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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews Excalibur

3 Stars 360 Vegas Mark June 20, 2015

Nice property, good limits, about what I expected. Too many kids.

3 Stars Terence P. April 27, 2015

Room was clean for the most part, but could tell the room had not been used in a while due to a thin layer of dust in the bathroom counter. Pool was fun with four pools and a swim up bar. Casino was what you might expect with most dealers being personable and friendly. WARNING: avoid Tournament of Kings if you have any kind of breathing problems. I have asthma and had to leave the show due to an attack triggered by all the smoke/dry ice used during the show.

0 Stars Cricket September 11, 2014

When first getting to our room it looked clean and nice. Our safe was closed so we had to call the front desk to send maintenance down to open it. They told us it would be 45 minutes!! I'm sure that's what everyone wants to do their first night in Vegas is hang out in the room!! The next morning we realized just how bad the room was!! We opened the curtains only to see a 200 ft cinder block wall and a dead bush was our view. There were also bugs in the shower that were very much alive and at least 40 times a day you get hassled by people trying to sell time shares!! We didn't get hassled at any other hotel!! Our hallway also looked like something from the shinning!!We go every year and stay at circus circus but we thought it might be fun to stay at the other end of the strip this time. We won't be making that mistake again!!!

3 Stars Bryan September 09, 2013

Not fancy, dated decor, but clean rooms. A good place to stay with friends but not a place that is going to impress any one.

3 Stars Sue bunce July 28, 2013

Stayed June Room smelt badly and was in need of doing up. Pool area had no shade. As temp was over 100 it would have nice. Casino is fine. If you can get a good deal and want to do Vegas on a budget it's passable

4 Stars Denise March 15, 2013

We have been having a work reunion every year for 8 yrs and have stayed at other hotels from MGM to Planet Hollywood and Excalibar we always come back to. Sure we have had experiences with broken things which were fixed right away and one time tv on the blitz they moved us an upgraded . We love the pools and the food court variety and so much more. Would give 5 stars but always rm for improvement anywhere see you Excalibar in 5 wks

4 Stars adz January 22, 2013

One of the Bachelor Party Weekend guys put it best: wacky casino, but it works; huge well appointed bathrooms as far as the rooms are concerned; very clean and comfortable.

4 Stars David January 11, 2013

Is this the fanciest hotel on the Strip? No. My thought on Vegas is simple: Why spend a ton of money on a hotel room you're barely ever going to be in? It's there for a shower and the occasional nap. Don't let other negative reviews deter you: I found the room to be more than average, though I did book one of the recently upgraded rooms. As for the casino, I ventured out a lot. I don't want to degrade other properties, but I found the dealers and staff at Excalibur to be the most fun and engaging with the players. Don't hesitate to book this resort, I look forward to staying there next time in Vegas. Thanks to everyone at Excalibur!

4 Stars Chris October 18, 2012

Think the Excalibur is excellent value for the price point. Had no issues with service, cleanliness or the hotel and casino in general. Most of the dealers I encountered were friendly and informative. The sportsbook was busy without being crazy on Sunday (and I managed to get a seat at 9:15am). Don't come expecting a 5 star resort and you'll be satisfied.

1 Star Jane Public October 04, 2012

Horrible spa, bad experience,spa employees hate spa managers who do nothing for customers, do not waiste your money there

2 Stars Jenn August 24, 2012

I will start things off by saying that rooms should not be the only focal point to cleanliness. The trip in the elevator had me concerned with the crushed up can wedged in the corner and massive amounts of food remains sprinkled everywhere. Figured it could have been just one of those days, but when it looked the same the following day, realized it is neglected by staff. On night three, our room sprung a leak which soaked my cell phone, and our breakfast. Front desk moved us to a different room which was nonsmoking. When we called front desk again after moving, a different person answered, the gentlemen laughed and said at least we got an upgrade. I suppose the hotels version of an upgrade is a larger room that you can actually navigate walking normally vs sidestep to get into bed. I gave this hotel a couple stars only because they have a fab bar called Dick's Last Resort in the lobby.

1 Star Gregory July 25, 2012

From the musty old basement smell that permeates the casino floor to dried vomit I saw splattered in multiple stalls in the Food Court Men's bathroom - this visit was the absolute low point of our Las Vegas stay. Absolutely terrible.

1 Star Toots June 20, 2012

Awful kids running around unsupervised and actually saw one kids pull his pants down and take a crap on the floor while the parents could have cared less! [We find this hard to believe but the idea makes us laugh. - ed] There are much better hotels that don't have to feel like a zoo.

3 Stars Craig uk May 10, 2012

relaxed friendly atmosphere on the roulette and great location on the strip, room was clean and staff were helpful

5 Stars Ciaran Dumne May 02, 2012

Stayed from 19th - 26th and thought the hotel was amazing and fun. Want to come back and definitely stay here again. The staff were friendly and the hotel was clean and so were the rooms.

4 Stars Heineken Whyte April 15, 2012

Stayed March 14-19 and enjoyed the free upgrade and clean room. Pool had a fun crowd and book was better than expected.

5 Stars Stephanie April 14, 2012

Stayed at Excalibur in March with my best friend. We had an awesome time. Room was clean and comfortable, employees were nice and helpful, location was great, and all in all we had a blast. We're planning on returning to Vegas in 2013 and we will be staying at Excalibur again. Don't believe everything you read, if you go looking for negatives, chances are you will find them. :)

4 Stars R March 16, 2012

I always stay here. Its at the end of the strip but everything is in walking distance, you'll never have to fight traffic just to get to/from the hotel as opposed to let's say, maybe something towards the middle. Besides, if you walk half way into the strip, there's always cabs. The ONLY thing I hate are the timeshare people. Even though you're hands are full, and walking with a purpose, they'll still get in your face and attempt to sell you on the time shares. Irritating.

4 Stars Leigh Saunders (Australia) September 28, 2011

A friend and I stayed here in March and had a ball. Hotel was easy access to all of the strip, even though it was towards one end, but nothing you couldn't walk to. Plenty of food options, especially if you just wanted something quick on your way out to a show etc. We got to see Lady Gaga in town and heading back to the hotel was just so convenient. Rooms were very roomy for two women spreading out everything. No complaints. It's not a 5star hotel but it was clean, comfortable and perfectly priced. I would definitely stay here again

5 Stars John September 11, 2011

We are frequent Vegas visitors and we will not stay anyplace else on the strip. End of review.

