lunch and culture, and Señor Frogs at TI seemed like a natural fit. I ordered the steak quesadila. It came stuffed with melting (theres that word again!) cheese and steak. The cheese was melting and smooth, and the steak was cut thicker than the cock on a fucking Tijuana donkey. I also had a Corona lite. I don't remember what the bill was, but the food was good and it felt nice to get away from the constant "America" of the strip for awhile. Four stars for the shitty mexican music though.

3 Stars The Pantry @ The Mirage by Cody on July 19, 2015

Good place for us late nighters. Good selection of menu items and priced ok.

4 Stars Todd English PUB @ ARIA by Cody on July 19, 2015

Good selection of beers on tap and an excellent menu makes this place a bit more than your average pub but the bar staff make you feel right at home. Cob salad can't be beat. Highly recommend.

5 Stars Secret Garden of Siegfried and Roy @ The Mirage by @tigewells on July 10, 2015

A great place to visit. Got the buy one get one from MyVegas. The big cats were not very active but the dolphin experience was great.

3 Stars American Coney Island @ The D Las Vegas by @tigewells on July 10, 2015

Not sure why everyone raves about this place. It's ok but definitely not a must have destination.

5 Stars Hash House A Go Go @ The Rio by @tigewells on July 10, 2015

Great value. Huge portions and excellent quality. Wait staff very friendly.

3 Stars Claim Jumper @ Golden Nugget by mike_ch on July 07, 2015

Food was good, but expensive. Did not seem to have the huge portions I associate with CJs in the suburbs.

3 Stars The Pub @ Monte Carlo by mike_ch on July 07, 2015

Food was really good. Prime Rib Dip sandwich was tender and easy to bite into, like real prime rib and not the tough roast meat I often get at similar places in similar hotels (Paris Coffee Shop, to name one.)

Too bad the service was in attendant. Once you get your food, that's it until the bill comes.

4 Stars Hash House A Go Go @ The LINQ (Imperial Palace) by Jeff on July 05, 2015

Simple. Delicious. Perfect. Some people believe the egg is the foundation of life. All I know that it is the foundation of a perfect Las Vegas breakfast. So when I was seeking a restaurant for breakfast on my first morning in Las Vegas, I needed a place that could satisfy my desire for a plate full of eggs and more. After looking at several possible worthwhile options, I settled on Hash House a Go Go at The Linq. I ordered a signature farm scramble with bacon, avocado, onion, and swiss cheese. The eggs were expertly scrambled with the other farm fresh ingredients, so it makes sense that they call it a scramble. Philosophers have long questioned what came first, the chicken or the egg. I don’t know the answer, but I almost came when I saw the gigantic plate of food the waiter set down in front of me. People often say the portions at Hash House are too big, but I say if you can’t handle it put on a skirt to cover your pussy and go to a restaurant that only serves women instead. I’m a real man so I ate every bite. I give Hash House a Go Go four stars. I diducted a star because they were out of Red Bull.

5 Stars Caesars Palace by Cindy on July 05, 2015

We have stayed at Caesars Palace on numerous occasions and have always had a wonderful time. The rooms in the Augustus tower are beautiful and spacious and every staff member we've had contact with were professional and pleasant. Of course, if you are the type of person who gets totally freaked out if you hear a beep while at the buffet when nobody else is panicking then you probably always find fault with things. I would have no problem highly recommending Caesars Palace to my family and friends.

4 Stars Luxor by Anonymous on July 05, 2015

I only stayed here for a night. The space was pretty open and you can easily walk to other hotels from the inside. I love the theme of this hotel and the soap bar was a pyramid. The room itself was clean and I was impressed with the size of the bathtub which is separate from the shower. Wifi is also good here. I do agree that the rooms do need a coffee machine though. I would stay here again.

5 Stars LOVE w/The Beatles @ The Mirage by Elliot Tait on June 30, 2015

The best show I've ever seen absolutely breathtaking, worth every penny. DO IT!

4 Stars Luxor by Elliot Tait on June 30, 2015

I loved the Luxor. Great location, friendly staff fantastic rooms. Stayed in the east tower which was convenient.
Saw the bodies and titanic exhibitions, enjoyed the titanic one more. Very handy location to get to Mandalay bay.

