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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews Circus Circus

5 Stars Cricket September 11, 2014

We stay at circus circus every year when go!! The rooms are NICE and CLEAN!! The beds are SUPER comfy and we have no complaints!! This year we decided to stay at the other end of the strip and stayed at Excalibur. We are soooooo sorry that we didn't stay at circus circus again!! We won't make that mistake again next year!!

1 Star Gregory T December 17, 2013

This is the first casino I have literally walked in only to walk right on out without wanting to sit down anywhere. And walking to this casino at night...don't do it.

2 Stars Al from San Diego January 23, 2013

Did not stay at the property, but decided to stroll down memory lane at this enduring clown house. Quarter slot play was enjoyable, they definitely cater to this kind of customer. Staff was exceptionally polite and helpful. Very attentive drink service. A viable option for the budget gambler. Some of the old problems still visible. Some slot areas were filthy. Improving property that's fun to visit early morning if you'd like to see a little history. Obviously not a place for folks who don't like to see the little ones while In Vegas. And probably a place to avoid when school is out for the summer. Cheap table limits, low hold on quarter slots. See my/others reviews on Adventure Dome.

5 Stars Misty May 11, 2012

Just got back from a 3 night stay at circus circus and it was awesome!! I've stayed at other hotels on the strip but this was my 8th time at circus circus. The rooms are very clean and the beds are SUPER comfortable!!! It is a little far from the busy part of the strip but the walk is not scary at all and with a bus pass for $20 for three days it's definitely worth the stay!! I will be staying here the next time I go!!

3 Stars Kevin April 21, 2012

Stayed 5 nights in the west tower. Rooms are OK but nothing fancy. No smoke smell on the NON SMOKING floors - be sure to confirm this on check in (we had to change floors) Midway is great for the kids (13 and 17) as is the adventuredome. Enjoyed our stay here - price is definitely right. 20 minute walk to Treasure Island is not bad and burns a few calories

1 Star Jodie December 15, 2011

We came from Australia and stayed 2 nights here and stayed at 3 other casinos. Oh my god what a dive, it was dark,dingy,old,looks like it hadn't been up dated since it opened,it was so smokey it was making me and the kids sick, the kids area was dirty and a rip off. The food was very average. The only good thing was the acts were great but were you sit was so small everyone was so cramped and just standing around you couldn't get through. We waked from new York new York at night, I don't recommend that at all, very scary, defonatly the worst part of Vegas. I think they should tear it down and start again. It advertises it's great for kids but I wouldn't waste my time as it was a waste of money.

3 Stars Victoria December 08, 2011

We stayed at Circus Circus and despite the reviews on this app, we were pleasantly surprised - our room was neat, clean and comfortable and quiet. The busiest time was on the weekend around the adventure dome but that could easily be avoided. Buffet was okay, nothing spectacular but remember this hotel tries to cater to families and not just adults. Yes, the hotel is a bit of a distance from the busiest parts of the strip, but with a bus stop right outside of slots-a-fun and cheap 24hr fare it's worth saving some $$$! I would stay at Circus Circus again no problem! Don't listen to all the reviews - make your own opinion as I did - I mean, how much time are you actually spending in your room while in Vegas anyway!?!

4 Stars Leanna September 28, 2011

I stayed at circus circus for three nights; based on the reviews I thought it was gonna be some creepy carnie show with out of control kids everywhere, but I was pleasantly surprised. Stayed in skyrise tower, room wasn't gorgeous but it was clean and the bed was very comfortable. The staff was very friendly. The midway was the only "circusy" part, that's where most of the kids were and you don't even notice the entrance to it unless you're looking for it, so if you want to avoid kids and carnival noise its totally possible. Drinks and food were way cheaper than all of the places we visited, only downside is it's far from the main portion of the strip. It's close to Wynn and encore, but all of the othe nice hotels are a bit of a walk

1 Star Seb July 29, 2011

Seen it from the stratosphere tower, looks well old and well off the strip kinda hotel you'll need to take taxis every where. Not seen inside.

0 Stars Helen July 27, 2011

Very bad hotel. Wouldn't recommend it. Even the adventure dome is bad.

