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3 Stars Brendan Dentino November 18, 2012

Three stars with nothing to detract from the experience. Gold Coast knows what it is and who they serve, and does a knockout job. Great Asian restaurants, friendly dealers, clean spaces and cheap, great rooms. In fact, I would say their rooms are better than the ones I stayed in at NYNY and Luxor. Of course, the trade off is that you are at least a $10 taxi ride from the strip (and buffet quality reflects the under $10 price). It is also easy to rack up tangible, valuable comps from Boyd, so all in all it is one of the great value places in LV.

4 Stars Jeff December 27, 2011

Gold Coast is an excellent 3star Casino which has nice cheap rooms. The gift shop liquor store is cool and usually has deals

5 Stars Doc, Kentucky May 02, 2011

Great place to gamble. Love the Cortez room for prime rib. Cocktail service much better than Caesars!

4 Stars rick cadabona October 30, 2010

My wife and i are frequent visitors to L.V. and lately, we seem to find ourselves gravitating towards more and more local's casinos. Some of these lack in atmosphere, some lack in cleanliness or attention to detail, some fall short when it comes to serving up a decent meal, (shouldn't everyone know how to make a basic cheeseburger or fried chicken by now?), and some casinos are just "blah" when it comes to character. The Gold Coast casino is none of the above. The rooms were small and comfy. The employees were friendly - from the housekeepers to carol boyd in the sports and race book. the location is just a few blocks west of the strip. Gold Coast is near the freeway on ramps, so getting around is convenient. you are across the street from the Rio and the Palms if you feel as though you need to step outside and change the scenery. We are going back to Vegas in a couple of weeks and for the price, The Gold Coast is a Top Play.

0 Stars Austin August 17, 2010

Popped in here for bingo, and it was a blast. I've never played before, and opted for the electronic screen. If you go for the first session of the day, it is an awesome way to have breakfast (donuts and coffee), read the paper, and maybe even win some money. You don't have to stamp any numbers as the computer keeps track of everything for you. I think you can buy a set of cards for as little as $6 with your Gold Coast card (which I didn't have at the time, but now I know for the next).

5 Stars Clark May 04, 2010

I think the Gold Coast is a great place to stay for the price and the location is great too. The rooms are nicely done and have always been really clean. If you don't want to stay on the strip then this is a great place to stay.

4 Stars JohnR September 29, 2009

Good gambling. Good slots. I won back alot of the money I lost at Rio.

4 Stars Mac September 28, 2009

Fun place to gamble everyone is nice drinks are a little slow. The pit boss by the three card poker table working 9/14 around 11:30 pm was extremely nice and what all gambling personnel should act like.

4 Stars MS June 17, 2009

Fun place to gamble! Lots of $5 tables and friendly dealers.

0 Stars Illinois couple March 15, 2008

we stayed at the Gold Coast in June 07 & January 08. Both trips we had a great time. Unlike the cold sterile monoliths on the strip the gambling at the GC is old style Vegas with friendly dealers, loose slots, and prompt courteous cocktail waitresses.

Granted the bathrooms are a bit small but unless you're way overweight they're not a problem. The rooms are clean, there's a 32" plasma tv, and the beds are comfortable, what more does one need?

The one thing we were worried about was the distance to the strip as we like to visit the large hotels and sight-see while in town. This was not a problem as my wife and I took advantage of the free shuttle service to the strip offered by the GC never having to wait more then 15 minutes. We found all the drivers friendly and helpful (before we tipped them!).

We enjoyed the breakfast Buffet, for the price it's rated one of the best values in Vegas. We loved the Italian restaurant (Arriva), great chicken parmesean, also try the steaks in the Cortez room they're half the price of those served on the strip and just as good.

Nice pool area, a little small but for a 700 room hotel it's perfect and it's not nearly as crowded as other hotels we've stayed at..

All in all the Gold Coast is a great value and a fun place to stay..

0 Stars CouplefromSactown November 22, 2006

The bad: sink drain smelled like "perm" solution every time we turned on the sink;
Housekeeping didn't clean our room once before 3pm in the four nights we stayed;
Monterey Room turkey/gravey plate was terrible! Also, shuttle bus drivers were not even polite or pleasant (unless you gave them a tip every time you exited the shuttle). Often a very long walk to your room down very long corridors.

