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5 Stars Cindy July 05, 2015

We have stayed at Caesars Palace on numerous occasions and have always had a wonderful time. The rooms in the Augustus tower are beautiful and spacious and every staff member we've had contact with were professional and pleasant. Of course, if you are the type of person who gets totally freaked out if you hear a beep while at the buffet when nobody else is panicking then you probably always find fault with things. I would have no problem highly recommending Caesars Palace to my family and friends.

2 Stars Diana Clarke February 14, 2015

I don't understand the draw with this place! Totally over rated! Room was well below the standard of other Vegas hotels and I was in the new tower! Also I don't think it's fun to crawl on to my sunbed next to a complete stranger because they are packed in so tight and there's no other option on how to get on there! And then lie next to said stranger practically touching! Iv been to 7 other Vegas hotel and have never encountered this! Nor have I been charged for tap water or a cup of ice as I have here!

1 Star Paul October 15, 2014

So let me tell you about my weekend at Caesars Palace..... this was my first time in Vegas and we had rooms at the Caesar's palace for Friday and Saturday night. The place was visually stunning and upon checking in we decided to visit the Bacchanal buffet because after 6 hours of not eating anything during the flight over we could think of no other better way to start the weekend then a buffet. We looked around the buffet and visually it looked amazing! It had prime rib, ribs, brisket, sushi, duck, crab and a multitude of other things. It was pretty awesome and about as equal to the buffets in Biloxi, MS. Then the alarm went off... imagine sitting at a table enjoying your meal...laughing, joking, fellow shipping with your companion and having the alarm go off. BEEP.......BEEP.......BEEP......BEEP.......Remember how we are conditioned to respond to an alarm since kindergarten, the unknown danger that could be occurring and for our safety we should get up and exit the building because we never know if it is a drill or not. So as this alarm raged on for countless minutes BEEP....BEEP....BEEP....BEEP each one ticking by like the moments of a watched pot boiling and other patrons asked the woman who seemed to be in charge what was happening her reply to them is "It's nothing unless you see me running then you should run" so my eyes are glued to this hostess/manager waiting to see if she runs so I to can run just waiting in full flight mode for as soon as she makes a move ... waiting to react to a constant alarm ringing in your ears BEEP....BEEP....BEEP....BEEP. Can you imagine this scene? you are enjoying some of the most superb food in Las Vegas and then an alarm goes off......do you run for fear of death or do you stare at the woman who declares to follow her if she runs? is she running now? did you blink? where did she go? I don't see her BEEP....BEEP....BEEP....BEEP....I think we should run......eat some more? are you crazy? our lives are so much more important then a buffet...... this amount of stress ruined my appetite and not wanting to eat any more we just left the buffet. As outrageous as this seems this was my first experience in Las Vegas.
Then as in other casinos we had to go to the desk that issued the cards that we could use at the slot machines and such, in Caesars this is called the "total rewards" desk. We, my companion and I went there after the fiasco at the buffet because at some point in the weekend it would be important to have the ability to gamble and we should just get it over with. At this time I choose to relay my experience to the total rewards desk workers and thought that they could help resolve this horrible display of people skills as I had no faith in the manager of the buffet to resolve my issue due to her unprofessional behavior in the midst of a possible emergency.
When we went to the total rewards desk to sign up to gamble. I told the ladies there about what had happened at the buffet and they were extremely empathetic and it meant a lot to both me and my lady. I was asked to fill out an incident report and the person at the counter even offered me $20 free play for my inconvenience of going through that. I declined the money as all I wanted was what was fair if a dining experience was ruined then the dining experience should be replicated for the ruined party. This I thought would be simple but as it turns out it is not so much........but I will get back to that lets get back to the first night at Caesars.....
After registering for our cards and still felling stressed out about the trip, the flight, and then the indecent at the buffet we purchased some liqueur and garbed some food from Serendipity then retired to the room to watch a movie, relax, and start again fresh tomorrow. On the way back to the room we asked if because we had a cash deposit on the room would we still be able to order a movie the lady at the desk assured us that it would be fine and it would just come out of our cash deposit. Up to the room we go to relax after a long day Rum, Nachos, and Garlic potatoes in hand.
After getting to the room getting the food set up and drinks made jumping into bed and trying to order the movie...... the TV saying we were not authorized. So instead of caring about it I pulled out my Kindle and tried to connect to the hotel internet to watch something while we enjoyed our drinks and snacks which they assured me I was authorized for.....which I was not. I called the tech support listed on the authorization website to call if you had any issues on my cell phone. After many many minutes and finding out that the tech support didn't really know what he was doing I called the front desk while on one of the extensive holds from tech support and asked them if the room was authorized for Wi-fi they said there was some issue in the system and it had been corrected I thanked them and hung up the phone as the tech support rep came back on the line and side he didn't know why it wasn't working and didn't know how to find the IP address on my device to manually authorize it but the Mac address I gave him should work and he would submit a ticket that would give me access in 30 -40 minutes I thanked him and hung up the phone.
So now with no movie and no internet access and so few "local" channels that we could not find anything suitable to relax to and our food getting cold I called the front desk again and asked why I could not order the movie after being told I could. They Lady I spoke with this time said I would need to put a credit card on the room to charge the movie to the room...which was contradictory to what I was told in the first place. Even though I am old fashioned enough to not want to give anyone my card number if I don't absolutely have to but I was beaten at this point, gave up, and asked if I could give the card number over the phone, I was told I would have to go to the front desk to add a card to the room.
So, getting dressed again and making my way back to the front desk and after some discussion between the agent at the desk and someone in the back room they added the card to the room and assured me nothing would be charged to it except for the movie and that was the reason they needed it. Also that the internet should work now to because that had something to do with it, I thanked them. While I was down stairs I walked over to the Total rewards desk and checked in about the status of my complaint as it had been an hour or so and was told that there was no resolution and no estimated time of one from the manager JR but it was in his bosses hands and just to check back in at some point. Frustrated to no end at this abysmal day I thank him and return to what I think is going to be a fully functioning room, with drinks, soggy nachos, and cold potatoes.
Think again the video on demand was still not authorized and neither was the internet. So again I call the front desk and ask them why the video on demand is not working and they say it a system issue and that they have changed something in the computer and it should work now, I let the representative know to hold the line while I checked and again it said I was not authorized. The representative stated they could send a tech up to the room to see what the problem was I ask her to hold the line for a moment before sending anyone up and just powered off the TV and powered in back on and then tried to order the movie and it worked.....I thanked the agent and hung up the phone to enjoy my now soggy nachos and cold way over seasoned garlic potatoes with a few drinks and the company of my lady.
The incompetence of the Caesar Place reception staff and tech support at this time is almost to much to fathom but we let it go and committed to having a good time and started the day out fresh and had a pretty awesome day that I attribute to not having any interaction with any of the Caesars Place staff except the total rewards desk to check on the status of my complaint which we did in the morning and the late that night as they had no resolution time and time again and no update to an estimated time of resolution. I stated that we would be leaving the following afternoon and was told it was in the food and beverage side of the house's hands and given no way to contact them to check on the status. It didn't feel this time that they cared at all and it really felt like they were telling us forget about it just deal with it. After checking the following morning before setting off back to the airport and still 48 hours later they had no resolution.
So I am dealing with it and letting everyone who cares to listen that Caesars Palace's customer service, professionalism, and job knowledge is some of the poorest I have ever come into contact with.....ever.

