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4 Stars Kyle B November 29, 2014

We have stayed at the Quad once (very average), and being in town right after the property transformed into The Linq, figured we'd stay here to check out the new areas and the new rooms. Not all of the hotel is open, only a tower or 2, but at check in we requested a room away from the parking garage and they gave us a room on the 19th floor overlooking the high roller and the Linq promenade. The room was pretty cool, very new, bathroom a huge upgrade over the Quad, as was the room itself. The AC worked great (this is one of the main issues I have with hotels in Vegas), and the fridge in the room was a bonus. The new main bar is awesome, tag bar is great for beer, Hash House is still a great dining option, and having OSheas and the Linq right outside is also great. Parking garage is still the worst in Vegas, but what can you do

4 Stars 360 Vegas Mark June 03, 2014

I continue to enjoy the direction the property is headed. Even though the TAG hologram blackjack is not a hologram, the concept of the space is cool. Looking forward to seeing the property continue to evolve.

1 Star joyce March 24, 2013

We got our room from this web site called discount hotels. Com. They showed a beautiful out side beautiful rooms on one pic showed the imperial palace the next the quads as the new name. The rooms they showed here nice looking. e got there and the place was under construction. Which when we told the manager she said all sites say that. But not this one. Also they showed rooms that are clean and beautiful. They said sorry we will upgrade the room and give us a late check out time which was 5pm. Would not give back our money. Next morning the house keeping was at our room at 9am to tell us we need to check out by 11am. We told them we had check out at 5pm. We left our room put do not disturb on our door. We returned to get our stuff about 3:30pm and our keys did not work. When i went down to confront them the main manager tried to say that the keys got demagnetizes,, and it has happen to him before. The would get us a new key. That was a lie the locked us out. Than when i told him that house keeping was incompetent he got mad because he thought i said that everyone there was. Said he was going to make note about me and my boyfriend that we where never to come back there again when i told him i would blast him and the quads all over the internet and told him that i said house keeping. He changed his tune and gave me the key. He also said that he did not now how the house keeping could not see the note in the computer. What a lie managers know this and they did not give back our money. The rooms where dirty not clean at all.

3 Stars 360 Vegas Mark March 22, 2013

Impressed at the direction they are taking this property. I've never been a fan but good things appear to be coming. Well done so far but still have a ways to go.

4 Stars Bluto December 23, 2012

I gotta say... Wasn't expecting much from staying at the Quad but found a great last minute deal and the wife and I rolled the dice on it. Checked in at 11 using total reward card. I did the 20 dollar trick but only after getting our room. We went in the room and there was a slight issue with the door so went back to the desk clerk. She put us in a junior suite which was roomy, comfortable and nice. During our stay they switched the name officially to Quad. The employees have great attitudes. Maybe the change has parked new energy into the place. If you aren't picky, give it a try.

5 Stars Tmbc October 12, 2012

The hotel is nothing fancy. Great location on the strip. Need only shower and a once in a while bed. The casino was an experience of old time fun. Dealers patient and personable. Hash house great food

1 Star Boston Rogg October 04, 2012

The Imperial Palace is a literal DUMP! Not worthy of a single rate. Filthy carpets throughout. Standing water in the tub. Horrible check in with monstrous lines at the entrance to the IP Casino. Just old and dilapidated. Won't go back.

1 Star Jesse May 22, 2012

Don't be fooled by the cheap price and central location, this place is a hole. Casino stinks, rooms are filthy, zero customer service. Elevators take forever, room door didn't close properly, mildew, you name it, the imperial armpit suffers from it. Spend the lousy $100 and stay somewhere decent.

2 Stars Jared May 16, 2012

If your looking for centrally located, CHEAP, hotel that has a balcony for smokers... look no further. if your looking for a luxurious hotel this is not it. this is not a hotel with alot to offer except price & location. (if you came to vegas to sit in your room, why did you come?) it is one of the oldest, it is one of the dirtiest, it doesnt have alot of tables to gamble at & slots are old... AGAIN, if your sight-see kind of person who doesnt spend time in their hotel THIS IS FOR YOU. if you want a nice hotel you wouldnt mind spending time at pool & tables & shops , THIS IS NOT THE HOTEL FOR YOU. over all maid staff was friendly (we dnt like maid service in our room & they stayed out / fresh linens when we asked). its a cheap hotel centrally located, you get what you pay for. .... cab drivers / shuttles said the imperial palace is due for a bulldoze or renovation...

2 Stars Mike May 15, 2012

I spent four nights at the Imperial Palace last week. My Las Vegas friend who suggested it warned me up front that it was a no frills hotel, but located in a prime spot on The Strip. As other reviewers have already pointed out, the Imperial Palace is not a place to stay if you are expecting any kind of luxuries. The Imperial Palace is an acceptable choice for a budget traveler who only wants a place to sleep, and shower. I am willing to recommend the Imperial Palace to others with the same warning about not expecting too much through which it was recommended to me.

5 Stars Vegas Mate User April 15, 2012

Great hotel.

1 Star DS March 09, 2012

Disgusted! Hotel is very run down. Room was filthy. There was food on the floor behind chair. Was offered a great view of the pool which was being renovated. (not great at all considering it was dusty and noisy) It was a good thing we were on the third floor as the elevators were considerably slow. We had to use the stairs. Hotel stunk!!! I would suggest they close hotel while renovating or save the money and bull doze it! Wouldn't stay again.

1 Star Ed March 07, 2012

Truly awful hotel. Casino floor sucked. Dealer tainters were uninteresting at best and dire at worst. Save your money and stay at a better place or don't go at all if you chose imperial palace.

4 Stars Curt p February 12, 2012

Great place to party, Imperial has a fun atmosphere, friendly staff and most importantly Fat Tuesdays. The hotel is dated but has real comfy beds, and if your coming to las Vegas to sit in your room, maybe you should have stayed home. I love the location and will be sad when the renovate it and up the price because it can't be beat.

1 Star Bianca November 24, 2011

The casino had a strange stale smell the moment you enter it. The room looked clean from first glance, however, after the first night we were covered with bed bug bites. I am not a picky person when it comes to hotels, all i want is a clean bed with a hot shower as we werent planning on spending much time in the hotel room anyway. Unfortunately the bed bug bites were absolutely intolerable. They covered our entire bodies and a week later the bites have actually swolen to a point where I had to purchase anti-allergy medications and special medicated soap.

The hotel isnt very central on the strip. If you want to watch any of the good shows, you have to take a bus ride or walk at least 30 minutes to the hotels actually showing the shows.

