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4 Stars Matt509 February 04, 2015

My girlfriend and I stayed 3 days at Harrah's during the Superbowl weekend. It was a wonderful stay. The room was very nice & clean with a decent view of the High Roller. We used the Food Court & Starbucks when we wanted a quick bite to eat. It was a little on high side but not bad. The casino was lively and fun. We ended up watching the Superbowl in the Carnival Court and it was a blast. When I check out at the front desk they even waived my resort fees without even me asking them too. We found great value here and would defiantly consider staying here again in our future stays.

3 Stars KerennMark October 10, 2014

Plus - Great local, decent rooms with a comfy bed, good to great food offerings, all new machines, decent table limits

Minus - Dated & beat up elevators, shitty pool, AC system from the 70's?

3 Stars 360 Vegas Mark October 04, 2014

I like Harrah's. I think this property gets a bad rap. Its got a huge casino that you don't get lost in with a great selection of games. The renovations are subtle in some cases but I thought they were noticeable and appreciated. New bars, carpet, quality dining options and no more tube video poker or filthy gaming cabinets. The rooms are adequate and clean but they are dated and lived in. Location is great, food is good and prices & limits are low. The worst thing about this property is the pool. Harrah's is a good option for those on a budget.

5 Stars Gaylin August 24, 2013

Have always had a great time there friendly Staff and Dealers and location can't be beat!!!

4 Stars Ken June 16, 2013

Fantastic time. Only thing I didn't like was the motion sensor AC

4 Stars Carol May 28, 2013

Just stayed at Harrahs for the first time . The place was great. The rooms were clean and the food was good. The casino's friendly staff made it a good time and fun place to hang out. For the price and location I would recommend it and definitely would stay there again.

3 Stars Pat Dahlgren March 05, 2013

The staff at this hotel were wonderful! The only problem we had was the air conditioning was not working in our room. Maintenance tried twice to get it working, but it was 74 degrees and very stuffy. Don't stay in Mardi Gras Tower - Room 1251

4 Stars Michael (jinx) July 23, 2012

The food is above average, but it's still just a dressed up burger joint. Nice place to stop if you are close.

4 Stars Aaron S June 17, 2012

For the price, you can't beat its location. Overall, nowhere near the appearance of Cosmo, Caesars, Aria, etc. but still a very clean, pleasant hotel for $100-200 less per night. It's also relatively easy to get several nights comped here by playing for a bit at any of the Caesars properties. I don't think I've ever paid more that $100 for 4 nights. I usually take 2 trips a year to Vegas: 1 with my wife and 1 with my friends. The one with my wife we typically stay at Cosmo, but the one with friends we almost always stay at Harrah's due to its low price and easy walk to anywhere on the strip.

4 Stars Brandon June 02, 2012

Great value and location

5 Stars Rhonda April 19, 2012

My husband and i stayed at Harrah's 4 years ago for a week, the rooms were clean and excellent, the people working there were excellent and very friendly. I have read alot of reviews about Harrah's and i do not agree with any negative things people have said. We will stay there again when we go to vegas and i am lookng forward to staying there again. Its an awesome place to stay!!!

3 Stars Kyle April 15, 2012

Got a free room at Harrahs and gave it a shot. Boring room but it had been updated recently. Paper thin walls though and with a loud drunk neighbor, that's not good. Got what I paid for, but the location is great.

4 Stars Pat February 16, 2012

The rooms are a little small, but they are clean. This place is a good value stay. For the price, you really can't go wrong. Plus, it's the best location on the strip.

1 Star Stu February 14, 2012

Room view was of a wall, room was small , tv set was old, safe did not work, the worst slots are always at any harrahs property, this place is a dump

3 Stars Brandon January 25, 2012

Nice value property. The rooms are nothing special but are clean. Hotel has plenty of cheap food options. Good location.

3 Stars Mark-indianapolisthe December 25, 2011

The hotel and casino were great for the price. Stay away from the restaurants. All are overpriced for the quality (or lack there of) of food and service provided.

5 Stars Gaylin October 16, 2011

Again had another great time staying at Harrahs!!!

4 Stars Hawaii June 03, 2011

Love staying there. Everything works for us in casino and other casinos. Pretty central for people that can't really walk too far. Will stay there again and again.

5 Stars Trent May 25, 2011

Outdoor bar is awesome!!!!

4 Stars Dave January 18, 2011

Stayed a few times in 2009 and 2010, always nice but I don't think it is special. Location, however is great. BTW, I am in the the 75% range for the 20 dollar trick, but never had any success at Harrah's. Probably, not even going to try in my January trip.

