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El Cortez

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El Cortez

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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews El Cortez

5 Stars Bigfoot569@aol.com August 24, 2014

A resort fee???? What resort? This place has no resort, no pool, no attraction. Nothing. Resort fee = a way to advertise a false price, then hit you up for more money once inside. That being said, I do not recall paying or being charged a resort fee on my stay. What I do recall was a clean (I repeat CLEAN) comfortable room with a cool nostalgic feel walking distance from Fremont street. I always stay here. If all you want is a nice clean room to lay your butt down after a hard night of enjoying Vegas, this is the place. Great prices too. Stay away from the food though. Nothing special. Hit up Fremont street when you are hungry. As I said in the beginning though, this place has absolutely no attractions that would justify a "resort fee", and I don't remember ever being charged one when I have stayed. This could just be a typo.

4 Stars Bluestorm2000 September 22, 2013

Stayed in a Cabana Suite for 5 days in Sep 2013. More of a large room than a 'suite', but excellent value for money. Nice bathroom with shower (no bath) and comfortable bed. Quiet location but close enough Fremont East / Fremont Experience. If you like playing at the El Cortez or are looking for a good value for money room downtown, the Cabana suites are a good option. Would definitely return.

4 Stars MrEinLA July 05, 2013

The Cabana Suites are one of the best values in town and the El Co is very generous to their players (free 3 day stays every quarter for low rollers). Staff was great - salt of the Earth types, other customers range from slumming Hipsters to local Bluehairs - with the odd homeless person sprinkled in. Fremont street has a great bar scene and El Co is a great base if operations for that.

4 Stars JK May 28, 2012

Cabana Suites are a terrific value. Perfect if you have Cosmopolitan taste and 4 Queens budget.

1 Star Tom May 12, 2012

Worst hotel experience ever! When we got to our room the safe was locked and we called security to unlock it. When they finally showed up and unlocked the safe there was feces, a bloody condom, and a clump of hair in it. I will not be returning El Cortez anytime soon.

1 Star Garry March 06, 2012

We just got back from a stay this past weekend. While there was nothing wrong with the casino, the basic room was very bad. It was on the top floor of the parking garage. The door key did not work correctly and the desk agent was very rude about it. When the room 2 doors down was smoking enough pot to get everyone near them get a buzz, we cut and run. They may have some nice rooms somewhere, but we will not be trying again. We did end the trip at the Rio, which was very nice.

4 Stars Hunter December 20, 2011

In staying at the El Cortez these past few days, I wondered to myself several times why I find it more appealing than most of the other joints on Fremont. Sure, the Golden Nugget always delivers but in general, the downtown hotels are not typically at the top of my list. I think one of the reasons the El Cortez works well is that it's clean - fresh paint, water-blasted sidewalks, clean carpet. It doesn't feel run-down. During this trip I sat on a slot stool inside the Four Queens for about twenty minutes, trying to figure out why the place just felt cheap. That's a longer answer but the fact it didn't look well kept was a big part. I really enjoyed my Cabana Suites stay. Comfortable accommodations, nice people and reasonable prices. Recommended downtown.

4 Stars Michele D October 09, 2011

Love gambling here and staying here. The Cabana Suites are a great value. The regular rooms aren't as fancy but are clean and basic. Convenient to Fremont Street bars.

1 Star Joyce Newman Rock Hill, SC October 06, 2011

This is a smoker's Paradise even though they have non-smoking rooms, you have to go through the casino to get to them. It has some weird smell as well, I think to mask the smoke. Not a good place for people with allergies.

5 Stars Patrick March 12, 2011

The cortez gets better every time I come here. The new suites are sick, the food is great, the drinks are cheap. What more can you want? Get down here and give this joint a try if you haven't.

3 Stars Howard Park August 17, 2010

I stayed at the El Cortez in the tower for two nights in late July. It's a great value and has a vintage Vegas vibe. Next time, however, I'll probably stay at the GN or Main Street Station. It was so hot that I really felt the extra two blocks to the Fremont Canopy. A pool would be a fantastic addition. Also, the El C Casino has a sort of odd smell, it was hard to ignore it. It's not a bad smell, but its a strong smell.

