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Downtown Grand

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Downtown Grand

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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews Downtown Grand

0 Stars Jane Public January 17, 2015

Just so you know the valet parking is charging $15 just to park up front. The was a sign that's misleading that had said free. I had a business meeting w/ client staying at this hotel. valet guys were total ass clowns even before exiting my car. If you spend more then $15 in the hotel you can park for free. I just paid after my meeting and didn't leave a tip.
Hotel doesn't have a bad smell. Rooms are well maintained and awesome. I still wouldn't stay for valets crapie Additude

4 Stars 360 Vegas Mark October 04, 2014

I really like this place. Its charming. The industrial feel is a unique addition to the Fremont landscape. It does have a few more scary locals than I would prefer but staff personalities compensate for that. Really interested in staying here during the summer.

4 Stars 360 Vegas Mark June 04, 2014

Sadly, I don't have a point of reference because I never saw Lady Luck but I was impressed. So much so that an overnight stay could be in our future. Casino has an industrial, basic look that works. Simple but cool. Their rooftop pool Picnic sits securely in the 2nd spot behind Golden Nugget as the best pools downtown. The vibe is very much community, local. Looking forward to experiencing more.

2 Stars Hunter May 10, 2014

Art Bar bartender was a prick and the drink was terrible.

5 Stars James January 13, 2014

Amazing hotel downtown! The lobby is striking and we found the service to be spot on throughout. Will definitely recommend and return!

2 Stars Ryan October 31, 2013

Casino looks nice but it's really not cool when you play here earlier in the day and like the casino then take a cab back here to play the 9-6 jacks or better game you were playing earlier... And it's missing. Removed by server based gaming. Not cool downtown grand. Not cool at all.