3 Stars Michael Dutterer September 14, 2010

I've stayed at Harrah's 3 times in the last 2 years and every stay was very good. The rooms are average but are very clean and well taken care of. For me, the location is my favorite part of Harrah's. Harrah's is perfectly located right in the middle of the strip close to many major casinos. The staff seems to always be friendly and takes care of their guests very well.

4 Stars Marianne September 07, 2010

Rooms are average but price and location can't be beat. Some dealers need an attitude adjustment but we just left those tables and found friendlier ones. Craps dealers were the best.

3 Stars Timothy Wole April 04, 2010

We stayed here for two nights after picking it based on low cost and enjoyed our stay here but rooms and casino were pretty average, we spent most of time when not sleeping at other hteland casinos. But we loved the rates we paid for nights here.

3 Stars Erik April 01, 2010

Crappy pool. Updated rooms were nicer than rooms at flamingo. Generic theme but very close to mirage and Venetian. Cafe hours are good, food was so so, prices a little high.

3 Stars Lin March 26, 2010

Convenient location. Friendly employees. Nice enough room. Their penny slots seem to pay off better than most enabling you to recycle your funds. Parking garage bicycle cop Bob saved us much time aggravation and money when he jump started our rental car which had a dead battery. Smoky as all hell inside casino. Diamond club not worth the time unless you like to drink and unless you're a guy. As women we practically had to tackle a waitress to get a drink.

4 Stars Sylvia Mallon March 25, 2010

I am not sure why everyone rates this hotel as average. My husband and I stayed at Harrah's from 3/10 - 3/14 and we loved it. Let's start with check-in. The check-in process was efficient and the front desk staff was very courteous and helpful. We were offered the upgraded room, wchih we took and were very happy with. The room was very clean and had all of the amenities that we needed. The room was cleaned daily and the maids were very friendly. The beds and pillows are the most comfortable I've experienced at any hotel that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg to stay at. The hotel staff was also very accomodating with getting us a refrigerator, which we needed for my husband's insulin. They were also very accomodating when we asked them for a late check out. Another feature that I loved was the fact that they held our luggage for us free of charge until we had to leave for the airport!

As far as the casino goes, I say stay away from any machines under a $0.25 rating. The penny slots are there just to waste time... we never won anything on any of them. As far as the table games go, we played a lot of craps and roulette and faired pretty well. The drink servers are always around asking you if you want drinks, even if you're only playing the penny slots. I was quite impressed with this because we went to a few of the higher-end casinos and couldn't get a drink at all... All in all I liked the casino and we played there the most out of all of them.

4 Stars Eric February 02, 2010

Very nice hotel for the price. EXCELLENT value and location. We got upgraded to a junior suite upon check-in which was nice. Also, the blackjack tables were VERY kind to us the last night we were there. I'd have no reservations recommending this place to anyone.

4 Stars Sara December 31, 2009

Great on all accounts for the value.

2 Stars Steve September 10, 2009

Have stayed here multiple times. It's average in every sense. I have never gotten that "lucky" vibe from this place.

4 Stars Gaylin September 09, 2009

I had a really nice room... View of parking lot but who cares??? Wasn't in Vegas to spend time looking out the window. Everyone really nice special cudos to bartenders in the sportspit (my last stop of every night to unwind and find out if my Yankees had won) they could not have been lovlier to an over 50 (not by much but stil...) lady on her own!!!!!!

4 Stars Anonymous September 04, 2009

The hotel is quite nice. Some of the other reviews are Internet trolls....

4 Stars Mark W from Chicago June 14, 2009

I love this resort but I am so conflicted with it. It has a great casino, fantastic location and a very good buffet. It also has some of the best free night entertainment including a piano bar and the carnival court. The newly refurbished rooms are nice and the room rates are even better. I usually visit this casino at least once every trip I take to Vegas. My only complaint about this resort, and to me it's a big problem, is the pool. If they could fix this rather boring olympic size pool to something more like Flamingo or Mirage, I would stay here all the time.

2 Stars Http://Www.Sunseatours.com March 28, 2009

Rooms are ok. 3 of 5 stars. Casino floor is Just gross. Bad flow. Bad Chi. Bad feel. Worn out fixtures. Horrible bathrooms. Nasty hookers. Dirty, musty old feel.I DO NOT reccommend the food.skip the place until the clientele and hotel updates and upgrades their customer base. This place should make way for the new.

