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2 Stars Bally's by Mike on October 17, 2014

Disappointed in Ballys. We have stayed there the last 6 years. Elevator didn't work dirty and staff didn't show much concern. Will try somewhere new next year.

5 Stars V Variety @ Planet Hollywood by Holley on October 16, 2014

I would like to add: The theater is incredibly small, but don't judge a book by its cover! We were very happy it was so small, we could see everything so well, even in the very back!

5 Stars V Variety @ Planet Hollywood by Holley on October 16, 2014

We enjoyed the show!! Very entertaining and engaging. I'm not sure tickets are worth full price (we got ours free) but it was fun. Great for the whole family.

4 Stars Bally's by Holley on October 16, 2014

We enjoyed our stay. It was not the fanciest hotel with the fanciest rooms but it was nice. We got exactly what we wanted, a nice place to sleep for a few hours a night.

4 Stars Ellis Island @ Ellis Island by Holley on October 16, 2014

Don't judge a book by its cover!! This place is great! Best Shrimp scampi ever!! My husbands steak was a little over cooked but was good (would have been delicious if cooked to his liking) The beer was AWESOME & super cheap!!

5 Stars SEA - the Thai Experience @ Bally's by Holley on October 15, 2014

This was the first time anyone in our group has had Thai food. We were absolutely satisfied with our experience!! The food was AMAZING!!! The Pad Thai will not let you down!!!

5 Stars R Steak & Seafood @ The Riviera by Holley on October 15, 2014

We went here because we had BOGO coupons. We were surprised with our experience. The food was AMAZING!!! And our server Bobby V. was awesome!! Our group had the steak fillet, lamb chops, mac-n-cheese & the potato soup- you will not be disappointed with any of these dishes!!!!