5 Stars John from Minnesota July 28, 2013

Just returned from a stay in the Octavius Tower at Caesars Palace with my wife. The Octavius and Augustus Towers have a separate check in and cab stand which is a huge benefit when you've dealt with the chaos that is Caesars main check in and cab stand. Our room was very nice with comfortable beds. My wife spent every morning at the pool and loved it more than every other pool she's been at in Las Vegas. I enjoyed the casino and the staff. When we were checking out of our room, the gentleman at the front desk called a host to check on my casino play and the result was two of our nights being comped. Despite bad luck at the casino, this was without question my most enjoyable stay at a hotel/casino in Las Vegas. We are not related to Caesar, but the staff made us feel like we were. We have found a new favorite.

1 Star John May 27, 2013

I was not impressed with this hotel. I booked a room with 2 queen beds, when I got there they only had rooms with one king bed available. They charged me $50 a day extra for what I already booked. I had a slip in my room for 2 complementary guest passes to the spa daily. They charged me $20 per pass still, it was a rip off. They unnecessarily charged numerous hidden fees, I had a $250 dollar resort and room fee when I checked out that I couldn't do anything about. My guests and I will never go back here. Go to Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, they will treat you like royalty!

5 Stars JJR April 13, 2013

Service was perfect. They really showed how to treat a customer. Thank You Caesars

5 Stars Bob February 02, 2013

Stayed in Jan. Rooms nice but casino dealers coldest in town. Hotel employees nice and helpful.

4 Stars Dave C August 05, 2012

Stayed there in early June. First time staying here. Really liked it. The casino was very nice and so was the room. I also liked the restaurant choices and the Forum Shops

5 Stars Garry July 22, 2012

Just came home from a 5 night stay in the Forum tower. Excellent service, great housekeeping. We will stay here again...

5 Stars Bobthecook June 14, 2012

Augustus Tower was really nice. Love the separate entrance and no line to speak of to check in. Worth the money for sure. The only drawback to Caesars is the table minimum for blackjack was at least 15 a hand the four days we were there. Short trip across street to Margaritaville and Bills for more affordable gaming was worth it. We had a great time. Would highly recommend Caesars to anyone over 30.

4 Stars Thomas June 02, 2012

Just left Caesars after spending five nights there in the Forum Tower. My 3rd time at Caesars and I will continue to stay there every time I head to Vegas. Great service, great food and great surroundings. Perfect strip location, easy walking distance to all the hotels that are worthy of seeing. Stay at Caesars, you won't regret it.

3 Stars Big daddy April 26, 2012

The casino is great, service is great but our room was very worn and tired

4 Stars Captain Ron April 15, 2012

Just incredible, like nothing you have ever seen. Old time circus atmosphere meets obscene vulgarity. If you at thin skinned and easily offended don't enter the tent! If you are up for an experience like no other complete with great acrobatic displays and incredible feats of strength coupled with raunchy comedy then you have found your place!!

5 Stars Steve April 11, 2012

Phenomenal customer service, great dining. Shopping is beyond what I ever expected. The pool was the icing on the cake for me. Location at the center of the Las Vegas strip is very convenient. Overall Ceasars Palace was an over the top, great experience. I'll be sure to return for future business.

5 Stars Michael March 07, 2012

Fantastic four day stay. The shops, food, & staff exceptional. Lew the blackjack dealer was highly entertaining. My girlfriend who never been to LV before loved the city, and the hotel. Perfectly located on the strip.

3 Stars Karen March 03, 2012

Was walking past here at 2 am and saw a rat running from bush to bush. It freaked me out.

5 Stars Daniel Manka March 02, 2012

Wow. Just simply speechless. I can't describe how beautiful this place is ! Especially the fourm shops. If you plan on hitting the slots then go over to the player card booth and make out a card. It's free and it gives you comps for all the money you spend on slots. Comps meaning, depending on the $ spent on slots/table games, you get certain discounts sometimes even a free night at a casino. Make sure you check out the show in the fourm shops that happens every hour on the hour until 12 I think it was by cheesecake factory. Have fun and good luck.

5 Stars Gil February 26, 2012

Stayed at Caesars in mid-February. Great stay in an Augustus Tower deluxe room overlooking Bellagio fountains. Room was large, with a separate shower and tub. Housekeeping did a great job. Check-in and out was fast, and front desk personnel were very helpful. Qua Spa is terrific! Good, but expensive restaurants. But Caesars Palace is HUGE, so be prepared to do alot of walking.

4 Stars SanD February 12, 2012

Stayed here last Monday for 5 days. We were upgraded on request to a Palace Deluxe Room which was very comfortable and quiet. Staff was very friendly, and being centre strip was fantastic. We enjoyed all of the food options, and having the Forum Shops right next door was great. We would definitely stay at Caesars again, but bring your comfy shoes because this property is huge!

5 Stars Vegas Lover January 07, 2012

This place is gorgeous!!! I havent stayed here but visited enough times to say that this place is one of the best places in Vegas!! But remember to bring comfortable shoes- you WILL do a lot of walking- unless you have enough money to buy new ones(; Haha welll this place is awesome and definately a must go. Have fun!! The forum shops are amazing and it also has like 2 shows and the apple store. Amazing. Period. End of discussion. ;)

5 Stars Michael (jinx) November 19, 2011

A great place to stay. Rooms are going to differ based on your choice and budget with the low end ones being ones to stay away from. The personnel of the resort seem to genuinely take pride in where they work and how they perform.