4 Stars D. Perry March 08, 2009

Wonderful experience, was offered a junior suite for $27 more a night. Clean, friendly & go eat at Prime Steakhouse. Exceptional service.

1 Star Jim February 20, 2009

Walmart casino low price little value

2 Stars Bev Horn October 20, 2008

what a dissapointment. had booked at least 4 months in advance. Harrah's had $200 charged to my credit card for 4 months. When we arrived, the upgraded room had already been given away. After much fussing, they put us in an "upgraded" room but it had queen beds, not king, was supposed to be non smoking but smelled liek a bar. Was supposed to be overlooking the strip but instead was overlooking the air conditioning units. The next two nights they moved us to the room we should have had in the 1st place although overlooking the strip was still overlooking air conditioning units. Will never book at Harrahs again. Most other casinos we went into smelled way less smokey. It was also in the upper 80's and the pool was closed for the season!

0 Stars cynan April 17, 2008

Hubby and I stayed at Harrah's in January and were VERY disappointed with customer service. Our "comped" room wasn't ready, so they "upgraded" us to a new remodeled room. What a joke!! All the remodeling has done is added a plasma tv and the view was HORRIBLE! Went back downstairs and were told we would have to wait about an hour for a different room. TWO AND A HALF HOURS later, we finally got a room with a small window that if you looked just right, you could see the volcano at the Mirage.
I guess what really made us mad is the fact that we had a choice of several Harrah properties; all comped rooms. We chose Harrah's just because it was the "original" hotel before they bought everyone else out. Our next visit is coming up and we will stay at Paris. Hopefully, the CS will be much better.

0 Stars Eddie A February 26, 2008

Completely and totally satisfied with all 4 of my Harrahs experiences and would highly recommend it to anybody. Each time I went, the staff in all departments were very courteous and professional. Each time I got either comped rates or very reasonable rates. The location on the strip and easy access to both monorail and Deuce stops only added to the experience. If i had to pick one thing that was lackluster, it would have to be the pool. However, I am still very satisfied and would recommend this property to anybody looking for a great Las Vegas experience

0 Stars J Hewitt January 12, 2008

Harrahs is one of the best. Located mid-strip you can't beat the price. Flavors buffet has some of the best food and the price range is good. If you wan't a great steak, try The Range Steak house. Just hop on the brass colored elevators to the 2nd level. The piano bar is great especially when the pinigar twins are there with their dueling pianos. Kim & Tamara will play from 9 PM to 2 AM and you will have too much fun. The rooms are clean and comfortable, and I have won money on the slots. How can you beat it?

0 Stars Andrew August 26, 2007

Service is very friendly - they go above and beyond. Very nice folks.

0 Stars Andrew August 26, 2007

Service is very friendly - they go above and beyond. Very nice folks.

0 Stars sandy July 31, 2007

Harrah's has 8.00 drinks that are like drinking juice, what a disappointment.

0 Stars Ian July 29, 2007

Stayed at Harrah's for the 2nd time primarily because I was being comped for the stay. My fiancee and I stayed at the Rio the first night and while there was definitely a difference in the size of the rooms, Harrah's still provided a decent sized clean room with a comfortable bed, which is what I was looking for. Was sorta hard to find $10 blackjack tables, but that was likely because the casino was busy due to travellers coming in for 4th of July. Would not hesitate to stay at Harrah's again.

0 Stars Michelle S. July 03, 2007

Harrah's Las Vegas can guarantee you a cheap room and substandard service. The rooms are old/outdated, the elevators squeak, waitstaff and security are old/outdated (synonymous with the hotel). One of the 'older' waitresses dipped the tip of her tongue in my 'spicy' tomato juice - she did not want to confuse my order with another player. I witnessed this, but of course, surveillance cameras showed her 'sniffing' my drink vs. tongue dipping. For security reasons, I could not personally view the tape as this would allow me to to pinpoint the exact location of cameras. Based on that response, it is easy to assume that the surveillance system is outdated as well. If you can afford to stay somewhere else, I strongly encourage you to do so - your money will be better spent.

0 Stars Doug April 16, 2007

We were very pleasantly surprised with everything at Harrah's.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 02, 2006

Stayed at Harrah's for three nights. The staff was absolutely wonderful. The type of room we wanted at check-in wasn't available, but the desk clerk upgraded us. The clerk also informed us that when a room became available the next day he would book us into it, but we were satisfied with the room we got. It had a pretty good view of the strip and the mountains. Restaurants were pretty good, too. When we go back to Vegas we'll again stay at Harrah's.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 18, 2006

Well after they lost my reservation and refused to valet my car. I got a tiny smelly room.
The service has gotten so bad that I only played at The Mirage. I hope this doesn't happen at all their new properties. They already ruined Rio...