5 Stars Broadway Burger Bar & Grill @ New York New York by 360 Vegas Mark on June 26, 2015

Fear not KGB lovers, a new top burger place has been discovered in Vegas. I had the chili cheese fries with a jalapeño bacon/pepper jack cheese burger with a fried egg. I found it difficult to find room in my tummy for all the yummy. I was also well lubricanted so I will definitely try it again. To be continued...

5 Stars Planet Hollywood by Greg on June 25, 2015

I've stayed at PH three times now. The first time I wasn't too impressed as the room sucked. I gave it another try on my next trip and very much improved stay. The third trip again I had a real nice time.
I love that most things are within walking distance from PH. The night life in the casino is sexy. You'll see a fair number of lovely ladies walking around. The hotel band at PH bar in the casino is fun to stop at during the night to grab a drink and listen to the live band. I'm heading back to PH a fourth time in August 2015.

5 Stars Raiding the Rock Vault @ Tropicana by Greg on June 25, 2015

I've seen this show three times, and happy with it each time. Rock n' Roll at its best. A must show to see if you love music!

3 Stars Ellis Island @ Ellis Island by Rob skyyontherocks on June 25, 2015

Went to the coffee shop for breakfast. You have to ask for the 6.99 steak and eggs special. Two eggs, about a 6oz strip steak, breakfast potatoes, (not hash browns), toast, and coffee. While the steak had a couple spots of grizzle, the food was ok considering the price. Great, great coffee and service. Real old school atmosphere with friendly wait staff. If you take a cab, the cabbie will compliment you on your selection of this as a breakfast spot as it's very popular amongst drivers. After a relaxing breakfast I played some VP with favorable odds. If no cab, it's also an easy walk in the morning from the Flamingo.

5 Stars Earl of Sandwich @ Planet Hollywood by 360 Vegas Mark on June 20, 2015

The best sandwich in the world.

3 Stars Excalibur by 360 Vegas Mark on June 20, 2015

Nice property, good limits, about what I expected. Too many kids.

5 Stars Du-Par's @ Golden Gate by 360 Vegas Mark on June 20, 2015

The pancakes live up to the hype.

5 Stars The D Las Vegas by 360 Vegas Mark on June 20, 2015

The best property Downtown. Makes visiting Fremont a must every trip.

4 Stars Cadillac Mexican Cantina @ Golden Nugget by D3wayne on June 18, 2015

I didn't actually eat in the restaurant. Just past the main entrance they have to go area. It has two tables if just want to grab a quick bite. I opted for the chicken tacos. They were very good.and average price. Under $10.00 for 2 very large street style tacos. Fresh sliced avocado was awesome.i also grabbed a cream cheese Danish for breakfast one morning and Starbucks was way to busy.

4 Stars Bally's Spa @ Bally's by Hunter on June 16, 2015

Pretty much what you'd expect from a spa at Bally's. Clean but a little old of a facility. Nice people. Reasonable prices.

3 Stars Bally's by Hunter on June 15, 2015

Solid updated room in the Jubilee Tower. Refurb is nice, room is large.

4 Stars Searsucker @ Caesars Palace by Hunter on June 15, 2015

Very tasty, solid American fare. Nice menu, not huge. Some good cocktail options.

5 Stars Blue Man Group @ Monte Carlo by Timm on June 06, 2015

Went for the 3rd time on May 12. The show has changed and updated since I first saw it at Luxor in 2001. It's still a good time overall. Be forewarned: if your idea of hilarity is profanity laced or anything that doesn't involve any thought, you'll be bored. The young lady next to me was so bored she kept repeating "this isn't funny" out loud and eventually she bolted for the lobby, never to return. There's a bit that they've done forever about sewer systems and how when sewage backs up into your home it's "interactive" that apparently no one thinks is amusing but me. Vegas crowds can be.... Dense. It's a shame.