5 Stars Dennis B. November 15, 2011

We just returned from a five night comped stay at Caesars Palace . The stay was great. This was our very first time staying at Caesars so we were very curious. We were in the Augustus Tower in room 3562. It was a five star room. Nice and large with a king bed made in heaven. We also had a confortable sofa with a coffee table and desk. The 32 inch swivel flat screen was on the wall right above a hugh dresser. There was a coffee pot and coffee also. Now for the view. It was beautiful. We had a full width window that went from floor to ceiling. We could see the Bellagio and their fountains plus across the street was the Eifel Tower with their over sized balloon along with the Flamingo and Planet Hollywood. . Now the bathroom was also hugh. It had double sinks and a walk in shower that could hold two. Now the best parts was the tub had several jets for removing aches and pain. Now straight across from the tub was a 13 inch tv mounted on the wall so as I soaked I could enjoy watching football. The employees were very nice and if we had a question it was answered. We will be going bavk to Las Vegas next September and my wife has already said WE WILL BE STAYING AT CAESARS.

4 Stars Angiefr/Calgary October 29, 2011

An amazing place to stay. Once you get your bearings and learn the layout you feel like you are a part of the Vegas experience. Top notch staff that have obvious training/experience at giving guests world class service.

3 Stars Paul Vilja August 21, 2011

I booked through Caesars web sight six months prior to our stay. I had booked a premium palace tower suite. Upon check in we were given a standard room. We called the front desk and were told that there were no premium suites. We dragged our luggage back to the front desk. We waited approximately half an hour to talk to a supervisor. The person that checked us in said the problem was a glitch in the booking confirmation system... We took our luggage to the new room. The new room was a tower suite this time... But not a premium suite like we had booked. I called the front desk again and explained what had happened... Again! The front desk said there were no suites available... Again! I asked how much of a reduction in my bill would I get for the room downgrade? The answer was I would have to pay the same price as for the premium suite. We took our luggage and again walked back to the front desk. Half way to the front desk we were met by our original book in person. He apologized and got us our premium tower suite that we had originally booked. I wander how many patrons get downgraded rooms and pay the premium price. The front desk operator on 8/15/11 should be reprimanded. Law enforcement should look into the fraudulent booking practices. Other than having to check in three times, the stay was wonderful. Housekeeping was outstanding!

5 Stars Helen July 27, 2011

I love this place! It's gorgeous! Very very pretty! I would recommend it! And the forum shops are cool to and I liked how they have shows there. Although I miss FAO Schwartz because my children really liked that place. Fabulous hotel!

5 Stars Cindy July 23, 2011

Wonderful hotel and one of THE best on the Strip. The restaurants are all phenomenal, the shops are beautiful, as are the rooms. Hope to return soon! The Augustus Tower is a separate hotel and is all five-star. :)

5 Stars Cindy July 23, 2011

One of THE most amazing hotels on the Strip! We loved staying here. The shops are gorgeous and the restaurants are absolutely phenomenal. The rooms are luxurious, spacious, and beautiful. The Augustus Tower is a separate hotel that is completely five-star. If you can afford it, this is the best.

1 Star Diana Romero July 02, 2011

The worst buffet ever! Don't go! The food is terrible and not many selections! If your a salad eater you will be disappointed! They have no carrots or cucumbers! As for the gambling, forget it! Machines r nit paying at all!!

3 Stars Alan June 09, 2011

Had a pretty good experience here nice suites but they don't have any pay-phone banks and I couldn't get my pager to work either and it's false advertising because caesar doesn't even live there

5 Stars Jonathan April 03, 2011

Bin here a few times absolutely amazing place to stay in Vegas

4 Stars Arrow March 24, 2011

I go to Vegas 3 times a year and Caesars is one of my favorite hotels to stay. The only reason I have given it 4 stars is because the centurion tower needs updating. However, all other towers are great! Check out the history of this fine hotel and you will appreciate the reason why people come back every year. And no Caesar did not stay here! Sorry but Hangover the movie really put this hotel back in the limelight. The entertainment at Caesars is the best and if you like blackjack and appreciate girls and great dance tunes, take a stop at the pussycat doll lounge. In the mood for shopping and dining, check out the forum which is one of the best in Vegas. Lastly, this hotel is located in the best spot on the strip. Location, location, location. Add this hotel to your list and enjoy. Vegas baby!

5 Stars Devon Hurley January 09, 2011

I got so excited I forgot to include things like the view and service. Last year we stayed in the Augustus tower and the view of the South Strip was phenomenal! We had a fantastic view of the Fountains at Bellagio show and was able to watch it ever night from our room. The service has always been amazing. One time we were placed in a smoking room when we requested non-smoking. When we asked to be moved & told them our situation. They upgraged us to a suite, no extra charge. Also, last year a family friend tagged along and she was cut by a glass that had been dropped in one of the restaurants. The next day they called from the front desk to check on her and offered us a limo for the day to go anywhere we wanted to. This hotel is the best!

5 Stars Devon Hurley January 09, 2011

I have went to Las Vegas on vacation every summer with my family for the past ten years. Each year we have stayed at Caesar's Palace. To me it's like a home away from home. I think Caesar's is the DEFINITION of Las Vegas; a great gambling experience, spectacular shows, delicious restaurants, luxurious rooms, elegant pools, exotic clubs, and a shopping experience no other hotel in Las Vegas can deliver. I LOVE this place and recommend it to any newcomers or long time gamblers. Best hotel in Las Vegas!!!

1 Star Desmond Shaw January 08, 2011

The newer rooms may be nice but who in their right minds thinks one of the ancient roman or centurion tower rooms are worth over 200 a night?! They are out of their mind!! Begged to upgrade and they wouldn't do it...they gave me a 50 dollar food credit after I complained enough, but this place is a name and nothing more...TOURIST TRAP! Never again!!!

4 Stars Trevor C January 05, 2011

Beautiful upgraded palace suite room with some noticeable age (which we love). Great views with decent value. Check in was good and the service was very friendly. Housekeeping was fairly on the ball - average but efficient. Overall a good choice when rates aren't sky high.

5 Stars Katie January 03, 2011

Fabulous property! Spent the day at the Venus Pool, then had dinner at Spago. Service is excellent across the board.

5 Stars Todd January 02, 2011

Wonderful restaurants as well!

5 Stars Todd January 02, 2011

Amazing! Augustus Tower, awesome. This hotel is beautiful. The tower is separate from the casino, so it is very quiet and relaxing. Beautiful accommodations, wonderful service, amazing spa! Highly recommended.

4 Stars E January 01, 2011

Stayed in Palace Tower from 12/17/2010 to 12/21/2010. Was very impressed with our room. Modern, spacious, very clean and with huge bathrooms with his and her restrooms. Service was good not great. Walk to the room at night was long but breakfast from payard's in the mornings was awesome. Bed was comfy, not as good as some others, notably Wynn and Mirage. View was a nice view of the pool area that seemed like a garden because it was cold and rainy. Overall, really enjoyed our stay. Would recommend Caesars Palace to anyone especially if you can book the Palace Tower at a nice price. We were comped a room in the Forum Tower but upgraded for $30 a night and for that price it was a bargain.