1 Star Caesars Palace by Paul on October 15, 2014

So let me tell you about my weekend at Caesars Palace..... this was my first time in Vegas and we had rooms at the Caesar's palace for Friday and Saturday night. The place was visually stunning and upon checking in we decided to visit the Bacchanal buffet because after 6 hours of not eating anything during the flight over we could think of no other better way to start the weekend then a buffet. We looked around the buffet and visually it looked amazing! It had prime rib, ribs, brisket, sushi, duck, crab and a multitude of other things. It was pretty awesome and about as equal to the buffets in Biloxi, MS. Then the alarm went off... imagine sitting at a table enjoying your meal...laughing, joking, fellow shipping with your companion and having the alarm go off. BEEP.......BEEP.......BEEP......BEEP.......Remember how we are conditioned to respond to an alarm since kindergarten, the unknown danger that could be occurring and for our safety we should get up and exit the building because we never know if it is a drill or not. So as this alarm raged on for countless minutes BEEP....BEEP....BEEP....BEEP each one ticking by like the moments of a watched pot boiling and other patrons asked the woman who seemed to be in charge what was happening her reply to them is "It's nothing unless you see me running then you should run" so my eyes are glued to this hostess/manager waiting to see if she runs so I to can run just waiting in full flight mode for as soon as she makes a move ... waiting to react to a constant alarm ringing in your ears BEEP....BEEP....BEEP....BEEP. Can you imagine this scene? you are enjoying some of the most superb food in Las Vegas and then an alarm goes you run for fear of death or do you stare at the woman who declares to follow her if she runs? is she running now? did you blink? where did she go? I don't see her BEEP....BEEP....BEEP....BEEP....I think we should some more? are you crazy? our lives are so much more important then a buffet...... this amount of stress ruined my appetite and not wanting to eat any more we just left the buffet. As outrageous as this seems this was my first experience in Las Vegas.
Then as in other casinos we had to go to the desk that issued the cards that we could use at the slot machines and such, in Caesars this is called the "total rewards" desk. We, my companion and I went there after the fiasco at the buffet because at some point in the weekend it would be important to have the ability to gamble and we should just get it over with. At this time I choose to relay my experience to the total rewards desk workers and thought that they could help resolve this horrible display of people skills as I had no faith in the manager of the buffet to resolve my issue due to her unprofessional behavior in the midst of a possible emergency.
When we went to the total rewards desk to sign up to gamble. I told the ladies there about what had happened at the buffet and they were extremely empathetic and it meant a lot to both me and my lady. I was asked to fill out an incident report and the person at the counter even offered me $20 free play for my inconvenience of going through that. I declined the money as all I wanted was what was fair if a dining experience was ruined then the dining experience should be replicated for the ruined party. This I thought would be simple but as it turns out it is not so much........but I will get back to that lets get back to the first night at Caesars.....
After registering for our cards and still felling stressed out about the trip, the flight, and then the indecent at the buffet we purchased some liqueur and garbed some food from Serendipity then retired to the room to watch a movie, relax, and start again fresh tomorrow. On the way back to the room we asked if because we had a cash deposit on the room would we still be able to order a movie the lady at the desk assured us that it would be fine and it would just come out of our cash deposit. Up to the room we go to relax after a long day Rum, Nachos, and Garlic potatoes in hand.
After getting to the room getting the food set up and drinks made jumping into bed and trying to order the movie...... the TV saying we were not authorized. So instead of caring about it I pulled out my Kindle and tried to connect to the hotel internet to watch something while we enjoyed our drinks and snacks which they assured me I was authorized for.....which I was not. I called the tech support listed on the authorization website to call if you had any issues on my cell phone. After many many minutes and finding out that the tech support didn't really know what he was doing I called the front desk while on one of the extensive holds from tech support and asked them if the room was authorized for Wi-fi they said there was some issue in the system and it had been corrected I thanked them and hung up the phone as the tech support rep came back on the line and side he didn't know why it wasn't working and didn't know how to find the IP address on my device to manually authorize it but the Mac address I gave him should work and he would submit a ticket that would give me access in 30 -40 minutes I thanked him and hung up the phone.
So now with no movie and no internet access and so few "local" channels that we could not find anything suitable to relax to and our food getting cold I called the front desk again and asked why I could not order the movie after being told I could. They Lady I spoke with this time said I would need to put a credit card on the room to charge the movie to the room...which was contradictory to what I was told in the first place. Even though I am old fashioned enough to not want to give anyone my card number if I don't absolutely have to but I was beaten at this point, gave up, and asked if I could give the card number over the phone, I was told I would have to go to the front desk to add a card to the room.
So, getting dressed again and making my way back to the front desk and after some discussion between the agent at the desk and someone in the back room they added the card to the room and assured me nothing would be charged to it except for the movie and that was the reason they needed it. Also that the internet should work now to because that had something to do with it, I thanked them. While I was down stairs I walked over to the Total rewards desk and checked in about the status of my complaint as it had been an hour or so and was told that there was no resolution and no estimated time of one from the manager JR but it was in his bosses hands and just to check back in at some point. Frustrated to no end at this abysmal day I thank him and return to what I think is going to be a fully functioning room, with drinks, soggy nachos, and cold potatoes.
Think again the video on demand was still not authorized and neither was the internet. So again I call the front desk and ask them why the video on demand is not working and they say it a system issue and that they have changed something in the computer and it should work now, I let the representative know to hold the line while I checked and again it said I was not authorized. The representative stated they could send a tech up to the room to see what the problem was I ask her to hold the line for a moment before sending anyone up and just powered off the TV and powered in back on and then tried to order the movie and it worked.....I thanked the agent and hung up the phone to enjoy my now soggy nachos and cold way over seasoned garlic potatoes with a few drinks and the company of my lady.
The incompetence of the Caesar Place reception staff and tech support at this time is almost to much to fathom but we let it go and committed to having a good time and started the day out fresh and had a pretty awesome day that I attribute to not having any interaction with any of the Caesars Place staff except the total rewards desk to check on the status of my complaint which we did in the morning and the late that night as they had no resolution time and time again and no update to an estimated time of resolution. I stated that we would be leaving the following afternoon and was told it was in the food and beverage side of the house's hands and given no way to contact them to check on the status. It didn't feel this time that they cared at all and it really felt like they were telling us forget about it just deal with it. After checking the following morning before setting off back to the airport and still 48 hours later they had no resolution.
So I am dealing with it and letting everyone who cares to listen that Caesars Palace's customer service, professionalism, and job knowledge is some of the poorest I have ever come into contact with.....ever.

3 Stars Harrah's Las Vegas by KerennMark on October 10, 2014

Plus - Great local, decent rooms with a comfy bed, good to great food offerings, all new machines, decent table limits

Minus - Dated & beat up elevators, shitty pool, AC system from the 70's?

4 Stars Pizza Rock @ Downtown Grand by KerennMark on October 10, 2014

As it was the last time we visited, the food was amazing. The Cal Italia is worthy of the awards it won. The only reason I can't give 5 chips is because the service was VERY slow. Friendly & knowledgable, but slow...

5 Stars Monte Carlo by JoAnn Juarez on October 09, 2014

Just got back from staying here 3 days!!! Had a blast

5 Stars Giada @ The Cromwell by Robert on October 07, 2014

Went for lunch. Sat at window with incredible view of Strip. Enjoyed the small plates. Food well prepared. Best was her cookies for dessert. Waiter reminded me that she had her start as a pastry cookies I ever had! Will repeat often.

5 Stars Bond @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by 360 Vegas Mark on October 04, 2014

Leave it to Cosmopolitan to do a classy party pit. Attractive dealers with tastefully sexy outfits. The dancers are good looking and are actually dancers with choreographed routines. The atmosphere is classic Cosmopolitan, sheik & modern with a top quality bar. And being located in the front of the property, providing a view of the strip why you play, makes this my favorite party pit in Vegas.

1 Star Umami Burger @ SLS Las Vegas by 360 Vegas Mark on October 04, 2014

I wish I could tell you anything about this place but unfortunately, after being ignored at the bar for 5 minutes, I was acknowledged enough to ask for a menu. After I was disdainfully given one without even so much as eye contact, I left. Once the property learned of it they offered a comp meal and promised to address the situation. I hope they do but considering my next trip won't be until next March, and the additional effort required to get to SLS, I'll accept this as my one, and possibly only, experience with Umami burger.

