Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews Golden Nugget

3 Stars Rob skyyontherocks October 25, 2014

Wanted to give it a better rating but based on the time spent in the property it was just ok. The good is that the casino has a great vibe with good variety and many bars and restaurants. Also, the pool and spa is the best relative to downtown properties. The bed was very comfortable, and the bathroom amenities were better than average. Being so close to all other properties within the downtown district pulled me to places that had better gambling opportunities like El Cortez, D, and Golden Gate. Therefore, I don't think I gave the property the best opportunity. On the downside, despite warnings, I continuously hit my shin on the bed frame which is about 6 inches oversized from the bed. Also, I stayed in the rush tower which was supposed to have its own registration desk. What they didn't tell me is that the hours for this desk has been cut down and therefore was closed when I was checking out on Monday. People were friendly and housekeeping was fine. My stay was Oct 16 - 19th 2014.

4 Stars Andrew August 21, 2014

Stayed at Aria mid-week followed by Friday & Saturday in a Rush Tower room. No noise whatsoever from Fremont Street. Room compares favourably with Aria but the much smaller windows meant it was a little dark. The feel, vibe and friendliness of downtown cannot compare with the Strip. I felt very relaxed and safe when on my own. Staff were polite but the bell hop / valet could use extra staff.

4 Stars Kyle J May 12, 2014

Got upgraded to a JR suite using the $20 trick. Beautiful room with plenty of space.

1 Star NC April 03, 2014

This was the last time I will stay at the Golden Nugget for sure. My wife and I enjoyed our stay when Wynn owned it and was a class hotel downtown. The loud obnoxious music was non stop day and night and I could not even here our business associates who were standing next to us in the resturants and lounges. All we heard was loud bad music and screaming kids.
We actually had to exit the hotel to converse with our friends.
You have turned what used to be a class hotel into an attraction for a bunch of screaming adult and kids dressed
like a beach bums in the lobby.

3 Stars Derrick May 13, 2013

Arrived in a Saturday to a packed hotel and had a room booked at the Carson tower. The room stunk of rotten garbage and when we complained we were told that there were no other rooms. They then comped the night and then put us in the Rush tower for the other 2 nights. Neither the sink or shower would drain and the stench was overwhelming but what can you do? The Rush tower was like night & day. Great room! If you're staying at the nugget don't make my mistake book the rush room first!

4 Stars Mike May 06, 2013

Just left today and had a nice experience. The rush tower rooms were great and good housekeeping. Good selection of restaurants and staff seemed genuinely happy to help.

1 Star kris October 12, 2012

very dirty and smokey

4 Stars NoDeuces September 26, 2012

This was my 2nd Rush stay since 2009 and it is still mostly positive. For the uninitiated the Rush tower has its own valet, own entrance, own check in desk and own elevator. Every piece mentioned is quick and professional. The Nugget itself has a great pool, well appointed cabanas (at a great price), a slide that goes through the shark tank, an adults only area of the pool (Hideout bar - not toptional) and a fantastic pool staff (and drinks are a steal unlike the rip off happening at Caesars, Wynn and Palazzo). But this where the WOW ends. The rooms are showing their age via smell (may result from the aforementioned pool and the ventless bathrooms). The casino is cramped with slot machines and lacking many new models. The poker room is often dead because of the high rake and poor comps. House keeping took over 6 hours to deliver a fridge. TV lacks the NFL network and many of the hilariously dramatic foreign stations you may have come to enjoy at other Vegas hotels. There's also something annoying about getting asked for a room card time after time at the valet. Not sure what the answer there is...maybe a sticker?

4 Stars Mike June 24, 2012

I stayed at the Rush Tower and was very impressed with the room. It was clean, modern and comfortable bed. The only knock is on the maid service which did not show up one day.

5 Stars Stuart Poyner May 16, 2012

An analogue hotel in a digital world. And all the better for it. After staying at most of the newer properties on the strip and continually finding teething troubles it is good to stay at a hotel where everything is both comfortable and more importantly works. I don't need a fancy touch screen panel to close the curtains. The nugget gives you a plastic box full of buttons that looks like it is from the 70's. Reassuringly solid and reassuringly functional. Stayed in a spa suite. I never saw a black bathroom suite with a mirrored ceiling before but somehow it worked! As comfortable as an old but good looking pair of slippers. I will be back.