1 Star Pen August 31, 2011

Pools ok, rooms ok... What a pity everything else is crap. Things broken down and all old and smelly. Timeshare people rude and pushy. Personally I'd pay a bit more and stay elsewhere next time

2 Stars Paul Z August 21, 2011

It smells and is looks very out dated. we just visited the casino and so many things were broken.

5 Stars Buffet Critic August 12, 2011

This is my favorite hotel! But not because of the buffet. Don't really fancy it. :: but everything else is exceptional! Rooms- clean, comfy and affordable. Pools- great, They have 3-4 pools and about 2 jacuzzis. Has a great view of NYNY Monte Carlo and City Center. The arcade (Fun Dungeon) is awesome, and kid friendly. Even I liked it! Castle walk is pretty cool too. Fantastic hotel! No doubt we will stay here again! 4th time and going on a 5 for next year. Epic place.!! Just amazing, you have to come here. The rooms are sound proof. You can only hear through doors if the people are shouting right outside YOUR door, but otherwise, completely soundproof. Very good rooms, customer service and hotel. EPIC! Rock on Excalibur ;)

5 Stars Emma August 12, 2011

I just came back from there and the arcade is remodeled again, meaning that it is in good condition and people that work there constantly try to make it even better. The pools are great. Everything is great and in the floors where the rooms are they have free ice and sodas for $2. Really cool place. And Jacob, it's because I accidentally copied it.

5 Stars Emma August 06, 2011

Heather, I was appalled by what said! It was both hurtful and rude! Anyways this hotel was very very very delightful! I recommend this hotel to those who wanna say more days In Vegas without spending too much. Very pleasant for the kids too  very nice pools and arcade!  love this place! We WILL return hopefully next summer! I even liked this place better than Mandalay bay, even though that one is a very good and exceptional hotel too!  excalibur just keeps getting better and better! This place is not haunted! U were probably so drunk u were hallucinating. And that comment were u said who is stupid enough to come here is VERY offensive! You could've just said this isn't a good place to go, but noo u just had to offend even the people who go here, when it's not even their fault! Anyways  this place is great! Three pools, 2 jacuzzis and a beautiful view of NYNY Monte Carlo and city center. Awesome place!

4 Stars Seb July 29, 2011

I liked the hotel. 6 lads staid there. The goods: have a laf with the receptionist and they will up grade your room if your normal or a dick you'll get fuck all. The food court area was good enof ace steakhouse, the buffet was good, there's a mcdonnalds, a quizmo, a pretzel place and a popcorn place. The room was cleaned everyday top up with new towels and soap. We had room 28 floor 17 in tower 2. Ask for tower 2 cos tower 1 is ment to be rubbish. Our rooms didn't have a view tho. Down side : the 3 pool are only waist hight in depth. The big clubs eg XS, marquee and Tao are miles away defo need a cab there and back. That's about the only things I didn't like about it. We didn't pay any resort fee either.

5 Stars Helen July 26, 2011

Ie stayed here at least 4 times with my entire family and it was a great experience! The rooms were nice, the decorations were also nice and the arcade was kid-friendly, which I liked. It was a great stay and worth the money, which isn't alot!! We will definitely stay here again! I would recommend this hotel to anyone who wants a nice place to stay that's not too fancy but comfy and affordable.

1 Star C. White June 21, 2011

I checked in about 10 minutes ago I was so this dis-pleased that I immediately went to the site to write a review. I've never been charged extra a night to stay at a hotel down here, then they wanted to charge me $20 per day I have a refrigerator my room. I got to my room in my key didn't work needless to say I will not be staying here again.

3 Stars CCampos June 07, 2011

You get what you pay for. We stayed in a newly renovated flat screen room. It was nice, cleaned well everyday. The hair dryer didn't work and the blankets were a little old and thin. The staff was great, very friendly. I thought the casino was fun. The buffet was horrible, please take my advice and don't eat there. The hotel was in a great location, convenient to everything on strip. Overall, a good place to stay if you aren't looking for anything extravagant.

3 Stars Albear May 21, 2011

Stayed here last week, all staff freindly, clean room, towels changed everyday good place, would just like to say whoever gives this casino / hotel a bad review must be mad we enjoyed every moment !!

5 Stars John May 06, 2011

We love the Excalibur. We stay here 2-3 times a year. It is cheesy, outdated and loud. It's everything Las Vegas should be. The "widescreen view" rooms are EXTREMELY nice. The service and hospitality has never been less than first-rate.

3 Stars Ashley21 April 13, 2011

Tower two is much better and updated we had a view of the roller coaster at new york new york no bathtubs though just stand up shower like basic tower one what I don't like about this place and we have stayed here 3 times is smells funny and I can't stand all the people who work there trying to make you go to a time share they pull you in by offering you free show tickets this is true but we made the mistake of going to one the first time we stayed here they tell you it's 2 hours lie you will be there for at least 4 hours it's not fun at all my advice don't do it when these people talk to you just keep walking not worth it at all

4 Stars AjMN March 22, 2011

Just returned from a stay at the Excalibur. I thought for the price it was a good deal. Stayed in tower 1 26th floor, nice view of Mandalay bay and the Luxor. Staff was nice, casino was decent sized.

3 Stars marlene Olson March 01, 2011

We originally received a good price through Orbits on the hotel and flight. The hotel added a resort fee of 14.00 per night. They also charged 5.00 just to print out boarding passes, for your return flight. The Sherwood cafe does not have very good food. The Baja Fresh was better and the buffet is very good with good prices. The room was clean, and tv was a new flatscreen. Things that could be improved; The sheet had a blood stain, no bathtub,only showers. No coffee pot, no refrigerator, no microwave.

3 Stars Rolo January 22, 2011

Good for the price, friedly staff. I reccomend better tower II because is renovated, tower I is older.

3 Stars Mike December 11, 2010

Ok place. Still a lot of kids but expected.

1 Star Dan December 05, 2010

I don't understand anyone who would rate this as "great, fabulous, or awesome". It's just a big motel 6 with half the lights left on for you.