2 Stars Triple 7 Brewpub @ Main Street Station by 360 Vegas Mark on October 04, 2014

Really unimpressed with any of the craft beers. The space was okay but felt old. Service was slow and the pot stickers were flavorless. Cheesy garlic bread was acceptable. If you are looking for excellent microbrews, head over to Banger Brewery at Neonopolis. Much better selection and flavors. The best i've had in Vegas.

3 Stars Fulton Street Food Hall @ Harrah's Las Vegas by 360 Vegas Mark on October 04, 2014

Didn't expect much so we were pleasantly surprised. Good, diverse options. Freshly made gourmet salads, right in front of you. Good soups, a coffee/bakery and a unique atmosphere. Nice bar as well. Much more available but we didn't try the sushi bar, pizza or the sandwiches but they looked good. Nice addition to Harrah's.

5 Stars Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by 360 Vegas Mark on October 04, 2014

The best property in Vegas, in my opinion. The only complaints I have would be the table limits can be just beyond my comfort some but good for them if they can get it. Amazing rooms, food, bars and location. The addition of the Bond party pit was brilliant and done classy like Cosmopolitan always does. If I'm ever able to buy a condo, it will more than likely be in Cosmopolitan.

5 Stars "Secret" Pizzeria @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by 360 Vegas Mark on October 04, 2014

Still the best pizza in Vegas and in my life. Collectively during the trip, I consumed an entire pie all by myself. Can't get enough.

4 Stars Downtown Grand by 360 Vegas Mark on October 04, 2014

I really like this place. Its charming. The industrial feel is a unique addition to the Fremont landscape. It does have a few more scary locals than I would prefer but staff personalities compensate for that. Really interested in staying here during the summer.

3 Stars Harrah's Las Vegas by 360 Vegas Mark on October 04, 2014

I like Harrah's. I think this property gets a bad rap. Its got a huge casino that you don't get lost in with a great selection of games. The renovations are subtle in some cases but I thought they were noticeable and appreciated. New bars, carpet, quality dining options and no more tube video poker or filthy gaming cabinets. The rooms are adequate and clean but they are dated and lived in. Location is great, food is good and prices & limits are low. The worst thing about this property is the pool. Harrah's is a good option for those on a budget.

5 Stars Lavo @ The Palazzo by 360 Vegas Mark on October 04, 2014

Lavo doesn't disappoint. Still the best Italian I've had outside of homemade. The garlic bread is epic, the meat and cheese tray is quality and the pasta makes a statement. Had the ravioli this time and really enjoyed it. The wife's Carbanara is so good, a guy who doesn't like onions can't help but steal some. Best Italian in Vegas.

5 Stars Andiamo Steakhouse @ The D Las Vegas by 360 Vegas Mark on October 04, 2014

Wow. I had heard this place rivals strip steakhouses but I didn't believe it. I was wrong. Service is as amazing as CUT @Palazzo, ambiance as intimate and classic as Tender @Luxor and the steak was almost as good as STK @Cosmopolitan. Amazing in-house steak sauce & Miguel is one of the best servers I've ever had in my life. Do yourself a favor and experience this place.

3 Stars Main Street Station by 360 Vegas Mark on October 03, 2014

Charming. Adorable. Looks like an old train station/hotel they added a casino to. History preserved, nice limits and player friendly rules. Worth a visit.

2 Stars The California by 360 Vegas Mark on October 03, 2014

No discernible theme and the atmosphere rivals its neighbor the Las Vegas Club, sad. Looks like what you would expect a casino to look like in any random hotel chain in America.

5 Stars Pizza Rock @ Downtown Grand by 360 Vegas Mark on October 03, 2014

Expectations were high and they were met. The standard slice rivals secret pizza @Cosmopolitan and the specialty pizzas are impressive. We had the Cal Italia which took me out of my comfort zone but rewarded me for being brave. The most unique slice I've ever had and delicious. Couldn't stop until it was all gone. Nice beer selection as well. A Fremont must.

5 Stars The D Las Vegas by 360 Vegas Mark on October 03, 2014

Once again, the D doesn't disappoint. Big rooms, cool decour and a comfy bed. Great vibe from the casino & all its staff. This is the coolest property on Fremont St. I'll never judge something by its name again. Quality dining options as well but the infamous awful elevators live up to their reputation.

3 Stars Wynn Buffet @ Wynn Las Vegas by @HugePopcorn on September 15, 2014

I had lunch. Solid upscale choice but I was not super impressed. Nothing delicious. Maybe eggplant parm was best. Tried eight deserts no favorites. Got full fast. Would try again.

5 Stars Wynn Las Vegas by @HugePopcorn on September 15, 2014

Wynn is gorgeous. Room was great and does cool tricks. Pool is great. Bed comfy once I could finally go to sleep after Vegas mania.