5 Stars Bobthecook April 19, 2012

Back again the second week in January and as usual a great time at the Nugget. Put the kids in Carson tower. Wife and I stayed in newer Rush Tower. Both are nicest downtown for sure!! Employees at tables were great. Still took my hard earned money though. O well that's Vegas. Coming back soon to get it all back!!

4 Stars donnymac December 11, 2011

Rush tower room was great. Loved the decor and bed. Best room on Fremont for sure and comparable to mid-high end strip rooms like Mirage or Mandalay bay. Always like the casino and the pools especially the Hideout are awesome!!

1 Star Keith December 01, 2011

Booked sept 18 for two nights.
night 1 in a GOLD VIP room,no working shower,and no room transfer.
Day 2 moved to Rush Tower room only to step in broken glass on floor ( wife )
No "Im sory" or anything from GN
Worse vac ever ,Wife could not walk all week,THANKS so much Golden Nugget,Im looking forward to the day you CLOSE.

4 Stars Tom E October 18, 2011

Stayed here mid October 2011 for the Indycar race at LV Motor Speedway. Great downtown location, right on Fremont. Stayed in Gold Tower, nice room, Great rates! Friends stayed in Rush Tower, very nice room! I'll stay there next. Lot's of good places to eat in hotel, Starbucks to Vic & Anthony's Steakhouse. For the places we like to go in LV we'll stay at the GN again!

1 Star Elton September 14, 2011

Rude Ass Employees. The absolute worst in Vegas. Numerous times have been treated like crap. The upstairs buffet has gone to hell. Pre breaded shrimp out of a box, rotted corn, old and stale pastries, dirty tables and silverware. Carving station meat like leather and COLD. Stay away folks!

5 Stars Bill Dunn August 23, 2011

Excellent stay. I booked into the Rush Tower Corner Suite. The pictures do not do it justice. The bedding has spoiled me. It was like sleeping on a cloud. I look forward to my next visit.

5 Stars Bobthecook August 11, 2011

I really enjoy the Nugget. Stayed there many times on Guy trips and be back soon with my wife! The steakhouse, Vic & Anthony's is one of the best in Vegas.

5 Stars JamieB July 19, 2011

Best value for your buck, and still a four star place. They have great restaurants and the very best pool around!!!!! Sign up for their email list to get really good rates, and you can always use a different promo code if you get a better one in your email. Love this place!!

4 Stars Guernsey boys June 28, 2011

A fantastic hotel with a brilliant atmosphere. The rooms were large and spacious. We had a party of four and managed to get connecting rooms which was a plus. On arrival we also managed to get four days gym and spa facilities chucked in. I was dissapointed with the fact that wifi would come at an additional price per day and there were no areas within the hotel which were wifi friendly and free of charge. The hotel layout is fab. You go downstairs to the lobby and the area is always buzzing with people coming and going. There is the shop for common needs and wants, Starbucks for that caffeine kick and a smallish arcade. You go further down the corridor and you come to a range of restaurants, the amazing pool area and the casino. One downside to the Nugget is the long travel time to the strip. It often took us 45 minutes on the bus. This was not due to the distance to the strip as it can only be 2-3 miles away if that but the traffic leading to the strip is mad and halts you in your tracks. A plus though is that the GN is right at the hub of Fremont street which is a much see! Another big positive was the warmness and welcoming nature of all staff at the Golden Nugget. If you are going, be sure to have a lovely stay!

5 Stars Big daddy June 08, 2011

Absolutely wonderful stay, had an amazing time, very friendly staff and a great hotel, was better than the strip hotels we have stayed at

5 Stars Shannon May 23, 2011

We have been to Vegas 4 times in less than 2 years, have stayed on the strip three times and the nugget once. The nugget by far was the best trip and experience we ever had in las Vegas. We stayed in the Rush Tower (the price could not be beat) and had nothing but a great experience! Great room, amazing selection of restaurants, decent gambling and the fun of Fremont right outside the door is just too much to pass up! We have booked our next trip this September at the nugget! Can't wait!

5 Stars Trip Girl May 13, 2011

This place is great. It's not meant to be the Wynn. It's old style Vegas and my husband and I had great fun! We left with more money than when we walked I'm and we took a short cab back to the strip. Worth the trip. Staff was outstanding! Go to see the real Vegas and get away from all of the artifice of the strip for awhile!