2 Stars tkb December 30, 2010

Stayed in the Centurion Tower. Rooms were spacious but very dark. Rooms did not come with coffee pot or ice buckets. If you wanted a coffee pot in the room they charged a $10 day fee. Front desk staff was not very courteous at all. Line for buffet was an hour wait every time. Had a group of 10 people get in diamond line by mistake and instead of sending them to the back of the line they moved them right in front of the the regular line. Very frustrating. Total lack of customer service. Machines were very tight and nothing paying. Will not stay here again.

2 Stars Jay December 21, 2010

Stayed in the basic room which was no better than the Flamingo I stayed in last time but double the price!!!! Not worth it!!!!!

3 Stars LVSPARKY November 02, 2010

Don't get over here much. The poker room although ware housey is great especially when Pure start to let out in the wee early hours of the new day.

4 Stars Pam October 17, 2010

My daughter Tiffany and I went to Cher's show Saturday October 16, 2010 Best show ever!

0 Stars Danny September 16, 2010

My family and I stayed at Caesar's the first night of a four night stay this past labor day weekend. Having never stayed there before I was quite pleased with the room, especially the size...it was very big, almost like a mini suite. We arrived late so cannot comment on the food. The swimming pools were spectacular and the Venus pool offers topless sunbathing for the ladies. The slot machines were tight and I didn't win anything. Overall, a very elegant resort.

4 Stars Christopher Tatro September 07, 2010

Stayed in a Palace Tower room June 2009. The check in guy made us feel like schmucks for trying the $20 trick but bumped eventually upgraded us anyway. The room was spacious and comfortable and the bathroom fantastic. Drink service in the casino was terrible. I found the layout of the casino to be confusing. My wife loved the pools and we considered staying there again just for the pool.

0 Stars Geert August 30, 2010

We had dinner at the buffet, it was terrible and the service was bad too. We will never go back to that horrible place!

2 Stars Royalgreymini July 21, 2010

Caesars is a study in contrasts. Stayed for a conference... First room was in Centurion Tower. Dank, clammy room; hard bed; toilet not working well; elevators broken (had to use service elevator and have a bellhop lead me thru a maze of back hallways). Went to desk and pleaded and cajoled for upgrade. Second room was Palace Tower: marinated in smoke but otherwise great... Comfy bed, good climate control, plentiful and fast elevators, jacuzzi. I wouldn't stay again unless I were sure I'd get Palace or Augustus Tower--which means paying thru the nose (the $20 trick doesn't seem to work here, at least when I tried it). Even the dumpy "classic" rooms are absurdly priced a lot of the time.

5 Stars Lucy from England July 19, 2010

Myself and a friend stayed here last November for 10 nights, we had a free up grade and the room was amazing, the house keeping staff we excellent and all staff were so helpfully and friendly, we will definately be staying here on our next trip, I'm really looking forward to staying there again soon

0 Stars Rob Em Tamworth Staffs. June 24, 2010

The best hotel on the strip by far the room was out of this world and the service was fantastic Augutus Tower room number 3280. It's a must that you should stay here Excellant!

5 Stars Sal K. June 15, 2010

Great hotel with all the extras that nobody can match.
Beautiful rooms, large casino, QUA spa, forum shops, great selection of restaurants, catch Matt Goss best deal/show on the strip, awesome pool area.

Don't do the the buffet, go to Wynns buffet/best on the strip.

5 Stars Ahmnem Y. June 04, 2010

Harry G. and I have been guests at the Big C for 25 years, as far as I'm concerned this is the only property in Vegas! I have 25 separate Pete Rose autographs, going for 26 in July!

4 Stars Brittany June 03, 2010

Good hotel, but buffet sucks. Pool is killer!

5 Stars Debbie Dobson May 30, 2010

Stayed 19th May for 5 nights. At check in they couldn't give us two rooms on the same floor in the forum tower so the lady gave us a comp upgrade to the fantastic Augustus tower. Hotel is immaculate and the pool simply the best in Vegas. Would always recommend this hotel, not the cheapest but certainly worth staying for that Vegas experience.

5 Stars Jesse April 27, 2010

Great hotel!!! Friendly staff, awesome poker room!!

3 Stars Robert April 26, 2010

This used to be a favorite place to stay on the strip with old school cool, good games, etc.
Needless to say, now that it is under the Empire of Harrah's this place no longer sends out great offers, the service is average at best and the games are tight. Ceasars still has name cache but otherwise it' s just another resort.
Still a great mall and some great restaurants, but play somewhere else.

4 Stars queenfrostine April 22, 2010

I have a lot of mixed feelings on this property. On one hand, I find it to be a beautiful hotel, with a prime center-Strip location, great pool complex, fabulous spa, plentiful dining and entertainment options, and easily my favorite shopping arcade on the strip. On the other, it is obscenely overpriced particularly if you're staying in a standard room. I stayed here while attending a wedding held at Caesars, and had the cost of my gorgeous Augustus tower room not been offset by the fact that I was sharing it with friends and the cost was split between us, I never could have justified the cost of staying here. Our room was certainly gorgeous: very spacious, well decorated, very clean and with an amazing bathroom, but it was almost twice the price of what a similar room at Wynn, Encore or one of the boutique hotels on the strip would cost. The price of the standard forum rooms are shocking considering their dated decor and poorly kept shape. You'd almost be better off staying across the street at the Imperial Palace, as at least their subpar rooms come at reasonable rates. I can't understand why anyone would pay the prices CP demands for one of these rooms. Not when there are so many other hotels in the area offering up better values.

5 Stars Doug April 17, 2010

So good! Been twice and both times had amazing fish! Ok price and great service.

2 Stars MikeE April 16, 2010

Truly one of the most overpriced experiences in the city. Caesars is impressive for the first time visitor, the easily amused, or the person who has never stayed at a Wynn property. For the rest of us, it's nothing short of a $200 per weeknight lesson in patience. Don't be fooled by the prestige of the name - you can do a lot better in Vegas.

5 Stars Eric April 13, 2010

I've stayed at Caesars twice, most recently in September 2009. I've stayed in both the Palace and Augustus Towers.

Both are beautiful, though I find the location of Palace to be inconvenient. It is mere steps from the pool area, which is great; however, it is a LONG walk to everything else at CP, and a long walk out to the Strip.

On my last visit, I had a beautiful room in the Augustus Tower, south-facing, with amazing views of the Bellagio fountains. Highly recommended. Room decor is modern and high-tech, featuring lots of marble, of course.