0 Stars RateVegas.com User October 01, 2005

I returned from staying at Harrahs a couple of weeks ago. First of all, I must state that I received two nights free but found out that I was unable to get a flight out on the third day. I informed booking at Harrahs and they gave me another night free.Plus I received a $ 250.00 shopping spree. This was on the weekend also. I was very satisfied from the beginning at the check-in process. Very friendly, professional and helpful. Slots were tight, which is my only complaint but enjoyed myself overall. The " Piano Bar" is must visit and experience. Always stop there when in Vegas. Due to my latest experience, I will be returning to Harrahs when I revisit Las Vegas.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 18, 2005

We found that Harrah's has become very dirty, on the playing floor, tight machines, and no help when waiting for a drink. We went to the Mirage, and found it to be more what we were used to at Harrah's. I hope the merge will bring a better Harrah's, or I will start staying and playing at the Mirage. The comps at Harrah's are way out of hand now. And very hard to come by.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 16, 2005

Just got back from Vegas and stayed at Harrahs. I was given a suite, comped. Beautiful. I didn't know Harrahs had such great rooms available.The living area had a wet bar, coffee pot, large couch, dining table w/four chairs and a floor to ceiling window with a view of the east side of Vegas. The parking garage wasn't so beautiful but the view of the mountains was serene. The bedroom was huge with a walk-in closet, chair and ottomon by a floor to ceiling window, tv, much storage for folded clothing, 2 night stands. The bath was incredible. All done in gold. Jacuzzi, double sinks, oversized shower and enclosed toilet. Had room service for breakfast; it took 45 minutes to get there, but hot and good.

0 Stars akisok2 May 16, 2005

Stayed at Harrah's for my brother's 21st birthday, but only because the room was a gift from our Dad. Which was fortunate for us because it not only left us kids more money to blow on gambling, but it also introduced us to one of the hidden gems of the Las Vegas Strip. Harrah's is a great middle-of-the-road hotel that doesn't look like one at first glance. Aside from being stuck with a handicap-accessible room (it was all they had left on the front of the building) with a massive bathroom and locker room style shower, the room was great! Comfortable, spacious, and even well-decorated. The restaurants were surprisingly good, and the casino was very active. Not a lot of high rollers in this casino, but that's okay with most gamblers like myself. The hotel is centrally-located and made cruising over to other bars and clubs very easy. I recommend folks reconsider their options when looking for an affordable but not cheap place to stay in Vegas and give Harrah's a chance. The name is hard to say (we kept calling it "HA-RAH-RAHS" but then again we were drunk for three days) but staying there was anything but hard.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User April 05, 2005

some rooms are getting a bit warn but not terrible thay are usually clean.
i like harrahs i feel ok there.
views have got far and few with all the building, and that is a sad thing. the pool is nothing but it is ok, i do think harrahs could update it a bit.
grerat location, usually very nice staff, clean etc

i do like the buffet, it is simple, clean and compared to others i feel better quality than some. Its simple, clean and i also like that you can see outside from parts of the buffet and the casino floor to give you something to look at while eating. never got sick on harrahs food more than i can say about some ohter buffets!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 24, 2005

We went to LV in october of 2004 and I forgot to put in a review on my trip, now we are planning on going again in april so I thought to look around the web sites and thought I might add my thoughts

We love Harrahs and hate to try something new
they treat us sooooo nice
we have always gotten 2 comped nights and then we charge everything to our room and when we check out those are usually covered too

we like the location of harrahs in the middle of the strip, it makes it really convenient to go casino hopping.

they also have a shuttle to the rio and sams town
if you go to sams town you get to ride a big bus
at sams town you can catch a taxi to fremont street and then from there we catch a cab for 10 bucks back to the stip

our room was vey nice it was a junior suite
we were traveling with a first time vegas couple who were celebrating their 25th and after stating this they managed to get a suite right next to ours

We have never slept on a more comfortable bed in our lives
I slept more in vegas this time than ever BUT i was refreshed and ready to go every morning
I want a bed like this!!!

the pool is the only down side, but we usually don't spend too much time there, maybe an hour in the morning, then off we go

Definitely Love Harrahs and don't understand why people complain about there comp system
we have never had a problem with it and we usually end up with a few free meals and rooms when we are done

