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5 Stars Dave August 11, 2011

During our last stay at the Palazzo (which connects to the Venetian), we decided to try Postrio before a show. We were very glad we did... The meal and service was fantastic! The seating area (in St. Mark's square) was great for the environment and people watching. We will definitely go again the next time we stay in Vegas.

2 Stars John May 03, 2011

Found a staple in my spaghetti dinner. They were extremely apologetic and comped my meal. Beyond that, all else was good.

2 Stars John May 02, 2011

Found a staple in my spaghetti dinner. They were extremely apologetic and comped my meal. Beyond that, all else was good.

2 Stars Heyyyyy January 21, 2011

Horable service salty food

5 Stars Sara January 04, 2010


0 Stars Brent N July 17, 2007

They changed their menu in the cafe from last year.

The food was still good (my wife had the rotiserie chicken and I had the BBQ chicken pizza) and their 1/2 caraf of wine was very large, but I was disappointed that both our favorite meals were no longer offered.

Still, we had a very nice meal at a reasonable price.

0 Stars arm53 June 23, 2007

Had Pizza overlooking a fine show in the courtyard. A very nice memory.
The food/service was excellent.

0 Stars maxload July 19, 2004

Dined there the weekend of July 10th. A new appetizer added to the menu, cauliflower soup, was sublime. Entree was a total disappointment, the lobster came out overcooked and rubbery. Dessert, a strawberry/rhubarb confection, was superb.

Did not want to embarrass our host, so did not mention anything at the time. Went back the next day and got the GM's card and email and expressed our disappointment via email. He has yet to respond.

Service was good, though the waiter could have used better powers of observation. Asking "how everything is" when your guests have just taken a bite tends to make responses non-verbal at best.

0 Stars markhh2 May 24, 2003

One of our favorites

0 Stars RateVegas User July 02, 2002

The meal was really good. I also liked the atmosphere (I sat on the "outside" overlooking the square). I had Sausage Speghetti. There was a little too much garlic in my meal however. The meal was also reasonable price, considering that it is a Wolfgang Puck restaurant.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 07, 2001

We were very disappointed in the service as well as the meal we had at Postrio. The menu was mediocre at best. Nothing was outstanding like you would expect from a Wolfgang Puck restaurant. Our waiter was very condescending, maybe because we were eating early, but had my elderly parents with us. We are used to eating at fine restaurants all over the world, and will never go back to this one.

0 Stars RateVegas User February 03, 2001

OVERALL Postrio is very good, but the wine list is just TOO high priced. I have been to many many "high end or destination " restuarants over the past 15 years. The average cost of an American cabernet was approx $115.00. I saw only a few, maybe a dozen of the 120 cabs on the wine list under $75.00. I think that if the general manager wants to increase wine sales then redo you wine list to include, for example, at least half of the cabs under a $100.00. Most people I know want to pay for wine in the $50.oo range at dinner. As a Zagat surveyor for 6 yrs I am as qualified as anybody to comment of Postrio's Las Vegas outpost costly wine list.