Before deciding to upgrade to the Augustus Tower, I was briefly assigned to a "classic" room in the Roman Tower. Unless you only use a room in Vegas to crash, I'd stay away from these. Stained carpet, tube TV, tiny bathroom, no view. Not impressed, especially at the rates they often charge for these rooms.

The pool area is one of the best in Vegas, recently remodeled and expanded. It's sort of "harsh," more marble and statuary than palm trees and foliage, unlike the Mirage or Flamingo. There's also a fair amount of shade at the pool area, shadows cast by the giant Augustus and Octavius Towers. It was a little cool in the shade in September, especially with a breeze. Drink service can be sort of slow, as the pool area is huge.

The casino is huge as well, every game you can imagine. The sports book is one of the best in Vegas, I think.

All in all, a legendary Vegas property, that's holding its own fairly well with the new kids on the block. Worth a stay, for sure.

2 Stars Caroline April 02, 2010

The machines here a very tight and the payouts are not very high. If you stay here i recommend playing somewhere else

1 Star Sylvia Mallon March 25, 2010

We did not stay at Caesars, but we gambled in the casino a couple of times. We did not fair too well on the regular slot machines, however I will say that the Video Poker here was pretty good and they had a good variety of them. We also played Roulette, which went pretty well. The casino is nice and spacious, so you don't feel like you're on top of other people, however I think I was expecting it to be bigger. Maybe we missed something, but I didn't think the casino was very large at all. It seemed like the machines were all very far apart to make it look like the gaming floor was large, but it really wasn't. The drink service here was awesome! The servers were coming aroun often and they use good liquor and make the drinks strong. They also came around to you regardless of the denomination of machine that you were playing! Definitely a plus!

2 Stars Russell Sauve March 25, 2010

Not a place I want to gamble. Higher table minimums does not equal a "better" property. But the poker room is the tits. Unless it's WSOP time, there it's amatuer hour. But to be fair, I have never stayed in a hotel room there.

5 Stars Graham Lionel March 11, 2010

Stayed here again two days ago. Though initially disappointed that I was unable to get the Augustus Tower room I usually favor (you know, the ones with the view of the Bellagio Fountain), they made it up to me by bumping me up to a Forum Tower Royal Suite. This being my first time in the FT, I was very pleased by how it looked. The only thing I would change: the TV in the bathroom should have a remote like in the Augustus Tower (I know, boo-hoo).

5 Stars Jalexalison March 08, 2010

Absolutely fab room in the Augustus tower. Staff was very friendly. Prime location. We loved being able to relax outside in the courtyard near the restaurant serendipity 3. So perfect. Will definately stay again.

5 Stars Eddy March 07, 2010

Very nice!!!

3 Stars Eric February 26, 2010

Hotel and staff very nice. Except for front desk staff. While checking in with Marc, he let us know several times that reservations don't actually mean you get a room, it just means you are on a "list", and if they still have a room, they may let you have it. When told our travel agent has made the reservations, he replied that travel agents don't mean anything, and no one at The hotel listens to them. It was such a chore to get in that it tainted the visit. Other than that, food great, big casino, nice spa. Bad front desk.

0 Stars Dan February 18, 2010

By far the best hotel experience I've ever had. I love Caesars!!

5 Stars Dara January 06, 2010

Fabulous hotel!

2 Stars D Taylor January 01, 2010

We have been vacationing in Las Vegas every year for 35 years and always dreamed of staying at Ceasars Palace. Wow is it OVER RATED. The room was small and nothing special to be sure. It had an a joining door to the room next door, which let sound come through like they were in our room. They would come in at 3:30AM each night, talking and laughing waking us up for an hour. We have no problem with people having fun, AND the hotel should have spent something on the sound proofing. We moved to the Ventian for the next two nights. Fantastic hotel to say the very least. The room was large, beautiful and so quite, customer service fantastic. It was only $30 more per night and worth every single cent. We would never ever go back to Ceasars, and look forward to the next time we are at the Venitian. And no, I don't have any ownership in the Venitian.

5 Stars Graham Reese December 07, 2009

Caesar's is always my first choice for staying in Vegas. Why? First: location. Second: the rooms (from my experience) have always been clean, comfortable and roomy. Third: the staff have always gone out of there way to help me. I'll admit there are more modern and fancier hotels in LV, but Caesars is evergreen.

4 Stars Jan and Nick November 16, 2009

Our first trip to Vegas was amazing. Stayed in the Augustus Tower facing the Bellagio fountain. Loved the easy access to the forum shops and even managed to win a little on the slots. Will go again and definetely stay at Ceasars.

4 Stars Mr & Mrs Vegas October 22, 2009

Palace Tower room was fantastic, great view of the north strip directly opposite The Mirage and views of Venetian, Wynn, Encore etc. Lots of choice for eating at Caesars, try Beijing Noodle No 9. Didn't really like the Palace Casino area it seems old compared to most places on the strip although the Forum Casino is Much nicer. The walk back to the room eveyday got boring, past 80's style clothes shop Berninis and what is that horrible smell down the corridor?! All in all our stay at Caesars was good, the slots were nice and loose we came away up that's for sure! The pool area is lovely when the sun is shining but drinks are ££££££££! Wouldn't stay here again, done Bellagio and Caesars now so gonna try Wynn or Venetian next time. Much younger crowd around North strip area than around Caesars, who seem to cater for the older crowd. Recommended though, just cause it's Caesars! Try get in the Augustus Tower for location right by the front door. 4 star compared to a lot of places on the strip now.

4 Stars MandevilleMike October 06, 2009

Augustus Tower: Room was great. Had a view of the Bellagio fountains. Great location on the strip. Smoke smell wasn't too bad in the casio area. Breakfast buffet was great. Did lunch at counter service area. Food was great there too. Prices of drinks at the bars is $$$$$$$$$$. 2 rum and cokes was $30!!! I think I will stay at Paris next time to save some $$$$$.

5 Stars Horace Pinker October 04, 2009

This place is always my first choice. Great rooms, friendly staff and close to just about everywhere.

5 Stars Pam September 10, 2009

Loved the hotel.. Casino is huge and great srrvice, the restaurant with the fish bowl is the best. The rooms are amazing!!! Def stay here again

1 Star hawaii resident September 04, 2009

don't even park here, your car will be towed for no reason and you'll have to pay $150 for it.

5 Stars Anonymous September 04, 2009

Fabulous hotel!! Five stars.

5 Stars Barry Lee August 14, 2009

For me Caesars is Vegas. It's got everything for everyone, you can't beat it.