3 Stars Vdara by Mike on May 28, 2015

Nice place and great value. Very easy walk to Bellagio, Aria, and Cosmo. Only reason it's not 4 chips is because of constant problems with room keys not working. To their credit, they did upgrade my final night, but I think they could have gone an extra mile for as many trips to the desk as I made in four days. Overall, I'd recommend it to anyone that wants a nice room at a reasonable price and I'd stay there again if that's where my group wanted to stay, but I probably won't go out of my way to stay there again with so many other options I haven't explored.

5 Stars Joe's Seafood, Prime Steak and Stone Crab @ Caesars Palace by Timm on May 21, 2015

Went for the steak and crab - which were great - and came back blown away by the pie. Giant portions of peanut butter and banana cream were so dam good that I would return just for dessert. Seriously, don't forget dessert here. You won't be sorry.

5 Stars BRAND Steakhouse @ Monte Carlo by Timm on May 21, 2015

Ate here last week and it was great. Portions were huge, service was first class and I honestly can't think of one negative thing to say. Perhaps it's a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for and we felt that the price was fine when considering the meal and service.

4 Stars Monte Carlo by Timm on May 21, 2015

Stayed here for the third time last week. It remains the same - a solid, unspectacular choice smack dab between Aria and NY NY. It's easy access to both of these properties makes it a hit with me, and new restaurants and dining options outside make this an increasingly interesting location. With the new arena being built right behind it, expect prices here to rise and availability to drop. Regardless, we will be back.

3 Stars Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill @ MGM Grand by Jane Public on May 16, 2015

I highly rate this bar But the menu has drastically changed and the newer bartenders do not seem to be up to par as far as there customer service goes. They seemed short handed where I was sitting at bar. Fodd was always fabulous but pizza was too floppy as I picked it up.

0 Stars CSI: The Experience @ MGM Grand by Jessica on May 14, 2015

Horrible. Not worth the money at all. You are not analyzing evidence, you are on a computer doing a matching game. You don't even collect evidence or it doesn't even matter if you miss any because everything is found for you. They say 45 min-60min....try 10 min. Don't waste your time and money on this over priced trap.

4 Stars Yong Kang Street @ Paris Las Vegas by Jeff M on May 12, 2015

Very friendly service. I had the noodle sou

5 Stars Shake Shack @ New York New York by Garrett T. on May 11, 2015

East Coast In-N-Out you tell me. Well, you certainly are up there. Great burgers with great buns and fresh vegetables. Love the shack sauce. Fries are super crispy and the cheese sauce is excellent. If you want a great burger or hot dog at an great price with it. Get to Shake Shack soon.

4 Stars Yard House @ The LINQ (Imperial Palace) by DnlVgs on May 06, 2015

Great drinks, outside seating, good. Food worth trying.

3 Stars PBR Rock Bar & Grill @ Planet Hollywood by DnlVgs on May 06, 2015

Drinks expensive for the strip. Location good. Shows sport.

5 Stars Cheesecake Factory @ Caesars Palace by DnlVgs on May 06, 2015

When in the USA you have to visit here! To go to this one is even better because if you are here you are in Vegas!!

5 Stars Yusho @ Monte Carlo by Michael Simonds on May 05, 2015

Some of the best ramen I ever had and at not too crazy of a price. The steamed buns are also very delicious and out of the chicken, pork, and cod offerings, the cod surprised me as the one I enjoyed the most. If you like both gin and sake, try their "Roadsoda". It is like a Tom Collins with sake. So surprisingly good I ordered a second one.

5 Stars Ruth's Chris @ Harrah's Las Vegas by Ed N. on May 05, 2015

Small filet with peppercorn sauce and the perfect crust on the steak. Best steak in the Caesars world Vegas !

5 Stars Gordon Ramsay BurGR @ Planet Hollywood by Ed N. on May 05, 2015

May tag blu burger and parm truffle fries. Does not get better. !

5 Stars Bardot Brasserie @ ARIA by Ed N. on May 05, 2015

Dined at the bar Sylvia mixologist supreme. She made up a cocktail to match up with Escargot . Then a dry French Rose with Mussels. Desert was Creme Brûlée with another fantastic drink - Expresso Martini. Will defiantly return in June next trip.

