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Fiesta Rancho

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Fiesta Rancho

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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews Fiesta Rancho

2 Stars LanceO September 28, 2010

The good: cheap beers, and food. Good security. They patrol the parking lot on bikes and were pretty helpful when we asked them a question. All the staff were friendly. The bad: locals were ass holes. They were there to blow their walmart pay check and don't get in their fucking way. The 21 table and the chips were the dirtiest I've ever seen along with the felt. Gross. Lastly don't expect to get a cab. Its an hour wait and they are pist when they have to come all the way out to fiesta rancho. Texas station across the street was a much nicer place. Stay there.

4 Stars Miguel, Spain September 08, 2010

Estuvimos en abril del 2009, hotel agradable, acogedor, a unos quince minutos del centro.

0 Stars Juanita August 13, 2004

The help at the desk is great they helped us as much as they could