5 Stars Steven Of Annapolis July 01, 2010

I reserved a vintage room just to try it out. But when I checked in they said they were booked and were upgrading me to a Cabana suite. I'm glad they did. The rooms are modern and very well-furnished. I was even more impressed by the staff...everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. Everyone from the front desk to the bartender to the security guards to the (free) ride back to the airport was extremely helpful and upbeat. Only drawback for me was the translucent glass in the room...I'd love to be able to see outside. But other than that, you can't go wrong here. Check it out at least once. You won't regret it.

4 Stars Jerry May 07, 2010

Great place. Great value. Clean rooms good food. Best value downtown. Try out the cabana suites. Stayed there one night and loved it.

5 Stars Dave April 26, 2010

Love this place! I've been coming here for years and it keeps getting better. Stayed in the Cabana Suites for the first time and they are absolutely beautiful. I would personaly rather stay in the tower, but the suites are a great deal. The Cortez has really changed in the last few years, but has managed to remain the se in all the ways you want it to.

5 Stars NoDeuces April 25, 2010

Fantastic property. If I did not hope to stay at every hotel downtown and on the strip I would stay in the Cabana Suites or Tower Rooms every Vegas trip. Great rooms, Amazing gaming (low limits, loose slots, full pay video poker, and a rewarding slot club), cheap (and good) eats and walking distance to historic Freemont St.

5 Stars Gillian April 17, 2010

This was my first time staying at the El Cortez. The cabana suites were lovely & I can't get over how comfy the bed was- I need to find out the brand of mattress they use- outstanding! The service was impeccable- we had an issue with our shower & it was immeediately resolved. The Flame steakhouse was terrific- old school recipes executed wonderfully. Our server, Linda, reccommended we try the creamed corn & it is not to be missed. Who knew creamed corn could be so good. I can't wait to stay at the El Cortez the next time I'm in Vegas. Really.

5 Stars Patrick April 15, 2010

Stayed at The Cabana Suites and loved it. Beautiful rooms, very clean, haven't slept that well in Vegas ever. This is my second time at the El Cortez and it keeps getting better. New owner Kenny Epstein is doing a wonderful job with this old gem. The flame steak house is top notch although, the wine list could use some help. Love staying on Fremont way more than strip. If you want the old Vegas experience and are willing to leave the kids at home, go to the El Cortez.

4 Stars Kara C. April 06, 2010

Stayed March 2010 in the Cabana Suites. They're across the street from the ElCo proper, and there's a security guy out front at seemingly all hours. There's no light, but cars always stopped for you when you crossed the street. You can't get into the building without a key to one of the rooms. The building has its own receptionist person at a desk in the lobby area, which also has a HUGE plasma TV, viewing area, and fireplace, and free Hot Tamales/Skittles!

The room itself is smallish, the bed is smallish, and we stayed on the floor level, which means if you opened the window, you could touch passers-by on the street. But the plasma TV in the room was also HUGE, there's a free fridge in the room, and the WiFi signal was good, and an iHome speaker/clock that recharged my iPod. The shower was really old school -- no shower curtain at all, which I loved, and good water pressure. The pictures on the website are very accurate to what you get in the room, but realize that what's online is EVERYTHING you get. They're not cropping much out at all.

I'd stay there again in a heart-beat. Cozy and cool, modern and old school.

5 Stars Jeff in OKC March 12, 2010

Forgot to leave a rating. BTW, I have bought 7 shirts and 2 travel mugs here through the years, all have been an excellent value, as was the hair cut I got from Mr Ortiz in the only barbershop Downtown.

0 Stars Jeff in OKC March 12, 2010

Stayed in the Cabana Suites in mid 2009. They are very nice. My only knock would be they are a little isolated and water pressure was kinda low in the shower. The El Cortez is not elegant, but it is my favorite casino in the World. Don't know why, but it is. BTW, in 2009, we also stayed at Encore, Golden Nugget Gold Room and Planet Hollywood Strip view mini-suite.