4 Stars Spa Mio @ M Resort by Tom in SoCal on May 05, 2015

Not a very large facility, but it was very clean and well attended. They have 2 identical warm tubs, which is a shame. If the management is reading this, please consider converting one into a cold plunge. If you're staying at the M, it's worth a visit at only $15. And your only option really, as the strip hotel spas are 20 mins away. This would be a 3.5 stars if I could, but I rounded up to 4.

4 Stars Spa at GVR @ Green Valley Ranch by Tom in SoCal on May 05, 2015

Not a very large facility considering the size of the resort, but it was very clean and well attended. The fact that it's free/ unlimited access for hotel guests (included in the resort fee) scored it a 4. If you're staying at GVR, it's well worth a visit. And your only option really, as the strip hotel spas are 20 mins away.

4 Stars Spa @ Luxor by Tom in SoCal on May 05, 2015

Formerly the Oasis Spa at Luxor, Nurture was a much needed facelift on the old, run down spa. It's on the small side, but not annoying so. The pools are very small, but have a very pleasant design. They got bonus points for even having 3 different temperatures, rather than just one like must hotel spas. If you're staying at the Luxor, it's totally worth the $15.

4 Stars South Point Spa @ South Point by Tom in SoCal on May 05, 2015

Very nice, spacious facility, which is a good thing considering how isolated South Point is from the rest of the hotels. The single person cascading showers were unique, never seen them in any other spa. If you're staying at the hotel, no need to venture north to the strip to get a quality spa getaway.

4 Stars Spa @ Golden Nugget by Tom in SoCal on May 05, 2015

Standard hotel spa, and the only one downtown on Fremont Street. By standard, I mean to say it's very small and cramped, but very clean and nicely designed, despite its size. The jacuzzi tub was very small, more than 2-3 guys and it would be cramped. But the jets are really nice/powerful. If you're staying down town, and need some time to escape and soak, the Spa at the 'nug should do the job.

4 Stars The Spa at Excalibur @ Excalibur by Tom in SoCal on May 05, 2015

have to say I was pleasantly surprised at how nice a facility it is, considering the property it's located in. Everything was clean, descent sized, and nicely kept. The stand out here is the 5 uniquely scented shower product sets. I've never seen that before, and it was a nice touch.

5 Stars SEA - the Thai Experience @ Bally's by Marc on May 05, 2015

Awesome! I'd been wanting to try this place for while. After I left a party at Caesars last Friday night, I walked over to Ballys to catch the Monorail back to MGM. I saw the adverts for Sea & noticed it had late night hours. I had the crab rangoon appetizer & a hot bowl of pho. Sublime. Can't wait to go back; all was delicious & service was prompt and very friendly.

5 Stars The Signature at MGM Grand by Marc on May 05, 2015

Can't say enough about this fantastic hotel. From the moment my cab drove up through the security gates to the time I left, all was simply remarkable. It honestly feels more like an upscale apartment building than a hotel. Granted, it's maybe a five minute walk to the MGM Grand (end of walk ends near MGM pool), but there are moving sidewalks throughout much of it. There are security checks at the walkway's entrance from the MGM and at the elevators as well. I was there to cover the Mayweather/Pacquiao as a member of the media & unlike every other hotel.....the wait for the elevator was but a few seconds at all times. There's a nice deli there, too. Lastly...quiet, quiet, quiet. I'll definitely go back.

1 Star O @ Bellagio by DnlVgs on May 03, 2015

Repetitive, uninspiring, joyless, don't waste your time, in five minutes you've seen it all.

3 Stars Festival Buffet @ Fiesta Henderson by Alex on May 01, 2015

The food was ok. Nothing fancy. Arrived at the end of lunch and into the beginning of dinner. No real change between the two times. Price is ok for the food

5 Stars Gordon Ramsay Steak @ Paris Las Vegas by @Ncastle11 on April 28, 2015

We had a perfect dining experience here. Everything...service, food, atmosphere. I don't know how it gets better, regardless of price. Beef Wellington, filet, fingerling potatoes, all excellent. Cannot say anything else, just perfect.

1 Star Monte Carlo Buffet @ Monte Carlo by @Ncastle11 on April 28, 2015

Skip it if you can. We cashed in a my Vegas reward and regretted it.
It was fine as buffet goes, but all the cut meat was tasteless and tough. Limited dinner selection.
We never met our assigned waitress, which made for an awkward decision when deciding what to leave for a tip.
As it stands now, my wife and I have decided to skip buffets from now on thanks to this experience.