5 Stars Vegas expert November 16, 2010

Great place!! Big casino, clean rooms and very short money. Just one disappoint: poker room with old and inefficient dealers.

4 Stars SFD370 November 15, 2010

Great place to stay for the money. I liked the casino, brighter than the MGM and others. Won a nice amount in the poker room. Atomospher/people were alright (I'm 21 though) drank most of the night for free during poker. Pool was nice, pretty close to some of the other hotels I wanted to see bellegio/cesar palace but still A walk, nice oputunity to see the south/central strip. New york and MGM are close and their nice as well. Dicks was ok, live band was cool but after the dj came on just became a typical small dance spot with pretty crappy bar and older crowd. (only went one night though) over all awsome experience for first timer, going back next month and this is at the top of my list of stays for price and location

4 Stars Peter Paraghy November 04, 2010

I felt very well, but I lost my money.

1 Star Michael Dutterer October 20, 2010

I have never enjoyed a trip through Excalibur. The look of the casino is dark, boring, and extremely outdated. The layout is very confusing and just doesn't make sense. If you're looking for a cheap room, the location is nice.

5 Stars Susan October 17, 2010

We had a very nice stay. Rooms were very clean and staff was highly attentive. All in all, a great hotel in a great location.

5 Stars Katie October 16, 2010

The widescreen rooms are gorgeous!

5 Stars Sara October 16, 2010

Staff was great!

5 Stars Jon October 16, 2010

Nice location, central location. Great time!

3 Stars Jril September 28, 2010

You get what you pay for. Rooms aren't great nut location is.

5 Stars Jim September 08, 2010

You can always get these rooms cheap at least around $70 for an upgraded room and it's great. Worth the money and perfect area on the strip.

2 Stars Peter August 05, 2010

Stayed in a standard room here and although I asked for a non smoking room the over riding smell was that of a room with a 40 a day habit. That all said although the room was basic, it was clean an comfortable and situated in a hotel that's in a good place.

1 Star Dan July 28, 2010

Just save your $ and go stay some place nicer. Seriously folks, if you can't afford an extra $50 per night for a nicer hotel then you shouldn't be going on vacation. This place is nasty. It's like the bus just arrived from the ghetto.

1 Star Candi July 27, 2010

Why is it everytime I pass through the hotel it smells like a dirty diaper?

0 Stars Heather July 26, 2010

This hotel is the most terrible place on vegas. Who is stupid enough to stay here? Did u know the place is haunted? I have seen a woman in a white dress flow by in the hallway at around three a.m. My family checked out the next day due to it. I would not recommend this to anybody unless ur brave to see stuff.

5 Stars Vegas goer July 07, 2010

Me and my family stayed at the Excalibur hotel and I have to say it was the best hotel I have ever stayed in. The arcade was huge with many games. The pool is amazingly warm and there are three of them with two hot tubs. Cabanas are a little expensive but are great for a really hot day. It had many great shoppes and great food including an all you can eat buffet. The only thing I did not like was every night when you wanted to take the tram to Mandalay Bay there were strippers pole dancing and I didn't want my children to see that other wise it was a great hotel. I plan to go again next year and stay at the Excalibur hotel!!

2 Stars wcoastallstarz June 21, 2010

It's cheap and it's still on the strip, but customer service doesn't cut it.

3 Stars Anjie June 16, 2010

I have stayed here twice now, as well as many other places on the strip, and will most likely be choosing this hotel again next year. Its good price, great casino with friendly staff. Pool deck was relaxing and i loved having my drink brought right to me while i sun bathed.
I did not bring my daughter but there was lots to do in the hotel for familys as well. Room was only avg but alot better then some of the more expensive rooms on the strip. The hotel was kept clean and there was helpful staff. The free tram to the nabor hotels was great as well. And fun atmosphere in the late evenings.
Only thing i do not like is being so far to one end of the strip, you really have to take a taxi if you want to see the other end unless you can walk forever without getting tired.

4 Stars Vodkasam666 June 13, 2010

Just had my first trip to Vegas and really enjoyed staying here, room was good size, clean and had a great view of the MGM and part of the strip, the staff are all very pleasent, didn't eat here or use the casion much but dis hit the bar alot, would stay here again, great value.

4 Stars Alan June 01, 2010

I've stayed at the Excalibur twice now, and for the money I've payed it's an excellent place to stay. Sure, there are better class hotels around with nicer rooms but let's face it- who comes to Vegas to sleep?!? If you're on a budget, you can't beat Excalibur for value!!

1 Star Zinnia34 May 19, 2010

This hotel needs new management, after driving 4 1/2 hours from LA, I told valet that I was check in, so the valet guys ask me to park my own car! Valet sucks, I came back to the valet and told him that I needed a bell boy, he said I should of told him that! So he goes and find one, bell boy decided to help someone else. I ask the valet what about my car, he said that valet was full and he could park it for me!!! I gave this story to management, they blame me for not explaining myself better, and did nothing about it!!! The new bell boy was great, room are ok, service is not good at all! Mcdonalds is the food to eat on the city that doesn't sleep! Pool is ok! Machines are fading away, and alot of tables are close all day long! I will never stay there again... is like staying at Circus Circus.

5 Stars Mel May 18, 2010

The first two times I stayed here ('99 & '03) I enjoyed it. Cheap, clean, great location. Reading all these bad reviews, and after a long absence from Vegas, I was beginning to wonder if I'd made the right decision to stay here again. I can actually say that I am enjoying it even more this third trip out. The renovated rooms are great, epecially for the price. The casino is outdated but still fine. We have a great view, a huge tv, a nice comfy bed, and can get around the strip easily. Excalibur also has great Internet deals. We are here for 7 nights for under $400. A steal! Are there prettier, sleeker hotels? Sure. But for a comfortable, affordable place to rest your head after you've sampled everything the strip has to offer, this can't be beat!

3 Stars Hoganswinger May 12, 2010

Pretty nice room for the money however the service for room and casino cleanliness left me kind of wanting to stay somewhere else.