The good: low limit tables (Starting at $5); located between the Palms and the Rio (each a 7-12 minute walk); get a good coupon book upon check in; good deal for the $$$.

Jacuzzi and pool were both heated and very nice...however, winter hours for pool/spa are 9am-6pm only.

0 Stars Jan October 08, 2006

I stayed at the Gold Coast in May for the first time and liked it a lot. My husband and I stayed in Sept because I had liked it so much earlier. It is friendly, not too large, but has a good casino feel when you walk through the table games area near the sports book and bars and lounge with nightly band.
32" flat TV screen great and lots of channels incl Fox which I enjoy. Little window in bathroom so good for fresh air we slept without the aircon. Shuttle service much more frequent than I expected. My husband twisted his knee (not at the hotel) and could hardly walk for three days, but the 24 hour coffee shop Monteray Room gave him the opportunity for three or four visits a day for a break including when the pain kept him awake. Huge value.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 23, 2006

Housekeeping did an excellent job everyday we were here. Granted the batroom was small but we had no problem with that. A slow tub drain was reported and immediately fixed. My wife loved the quality of the ammenities left fresh everyday for our use. Beds were comfy and we loved the window that opened in the tub/shower unit!! The hotel employees from housekeeping to the casino host were friendly and courteous. This was our first vist to this Hotel but we'll definetly return to the Gold Coast in the future.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User March 24, 2006

Nice place - more of an older crowd though. Shuttle service is free to the strip, which is nice, but you have to find your own way back (ie taxi) if you plan to stay out late.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 29, 2005

Absolutely brilliant. Great value, great service, nice rooms with comfy beds. Not a brilliant pool but wet and cold, lots of space and spare sun loungers and opportunity to chill out. Great shuttle service to the strip. Cheap gambling. Superb - wouldn't stay anywhere else (unless I won the lottery).

0 Stars RateVegas.com User March 07, 2005

sucks i got no comps there!!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 23, 2005

We like the restuarants and Video poker; Ping Pong Pang is great. The live band during the day plays the best Dixie style and BIG_Band music and you can drink and dance to the OLdies. bob and penny from lasvegas. Locals have more Choices!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User October 01, 2004

We used to stay on the strip and were always commuting to the Gold Coast for the Bingo. It is one of the best bingos in Vegas. There is a new room for the bingo with lots of amenities. The service in the hotel is good, rooms are clean, no waiting on elevators and a great buffet at the Ports of Call Restaurant. We now stay at the Gold Coast and commute to the strip if we want a change of pace. Hopefully, the word does not get out too fast as we want to always have availability to stay there. (just joking) Canadian traveller

0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 24, 2004

We always stay at the gold coast, we think its the best kept secret in vegas, rooms are fine and the mattresses are as good as you can get, its the kind of casino that make's you feel at home, the buffet is a five station buffet with anything you can think of. they also have discount beer and wine store in the casino, they have a very good race and sports book, also they have low limit table games. its also pretty easy to get comped, I'am just a average player and they always take care of my rooms, but I tip good also. see you soon

0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 15, 2004

We stayed at Gold Coast for three nights in early August. We had called the hotel after seeing some good prices on Orbitz.com and they matched one night and beat the other nights, and it was very easy to get set up over the phone. We asked for a room near the elevator and they obliged us without hesitation. We were allowed to check in early, about 11 AM. My wife somehow caught a bug and was sick most of our trip so she really tested out the room. Very good mattresses!! I love this feature as I don't spend much time in the rooms when I visit, I try to only spend time resting in the room. The mattresses maximize rest when you are really active like I am. For my wife it was relief to be able to recover on something as nice as what the Gold Coast does offer. The bathroom is pretty small but it was clean and it did its job well, my wife found the toilet to stay comfortable for long periods of time, and the exterior window keeps the bathroom well ventilated. With my wife sick we kept the 'do not disturb' sign out most of the time, and the service obliged surprisingly. I even went up to a maid and told her to please stay away and she understood even giving me some more towels and toilet paper to try and help. Great Service. You also get a coupon book upon check in with a free scoop of ice cream from the ice cream shop, it tasted great and was a gigantic portion. The shuttle was quick and came very often, it was much better than the Rio's shuttle, which I found inconvenient, but Gold Coast's shuttle was extremely useful and we never got impatient waiting for it either. I've heard some people compare Gold Coast to Motel6 but they are way off, this was 10X the niceness of Motel6. Gold Coast is now one of my first choices of places to stay in vegas.