4 Stars Nick lally July 11, 2011

We spent 10 days at circus circus staying it the west tower. The room was on the 34th floor overlooking the strip. The view from the window was mainly unfinished construction so it wasn't great at all. However I cannot complain with the room itself: no bad odours except for the smell of weed coming from next door, no stains or rubbish either it was relatively clean. The maids came with fresh towels and made our beds everyday without fail. The elevators seem to be quite a problem they seem to have a mind of their own which is bad if your staying high up. I wouldn't stay here again though because it is quite a distance from the other casinos which stopped us from venturing out at night very often when the freaks come out and seem to love that section between TI and CC which isn't nice when you have children with you. When we go back we aren't staying here again it's to far from the action, fairly run down, not much in terms of entertainment for adults, it's ok for kids though.

5 Stars Cindy July 06, 2011

Overall, a great stay. We stayed in one of the brand-new rooms. Very spacious and beautifully decorated.

5 Stars John G June 17, 2011

Nice place to stay. This was our 3rd time at Circus Circus and we have enjoyed it every time. Rooms have always been clean and well kept, try leaving a tip for the cleaning staff, it works. Steakhouse was great. Dealers are down to earth and very friendly. We will definitely come back.

3 Stars Trent May 25, 2011

The 3 stars is only because slots of fun is next door. Slots of fun is awesome 1$ beers hotdogs and 1$ min bets on most tables. Good times. Circus circus is really a class a dump of a hotel. I'm sure it's getting close to the implode list.

3 Stars J.R. May 23, 2011

Not classy by any means, but that's the whole point of a circus. Our room was clean and worth the price. Next time I would probably stay farther south in order to save a little walking, but I enjoyed our stay.

1 Star John May 15, 2011

Dirtiest hotel I have ever seen.

1 Star Dennis May 12, 2011

Stayed here march of 2010 and I still can't believe how horrible this place is. Checked in and went right to my room. As soon as I got out of the broken elevator ( seemed to work when it wanted) I thought a battle had just gone on. There were pictures off the wall and plaster on the carpet in the hall way. My room had a stain on the floor over 14 inches long and the room smelled like a cigar shop. Even the bedding reaked. Food was terrible and we decided to spend our money south on the strip. I will say that Slots-Of-Fun (next door) was a hidden gem. Cheap beer and food. Lots of locals hang there. We complained about our stay and were told by management that they agreed with everything we said. No surprises here. If management doesn't care why should anyone else. Worse trip to Vegas ever. On a high note we now stay at Bally's for the same cost with no resort fee. Great central location with free shuttles and available tram. Don't wreck a vacation by thinking you will save a few bucks. Stay away!!

1 Star Danny May 01, 2011

Its terrible i went in the lobby and straight out, had to wait 40 minutes for a cab haha.

1 Star Rob West April 18, 2011

I'm giving this dump 1 star only because I can't give it a 0. This place is filthy. I realize it caters to families with kids but that's not an excuse for garbage on the floors everywhere and smoke so bad all over the place your eyes will burn for days. It's the cheapest place on the strip for a reason. I don't need to go into all the things that are wrong with this dump or this review would be about 10 pages. In short, stay away from this place at all costs, not just to stay but to eat or gamble too. Circus Circus is just bad bad bad, read the other reviews and scratch this dump off your places in Vegas to visit.

5 Stars Kane April 17, 2011

The worst hotel ever! We stayed here one night and will never be back. It is DIRTY and stinks like SMOKE. Dont stay here.

0 Stars Roger April 11, 2011

AWFUL!!!!!!! Too low to rate. I would not want my worst enemy to stay there. Smelled of urine. Filthy rooms, carpet and bathroom. Many, many shady characters hanging around. Horrible customer service. Moved out after one night. HORRIBLE!!!! We never felt safe. We took all of all our luggae with us every time we went site seeing.

1 Star Phoebe April 08, 2011

Awful hotel. The room smelled like feet. The fridge had a dirty towel inside of it (used to soak up a leak....who knows how long it had been there). The towels smelled like smoke (we are not smokers). the room was dingy and I didn't even want to sleep in the bed.

1 Star Lewis February 18, 2011

Awful hotel. Worst on the strip. Offers nothing, dirty and dated. 1 star, and that is solely for the friendly barman that seems genuinely upset that the place is so bad....gave the impression that it used to be good!

1 Star Ed Davidson February 17, 2011

This place is always filthy and I stayed here once and regretted it. It's cheap to stay here for a reason. You get what you pay for, and you didn't pay and you didn't get, stay anywhere but here if you can afford it.

5 Stars Brad February 17, 2011

Nice stay!