When it comes to food, the IP has nothing to offer, unless you want hotdogs and cocktails in a plastic tube.

All in all, the time spent getting to the other "better" hotels and the additional inconvenience of being infected by bed bugs from the dirty bed was not worth the savings of staying at this cheaper hotel. Do yourself a favor and book somewhere else!!!

4 Stars Pat November 24, 2011

This casino is out dated to say the least, but it's a great time when you are inside. It's a party atmosphere that keeps me coming back!

4 Stars Tmbc October 02, 2011

Great location....I only need a hotel to shower and sleep. Rooms are clean. Suprisely the gambling was good and had an old time feel. Workers were helpful and polite. Would say again and again.

1 Star Mike September 26, 2011

Needs implosion...nuff said

1 Star Tim June 22, 2011

Good location. Bad customer service. We requested non smoking room because we had kids. Got into our non smoking room and it was very dirty and very smoky in there. So we were moved to another NON smoking room and it Still very filthy and smoky it's like it was coming out from the vent or something. You get what u pay for

3 Stars Manon June 12, 2011

Not clean very well. I had some problems with bath. I never can be rejoin exterior with the phone. But very good ambiance in the casino. Good music and funny show.

4 Stars Deegan May 11, 2011

Was a little apprehensive after reading the reviews but once we got to the hotel I was relieved to find a not so bad place after-all. The front desk lady was real nice and gave us a room on the end which is highly recommend for the noise. Also the higher the floor the better bc the pool likes to blast their music starting at 9am! So beware. The rooms were outdated as expected but were clean and beds were comfy. Would definitely stay here again for the price and location!

4 Stars Sara April 23, 2011

Love the dealertainment! Bette Middler (or Barbara) was incredible as a dealer. Great place to gamble and have some fun!

4 Stars Stephen April 20, 2011

This was my first time in las Vegas for my girlfriend and I. We booked IP because of the location and inexpensive price. Yes the place is dated compared to other places on the strip. My room was nice, nothing fancy and yes the television could use an upgrade but what more do you need the room for than to sleep, I mean damn you are in Vegas lol. Overall the staff was friendly, I had a great time with the dealertainers, my room was clean every time I came back to it, and the casino (aside from the flamingo) was always the most rockin' on the strip. I plan on staying here again because the location just cannot be beat.

2 Stars Natalie April 19, 2011

I've just returned from a trip staying here! You get exactly what you pay for. The smell in the main casino is awful and it took us 2 and a half hours to check in, which after a 10 hour flight was exactly what we didn't need! The rooms seemed clean but then we don't think the maid touched them except for making the bed. The lifts take forever and were always breaking. We stayed here for a week and at least 2 nights we returned to the hotel to see several police cars with flashing lights and people being arrested! I wouldn't stay here again, would rather pay more money and stay somewhere decent. The whole place just feels like it needs a decent clean!

2 Stars MS April 16, 2011

This was my first time here. I have stayed at other places on the strip before, and maybe that influences my review. I asked for an upgrade and the lady pretty much laughed at me. The heater/AC had panels and screws off and laying on the floor. Gum was stuck to various locations of our mini patio as well of its share of graffiti. We ended up being next to some kind of storage room, were there made sorts of noise. The elevators are a nightmare. Sometimes they did network, and one day I had to walk 15 flights to my room. With the elevators being so crowded, an average elevator ride could take 10 minutes.There was graffiti in the elevators, and stains on the carpeting everywhere. One day, someone was smoking A LOT of pot on our floor, and it stunk up the entire hallway. I know it is Vegas, but c'mon... Housekeeping never cleaned our room except make our bed. One day we walked by a room being "cleaned" the the lady was standing in the walk way spraying window cleaner in the air to make it smell like the room was cleaned! My positive points, even though are few, are Hash House a go-go is one of my favorite places to eat for breakfast, and the bed was not too bad. The location is one of the best, but I am sad to say I hope to never stay there again.

4 Stars penny April 06, 2011

Check in went smoothly. I asked for an upgrade and they didn't hesitate to give us a closer room on the 6th floor with pool view and balcani it was awesome. The beds are amazing so big, soft and fluffy. For the price it is the best place to stay. Location is perfect on the strip. House keeping did an excellent job. All the employees were very helpful and friendly. I defintely recommend staying at the Imperial Palace. When I visit Vegas again I will stay here.

4 Stars Sean February 03, 2011

Stayed 1/7-1/11several conventions in town stayed at IP because everywhere else was booked, I was apprehensive because of some reviews. Hotel is old and dated, rooms were clean bed was comfy. I've stayed at nicer hotels in Vegas, but it was cheap great location and had a great time. Would think twice about staying here again. If your used to staying at Wynn or Bellagio you prob won't like IP, but it was cheap center strip close to everything.

5 Stars Pokerradiotv January 11, 2011

Best hotel on the strip for price

2 Stars Mike December 11, 2010

Only went into casino and that was enough. Smelled bad, doors in were broke. Just not a good looking place.

4 Stars MICHAEL VIRGIL December 02, 2010

The building is old and used. The halls and rooms have dated decor. The beds are comfortable. The room was clean. The location is great, in middle of strip. The overall value is excellent. For the money can't get better location or clean rooms with comfortable bed.

5 Stars Josh November 16, 2010

Very nice stay. Great location and views of the valley!

3 Stars MIKE November 05, 2010

I had a great time and enjoyed my visit to vegas. The hotel was everything I expected. The room was clean and the beds were comfortable. The decore was dated, the carpet worn, the size of TV small, but for being in the ideal location on the strip and the price of the room [cheap] how could anyone expect a fancy suite. I know that if they have a major rehab or rebuild I would or could not afford to stay here.

Do have to wait up to 10 minutes for elevators so plan ahead.

Great Value.

1 Star Goon29 October 29, 2010

The only redeeming quality of the IP is it's location, and the same can be said of the fireplug out front. Adding a flush lever to the front of this property would totally complete the theme. Someone needs to free Human Nature from this hole.

3 Stars Jeff B October 16, 2010

I stayed at the IP about two years ago and I had a great time. The room was fine: It was definitely no frills, but it did the trick.

IP stands out for three reasons: Price, location, and customer service. The first two are self explanatory. I spent most of my time in the poker room with a friend of mine who had never played live poker before, and who I had just taught to play three month prior. The dealers were super patient with her and made the experience a total blast for her. She had a great time, got to know the dealers by name, looked for her favorites when we would go into the room, etc. Another great thing they did for us: The Harrah's poker rooms all have a shared bad beat jackpot. My friend and I were talking about getting up from the table, but the dealer was aware that the bad beat had been hit at another casino and gave us a heads up not to leave quite yet. We ended up sitting there for another hour until it was verified, but we ended up about $600 richer!