5 Stars Abed Nader May 10, 2009

I stayed in the newly remodeled Forum tower. It was everything I wished and more. The bathroom was out of this world. The shower had a seat and two shower heads that shoot you at the same time. The service was top notch and the only problem was because I went during a slow time the Forum casino would shut down at night. Worth every penny except for the buffet at least it was free.

4 Stars Christina April 26, 2009

This is one of my favorite hotels. The accomodations are great and I like the relaxed atmosphere in the casino. That being said, the casino is huge and can take some time getting used to the layout so that you're not walking around in circles.

5 Stars Big Time April 17, 2009

Somehow, a couple of years ago I managed to get an amazing rate for a room in the Augustus tower... Wow! I frequent vegas often and this was the nicest place I have stayed at by far... I had a 2 Plazma screen tvs (1 was in the bathroom, I watched football while relaxing in a hot tub, amazing!). The casino is also really nice too, if you can afford it, this place is definetly worth it.

5 Stars Lyndsey B. February 21, 2009

Spectacular hotel and award-winning famous restaurants. The Forum Shops are some of the nicest in the world and plays host to stores such as Harry Winston, Chanel, Prada, Escada, Gucci, Tiffany and Co., Exotic Cars, Dolce and Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Dior, etc. etc. The one source for the FINEST in designer brands anywhere in the country. Rodeo Drive and then some is all at the Forum Shops at Caesars.

3 Stars Fran Jinnouchi January 21, 2009

Wasn't impressed. I thought Caesars was the big-kahuna of Harrah's properties. By far the service is better at the RIO and Paris- far more attentive casino hosts. The food is over priced.

5 Stars BossDanmark January 02, 2009

Nice hotel. Love the casino and the forum ships. The rooms is big and the beds is nice.

5 Stars Jaime November 17, 2008

Beautiful hotel and casino. Stayed in the brand new Forum towers and I must say, it was my favorite hotel room out of all of my vacations. There was an actual tv built into the bathroom mirror! Best place to stay on the strip!

5 Stars Silvester Pucher- Phoenix Az November 15, 2008

Very Nice Hotel & Casino..

0 Stars Tom September 16, 2008

I have stayed at Caesar's several times and have never been disappointed. The rooms are great and the service is fantastic. The who place just reeks of old time Vegas but it is as modern as the Belagio. The theme is there but its not over the top. Its also not like all the other upscale hotels where you can't tell them apart.

0 Stars Mike from Chicago March 05, 2008

Caesars Palace rooms:
I've stayed in four of the five towers. Here are comments listed in order of tower preference:

Palace Tower - Opened in 1999, this tower has some very, very nice rooms, all with marble bathrooms and spa (jacuzzi) tubs. Good size, comfortable, but frankly a long walk from the main casino area, restaurants & shopping. Close to pool.

Augustus Tower - Opened in 2005, the rooms are very comfortable with significant money put into the bed & bedding. Baths are marble with spa tub. Even the upper floor rooms (not suites) are on the modest size.

Forum Tower - Remodeled during winter 2007/08 with similar bedding and comforts as the popular Flamingo GO rooms. For whatever reason, they are proud of their electronic "do not disturb" signs and door bells. ?? Rooms are small-ish (except suites) as I believe this tower was built in 1979. My favorite thing about Forum tower rooms is the elevator lets you out right in the middle of the Forum casino, near the Forum Shops. Very convenient. If you want to splurge, check out the Absolute-themed suites.

Centurian Tower - Old, small rooms are what you get when you book & settle for a "standard" room. Centrally located, but I'd rather stay at Flamingo than in a Centurian room.

Roman Tower - I can't recall if I've stayed in the Roman Tower, but see my notes on Centurian rooms for a very similar experience.

Beware - Ceasars will undergo yet more remodeling in 2008 as the Palace (main) Casino pit and all adjacent "low ceiling" areas are re-done with high ceilings to match the lobby and Pussycat Dolls pit areas.

Still, Caesars is Caesars and there is no better oldschool property to get the feel of vintage Vegas while still enjoying the most modern of amenities, restaurants and shopping. The joint was originally built with money from The Boys (Teamsters Central States Pension Fund), but the various owners (now Harrahs Corp) have managed to keep it relevant.

To experience Vegas the way its meant to be, stay at Caesars Palace!

0 Stars Tom Troy October 03, 2007

My wife and I stayed at the new Agustus tower for 5 nights in september. The room was amazing and the view was even better we were on the 42nd floor however, i dont think the tower starts at floor #1 the view of the fountains was amazing. we enjoyed our stay very much however we found it all a little bit too "fancy or upscale" for our taste . we hardly gambled at all in caesars palace as the table minimums were a little too high for our taste $15+ and were there midweek sun thru fri, i can't imagine what they are on weekends. We had no luck at all on VP and our $$$ seemed to go really fast so we tried a few other nearby casinos. both agreeing that O'sheas and Hooters were more our speed, so most of our gambling took place is those 2 casinos we prefered hooters and have already received a free rooom offer for next year for 3 nights. all in all I cannot complain as we were comped the five nights (from play in AC) and our checkout bill was 32$ (we ordered room service the last night) If you like fancy you will like it here, all of the employees were very helpful. i found the casino to be too large getting lost several times getting coffee or trying to find our room with a slight buzz. The place is huge we never even got a chance to venture to the forum shops

0 Stars marie wild August 12, 2007

for me the only place to stay on the strip is caesars,for the life of me i dont know why they dont win best pool..we've stayed at other places {mandalay bay}dirty pool by the way...and for my money caesars is the best!!best restaurants,shopping and shows ,i cant get back fast enough...m wild connecticut

0 Stars Duncan July 09, 2007

We stayed in an Augustus Tower room from 6/28 through 7/1 -- to which we were upgraded at no charge -- and loved it. The room was large, squeaky-clean and absolutely dead quiet. The beds were very comfortable and the bathroom quite large. The service was pleasant and accommodating. This was our first trip to Vegas. There will be many more in the future, and, though I wasn't a particular fan of Caesars' casino (I liked The Bellagio's and The Mirage's casinos quite a bit more), I would happily stay at the hotel again.

0 Stars sandy Tarant May 12, 2007

Unless you get a room in the new tower, don't bother. This property is not as elegant as they like to think they are.

Great entertainment. Catch Celine's show before it closes down! It's better than its luke-warm reviews!

Superb restaurants. I've never had a bad meal at Bobby Flay's. Bradley Ogden is terrific but I think there are better places for that very-special-meal.