4 Stars Sarah February 02, 2011

Nice stay. Very clean accommodations, and the maids and staff were quite friendly. Great location, if not just slightly north of some of the world's finest hotels.

4 Stars Mrjustin February 02, 2011

I liked this casino and hotel. I stayed in the newer tower and the rooms were clean and spacious. Everything was quick. Except taxi rides as you are pretty much as far as you can get on the strip. I wouldn't stay here again only because it's far from everything but for price and comfort it's a 5* all the way.

1 Star Brandon November 19, 2010

This place is just bad!!!! People please, Vegas is not a cheap city to visit, it can be and if you stay here then you are one of the cheap people, save up your money and stay somewhere else.

0 Stars Goon29 October 29, 2010

It's worth a walk through just for the novelty but gets old quickly. Midway games, clowns, and dirty carpets. If you aren't already at the north end of the strip, certainly don't bother making the trek just to see this place.

3 Stars Kevin October 04, 2010

Where to start? Supposed to have "kids eat free" for entire stay. The guy at the information booth knew nothing about this program, and then told me that he didn't actually work for the hotel! The information booth is really a marketing front to get you to eat at restaurants, etc.

The layout is terrible--had to walk down long hotel corridors just to get to the correct elevator for my room.

Everyone staff person I talked to basically told me, "IT's not my job."

We will never stay here again!

3 Stars Pablo cesar Jiménez September 28, 2010

el hotel es muy bueno para niños se divierten mucho los juegos los números de circo las maquinitas para niños te dan premios

4 Stars John&Archie September 24, 2010

I don't understand all the poor reviews, I have just arrived home today after a 10day stay at the circus and had absolutely no complaints. We stayed in the west tower, rooms were excellent and cleaned every morning, the pool was also up to scratch and clean and staff were always happy to help. The steak house was delicious best meal of my stay in Vegas! The only flaw for me was walking distance to the main part of the strip but the bus always solved that problem... Thanks to circus circus for helping us enjoy our stay.. JJ

1 Star Vegasrate August 05, 2010

Was supposed to stay here for 3 nights.
The brochure showed a nice room.
When we checked in they took us to the motel part of the property.
They said the pictures are of the rooms in the tower section and they are sold out.
The room was dark, smelled and was very dirty.
I promptly checked out of this dump and went straight to bellagio.
Will never ever return to this sorry excuse of a hotel.

1 Star Solange July 27, 2010

Omg what a dump! Place smelled like poop and dilinquent kids running all over the casino floor unsupervised. Any hotel would be better than this place!

1 Star M. User July 01, 2010

A lot of my Filipino friends like to stay here all the time when they come to Vegas. But I'm willing to pay a bit more for a better quality room someplace else like Venetian, Rio, etc ....

3 Stars Lewt June 27, 2010

I stayed here for one night also. Yes there are lots of kids, however it wasn't as bad as I have read on here. It is out of the way though. And like all casinos you have to walk miles and miles through all the slots to get anywhere.

Like others said you get what you pay for,

1 Star Greenview June 23, 2010

I took a group of 4 and since all of the nicer hotels were booked, we spent our first night at circus circus. It was like saying at a motel 6, the beds were bad and the bathroom were't good. You get what you pay for.

2 Stars Sanriobaby June 08, 2010

Went here for some timeshare/vacation club presentation and got to peek into three empty rooms after they were cleaned by housekeeping and I have to say, run don't walk past this hotel if you're planning to stay on the strip, especially with your kids. The hallways are super long, confusing, and overrun with young kids and overwhelmed parents. The rooms were dingy and old, and frankly, I'd question the security if we were able to walk around these rooms without being questioned. There are better deals when staying on the strip without having to sacrifice cleaniness and safety.

0 Stars Big Time June 04, 2010

This place was a real shithole!!! Don't use the elevator, it's a death trap!!!

4 Stars Dustin May 31, 2010

Stayed at the Circus Circus last year. We were originally at PH but decided to stay two extra days and it was the cheapest place on the strip to move to. It is definatley targeted toward kids but a good inexpensive place to grab a nap between seeing all Vegas has to offer. My only gripe is the place is a little far north so be ready to walk! Overall a decient hotel.

0 Stars Big Time May 24, 2010

This place gets a negative rating... It should definetly be next on the implosion list. There are many shady characters around and not safe.

1 Star Patrick May 08, 2010

Just terrifying. The place is a David Lynch film gone horribly wrong.