2 Stars Kit May 06, 2010

I stayed here before a couple years ago and while they were planning rennovations then, I don't know if it could help the casino floor at all. The whole place looked dirty with that ugly brown carpet and walls and the ventilation system was the worst in all of Vegas. The rooms were adequate on size but the beds and tv left a lot to be desired. Overall, I'd tell my friends to run from any deal here. Rather pay and get what I'm paying for than to stay for free and pay for what you get.

3 Stars Matt May 04, 2010

The Excalibur is great for what it is. I've stayed here multiple times and if you can get over the campy feel of the place it's a solid room for a cheap price with a great location. It's not for the people looking for an upscale place but it's perfect for what my wife and I like, a place to crazy after wandering the strip, eating at different places, and enjoying the great people watching offered by the Las Vegas Strip.

I've read reviews that the staff is rude or unfriendly at this place but I've never had a problem. The last time I stayed there I noticed the toilet was clogged and it was no more then 5 minutes after the phone call that the person showed up to fix it. Could they have fixed it before I checked, probably, but they made it a point to take care of it quickly and easily when I asked about it. There are plenty of luxurious places on the strip, but if you are frugal like I am, this place is great for the basic needs and is close to all the great places on the south end of the strip.

I've stayed at Excalibur four different times and I'm sure I'll stay many more times.

3 Stars Pete April 21, 2010

Overall, not bad for the money. We were comped the Widescreen room. It was recently updated and for the money (remember this was comped) it was worth it. Thats not a negative comment. Lots of family/kids, so if you are not into that, this is not the place for you. One good thing, is if you are a low roller, this place pretty much always had $5 tables. We've always like the casino, but at nights a different crowd tends to come in. I can't really comment on the pool since we are not pool people. I could only imagine that it is kid central. Nothing special with the restaurant offerings here, but you are in walking distance to some much better options. Overall, if this is your budget range, you could do worse.

5 Stars Jim April 15, 2010

Surprisingly good. Friendly staff, great room and great position!

1 Star Rich2 April 11, 2010

Wow what a let down. I came here from Denver and thought I would have a great experience. When I got to my room I was shocked! It was very old, had mix matched furniture and looked worse than a Motel 6 ( in fact I would have had a better room there) The air conditioner blew the curtains open and each light turns on with an attached light switch. I would never stay here again.

4 Stars Darrenuk April 09, 2010

have just returned from a week at Excalibur staying in a widescreen strip view room. Overall very satisfied and would definately stay again as it is excellent value for money.

4 Stars xxxNatexxx April 05, 2010

This was in fact a great hotel, it's greatness and glory makes it a very nice hotel. Me and my son saw the show, we thought it was nice and welcoming. Food was delicious. Why not spend a few bucks for souvenirs? It's not that high priced really and I think it's a good store. Arcade is fun

4 Stars VegasSoldier April 05, 2010

Show was great, and awesome. Arcade was the b0mb. Arcade was fun and LOTS of fair-like games. Got a big South Park Kenny doll. The workers that work at those games are NICE. They noticed something wrong once and stopped me from wasting any more money. Vegas is nice, Excalibur is nice. I ain't 18 yet. I play arcade.

0 Stars Johnny Wad April 04, 2010

This place sucks moose dong. Stay away!!

5 Stars Panamared March 28, 2010

Stayed here march 19-21. This wasn't my first choice. My buddies had already booked a room here, but I didn't want to stay here based on it's location at the end of the strip, and the reviews about their rooms being worn down. I was willing to fork over the extra cash to stay at a place with a Bette location and track record, but took the gamble. We stayed in the widescreen rooms and both of the were very clean. The hostesse didn't want to give me a military discount at check in so that wasn't cool. This place has a pizza hut, baja fresh, quiznos, krispy Kreme, and mcdonald. People may think that those kind of things can bring the place down, but all o these places with the exception of baja fresh are upstairs and out of the way. Also, when your coming back to your room at 4 a.m., nothing beats a sausage and egg mcmuffin. Mmmm. I didn't mind staying down here. I used to stay here when I was a kid and I still thinks it a cool place to stay today if you would rather spend $200 for two nights instead of a $350 minimum right across the street at new York new York or MGM. You can do alot of thing in vegas with that extra cash.

2 Stars Russell Sauve March 27, 2010

I have been forced to stay here a few times due to convention work and if I have a choice I won't stay here again and it's for one single reason. The HVAC is so poor that if you walk from your hotel room through the casino and to the valet, you reek of smoke. I understand casinos aren't nature a smokey enviroment but other than the dive strip casinos or some of the downtown establishment this is the worst I have ever been in and I'm even an occasional smoker. Additinally, the rooms are average and the entertainers in the lounges are really weak.

2 Stars Russell Sauve March 25, 2010

They steakhouse is good for the price but not great. I've received excellent front desk service via VIP check in. My biggest beef is casino air circulation. You can't get from your room to the cab stand without smelling like an ashtray.

4 Stars Ed Greenberg March 06, 2010

Room was surprisingly decent. Food selection is all on the cheap side. Buffet is well below average. OK to sleep there and go elsewhere if you get a great bargain. NOT a destination hotel unless you have little kids or are 20ish and on a really tight budget.

2 Stars Brian February 19, 2010

I stayed at Excalibur about 2 and a half years ago. It was not a great experience. The buffet was disgusting and tasted like cafeteria food. The bedspread in the room had hair and the beds were lumpy. My sister and her husband were upgraded to their "widescreen rooms" that had been newly remodeled and had a better experience. I, however, won't be returning.

4 Stars Bryan February 09, 2010

I Stayed a few months ago here with my friends family. I really enjoyed the hotel because of it's location and the price. Ok Casino, but most of the time I was out party hoppin like everyone else. That way I didn't need an expensive hotel, if I was only going to be sleeping their for a few hrs if that.. I deff recommend staying here!

3 Stars Double Down December 07, 2009

Stayed one night for the LV marathon. Good place for what it is. A clean room in a good location.

4 Stars Pete December 04, 2009

Check in was fast and friendly and got a room upgrade without asking,the casino had great atmosphere at night and the slots seem to be best payers on the strip!! Great value for money,great location would definatly stay again.

