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The D Las Vegas

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The D Las Vegas

Derek Stevens


Four Queens | Fremont 


Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews The D Las Vegas

5 Stars 50inVegas October 19, 2015

This is a perfect hotel, so long as you are not expecting all the amenities of a strip property. I stayed in an impeccably clean, nicely furnished remodeled room. The bathroom was remodeled as well. Tons of water pressure in the shower. No noise from Freemont Street below.

I was warned that elevator service was slow, but they just added new elevator shafts, so it was speedy even though the hotel was fully booked.

There is a small fitness center, but not a full scale gym.

The casino is incredibly friendly. There is a pretty good coffee shop. I did not try the steakhouse so I can't comment on that.

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark June 20, 2015

The best property Downtown. Makes visiting Fremont a must every trip.

4 Stars Brando April 05, 2015

First stay at the D. Great time. Sure the elevators can be slow, but they're working on that - 2 more coming. Lots of energy in the casino and really cool to meet the owner, Derek.

4 Stars Hunter October 22, 2014

Great stay. Super fun.

Nice staff. Room was clean and bed was comfortable.

One complaint is the elevator system. The reserved by floor is an improvement over long waits but still pretty weird.

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark October 03, 2014

Once again, the D doesn't disappoint. Big rooms, cool decour and a comfy bed. Great vibe from the casino & all its staff. This is the coolest property on Fremont St. I'll never judge something by its name again. Quality dining options as well but the infamous awful elevators live up to their reputation.

2 Stars @HugePopcorn September 15, 2014

Disagreement with the pit made me uncomfortable. I was right though. I asked dealer to free split aces once on free bet blackjack and he said I couldn't free split aces so I used my own money. Dealer made 21. After my loss I read the table card and realized it should of been allowed. I went to the pit and they gave me static. Due to another quirk of the game I wasn't out any money on the error but I had to go a step further to the shift manager to get some sympathy. Dealer insisted he was right so I had to keep pursuing. Hope pit didn't mess up my rating and that they don't pull that on you when you visit in the future. Nervous to give them future action.

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark September 28, 2013

The most fun property to play and hangout at on Fremont St. Derek Stevens and company deserve every ounce of credit they have been given for what they have done to their properties and how they've effected downtown. Good table limits and odds on both blackjack and video poker. Friendly dealers and bartenders make the atmosphere fun and feel like a party. This is by far my favorite casino to play at on Fremont St and one of my favorite in all of Vegas. We will be staying at The D in the future.

5 Stars Gordon June 19, 2013

I was 3 hours early so the bellman took my bag while I went an gambled. Hotel desk sent someone to find me when room was ready( who does this anymore?) I tried one of the new D Suites and was very happy. Separate bedroom and wonderful large bathroom. Many of the products used are American made. The owner tried to use as much American made products as possible. The Staff is attentive and seem to actually like working there. I will be back. The strip could take lessons but tbh I'm glad they don't.

4 Stars Ken SF December 08, 2012

Room was Great! 1st floor casino too loud and not enough $5 blackjack. Long bar, vue bar and 2nd floor retro games were worth the visit.

3 Stars Cheryl August 11, 2012

The rooms were great. We had one of the upgraded rooms. The casino was very good to us, though we didn't care for the loud music all night long they play on the casino floor. Checkout was horrible simply because we got some one that wasn't familiar with the process. They have some training to do with some of their workers but in time these should be working smoothly.

0 Stars DennyL August 10, 2012

Renovated rooms decent but cheesy pit boss change from small to big ball when someone starts winning. Guess that's how they plan on making money. Pitty

3 Stars Cheryl June 10, 2012

The D. What can I say new owners new name!! Fitzgerald's was always our home away from home simply because of the view. But The D has lost a this person to the loud music and inexperienced desk clerks. We were not told until we checked in that the new rooms had a $30 upgrade charge. Keep in mind I had talked to the reservation person on 4 occasions prior to getting there with no mention of it. When we checked out they tried to charge us for the whole week when we had a comp for 4 nights free!! It was a heated mess. The desk clerk had no clue what she was doing. The new rooms are nice and clean. However they took out the little table and chairs so you can't even enjoy the sunrise with a cup of coffee together. Our maid was wonderful and we had a fav change guy at the cage. But the loud music that continues 24/7 was unbearable. At least Fitzgerald's would turn it down in the middle of the night. The entire casino would be almost empty yet the music was cranked up to top level. So for those of you who just like to sit and gamble to escape and enjoy your vacation the new D is not the place for you. We spend a week in Vegas doing a variety of activities and enjoy so quiet time in our room. Therefore the little tables are missed. As for the upgrade charge we found out about it when we checked in and that was fine with us but they didn't even bother with trying to use our coupon for 4 free nights until I got pissed off. The whole place has changed as we thought it might. But it has just change so much that it will force us to change hotel/casinos. I'm sure there is a place downtown that would like us. After all we r there twice a year. Oh yeah don't eat at Don B's either. They raised the prices and the quality has dropped!!! Worst prime rib I ever had.