I will definitely stay at the IP again in the future, especially if I'm on a "budget" and trying to make my money go farther at the tables, instead of paying for a bed and flat screen TV.

5 Stars John October 16, 2010

Great car show!

2 Stars Marcie October 15, 2010

The only thing going for the IP is it's location....and that is a very good thing. The rooms are mediocre at best. If you get lucky and they put you in one of the "remodeled rooms", you'll at least be sleeping in a room that's newer than the 80s. The worst part of the whole property is the elevators. I have waited as long as 15 minutes for one to come when you are on the upper floors, and that's even the back elevators. It can be very frustrating!

Regarding the casino, not even looking at the carpet or the walls, the place needs a good cleaning. The slot machines have a layer of grime on them (the screens and the buttons). That makes it very difficult to want to play there.

5 Stars Johnathon October 15, 2010

For the location and price, it cannot be beaten!

0 Stars Don C September 25, 2010

Great place ... would stay here again in a heartbeat... Great staff ... Clean room ... Fun casino ... The best location ... Best price...

3 Stars Deb Gary Tanya n bob September 11, 2010

Perfect location, stayed here august 2009 a bit dated but would stay again.

2 Stars Rob Toppo August 28, 2010

You get what you pay for here. The room, apart from the slow draining bathtub,noisy air con was OK. Elevators are slow to arrive and staff provide minimal customer service. Circus Circus is a better option in this price bracket. The only big plus really is the location.

3 Stars Adam August 18, 2010

Location, location, location. You can't beat the placement on the strip. Our room was cheap but clean. Everything I expected for $40 a night. It is ok to stay here if you are not planning on hanging out in your room a lot. The casino was fun!

1 Star Vegasrate August 05, 2010

Terrible rooms. In can't start to say how bad this dump is.
The location is great though. They should target this place for implosion and build a really nice propert in its place.this property is just beyond help.

3 Stars Kip Winger July 24, 2010

Awesome location. Cheap price. Fun casino. You get what you pay for at the IP. The rooms are clean. Bring your ear plugs if you want to get some sleep because this is a party hotel. Lots of people up all night having a good time! Leave the kids at home. All in all a good place to stay centre strip if you are coming to Las Vegas to party. The Dealertainers are lots of fun!

5 Stars Shawn July 09, 2010

Loved the Auto Collection! For the value and location, it's great.

1 Star Justin Harvey July 05, 2010

I read some bad reviews prior to booking but thought that it could never be as bad as people had made out, how wrong was I..

All I can say is stay at the ip at your peril !!! The supposed deluxe room had roaches and looked like it had not been cleaned since it opened. When we complained was just told that they were aware of the problem and did not appear to be bothered..

I just can't stress how bad this was and how much it spoilt the holiday, I would never hay there again and urge all others who read the bad reviews to take note .. It really is as bad as all the negative review X1000 !!!!

Don't let the IP spoil your valued vacation.. Stay somewhere else..

1 Star Big Time June 18, 2010

Thank god I never stayed here... It's definetly next on the implosion list... A real dump or shit hole as I prefer to call it!

3 Stars Frank Campbell April 30, 2010

My room when i stayed here was right on the parking garage. All I heard was screaming, breaking glass, car alarms and fighting all night. Also, walking around this place is confusing and maze-like.

1 Star atdleft April 26, 2010

The IP is in a great location on The Center Strip. The monorail is right there. That's the best reason to stay at The IP...

And I can't think of anything else! I won't ever forget that one night when the fire alarm went beeping... And it was flashing and beeping and making announcements ALL NIGHT! They never even bothered to fix it until sunrise, they just told us not to worry over the intercom. So my dad and I couldn't get any sleep that night, and I had to leave for my day's events cranky and groggy. (I stayed here during a "business trip" in November 2008.)

And if that wasn't bad enough, it was worse when we checked out and found out that someone at the hotel had hacked into my dad's bank account and tried to steal money! It took weeks for him to work with BofA to recover the stolen funds and secure his account. For that alone, I'll probably NEVER stay at The IP again.

So what else to expect? Crappy rooms that make Motel 6 look like "luxury accomodations". So-so food. Again, there's absolutely no reason to stay here other than need for an ideal location on a super skimpy budget.

3 Stars Pete April 21, 2010

I'm not sure why this place always gets knocked in reviews. This place doesn't advertise to be the Wynn, it is a cheap place to stay mid strip with cheap limits. Cheap does not mean this place is not fun. Some of my most fun gambling has happened here. Example...rolled the fire bet (bad news is nobody had any money on it, I guess no one had any confidence in me, but I digress). We've stayed in the Luv Tub rooms and the regular rooms. For the price, they are as expected. If you are looking for a cheap place to stay center strip, this is the place for you. I would stay away from the restaurants though. All the reviews about the buffet and other dining options are spot on. However the hotel and casino are as advertised. The dealertainers are always fun too.

3 Stars Eric April 13, 2010

I double-booked an IP room one time, when staying somewhere else, just to see what it was like. This hotel is average quality in a great location.

The room I had was clean, if a little worn. A small balcony looked out over Harrah's next door.

The casino is one of my favorites on the Strip. Always high energy and a lot of fun. The scantily clad "Dealertainers" in the pit area are a blast!

0 Stars Laura April 08, 2010

My boy friend and I have traveled to Las Vegas several times in the last few years. The first time we stayed at Imperial Palace it was nice. We had purchased a package for room and air flight together....and no problems. The next time we went the rooms were complimentary....thats when the problems in our eyes started. Dirty smelly roooms, bugs (roaches) and the only availible room was the one above the band that plays till 3.00 a.m. They told me that if I stopped back in the morning they could put me in a different room/tower. So being that I came in from out of town I had no choice but to stay or just store my belonging in the room till the morning which I was not happy about as bugs can get into your luggage and you could bring them home with you. In the morning they did get me a new was much much better. The moral of the story is that the hotel is not very clean, it does have bugs and the service isn't that great. I will never stay at this hotel again.....take my advice or leave it.

3 Stars Lin March 26, 2010

Great location cheap rooms. Be aware that there is a set of hotel elevators in the rear near the parking garage. They may be a bit hard to find but worth the effort. Ask for a room facing the pool near the back elevators.Parking garage is a disaster as is the buffet. Penny slots are not bad. Forget video poker. Pay tables stink. Dealertainers are very entertaining. Our rooms always have been decent. Never had luv tub room and never want one. Their show Human Nature should not be missed.