2 Stars Pdzierba April 26, 2010

Stayed bc needed a cheap place for 2 nights. An old and abused hotel is not unheard in Vegas but this is on a whole new level. Throw in clown and a creepy carny feeling and that's the circus circus.

1 Star Russell Sauve March 25, 2010

Here's the problem; best steak I've ever had in the scariest property I've ever run through. They should hire the clown from "It" to be the greeter.

2 Stars Juan Carlos Sandoval March 16, 2010

El hotel le falta mantenimiento además esta algo lejos los cuartos bien pero no me gusto q la caja de seguridad fuera de monedas en otros hoteles sin mas baratos las maquinas no dan

1 Star Yo mama March 15, 2010

It sucked!!!!

3 Stars Jeff in OKC March 12, 2010

It may be old and dirty, but it also has the most fun table games in Las Vegas. I think I see more smiles there than at Bellagio. The Cafe has good food as well.

5 Stars One Love August 23, 2009

One of the best hotels on the strip. Low cost everything, highly recommend getting the players club. Great activies for kids or for yourself. Overall I always enjoy staying, gambeling, and playing games at this hotel.

1 Star Mark W from Chicago June 14, 2009

We have never stayed at Circus Circus but I have visited a friend who was and what I saw was enough to ensure that I never will. It's old, smells and has water damage on the ceiling, and I'm not talking about the top floor. I think the theme is interesting but it is in need of some serious renovations. However, if you need to go to Vegas & stay on the strip, the price is right.

2 Stars vegas visitor May 27, 2009

This place is definately the low end on accomodations. As many other reviewers have pointed out, there just was way to many young children, by the ages of like 3-6 or 7 tht were jsut laying ll over the place or walking with I imagine their parent at 3am 4am etc. It was just a shame to see the lack of care those childrens parent have in not bringing your kids that late to the casino. There should be some type of generalized curfew in Vegas to stop ghetto parents from bringing their kids with them to gamble at all hours of the night.

That being said we stayed in the west tower room, which surprisingly once inthere was not that awful. The tv was strange though as there is a nice new LCD tv, but there are very limited tv channels and most were fuzy, or had to show those scray looking creepy clowns on them.

The hotel and casino cater to lower cost people, so just be aware of that. The staff was not too bad, and thankfully we switched to the tower and did not stay inthe manor, as that really should not be allowed, lol

the location is not that great compared to the main areas of the strip so remember you get what you pay for, or dont get in this case.

2 Stars Abed Nader May 10, 2009

The worst bed ever!! Too many kids and it's really trashy. I stayed there because I drove out to Vegas and I ended up arriving early so I stayed at circus circus for the night before going to Caesars. Avoid it but if you have a family then it's a good deal. Just don't expect much.

1 Star Jei April 25, 2009

Lowest of the lowest in the strip. If you don't want to spend lots for lodging then this is the ghetto hotel for you. You'll definite will get the carnie feeling from this place. Smells like a kennel for humans.

2 Stars Http://Www.Sunseatours.com March 28, 2009

For cheap spenders. Attracts low end clientele especially the college crowd and families with young children. Stay away if you are looking for nightlife, fun, and a more classier group of people. Pool area is nasty, old and rundown. Pretty old and gross hotel. Rooms are nice. Casino has the old vegas feel but smells of old as well.

3 Stars Melmill February 21, 2009

Very nice room on the west tower. No washclothes and only one towel in the room. Called housekeeping. Well see if we get more. Room appears clean and newly decorated. Would be a nice view out of the window if it was cleaned. Very nice though for the very cheap price we paid.

5 Stars Johnathon Frye February 21, 2009

The rooms have all recently been remodeled to include modern, contemporary furnishings and 42" plasma screen TV's. Steakhouse is still classic and excellent.

3 Stars RON WATANABE November 17, 2008


4 Stars Mike November 12, 2008

Not as bad as these reviews make out. I'm from the UK and it was a good intro to American people, good working class folk enjoying themselves. Don't be a snob! Spent most of the holiday off site but everybody does in vegas, why stay in one place. Room was fine, didn't stay there much, steakhouse fantastic

1 Star Bojonny November 11, 2008

This "casino" (if you can call it that) is literally the worst casino I have ever stayed in. It has all the charm of a retirement home as well as the smell. From the carpet in the hallways and rooms comming off the floor to the rediculous amount of non english speaking people messing up all the table games because they cant understand a word of english. One can only hope that with all the re-vamping of Vegas that this casino is on the chopping block....I would give this place a negative 5 star....Never stay there.