3 Stars Scott November 22, 2009

I think what people miss when they think about Excalibur is value. The first time I stayed here I got what I paid for: three star quality in a great location. You can't ask for more than a clean room for $50 a night, and when I return in a few months I'll be paying $36 a night. It's an unbelievable value. You can gamble for cheap on weekdays, and there's a decent sized casino floor. The food is average overall, but not overpriced. If you're looking for better food and shopping you can walk to Luxor and Mandalay Bay while staying indoors, or take a walk across the street to NYNY or MGM. I'm also not sure about these timeshare people everyone is talking about. Maybe I was just lucky and avoided them each time I entered the casino. As long as I'm getting the great prices at Excalibur I'll keep staying there. You can't be the location and value. If you want five star quality, go pay seven times as much somewhere else. If you're on a budget there's no reason not to stay here.

1 Star Black October 15, 2009

We had property stolen from our hotel room. The time share body snatchers in the lobby and outside were just this side of being tossed in the empty moat. It stinks, and reminds me of a really lame ren. faire somewhere in the Midwest you get into for free. Avoid this roach motel at all costs!!! Do not eat here, use Purell, and wash your hands OFTEN!

2 Stars Chaarley October 15, 2009

This hotel was terrible. They offer a 42 in widescreen TV with no HD. it was just like watching regular TV. The room was very small. the shower was really bad, there was no presure. The worst part about it was everytime I went downstairs.. the staff was bugging me to buy a time share. i had to pracatilly sneak out the backdoor.

2 Stars dandydon October 14, 2009

Steve must be a drunk knucklehead. This place is owned by MGM and not Mandalay Bay Resorts. Mandalay Bay is also owned by MGM/Mirage. This place is indeed a dump and at the bottom of the barrel for MGM/Mirage properties. It smells like a buffalo fart inside and the buffet is the worst in Vegas. Even some of the redneck casinos downtown have better food. I ate here once and was crapping for two weeks. Stay away from this flea bag hotel.

0 Stars DudeManBro September 10, 2009

MGM Mirage has owned Mandalay Resort Group since 2004.

2 Stars Steve September 10, 2009

Circus circus south. Nothing special here. Check in can be brutal. Staff is mostly unpleasent. Not owned by MGM as noted in another review. It's owned by Mandalay Resorts.

0 Stars Scott n Lori September 05, 2009

We stayed @ tower 2 which is the new upgraded wide screen rooms in August and were pleasently surprised. Great rooms @ a great price. Don't stay in tower one as those are the older rooms. Remember if u don't like kids you won't like this place.

4 Stars Ludlow Gaines September 04, 2009

Great location. The best value for price on strip for rooms and food. The staff is very polite and friendly. I like their Internet reservation and easy checkout . Always get a survey about my stay and reminder about my check in. The property is for the budget traveler and they do a great job. One of the better exercise facilites - beter than the Hilton. Like how they manage different groups with the pools.

1 Star RobC July 11, 2009

Stayed there once, only once. Several of the employees that I talk to were rude, from the people at the front desk at check-in and check-out, to the operator I talk to when I had a problem in my room. They just didn't care.

2 Stars Dallas May 06, 2009

I went for my best friends 21st birthday. I called ahead to make it known it was his birthday, they did not care at all! No happy birthday...no nothing. They would not even joke about an upgrade. the cocktail waitresses were EXTREMELY unpleasant and slow. ...The best part was finding a few cool bartenders. I would not recommend it the Excalibur. We had a better time hanging out in other casinos.

(we went from Monday through Wednesday...no holiday or special event. There was no excuse!)

1 Star Jei April 25, 2009

This hotel is for the budget friendly people. Don't expect lots lof uxury at flea motel rates. There's lots of older folks here & plenty of families with their rugrats. This is the bottom of the barrel for the MGM company.

2 Stars CrunchyGuero April 05, 2009

Dirty, stinky, and cheap. Quantity over quality, if that's what you're looking for . . . look no further.

2 Stars Http://Www.Sunseatours.com March 28, 2009

Cannot beleive this stinky, smelly, moldy, musty casino still hasn't had a major overhaul. Even the look of it from the outside appears old and rundown like a european castle. Do not waste your time or funds on this spot. Has nothing to offer but long walks from everything and long lines of screaming kids and worn out carpeting and outdated casino areas.

0 Stars Dr. TomH August 27, 2008

I go to Vegas every year with my wife, her bro and his wife. We stayed at the 'Cal the first 2 years, then Caesar's (where we had to request a room change), then Planet Hollywood. This year we are returning to the 'Cal (aka: Merlin's) where we will spend less on lodging and have more for other things. There's nothing fancy about it, but it's all we need. If we want fancy shops or restaurants, we walk to MGM or catch the monorail. Our room (yes the four of us share a room) has always been adequate and check-in/out a breeze. Get a players card and ask for a breakfast buffet comp. We always eat breakfast there, and dinner elsewhere. We enjoy the California Pizza Kitchen in Mirage, or Paris Buffet...it's an easy monorail ride. Head over to MGM or NYNY for a bigger casino or, the Luxor is right next door. If you're in Vegas to gamble (duh), it's a good way to live cheap and have more $$$ for playing.

Others leaving bad comments beware lest ye invoke Merlin's wrath!

0 Stars Kathi Wassinger July 16, 2008

Just a little tip for anyone traveling to the Excalibur. The pools only get 3 1/2' deep. When we arrived, our room had not been cleaned and we requested a king bed and got 2 queens. When I called the front desk they said they would send someone up to clean the room but, if we changed rooms we would lose our view of the pools. The buffet also does not have a champagne brunch anymore.

0 Stars EYK June 30, 2008

The hotel/casino was just what expected, however we were disappointed with a timeshare company that is called "The GRANDVIEW LASVEGAS timeshare" located in the lobby (first desk before bell and check in).

My husband and I were welcomed and grabbed at the front door before we were even able to check into the hotel. We were offered free $135 cash plus a Bahamas cruise id we promise to listen to a presentation. We were promised to be returned within to hours back to Excalibur. They asked for $40 to secure our place. We were promised that the $40 were refundable upon arrival.

We were under the impression that this company was affiliated with Excalibur. The associates of Grandview completely misrepresented themselves.

The guy "Robert" even gave us his cell number incase anything he said was not true that her would make sure they keep their promise. Needless to say we called and called and got NO ANSWER!