3 Stars Bobby March 14, 2010

Understand that you're paying for a place to stay in a great location on the strip, the hotel and rooms themselves are below average. With that said it's not a bad place. It's no MGM grand or mirage but it's cheap and it puts you in the middle of the action. Main downside is not enough elevators (3 total) and the hotel feels extremely old, but it's a cheap place to stay at night and is in a great spot on the strip

5 Stars KayIdlewild March 01, 2010

I stayed here in March 2008 in the Love Tub Room. I really liked the room. Very old Vegas style carpet, drapes, & bedding. We had our own private balcony which had an awesome view of the strip. One of the best parts...mirrors above the tub & bed!! Yes the IP is an older hotel/casino but it is Vegas & you really aren't going to spend that much time in the room. The staff is very friendly & very helpful. Remember to use your players card if you can rack up points for comps & who doesn't love free stuff?!? Stay here if you want to see what old Vegas was like.

5 Stars Laj381 February 28, 2010

This is not a fancy place but would rather spend money gambling. I am not one to sit in my room . It is close to everything !!

5 Stars Lisa Smith February 06, 2010

Got married Stayed here 3 years ago at vegas at a little chapel of flowers stayed at the imperial palace, we were on a budget, after reading up on the imperial palace we were very worried and listening to the many podcast how bad it was, well I need not have worried I know it's not the balagio and when people ask you where you are staying in Vegas and tell them the imperial palace nobody has even heard of it. Well this is the best situalted hotel for the price you are near everything and all he staff are great, they have dealertainers they are fab they stand in s very small stage certain times of the day and night and start singing it's a great atmosphere. Our room was okay I've read they have now decorated most of the rooms, the meals are lovely ecspesialy the buffet breakfast people come from other hotels to sample the very good buffet.

0 Stars Allan January 16, 2010

Stayed here in 2006 and returning in May all the way from the Canary Islands. For anyone on a budget or the person who wants to spend more money gambling or on shows and visits this is the ideal place to stay. The rooms are budget obviously! You want materialistic then stay elsewhere. We love this place and it is very friendly. Food is so so but the strip is your oyster this is a central strip hotel with a monorail on your doorstep. What more do you need. Did you come to Vegas to sit in your room?

0 Stars Dandy Don October 07, 2009

Stayed here for 3 nights in September. The place is a dump but that's what you get for the money. The room smelled like an old lingering budweiser fart that would not go away. The buffet was as advertised, terrible. A lot of local rednecks seem to come here. But all in all not too bad for the money. Played some blackjack with a couple of sweat hogs. They need to implode this dump.

0 Stars BIG AL October 01, 2009

I've always heard how nasty this redneck casino is and wanted to check it out for my own. I stayed there for one night at the front end of a four-day trip. Other three nights were at the Bellagio which is the best. I arrived at about 6 PM and the counter lady was very friendly. Once I got my room I stood around to observe the place. It looked liked most of the patrons were there to attend a "trailer park" convention. I saw a lot of fat chicks and felt sorry for the buffet cooks knowing these "hogs" would be slurping up all the food. Some of these folks actually had a few teeth. I made it up to my room and it was no frills. It smelled like a lingering horse fart and also 100 years of cigarette smoke. I could have shaved the nicotine off the walls and re-soled my shoes. I didn't unpack much because I'd be leaving in the morning. I went down to the buffet and joined all the trailer park conventionists and also the local goobers, families with 10 kids. It was kinda dark and dingy inside and the food was nasty. I think this place contracts with the State of Nevada to feed their prison inmates. I had a piece of dried chicken, tough prime rib, cafeteria style veggies, a piece of mystery fish, a roll and called it a night. I only ate a few bites and left. The worst buffet in LV and probably the world. This place is as close to Goobersville as it gets. I played some blackjack with the local rednecks which was quite amusing. They were very friendly and talked candidly about huntin', fishin', their pickup trucks, gettin' new dentures at the cost of the government, and fat chicks. One Dude, Billy Bob, had his wife join the table and we had to get two stools to support her 4 foot wide ass. We had a great time drinking beer, burbing and farting and all. So if you want some good entertainment then go to Imperial Palace, but bring plenty of hand sanitizer.

3 Stars Justin September 28, 2009

Great location, close to awsome bars, clubs and in te middle of everything. Hallways smelled but rooms seemed pretty clean. Great casino, buffet sucked ass!!! Go to cesars palace for the food! Great price for great location. Bit good for a romantic get away, perfect for Buddys to crash for a little after a long night and day of getting trashed!

1 Star Chad September 14, 2009

Worst hotel/casino on the strip. Unfriendly staff and the non smoking rooms just reek of cigarettes. The elevators, when they work are old, slow and packed with guests. Do yourself a favor and pay a bit more to stay at a better place with a better value. The IP is sure to be disapointing.

3 Stars lee taylor September 10, 2009

we stayed at the ip nearly 2 years ago. It was our first trip to vegas so we didnt really know what to expect. The staff were helpfull and friendly. Dont expect luxury, everything is fairly clean and tidy. The rooms are not great but your probably not there to stay in your room your their to enjoy vegas. So if you look at it as a place to sleep and wash for a cheap price thats what you get

5 Stars Carol August 31, 2009

Great rooms, best rates on the Strip. Stay there everytime I go to Vegas. Great location too!

5 Stars Terri August 25, 2009

Great location.....great gambling in an old time setting

2 Stars Paul D June 24, 2009

Good location and a good hotel for anyone who just needs a room to get a few hours rest. Only complaint are the rooms that they squeezed in at the back around the parking garage.

5 Stars Gubbs May 24, 2009

Stayed 4 nights in May. Great location and price! I didn't experience the other bad reviews people wrote about. Its not a 5 star hotel, but it is not a dump either. We will be staying there again.

3 Stars Rick Bissat May 11, 2009

Good casino. The rooms are average. Similar to a super 8 motel, but you can get a suite for cheaper than a regular room elsewhere. If you want an even cheaper room there call the hotel and ask for the rack rooms. You have to walk through the parking lot to get to them but they are about half the price of the regular rooms. You can't get those rooms on any website.

1 Star Andi May 06, 2009

We stayed for two nights at IP in April. We will not stay there again. Broken glass in the hallway

1 Star Http:// March 28, 2009

Nice location. Really old hotel. Nasty casino floor. Old and worn out and empty most days and nights. Quieter than most others. Which isn't necessarily a good thing.