0 Stars Tim July 13, 2008

I stayed at Circus Circus over new years this year, I'm from Australia and this was my first time in America and Vegas was going to be the highlight of my holiday. This joint is a dump, and I was disgusted by the kids asleep outside the gaming areas while the parents were in the casino. The rooms smelt like crap and my bed was so uncomfortable that I actually slept on the floor. When I return to vegas next year I will not be going near this hell hole. Please people do yourself a favour and do not stay at circus circus.

0 Stars David L April 06, 2008

Stayed at Circus Circus a little over a year ago (2007)

My wife is cheap,and we were attending a convention that is how we wound up there...was some kind of deal $149.00 for 2 nights, stayed an extra day for a small charge. Room was in one of the white bungalow buildings next to the swimming pool. Room was basicly what we expected...no frills...for the price we paid I was not expecting much, and they delivered. Shower worked, as did TV..ice machine was close by. Ac unit was a loud roar..and it was 108 outside.

Did notice a few odd people coming and going at various times of the night, one was obviously a prostitute. I know shocking..a hooker in Vegas.

The casino it's self was kinda crumby.. kids all over the place, seemed like the casino guests were more of the lower-income set on vacation. I certainly would not recomend taking kids to Circus Circus or Vegas in general.

First thing I remember when checking in was the smell of mothballs, which caused me to flash a look of anger at my wife for booking a discount vacation/convention (laughing).

The buffet was lower end, then again for the price. We ate there once..then ate off site the rest of the time.

Slots-o-Fun next door was kinda trailer park, but did have fun slumming.

Casino staff was friendly and as most places if you tip the drinks keep coming.

Good luck.

0 Stars Mir February 29, 2008

My first time stay was at Circus Circus and it's a thousand wonders I ever went back to Vegas, after staying in that dump! Do yourself a favor and spend a few more dollars per night and stay in a clean place. I feared for my life just riding the out-of-date elevators. You may as well walk from McCarran International, if you stay in the Manor rooms... take some comfortable shoes.

0 Stars len schoppe November 17, 2007

stayed at circus circus on nov 17 2007.was given room in bungalows. there were BED BUGS all over the place. what a dump! i complained and they upgraded me but i still had to have all my belongings sterilized. watch out for these bugs in vegas. there is a major infestion there in many of the hotels. if you see them on your bed and you have sat on that bed you will be infested with thier eggs. they are hard to get rid of.i will probably not stop in vagas again any time soon. you should reconcider this destination.

0 Stars mike_ch October 12, 2007

I haven't stayed here but a friend did and I got to poke around his room. He just needed a place to lay his head down, and stayed in the Manor rooms. They're no longer pink and circusy everywhere like older reviews warn you about, but they're certainly very low-rent accomodations. With an ocean of pavement between you and the casino, and an unstaffed elevator lobby with all sorts of people coming through at all hours, I wouldn't be comfortable staying here.

The casino is sprawling in many ways more out of control than even Caesars, but it's not really that bad. As far as being a vomitorium goes, I'd say this place actually is a bit less grungy than Excalibur, although that place has a far better location.

Whether the circus theme and the kids going around sends you for the door or not is up to you. Overall, I was able to spend several hours here and not be offended, but then I like arcades and theme parks and stuff where kids are often part of the package, so YMMV.

If you do stay here, at least get a tower and don't book the manor. If you can't afford a tower, go look up Excalibur or see if the IP is having any specials or something. I'm pretty wary of low-end Vegas resorts but I could stay in either of those with the right room and rate, but I couldn't personally feel secure in the manor.

I'll go ahead and give the facility on the whole a just below average rating, but if you like your hotels kid free and styled like an LA nightspot, then don't go here.

(PS: I didn't see Slots-o-Fun, and never have. Sorry, just too sleazy.)