Aside from taking 4 1/2 hours of our time, the $40 turned out to be NON-REFUNDABLE and the $135 turned out to be GAMING VOUCHERS which have NO CASH VALUE and can not be exchanged at the cashier. Also, they bring your there in a bus, and you can't get out until they're ready to bring you back. It's like 20 minutes from the strip.
We were soooooo mad!

This Grandview company has 2 or 3 locations through out the hotel and its associates grab you as your walking anywhere. Its like non-stop hassling.
They also have other locations in other casinos.

Excalibur needs to throw them out so that people could enjoy their vacation.

0 Stars Hepcat79 February 03, 2008

I have not stayed here but I love the casino. I know that it is run down and kind of gross, but I have the best luck every single time I come here. I love the low limits, the dealers, it's just a little more relaxed for me than some of the other casinos. Not my favorite by a long shot but I do like the casino.

0 Stars Rick January 30, 2008

We stayed there 3 yrs ago for the first time in las vegas and being "virgins" thought it was great. Since then we have seen better. But... I do want to say this year when we planned to go to Monte Carlo and was diverted to Excalibur at the last minute, We were treated to very helpful staff at check in and had our room keys in just a few minutes with some paperwork shuffling. I was very impressed that when Vegas loses about 3000 rooms due to a fire that it was handled (in our case anyway) very professionally. Nice Job Excalibur!!!!

0 Stars donnymac66 January 22, 2008

Stayed at the Excalibur in December 2007 during the NFR, Spice Girls and Hatton v Mayweather fight weekend. We usually stay at TI, NYNY or MGM but as we booked last minute and it was a crazy busy weekend the Excal was all that was available on the south strip. The casino was busy and a lot of fun. We had a widescreen room. It was as good as the standard rooms in most properties in that price range. Overall we had a great time and would stay there again.

0 Stars Zach January 21, 2008

I just returned home from my trip to Las Vegas and I stayed at Excalibur with a friend. I can't say one bad thing about my stay. The price is great for the location, you can walk/ride tram to 6+ casino in under 10 minutes. The rooms were average but very clean. The Casino was the only one around with $5 min. tables (craps, bj, let it ride, 3 card, etc.) on Thursday night. The food was good and priced rite. I also didn't wait in any huge lines to check-in or check-out, that could just be timing but I was impressed with Excalibur over all and would stay again anytime.

0 Stars Kathy Reeves November 27, 2007

Stayed at the Excalibur again 11/18-21, 2007. I always enjoy staying here. It is clean and the price is right. The only thing I would not suggest is the buffet. The food was not very good. We had supper and it was $15.99 per person and I was not impressed. Meat was tough, fish was hard to cut into (yeah fish). They need to work on the buffet. Other than that I have stayed here three different times and have been happy with it.

0 Stars CAREY November 05, 2007

One of the most horrible experience of my life! The rooms in tower 1 were filthy and the air conditioner worked only when kicked in the side. The bathroom was on par with a port-a-potty. Why only showers, no bath tubs? $600 for 3 nights! Would of been better off renting an Luxury vehicle and staying in it.

0 Stars Jim September 21, 2007

We toured all the hotel/casinos and I have to say this one was by far the cheesiest of them all.

0 Stars sparky August 20, 2007

I stayed @ the Ex in June with 3 Vegas Virgins. Had a free room and opted to pay $20/night for the refurbished room. Money well spent, for the in-room safe alone! The new beds are great as is the new flat screen tv. Bathroom upgrade is nice, they've even improved their bath products. My only complaint is the shower. Still only a soap dish, no place to put razors, bottles except on the floor. This shouldn't have been overlooked in a re-furb. We had a great view of NYNY and MGM. My hubby and I are going back for an impromptu trip next month, another free 3 nights.
We love the Ex, their staff is always courteous and helpful.

0 Stars Todd R May 24, 2007

For all vegas complainers;
Shut up, please. You all sound like Paris Hilton. The Excalibur, Luxor etc. are very nice places to stay. If you think the rooms are not up to par, and you paid too much, you are not doing vegas right. I havent paid for a room or a meal in years. And I dont gamble that much. Join the players club, use it when you gamble, because lets get real, you DO gamble. If your not taking advantage of whats available, thats your
fault. The Excalibur is NOT overrun with children. I read that complaint alot, its not true. The rooms are fine, the food is good, and if you USE the players club card, they will send you free offers. The Excalibur and Luxor are huge places. If you think you need an employee to jump at your evey turn you should be staying at the Bellagio.

0 Stars arewethereyet May 04, 2007

Good hotel for a good price. Don't expect the Wynn or even the Luxor when you stay at the Excalibur. What you can expect is a clean room and a courteous and helpful staff. The timeshare people are annoying but if you tell them you've already tried their presentation they back off quickly. The Excalibur could use some updating and sometimes feels like a Disney theme ride knockoff, but as they say you get what you pay for a decent hotel for a decent price.

0 Stars Trish December 09, 2006

Loved this hotel.For the price you cannot beat it. The bed was very comfortable, asked for a strip view and were granted an awesome view! The pool is alot of fun, did not have a problem at all with kids running loose all over the place. The buffet is very tasty and also a great price. staff was wonderfull drink service prompt. I will only stay at this hotel from now on.

0 Stars Tiffany November 08, 2006

This hotel was fantastic. The rooms were clean and comfy. The hotel was beautiful. The buffet was delicious as were the other restaurants. Casino has a ton of games to choose from. The pool is beautiful. Service was fast and friendly. I have no complaints at all and will always stay here. Excalibur is a beautiful, fun hotel with a great price. I LOVED it!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 10, 2006

June 26,2006 good hotel location, close to MGM, New York, NY, etc.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 10, 2006

June 26, 2006 for 3 nights with 2 children, age 4 and 9. Room was comfortable. Stayed in Towe 1 on 23 floor with view. Nice view and not so crowded. Tower 11 is near the pool but very crowded. Buffet was just o.k. but the show with the Knights for children was great.
All other activities for the children was great and keep them busy. The pool is excellent for the children and very large (lots of room) for everyone. Overall, the stay was great and this is my second stay and would stay again. Nice trip for the children.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 22, 2006

This hotel was okay. I am going back to Vegas this year and decided not to stay here again. I like it but the pool was really boring and the room were a little dirty. It was really family orientated which is always nice when you have kids. I will visit again but not stay!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 22, 2006

The room was small. The bathroom needs work, and the pool was full of kids. The hallways are very dark. I guess you get what you pay for.