5 Stars Jon H. March 07, 2009

Great location. Not a bad little hotel. Beautiful, rare, exotic car collection to see! :)

3 Stars L. Baker February 22, 2009

Stayed in March 2007. The IP was just fine for a place to sleep and cleaning up etc. Nothing!
Great location and price! Needed to change rooms after getting one next to the parking garage, (loud) and the front desk took care of our needs and changed our room. Elevators are slow. We are going back in a month and we asked for a room close to the ground (because of elevators) and twords the front of the strip. It's a bit of a maze late at night! Glad to be going back!

1 Star Jim February 20, 2009

What's that smell ??

3 Stars (null) December 06, 2008

Ok hotel. Cheap and its on the strip

2 Stars Joey October 25, 2008

Dirty, filthy, fun. My two star rating only reflects the facility itself. It really depends on what is important to you and your lifestyle. You can stay at IP for short money and have a lousy room but it's a great location and every time I've been there I've had a blast. The dealertainers are fun and there is an energy to the place that's way better than the much cleaner but less lively monte carlo. The cheap rooms lend itself to young folks hanging out here and it's not unusual to smell pot in the hallways. I wouldn't stay here but wouldn't find fault in someone on a budget staying here for short money. Don't eat here though. Walk across the street to hit up Caesars excellent dining options.

0 Stars Doug and Christie October 07, 2008

If you plan on being out on the town the IP is the place for you. I have stayed there many times and found it to be accomodating. The location is the best on the strip. Most of the properties that you would want to visit are within a 10 minute walk and if they are not you are only 5 minutes from the monorail. I agree with others and would not eat here, but as far as having a place to sleep, shower, and shave you can not beat the price. why pay 3 times the amount for a room that you will spend a limited amount of time in. If you come to vegas to stay in a room go somewhere else. If you come to vegas to go on the town the IP can not be beat.

0 Stars A Jones June 20, 2008

My husband, my Mother and her friend and two of our sons stayed here in February. My Mother is on oxygen and she has trouble walking long distances, we told them this when we made the reservations. They put all of us, including my Mom, outside by the parking garage. To get to our rooms we had to walk through the hotel to the elevators, go up one floor, then walk to another set of elevators and go down one floor, walk quite a distance through the rest of the hotel to the door that lead outside. When we finaly got to our rooms we thought well ok not too bad, but then we saw the bathrooms. The toilet had a big piece out of the bottom of it with caulking over it and the bathtub looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a long time with a nice big crack in it. The staff was rude, the noise from the parking garage was unbelievable. We played at Harrah's and Casino Royale and hated to go back to the rooms. We got free rooms at Casino Royale where we have always stayed before and will stay from now on. We will never come back to this dump again, nor will we give them a dime of our money for the way we were treated. Do not stay here. Beleive me, it just is not worth it.

0 Stars mike_ch October 12, 2007

I stayed here in late July. I was located somewhere near the middle of the property, near the retail row and the exit to Harrah's and the Monorail. So basically, outside of checking in and out, it was like having a budget room at Harrah's.

The hallways are a little bit creepy and the elevator waits take forever, but the room itself was a clean, acceptable place to lay down your head for the night. I'm not sure I'd ever gamble in the casino, and I sure as heck would not eat at one of the restaurants here, but if you're in town for a convention or don't mind heading to other resorts for everything other than sleeping, this'll do. Again, I repeat, do NOT try out the amenities here, go directly from your room to somewhere else or suffer the consequences! I have survived many meals at dive hotels like Excalibur, Circus-Circus, and some of the less glamorous downtown properties, but I wouldn't eat here.

I had a room that had been renovated at some point by Harrah's ownership. The renovated rooms cost more, but I got a special for $40 a night, which made it competitive with the likes of Excalibur's old un-remodeled but in a better location and probably a bit cleaner. Note to Harrah's: If you're going to renovate a room, how about changing the shower head? It was getting really grungy.

It's kind of hard to rate the IP because there's towers all over the place, and some rooms haven't been as well taken care of as others, but since all I needed was a cheap, clean, secure place to lay down when not hitting the town. With those expectations I got what I wanted, so I'll go ahead and rate it average.

0 Stars KeviKev October 11, 2007

Location, Location, Location.

The place is a dive, but you're on the middle of the strip at a low cost.

Love the place, stay there every time I go!

0 Stars Andrew Colton August 06, 2007

Imperial Palace is the worst place I have ever stayed in Las Vegas & I will never stay there again. We were in room 007 and for the 2 days that we were there the entire floor smelled like somebody was smoking weed. After the second day we checked out and told the people at the front desk about the pot smell and how bad the room was & they did not care > The room had this feeling of dirty, dirty, dirty just like the casino did. I have been to Vegas 5 times in the past 2 years and never stayed at Imperial Palace and thought I might give it a chance & WHAT A MAJOR MISTAKE THAT WAS. It was like a RAT maze getting to my room, elevators, esclators around and thru > UP AND DOWN. I hated it. The only other place that is as bad or more dirty than IMPERIAL PALACE IS CIRCUS CIRCUS. Just when are they going to tear that dump down ! WE CHECKED OUT AND WENT OVER TO BALLY'S for the other 2 nights. MY ADVISE NEVER STAY AT IMPERIAL PALACE STAY AT FLAMINGO, BALLY'S, BARBARY COAST, LUXOR, MONTE CARLO.

0 Stars TommiR August 04, 2007

I have read so many different reviews of this hotel. I have stayed there stayed there 3 times and plan to go back in 30 days.

You get what you pay for. This is very affordable and has a GREAT location. The food outlets are not very good. I have only eaten in one and was not happy, plus most of the reviews say the same thing. The good part is you are close to so many other places it really doesn't matter.

There are lower limit table games here too. The mega-resorts all jack their rates anytime there looks like there is action.

The casino hosts here are very helpful, even save a special room for us (looking right into the pool).

The elevator situation is not good, long lines and you may have to wait at busy times. The elevators int he back of the hotel are less busy but a little walk to get to.

0 Stars Clay May 28, 2007

When will they turn this place into a parking garage for the Venetian? The rooms are inexpensive, but still a rip off. The staff seems to be made up of people on work release programs from the Clark County Jail.

