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4 Stars Absinthe @ Caesars Palace by Andrew on August 20, 2014

Rude, racist but delivered with no hate or malice making it a "I shouldn't be laughing at this but I am" experience. The acts between the hosts patter were superb. Have at least two drinks and sit near the front.

5 Stars Carrot Top @ Luxor by Andrew on August 20, 2014

Being from the UK I feared his humour might not translate but by and large it did with only the odd American reference I didn't know. A small theatre which benefits his prop led act. I must admit Mr Top "bought" an extra star in this review as, mid-act, a bottle of whiskey made an appearance which was shared with the audience, me included!

5 Stars Five50 @ ARIA by Andrew on August 20, 2014

Had a slice & draught at the walk-up counter (there are stand-up tables available to eat from). Pizza is the thin & crispy kind and piping hot.

3 Stars Penn and Teller @ The Rio by Andrew on August 20, 2014

I've seen every trick before from their TV appearances so it lost the "wow" factor. The patter was good with plenty of audience interaction. Worth seeing if you can get discounted tickets. Get there early to see if you can spot the occasional special guest in the warm-up jazz group.

4 Stars The Buffet @ ARIA by Andrew on August 20, 2014

Cannot fault the quality of the food available at the breakfast buffet. Service was pleasant and attentive within the buffet but the lady taking payment at the front desk needs to find a new job. I arrived a few minutes after it opened, a good option if you are dining alone.

3 Stars LOVE w/The Beatles @ The Mirage by Timm on August 19, 2014

I was decidedly underwhelmed. Honestly, I just don't get the fuss. It's 90 min of Beatles tunes accompanied by people swinging through the air and dancing across the stage. And the moves are not that exciting, except for one sequence halfway through when a guy does an extended balancing act high above center stage. Save your money, or go see Blue Man.

5 Stars Pin Up Pizza @ Planet Hollywood by Timm on August 19, 2014

Best slice I've had in Vegas and I go to Vegas 2x a year and am a pizza guy. It's huge, fresh and delicious. Do yourself a favor and grab one; you can thank me later.

5 Stars 800 Degrees @ SLS Las Vegas by Dave W. on August 17, 2014

Great brick oven pizza served in an interesting space right on the strip. Reasonably priced selection of beers as well including $7 pints of Goose Island. Look forward to returning.

3 Stars Citizens Kitchen & Bar @ Mandalay Bay by Dave W. on August 17, 2014

We hit this place for the takeout selections as such options are limited at Mandaly Bay. Food is good but way overpriced. A cup of chicken soup was 9 dollars and they charged me an additional 3 bucks for a piece of bread. A skinny slice of cheesecake was also nine dollars and was no better than average. Sandwiches run 10 to 13 bucks and re pretty tasty.

1 Star Bay Side Buffet @ Mandalay Bay by Dave W. on August 17, 2014

Worst breakfast buffet we have experienced in Vegas. The selection of different foods was limited but even worse was the poor quality of the food. Pass.

0 Stars Véronic Voices @ Bally's by what is red bottom shoes on August 17, 2014

Quite educational, look forward to coming back again.|

5 Stars Raiding the Rock Vault @ Westgate (Las Vegas Hilton) by toastcmu on August 16, 2014

While tucked away and the former Hilton, this show does not disappoint if you are a fan of classic rock! Robin Macauley, Paul Shortino, Howard Leese, and others all put on a 2hr show which flies by. There was one shill moment in the show when the "roady" mentions timeshares now that it's the Westgate, but the prices are very reasonable and we got upgraded to 6th row seats after buying balcony seats. Go see it!

5 Stars Tom Colicchio's Heritage Steak @ The Mirage by toastcmu on August 16, 2014

Excellent meal! I had the 18oz bone-in ribeye, which had a miniscule bone in it. The meat was so tender, and cooked to a perfect consistency. My wife had the 10 oz filet, which was perfection to her! Get the warm king crab and you will not be disappointed!

3 Stars ARIA by toastcmu on August 16, 2014

Stayed here on a Mlife rate - this was my first time at Aria, and while I always find the casino to be an enjoyable place, the room was lacking in my view. My wife and I found considerable dust on the furniture, and we were not impressed with the room control pad. Call me old fashioned, but a simple remote would have been easier to try and control the TV. I did enjoy the pool, but feel that Bellagio just has been a better overall product in my opinion.