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 29, 2006

Adventuredome - Iwona (yes that is a person's name) she works at the ticket/wristband counter in Adventuredome. I found her to be very rude to kids and doesn't even greet you with a smile. She needs to find a job not working with the public.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User April 26, 2006

My daughter and I visited this hotel back in March of 2004 and my visit was decent by the name of the hotel YOU SHOULD KNOW that there WILL BE CHILDREN and a lot of RUNNING around so basically you get w hat you pay for my room was nice and clean and the
bathroom was excellent no complaints . I am going back this time we are taking along my husband and we expect to see CHILDREN and things of that nature so I believe that it depends on what you expect and what you want go if you want more go to an upscale hotel and stop complaining you have the Wynn , Belligio, Venetian, Mirage, Luxor and the Manadalay Bay.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 24, 2006

My family and I just stayed at Circus Circus over President's Day weekend, and the room was horrendous!!!! I was so disappointed with this hotel, being as this was our first trip to Vegas, ever!!! The room smelled old and musty, really bad. The bathroom was horrible, the tub took at least 2 hours to drain between each shower. The TV remote did not even work, and the channels we DID have were worthless. For God's sake!!! We paid $327 for two nights, and they can't give you HBO? C'mon! This is the most over-rated hotel I have ever been in!!! We tried complaining the morning we left, but guess what? There was no manager on at the time, so they said. So now I'm looking for a contact person to complain to, and surprise!!! Nothing to be found!!!! I will never stay at this hotel again, and I plan on spreading the news to all my friends and family.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User November 08, 2005

Stayed at Circus Circus in October 2005 and after reading the previous reviews was a bit worried. When we did arrive we had about a 40 min wait to check in but the staff were friendly and we got the type of room we asked for - what do you expect with nearly 4000 rooms. The rooms were big and all you needed unless you were going to stay in all the time which you do not do in Vegas.Our neighbours did have a drunken row at 4am but security were there swiftly to stop it going on. It did take approx 10 mins to get from entrance to room and that included 2 lifts. We used the buffet a couple of times and if you do go at the right time it is good - there was a good choice, it was clean and staff helpful. What a contrast to their restaurant the 'Pink Pony', service was awful and very slow altho when the food did arrive it was ok. The hotel is a the far end of the strip and it is a jaunt to get to the main bit and see the other sights but it is good to walk all the food off. We arrived on a day when there were torrential rain downpours and it was a bit worrying to see plastic sheets over gaming machines and buckets on the carpets collecting the water but this did not only happen at Circus. The adventure dome looked good but we ran out of time but we did catch a small circus act which was not that good - I wouldn't wait long to see another.At the end of the day the hotel was basic and catered for our needs

0 Stars TowardTheSky October 15, 2005

Well, I've always loved this place since I was a kid. The first time I came here in 1996, it didn't look anything like it does now (well, on the inside at least). It didn't look so tacky, it was a bit more Circusy (and that's why I've always loved this place.) The buffet food was better then, and it didn't look like every other buffet in Las Vegas. Anyway, I recently took a trip here, stayed in a room in the new West Tower, which again, wasn't there the first time I came to Circus Circus. For the price, the room was really good, a bit better than the Skyrise room we had the first visit. The buffet food, left something to be desired. The second I stepped into the buffet for breakfast, I immediately thought "What the hell happened to this place?!". The food was okay, not spectacular by any means. Slots were pretty loose, so that's always a plus. I'd stay here again, if they got their old decorating scheme back, and weren't trying so hard to be "Cirque Du Soleil".

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 24, 2005

This place really is a dump. Be very careful when you book - they have fancy names for all the buildings on their property, but when you get there you end up in a modular type building stuck out in the middle of a parking lot. The walls are paper thin and you can hear everything (lucky for us we had two old people next door that got up and had long converstations at 5 a.m.) It was horrible. The worse thing of all is that the people who work there could care less if you are happy with your room or not. Thank God Vegas is about staying up as much as possible. At least I didn't have to experience the room for long!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User March 30, 2005


0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 19, 2005

Do Vegas and those who come to Vegas for what it's meant for a favor and IMPLODE THIS PLACE!! FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE PEOPLE, TAKE YOUR KIDS TO DISNEY WORLD, WE DO. Vegas is for ADULTS!! Circus is a dump, it's restaurants and buffet are terrible and I won't come back again, ever. For my money downtown is the way Vegas ought to be.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 19, 2005

Do Vegas and those who come to Vegas for what it's meant for a favor and IMPLODE THIS PLACE!! FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE PEOPLE, TAKE YOUR KIDS TO DISNEY WORLD, WE DO. Vegas is for ADULTS!! Circus is a dump, it's restaurants and buffet are terrible and I won't come back again, ever. For my money downtown is the way Vegas ought to be.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 19, 2005