0 Stars Rick Hainer March 24, 2007

Very dissatisfied!! I did not get the rooms I was promised. My rates were not what I was told on the phone when I booked the room. I was told I must have written it down wrong. The only reason I stayed there was they said it would not be a problem getting ajoining rooms, they had lots of them. I needed that because I snore and my wife would sleep better with a door in between. When I checked in they told me they only had a couple rooms that ajoined and no one would tell me that I could get one. I gave them the name of the guy that booked me ( Chris) and they called him and asked him. He said he remembered the booking because of the snoring problem, and that he never said they had ajoining rooms. They had us booked in rooms that were not even close to each other. Room views were of a wall that you could reach out and touch!! If you stuck your head out of the window and looked up you could see sky, but not without sticking your head all of the way out the window. When I complained to the manager, she told me that that was all that was available and that she was sorry. i asked if I could get the one bedroom suit for the same price of the two rooms, (3 night stay) and she said it would be a hundred dollars a night more...of the new rate they were charging me. I also witnessed a manager repromanding an employee in front of everyone telling him she was writting him up for something that I didn't hear. When she told him it would be on "the new form" he laughed and said do I get a copy of the new form? Her reply was "you don't have your badge on either, that's another one". NOT IMPRESSIVE

0 Stars Stefan February 21, 2007

This is a great place to hang your hat and go out to see the rest of Vegas. I never expected more than what this place offers. It allows you to sleep, get cleaned up and go. The casino for the most part has a friendly staff. Many have worked there for years and I enjoy seeing them. Food places - not so good. Auto museum is good if you are into that sort of thing. I've been staying there every trip since I've been going (about 10 years) and that will continue until it is shuttered.

0 Stars Rene September 27, 2006

My husband and I have stayed here 3 times and plan on going back in less than 2 weeks. We have found IP to be a great place for the money. Our rooms have always been very clean. However, we have only stayed in the newly renovated rooms. The food is nothing special at any of the restaurants that we have eaten. Again for the money not bad. When we are in Vegas we are on the go constantly and spend very little time in our room. We have also found the comps to be very generous. We are not high rollers but we probably spen $300- $500 a day playing various games each. Not just at our hotel. Anyway I guess what I am saying is we feel the IP is a great place to stay for the buck especially when you consider the location.

0 Stars Ohio_Vegas_Lovers January 24, 2006

This place is a DUMP! Our room smelled funny and the bathroom was nasty (mold around the fixtures crack in the mirror) The staff who took care of room service were bad and lacked attention to detail. Pop machianes worked half the time and the floor was very very noisy. Unless something is done about the quality of the rooms I will never stay there again.

0 Stars User November 25, 2005

I really enjoy staying at the IP. It's affordable, great service and caters more to an older crowd. Dealertainers are fun to play BJ with. Embers is fantastic for evening dinning. Cocktail waitresses are always there when I need them. The rooms are not fancy but clean. That is all I care about. For those who complain about no coffee maker or the room is too dark, who cares !! What did you come to Vegas for to read and drink coffee in your room. You can do that at home. I believe the IP lets me enjoy my Vegas vacation to the fullest. Oh,do not forget to see Legends in concert, excellent show with the best Elvis in town.

0 Stars User October 02, 2005

The elevator situation is horrid.
The standard rooms are very basic. It doesn't cost that much more to get a nicer room, though (such as a Luv Tub Room or a suite). You get what you pay for.
I did find all of the staff very friendly.

0 Stars User February 05, 2005

The IP is a very average hotel in a very above average location. There's nothing wrong with the IP, it just pales in comparison to the properties surrounding it. You'll find easy access to the best Vegas has to offer.

Get in, get out. If you're looking for a place to crash, it'll do. If you're looking for a place to spend a lot of time, try somewhere else.

0 Stars luvnvegas June 18, 2004

We've stayed at IP on a few occasions, each time we had an enjoyable stay. We've had strip view and rooms with a balcony overlooking Carnival Court. Our rooms have been decent sized, comfortable and clean. IP location is great, too. The casino can be warm at times, elevators can be slow, and the parking garage is semi-difficult to navigate. Also, it is very easy to get temporarily lost in the back section of the hotel...very confusing! I recommend asking for a room on the strip side of the hotel. IP is a great value.

0 Stars sunny729 March 20, 2004

We did one of those "get a prize for listening to a time share" things and won a 3/2 at the IP. NEVER AGAIN!!! The place has more twist and turns for no good reason. My husband got lost twice in the parking lot. I was afraid to go into the hallways alone. The rooms are Motel 6ish but clean(sorry to the people at Motel 6). The staff SUCKS. I think they are a little pissed at were they are for 8hours a day and they let you know it. The only people that pretented to be nice were the those at the front counter and I think it had to do with the fact they are the closest to the front door and get to see a way out and a little ray of hope. Of course it being a free room we got to enjoy the view of the parking lot and hear each and every car passing in it. If you get one of these rooms and think you hear screaming don't worry it is just the nightly traffic(that old Ohio Players song "Rollercoaster" still plays in my head). Once our two nights were over I got my husband up at 5:30 am and out by 7am(remember he got lost) and we were happy to pay for a suite at the MGM Grand for the rest of our trip. Free is always nice but sometimes you got to get what you pay for.

0 Stars bcapps March 01, 2004

elevators very slow or broken,escalators always broken.dealatainers were good and free.tea room good food,room service way to expensive,join the players card club its worth it and free,we ate 4 free meals from the card.good location.staff not friendly,no matter where in the hotel you go.we stayed 2/22/04 to 2/26/04.slots were tight.tables were paying big.for the money its not bad,rooms need updating.

0 Stars nancyt January 26, 2004

The room itself was fine, however when reserving our rooms we asked for 3 together. We were given 2 on the 16th floor and one on the 4th floor. This was changed but not without a problem and the room that was changed was still a very long way away from the other 2 rooms. On our last day our daughter tried to get back into her room for a nap after breakfast because she wasn't feeling well. Because we had taken her luggage out of the room to prepare for checking out, the staff had cleaned her room and wouldn't let her in. This was 2 hours before check out time. Adding that to the suggestive comments made to my daughters by some of the dealers while walking through the casino and the poor restaurant service (especially the Burger Palace) I wouldn't stay there again.

0 Stars khaldane January 10, 2004

Our Room was horrible, bedding was all ripped up, the dresser looked like it was pulled from the dump and slammed into the room, and the smell was horrible. I would NOT recommend this hotel to any of my friends.

0 Stars chadinark December 01, 2003

My girlfriend and I just returned from a stay at the IP from 11/12/03 - 11/16/03. We had a blast! Since we were on somewhat of a budget, this place was just what we needed. We wanted an inexpensive yet clean room that would allow us to walk to most places (thereby saving cab fares, which add up very quickly!). The IP is just about what others on this bulletin board have described – a decent place to clean up and rest your head in a location that can’t be beat! Stay somewhere else if you are expecting 5-star luxury or have a laundry list of demands.