1 Star John May 12, 2011

The Landry's of Vegas. And I don't mean that as a compliment. All style and no substance like Fertitta's crappy restaurants. It looks good, if you don't look too close. Service and food are below-par, just like a Landry's restaurant. The restaurants have suffered in the years that Tillman has run Landry's, and now he's screwed-up a perfectly good hotel. Hey, at least he's consistent. Skip it.

5 Stars Tim A. April 24, 2011

Hands down the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in while staying at a hotel. Custom made by Serta for the GN, and theres even a program for you to purchase your own if your rich. Pool was unique, Buffet was better than Main Street Station in my opinion, and Fremont Street Experience is right outside the Hotels doors. Parking doesn't cost you anything as a hotel guest, and they upgraded me to a Gold Suite from a Carson just because they had the space, even though I didn't ask or slip the employee a $20. Stay on Fremont Street Experience or ride a bus/Taxi though. Anything around Downtown that's not under that electric canopy is a rough part of town for sure. If your driving downtown, be ready for a nightmare of traffic, construction, and detours that had me going in circles and I would have rather taken a drive down the strip than downtown.

5 Stars ChelsJ22 April 14, 2011

It really doesn't get any better than the GN. The dealers are fun, the atmosphere is exciting, the restaurants are fantastic and everything is cheap compared to the rest of Vegas. The rooms are clean and beautiful (both the Gold and Rush tower) yet cheap. The pool and shark tank are the perfect addition. I didn't see any young kids running around so that's a plus. The best part is there is a store right next to the GN so you can stock up on alcohol, snacks, etc. without breaking the bank. Right in the middle of the Fremont action and just minutes from the strip. I would suggest this amazing downtown hotel to anyone!

5 Stars Krissy February 21, 2011

The BEST hotel in Vegas! Always love staying here!

5 Stars William December 30, 2010

Forgot to add the rating. Five stars.

0 Stars William December 30, 2010

Beautiful hotel downtown! Staff is excellent, as are the public areas. Check out the shark tank!

5 Stars Katie December 30, 2010

The new Rush Tower is beautiful and the staff and accommodations are top notch. Overall, an excellent luxury hotel.

3 Stars Hunter December 14, 2010

My room in the Carson Tower was clean but unremarkable. Inexpensive. A long walk from the casino, if that bothers you.

4 Stars Michael Dutterer October 22, 2010

Feels like a stip casino in the heart of downtown. The new tower rooms are beautiful. The pool with the slide through the shark tank is very near. Highly recommended.

2 Stars Jaymes September 26, 2010

I've stayed at the GN twice now, but after my last experience I won't be back. While I like the downtown location and the value, the service has been a problem. On my last trip I booked using, then modified my reservation by calling, however, when I arrived, the GN said that they did not have my modified reservation. The hotel refused to even admit the possibility that it might be their fault. I had to call and have them send a fax to the hotel. I don't know whose fault it was, but it sure wasn't mine however the staff at the front desk made me feel like it was. Whatever happened to making the customer feel welcome?
Later that same trip, while sleeping on a chaise by the pool, a bus boy dumped the remains of someones beer on me (with the cigarette butts too). I don't even know how that happened, but I could forgive an actual mistake-I've been a server and I know that sometimes these things happened. But rather than running to get me a towel and maybe a drink or something, he just hurried off and avoided me. Once again I was left holding the bag. I've had enough. I've already got my next room booked at the Belagio. My advice? Rates are so cheap right now, that you shouldn't have to compromise service for value. Forget the GN and stay somewhere nice.

5 Stars DAD September 20, 2010

We loved our last visit in the new rush tower. Beautiful room, great service, and only 70 bucks a night? Fantastic deal! They even gave us a coupon book w/ free drinks and 2 for 1 buffets. My wife and I had breakfast with coffee and juice for 10 bucks! A couple days later at the Flamingo 2 tasteless bagel sandwiches and a juice was 25 bucks! The pool is awesome. Drink service is always available The gambling is so much better than the strip. You really can't loose staying at the GN.

5 Stars D3wayne August 23, 2010

I have stayed at the GN many times. And have never had a bad experience. I have stayed in all the towers , except the new rush tower, and every room has been a clean comfortable stay. The food at Carson street cafe is always consistent . They have a really nice poker room. The pool is awesome. The sports book is one of my favs. Absolutely a can't go wrong staying at GN.