5 Stars Julian Serrano @ ARIA by toastcmu on August 16, 2014

The mix paella was perfect at lunch - seafood, meat, rice, sausage - an overload of flavors for your mouth! I'd eat here again in a heartbeat! Service was excellent, and being in the lobby, I think the decor is one of the nicer areas of Aria

5 Stars House of Blues @ Mandalay Bay by Timm on August 15, 2014

Incredible biscuits and gravy and overall great breakfast. Staff friendly and efficient. Really surprised by this place - figured it was a music venue with crappy food. Wrong.

4 Stars T&T (Tacos & Tequila) @ Luxor by Timm on August 15, 2014

Great food. Been here twice and both times was very satisfied.

4 Stars Tap Sports Bar @ MGM Grand by Timm on August 15, 2014

Very nice. Lots of TVs with lots if sports. Friendly wait staff. Reasonably priced. My burger was good, my wife's turkey sandwich was great.

4 Stars Mandalay Bay by Timm on August 14, 2014

Love the property - here now - but they lose a star when I have an emergency and need to fax something and they charge me for it. As if they don't get enough of my $ in the casino and thru resort fees, etcetera. Kind of ridiculous.

2 Stars More, the Buffet @ Luxor by Timm on August 14, 2014

Bad. Limited options, cold food and lousy service. Other than that, it was awesome....

4 Stars Tequila Bar and Grill @ Bally's by John Miller on August 14, 2014

It is what it is. If you can imagine a dive bar looking place with pretty much no style, really good food at reasonable prices (for a Vegas strip hotel) , good service with flags on the table. Here ya go. For late night dinner or snacks, keep this on your list.

5 Stars Westgate (Las Vegas Hilton) by Glenn on August 12, 2014

This is our "go to" off-strip property. Spend an extra few bucks and get the resort club rooms. A lot nicer and come with VIP checkin and lounge access.

3 Stars Royal Indian Bistro @ The Rio by Bill Crumbakerr on August 12, 2014

My wife loved the lamb vindaloo and I liked the chicken tikka and we had tandoori chicken wings for an appetizer

4 Stars Five50 @ ARIA by John Miller on August 07, 2014

Great pizza. Good service. Plan to return next visit.

5 Stars Aria Cafe @ ARIA by John Miller on August 07, 2014

Calling this a coffee shop is insufficient. It is a lovely 24 hour excellent quality restaurant.

5 Stars Julian Serrano @ ARIA by John Miller on August 07, 2014

Sensational place. We had lunch which included the Ahi Tempura. Everything so well done. Fantastic service. I think since it's at Aria,the higher prices are expected. We definitely plan to go back

5 Stars Pin Up Pizza @ Planet Hollywood by Pokerbucketlist on August 06, 2014

I'm not sure what it tastes like sober, but while drunk it tasted AMAZING. Convenient location right on the strip at planet Hollywood. I thought it would be a cluster#%^* at night because it's a very small take out style spot, but not so, the pizza artists were fast, efficient and easy on the eyes to boot. They understood my slurred speech, which was a bonus, and my drunken need for quick pizza to go. I also partook in the dessert which was whipped cream stuffed cannelonis. I'm not sure if it was because I was so hungry and they just looked it, but the slices were very big. I thought the prices were very reasonable, frankly for that location I expected them to be much more.

2 Stars Cleopatra's Barge @ Caesars Palace by Jane Public on July 30, 2014

God I cannot believe this place is still open!! Its the apitomy of where the middle aged folks go and hang,drink and dance. If you want to people watch and see the old ladies shake there money makers this is the place to be. Nothing nastastalgic on this place. They have not redecorated in years since I have passed that place.

2 Stars Hash House A Go Go @ The Plaza by Jane Public on July 30, 2014

Service was so so last time I was there,I was not impressed w/ server and she had to ask several times about ingredients in food. They should be aware people do have allergies. Overly large portions. The one at Quad is horriable BTW....

4 Stars The Chandelier @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by Jane Public on July 30, 2014

I like going to this bar w/ the multi levels But the outfits they make the female cocktail servers are very weird. I always though have a very good time at this bar...