5 Stars Yard House @ The LINQ (Imperial Palace) by @Ncastle11 on April 28, 2015

This was our first Vegas meal after on our latest trip. We had no expectations going in, we were just staying nearby and it caught our eye. Wow, were we blown away! There were 2 of us, We had a few appetizers and each ordered an entree and a few drinks. We were seated on the roof, which is a great space! We will definitely return here, there were many things on the menu I still want to try.
Excellent selection, excellent service, and great beer selection, cannot wait to return

5 Stars Tom's Urban @ New York New York by Ncastle11 on April 28, 2015

Loved it here! We came in for a late lunch on a Tuesday and had excellent service from the bartender out on the patio bar. Between the two of us, we ordered 3 "small plates" which was more than enough food. We also ordered 3 of their signature cocktails between us and each was very well done and affordable. We had a minor complaint about one of the dishes, which was really not a big deal, but they really went out of their way to make it right for us.
The attitude of everyone here was awesome! Just the kind of place we enjoy. We will definitely be back any time we have the chance.

5 Stars Nine Fine Irishmen @ New York New York by Terence P. on April 27, 2015

Used our M-Life points from the app game to eat here one night. I had the bangers and mash and my wife had the fish and chips. Both were excellent. The Guiness chocolate cake we shared for desert and the cocktails were also fantastic. Great survice! Will be back.

3 Stars Johnny Rockets @ Excalibur by Terence P. on April 27, 2015

Good burgers for a late night grease fix but a little on the pricy side. $20 for two plain burgers and a drink.

3 Stars Excalibur by Terence P. on April 27, 2015

Room was clean for the most part, but could tell the room had not been used in a while due to a thin layer of dust in the bathroom counter. Pool was fun with four pools and a swim up bar. Casino was what you might expect with most dealers being personable and friendly. WARNING: avoid Tournament of Kings if you have any kind of breathing problems. I have asthma and had to leave the show due to an attack triggered by all the smoke/dry ice used during the show.

1 Star Center Cut Steakhouse @ The Flamingo by Save Your Money And Go To The outback. on April 23, 2015

Save Your Money And Go To The outback.

3 Stars American Coney Island @ The D Las Vegas by Michael Simonds on April 19, 2015

Just like In and Out, White Castle, or Shake Shack, you soon realize the only reason why you like it is because you cannot get it at home, and the food is nothing more than great drunk food. It does not suck, but not great either. In my opinion, I think the prices are a little high.

4 Stars Monte Carlo by Michael Simonds on April 19, 2015

They have really done a good job at cleaning up the place. This is my fourth year in a row staying here. My room was very clean and quiet up on the 17th floor facing City Center. It was nice to see $5 blackjack at all hours even though it pays 6/5. You are now given two drink tickets per stay as part of your resort fee. The $20 trick is very dead here. In my four years I have never scored a Monaco suite upgrade, however it appears to always get me a higher room floor with a great view (minus the tip) for making the effort. Even though I always prefer to stay somewhere else, I always enjoy a stay at Monte Carlo.

5 Stars "Secret" Pizzeria @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by Michael Simonds on April 19, 2015

Always a great value on the strip.

4 Stars The Chandelier @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by Michael Simonds on April 19, 2015

Go to level 1.5, and get the Verbena at least once in your life. The service here is excellent even when they are being overwhelmed by large crowds.

2 Stars Golden Gate by Michael Simonds on April 19, 2015

If you stay on the strip and you come here expecting a similar room product, you will be very disappointed. Other than that, the owners have taken a very vintage hotel and added in a little modern flare. The casino is very alive and even though you get booked into a "quiet room", you can still hear the action of the casino and live music from Fremont St., but hey; if you are staying on Fremont St. the noise is to be expected, so bring earplugs if you value your sleep.

3 Stars The Pub @ Monte Carlo by Michael Simonds on April 19, 2015

Good food, good house beers, slow service. They make a very delicious American Pale Ale and at $17 the fish and chips are a great value. You can easily share this with two people and both of you will be full when you are done. Come here for some decent casual dining in a decent pub environment.