1 Star Zoozacrackers @ Wynn Las Vegas by @HugePopcorn on September 15, 2014

Stupid Chicken nachos were all chips. The part in the middle where it looked like a heap of toppings was just a mountain of chips they must of squeezed together. Worst thing ever. I need to send stuff like that back.

3 Stars R Steak & Seafood @ The Riviera by @HugePopcorn on September 15, 2014

$20 Complete Steakhouse Meal Deal was a win during my night of comped comedy at Riviera. Steak was good but Caesar Salad was forgotten and came out last. I ate at the bar no reservation.

2 Stars The D Las Vegas by @HugePopcorn on September 15, 2014

Disagreement with the pit made me uncomfortable. I was right though. I asked dealer to free split aces once on free bet blackjack and he said I couldn't free split aces so I used my own money. Dealer made 21. After my loss I read the table card and realized it should of been allowed. I went to the pit and they gave me static. Due to another quirk of the game I wasn't out any money on the error but I had to go a step further to the shift manager to get some sympathy. Dealer insisted he was right so I had to keep pursuing. Hope pit didn't mess up my rating and that they don't pull that on you when you visit in the future. Nervous to give them future action.

3 Stars American Coney Island @ The D Las Vegas by @HugePopcorn on September 15, 2014

Chili Cheese Fries were not as good as I was expecting but somehow writing this I want them again. I ate them at 6AM. Sober.

4 Stars Du-Par's @ Golden Gate by @HugePopcorn on September 15, 2014

$3.99 Shrimp Cocktail is getting pretty pricey. Luckily the Golden Gate mails out generous food comps to degenerates. Stackzilla promotion eat 10 pancakes in 15 minutes and it's free. Easier to win at Keno.

Pancakes and shrimp good. Service ok.

2 Stars Mon Ami Gabi @ Paris Las Vegas by Tom on September 12, 2014

Food good. Waiter rude. Will not return.

5 Stars Circus Circus by Cricket on September 11, 2014

We stay at circus circus every year when go!! The rooms are NICE and CLEAN!! The beds are SUPER comfy and we have no complaints!! This year we decided to stay at the other end of the strip and stayed at Excalibur. We are soooooo sorry that we didn't stay at circus circus again!! We won't make that mistake again next year!!

0 Stars Excalibur by Cricket on September 11, 2014

When first getting to our room it looked clean and nice. Our safe was closed so we had to call the front desk to send maintenance down to open it. They told us it would be 45 minutes!! I'm sure that's what everyone wants to do their first night in Vegas is hang out in the room!! The next morning we realized just how bad the room was!! We opened the curtains only to see a 200 ft cinder block wall and a dead bush was our view. There were also bugs in the shower that were very much alive and at least 40 times a day you get hassled by people trying to sell time shares!! We didn't get hassled at any other hotel!! Our hallway also looked like something from the shinning!!We go every year and stay at circus circus but we thought it might be fun to stay at the other end of the strip this time. We won't be making that mistake again!!!

1 Star Jean Georges Steakhouse @ ARIA by Carmen on September 10, 2014

The chef should go back to chef school the food was gross ! ,!!!!!!Everything was salty and the stake was burned in out side and raw in the inside.spent my night in the bathroom ! Want the best chef cooking your stake go to the four seasons stake house!!!!!!!

3 Stars Claim Jumper @ Golden Nugget by Andrew on September 08, 2014

Had breakfast here twice in August. Good service, ok food but terrible coffee served barely warm. Most of the seating is set back from the entrance making it a little too dark for breakfast.

5 Stars Sinatra @ Encore at Wynn Las Vegas by Big Tone on August 31, 2014

Have an earlier review on here and am pleased to say that standards haven't dropped an inch at Sinatra's.

Dined with 8 friends and service was still exceptional as ever. Had a special appetiser of truffle fettuccine which was the finest pasta dish I have ever eaten, anywhere.

Other diners with me ate chicken parmigiana, and the filet mostly, my wife had a selection of side dishes only and some of them were good enough to have been entrees/apps elsewhere. One dessert ordered which was 'the hat' made of chocolate and it was apparently very good indeed.

I have forgotten the name of our server but she was excellent and very patient with such a relatively large party.

Sommelier was exactly as you would expect from a Wynn property and recommended an awesome alternative when the wine we wanted was out of stock.

If you are a fan of fine food or Frank - you need to eat here, the food is exceptional and the atmosphere is wonderfully Sinatra without being too in your face, or in any way tacky.

5 Stars Pin Up Pizza @ Planet Hollywood by Marianne on August 30, 2014

Went for lunch - yum. Even my picky pizza husband liked it and said he would go back. Definitely the biggest slices we have had. This is a definitely a go to place for a quick bite.

5 Stars Giada @ The Cromwell by Marianne on August 29, 2014

Had a great meal! Service was outstanding. Food unbelievable. All the staff very friendly and attentive. We were seated by the windows when they opened up - very cool, great view of strip. Only downside was that we were too full to even try any dessert. Maybe next time. Highly recommend for a special dinner.