3 Stars Madam Tussaud's @ The Venetian by Jane Public on July 30, 2014

Its okay if you have kids or family in town and want to take them to something interesting. You can go thru the whole thing in an hour. You will defiantly see any of your over rated celebrity wax statues such as George Clooney,Angelina Jolie,Brad Pitt,Elvis,Shaq,Michael Jackson...just to name a few. Is better if you can get coupons or tickets which you can get from any mall or shopping area located in the malls or walk ways popular to the tourists.You can take pictures next to the Statues and we saw a lot of people posing for dirty pictures such as grabbing genitals or booty twerkin!! I hope they sanitize the statues and there clothing weekly cus they sure were getting friskey!!! They do have a bar located in the middle of the museum before folks leave which is probably where the intresting human interactions begin!! I feel story for the poor statues. I am sure thats why some of the accessories from the statues were missing such as shoes and microphones. James Brown's and Sammy Davis Jr's wig didn't look to strait before we left.So please do not get drunk I guess before seeing this fine exhibit.

1 Star Delmonico @ The Venetian by Jane Public on July 30, 2014

Be careful as this place fills up quickly...So quickly they misplace your reservation,TWICE both times w/ Pardies I have been with. It was so late that we stuck with Venitian room service and 2nd time we just went to ol' reliable which was The Lux Cafe

5 Stars ARIA by Ed P. on July 30, 2014

We used to exclusively stay at Wynn ... until the comps dried up, the service started to decline, and they began nickel and diming for everything. We tried the Aria a couple of years ago and will now stay nowhere else. The hotel and casino are top notch, the staff is fantastic from the front desk to housecleaning, and the Aria provides a great comp and Mlife points program. We go to Vegas twice a year for a week at a time, and we always look forward to staying at Aria.

5 Stars Bobby's Burger Palace @ ARIA by Ed P. on July 30, 2014

The burgers are absolutely fantastic, as are the fries and onion rings. Also very good is Bobby's Burger Sauce. It provides a nice little kick, but in a smooth complimentary way, not a hot overpowering way. We ate at Bobby's Burger Place twice during our recent vacation and thoroughly enjoyed both visits. Give it a try ... you'll love it.

4 Stars Giada @ The Cromwell by Dorian on July 28, 2014

Great experience at Giada's! Sat at the bar and was fawned over service wise. Managers, waiters, hotness, could not have been nicer or more efficient. I had lunch and started with "The G" signature cocktail, followed by terrific bread service. Think salty pizza crusts with pesto dipping sauce. I also enjoyed the Burrata with pink salt. It was the best I ever had, period. The waiter then brought my lemon pesto, heirloom tomato, prosciutto grilled cheese sandwich. Delicious! For dessert I savored the gelato/sorbetto of dark chocolate, roasted banana, white chocolate, and summer strawberry. Mmmm! Go to Giada's. Giada is there on site Monday they Thursday like clockwork.

4 Stars Central by Michel Richard @ Caesars Palace by Dorian on July 28, 2014

In my opinion, it's the best late night 24 hour dining destination in Vegas. I sat at the bar and had great service and really good food. Convenience and lots of food options.

1 Star Haute Doggery @ The Quad (Imperial Palace) by Dorian on July 28, 2014

Poor customer service, three people got their food ahead of me and I ordered one "Windy City" Chicago style dog. I paid over $8.00 for a crappy hot dog which wasn't even made correctly. They left off the celery salt. If someone from Chicago was there, they would have thrown it back. Much better places to get a hot dog for less money. American Coney at The D blows it away or even Pinks which is mediocre. Save your time and money.

4 Stars Frank Marino @ The Quad (Imperial Palace) by Dorian on July 28, 2014

Fun, energetic, and weird. Just my kind of show. Drink service was bad but the show was very good. The dancing was better than expected. Go have fun!

4 Stars Salvatore's @ Suncoast by Joseph Burke on July 24, 2014

Normally a great place to eat with reasonably prices. We have been to this restaurant about a dozen times and was only disappointed once. That one occasion was horrific with a waiter that just did not give a damn. Surprisingly he is still there. Despite one very bad experience I would still recommend the restaurant. It is a very pleasant room with a skilled piano player and singer that comes on at 6pm.

