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Hard Rock Las Vegas

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Hard Rock Las Vegas

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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews Hard Rock Las Vegas

5 Stars Vegas Mate User April 15, 2012


3 Stars Brandon February 27, 2012

Room was decent. Shower head was about chest level. Bathtub was tiny. Check in and out was well done and simple. Not a lot of reasonable priced food options. Good hotel option but nothing great.

4 Stars Dan February 10, 2012

Great time walking around and looking at all the paraphernalia of the stars. We upgraded to a suite which was nice but not awesome. Our mini-bar door was stuck so we could not get into it. On the positive side, the service was excellent and very friendly. If you are going to see a concert at the Joint then you definitely should stay at the hotel because you get a VIP line pass!

4 Stars Danielle October 12, 2011

BEST PLACE TO STAY IN VEGAS! I spent 4 nights here with 7 of my best friends and we had a fantastic time. Yes, the scene is for a younger crowd (we are 25) and yes it can be a bit pricey at some of the restaurants...but honestly its no different than any other hotel in Vegas (price wise). The pools are amazing!!! Best pools we've ever been to. Service was great, rooms were clean, beds were so comfortable. This place is just amazing and there is so much to do. We were all first-timers to Vegas and even after checking out all the rest of the hotels on the strip we knew we made the right choice to choose the HRH. It has the best of Vegas all in one place. We decided that we will ALWAYS stay there when we come to Sin City. Definately must check out Vanity! Theres always a big name performer on the weekends and if you can score the VIP list you skip the cover, long lines, and free champagne till midnight (the DJ was great and played a huge variety).

4 Stars Graham Lionel September 23, 2011

Though it's about a mile from the strip, it is a very nice place to stay. The rooms in all the towers are very clean, and the place isn't so gigantic that it's a pain to go anywhere. The only things I don't like: the Pink Taco restaurant, and the coffee brought up by room service.

3 Stars Frequent Traveler July 26, 2011

Hard Rock is a fun hotel if you're under 40. The Rehab pool scene is quite wild on Sundays. Opt for the Beach Club if you're in a more mellow, grown up mood. The rooms are dark from furnishings to wall paper, and they are not cleaned thoroughly enough for my taste. Contrary to popular belief, black does NOT hide dirt. I noticed a mystery stain on the ottoman at the foot of our bed and black stains -mascara maybe? In the white comforter. The hotel staff is generally pleasant except a dark haired woman working at the Concierge desk who was impolite. When I inquired about the pools she didn't have the courtesy to stop typing on her computer to look at me and answer. In the hospitality industry that is unforgivable . The rock&roll memorabilia is cool. Beware, items in the stores are a bit overpriced.

3 Stars Charles July 09, 2011

Solid room. Can't complain. Pool view is best, if you can afford it.

2 Stars A C LaFrance February 14, 2011

If you don't mind poor customer service,check in at the HRH! Its a cool place to visit,but I will never stay there again.It appears managements motto is " get all we can get & give nothing,unless its billable! Don't waste your time with concierge service.Call & it goes to voicemail with no call back.Call as many times as you like,it doesnt matter! Baggage service was laughable at best,We called and were told someone would arrive within 15 minutes,No show,no call back.After I hauled all of our luggage down from the 14th floor & spilled it in the casino,an employee casually strolled by and did not even offer assistance.Thats quality!Casino is lots of fun, Good Times no doubt & great memorabilia collection but thats about it! I have travelled the world & stayed many places but have been treated much much better in much worse. Its no wonder, financially the HRH Vegas is not doing well! I will badmouth the HRH to all of my friends & acquaintances and that is many! Better luck HRH, Perhaps they should outsource the hotel to real hotelier or send their management staff for education at some of the finer establishments in town!

3 Stars New orleans August 31, 2010

If you are the 'jersey shore' crowd, this is the best place for you hands down. If not, I would advise going somewhere else. Suite we had was awesome and loved the room but that was the only plus. Poker room was dead the whole weekend too.

4 Stars Eric From frickin vegas July 21, 2010

I've recently found myself at HRH a few times for various reasons. It was hardly a Ghost Town after 10 PM every time I was there. 9:45 PM I walked through the main casino floor, and barely 10% of the seats at the tables were full, and there was hardly anyone around. A mere 15 minutes later, heading back through the same room, every seat was full and there were people 2 and 3 deep! It amazed me.