5 Stars Jeff in OKC August 22, 2010

Rush Tower Junior Suite is 700 sf, great value. No TV in bath and no mini-fridge are quibbles, not complaints. Golden Nugget is hands-down the best place Downtown. It may be the most expensive Downtown, but it's probably a better bargain than any place on the Strip.

5 Stars John August 18, 2010

Beautiful hotel, beautiful room, impeccable service! A very classy downtown location.

1 Star Justin August 14, 2010

Terrible time getting into the new pool but after a few compts we got right in but still letting more people in than there is chairs is rediculus so high disappointed in management for that fact!

4 Stars Lori August 06, 2010

Stayed at the Golden Nugget for a pub crawl event. Room was nice, the view wasn't much but the beds were comfortable. My only complaint was that they decided to run the zamboni/steam cleaner on the hall carpets at 8am on a Saturday morning. Bad timing.

0 Stars Robert July 12, 2010

So disappointed with the pool area. Arrived at 10am, on a weekday with no special events in town. Not one single chair open. Most were empty, but they had the prerequisite magazine or flip flop left on it to "reserve" it for a friend or family member. The staff had no problem letting people do this. Pity since it is a beautiful area that is ruined by other guests' tacky actions.

5 Stars Brian R. July 01, 2010

We stayed in the Rush Tower in a "Junior Suite". The room was amazing. Spacious and beautiful, reminded me of Aria (minus the remote control operations). The pool was awesome, although it's rough trying to find chairs together in a group. The diner in the hotel had mediocre food and TERRIBLE service - don't go there This hotel/casino is so much nicer than the rest downtown and even nicer than some that are on the strip. Downtown is not as fun as the strip, but that's what the Deuce bus is for. Do NOT take the Ace Gold Line bus.

5 Stars JamieB June 29, 2010

We love the GN and stay here every year. The pools are awesome. The tank is a family place and there is an adult pool (open until 2am) which is great too. There is a great variety among the restaurants. Carson is inexpensive, Lily's is in the middle, and the steak house is expensive and nice. There is also a new seafood place that is supposed to be great. We love GN because of the prices (get on their email list for great deals) and the location is excellent. We highly recommend it!

5 Stars Jean June 02, 2010

Wonderful! The pool was amazing and the tower itself is classy.

5 Stars Jean June 02, 2010

Wonderful! The pool was amazing and the tower itself is classy.

2 Stars Jason May 30, 2010

Very disappointed. Been sitting waiting for breakfast for 30 minutes and the pool doesn't have a single chair for us. It is a holiday weekend, and we went downstairs at 9 to get a spot at the pool and it was already full. We came here because of the shark pool and now we have nowhere to sit!!
Just go stay at the strip. Since this is the nicest place downtown, and there is no competition it is just way too crowded. This is the 3rd time i have stayed here and it had always been very crowded at the pool. Just stay at the strip and cab it to downtown if want to gamble or party here. 29 year old married dude here with another couple.

5 Stars Cathy May 05, 2010

Beautiful property!

4 Stars Steven Brown May 02, 2010

Spent Thanksgiving weekend in the new Rush Tower (It had only been open less than a week at the time of check-in.). The rooms in the Rush Tower are very nice for Downtown, and would be above average for the equivalent room on the Strip. For me, staying at the Golden Nugget would be like someone who stays at the Golden Nugget staying at Wynn or Encore.

I came into this not expecting everything to be perfect in my room since they had just opened the tower. There were some signs in the room that definitely showed they were rushing to open the tower on time. A few tiny droplets of paint on the furniture, doors that were not hung level, an HDTV that did not have any HD channel despite what the TV channel card stated (this has since been rectified), and an in-room safe that malfunctioned.

The in-room safe situation was handled very well by the overnight maintenance crew. They tried to get it open, but could not, as the room safes in the Rush Tower are different than the other towers. They actually called their in-house locksmith in (this was about 3 am or so) and he got the safe open and fixed the glitch. They could have easily said that they'd send the guy up there first thing in the morning (I still had some cash on-hand, so it would not have been an inconvenience.), and the guy had no issue being dragged out of bed to fix this. Turns out this had been happening as they were hurrying to meet the opening date.

The only service issue I really had that contributed to the "just average" rating was with housekeeping. There was one day where they did not come to straighten up my room until around 6 PM. They were either short-staffed or they were giving priority to those rooms in which the guests had just checked out.