0 Stars KATE January 02, 2007

I will make this as short and sweet as possible. Prestigious my ASS! Physically very similar to all other CASINOS! Rooms, nothing special, no fridge, microwave, coffee maker (can order a boiler $$$), stereo (some TV channels play music$$$) no AIR Ventilation in SMOKING rooms!!!! For a 5 STAR hotel, we were shocked!(we are very familiar with high end hotels) Service was terrible! Room service arrived with hair in plate! **** Thank god my husband and I have a strong bond! The HOUSEKEEPING was total B.S! not only were we disturbed every morning with our DND sign ON the DOOR, the sheets were NEVER changed, the garbage never picked off the floor, tables never wiped etc… after a number of complaints it STILL cont’d! When we returned home and went through our Laundry the maids put their undergarments into our bag of clothes and tightly wrapped them around my husbands underwear!!! Obviously hoping to hurt us and our relationship! (unfortunately for them, we were not born yesterday!!!)**** When we called to make a complaint the so called management could barely squeeze a sorry out of him and suggested they cleaned under the bed and found the garments there; assuming it belonged to me, they put it into our laundry bag!!! We beg to differ! They never even brought us clean glasses to drink water out of! Mishkat11@hotmail.com Highly recommend MGM or Bellagio! Or anything else but the Casers (nice shops, bad food selection, terrible stay) !!! Over all Vegas is a fun place for ADULTS and of course we made the best of it! :)

0 Stars Chris Bailey November 13, 2006

It seems people are rather reluctant to compliment Ceasars palace - However compared to most hotels on the strip it is hard to find a more accomplished resort that will keep you entertained for several days. As soon as you enter you notice the servce and the initial wow factor.
The fact that the resort tends to sprawl just adds to the fun of exploring.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 10, 2006

The drapes in our Caesar's room would not close—there was a gap of about 6 or 7 feet. The room was at an inside corner, which meant that someone in the adjacent room could look right into our room. Plus, the desert sun would wake us up at 6:00 in the morning. So we needed to get the drapes closed.
Tried to call the front desk to ask them to send maintenance people up to our room, but had a hard time seeing the phone, because both lights near the bed (and the phone) were not working (not just burned out, but broken). Finally got through to hotel maintenance, who said they could not do anything about the drapes, because that was the "carpenter's responsibility," and none was on duty.
Not wanting to wake up with the sunlight at 6 a.m., I thought we needed a different room. I tried calling the front desk again, but this time no one would answer. I gave up calling after 10 minutes and took the elevator downstairs to find about 7 or 8 clerks at the desk, only half of them busy with customers--the others were standing around chatting with each other.
They said there were no other rooms available, but would send maintenance personnel up to our room.
This time, maintenance people came up, and after about 15 minutes, they were able to close the drapes some--with only a 4-foot gap--still enough to flood the room with sunlight at 6 a.m.
I asked Maintenance if they could get Housekeeping to hang a bedspread or something across the opening…and housekeeping delivered a sheet to the room--but it was left to us to figure out how to hang it—and we had no pins or tape. We finally used the large drapery hooks.
We told maintenance to forget about the broken lights--

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 16, 2006

Visted with my wife after returning from Iraq. When the desk clerk heard that I had just returned, he secured an upgrade to a Petit Suite. Fantastic room with a massive bathroom "suite" consiting of two separate sink and toilet areas (one with a large soaking tub) connected by a walk-thru shower with twin shower heads. Better than any room I've stayed in at the Bellagio or Venetian. Fantastic service and attitude by all the staff. Comps are somewhat tight (I did get a free hat, coat, and blanket) while at the casino, but I immediately started receiving offers fro 2-3 free nights along with food credit.

0 Stars maggiepaul March 20, 2006

Stayed in October 2005, nice, clean, room was always done early, upgraded room (view I guess) @ no charge. Staff friendly, didn't gamble there. Takes way too long to get to the boulevard from Augustus Tower, got mega blisters from Venetian Blue Man Group to my room, don't trot around in stilletto's. Ouch. Bartenders at the bar were a laugh though. It was OK.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 18, 2006

The new Augustus tower is great!
I had a great view of Bellagio and the rooms are huge. My only problem is that some of the fixtures are already broken and the color scheme was a bit ugly.
My other problem goes along with a new trend in las vegas of "fake numbering" I was on the 42nd floor but it seemed like I was 4 floors from the top of Bellagio that has 36. WTF?

0 Stars Alyx00 November 14, 2005

Just got back from a three nite trip to Las Vegas. We stayed at Caesars and loved it! The room was spectacular with a view of the Bellagio fountains and the strip which was all lit up at nite!
Bathroom had marble floors, double sinks, plasma tv and hot tub with a glass enclosed shower. We had a blast! This room was at the Augustus Tower which we had upgraded with the $20 trick! The meals were great too!
Celine Dion was also spectacular and breathtaking! I would never go anywhere else for our stay. Been there 3 times and had never had a blast as we had at Caesars Palace.
The slots were paying out too! I would recommend this hotel to anyone... If you're looking for class make sure you book the palace or augustus suites.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User August 30, 2005

our favorite, the pool is a bit crowded. wonder how it will be with the new addition?

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 23, 2005

We stayed in a petit suite, which was very nice. The bathrooms were incredible. I can only compare this property to Paris and Bally's, and ofcourse the rooms were somewhat nicer. The service was fine, not exceptional. I probably won't stay there again simply because I didn't like the size of the property or the casino itself. I'm in my late 20s and the atmosphere was more geared towards an older crowd. Loved the rooms, wasn't thrilled with the rest of the property.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User October 12, 2004

Just returned from a stay at Caesars Palace. Was upgraded to a spa room - huge marble whirlpool bath with separate shower and toilet. Garden of the Gods pools are amazing and have to be seen (and swum in) they even have 'grape godesses' who give out frozen grapes to guests at the pool!

Cafe Largo was was a nice cofee shop with music on Frank Sinatra's piano and a small but high quality buffet (try the breakfast omlets and deserts - your mouth will love you!). Nero's steakhouse had amazing food but had a long wait to be served.

Didn't see Elton or Celene but caught a fight at the Roman plaza - great venue all seats were close enough to see the action but take some cover as your outside in the sun all the time.

Only downsides were the lack of places to eat breakfast (only cafe Largo) and the way the pools were closed early for functions on a few days, overall though Caesars is still the best resort on the strip if you can stay here do you won't regret it!

0 Stars Kaiden June 29, 2004

After 30 years of visiting Las Vegas and always loving the time spent at Caesars, we have been staying there exclusively for the last 9 years. As regulars we have met many people from all over who also favor this casino, and when there is a special event we know we will see someone we know. We stay in the Palace Tower, it is our home
away from home so to speak. One thing I haven't seen mentioned was it is very quiet and very dark in the room so you never know what time it is when the drapes are closed. Helps one to sleep in an exciting atmosphere. I would have a very hard time
staying anywhere else, our experiences have been very positive here and I hope we have the opportunity to stay many more times. Each trip is a new memory, always something in transition. This may be one of the oldest casinos but with each new improvement it is the best!!!

