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5 Stars Mary May 03, 2012

Just returned from five nights at The Four Seasons. I ended up going by myself - others in my party canceled due to illness. Not sure I would go to Vegas by myself again, but if I did this is exactly where I would stay. They really know how to treat their guests. Loved the room (executive suite), loved the pool (Shelly), loved front desk staff (Alyssa), loved absolutely everything. Complimentary coffee in room (and lobby early morning). I'm just disappointed that Four Seasons has succumbed to the "Resort Fee" pressure of the strip and the coffee in the lobby disappears at 8 am. Who actually gets up that early??

5 Stars Mary April 15, 2012

I have a trip planned for less than 2 weeks from now and I am so excited I can hardly stand it. My second stay at Four Seasons Las Vegas.

5 Stars Mary November 25, 2011

Best Las Vegas hotel experience ever. I've Beemer to LV maybe 10 times and have been to the Four Seasons twice. They treat you like a guest - not simply like revenue. I love this place.

5 Stars Jerry May 24, 2011

The Four Seasons is the best Las Vegas hotel by a wide margin. Check-in is always a breeze. Guest rooms are well furnished and include a minibar, wide screen TV, and twice daily maid service. Staff are exceptional. The pool is the best in town. The afternoon tea at Verandah is a must. Charlie Palmer Steak is my favorite Las Vegas steakhouse. Mandalay Bay is just steps away. Have stayed here eight times so far. The high cost is worth it.

5 Stars Darren November 11, 2010

The four seasons is situated on the top 5 floors of the Mandalay Bay so has amazing views from the strip view rooms. You get the best of both worlds here, the serenity of the four seasons and also the lively exciting features of the Mandalay Bay. As mentioned elsewhere the service at the Four seasons is excellent, especially at the private pool. Staff make your chosen sun lounger then serve you with free iced water, Popsicles, evian face sprays, iced towels, and they even clean your sunglasses. Check out the private door into the Mandalay Casino lobby, after a night in the hustle and bustle of the casino, you can slip away into the serenity of the four seasons. It is the best place to stay in Vegas, and not as expensive as you might think if you search the web.

5 Stars Sara July 09, 2010

Just an all around amazing stay!

0 Stars Vegas goer July 07, 2010

Me and my family stayed at the Four Seasons and It was AMAZING. They made my chlidren candy plates and a puzzle made of chocolate. We stayed on the thirty eighth floor with an amazing view. Spa was luxurious.

5 Stars HB May 30, 2010

This is one of the nicest hotels I have stayed at, and I have stayed at some of the nicest hotels in th world. Will definately come back. Best hotel in Vegas, better than the Encore Wynn and Bellagio combined. Quiet and great food. One of the best Four Seasons. The rooms are big and very luxerious. Great atmosphere.

5 Stars Todd May 18, 2010

Amazing hotel! Went for my anniversary with my wife and stayed in the Presidential Suite, which was both spacious and luxurious. They took such good care of us. We would return after the day to find our beds turned down and a bottle of champagne waiting for us. Our stay was excellent. Will certainly return in the future for special occasions!

1 Star Brian C. May 04, 2010

Obviously some "damage control" reviews by Four Seasons employees on here lately. This hotel is overrated, overpriced, and in the middle of nowhere. They advertise that what sets them apart is their service. Guess what? In Vegas, exceptional service is EVERYWHERE! You can get better rooms in better locations at better prices at other hotels.

5 Stars Bob May 02, 2010

Great stay. Offered upgrade which I took and 180 strip view suite was well worth it. Classy decor may disappoint those accustomed to casino hotel rooms. Easy access to Mandalay Bay. Separate entrance makes getting transportation less of a hassle. Nice pool with attentive service, great food, nice bar and private entrance to Mandalay pool complex. Verandah is a hidden gem with outstanding food and service. Although Four Seasons often begs comparisons with Wynn or Encore, I'd rather stay here and visit Steve.

