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Fiesta Henderson

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Fiesta Henderson

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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews Fiesta Henderson

5 Stars Buffet Critic August 12, 2011

Great place. They even have a small arcade for the kids. Awesome place. And the buffet! Wow of all of the ones in and near Vegas, this is on of my 2 favorites!! The buffet is delicious, has a wide variety, and is extremely INexpensive! It's delicious I seriously reccommend you come here. It's like only $5 with the playing card. Without it it's around $8, which is still extremely cheap, for such wonderful food. The waiters there are quick and very polite. I love everything. It's VERY good! You HAVE to come here. For my other favorite buffet, look at my review of The Orleans.

3 Stars Aquaman June 03, 2010

A "locals" casino, way off strip in Henderson. Room was small and no frills but clean and worth the little money we had to pay for it. The staff was great very friendly and helpful. Check in a breeze as not many people actually stay at the hotel.

1 Star Bluto December 05, 2009

Who wants to stay at a casino that doesn't honor their bets

5 Stars Adam R. Aka Vamp May 24, 2009

I'm a local who goes here often for the digital projection movie theatre (only theatre I go to). There is a small food court near the theatre. Fat burger, pizza, a few others and small arcade. The table games are ok but will be packed on weekends. With multiple deck black jack (don't reccomend). 2 decks max for me. The buffet is not bad. It's worth a visit if you ate staying at a relatives house in Henderson or want to stay completly off the strip.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User December 30, 2005

I have stayed here 5 times and recommend it as a great nite away from the neon. You can actually see the strip, about 8 miles off in the distance, if you get a high room facing that direction. Staff is incredibly friendly, everywhere. Rooms are basic Motel 6 style, and some of the showerheads are only about 5.5 feet high. But they rooms clean and quiet since the place never seems to be full. Stay/play here once, and they will forever be sending you a free nite. This works out great for me since I typically arrive on Saturday. I save $$$ from the heavy strip prices, plus get to feed my gambling fix in a looser casino.