5 Stars Anonymous September 06, 2009

New bungalow penthouses are gorgeous!

4 Stars 145tech November 28, 2008

I have never spent the night here,but I can't wait to try the classic rooms above the casino! I went to the barbershop there a while back, and saw a sneak-peek at the classic rooms. I always go to the Cortez to play, but the wife would rather stay closer to Fremont street. I love the staff and the gambling at the Cortez, and will leave a review of the hotel as soon as I have stayed there.

0 Stars McKenzie May 14, 2007

I was very leery of actually staying at this hotel after reading many horrible, and I mean horrible, reviews. It surely isn't much to look at but, man, you can't beat the price! The bed slept just like the one at home. The sheets felt brand new and the pillows were fluffy. We ate at Careful Kitty's Cafe a couple of times. I was super impressed with the quality of the food. The service left something to be desired but the taste and price made up for it. You seriously can't beat a $7.95 huge prime rib dinner...

0 Stars bigjim06 February 12, 2005

love the cortez it has one of the best slot hosts he is rick ronca

0 Stars VEGASIWISH March 29, 2004

I stay here often. The rooms right above the casino are special due to the history & the novelty/convenience of just walking up a flight of stairs from the casino & being at your room. When the door at the end of the corridor is open you can sneak a step out onto the ledge above the sign on Fremont. That is what Vegas should be about. 1 short; safe block to LV Boulevard & the experience. Definitely worn & old but may it always stay that way. If you have any ego about room appearance & the like : not for you. Perfect place & price for me.
Mike B

0 Stars doctor_al March 02, 2004

This was a decent, clean room, but in some need of updating, as you should probably expect given the price. Positives were that the room (a tower double-double) was quiet, the view (looking wouth from the 14th floor) was awesome, and it was a smoking room that didn't smell like an ashtray. The negatives are mainly that the wear shows on the woodwork and there were some plumbing issues. Also, location-wise, a hotel under the canopy would have a little more value.

0 Stars stevendmiller July 01, 2003

Awesome Hotel! We got the three free nights offer just for signing up for thier e-mail list. Room was just as nice as the Flamingo or IP, but not up there with Paris or Venetian. Stayed on the top floor (15th), had a big quiet room with a couch, chairs, coffee table, balcony that we were locked out of, and a decent bathroom. Casino was perfect! Lots of low limit tables, never had a problem getting in a game, drink service was OK, (first night we had a crappy cocktail waitress who was even bad mouthing herself), and the place was classic Vegas. The only complaint I had was that all the dealers, with the exception of Bill, were Asian, and didn't speak much English at all. Drinks were dirt cheap, $2.25 for a gin & tonic, compared with $8.00 at the paris. We were in town for Pearl Jam and only stayed here because it was free, but after we moved down the Strip to the Paris, we found ourselves going back Downtown to play at the El Cortez. This was my best trip BY FAR to Vegas. Would recommend the El to anyone, anytime.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 02, 2002

Stayed here twice (free of course). I was even offered an invitation to expend for another free night. The rooms I had were very clean although a little worn. I didn't make any requests of the staff, but they all seemed friendly. The limo driver took me over to the Rio even though the limo is for the airport shuttle. I like this place and will stay here again.
If I had to pay the same price as Golden Nuggett, I would stay at the GN.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 02, 2002

Stayed here twice (free of course). I was even offered an invitation to expend for another free night. The rooms I had were very clean although a little worn. I didn't make any requests of the staff, but they all seemed friendly. The limo driver took me over to the Rio even though the limo is for the airport shuttle. I like this place and will stay here again.
If I had to pay the same price as Golden Nuggett, I would stay at the GN.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 31, 2001

I had reservations there in March and cancelled them 6 weeks in advance to stay at the Las Vegas Club. They did not give me a cancellation number so I ended up paying for one night on my credit card. They taught me one thing. Always get a cancellation number and keep it safe for at least a year.I usually stay downtown at the Plaza or Las Vegas Club. Never had a problem cancelling a reservation. I would not advise anyone giving this establishment your credit card number