Do Vegas and those who come to Vegas for what it's meant for a favor and IMPLODE THIS POS!! FOR GOD'S SAKE PEOPLE, TAKE YOUR KIDS TO DISNEY WORLD, WE DO. Vegas is for ADULTS!! Circus is a dump, it's restaurants and buffet are terrible and I won't come back again, ever. For my money downtown is the way Vegas ought to be.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 08, 2005

I stayed at circus circus from 2/3-2/7 and it was the worst expierence of my life.We arrived there early Thursday morning and were told that the room we had reserved 6 months in advance was not available.After about 10 minutes at the desk to check in they finally find a room with 1 king bed,smoking,and a view of the strip.So the desk clerk gives me a map of the hell hole and sends me on my way to find my room.I begin the long walk to the skyrise tower with my wife and luggage in tow.Get to my room on the 26th floor,and open the door to a room with 2 queen beds,non smoking,and a view.I call the front desk to try and get thinks straightened out,and she tells me to wait a few minutes and she will send a bellmen up with a key to the correct room.Almost 40 minutes later the bellmen arrives,and off I go to floor 22 with all my belongings.Open the door and to my supprise a room with 2 queen beds,smoking and view.So I call again and the front desk lady gives me another room number and tells me they will have someone there to let me in so I don't have to wait another 40 minutes for a key.I now begin my journey to floor 14 where I am greeted my a security guard who finally lets me into a room with 1 king bed.smoking,and no strip view.I finally just gave up on the view because I had already wasted 1 1/2 hours walking around with my luggage and wife in tow.In my opinion you should only stay at circus circus if you like bad service,unfriendly staff and working really hard to get what you have already paid for.

0 Stars Mannerj April 19, 2004

This hotel may be one of the cheaper properties on the Las Vegas strip, but it’s still not good value for money. The hotel is poorly equipped and staffed in nearly every area. Our stay started with a 2 hour check in process! This included 15 minutes waiting for a parking space, 45 Minutes waiting in line to check in, and an hour during which we were sent to the wrong sized room, told that the hotel was full and the correct room was not available, then issued with the correct room only after complaining very, very loudly and publicly. Expect long lines for everything from the lifts, to the Deli (30 minutes plus to buy a Hot Dog). The rooms themselves are dark, dingy and poorly equipped and ours smelt strange! The public areas are tatty and actually quite dirty. The Swimming Pool is tiny (for the size of hotel) and only open 9am to 6pm, so forget an early morning or late night swim. We ate in the buffet once, and never again, after standing in line to get in you can expect to stand in line again each time you want hot food. The hotel is poorly positioned, right at the wrong end of the strip, to far to walk to the newer hotels such as the MGM, and with the Vegas traffic this journey can take over an hour in the car. The much advertised Circus acts are quite good, however, the seating area is small and don’t expect to be able to sit and watch unless you’re prepare to wait the 20 minutes between acts (they last 8-10 minutes and perform on the hour and half hour). The best thing about Circus, Circus is the Adventure Dome, at around $17 (with the $4 discount coupon that’s printed in all the local free magazines) it’s a good half days entertainment for the under 13’s – and not to busy in the mornings. My advice is to give the hotel a miss and drop in on the Adventure Dome if you have young kids that need amusing for a couple of hours.

0 Stars Forcelee August 03, 2003

DO NOT STAY HERE. I REPEAT DO NOT STAY HERE. We arrived on a Friday, there were hundreds of people wanting to check in and only TWO workers. It took us almost two hours to get checked in. No one cared. I talked to the manager and she told me to deal with it. It was incredible. AWFULL!!!!!! Horrible service, not friendly workers. A JOKE. DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0 Stars adz July 13, 2003

Rooms here are standard but a good value...bathrooms are huge..I've had apartments that were smaller..check in is a nightmare given the design of the property, and their employees are personality challenged..Yuppie Larve..you know them better as ''children''..seem to roam every inch of the casino..if you must bring them, the funbook can save some serious cash...

0 Stars Sonya June 06, 2003

We stayed here for the first and last time in 1995. It was our first trip to Vegas and we ended up in the Manor Rooms. The good news was that we were close to the car and as some stuff was left in the car, it was nice to be able to keep an eye on it. Unfortunately, that was the only good news. :)

The room was very garishly decorated with bright colors, ugly carpet and this awful wallpaper border that I still have nightmares about. The Manor rooms are a LONG walk from anything else in the casino.

