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Four Queens

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Four Queens

TLC Enterprises (Terry Caudill)


Golden Nugget | Fremont 


Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews Four Queens

1 Star randy March 28, 2014

As the economy has picked up so has the quality of the people and service in this hotel and casino. This use to be my favorite downtown hotel as long as you stay in the south tower. Our last trip in December was our last time to stay here. Service was terrible table limits changed constantly dealer wanted to argue with the players. We sat at the bar playing video poker the bar tender told us that if we didn't play max no drinks. while the couple next to us didn't play and got all the free drinks they wanted. My recomeedation STAY AWAY!!!!!!!

4 Stars Steve Fletcher August 26, 2013

Staff are friendly, casino is a lot of fun. Bar staff at the Palace Bar are Great, a lot of fun, very helpful and really take care of the customers. Table game dealers and staff are great.
Room are clean, but in need of an upgrades and repairs. I will stay there again.

3 Stars MO August 08, 2011

Service is good, but the hotel is old. Kind of run down and dirty. Casino is fun...drinks are easy to come by with attentive cocktail waitresses. Overall good experience, but the Nugget has MUCH better rooms and decor. Stay at the Nugget, play at 4 Queens.

5 Stars Katy P August 06, 2011

Haha this place is bomb! I remember shooting Waking Up in Vegas out here! I liked the kissing part with all the money floating about ;) Great place

4 Stars Ts May 25, 2011

Very old school feel! Love the 3$ early it'd craps game. Dealers were very talkative and drinks were always full. Nice place to visit

4 Stars Tammy kriescher May 09, 2011

This is a great centralized downtown hotel. It's clean. Staff is helpful and smiley. Being in the hotel biz myself for 20 years, I am sensitive to these types of things. Rooms are what they are... Its to sleep in, pass out in from those darn football pina colada drinks, or nap in. If I wanted to spend my holiday inside a hotel room I sure wouldn't stay in Vegas! There is way to much to do! The deuce bus does a 24/7 service for dollars... And not far from the hotel! I love the Queens!!

4 Stars Heath May 25, 2009

Decent, clean room. No frills but definitely worth the relatively low nightly rate. We didn't have a ton of problems with noise. Ask to be in the south tower and you won't be right against the Freemont Street Experience. Plus we never tried to go to bed early which is the only time it would be an issue anyway. We found the staff to be friendly and helpful. The valet was a little short-handed but we never waited too long. We enjoy the laid back atmosphere in the casino and had decent luck at the low minimums there. There is no poker room but others offer them on all sides. They are fairly generous with comps and treated us like we were important. I would recommend the hotel to anyone needing an inexpensive, clean place to stay that offers a fair gamble in a nice old style casino. Four queens fits the bill.

0 Stars swater2300 August 05, 2004

Enjoy loud noises? Like to feel your walls and floor vibrate? Then be sure to stay at the Four Queens. With rooms so close to the "Fremont Street Experience" you can almost touch it, you too can shake, rattle and roll on the hour from 8pm to 1am. Need more? Speakers pump out music 7/24 like a sixteen year old male home alone for the first time. I only made it through one of my two night reservation and to be fair there is another tower a few hundred feet father back from the street, but why chance it and have your weekend ruined?

0 Stars monti March 10, 2004

room was very low scale. Still, I would stay here again, but it would be at the bottom of the list. Comps weren't that easy to come by. Hugos is overrated and too expensive. To get meal comped @ Hugos your level of play needs to be 100.00 a hand for four hours.That is at a level of play for anything on the strip.

0 Stars lfegan May 31, 2003

We received an offer for free rooms for us AND a friend, so stayed for three nights. Rooms were basic and clean, but the mattresses were pretty hard, and there were no alarm clocks.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 02, 2002

We stayed for 5 nights for $150 including fri&sat. Our room was in the south tower on the 19th floor. The room was nice and clean. I really liked the large window that opened. Slightly strange no alarm clock in the room. Bathroom was very small, but no other complaints. The shower actually had great water pressure. Check in was smooth and problem free all employees were friendly an provided good customer service. No pool but we never use them anyway. The hotel has great location on Freemont St. Overall we were very happy with our stay and will definitely stay again.

0 Stars RateVegas User February 19, 2002

My wife and I have stayed at the Four Queens many, many times because the rooms are cheap, they have a great bartender that has comped us drinks for the last two years, and their nickle slots are looser than the average machine. The rooms in the red tower (nearest Fremont St) are tiny. A bed, a TV, a bathroom, and a door with a lock. We just came back from there this past weekend (Feb 15-18, 2002), and because of the number of points on my pl;ayer's card, the three nights averaged $14/night. Another person mentioned not giving out very many comps, and I believe that. But, we have gotten some pretty decent mail offers from them because of our limited slot play.

The bathrooms are tiny. You have to go all the way into the bathroom in order to close the door. Everything in the room was very clean, and we have no complaints about the place other than the tininess of the rooms. But, we can't beat it for the price. Plus, it's downtown, which means smokey casinos, good gambling, and no children.

Oh, and I gave the pool a 1 because there is no pool. Sneak up to the top of Binions or down to The Plaza if you want a pool. They don't check to see if you are a guest at either place.

Average room rates tend to be about $50 on weekends, a lot less on the weekdays.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 06, 2001

Four Queens doesn't like giving out comps too often...The room I got was comped, and it was ok...a nice room if you just want to sleep, and watch TV...nive view of the Stratosphere and Fremont Street though. Spacious bathrooms, with a small bathtub.

I gave the pool a 5 becase i didn't use it, so I wouldn't know.

So if yer looking for a cozy place to stay, stay here.