The staff has been more than courteous to me each time I was there, and really took time to be helpful. It definitely has it's own vibe. They seem to embrace an element that many tourists don't find appealing, namely the young "Jersey Shore" set. I may not care for it myself, but I at least understand that this crew doesn't do anything that's not hip, and they're flocking to the HRH.

Also, looking over the upcoming shows, it appears that HRH is embracing their Rock and Roll self, and relishing in it. Of the 10 upcoming bands coming to town I'd like to see, fully 9 of them are going to be playing at HRH.

HRH is not going to be for everyone, and they make no bones about not trying to be. They know the audience they're looking for, and cater to them. Check it out. It's a place that you'll either love or hate. There's little middle ground with this place, which to me means they're doing things right.

3 Stars Bob June 12, 2010

Good place, but well past its prime when it was a place to be. Last few times I was there it was a ghost town, on a Thursday night! Nice rooms, fun place to hang for the younger crowd. Great shows at the Joint.

5 Stars John M. April 05, 2010

July 2009
WOW checked in late on a Monday evening and received a free upgrade to a celebrity suite. Room was incredible with a pool table, 3 balconies, 3 flatscreen tv's, wet bar, view of the pool area and strip.
Had room service for breakfast and it was fast and very good.
I will be back.

5 Stars Dwayne October 06, 2009

Great place to stay!!! Rehab Sundays are insane!!!

5 Stars Crowe September 07, 2009

My favorite place to stay....just a short cab ride to the strip. This is possibly the only hotel/casino you really never have to leave. Try have everything here you would need. Good rooms, food options, great casino atmosphere with happy dealers and above all the BEST pool in Vegas. I make it a quarterly trip. A Vegas must do!

5 Stars Crowe September 06, 2009

My favorite place to stay....just a short cab ride to the strip. This is possibly the only hotel/casino you really never have to leave. Try have everything here you would need. Good rooms, food options, great casino atmosphere with happy dealers and above all the BEST pool in Vegas. I make it a quarterly trip. A Vegas must do!

5 Stars Tomcat320 June 18, 2009

I stay here for several reasons. You can use your cell phone at the tables. The rooms are great. Staff is friendly with attitude ( in a good way). Music and scenery always top shelf. And did I mention. Rehab Sundays. Oh yeah!!!!

5 Stars Erik May 02, 2009

Great place. A $20 tip got me upgraded to an executive suite.

5 Stars vicki March 10, 2009

The Hard Rock was awsome! The room was so nice and clean,well decorated,and very comfortable beds so comfortable i didnt want to leave my bed..The staff was always poliet and helpful,Mr.Luckys has a great deal for a steak & shrimp dinner for 7.77,its not on the menu, you have to ask for it.I would definetly stay there again.

3 Stars S Martinez February 15, 2009

The moment you walk in the lobby, you will be amazed by the atmosphere. Good music, and good people who work there. The rooms are spacious and comfortable. On the down side the hotel is about a 20 minute walk from thw strip. Also while I was there I would get woken up by construction happening from the expansion in the wee hours of morning

0 Stars RateVegas.com User April 06, 2006

Stayed over March 30-April 3rd, 2006. As the room was comped to me by a buddy who gambles heavy, I really felt I had no room to complain. Pink Taco was good, Nobu had pretty good sushi. The group had a pretty good time. I was fine until the last day. Ordered a omlette an hour before leaving for the airport. 90 minutes later I'm in the airport bathroom hurling for 2 hours. Lucky the flight was late! Was sick for the next two days, and only felt up to getting up today. Maybe a coincidence, but there you go...

0 Stars rumurphy March 23, 2004

Man... what a blast. Great atmosphere, great pool, great center bar, but the casino is definitely small... and keeps taking my money. Great looking women, a good place to stay if you are in your 20's early 30's... Rooms are decent enough...

0 Stars RateVegas User November 08, 2002

Very bad experience at the HRH. Four and a half hour check in on a Sunday, with two lines and different processes to go through. I did not see any beautiful people to entertain me while I waited - just a lot of people who were past their prime and trying too hard. The front desk had attitude and were highly understaffed. The pool was overrated and overcrowded. Clumps of hair on the floor in our room. Service was very poor and the staff very rude. I had complained to management and got no response so they really do not care about their guests. We left & went back to the strip and did not spend another dime there.