1 Star Samba Brazilian @ The Mirage by Steve on August 29, 2014

Didn't even eat. We went for happy hour bar food, picked 3 items we wanted off the menu, and the waitress said "we don't have those anymore". Same answer when I tried to order one of their beer specials off of the menu. We got up and walked out.

5 Stars Gordon Ramsay BurGR @ Planet Hollywood by Big Tone on August 29, 2014

Simply awesome - had a 30 minute wait for a table (which I normally refuse to do in Vegas, so little time so many options), but this place was well worth it, and had been recommended.

On sight I first thought the burger was slightly undercooked, but tried it and found it to be perfect, all quite simple tastes and ideas but done incredibly well.

Try the Truffle oil and Parmesan fries, and as mentioned in another review, the onion rings are also first rate.

Service was exceptional, and prices were within the expected range ($75 for two burgers and two sides plus drinks) considering the taste experience.

Highly recommended.

5 Stars Michael Mina @ Bellagio by Talitha on August 28, 2014

This is one of the best restaurants I have ever been to. I wish it wasn't tucked away so well so more people could experience it. We enjoyed the pre-show tasting meal here with the wine pairing. We felt it was a good value. The service here was awesome--definitely set the bar high! The thing that is truly unique about this restaurant is the fine balance between fine dining and down-to-earth realness. It's a great representation of the man himself. It's cool to read a menu and know what all the ingredients are, but feel that you're still getting a gourmet meal. My boyfriend is a butcher and I have to say that we both felt that we had the best filet mignon (in a restaurant) ever at Michael Mina.

3 Stars FIN @ The Mirage by Talitha on August 28, 2014

Went here with a group of my girl friends. We all loved the food, but we never saw the server again after she took our food order! We waited forever to get the bill once we were finished eating, never mind even receiving refills on our water or ordering another drink. If you are good at being a jerk to get the server's attention, the food is well worth the trip! Neat atmosphere and the Peking Duck looked luscious. Have to rate 3 due to service.

1 Star Lagasse's Stadium @ The Palazzo by Talitha on August 28, 2014

We stopped to eat lunch here during one of the less important College Bowls and were told that if we didn't want to pay the exorbitant cover, we had to sit at the bar. We didn't mind sitting up at the bar at all. My fancy drink was bland and flat. My chili cheese fries were even more bland. My boyfriend's garlic parm fries had a bit more flavour at least, but they were raw! It was one of the worst meals I've ever had. Certainly not up to Vegas standards, especially on the Strip.

2 Stars Giada @ The Cromwell by Big Tone on August 27, 2014

Don't believe the hype, this is an average restaurant, nothing more nothing less, and for the price I honestly believe you can do better ($250 for two entrees, 4 sharing antipasti, half a bottle of wine and no dessert)

It's very current, and is in a lovely setting, but the service was poor from our waiter, and I expected more from the food based on the reviews and buzz. Some seating is cramped, and because the service was poor this created a bit of a mob mentality. Don't go if you want to whisper sweet nothings or discuss anything you aren't comfortable everyone hearing.

Don't miss the photo booth on the left as you arrive up the escalator, it is fun, free and for me was the highlight of the place.

1 Star Grotto Ristorante @ Golden Nugget by Jane Public on August 25, 2014

So Chart House was closed but they sent me here saying there kitchen was open till 11pm on a Sunday. There was no fabulas greeting at the door what so ever. Kia the female bartender didn't know the difference between iodized salt and sea salt. I said what about margertia salt? She said oh we have kosher salt and I looked at her like wtf girl that is sea salt....some one please give this female a lesson in kosher educate. I was beyond let's just was great, margarita pizza was delicious but the crust is micro thin it needed to be examined under a microscope, very weird and has yet something to be desired. The manager guy was a very sweet man but I will just leave my opinion online and have u guys judge for yourself.

5 Stars El Cortez by on August 24, 2014

A resort fee???? What resort? This place has no resort, no pool, no attraction. Nothing. Resort fee = a way to advertise a false price, then hit you up for more money once inside. That being said, I do not recall paying or being charged a resort fee on my stay. What I do recall was a clean (I repeat CLEAN) comfortable room with a cool nostalgic feel walking distance from Fremont street. I always stay here. If all you want is a nice clean room to lay your butt down after a hard night of enjoying Vegas, this is the place. Great prices too. Stay away from the food though. Nothing special. Hit up Fremont street when you are hungry. As I said in the beginning though, this place has absolutely no attractions that would justify a "resort fee", and I don't remember ever being charged one when I have stayed. This could just be a typo.

4 Stars Golden Nugget by Andrew on August 21, 2014

Stayed at Aria mid-week followed by Friday & Saturday in a Rush Tower room. No noise whatsoever from Fremont Street. Room compares favourably with Aria but the much smaller windows meant it was a little dark. The feel, vibe and friendliness of downtown cannot compare with the Strip. I felt very relaxed and safe when on my own. Staff were polite but the bell hop / valet could use extra staff.