0 Stars drive2vegas October 18, 2005

We booked our stay here at the last minute on a Friday night. The rates were about 140$ a night when everything else was about 300-400$ a night. Very enojyable experience. We were parked and in our room all within about 15 min (on a Friday night) or arriving. Room was very clean, and the beds were very comfortable. I go to Vegas about once a month and stay at a variety of other places, but this place was cool and i had a great time there.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User October 11, 2005

Not the nicest hotel I ever stayed at but not the worst either. This place is middle class family all the way...stayed here a few years back and wasn't too impressed. Very long lines to check in, not greatest food, not great cocktail service, and very crowded. However its close to just about everything in Vegas giving anyone a great Vegas experience due to its great strip location. NOT recommended to college students or the younger crowd, very much appeals to families.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User August 04, 2005

The room was your basic hotel room, nothing shabby or special about it. The bathroom was very big with lots of counter space, but our sink didn't drain properly, which was a hassle. There were no shelves to put anything in the shower, so shampoo, conditioner, etc. had to be on the shower floor sitting in water because of the lack of draining. It's a decent room for the money, and I would stay there again.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User April 25, 2005

Our room was basic but clean & comfortable. The bathroom/shower was big, but no shelf in shower to put toiletries. Did not see too many kids, only a few. Pool is basic. Overall good place to stay for the money. Better gambling Downtown.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User April 10, 2005

This hotel is standard and typical of what you will find in Vegas. It's good if you just want a place to crash.
If you're not into seeing alot of kids, this is NOT the place for you.
I highly recommend Tournament of Kings if you are into some pseudo cheesy Medievel Times entertainment. Has great explosives and you get fed too! (Not good for vegetarians, as the meal is game hen.)

0 Stars RateVegas.com User March 25, 2005

This place is weird.Rooms have been recently renovated and are not bad now.What mostly surprise me is the lack of communication between staff in this place.Also the staff is generally very rude and thet all seems overworked.Gaming people are the rudest in Vegas

0 Stars RateVegas.com User March 03, 2005

The Hotel was clean. However, the casino and hotel staff was very rude. The only person who was pleasant with us was the housekieeper. We felt as we were not welcome at this hotel. We went across the street to gamble and have fun. I do not recommend staying at this hotel.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User October 09, 2004

Our stay at the Excalibur almost ruined our wedding. Our original room-a jacuzzi king-had a horrible sewer odor in it. The hair dryer was broken. Housekeeping promptly sent a new one in a box and just handed it to me. My husband then called the desk and they explained that engineering had to install it. The second day the smell got worse so they sent engineering up. The man plunged out the shower but never cleaned the shower floor of what he plunged up. Finally that night we had enough of the smell and my husband complained enough to get us upgraded to a suite. It took an hour for a bellman to come to our room to move us. The total lack of communication in this place was horrible. The suite was cosmetically nice until we drained the jacuzzi and it bubbled up in the shower along with the horrible sewer odor and mold. We wore my surf sandals in the shower for the rest of our stay.
THe walk from our original room was ridiculous. It was so far from the elevator.
All of the managers that we spoke to were very nice but a followup phone call to our room would have gone a long way.
I did not like that there were no tubs, just showers.

0 Stars jengee August 29, 2004

Jacuzzi room was nice until 1:30 am when the hot tub one floor up started leaking through the ceiling causing a sudden flood. When the front desk was called they sent up a maintenance man who explained this was a common problem and offered to get a wet vacuum. The front desk although insisted this was not a routine problem and refused to change rooms due to availability. There was a notecard on the table stating "stay and play longer" with an offer of a 6pm check-out. When the front desk was called we were told this was not allowed in the Jacuzzi rooms. I found the staff unhelpful everywhere from the front desk to the tables and also the buffet. I would not recommend this hotel to anyone. There are better places to stay even with a family.

0 Stars darla2 July 23, 2004

It was in July of 1996 we stayed there, but the bad memories never go away. It was a good 110 degrees outside only to come back to the room and find the maid had turned off the air. Not only did she NOT make our beds, but no cleaning was done, only the replacement of dirty towels. Why would she turn off our air? I called and talked to the manager, and never once recieved an apology, but also was told the maid is in her rights to turn off the air, and if we wanted our room cleaned we would have to request it. I dropped something behind the dresser and found an inch thich of dust. I can never go back, not to mention the pool, so many kids, and no getting out to use the restroom. Never again, even if they are free rooms.

0 Stars drewlang March 25, 2004

First time in the US, Asked for strip view and, reception obliged, and were really freindly . was pleasantly suprised with the absolutly fabulous view we had right down the strip. I kept waking up 6 in the morning just to see the sun rising over vegas. Downside is that its not central, not big issue though. Good price. Amenitys good, but not the best hotel by a far shot. Didnt try buffet. Good monorail service links, but stratosphere and downtown can be taxi ride. Going again soon, Ballys next time (really wanted Bellagio) .

0 Stars CricketGirl88 March 22, 2004

I have stayed here once, and I haven't gone back since. It's not that it was a horrible place. It was just boring. There is really nothing there, the rooms are basic, with really nothing in them, and there are tons of children running around. I like kids, but I'd prefer gambling without screaming kids running by me!

0 Stars sabramo102 June 11, 2003

It's been about 8 years since we've been to Excalibur, but we were definitely not impressed on our one stay. The room was not a bad size, but very inexpensive dark furniture and a very basic bathroom without a tub. Service was ok, but nothing exceptional and the place is overrun with kids. I would consider this over Circus Circus or Riviera, but it definitely would not be my first choice.

0 Stars wolfman1953 June 06, 2003

Stayed here my first trip in 1987 and a few times since. The walk to the rooms are a long way from check in. You have to show a key to a guard to get to the elevators (this is the only place that does this that we have not encountered an absent guard). We have also encountered guards walking the hallways. The rooms have always been clean Holiday in sized rooms. The bathrooms have a large shower and NO TUB. The buffet would be decent at home, but in Vegas it is poor quality food. We've always enjoyed the theme and atmostphere. Rates are often very good.