0 Stars terie.v April 25, 2004

Service was incredible! I couldn't believe the upgrade I got without even asking for it when I spoke w/front desk OIC regarding shabby room in Centurian Tower(oldest one). LOVED the Palace Tower w/pool view. Bathroom was out of this world. How nice to have Aveda shampoo, etc. I love this place!! 5 wonderful nights! Make sure you go to LaSalsa in the Forum Shops for food/drinks!

0 Stars Tistie January 28, 2004

Stayed Jan. 25-27,2004. Had booked via an America West vacation--very inexpensive, so had no high expectations. But, to provide us with two adjacent rooms, we were upgraded to the Palace Tower on the 26th floor...large, beautiful, very very clean. Check in was great, our bill was correct, we had good to Exceptional Service at the restaurant, and staff were friendly and helpful everywhere we went. A first choice. Mary Price (Tistie)

0 Stars Tistie January 27, 2004

After booking a low cost America West Vacation, I expected minimal, but received outstanding. Needing two adjacent rooms as we were traveling with a handicapped individual, to make this happen, we were upgraded to two adjacent rooms in the Palace Tower on the 26th floor--certainly not expected nor required. The rooms were clean, spacious and meticulously maintained. We ate at the restaurants, which were fantastic, with exceptional service and high quality food, and what gambling we did was also at Caesar's, where the areas were clean, the dealers friendly, and the slots generous.

Our only mild complaint was the smoke in the environment, but everything else was excellent. We were there from Jan. 25-27, 2004. A short trip, but a great one. Will we choose Caesar's again. You bet! Mary Price, Boulder, CO.

0 Stars m55 January 14, 2004

Hotel staff is determined to do things however they feel and get you out of their way. I was given a very incorrent time that my room would be ready, way too early. I understood this at first as we arrived hours in the early hours, so were checked in and simply going to have to wait around in the casino a few hours. The estimated remaining time, however, stretched out later into the day until finally, well after other people started checking in, they were ready to give me a room. I had to wait longer and speak to several people to actually get the kind of room I reserved instead of the first possible room. I reserved well in advance. It shouldn't be this hard to get someone what they paid for.

The room (Palace Tower) was nice, but looking a little bare compared to what the competition is doing now. But getting to anywhere from your room requires a long walk and usually going up and down a few steps. Nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to stay there again.

0 Stars sabramo102 June 11, 2003

Caesars is my favorite hotel, we stay here more than anywhere else and are treated very nicely. The room rating really varies - the Palace Tower has exceptionally lovely rooms with very well appointed bathrooms - lots of glass, marble and gold trim. We have also had rooms in the Forum and Roman Towers - not as plush or large as the Palace Tower, but large and nicely appointed bathrooms; these towers are also closer to the casino. Service has always been very good here from the front desk to restaurants and bars.

0 Stars bnsf600 June 08, 2003

The room rating depends on what room tower you stay in. If you
stay in the Palace tower, then the bathrooms are easily a 10
and the room is a 9 because they are so new, clean and are
showing no signs of wear. The Forum tower is a nice standard
room tower and the location of the tower is great because
you go down the elevators and you are at the Forum shops which
are the best shops in Las Vegas. A very nice pool setting with
many good looking women hanging out there. They even have
a topless pool which is to your immediate right as you enter
the pool area (there is a sign to let you know). Service
can be hit or miss depending on which employee helps you

0 Stars wolfman1953 June 06, 2003

We stayed in the Palace Tower May 2002. The room was good sized. The bathroom was large. The view of the Bellagio fountains and pools were entertaining :). This trip my wife got sick, so we used the room and service a lot more than ussual. All things considered, we had a great stay.

0 Stars lostyouth June 01, 2003

Stayed in Palace Tower in 1998. Room was great. Bathroom was very nice. Pool area was beautiful and the service was very good.

0 Stars roberti805 May 31, 2003

A great hotel that is constantly being improved by PPE. The rooms are very nice and remodeled, and now that the grating has been removed one is able to look outside. The casino is a mix of old and new but the new owners are doing a great job of bring everything to a more common theme. The pool is great and has great drinks and service. Caesrs staff has always been friendly and helpful, all you need is available in this resort and you may not find yourself ever leaving the property. I really enjoy this place and never tire of visiting.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 27, 2002

This used to be my favorite place. Unfortunately for the owners, other properties now far surpass what Caesars offers. The rooms are very nice and the new towers an attempt to keep up, but what was once great is now just OK.

0 Stars RateVegas User October 22, 2001

Stayed in Forum Tower 10/8 to 1/11; room 7502. Definately old las vegas at its best. The grating is gone from the windows and you can see down to nyny. Room redone with lovely new furnishings but still has the old lv touches like jacuzzi on marble platform, mirrored ceiling huge shower lots of marble and gold fixtures but bestof all a chaise next to the window. The pools were spectacular and of course the casino was great as were the forum shops. Can u tell I really want to go back again.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 30, 2001

Agree with others, in that some rooms are better than others. The Palace Tower rooms are great. Last stay was in the Forum Tower. Room was large, art-deco with lots of chrome. The room had mirrors everywhere including above the bed, jacuzzi in the bedroom, nice marble bath, but gawdy to say the least. The Palace Tower rooms are class all the way but a good hike from the casino. If you can get a good rate, this place is very accomodating and in a good location.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 15, 2000

Over the years this great "old" hotel has reminded me of a terminal case of "suburban sprawl". It seems as if attractions, certain gaming areas, lounges, shops have been shoehorned in wherever an electrical outlet can be found. There no longer seems to be a consistent theme that is always associated with the other high end resorts.

With all of their upcoming construction, I hope they can begin to package what they offer much better.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 24, 2000

Stay at Caesars in June and had a great time. Stay at the Palace Tower. Awesome room over looking Bellagio fountians. The bathroom was huge. Caesars is a wonderful hotel and I can't wait to go back. Two thumbs up!!

0 Stars RateVegas User July 15, 2000

All depends on which tower you are in.The newer Palace tower has spectacular rooms.The other two are somewhat hit or miss.The room in the Centurion tower I stayed in last was nice but depressing.There is grating in front of the windows so there is absolutely no view at all.Also there is alot of construction going on outside.The bathroom was ok but the shower curtain was so flimsy water was constantly all over the floor(yes I did put the curtain on the inside).No problems with housekeeping or service.