5 Stars ARIA by Andrew on August 21, 2014

Got a great mid-week deal on a corner suite. Huge windows with views towards Vdara and Rio in the distance. Very long walk from the lift to the room (at least a 5 minute round trip). Check-in (around 9pm on Monday) was fast despite the queue. Check-out even quicker with member of staff walking the queue with an iPad offering to review any charges and confirm check-out.

5 Stars Aria Cafe @ ARIA by Andrew on August 21, 2014

Good for solo diners with plenty of bar style seating. Considering the resorts high roller status, prices are reasonable with top quality breakfast food.

3 Stars Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by Andrew on August 21, 2014

If you like hanging out with 25 year old guys, this is the place to be. Main casino floor blurs the lines between club, bar and casino. Certainly not a comfortable place to hang out after midnight with the many strip club limo guys ready to pounce just outside the main entrance.

4 Stars Absinthe @ Caesars Palace by Andrew on August 20, 2014

Rude, racist but delivered with no hate or malice making it a "I shouldn't be laughing at this but I am" experience. The acts between the hosts patter were superb. Have at least two drinks and sit near the front.

5 Stars Carrot Top @ Luxor by Andrew on August 20, 2014

Being from the UK I feared his humour might not translate but by and large it did with only the odd American reference I didn't know. A small theatre which benefits his prop led act. I must admit Mr Top "bought" an extra star in this review as, mid-act, a bottle of whiskey made an appearance which was shared with the audience, me included!

5 Stars Five50 @ ARIA by Andrew on August 20, 2014

Had a slice & draught at the walk-up counter (there are stand-up tables available to eat from). Pizza is the thin & crispy kind and piping hot.

3 Stars Penn and Teller @ The Rio by Andrew on August 20, 2014

I've seen every trick before from their TV appearances so it lost the "wow" factor. The patter was good with plenty of audience interaction. Worth seeing if you can get discounted tickets. Get there early to see if you can spot the occasional special guest in the warm-up jazz group.

4 Stars The Buffet @ ARIA by Andrew on August 20, 2014

Cannot fault the quality of the food available at the breakfast buffet. Service was pleasant and attentive within the buffet but the lady taking payment at the front desk needs to find a new job. I arrived a few minutes after it opened, a good option if you are dining alone.

3 Stars LOVE w/The Beatles @ The Mirage by Timm on August 19, 2014

I was decidedly underwhelmed. Honestly, I just don't get the fuss. It's 90 min of Beatles tunes accompanied by people swinging through the air and dancing across the stage. And the moves are not that exciting, except for one sequence halfway through when a guy does an extended balancing act high above center stage. Save your money, or go see Blue Man.

5 Stars Pin Up Pizza @ Planet Hollywood by Timm on August 19, 2014

Best slice I've had in Vegas and I go to Vegas 2x a year and am a pizza guy. It's huge, fresh and delicious. Do yourself a favor and grab one; you can thank me later.

5 Stars 800 Degrees @ SLS Las Vegas by Dave W. on August 17, 2014

Great brick oven pizza served in an interesting space right on the strip. Reasonably priced selection of beers as well including $7 pints of Goose Island. Look forward to returning.

3 Stars Citizens Kitchen & Bar @ Mandalay Bay by Dave W. on August 17, 2014

We hit this place for the takeout selections as such options are limited at Mandaly Bay. Food is good but way overpriced. A cup of chicken soup was 9 dollars and they charged me an additional 3 bucks for a piece of bread. A skinny slice of cheesecake was also nine dollars and was no better than average. Sandwiches run 10 to 13 bucks and re pretty tasty.

1 Star Bay Side Buffet @ Mandalay Bay by Dave W. on August 17, 2014

Worst breakfast buffet we have experienced in Vegas. The selection of different foods was limited but even worse was the poor quality of the food. Pass.

0 Stars VĂ©ronic Voices @ Bally's by what is red bottom shoes on August 17, 2014

Quite educational, look forward to coming back again.|

5 Stars Raiding the Rock Vault @ Westgate (Las Vegas Hilton) by toastcmu on August 16, 2014

While tucked away and the former Hilton, this show does not disappoint if you are a fan of classic rock! Robin Macauley, Paul Shortino, Howard Leese, and others all put on a 2hr show which flies by. There was one shill moment in the show when the "roady" mentions timeshares now that it's the Westgate, but the prices are very reasonable and we got upgraded to 6th row seats after buying balcony seats. Go see it!

5 Stars Tom Colicchio's Heritage Steak @ The Mirage by toastcmu on August 16, 2014

Excellent meal! I had the 18oz bone-in ribeye, which had a miniscule bone in it. The meat was so tender, and cooked to a perfect consistency. My wife had the 10 oz filet, which was perfection to her! Get the warm king crab and you will not be disappointed!

3 Stars ARIA by toastcmu on August 16, 2014

Stayed here on a Mlife rate - this was my first time at Aria, and while I always find the casino to be an enjoyable place, the room was lacking in my view. My wife and I found considerable dust on the furniture, and we were not impressed with the room control pad. Call me old fashioned, but a simple remote would have been easier to try and control the TV. I did enjoy the pool, but feel that Bellagio just has been a better overall product in my opinion.