3 Stars Tom Colicchio's Heritage Steak @ The Mirage by Michael Simonds on April 19, 2015

While the food is fantastic, the service was a bit of a miss. I ordered a glass of wine to be served with my meal resulting in me having to remind my waiter twice as I was almost half way through my steak before it was finally brought out. The 14oz New York Strip was a perfect medium rare and is one of the best I have ever had. I ordered the chopped salad with blue cheese and bacon. The serving was huge and the flavor was absolutely delicious (for a salad!). For sides we ordered mushrooms, asparagus, and their beer-battered onion rings, and they all are big enough and encouraged to be shared. The mushrooms were some of the best I ever had and it was an excellent compliment to the steak. I prefer these far more than the Gordon Ramsay offering. The onion rings were okay, even though they did a pretty good job at maintaining the beer flavor. The asparagus was underwhelming; I've had better at home. For a pre-dinner cocktail I tried the Blackberry Smash. In my opinion, It was very tasty but a bit small for $14. In the end, while the meat is almost perfect, the service was a bit "meh", it is VERY expensive.

5 Stars Lombardi's Romagna Mia @ Planet Hollywood by Nicole S on April 07, 2015

Delicious fettuccine Alfredo! Definitely will be going back!

4 Stars The D Las Vegas by Brando on April 05, 2015

First stay at the D. Great time. Sure the elevators can be slow, but they're working on that - 2 more coming. Lots of energy in the casino and really cool to meet the owner, Derek.

5 Stars Du-Par's @ Golden Gate by Bob on April 05, 2015

Everything that needs to be said about this legendary diner at the Golden Gate has already been written by others. We visit Vegas 4 times a year, and this is the only must-stop for breakfast on our personal itinerary. Great food, reasonable prices and authentic old-school atmosphere. If you don't venture off the Strip, make this your reason to head to Fremont Street.

4 Stars Biscayne @ Tropicana by Bob on April 05, 2015

Very good, not great steakhouse at the Tropicana, but only if using a Groupon to bring the price down. We've had the filet mignon during both our visits. Not the best in town, but no complaints. Good service by the waitstaff.

4 Stars Gordie Brown @ Golden Nugget by Bob on April 05, 2015

Although his material could use a refresh (still doing five minutes of Fonda & Hepburn from On Golden Pond?) Gordie puts on an energetic 90 minute show. Some of his impressions are less than perfect (Buble, Cher) but others are either spot on or succeed due to his sheer will to make them entertaining. His conversation involving Clint Eastwood, Robert DeNiro, George W Bush, Ozzie Osbourne & Jim Carrey, among others, was hilarious. Gordie's been a fixture in Vegas for years, and after thousands of shows, is still worth a visit at the Golden Nugget.

4 Stars Pizza Rock @ Downtown Grand by Brando on April 04, 2015

As always Pizza Rock delivered! Great slice. Great beer menu. Was able to enjoy a locally brewed Banger Brewery El Heffe (jalapeño wheat beer) with my pizza.

5 Stars PUB 1842 @ MGM Grand by CeCe Krueger on April 03, 2015

Large but not excessive size portions. We had the fried pickle (spears not chips). Very good, coating was crispy and pickles were not soggy at all. I had the Pub Burger and it was a top 5 burger. I am not a huge Mushroom fan.. And I loved the sautéed mushrooms on the burger.. Plus the garlic aioli was wonderful. I did not easy my sweet potatoe fries as I wanted every bite of burger. Hubby had the BBQ platter. It came Roth and adult shake and he ate every drop. Also had an Old Fashioned and a Mosow Mule.. Great favors. It was a bust March Madness and the air was short. 5 minutes and the service was excellent.. Attentative without hovering.

5 Stars La Cave Wine and Food Hideaway @ Wynn Las Vegas by Pokerbucketlist on March 30, 2015

Great little spot. Small plate items and wine flights. Upscale but cozy and welcoming. With all the huge restaurants around, it's nice to go to a small intimate place once in a while. This is a good place if you a drink and a light meal but not get too full.