Having stayed at three Downtown hotels, the only thing about the Golden Nugget I didn't like was the lack of an in-room coffeemaker (Their suites have them according to their website.). I guess this is an amenity only the lower end hotels partake in.

The Golden Nugget after one stay there, has become my home base when I got to Las Vegas.

3 Stars Da808guest April 29, 2010

I stayed in the room right above the front desk. The room was nice and big but the bathroom was amazingly small if someone was sitting on the toilet you couldn't open the door because there's not enough room. I stood in the middle of the bathroom spread my arms out and could touch wall to wall mirror to the inside of the shower. Oh and my room still had a window unit ac I didn't know hotels still use that. Stay at main street station better accommodations at a way lower price.

0 Stars Tony K April 27, 2010

I stayed in the Carson Tower April 2-3 and didnt have no issues Rooms were nice and clean. A friend stayed in the new Rush Tower and one of his keys didnt work and no one ever came out to check out why 3 different trip to front desk produced 3 more not working key cards Overall Hotel site is nice I would stay again

4 Stars NoDeuces April 25, 2010

Stayed at Nugget during Super Bowl weekend 2010. Two nights in basic room in Carson tower (cheapest) then moved to new Rush Tower room. Both beds were very comfortable. Rush room was fantastic. 42" plasma, nice seating area, and rooms with strip views. Parking garage is a nightmare, tall and usually full. Not sure the price difference between Rush rooms and Cortez cabana suites will ever make this a value but on the whole this is the nicest hotel downtown.

4 Stars Steven H April 21, 2010

The Golden Nugget Rush tower rooms were excellent. Very nice rooms for the price. Definitely the best hotel downtown. Only drawback is that the tower is a walk from the main casino.

4 Stars Steven H April 15, 2010

The Golden Nugget Rush tower rooms were excellent. Very nice rooms for the price. Definitely the best hotel downtown. Only drawback is that the tower is a walk from the main casino.

0 Stars Susan moreno March 31, 2010

Update to the end of my stay, left feeling like management finally came thru for us. 2am got the room finally cleaned up. Didn't let this dampin our moods. And in the end food was great at 24cafe and the grotto was excellent. Casino/hotel was nicely remodeled and the h2o pool was"wow"...... We had a great time and will stay there again let's just hope they don't give us a dirty room in the begininng again... Thank you very much

0 Stars Lynn March 28, 2010

Stayed at Rush Tower in a Junior Suite (corner suite) on March 16. Was very pleased. Everyone looked and felt new and stylish. Only drawback is getting in and out of shower..sunken tub ..ask for a mat for the tub.

0 Stars Susan moreno March 27, 2010

So far not happy with the rooms or servce. when you walk into your room you would think the rooms would be clean. Not have dirty towels and empty cups. When you call to complain to management, they askyou "what is it you want me to do ?". Come on now let's hope this stay here gets better

4 Stars SEJerome March 25, 2010

Great downtown hotel. Stayed there for a week on business, and it was cheap, clean and had great character. Feels like old Vegas

4 Stars atdleft March 25, 2010

Hands down, this is the best hotel downtown! I stayed here when I was signing the papers for my condo, and I had no regrets about it. I was a little worried at first about staying somewhere downtown, but all those worries evaporated when I stepped inside The Golden Nugget and appreciated the truly classy atmosphere of the place. The rooms are a little on the small side (at least by 4-5 star Strip standards), but they're appointed tastefully with comfy beds, flat-screen TVs, and nice bathrooms. The pool area is without a doubt a true gem, especially with the great water slide and "tank" in the middle with live fish! Grotto is not to be missed for good Italian food (at quite the bargain!), while Carson Street Cafe is the place to go for a late night bite. Oh, and don't forget to check out the nightly video shows outside on Fremont Street! :-D

5 Stars Susan March 23, 2010

Loved it! Five stars!!

2 Stars Eric n March 18, 2010

While the hotel is nice and the location great. I stood in the hallway for four hours to be let into my room. The maintance tried to get me in my room and I waited for an hour to have someone to show up to my room. All three showed up to fix the situation which explains why it took so long to have someone show. The three amegoes were likely changing a toilet seat somewhere all together. The way it was handles was bad for Vegas.

5 Stars Anna March 01, 2010

Our stay also included a trip in the house car, which is a Bentley.