5 Stars Julian Serrano @ ARIA by toastcmu on August 16, 2014

The mix paella was perfect at lunch - seafood, meat, rice, sausage - an overload of flavors for your mouth! I'd eat here again in a heartbeat! Service was excellent, and being in the lobby, I think the decor is one of the nicer areas of Aria

5 Stars House of Blues @ Mandalay Bay by Timm on August 15, 2014

Incredible biscuits and gravy and overall great breakfast. Staff friendly and efficient. Really surprised by this place - figured it was a music venue with crappy food. Wrong.

4 Stars T&T (Tacos & Tequila) @ Luxor by Timm on August 15, 2014

Great food. Been here twice and both times was very satisfied.

4 Stars Tap Sports Bar @ MGM Grand by Timm on August 15, 2014

Very nice. Lots of TVs with lots if sports. Friendly wait staff. Reasonably priced. My burger was good, my wife's turkey sandwich was great.

4 Stars Mandalay Bay by Timm on August 14, 2014

Love the property - here now - but they lose a star when I have an emergency and need to fax something and they charge me for it. As if they don't get enough of my $ in the casino and thru resort fees, etcetera. Kind of ridiculous.

2 Stars More, the Buffet @ Luxor by Timm on August 14, 2014

Bad. Limited options, cold food and lousy service. Other than that, it was awesome....

4 Stars Tequila Bar and Grill @ Bally's by John Miller on August 14, 2014

It is what it is. If you can imagine a dive bar looking place with pretty much no style, really good food at reasonable prices (for a Vegas strip hotel) , good service with flags on the table. Here ya go. For late night dinner or snacks, keep this on your list.

5 Stars Westgate (Las Vegas Hilton) by Glenn on August 12, 2014

This is our "go to" off-strip property. Spend an extra few bucks and get the resort club rooms. A lot nicer and come with VIP checkin and lounge access.

3 Stars Royal Indian Bistro @ The Rio by Bill Crumbakerr on August 12, 2014

My wife loved the lamb vindaloo and I liked the chicken tikka and we had tandoori chicken wings for an appetizer

4 Stars Five50 @ ARIA by John Miller on August 07, 2014

Great pizza. Good service. Plan to return next visit.

5 Stars Aria Cafe @ ARIA by John Miller on August 07, 2014

Calling this a coffee shop is insufficient. It is a lovely 24 hour excellent quality restaurant.

5 Stars Julian Serrano @ ARIA by John Miller on August 07, 2014

Sensational place. We had lunch which included the Ahi Tempura. Everything so well done. Fantastic service. I think since it's at Aria,the higher prices are expected. We definitely plan to go back

5 Stars Pin Up Pizza @ Planet Hollywood by Pokerbucketlist on August 06, 2014

I'm not sure what it tastes like sober, but while drunk it tasted AMAZING. Convenient location right on the strip at planet Hollywood. I thought it would be a cluster#%^* at night because it's a very small take out style spot, but not so, the pizza artists were fast, efficient and easy on the eyes to boot. They understood my slurred speech, which was a bonus, and my drunken need for quick pizza to go. I also partook in the dessert which was whipped cream stuffed cannelonis. I'm not sure if it was because I was so hungry and they just looked it, but the slices were very big. I thought the prices were very reasonable, frankly for that location I expected them to be much more.

2 Stars Cleopatra's Barge @ Caesars Palace by Jane Public on July 30, 2014

God I cannot believe this place is still open!! Its the apitomy of where the middle aged folks go and hang,drink and dance. If you want to people watch and see the old ladies shake there money makers this is the place to be. Nothing nastastalgic on this place. They have not redecorated in years since I have passed that place.

2 Stars Hash House A Go Go @ The Plaza by Jane Public on July 30, 2014

Service was so so last time I was there,I was not impressed w/ server and she had to ask several times about ingredients in food. They should be aware people do have allergies. Overly large portions. The one at Quad is horriable BTW....

4 Stars The Chandelier @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by Jane Public on July 30, 2014

I like going to this bar w/ the multi levels But the outfits they make the female cocktail servers are very weird. I always though have a very good time at this bar...

3 Stars Madam Tussaud's @ The Venetian by Jane Public on July 30, 2014

Its okay if you have kids or family in town and want to take them to something interesting. You can go thru the whole thing in an hour. You will defiantly see any of your over rated celebrity wax statues such as George Clooney,Angelina Jolie,Brad Pitt,Elvis,Shaq,Michael Jackson...just to name a few. Is better if you can get coupons or tickets which you can get from any mall or shopping area located in the malls or walk ways popular to the tourists.You can take pictures next to the Statues and we saw a lot of people posing for dirty pictures such as grabbing genitals or booty twerkin!! I hope they sanitize the statues and there clothing weekly cus they sure were getting friskey!!! They do have a bar located in the middle of the museum before folks leave which is probably where the intresting human interactions begin!! I feel story for the poor statues. I am sure thats why some of the accessories from the statues were missing such as shoes and microphones. James Brown's and Sammy Davis Jr's wig didn't look to strait before we left.So please do not get drunk I guess before seeing this fine exhibit.