5 Stars Cathy April 21, 2010

Four Seasons is the ultimate hotel. Very classy place. Love this hotel! Will certainly recommend. One of the finest hotels anywhere.

4 Stars James April 01, 2010

Very nice place to hide out on the strip, yet seems so far away. Its nice that you don't have to walk through a casino gaming floor to get to the rooms.

Ultimate in service. You can get room service omlette's with ANY imaginable ingredients. I asked for goat cheese, bacon, lots of veggies and sauteed red peppers. No problem. If its in the kitchen, they'll put it in there.

5 Stars Cathy March 23, 2010

The Four Seasons is superb in every way! Highly recommended if you have the money.

5 Stars Brett March 23, 2010

Absolutely fabulous, beautiful hotel!

5 Stars Susan March 06, 2010

Simply the best of the best! Love the Four Seasons. You can never go wrong here.

5 Stars Shawn January 20, 2010

Fabulous hotel! You can always rely on a Four Seasons. This hotel bares striking resemblance to one in France, with Asain influences. Five Diamond Award, well deserved and spectacular. Will return.

5 Stars Thomas January 02, 2010

Amazing hotel! Five diamond luxury with nearly perfect service. Highly recommended!

5 Stars Jane December 14, 2009

Simply perfect. Hotel is beautiful, very upscale, and a truly very classy place!

5 Stars Dale L. November 05, 2009

If you're looking for real service in Las Vegas, this is the only place to stay. It feels like you're in another city!

5 Stars Amber November 05, 2009

Outstanding customer service, an amazing hotel to stay in where the staff take care of your every need, with a courteous and genuine smile.

1 Star Colin October 18, 2009

Terrible. Simply terrible hotel.

Was in town for a business meeting and my company set up my reservation at Four Seasons - for some reason they are loyal to this outdated "luxury" brand. Arrived at the hotel and was given attitude by the doorman and when I found my way to the front desk I received the same Four Seasons version of service. Front desk agent agent deeply sighed every time I asked her a question, as if I had no right to ask simple questions about my accommodations. Eventually she walked away from me - without completing the check in. I called my company's travel rep and asked them to work something else out. I ended up at Encore. Best thing they could have done as Encore is a much better choice for business travellers than Four Seasons.

5 Stars Anonymous September 06, 2009

Jei is referring to Four Queens. The Four Seasons is a beautiful five-star resort. I highly recommend it for business travellers to Las Vegas.

5 Stars C M Piscitelli August 10, 2009

The Four Seasons provides the exciting Vegas experience without the, well you know, the Vegas experience. Occupying the top floors of Mandalay while providing a separate hotel entrance, the Four Seasons keeps you close to the action but in an oasis of serenity. Private ammenties, such as the private pool area provide a calm, relaxing environment just a stones throw from the action at Mandalay Beach. If you want to feel like the only guest and be treated exquisitely, choose the Four Seasons. One warning, once you stay at the Four Seasons you won't be satisfied anywhere else! I absolutely love this place and strongly recommend it!

5 Stars Rad May 30, 2009

Jei I think you reviewed the wrong hotel.This one is no where near a flea market. Anyhow verandar cafe is great. Simple food, expensive but worth every penny. No dissapointments here.

1 Star Jei April 25, 2009

This hotel is in ghetto downtown area of Las Vegas and the people it attracts act accordingly. Lots of low-life characters hanging around & there's a flea market feeling in this so called "Freemont Experience" street. If you want to enjoy Las Vegas at senior citizens rate

5 Stars Steven Monaghan February 06, 2009

$$$$$, but well worth it.

0 Stars Mrs M. October 08, 2007

Outstanding customer service, an amazing hotel to stay in where the staff take care of your every need, with a courteous and genuine smile.

0 Stars Dale Loudermilk August 27, 2006

If you're looking for real service in Las Vegas, this is the only place to stay. It feels like you're in another city!