5 Stars Anna March 01, 2010

Rush Tower is gorgeous!!

4 Stars Cody January 22, 2010

Wanted to try out the new Rush Tower. Very glad I did. An excellent addition to the hotel. The room was spacious, loved the flat screen TV, and the robes made my wife feel movie star pampered. The new restaurant was excellent and really enjoyed the breakfast buffet. Even got some love on the casino floor. Going to come back in June and try out the waterslide!!!

5 Stars Trey January 02, 2010

Hooray for the new Rush Tower! Bringing the high-end boutqiue hotel concept to Downtown.

3 Stars DAD October 11, 2009

I was really not impressed. We booked our room 4 months in advance, and when we checked in they said they assign rooms on a first come basis and they had us in a room with two double beds. Unacceptable. They finally put us in a room with a king bed. The room was very tiny with an extremly small bathroom and a shower with close to no water pressure. If this is the best on Freemont street, next.time I will stay on the strip and take a cab to Freemont. I really wanted to love this place, but it isn't what I thought it would be. Maybe a room in the new RUSH tower would be worth requesting.

4 Stars Mac September 18, 2009

What a fun place to stay if your looking for an alternative from the strip. I've been to most hotels in Vegas and this was one of the most economical, entertaining, and clean hotels I've stayed at in Vegas. The room was very comfortable and spacious and it was a standard room. Pool is a blast and outdoor blackjack is a plus. Fun place!!!!!!

4 Stars Karina August 24, 2009

We went with a group of ten. Fun, fun pool with a great bar. The Gold Diggers had some good music, and overall, in my opinion, the best downtown has to offer.

4 Stars donnymac June 07, 2009

Stayed here for the first time in March. Great hotel and casino. Room was awesome (paid $209 for 4 nights) and comparable to the mid-range strip properties. Gaming conditions were a bit better than the strip but not as good as 4 Queens. Pool is by far the nicest downtown. I will absolutely stay here again when I choose to stay downtown.

1 Star Bee May 23, 2009

States on the strip but visited at night for the light shows. I hit a machine for a grand. Good gambling for those who don't like crowds. Sweet view I the pool and waterslide looks cool too!

5 Stars Drew L. March 28, 2009

Ritzy, and classy downtown luxury hotel makes for a great meeting location for businessmen and elite tracvllers.

4 Stars Robert B. January 13, 2009

We stayed in the Gold Club VIP room on the 17th floor and overall our experience was very positive. The room service was fast and the food we ordered was great. This place has a lot of old school class that never goes out of style. I have stated on the Strip many times but prefer The Golden Nugget for the hospitality and attention.

4 Stars sageblue January 11, 2009

We had a standard room in the South Tower. Really, the only downside of the South Tower was the long walk from the casino to the room, but the room was well-appointed, roomy, and even had a nice view toward the Strip. Certainly, the bathroom is not as large as its Strip competitors, but the room overall was very comfortable. The service was good, if not as knowledgeable as it should have been.

4 Stars Dave December 17, 2008

Nice rooms in the north tower. Beds are very comfortable but the bathrooms are small. Will definitely stay again very soon!

4 Stars Jeff & Sands in Honolulu November 11, 2008

Best downtown! North tower is closer to casino and has nicer amenities than the South tower for a few bucks more. Andy is a great help at the front door and bell svc.

0 Stars hernan couto December 25, 2007

i expected more for a 4 starts looks like 3.
small bathrooms.
old tv
not fridge
carpets needs clean .
buffet very poor ,
maybe best on downtown but not compare with strip new resorts.
a good place if you are looking for quiet place. mostly mature people

0 Stars hernan couto December 25, 2007

i expected better for the price
old tv on the room, no cofee maker small refrigerator etc.

i went 3 stars better than this

0 Stars JP September 24, 2007


We are actually on a trip from Germany to Las Vegas and have different accomodations - the golden nugget is one of them and we are completely satisfied!
Clean and big room (deLuxe room for under 70$ / night), real great pool (with cool slide)and its not to crowded.. we enjoy!