Like I said, all we wanted was a decent, clean room in the middle of the strip so that most of the places we wanted to visit would be within walking distance, and they were! The IP is directly across from Caesar’s / Forum Shops, Mirage, and Bellagio. Even a walk to south strip (NYNY, Mandalay, etc.) was no problem at all for us in our comfy running shoes. Going the opposite direction, you can easily access the Venetian, Treasure Island and thereabouts. The Stratosphere is probably a bit too far to walk, though.

We didn’t do much eating at the IP so I can’t speak much to that. We did eat some hot dogs and krispy kreme donuts at Betty’s Diner, which were fine. Casino is average I would say. The “dealer-tainers” were amusing (these are dealers dressed up as movie stars, performers, etc.). Most of our eating and entertainment happened elsewhere.

On the rooms, expect Super-8 to Holiday Inn 3-star type accommodations. To me, location was more important than anything so I wasn’t too worried about it. For the price, IP is a great deal. Our room was clean and comfy with no noticeable scents; housekeeping was just fine. I never saw anything totally disgusting anywhere in the IP. Service was courteous and more than adequate in my opinion. They allowed us to check-in early, which was convenient. Bell desk was prompt, and in-room check out over their TV system was highly convenient. The TV was a little old looking but we aren’t going to Vegas to sit in a hotel room and watch TV now, are we??

When we first arrived in our room the water was not working, toilet not flushing, etc. We called the front desk but they were already aware of the situation and it was all working again very shortly. No big deal. That was the only glitch I can think of over our 4 days and it was very minor. A lot of people complain on here about the elevators but for us it was no problem. However, we were probably lucky because our room was in the front tower and was very close to the elevators just off the casino. I suppose it would be more difficult if you were staying in the back of the hotel somewhere. I never noticed the elevators as being slow. Only thing I noticed was that on Saturday night they got very, very full and it was difficult to even get a spot on them. We had to wait once for like 15 minutes just to get a space going down. A tip: get on board even if it’s going up, at least that way you have a space for the trip back down!

About the music at Harrah’s, it did not bother us at all. We were prepared for it by reading these reviews and the bell desk also advised us of it. We didn’t get in until about 2 a.m. each night anyway. The scene out there was actually pretty happening and would be great for a single-and-looking person. We actually thought the music was cool because it was usually disco/dance and got us in the mood to go out every night when we were getting cleaned up! I actually requested strip view because I thought the view and the music would be fun. The balconies are neat because you can step out and get some fresh air and enjoy the view. From our room we could see the volcano at Mirage and the water show at Bellagio.

Again, if you are going to Las Vegas for an ultra-classy room and are trying to get to sleep by 10:00 p.m. every night, you should probably go to Reno or somewhere else instead!! This is Vegas! The people on this bulletin board that have complained so much are probably not the types you would want to go on vacation with anyway!

Don’t get me wrong, if I had money to blow I would stay somewhere nicer; and the next time we go I hope to be able to afford something a little nicer, but if that is not possible, I would not hesitate for a second to book another room at the IP.

0 Stars lindacruser October 02, 2003

We stayed at IP last Jan and had a wonderful experience, the fine dining the rooms all wonderful !! Very Clean the staff was very helpful. We had leak in our room from the bathroom to the rug and we were switched into another room immediately...we love the luv tub room...after a long day on the strip you climb into this large tub...warning take a while to fill it up !! But is so worth it !!...going again this year and plan to stay in the same room once again...The slot host Bob Cohen is wonderful, very nice gentlemen.
Linda Meyer

0 Stars Paul July 02, 2003

Not a fancy hotel, the rooms are a little worn and pretty tacky and the casino is dingy. But the service is good, the location is great, the price is right and how many hotels in vegas have balconies? (Get one facing the strip, preferably with a view of the fountains at the Bellagio). Stay away from the buffet though.

0 Stars madge62 June 01, 2003

We stayed at this hotel for 2 nights last week (May 23 & 24) and found it to be adequate, but nothing really special. The first floor/casino layout was a little hard to figure out at first but after a few times through to the elevators we knew where we were going. It was certainly a busy casino/hotel but it was over Memorial Day that we were there. The room was fine for our 2 nights but we would probably choose another hotel to stay at next time.

0 Stars wa8ckt May 27, 2003

Have stayed at IP 3 times a year for over 15 years. Rooms clean and service good. Not upscale but great location. Bartenders and staff are friendly. Prices are very reasonable, both for rooms and food. All around good value for a strip location. Comps are fair as we never pay for room or food with our quarter VP play. Children seldom seen at this casino even at the pool. Older crowd seems to be the norm. The car collection is interesting although not as good as it was. Most of the original collection is gone and most are replaced with classic cars that are for sale. Betty's Diner is a good place to grab a coffee or snack and several restruants on the 5th floor are very good, both price and service. We would recommend the IP to anyone looking for a great location on the strip at a very reasonable price (for a strip hotel). John in Caro

0 Stars RateVegas User February 17, 2003

Date Visited: 02/03 - Good Visit
We arrived and went to check in. We were upgraded to the luv tub room because we were getting married. It was a great room the tub was wonderful. We stayed 7 days and enjoyed every one of them. We will definately stay at the IP again. The staff was friendly and very courteous. The location is the best and for the money well worth it. Other hotels on the strip are fancier but for the money it was and will be again my first choice. If you stay there don't plan on elegance.. just value and great location.
- Ann Arbor MI USA

0 Stars RateVegas User February 10, 2003

Just finished 3 nights here and loved it. People who are complaining about the IP need to realize that they do have the oportunity to pay 3 or 4 times the rate if they choose to and have a status room. Personally for myself the IP was perfect, cause I only spend a small amount of time there. Room was clean, view of strip and elevators were fine. Only complaint was beds were awfully uncomfortable. Nice sport and race book and restaurants were fine, I'll be staying again soon.

0 Stars RateVegas User February 08, 2003

IP rooms totally fulfilled all our needs. 2 beds, a clean shower, blow dryer and locks on the doors. It takes a few times to remember how to get to your room but...
At night we could stand on our balcony and watch the water show at the Bellagio.
No lines, no problems and we're returning at the end of this month to stay again.
When reading these editorials remember that more people will complain than compliment.

0 Stars RateVegas User February 03, 2003

I just got back from four days at the IP (Jan. 30 - Feb. 2, 2003). There were no problems whatsoever with the hotel stay. All of the hotel personnel were very helpful and friendly.