5 Stars Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition @ Luxor by Robert on July 20, 2014

Excellent exhibition. 10 times better than the exhibition at Belfast

4 Stars Michael Jackson ONE @ Mandalay Bay by Robert on July 20, 2014

Hologram was disappointing. Expected more but still an enjoyable show

5 Stars Jersey Boys @ Paris Las Vegas by Robert on July 20, 2014

Excellent. Very good show

5 Stars Scarpetta @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by Dorian on July 19, 2014

Romantic, dark, and spectacular. Grab a seat by the window for an unbelievable view. The meal from tip to bottom was fabulous and so was the service. Best bread basket ever and don't miss the Duck and Foie gras Ravioli with Marsala Reduction. Heirloom Tomato/Burrata Salad was a great starter. Don't miss the best Italian restaurant in Las Vegas.

2 Stars Margaritaville @ The Flamingo by Great Good Service Not So Good on July 17, 2014

Good good, tasty and pleasing. Our waiter was loud, obnoxious and was never around. Just too our order, brought the bill and that was it. They sat us where we could not see the entertainment, but others seemed to enjoy it. Won't go here again.

5 Stars "Secret" Pizzeria @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by 360 Vegas Mark on July 14, 2014

Never fails! It defies the law of averages. At some point, you would expect to eventually have a bad experience or even just a bad slice but so far, flawless.

5 Stars Pin Up Pizza @ Planet Hollywood by Best Pizza On The Strip! on July 13, 2014

This is the biggest, fastest and best tasting slice of pizza on the strip!

5 Stars Monte Carlo by JoAnn Juarez on July 10, 2014

Another great trip!! This is our 6 time staying here. Will definitely plan another trip.Hotel is great and affordable!! Love the new additions to the resort!!!

5 Stars BARMASA @ ARIA by Brandon on July 10, 2014

Love this place. Favorite sushi in the world. Prices are high but 100% worth it. The cucumber salad is basic but fantastic.

4 Stars Tom Colicchio's Heritage Steak @ The Mirage by Brandon on July 10, 2014

Expected better. Service was excellent, food was good but nothing stood out.

4 Stars Carnegie Deli @ The Mirage by Brandon on July 10, 2014

We order 50% meat on the sandwiches. We always like this place. Good breakfast also

4 Stars Claim Jumper @ Golden Nugget by Brandon on July 10, 2014

Had breakfast here. Good food, great service

5 Stars Cadillac Mexican Cantina @ Golden Nugget by Brandon on July 10, 2014

This place was awesome. Came here for lunch and dinner. Loved it

2 Stars The Cromwell by Brandon on July 10, 2014

Smelled a bit funky in spots. The casino was just odd. Drink service was not good when we were there. I prefer Bills

5 Stars Zumanity @ New York New York by DDD on July 06, 2014

Saw this show with my girlfriend. Loved it. Definitely would recommend.

1 Star Joël Robuchon at The Mansion @ MGM Grand by Harvey Jones on July 05, 2014

Very poor value for money

4 Stars Boulder Station by Jane Public on July 04, 2014

Rooms are fine and clean. Your neighbors maybe loud but other then that it's great. Could not swim in pool because someone puked in it and they are slow on the sanitation. The Subway is horrible and the help there acted like they don't serve vegetarians. Guy was in bathroom forever, security had to make sure he was still alive. Very I grateful acting. Will never order from there again.

2 Stars Treasure Island by AL from San Diego on July 01, 2014

You get what you pay for. Starting to feel real worn in the rooms. On a budget or on a trip where you just need a few hours of sleep a night? The location is excellent for that. Tip: concerted effort to book the young and loud on the first 10 floors. Tram to Mirage is free and easy. Good players club program here, decent slot action. Skews towards a cowboy/country vibe in terms of clientele. Not a good place for young kids-- all attractions and most theming have been wiped out

5 Stars Sage @ ARIA by AL from San Diego on June 30, 2014

One of the best restaurants in Vegas. The Fois candy bar for dessert was in all ways decadent and shameless. I took a long hot shower after that indulgence. The 88$ tasting menu and $44 wine pairing is a great way to experience the mastery and genius that comes out of the kitchen. Service is a little pretentious but mindful and knowledgable. Dining in the front is a more sensory experience, lighting effects, music. Back dining room, bathed in dark fabrics,and a beautiful high ceiling is comfortable, yet still hip-- and modern. $$$Pricey to very expensive.

They do have a tremendously unique craft beer selection that can offered as a flight/pairing with a tasting menu.