0 Stars lostyouth June 01, 2003

Have stayed at Excalibur 4 times and have enjoyed each stay. Hear the "too many kids" thing said alot but haven't really found that in our stays there. Sure, you may pass some kids going from place to place, but they don't seem to be in your face or anything. Casino floor has a great atmosphere. Staff has always been very helpful. Certainly not the best we've stayed at but you can find some great deals here and dollar for dollar, I'd have to rank it pretty high.

0 Stars dimsum April 18, 2003

If you're looking for a nice vacation with lots of kids running around screaming and moms breastfeeding at slot machines, this just might be your kinda place.
The hotel is nothing short of disgusting.
They should knock it down and build a new one. With a new theme..
The castle theme is very old and this one is showing it's age.
Everything here looked really gross.
I don't think I would eat here unless someone out there could recommend a really decent restaurant here
If you're thinking of staying here you might want to try booking a room next door at the Luxor. It's got quite a bit more class.
Sorry for the rant, but this place was really vile.

0 Stars nikol14 March 19, 2003

i have stayed at the excalibur two times in less than 2 years. i choose the excalibur because of the cheap room rates. they are cheaper than motel6. and for them being so cheap, the rooms are pretty big. they are nice and clean too. the rooms at excalibur are way larger than the room i had at mgm grand. the bathroom is nice and big too. the casino was kinda smoky, but what do u expect- it's a casino! the idea of the security at the elevators is good too. i am staying there for a 3rd time in oct.!

0 Stars Mikeynla March 03, 2003

My experience at the Excalibur was nothing short of fantastic! We were upgraded from a Jacuzzi room (on special for $89) to a Parlour Suite at no cost! It was fabulous, and truly gorgeious. Not at all cheap looking, or over-the-top. The spa in the bathroom was huge, and the two bathrooms were gorgeous. All furnishings were very comfortable as well. We really enjoyed ourselves at the Excalibur. Of course, being upgraded to such a nice room probably helped, but I will definately be staying again!

0 Stars Mikeynla March 03, 2003

My experience at the Excalibur was nothing short of fantastic! We were upgraded from a Jacuzzi room (on special for $89) to a Parlour Suite at no cost! It was fabulous, and truly gorgeious. Not at all cheap looking, or over-the-top. The spa in the bathroom was huge, and the two bathrooms were gorgeous. All furnishings were very comfortable as well. We really enjoyed ourselves at the Excalibur. Of course, being upgraded to such a nice room probably helped, but I will definately be staying again!

0 Stars RateVegas User July 08, 2002

Just got back today from my honeymoon. I stayed there before and was looking forward to staying there again. However, I was very disappointed this time. We got a room upgrade overlooking the pool, but the view was blocked by a tree. Drainage in the bathroom was slow (especially in the shower). One of the room lamps didn't work and was never fixed. But the major disappointment was that we were charged a $0.75 fee per day for the telephone and we never used the phone in our room. We were told it was for a connection fee for 911 use.

I won't be staying there again, regretfully.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 25, 2002

The rooms were clean, service was good, and the staff was friendly. Kids were present, but not bothersome. I was suprised how large the casino was. Made for a long walk to the elevators though. Only downside we experienced was that check in was very slow. Overall, we enjoyed our stay and will stay again if the price is right.

0 Stars RateVegas User April 20, 2002

Recently stayed at Excalibur in April and I was very satisfied. Check in was very fast and check out was easy to do on the televistion. They have good security in order to get to the room elevators. Rooms were excellent. They kept asking us if we wanted a room upgrade and it didn't see worth it. We got a nice view of the pool anyway. Nice place to stay if the rate is good because it is on the strip near the other major resorts like MGM and Luxor! Nice place definenly recommended!!!!!

0 Stars RateVegas User January 22, 2002

My husband and I stayed at the Excalibur with our 6 yr old son in Sept 2001.
The room was quite grubby and very basic.
Entertainment and facilities left alot to be desired and waiting to eat breakfast at the sherwood cafe in the morning was an absolute nightmare, queueing for 30mins.
Excalibur pool was the best thing there.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 22, 2001

I recently stayed across the street at the Tropicana where I was also working a clothing convention. After a day of work, I went across the street to the Excaliber just to get away and have dinner. I went to the buffet and it was surprisingly good. Best prime rib I've ever had. Not a huge buffet but great quality and price $9.99. I'll be there again at the next clothing market.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 20, 2001

I all our rips to las Vegas. This was the BEST!. The staff at Excalibur was friendly and performed above and beyond our wildest expectations. A great place to bring the kids! The pools was wonderful. Definately a return spot for our family.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 02, 2001

I thought screaming kids would ruin my vacation but took a chance anyway. Was pleasently suprised by the room and security does a good job of keeping the kids off the casino floor.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 29, 2001

I was very surprised at the service at the Hotel, the Host and employees were very nice and I had very good service all around.

0 Stars RateVegas User April 19, 2001


0 Stars RateVegas User December 15, 2000

The only reason to work one's way through the "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade" atmosphere is located on the second floor. It's spelled Krispy Kremes.

0 Stars RateVegas User November 22, 2000

We found the rooms to be adequate.

The bathroom was great for us. Lots of counter space. And best of all a double shower. (no tub).

The pool consists of two sides. One side has slides which attracts the kids. But don't be fooled there are tons of kids on both sides. I think the parents dump them out there for the day and leave. There is poolside service for drinks. And a walk-up snack bar that has a wide variety of treats.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 03, 2000

My wife and I often stay at the Excalibur. It's not as great as Golden Nugget, but we see very little difference between Excalibur and Mirage. Yes, the bathrooms are small and definitely nothing to relax in, but who goes to Las Vegas to relax? :) We particularly like the rooms because of the poker rate - it's a GREAT deal for staying on the Strip!

0 Stars RateVegas User May 02, 2000

Lots of kids here but you just pass them on the way in or out of the casino. I like the location here. I can get to several different casinos close by using the crosswalks and trams. The rooms were very clean.The comps are very good to us here so that keeps us coming back to them.