0 Stars Robert Rodriguez August 15, 2007

The Golden Nugget is no longer the jewel of downtown. There is a rash of burglaries of the hotel rooms. Poor security, poor manangment and poor customer service. This was once a great place to stay but no longer. It is not safe. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

0 Stars john dunn July 07, 2007

If you are an average traveler this hotel is not for you. Maybe the high rollers get treated with respect but we sure did not. I was put on hold 3 times when calling about an air conditioning breakdown and left on hold until I could take no more. Went to front desk where we were told to wait until fixed. No alternate room to wait in. Pool is their only attraction and is far too small to enjoy. All this at a time when the hotel was not crowded. Too many other problems to mention here.

0 Stars Clay May 28, 2007

This is one of my favorite Vegas hotels. It's just as nice as any strip hotel, but without the drunken 22 year olds.

0 Stars Clay May 28, 2007

This is one of my favorite Vegas hotels. It's just as nice as any strip hotel, but without the drunken 22 year olds.

0 Stars Samuel Peden May 27, 2007

The service was ok but does not mach the Rooms! The Hotel might be 4 star but the service is one star. The Hotel and Casino is nicely decorated but Casino rugs could use a good cleaning.There is no back door from the rooms to the pool or dressing rooms and one is forced to drip on the carpets! I found the pool staff tacky. I paied $99 a night and feel this was high for a single for the servise I got.

0 Stars User June 03, 2005

Room was large and clean, but too far from casino. Check-in was slow. I loved this place overall though. A pleasant change from the strip.

0 Stars User February 19, 2005

We've stayed at the Nugget over a dozen times over the past few years and have never had a bad experience, it's true, it's the "Jewel of Downtown". I hope the new management continues to strive to maintain the quality of this great hotel..

0 Stars TOMMYBOY January 19, 2004

Probably the most overrated hotel/Casino in Las Vegas. Yes, it is the best DOWNTOWN, but, is that actually saying a lot? Service does make this hotel stand out. Rooms are 3 stars, bathrooms are clean but VERY SMALL. That being said, when I do stay downtown I always stay here. great service, clean facilities, and usually good rates. 5 star property? sorry folks, not hardly, but still a nice place to stay...

0 Stars absentee vegasfan January 09, 2004

Had the opportunity to stay at Downtown's best hotel the last week of August, 03. What a wonderful time. Very much enjoyed late night mix of people on Fremont, all watching the experience. Yeah, OK, some of the young ladies walking around were kind of toasted, but hey, it's Vegas!
Room was always made up by 3:00 in the afternoon. Liked the pool, only knock on it is that it is nice enough that a whole bunch of folks like it too, so it can be hard to get a chair near the water. This is a quality hotel that I hope stays true to its classy format under new ownership.

0 Stars babyvegas August 01, 2003

Best in Vegas! Friendly, clean & not as phoney as the strip

0 Stars wolfman1953 June 06, 2003

Overrated. The room was the farthest point in the building, average sized at best, clean and nicely furnished. The bathroom average. The staff could care less. On more than one occassion we had to ask whose job is it or where can I find them.

0 Stars dwhalifax March 22, 2003

Stayed here for three nights of a 5 day stay in March. This place is very nice by any way of measuring; at $49 a night it is unbelievable! The staff is friendly and it is as clean as you can get.

0 Stars dwhalifax March 13, 2003

Was in town Mar 4 thru 9th...stayed at the Nugget first two nights...great service...good room...friendly staff...great price...delightful!

0 Stars RateVegas User February 18, 2003

beautiful room
Love the make-up vanity and mirror
and fantastic amenities!
housekeepers are the best!

0 Stars RateVegas User January 21, 2003

I loved this place, it's beautiful!!!!!

0 Stars RateVegas User January 21, 2003

Just a great place!!!!

0 Stars RateVegas User December 06, 2002

A great place to stay.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 06, 2002


0 Stars RateVegas User December 02, 2002

The buffet was good, the dealers were fun, but the managers and hosts leave a lot to be desired. I tried to have our "host" set up a room for us. He offered us a "special price" that was $5 more expensive than the front desk rate. This was his way of saying thanks after we dropped $500 at blackjack. While everyone else was nice, the hosts and managers have absolute indifference to their players.
By the way, they do have some bad rooms if you are looking to stay there. My room had a view of the next building a few feet outside the window and nothing else.

0 Stars RateVegas User November 17, 2002

I checked in around noon, on Saturday, check-in time is 3:00.
I had a Very small line. I had requested North Tower, King Bed, Non-Smoking. I got 2 out of 3. It was a Smoking Room.