3 Stars Trs March 15, 2012

Stayed on 2-9 thru 2-12 . This was my third year in a row staying at the fitz. The rooms are clean but very out dated. The bed was very uncomfortable. But hey! Your in Vegas. Casino is always fun and the vue bar is a great place for a cigar and a very well-priced drink or 10;) I believe they are changing the name soon. I'm looking forward to some room renovations and maybe a party pit. Overall I always enjoy my time at the fitz .

4 Stars Elton September 14, 2011

This is our home casino. Nothing fancy here but that's OK with us. It's a good place to stagger back to without having to walk 2 miles like on the strip. Beware tho, do not eat the Krispy Kream donuts. They are made elsewhere and a day or two old. The elevators used to be terrible. Now they are better but still slow.

3 Stars Trent May 25, 2011

Stayed here twice. This trip for my bros bachelor party. Cheap rooms are outdated but clean. The front desk put us in a room that was still occupied by another guest. That sucked but they quickly fixed it. Gambling was fun and free breakfast was very good. Perfect for the group who wants a place to crash after partying on the strip and Fremont experience .

3 Stars Vegas expert November 15, 2010

Rooms are OK, good beds, clean, tv ctr. The casino isn't big and very old, tables are brokes, dealers olds and unprofessional. but if you wanna spend less, you can take a bed in up there and spend your money in other casinos of the Fremont!! You have for what you spend.

2 Stars Bob June 12, 2010

OK place if you want a Vegas experience for short money. Rooms are clean, a little comfortable. Bad sign when there is a McDonalds IN the casino.

5 Stars Ollie Patrick February 23, 2010

We have stayed there for the past three years, except for the crappy elevators, we have always enjoyed our stay. The employees are always friendly and the rooms are always nice and clean. I would highly recommend The Fitzgerald for your next trip.

3 Stars Kevin January 13, 2010

Stayed three nights Jan. 6-8, 2010. Booked it months in advance on Expedia, and got the 3 nights on sale for $34/night (incl. taxes), a great rate considering one night was a Friday. A point of reference: I've been to Vegas eight times, and this was the 8th hotel I've stayed at. Was given a room on the 18th floor with a view of the Fremont street canopy, and Four Queens and Fremont hotels. Room was reasonably clean. Complimentary wall safe was nice. The toilet was a little scratched (needed replacement) and the sink's drain was slow and made some hammering sounds when draining, but this was minor and I didn't want to complain. Some people complain that Fitz's elevators are too slow, but I didn't have to wait more than 2-3 minutes, and this wasn't a problem for me. The room wasn't very quiet, though-- even on the 18th floor, you could hear the Fremont Street Experience music, and also occasionally other doors on the floor opening and closing or the maid's vacuum in the morning. The casino wasn't very kind to me-- slots were seemed tight, I was "rivered" in a Texas Hold 'Em poker tournament, and no big wins at the Let It Ride table, but, hey, that's Vegas for ya. However, I will say that drink service at Fitz was excellent-- when I wanted a drink, I never really had to wait more than 5 minutes before a waitress would take my order, and this was the same at any shift. It seems as their philosophy is "never let the customer go thirsty" and I appreciate that. I ate at the lunch buffet (soup, salad, baked potato, some pasta) there and the food was pretty good, but they didn't want to honor my $2 off coupon I got at check-in, saying that it wasn't valid for the lunch special. I didn't like that too much, but didn't feel like arguing over a $2 coupon. Overall, service at the Fitz was good, everyone seemed thankful for even $1 tips, and the staff pleasantly answered any questions I had. I had played there before and as a comp, I was offered on their website free tickets to see their "Fitz of Laughter" show, which consited of stand-up comedian Kevin Burke. He was pretty good, and I enjoyed his show, though I felt sad for him that the showroom was half empty (Thurs. night). Of course, the best thing about the Fitz and any downtown hotel is that there are a dozen different places to go to in just a short walk, so exploring many other casinos on foot was not a problem, and I had fun at the other nearby places as well. Overall, it was a good stay, I experienced no major problems at all here, and I would recommend this hotel for the budget traveler. (Just don't expect a five star resort.)

4 Stars Sam fitzgerald March 05, 2009

I stayed hear last year with my family it was very good and the hotels very tall it's a great hotel to stay in with kids becuse very cheap and lots of entertainment a good sized swimming pool it's got a good dinner place.

0 Stars steve gazaway October 25, 2007

stayed at fitzgeralds on october 22-25 2007. had a great time rooms were above average and the vue bar has great video poker and the bartenders and waitresses make sure your not going without. the staff was great valet parking is quick the guys down there are great and even take time to shoot the breeze if you want your never ignored at the fitz. on my way out i told them i was coming back on the 5th of november for 3 nites and they said without question we will comp you for the nights when you come back. fitzgeralds is the place for me. i think that other people will enjoy the fitz

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 09, 2006

Recently (june 3-7)we stayed at the Fitzgerald and had a ball. The comps were excellent, the rooms were clean, the food at the buffet was excellent and couldn't ask for better service... always courteous and willing to assist..... and the slots were paying. Would recommend highly!