4 Stars DB Brasserie @ The Venetian by AL from San Diego on June 30, 2014

Right off the Venetian casino floor. Great flatbreads, super burgers, outstanding salads. I loved the oven to table bread so much I asked for some to go. Great lobster salad! This place is SUPER casual-- shorts perfectly okay. Smart Cocktail list, outstanding wine list. Reports about noise level are correct. I plan to visit regularly.

4 Stars Suncoast by Truckosaurus on June 26, 2014

Large rooms for a price on a par with downtown hotels. Good views of the golf course although they start mowing at 5am. Best feature is the WAX bus from the parking lot - $2 and 20 minutes to Fremont Street.

5 Stars Emeril's New Orleans Fish House @ MGM Grand by king_ryan on June 25, 2014

Came here for happy hour in May and had an amazing experience. The service and food were both excellent. And the mojito was the best I've ever had. I'm not a huge spender, so I love finding good happy hours. Highly recommend.

5 Stars Mandarin Spa @ Mandarin Oriental by Richard on June 22, 2014

Best spa in LV. Always quiet. Purchase spa finder or spa wish gift cards at a reduced rate at Costco before you go. They are accepted at mandarin.

5 Stars Tableau @ Wynn Las Vegas by Jeff on June 19, 2014

This is a must visit for me for breakfast whenever in Vegas. Had a table outside overlooking the pools. Attentive service and food was perfectly prepared. Tip: if coming from another hotel ask to be dropped off or valet at Tower Suites entrance to enter directly to restaurant location.

5 Stars Delmonico @ The Venetian by Jeff on June 19, 2014

Went went with party of seven. Service was very good. Fresh bread was amazing; had the bone in rib eye and cooked perfectly. Side dishes could feed 3 people. Cappuccino after dinner was the best in recent memory. Would highly recommend.

3 Stars Rao's @ Caesars Palace by Jeff on June 19, 2014

Went her with a group of friends during stay at Caesars. Food was good but overpriced. Good portion of pasta as an entree but soup appetizer was small considering the price. Sinatra still the best for Italian food in my opinion.

5 Stars Pizza Rock @ Downtown Grand by @IndyJeffrey on June 18, 2014

So so good. Pizza for everyone who likes any style.

2 Stars The Noodle Shop @ Mandalay Bay by @IndyJeffrey on June 17, 2014

Avoid. I wish I'd read the reviews prior to dining here. In a property with many very good options, the noodle shop falls way short. Again, go elsewhere.

5 Stars Rose. Rabbit. Lie. @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by Danny Ocean on June 17, 2014

This is a must visit!! Great atmosphere and space along with some fantastic food. We tried the beef strongonoff, Sea bass, Brussels sprouts, heirloom tomatoes, seasonal veggies. All small plates and a great way to try multiple items. Good cocktail menu, desserts and entertainment makes this speakeasy a must. This will be a must visit for my wife and I each trip to Vegas!

4 Stars Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen and Bar @ The Quad (Imperial Palace) by Danny Ocean on June 17, 2014

Good pub food. Chicken wings sweet and spicy was a good way got start. Opted for the BBQ pork sandwich and fish tacos. The BBQ pork was the star. Pickled slaw on top along with the fries was very good. We sat at the bar and glad we did. The bartender was a friend of Guys and has been on his show Big Bite. He has created several of the drinks on the menu and in his cook books. Good food and conversation. Another good choice in Vegas and much better pub food than Ramsey's at Caesars.

0 Stars Giada @ The Cromwell by Danny Ocean on June 17, 2014

Great looking restaurant, great service and food. Signature lemon spaghetti with shrimp was a fantastic meal. Shrimp were huge and cooked perfectly. We got several antipasti small plates to start, all were very good. Great addition to Vegas.

2 Stars Bobby's Burger Palace @ ARIA by @IndyJeffrey on June 16, 2014

The burgers here are very good. Great variety. Beyond the burgers (sides, etc) the food goes average at best. Also, maybe it's a "Bobby" thing, but he has a sauce for everything. If the foods so good, why do I need to smother in sauce?

5 Stars The Palazzo by Wihda Abdulalghani on June 14, 2014


4 Stars KA @ MGM Grand by Cody on June 13, 2014

Very artistic and visually, one of the best I've seen. The stage use is amazing and the stunts and choreography are hair raising. I liked the way the audience is made to feel part of the show. Bit hard to follow as a story and can be long in some portions but overall extremely entertaining. Add to your list of must see shows.