The room was not fancy but if I had wanted a suite at the Bellagio, I would have booked one. It was perfectly adequate for the few hours a night I spent there (I didn't go to Vegas to stay in my hotel room). It was clean and the beds were comfortable, and the location can't be better.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 09, 2003

This place is a DUMP!! The service is the worst I ever seen!! Yes I meen ever!! This place needs to be torn down.. PLEASE Take my advise Stay Somewere else! I would have paid double to stay else were. But I was conned into this place., And had to live in a rat hole for 4 day's.. Dont belive what they say or tell you on the phone> Or what you see on the net.. NOT TRUE! The ruined my wedding my vacation and the whole vegas experince! Yes they are on the middle of the strip.. but I would just take a cab from an off the strip hotel.. Or pay a lot more for a good place to stay on the stip! The room smelled so bad it knocked us over when we opened the door.. And they would not even try to make it better with us!! They Just dident CARE!! That the bath tub leaked all over the carpet and the pluming was backed up And NO hot water AND AND AND Dont eat anywere in this place.. If you stay there.. "Your Falt"!! and you will be thinking all the time you are there why you dident listing to me....
Thanks IP for Nothing!!!!!! :O(

0 Stars RateVegas User December 01, 2002

We stayed two nights Nov 22nd & 23rd. The rooms are average. The hotel has an odd layout and it seemed like all of the odd numbered rooms overlooked the parking garage and casino roof. I would not stay there again for this reason alone. The casino is kind of creepy with the dragons on the ceiling and all but that is soon forgotten when you sit down at the tables or slots. We walked around the strip on Saturday night and found most of the other casinos rather empty but when we returned to the IP it was packed, I don't really know why. Overall we had a good trip but I will be staying at a hotel with a little more character on my next visit.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 21, 2002

What great value we stayed one night a Saturday in Decmeber an paid about $70 for a massive room with a view of Ballys pool. Checkin was quick but getting to the room was not ! The valt parking was full but I guess this was to do with checking in at 9pm on a Saturday night. I would stay here again with no hesitation but would probably pay the extra dollar to go somwhere more up market if I could afford it

0 Stars RateVegas User January 19, 2002

I have stayed at the IP over Christmas for the last six years, and the very least I can say is that it is consistent. Since six years ago, they have replaced the TV sets (no built-in radio any more, alas), and installed a very nice hair dryer. The rooms are clean but a bit spare. The TV automatically returns to the IP advertising channel when you turn it on, very irritating. Good towels for a cut-rate place. They are spare on the amenities. They don provide new bars of soap every day. Overall, a good place to stay if you just want to sleep and shower.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 29, 2001

We enjoyed our stay at the IP. Check in and out was quick and friendly. We didnt stay in our room much, so this place was great just to take a nap and freshen up.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 11, 2001

Great location is what the IP has going for it. Draw a map from your room to the elevators and ice machine (I'm not kidding!) Overall, if you want a decent, cheap room, and want to spend your time gambling, this is a good place to hang your hat.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 24, 2001

We stayed at the IP with a group of 8 friends (all of us early 30's) from 7/18/01 thru 7/23/01. We checked in on Wednesday afternoon at 6pm with no problem and were in our rooms ten minutes after walking in the door. Friends of ours who arrived later (10pm) were treated to longer lines (ie 20-30min). The rooms were comfortable and clean (comparable to a Holiday Inn). We asked for extra towels and an iron the minute we go in the room and they were delivered ten minutes later. The maid also kept extra towels in our room without asking the rest of the week. Unlike other posts, everything in our room worked fine. We ate (at one time or another) in all of the resturants and found them adequate (We were gambling alot, so we chose to charge most of our meals to the room so they would be comp'd when we left). The casino was nicer than I expected. They had a wide assortment of slots and table games to satisfy anyone. Being a blackjack person, I found that the house rules were not what I preferred (hit on soft 17, no surrender), but that seems to be becomming the norm in Vegas. ((One big note: this is a low roller casino. If you play more than four hours a day and bet an average of $50+ per hand, you will be treated like a high roller. A definite nice change from the bigger casinos.)) As long as you play an average of 4 hours/day and $10+ per hand, the hotel is pretty liberal with its comps. The crowd in the casino ranged from senior citizens during the week to a younger/hipper crowd on the weekend. The casino was extremely busy Friday and Saturday night, but we could still get a table without waiting more than 10 minutes. If you are not playing or choose to sit in a bar, the drink prices are high.....even for Vegas standards. The checkout lines Sunday morning were extremely long (at least 200 people in line), but I used the VIP desk and was done in 5 minutes. I would rate the friendliness of the staff and dealers a 10. Everyone was extremely helpful and nice. Overall.....I would stay at the IP in a heartbeat next time. Good room, great location, good food, friendly staff, and fun casino.

0 Stars RateVegas User April 22, 2001

We LOVE the IP for the location and GREAT service by ALL of their employees.

0 Stars RateVegas User April 05, 2001

We just got back today from our first Vegas trip..and we stayed at the IP..and had no problems..staff was very polite and helpful and the room was sufficient for us..its not the fanciest ..but theres lots worse out there too..we didnt come to Vegas to spend all out time in the room so it wasn't a top priority to us to get mints on our were hardly ever there actually..guess it all depends on what you looking for.

0 Stars RateVegas User March 23, 2001

I don't like to spend a lot on hotels because I don't spend much time in the room. And when I do, I am usually asleep. I go cheapo cheapo. Clean bed, clean shower, safe and I'm OK. This hotel is fine by my standards because it is centrally located on the strip, and the rooms are cheap, relatively clean, and safe. They have monsterously long hallways to find your room though. If you want a fancy hotel room, stay elsewhere. If you're like me- cheapo cheapo on the room, stay here. This hotel is one of the more poorly done themes.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 09, 2001

IP is a great place to stay if all you're looking for is a place to stay. Cheap rates, good casino, low table limits (I feel like I'm forgetting one... OH YEAH, the cocktail waitresses!!). The location makes up for the average accommodations. If I have to stay on the Strip I stay at the IP.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 15, 2000

On top of everything else in this dump deserving a "1" rating; isn't this the place the owner was humiliated into stopping his "required staff attendence" on the anniversary of Hitler's birthday?

0 Stars RateVegas User June 13, 2000

What is the motif of this hotel??? Tiki Room meets Hong Kong perhaps. Rooms are smallish and need to be cleaned (steam cleaned preferably) and mattresses thrown out. Save your money.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 11, 2000

We had a room high up & had a fantastic view facing south. The bathroom was laid out nicely & the service was great.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 11, 2000

We had a room high up & had a fantastic view facing south. The bathroom was laid out nicely & the service was great.