0 Stars Ohio_Vegas_Lovers January 24, 2006

Our stay was great, the hotel staff were kind and helpful. I requested more towels and blankets and recieved them within 10 mins. Our room was clean and the shower pressure in the bathroom was AWSOME the view was great. Granted you could hear some music from Fremont Street but that just enforced the fact that "WE ARE IN VEGAS!" Just make sure to spend your comps before you leave so you don't loose them!!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User December 17, 2005

Room size is very good for a downtown hotel.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 27, 2005

I've stayed there twice in the past year. The rooms are older but clean. The hallways remind me of a Hilton. Both times the air conditioners were noisy, so take a roll of duct tape to secure the housing so they don't rattle. The water pressure in the shower is unbelievable.The service from the staff is very good, no complaints at all. The view both times looked out to the mountains. Overall, for the price, good service I'll stay again.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 13, 2005

We had a Girls long weekend in Nov. of 2004. Stayed 3 nights at the Fitzgerald and loved it. The room were very nice size and we asked for a coffee maker and a refrigerator to hold Meds. We had both delivered to our room in less than a half hour. The staff was very helpful and friendly. We also injoyed the Casion. I will always stay downtown now. We had stayed on the strip in the past BUT downtown is equal to the strip and you can get around so easy. You don't have to bus it from one Casino to the nedt. Be sure and see the light show on Fremont St. It is excellemnt. I will take a day or two to see the hotels and sights on the strip but will go back downtown to gamble. We found everything we could want downtown, and NOBODY BOTHERED US AT ANY TIME OF THE DAY OR NIGHT.

0 Stars amurray June 17, 2004

Rooms with 2 beds have double beds not queens. Air conditioners very noisy. No room service. Great showers and water pressure. Lower floors on Fremont side can be noisy

0 Stars kathieh16 May 30, 2004

We stayed for our second time arriving Mother's Day, only complaint is the room was set up so the air conditioning blew right at the head of the bed, could not leave it on at night because it gave us a headache, no fan in bathroom so when showering left bathroom muggy. Otherwise another good stay, friendly and efficient valet service.

0 Stars janigirl07 March 15, 2004

The hotel rooms were nice and we had no problems. The maids were pretty on the ball, but if you didn' make it out till later they only clean rooms till 5:00 pm or so, but they will bring you clean towels. But I must say the elevators are SLOW AS MOLASSES!! We went out for NASCAR weekend and we had to take the stairs down a couple times because waiting a half hour to go down was b/s. The people at the front desk were nice but but slow.

0 Stars wolfman1953 June 06, 2003

If this place isn't a Holiday Inn, Holiday In should sue. It was very clean and quiter than most. They comp well, but watch out for the rules. If you miss your 12 month visit by 1.5 weeks, you loose your comp points and the rate on your room reservation. NO EXCEPTIONS.

0 Stars RateVegas User February 18, 2003

nearly always stayed at Fitzgerald's but in Sept 2002 got very shabby room
hotel has really gone downhill
a/c compressor kept me up all night it was so loud
they brought small fridge for meds, which I appreciate, but was filthy
missed staying there on most recent visit in Feb 2003, but wanted a clean room
so stayed in other downtown hotel
please let me know when you upgrade these rooms

0 Stars RateVegas User August 13, 2002

Stayed at the Fitzgeralds Aug 4-9. Hotel was clean and the staff was professional. Rooms were great and the beds were comfortable. Restroom was large and always kept up by the hotel staff. Have to say that this hotel is geared to slot players , not much for the table player. When staying downtown this is the hotel I will always stay at. Will recommend this hotel to anyone who stays downtown.

0 Stars RateVegas User April 26, 2002

Wife and I just returned from 5 nights in Fitzgeralds wonderful corner suite. At 67 a night was a steal. Usually pay more for a regular at Golden Nugget. Service was great . A USA today under your door . And the view was awesome.Will definately be going back.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 22, 2001

Agree with previous comments. An average Holiday Inn type accommodation. Note that for an upgraded price, you can stay in their Club 21 (on 21st floor). Room is pretty much the same, but amenities and services added, such as daily newspaper, turn-down service, chocolates, bottlerd water service, iron & ironing board, 2 phones, data port, desk, extra goodies in the bathroom (sewing kit, q-tips, cotton balls), etc. etc.
We stayed in Club 21 room 1/01. Paid with our points, so it was really free. Probably would not pay extra fo the upgrade if it had been cash. Good value, though, overall.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 17, 2000

My wife and I were pleasantly surprised with the Fitz. The rooms were Holiday Inn quality, nothing spectacular, but comfortable and more than adequate. The staff was very helpful, quickly responded to any requests, and quickly fixed the one small problem we had (dripping bathtub faucet).
Are going back this fall.