5 Stars Tetsu @ ARIA by Mike Miketa on June 13, 2014

Very good and having your own chef is cool

5 Stars Spa & Salon @ Bellagio by Lori M on June 12, 2014

Great spa. I did a full day with massage, herbal wrap, facial and pedicure. Left feeling relaxed and pampered. All techs were great at their service and I didn't feel rushed or like I waited too long for the next service. Would definitely recommend.

1 Star The Bank @ Bellagio by D. Tutt on June 11, 2014

Club was a total joke and sham. You have to wait at the red rope like starving puppies waiting to be fed. One dude tipped Kyle $100 to get in. We ended up tipping him $20 each to be let in on top of paying $40 admission. Once inside it was total ratchetness in there. Definitely not sophisticated crowd. It was a total let down and waste of night in Vegas. Avoid at all costs. Avoid the scammer Kyle as well. He thought he was so cool. He was a chump. He's got a scam going on though. If you don't tip him, you will just wait at the red rope forever. I will not be returning here this summer.

4 Stars Flame Steakhouse @ El Cortez by Rob skyyontherocks on June 11, 2014

This was a real solid experience; not great, but solid. Wife had a filet and I had the prime rib special. Sides were mushrooms, garlic mashed and Mac and cheese. Service was off due to a large party but was still friendly and professional. This is worth going back to. Did not need a reservation on a Saturday night around 7pm. Great value here as well.

5 Stars The Silverton by David C. on June 11, 2014

Just want by to see what the place look like in side hit a $5000.00 jackpot and it was only my first day of a 3 day stay went on my way and found Las Vegas boulevard to the Vegas sign.

5 Stars South Point by D. Clark on June 11, 2014

Looked for a great place for activities.

5 Stars Treasure Island by D. Clark on June 11, 2014

Best hotel I ever stayed at I'm coming back in the summer and I will stay there, I was set up where I could look outside and see the pirate show I had a very great time.

4 Stars Hecho en Vegas Mexican Grill & Cantina @ MGM Grand by Leni on June 07, 2014

We had several items from the happy hour menu, everything was great, nice presentation, oh yes & prices were good for MGM. Waiter was friendly and helpful. We would go again for sure.

5 Stars "Secret" Pizzeria @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by 360 Vegas Mark on June 05, 2014

Lots of new contenders vying for the crown but secret pizza is still the undefeated, undisputed champ. Best slice in Vegas.

5 Stars The Chandelier @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by 360 Vegas Mark on June 05, 2014

With the addition of video poker, this is now my favorite place to hangout in Vegas.

5 Stars LOVE w/The Beatles @ The Mirage by 360 Vegas Mark on June 05, 2014

The best show in Vegas, hands down. This was our 5th or 6th time seeing it and its been amazing every time.

This time we opted for a closer experience and grabbed 2nd row seats. Couldn't believe we were able to get them 2 hours before the show and for the cost of the cheap seats because we were a basic Mlife member.

We expected the seating might make the experience unique from our previous viewings but never thought it would feel so different and familiar at the same time. While the show is great at emoting no matter where you sit in the theater, being that close gave depth and greater context to the emotions and vignettes. Seeing it as many times as we have helped to know where to focus our attention and savor those moments.

I actually think the higher up you are the better because there is so much going on that you miss that close. However odds are we will elect for the intimate experience least 1 or 2 more times.

5 Stars Tom Colicchio's Heritage Steak @ The Mirage by 360 Vegas Mark on June 05, 2014

STK still reigns supreme but this was impressive. Great space, atmosphere and wait staff. Enjoyed our time there so much, we hung out at the bar for a bit after dinner. This is the kind of steakhouse Mirage deserves. Food is great and even more impressive when you consider all the steaks are cooked over an open flame. Yet another quality option for steak in Vegas.

4 Stars Downtown Grand by 360 Vegas Mark on June 04, 2014

Sadly, I don't have a point of reference because I never saw Lady Luck but I was impressed. So much so that an overnight stay could be in our future. Casino has an industrial, basic look that works. Simple but cool. Their rooftop pool Picnic sits securely in the 2nd spot behind Golden Nugget as the best pools downtown. The vibe is very much community, local. Looking forward to experiencing more.