I find the casino to be on the dark and dreary side, especially the path between the casino and arcade area. The Adventuredome is fun and it is a good price for a family on a budget, but I won't be returning.

0 Stars Wiggy April 01, 2003

The room was fine. Big enough with a large TV, decent size bathroom, nice and clean with an ice machine just down the hall. A bit out from the centre but only 10 minutes in a taxi or shuttle. Plenty of shops to grab a keepsake. Not too many kids about. All in all it was exactly what you'd expect and certainly value for money.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 05, 2002

Stayed here in September 2000. Had a nice room in the West tower that had just been refurbished. Not many kids around as school was in session. For the money, this was a nice hotel but I prefer the South end of the Strip.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 25, 2002

Actually, rooms in the tower are not all that bad for the money...I stayed two nights in January '02..great view of the mountains...floor was quiet..bathrooms are huge and well stocked..kids all over the casino..check out and check in very slow and confusing...not enough staff and the desk and those that are there are overworked. While I would not stay here again given the location on the Strip...its not the overall horror story others have described here.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 21, 2002

You get what you pay for and this place is the cheapest place on the Strip. I have not had the "pleasure" of staying here but have been to the property and never would again. We live in London, England so a trip to Vegas is never going to be cheap, we have deals from here staying at the Circus about 50% less than say the Imperial Palace and its still a no no

0 Stars RateVegas User June 26, 2002

We made a huge mistake of booking a week in Aug01. We were staying 7 days, and they had the best rates to be found. I booked off the website, I wasn't aware of the Manor rooms until we arrived. After walking a mile from check in, we arrived to our room. I couldn't believe how bad it was. I tried to complain, but I was ignored. If I could of afforded to go somewhere else I would've. The room was decorated in the tackiest decor I've ever seen. Bright red and orange everywhere, the headboard was red, padded vinyl. We had a gigantic water mark on the ceiling, carpet was worn and dirty. The bathroom was tiny and everytime the toilet flushed it sounded like a space shuttle lift off. We saw large bugs that resembled cockroaches in the parking lot. Went 2 days without maid service, called to complain and had no answer, tried several more times when I got through I was disconnected. The only thing that saved us during this trip was that we had rented a car. I will never stay here again, even for free. I believe the manor rooms should be renamed "the place where we hide our circus freaks."

0 Stars RateVegas User April 20, 2002

I recently stayed at Circus Circus in April and booked at a pretty cheap rate. I was expecting to get a manor room but without even asking, they upgraded me to a room in the west tower. Very nice hotel although off the strip a little. Would recommend staying here for a cheap place to stay. Nice rooms, meals were o.k., and check out was very fast.

0 Stars RateVegas User February 05, 2001

Absolutley the worst hotel I ever stayed in. It was a normal weekend with no conventions, no holiday, no huge draw like a Tyson fight, so in my mind no excuse for the complete lack of service. No excuse for the completely filthy room (Trash still in the trash can, beds unmaid, tub full of light brown water.) that the front desk told us was ready for us. The hotel was too crowded and too shop-worn. To top it all off, and this is NOT A JOKE, I got pubic lice from the bed sheets. That was 2 years ago. I haven't dared venture near it since. I can sum up my Circus Circus experince in two words. Filth, Mysery.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 24, 2001

We read some reviews and were disappointed that we had opted to stay at Circus Circus. We went to the place expecting the worst and were pleasantly surprised. We stayed in the Skyrise Tower. Fortunately, we had a generously sized, nicely decorated room. The bathroom was clean and we got extra towels and soaps and shampoos without asking for them. The only problem was that the tub and sink were very slow to drain. We didn't consider this to be traumatic so we did not tell anyone about it. Check-in was seamless, no problems and the bell desk personnel were helpful and accomodating, as were the player's club people. There were a lot of children in the midway and arcade area, and I was dismayed to see families stacked up like cordwood, sitting and dozing on the steps leading down to the casino. Those kids were exhausted and Mom or Dad should have taken the little rascals back to the room. The litmus test for this place is obviously "Would I go back there to stay?" Emphatically Yes. Decent place, great location, good prices.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 19, 2001

Not as bad as some people want you to think. What do you expect for the price? typical room, nothing special, but no roaches, smells, outlines of murdered bodies or anything of the sort. Nice place for families (don't start in about bringing kids to Vegas) and for those who don't mind kids being in the same building as they are

0 Stars RateVegas User December 15, 2000

Does the word "implosion" come to mind?