1 Star Delmonico @ The Venetian by Jane Public on July 30, 2014

Be careful as this place fills up quickly...So quickly they misplace your reservation,TWICE both times w/ Pardies I have been with. It was so late that we stuck with Venitian room service and 2nd time we just went to ol' reliable which was The Lux Cafe

5 Stars ARIA by Ed P. on July 30, 2014

We used to exclusively stay at Wynn ... until the comps dried up, the service started to decline, and they began nickel and diming for everything. We tried the Aria a couple of years ago and will now stay nowhere else. The hotel and casino are top notch, the staff is fantastic from the front desk to housecleaning, and the Aria provides a great comp and Mlife points program. We go to Vegas twice a year for a week at a time, and we always look forward to staying at Aria.

5 Stars Bobby's Burger Palace @ ARIA by Ed P. on July 30, 2014

The burgers are absolutely fantastic, as are the fries and onion rings. Also very good is Bobby's Burger Sauce. It provides a nice little kick, but in a smooth complimentary way, not a hot overpowering way. We ate at Bobby's Burger Place twice during our recent vacation and thoroughly enjoyed both visits. Give it a try ... you'll love it.

4 Stars Giada @ The Cromwell by Dorian on July 28, 2014

Great experience at Giada's! Sat at the bar and was fawned over service wise. Managers, waiters, hotness, could not have been nicer or more efficient. I had lunch and started with "The G" signature cocktail, followed by terrific bread service. Think salty pizza crusts with pesto dipping sauce. I also enjoyed the Burrata with pink salt. It was the best I ever had, period. The waiter then brought my lemon pesto, heirloom tomato, prosciutto grilled cheese sandwich. Delicious! For dessert I savored the gelato/sorbetto of dark chocolate, roasted banana, white chocolate, and summer strawberry. Mmmm! Go to Giada's. Giada is there on site Monday they Thursday like clockwork.

4 Stars Central by Michel Richard @ Caesars Palace by Dorian on July 28, 2014

In my opinion, it's the best late night 24 hour dining destination in Vegas. I sat at the bar and had great service and really good food. Convenience and lots of food options.

1 Star Haute Doggery @ The Quad (Imperial Palace) by Dorian on July 28, 2014

Poor customer service, three people got their food ahead of me and I ordered one "Windy City" Chicago style dog. I paid over $8.00 for a crappy hot dog which wasn't even made correctly. They left off the celery salt. If someone from Chicago was there, they would have thrown it back. Much better places to get a hot dog for less money. American Coney at The D blows it away or even Pinks which is mediocre. Save your time and money.

4 Stars Frank Marino @ The Quad (Imperial Palace) by Dorian on July 28, 2014

Fun, energetic, and weird. Just my kind of show. Drink service was bad but the show was very good. The dancing was better than expected. Go have fun!

4 Stars Salvatore's @ Suncoast by Joseph Burke on July 24, 2014

Normally a great place to eat with reasonably prices. We have been to this restaurant about a dozen times and was only disappointed once. That one occasion was horrific with a waiter that just did not give a damn. Surprisingly he is still there. Despite one very bad experience I would still recommend the restaurant. It is a very pleasant room with a skilled piano player and singer that comes on at 6pm.

5 Stars Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition @ Luxor by Robert on July 20, 2014

Excellent exhibition. 10 times better than the exhibition at Belfast

4 Stars Michael Jackson ONE @ Mandalay Bay by Robert on July 20, 2014

Hologram was disappointing. Expected more but still an enjoyable show

5 Stars Jersey Boys @ Paris Las Vegas by Robert on July 20, 2014

Excellent. Very good show

5 Stars Scarpetta @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by Dorian on July 19, 2014

Romantic, dark, and spectacular. Grab a seat by the window for an unbelievable view. The meal from tip to bottom was fabulous and so was the service. Best bread basket ever and don't miss the Duck and Foie gras Ravioli with Marsala Reduction. Heirloom Tomato/Burrata Salad was a great starter. Don't miss the best Italian restaurant in Las Vegas.

2 Stars Margaritaville @ The Flamingo by Great Good Service Not So Good on July 17, 2014

Good good, tasty and pleasing. Our waiter was loud, obnoxious and was never around. Just too our order, brought the bill and that was it. They sat us where we could not see the entertainment, but others seemed to enjoy it. Won't go here again.

5 Stars "Secret" Pizzeria @ Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by 360 Vegas Mark on July 14, 2014

Never fails! It defies the law of averages. At some point, you would expect to eventually have a bad experience or even just a bad slice but so far, flawless.

5 Stars Pin Up Pizza @ Planet Hollywood by Best Pizza On The Strip! on July 13, 2014

This is the biggest, fastest and best tasting slice of pizza on the strip!