5 Stars Pizza Rock @ Downtown Grand by 360 Vegas Mark on June 04, 2014

A must try. A rival to secret pizza with loads more awesome options. Can't wait to go back and sample more.

4 Stars Ghirardelli @ The Quad (Imperial Palace) by 360 Vegas Mark on June 04, 2014

Surprisingly my first time in here because the wife had a craving. Tasty treats, not overwhelming as imagined.

4 Stars Flour & Barley @ The Quad (Imperial Palace) by 360 Vegas Mark on June 04, 2014

A quality slice in secret pizza's wheelhouse...or I was really drunk.

5 Stars Hecho en Vegas Mexican Grill & Cantina @ MGM Grand by 360 Vegas Mark on June 04, 2014

This is what Vegas dining is all about! This is the best Mexican cuisine we've enjoyed in Vegas and we found it by accident. Amazing food from an executive chef creating what he loves. We got to meet him because we couldn't shut up about how much we enjoyed our meal. We also received tremendous service from a guy who enjoys what he does and is really good at it. His name is Leo and he is an experience to be had. Tell him the flavors and textures you like and let him do the rest. Oh yeah, freshly made guacamole, done in front of you, table side. Eat here!

4 Stars MGM Grand by 360 Vegas Mark on June 04, 2014

This has been a bi-polar property for us. It seems every time we are impressed with something, a catastrophe happens to discourage us from spending anymore time there. Home to some amazingly good and bad food as well as service. I still see the potential so I'm not ready to write it off but I'm not ready to commit a week to it. Quality pool and the adults only version isn't topless, its just only for adults. No kids allowed. We will be back...with another MyVegas comp, both for the room as well as monorail. The latter makes the location far more appealing.

5 Stars Pyramid Cafe @ Luxor by 360 Vegas Mark on June 04, 2014

I've affectionately taken to referring to this place as Planet Dailies little brother. While they don't have the vast selection, the quality of what is available rivals. I had the strawberry shortcake french toast with a strawberry compote sauce and it was phenomenal. So good, I ate half of it without the sauce but both ways are epic. I can't recommend it enough.

4 Stars Mandalay Bay by 360 Vegas Mark on June 04, 2014

This property has so much going for it but its location continues to discourage me from committing to a whole week at the property. We took advantage of a MyVegas comp and the experience has pushed us closer to pulling the trigger, but not quite yet. Great pool, nice room and loads of quality food & drink options.

3 Stars Lemongrass @ ARIA by 360 Vegas Mark on June 04, 2014

This was my first experience with Thai food and we were really excited for it. Perhaps not being familiar with the cuisine ultimately caused the less than ideal meal choices we made but I was overall disappointed. Not to the extent that I won't try again but beware those who have textural issues with food. Some "withouts" and it will be good-to-go.

4 Stars The Cromwell by 360 Vegas Mark on June 04, 2014

Really impressed with what they've done to this place. Clearly Cosmopolitan helped inspire the designs elements. The douchebag quotient far exceeds exceptions but luckily they are largely confined to the roof or waiting in line to get on the roof.

5 Stars Yard House @ The Quad (Imperial Palace) by 360 Vegas Mark on June 04, 2014

Quality food, great beer selection and 2nd floor outdoor seating at Linq with an amazing view of the High Roller. I got the spicy chicken on cheese flatbread and loved it. I highly recommend.

4 Stars Tilted Kilt @ The Quad (Imperial Palace) by 360 Vegas Mark on June 03, 2014

Nice place. Good food, location, beer selection & pretty girls in hot outfits. House beer is a red, similar to Killian's and tasty. Nice addition to Linq.

4 Stars The Linq @ The Quad (Imperial Palace) by 360 Vegas Mark on June 03, 2014

A really cute addition to the strip. Nice space, some good restaurants/bars with outdoor seating and a couple kitsch shops. The Linq does not connect to carnival court as previously believed unless you count having to walk close to a straight line through the Quad. I'll continue to campaign for outdoor video poker but won't hold my breath.

4 Stars The Quad (Imperial Palace) by 360 Vegas Mark on June 03, 2014

I continue to enjoy the direction the property is headed. Even though the TAG hologram blackjack is not a hologram, the concept of the space is cool. Looking forward to seeing the property continue to evolve.