0 Stars yougottaloveit April 30, 2004

We stay at the Gold Coast at least once a year and feel at home in this hotel/casino. Casino staffers are always friendly and pleasant. Rooms are comfortable, bathroom/vanity area is small but functional. We spend all our time in the casino so the rooms are only for the minimum necessary sleep/shower. The full pay video poker machines have all but disappeared, but you can still find some decent pay games. Love the pit bosses and dealers. They are very real down to earth people. Always was able to get on the craps table for $2-$3 minimums which can really help through those cold table spells. Will continue to book at least one of our Vegas vacations at this place.

0 Stars Annabelle78 January 21, 2004

I've posted here before and I'll have to post again. My last trip I stayed at the Gold Coast and it was even better than before. They updated and upgraded a lot. The buffet is huge and wonderful, the rooms are just as clean and nice and BIG as they always were (not to mention a bed that will suck you into the best sleep you've ever gotten). The bathrooms could be a little more, but I'm not a princess so I can survive. The pool could be a lot more, but I can't complain when they have comfy "seats" inside the pool and a never ending bar while you're swimming (the server comes right up to you at the edge and takes your order). I cannot love this hotel anymore. Full 70+ lane bowling alley, full sized casino, rooms that are cozy and everything else I need right there. Plus they have nice restaurants with very very good food, the room service is efficient and inexpensive (the same price you'd pay at a regular restaurant). I LOVE IT!

0 Stars Annabelle78 June 14, 2003

We decided on a Saturday night to make the 4 hour trek from Los Angeles to Vegas, spur of the moment idea. We called the Gold Coast, they had super cheap rates (3 days 2 nights + room service and our bill never got above $120). Given the rooms aren't fancy, but room service was less than $20 for 2 people per meal including tip. Where in the WORLD will you find room service that cheap!? Not to mention it was fast and the food was AWESOME.

The employees are super friendly, very attentive and very fast and very efficient. We went to many of the other hotels where it took 30 mins to get a drink, the Gold Coast waitresses will bring you your drink in less than 10.

If you're a snob, this place isn't for you. If you would rather spend your hard earned money on something other than your hotel room, this is the place to go.

We stayed at another hotel on the strip on another trip to Vegas, the room was half the size of the Gold Coast room and cost 3 times as much per night, ridiculous! We're going back in a month, and staying at the Gold Coast again. I can't wait!

0 Stars bnsf600 June 11, 2003

The people at check in and check out were nice. The servers
were nice as were the people at the cashier cage. The room
is just like a Days Inn and the bathroom is the same in terms
of being like a Days Inn. The pool stinks when compared to
the mega resorts, but it's purpose is just to cool people
off, so it accomplishes that mission. Mostly locals and
cowboys seem to frequent this establishment. They have
$.50 roulette with a $2 minimum, which can provide tons
of enjoyment as you don't lose your day's budget in a

0 Stars Hunter April 18, 2003

For what it costs, the Gold Coast is not a bad deal. The room was standard Motel 6 style, with a good sized bathroom. The pool is small and boring, but full of water. Service was acceptable, what you would expect. Prices were low, so I can't say anything truly bad about this place... It's not high class, but if that's what you were expecting, you are on crack.

0 Stars suesheeme April 14, 2003

The only reason I don't give this hotel 10 points across the board is because it is a little bit campy and reminiscent of older Vegas, and doesn't have all the glitz and catchy themes of the finer hotels. However, in terms of value, this place has it all. The rooms are VERY nice; more than you'd expect for the low cost to stay there. I can't remember a more comfortable hotel bed. The shower was relaxing, the ironing board useful, and the room service a life saver in the middle of the night. Downstairs is $3 blackjack and a lounge that never sleeps. Next door is the Rio, which has become less affordable or enjoyable to me the more popular it gets. I've stayed at the Gold Coast three times and I'd stay there again in a heartbeat.