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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews Hooters

3 Stars Trish May 05, 2013

Came here for lunch. I had the bbq pulled pork sandwich. It was the great. Beer and food was cheap compared to other places. Service was great. Came again 2 days later You get what you pay for. Its not 5star but neither are the prices

1 Star Rob West July 31, 2012

Set one foot in this dump and you'll clearly see why they are bankrupt. The sooner this place closes its doors the better, don't bother.

4 Stars Heineken Whyte April 15, 2012

Late night wings are just the best.

1 Star Stuart Brisbane Australia December 17, 2011

We visited hooters in June 2010' thought the place was dirty and run down, the staff behind the bars had no interest in customers what so ever, visiting vagas again in 2012 but wouldn't go to hooters again or recommend..

1 Star Overdijk December 09, 2011

Dont go there! It is total crap! Old, incredibly dirty, no hooters you want to see.. Its just plain awfull

1 Star Mike September 26, 2011

Not worth seeing. The dealers aren't even hooters girls but old women. The view hooters girls you do see aren't even attractive

1 Star Elton September 14, 2011

Stay away folks. Too many bad things to type here. Horrendous food, staff and rooms.

1 Star Seb July 31, 2011

Didn't stay there up ended up there one night, cheep buds and bud light @ $1.50 a bottle. The Hooters girls were defiantly not there. In fact not even one. The place inside is a total dive, needs modernising or a total rebuild to keep up with the rest of the Vegas hotels.

2 Stars Jay September 28, 2010

Cheap. You would think in vegas they would find decent women to work there to keep up with the hooters appeal. I'll never go back.

1 Star Kit Kitchens May 06, 2010

I played craps there one night ($3 craps at that) and to be honest, this place just needs to be taken out behind the barn. The dealers hate being there, the girls look tired, the place is awful inside (and looks that way outside as well), and it's just old. It's time to bulldoze it down. Seriously.

3 Stars Jeff in OKC April 01, 2010

Rooms are a good value. Not great, but a good deal for the price. This is a real "Boutique" hotel; intimate, yet complete. Dan Marino's is a good place and the entertainment is a good value, as well.
Not high brow, but the best value by the Strip.

1 Star Russell Sauve March 30, 2010

I've been in dive casinos but this one is special because it pretends not to be a dive. I can't tell you how much I wanted leave as soon as I walked in. "Hooters" in the south means beatiful women in the "outfit" serving good wings. I expected to see every dealer look like what I had seen so many times eating wings and drinkng beer. This was the most dissappointing casino of my experience and I've been to Sam's Town. At least there wasn't an expectation at Sam's Town. Will not go back. Ever. Unless some makes me a prop bet.

2 Stars Cody January 29, 2010

Stayed there in the summer of 08 and was pleasently suprised. Pool area was a bit small so it got crowded fast but it made for a great party. Casino was fun and the staff was great. Room was clean and had a nice view. Not like the Mega hotels on the strip to be sure but if your looking for someplace fun, close to all the action, and inexpensive, then give this place a try.

0 Stars Kyo January 16, 2010

Nice staff and cheap rooms. The hardwood floors make the casino feel 'clean.'

2 Stars Adrenalinejunkie September 15, 2009

Not a nice hotel, staff are rude, casino is a. Joke! Dan's resturaunt is alright but doesn't make up for the rest! I figured hooters would be a nice hotel/casino buti was wrong. The slot machine promo was a joke to!

1 Star Bill August 30, 2009

Forget this hotel if you're looking for some gambling. They offer 100 dollars credit but you can only use it on like 12 slot machines and on top of that you pretty much have to hit only a select few 7's to win money out of it. The lady that showed us to our slot was a real witch with a capital b, and there were a few people playing there that won big on a pull of the lever but couldn't get the 1700 points to win 50 bucks. It's confusing and frustrating so needless to say if you think their promotion is too good to be true, it is. Just stay one the strip and don't go here. It's scary times too!

1 Star Brandon K August 11, 2009

Worst hotel I've eve stayed at!

5 Stars Joan G. March 02, 2009

Try Dan Marino's. Great!