I was given a eyand told that the room may not have been cleaned yet. It was not. The smell in the room was horrible. I asked the maid to try to get rid of as much of the smell as possible. She was very responsive and did a good job. Smell was still there, but no longer horrible.

Had to show key to get on elevator.

Everyone was nice.

0 Stars RateVegas User November 14, 2002

A wonderful place.

0 Stars RateVegas User November 14, 2002

Just great1!1

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0 Stars RateVegas User September 24, 2002

My family and I are always treated politely by all the staff.
Excellant service top to bottom.Best hotel down town.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 16, 2002

The Golden Nugget is great. I'll always stay here!!!!

0 Stars RateVegas User April 11, 2002

We have been staying at the Nugget for about 12 years. We always get our rwquests, check in is very quick. I love the size of the casino, all employees are top notch, and the food in the restaurants including room service is excellent. I will never stay any place else!!!

0 Stars RateVegas User February 24, 2002

I really loved how clean everything was, and how nice everyone was.

0 Stars RateVegas User February 20, 2002

The rooms are very clean and nice. I'd stay there every time!!

0 Stars RateVegas User February 08, 2002

I was surprised at how nice this place was. Does not compare to the new super-resorts on the strip, but still a very nice place.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 29, 2002

Just a wonderful place to stay. The rooms were very nice. Service was very attentive and friendly.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 28, 2002

I decided to stay here because of its high rating. What was that about?

The rooms are awful!

The staff was very nice and helpful though.

I do not see why one would choose to stay here considering all of the other fine properties available.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 08, 2002

The rooms were just beautiful and quaint. I love The Golden Nugget!!!!!!

0 Stars RateVegas User January 06, 2002

Rooms are very nice and clean. I'll always stay here, it's much better than the strip.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 06, 2002

Excellent place, rooms are very nice and clean.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 06, 2002

The rooms are quite big and very nice. The palce is always very clean. Gambling is great. Overall just a wonderful place.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 05, 2002

Its Always a good place stay been there twice and going back in the fall

0 Stars RateVegas User October 18, 2001

Great place very nicely decorated. Gamming good, service great and location is best

0 Stars RateVegas User July 02, 2001

Great rooms,bathroom are small but nice.THE GOLDEN NUGGET is better than most on the strip OVERALL.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 02, 2001

The best.ill stay here then the strip.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 06, 2001

Great services. Pretty good room. Very poor sized bathroom. Decent value

0 Stars RateVegas User June 05, 2001

you must go

0 Stars RateVegas User May 24, 2001

I stayed at the Golden Nuggett for a meeting for four nights. The room was of average quality with a small bathroom. I found the wait staff very gracious and helpful.
I used the express check-out which should be followed by an itemized bill via mail. Three weeks later I had to call to get a copy faxed. On the bill was a room damage charge for $178 which was obviously in error. I am still trying to resolve this false claim through legal means.

0 Stars RateVegas User March 30, 2001

Overall a very nice property. It is the best of downtown, but that may,or may not be saying a lot.
Staff is excellent. Rooms are nicely furnished, but are on the small side. Bathroom is very small.
Food options are good. Pool is small but nice.

0 Stars RateVegas User March 07, 2001

Great Hotel - better than most including the Strip.

0 Stars RateVegas User March 03, 2001

Very good visit. Rooms are nice, roomy, comfortable, and clean. Personnel are friendly and helpful. It is in a good location for visiting other downtown casinos/hotels. It is also easy to drive to the strip (via I-15) if you have a car.

0 Stars RateVegas User October 02, 2000

The Golden Nugget has a special program whereby you accrue points for every night you pay for. After only four or five nights you earn a free night's stay on your next visit. This is an incredible deal, especially when you earn the points while staying in one of their frequently discounted rooms. I've seen specials as low as $39. That's lower than the Casino Rate.
The staff is cheerful and accomodating, the hotel is beautiful, they have the great Carson Street Cafe, a wonderful little Spa with a truly terrific staff and a comfortable Casino. I didn't win any money there, but I'm still nuts about the place. It's THAT much fun!

0 Stars RateVegas User September 06, 2000

Very nice hotel. The King of Downtown. Rooms are nice, but very often highly overrated. There on the small side. The bathrooms are VERY SMALL. Still a very nice experience, with great rates.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 01, 2000

Understated elegance at its best. The only downtown hotel to rival those on the strip for accommodations.