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 13, 2005

Room was comped as there for slot tournament
Very fast checkin at 4PM(a slow Monday ) got a jr suite which is slightly larger than regular room but has fridge and coffee maker! But next to maid's service room, very noisy ay at 7AM, but complaint to Harrah web site when I got home got me a number to call next time and they would block a special room! Even number rooms on back side of hotel. Carnival tower is about 3 minutes from parking lot! Ask for Carnival tower as is the newest! All employees very very nice in hotel and casino, every request taken care of promptly!
Harrahs great location on the strip! Few minute walk to O Sheas casino which has Subway, Burger King, etc

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 01, 2005

The was third visit to Harrahs. We had a good view of TI and the Mirage as well as Caesars from the sixteenth floor. Rooms are more like a middle class motel. Bathroom is small but clean. Room service was very good. They brought chocolates and cookies at night. We had a coffee pot for the first time.

0 Stars skydiva44 January 14, 2005

My husband and I just returned last night from Vegas, we arrived there on Monday very early in the morning, upon arrival, we thought for sure that we would not get a room for hours. Husband slipped a $20 bill to woman at check-in and told her it was our 29th anniversary and she made a call to someone and we got upgraded to a Jr. suite, which really was just a bigger version of the normal room I guess. We had an awesome view of the Mirage Volcano and Venetian and TI. Every employee we came in contact with was so friendly! I was a little skeptical about staying there, but it was great and would do it again. The only negative thing I can say is the the Buffet was horrible, we went at !0:00 p.m. for the cheaper meal and it was all so bad, BUT 10 minutes after 10:00, they started bringing out fresh breakfast foods and they were just fine, just don't eat the fish, shrimp and all that stuff, had sat there for awhile, I recommend going after 10:15 p.m., when the fresh food is out.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User October 05, 2004

Room was clean and nice though not as large as we are used to on the riverboats in Louisiana. Bathroom was clean and in good repair but was a little small. Our view was of the air conditioning system on roof next to us and a little of a view of Treasure Island. We never could get the room temperature as cool as we like it for sleeping. However, our room was comped so we could not complain much. The service was very good. We needed more shampoo and they were there before I had put the phone down with a whole handful of bottles. Guess we should have asked them about the air conditioner; maybe we just didn't know how to use it.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 27, 2004

We were upgraded to a mini-suite and had a delightful experience.. What separates Harrahs from the rest is Customer Service as it should be. Everyone was very helpful and courteous. The Cocktail waitresses were prompt and respectful.. The floor is state-of-the-art in every aspect and also Harrahs has a great Sportsbook and musical entertainment.. We had room service and that too was top notch.. We've been to Vegas 14 times but know that Harrahs will be our choice for 15, 16, and beyond!

Gordy Fink

0 Stars dlandmom July 30, 2004

The rooms are a decent size. You basically get what you pay for. The pool is one giant rectangle. There isn't a lot of lounge chair space around the pool, but at one end they do have a covered area with misters.

0 Stars darla2 July 23, 2004

I love Harrahs and the service and comp's are great. The rooms are clean, and remember the Carnival Tower in the back are nicer because they are newer. The pool could use some help, on a hot day there isn't much room out there, and people move their lounge chairs wherever they like. But the casino is great, lots of choices, and a great spot on the strip. I have been invited to many slot tournaments and free rooms, and I am not a big gambler. Actually, quite a bit of a nickel slot person. I love the games. Always a good place to stay.

0 Stars Hunter October 27, 2003

The room was clean and surprisingly large for the low cost. Everything seemed neat and well kept. The desk staff were on the ball as were the housekeepers. The bathroom was somewhat small and there was virtually no water pressure in the shower. It was a bit of a walk from the back of the property were the elevators are located to the casino and the Strip. Our view looked over the parking lot and was nothing to write home about. Still, I would recommend Harrah's as a great place to go if you're looking for a value on the Strip. The location can't be beat.

0 Stars roberti805 August 06, 2003

Not a bad hotel, stayed in the Mardi Gras tower and room and bathroom was clean and looked newly remodeled. Room was typical Holiday Inn type, noise from the hall is noticable. The front desk clerk at check in was very nice and friendly. The pool is uninspired at best, a large rectangle with chairs around it (overly crowded).