3 Stars Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by Tom on March 25, 2015

Been there once for an anniversary - we are neither big gamblers nor clubbers, so I will concentrate on the hotel qualities.
Usually we stay in the lower-tier resorts, since we hardly need more than some beds and air-con, and spend most time away (pool, daytrips, walks...). We like a little design, as long as it does not worsen the function.
What's awesome about this place is easily said: Location! We had a terrace one-BR looking at lake Bellagio, and the view is spectacular. There is rather pleasant artwork all over the place, be it digital or physical.
To be honest, the rest is rather mediocre. I couldn't get the audio box to accept my Ipod. The wardrobe is open to the sitting room, and there's a large trunk right in the way to everywhere. Resort fee at time of visit did not include wi-fi. Soaking tub useless and uncomfortable. The kitchenette is a bad joke, And the terrace (=balcony) is only accessible via the bedroom. I'd call it a suite without suite essentials.
As a bottom line, it's hopelessly overpriced, and I had better stays at Excalibur, for a fraction of bucks paid.
Consider for yourself, if a balcony is the thing you need.

5 Stars Spa Mandalay @ Mandalay Bay by Prof Plum on March 17, 2015

The facility is fantastic. If you're standing at the Mandalay Bay/Delano property, skip the Bathhouse at Delano and come to Spa Mandalay instead. The size, the amenities, everything about it is bigger and much better for the same price. I love the pools, both in form and function. And I loved that there was a rinse shower in the wet/steam sauna.

3 Stars the bathhouse @ Delano Las Vegas by Prof Plum on March 17, 2015

The facility is very nice, but small. There was a frustrating lack of robe/towel hooks for both the showers and the pools. The temperatures on the pools are not great; The cold plunge was not very cold, and the hot jacuzzi was warm by most standards. If you're standing at the Mandalay Bay/Delano property, skip the Bathhouse at Delano and go to Spa Mandalay instead. The size, the amenities, everything about it is bigger and much better for the same price.

4 Stars Five50 @ ARIA by Mark B ( on March 16, 2015

This is awesome pizza at a great price. Crisp crust and tastes great. We went a few times in our trip.

5 Stars Luxor by Marc on March 16, 2015

I've stayed at Luxor more than any other Strip property in the 20-25 times I've visited Vegas. Stayed in the West tower & down at the end of the hall. Nice & quite & the location meant we were close not only to their fully adequate & well furnished gym, but the pool as well. Room itself was spacious & clean. Entire staff was beyond kind and gracious. Luck was so-so in the casino but hey.....that's no one's fault but mine for playing. Going back in May. Staying there again. Love me some Lux!

5 Stars Tao @ The Venetian by Marc on March 16, 2015

Fifth visit was last Friday, 13 March. I had my favorite dish, Drunken Lobster Pad Thai. Superb as always.

5 Stars Gonzalez Y Gonzalez @ New York New York by Marc on March 16, 2015

Always great!! Been frequenting "G&G" since 2005. Their fajitas were awesome & salsa trio was delicious!

5 Stars Koji Japanese Sushi and Chinese @ The Orleans by Marc on March 16, 2015

Excellent! Did well at the tables at The Orleans, so my wife & I decided to give Koji a try. It made us happy, first off that they were serving their full menu (sushi included) until 1am. We split the Singapore Street noodles & 3 types of sushi rolls. Service top notch & good prices. Will return soon!

5 Stars L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon @ MGM Grand by Paul on March 15, 2015

Amazing food, and a nice bustling atmosphere.
Recommend the tasting menu, and sit at the bar tables, the chefs have a chat and guide you through the meal

1 Star Dick's Last Resort @ Excalibur by Squid on March 14, 2015

This is a really dumb concept. The food is not very good, and the service is crap. I think a Chuck E Cheese restaurant would have been better. Sorry Excalibur, but I think you can do better.

4 Stars il Fornaio @ New York New York by Squid on March 14, 2015

This place is pretty good. They make some good omelets.

1 Star MGM Grand Buffet @ MGM Grand by AC on March 12, 2015

Free breakfast for two courtesy of myVegas: great! Food poisoning: bad! Ruined my entire Vegas trip. Just stay away.