1 Star Jim February 20, 2009

Suprisingly fun place try it out and be suprised

4 Stars John February 02, 2009

I've been to Vegas 6 times and stayed here 5 (once when it was San Remo). It's a fun place but you can't be expecting a 5-star if you're staying at a place owned by Hooters. Tables are cheap and not too bad, sportsbook is tiny and separately owned (but there is one), the pool is nice and they have a decent bar inside and outside by the pool. Restaurant is crowded and ironically my least favorite part of the place. Rooms are fair but why would you care...the only time you should be in it is for sleeping. Room rates go from $30 to $100 from what I've seen but they are usually willing to comp you if you gamble enough and get a players card. And they are pretty good with serving drinks while you're playing. So in short it's a great place to stay if you're a 20-30 yr old guy that isn't looking for fancy shows, overpriced clubs or high stakes gambling, but rather a laid-back atmosphere to do some gambling and drinking while using it as a base for going out on the strip.

4 Stars VegasGal January 01, 2009

I never would have set foot into Hooters if it wasn't for The Mentalist show. My timeshare gave me tickets and it was the best prize I ever won.

1 Star Alex December 21, 2008

I went to see the Bobby Slayton show because the tickets was free. They were hqnding the out in the casino. After entering the showroom, I can see why. He was horrable. I walked out 10 minutes after he came on stage. His opening act was SOOO much better then he was.

5 Stars Steve December 04, 2008

In the Night Owl Showroom, they have a "must see" show called "The Mentalist." This guy does some crazy magic!!!

0 Stars Corey May 25, 2008

The rooms are cheap but not cheap enough. The windows haven't been washed in months, it looked like a 1000 pigeons came flying in and aimed for the building all at once, and then if that were not enough the hot tub at the pool was so green that they had to have it roped off so people wouldn't get killed by the swamp monster living inside. Now I know why this motel is next to the Motel6, it's because it's a dive.

The second day the maids never even showed up to make up our room, or anyones for that matter, that I could tell. I looked up and down the halls for a maid early morning and afternoon but never found one. The fire alarm went off twice, once each morning, the second day right in our room. It was horrible.

Last, every day the music would start cranking around the pool at 7:00 a.m. You could hear it all the way to your room. You would wake up and think that some big party is already starting, and when you looked through the bird stained windows you realized there wasn't a sould down there.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User March 07, 2006

The service at Dam Restaurant was horrible - as was the food. Dan Marino's was nice. The rooms were old San Remo hotel with a small Hooters flair. They are definitely experiencing some growing pains. I didn't play any poker, but those guys kept coming up to my blackjack table asking if I was playing cards. I think they were from Boston. 13 Martini Bar was awesome! It's like being in the godfather. They bring you a tray of drinks and show them to everyone at the table before passing them out. I guess you CAN come to Las Vegas and talk to a man like Don Sheepdawg like that!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User March 07, 2006

The hotel was nice, the service was great and I really enjoyed the restaurants and bars especially the Martini Bar, which had super nice waitresses. However, a group of guys ruined my experience at the poker room, as I sat there and enjoyed a nice peaceful game of 1-2 No Limit Holdem. this group of guys, one in particular, kept popping their heads in screaming "YOU GUYS PLAYING SOME CAAAARDS" The first time I thought it was funny but after the 100th, I was so upset and was playing bad poker as a result. I told the pit boss and he said those guys knew a lot of people and did nothing, i therefore had no choice but to leave and go back up to my room for the remainder of the trip. It really ruined my trip!!

0 Stars rjudge8005 October 12, 2005

The San Remo is good a room at a good price, especially if you are getting it in a package deal.
If you a vegas veteran on budget this all you need, somewhere to take a nap, keep your belongings and shower. If your heading out to Vegas the for the 1st time you probably want to stay somewhere a little nicer.
The staff was great, very personable especially at the craps table. The location is my favorite part because you are not paying strip prices but your only a hop, skip and jump away from the strip.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 19, 2004


0 Stars barbara251 May 26, 2004

I have stayed here many times and continue to come back year after year. As a slot club member, the room rates are affordable. Stayed at Monte Carlo last year, and I will not be going back there anytime soon. The San Remo is a clean, safe and friendly alternative to the high-priced strip casinos.

0 Stars swanboy333 February 23, 2004

The room was average. Probably 375 sq ft. The bathroom was ok. The TV was old, but who really needs it anyways. The service was good. The keycards didn't work and they kept on giving new ones that didn't work. Must have been a glitch or something, but they were really nice and not irritated at all. Very helpful.