0 Stars gramma_marg July 25, 2003

July 10-17, 2003 our room was in the Carnival Tower, 4th floor, same floor as their spa which was ideal because we had spa appointments. Natalie does a auper sea salt wrap! Wonderful service, friendly staff throughout our stay. Can't say enough for the chocolate milkshakes in the first floor cafe; they are so thick that it was difficult to sip them through the straw. Mac King show using drink coupon for entry was wonderful. Super show, will see again. Buffet was marvelous, about a 20 min wait in line for breakfast around 9:45. Speedy hand payouts on the slots. Easy access to parking garage from 2nd floor. Shuttle to Rio very handy. Have already booked Thanksgiving week there. Search engines kept showing Thanksgiving night sold out at Harrahs. Went to hotel sight and using my Total Rewards slot card not only was able to book entire week including the "sold out" Thanksgiving night, but got a great rate too! Can't beat this location: next to the Venetian and across from Mirage which is connected to TI.

0 Stars rpietrus July 09, 2003

Great location combined with reasonable rates makes Harrah's a sleeper / not as fancy or opulelent as its neighbors / but a solid value with very good entertainment on site .Biggest flaw is the pool, not very good at all.

0 Stars defranksa July 08, 2003

The comps are very bad. I am looking for a new casino

0 Stars bnsf600 June 08, 2003

I thought the room was an average room in terms of size
and bathroom, but what made it better than average was
the fact that my room had some temperature gadget. I
would set the temp at 70 degrees and whenever I opened
the door to my room, the air conditioning would turn on
and I just loved that it was a motion sensor type of system.
The room overlooked the Mirage volcano and that was nice
to see at night (along with the fact it was comped). The
pool stinks when compared to most other resorts. I thought
the service level was high as all of the employees I came
into contact with had a smile and were more than happy
to help you by answering questions, etc.

0 Stars byukon May 26, 2003

We just love this casino.

0 Stars sillywabbit33 April 28, 2003

The rooms are not very big, the bathrooms are okay- larger than a closet but smaller than the space inside a minivan, staff were generally friendly.

0 Stars rehawx March 08, 2003

Overall, Harrah is a good deal in Vegas. I made my reservation through an on-line company. After reviewing, and researching my options, I chose Harrah based on price and location.


Although, the check-in line was one of the longest I have ever seen, It was one of the fastest moving. Brian, who checked us in was very welcoming, professional and efficient in providing information about the city and property. I noticed many front desk employees going above standard Vegas standards. We received an average size room, which met our expectations for $60 per night. Although one light-bulb was out, the room met our standards (except the noise, see below).

The Range (a steakhouse with a strip view), and our Room Service were both great.

Location is a major plus. Harrah is within walking distance of most major strip properties.

Casino employees are very hospitable.


We got a room overlooking arnival Courtour first night. Live music played late into the night. After contacting the front desk, we relocated to the newer Carnival Tower, the next day. They should sell the Marti Gras tower rooms at a discount. The staff was apologetic, and upgraded us to a room with a view.

The traffic layout of the hotel is very confusing. It took us an hour to locate the Valet. Signage should be upgraded.

Fairfield, A time-share company, solicits, in the hotel. After about 4 times, it becomes annoying.

The Buffet was average. Ie seen much better in Vegas.


The staff and location, make Harrah a good deal.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 26, 2002

I've stayed at Harrahs on a couple trips, both visits were very pleasant. Service was great, rooms were clean and comfortable. I really enjoy their casino. Pool area is not much to speak of, but its serves its purpose.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 03, 2002

Room was small, stayed 2 times and each time in LV we had to wait for room to be ready. Reno is great, very good rooms and great hosts, but tight machines.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 23, 2001

We have stayed at Harrahs in Tunica and Shreveport and loved them. Will not book Harrahs in LV again. The staff is not friendly. The room was not great. The comps are bad. In other words they lost us as return guests. Had to call for the bathroom faucet (no water) and the remote did not work. We reported it to the housekeeper, but it never got replaced.
We are dissapointed in the LV hotel. Location on the strip is not everything.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 19, 2001


0 Stars RateVegas User June 25, 2001

I was quite disappointed with the room. It was so small, I barely had room to open my suit case. There were stains on the wall paper and cigarette burns in the sheets. I am a platinum member of their slot program and have visited several of their properties. I expressed my concerns to the front desk and they couldn't care less. Upon returning home, I wrote a letter to the general manager about the need to upgrade the rooms and about the size of the rooms as got a form letter back from them. I was truly disappointed and will never stay there again.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 19, 2000

Average LV room. Good value for the $$$. My wife wanted more lighting in the bathroom. Great view to the east.