0 Stars RateVegas User October 20, 2002

The staff at this hotel needs a serious attitude adjustment.Never have I felt so unwelcome anywhere.Room charges are incorrect several times.Call to bell desk go unaswered.No one seems to give a damm.

0 Stars RateVegas User October 20, 2002

After several visits to Vegas this hotel is by far the worst.The staff is rude and insulting.Being a late 20'S attractive couple we thought this would be the cool place to spend six days.BIG MISTAKE!Check in is a total disaster as we were delayed over 6 hours.Simply told by staff"you will just have to wait"Food is expensive and horrible.We thought the pool would be the best thing about this hotel,again BIG MISTAKE!Half the pool is closed at one time or another.The beach smells,when asked why we were told by staff that they have a stray cat problem and the cats keep using the beach as a litter pan.GROSS!Staff is as rude as anywhere we have ever been.No one here cares about anything.You are not at all felt welcome only as if they are doing YOU a favor by letting you stay here.Don't plan on sleeping past 9am,the rock music blaring thoroghoout the entire hotel will knock you out of bed.Rooms DO NOT have CD Players,room safes and VCR as the brochure states.This place has it ALL wrong!NEVER AGAIN!

0 Stars RateVegas User July 14, 2002

i have not been quite around the whole world but annes just young cry-baby i bet.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 21, 2001

This is THE place for the young hip crowd. The best pool and beach in vegas with the best bodies to match. Lots of energy and fun here.Just walk in on a weekend night and work your way through the L.A. models and actresses ,all dressed to kill .The rock and roll is cranking,suddenly you are 21 again.Party central in Vegas,baby!

0 Stars RateVegas User August 06, 2001

Although I'm way above the average H.R. Hotel guest age, I love this place. I've probably stayed here 25 times & have always had exceptional service from every employee I've come in contact with.

0 Stars RateVegas User April 17, 2001

The Hard Rock is a pretty nice place. However, not many restaurants and the casino is small. Rooms are adequate in size, but walls are anything but sound proof. If your room is on the parking lot side of the hotel be prepared for some loud traffic. The room doors slam hard and you hear them slam from other rooms. It is also some what of a pain to get to the strip eventhough they have a free shuttle. The pool is nice, with sand beaches and a winding river from pool to bar/pool blackjack to another pool. Alot of eye-candy but no more than you would see at Bellagio, Venetian or that type place.

I am 31 and I like to play craps. I don't like being stuck at one casino, especially a small one. Because the Hard Rock casino, rooms and restaurants don't have much to offer I would NOT recommend staying there. The Hard Rock is a lot of hype, an ok place to visit but not to stay. You can find many casino/hotels to stay on the strip where you have better and more options for gambling, restaurants, entertainment and sight seeing.

0 Stars RateVegas User March 28, 2001

My husband and I decided to have a romantic night out. So we decided to go to the steakhouse at the Hard Rock since he had been there before and had enjoyed it. When we arrived we were seated immediately and we ordered ice teas and read over the menus. The first complaint that I had were that the sides were not included in the price of the meal. If you are going to charge me six to eight dollars a side up the price of my entree. Seven dollars for a baked potato with a thirty-five dollar steak is a little tacky. Next, as I was looking around everyone else was brought bread and butter before their meal except us and it never arrived at our table. I then decided on the lobster which was listed at "current market price" so I order that and my husband order the porterhouse. We ordered these plus sides and an portabello mushroom appetizer. The mushrooms were horrid, they were supposed to be sauteed which they might have been but they had been marinated in wine for so long they were mushy and tasted very much like vinegar. When dinner arrived the lobster was very chewy and was by far the worst lobster I have eaten. Dennys' could have cooked lobster better. I took two bites and asked for the check. When the check came the bill totalled $170. The price of the lobster was $85. Absurd. My husband and I have eaten at five-star restaurants around the world and this place was the worst place I have eaten in years.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 15, 2000

Had a great time here last Dec. The place is a big party on
weekend nights... and although the crowd was young 20-somethings,
we still loved staying there. GREAT service, small and intimate
atmosphere, cigar shop and killer pool etc etc etc..
It is a unique place to stay if you don't want to be right on the