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4 Stars Anonymous July 05, 2015

I only stayed here for a night. The space was pretty open and you can easily walk to other hotels from the inside. I love the theme of this hotel and the soap bar was a pyramid. The room itself was clean and I was impressed with the size of the bathtub which is separate from the shower. Wifi is also good here. I do agree that the rooms do need a coffee machine though. I would stay here again.

4 Stars Elliot Tait June 30, 2015

I loved the Luxor. Great location, friendly staff fantastic rooms. Stayed in the east tower which was convenient.
Saw the bodies and titanic exhibitions, enjoyed the titanic one more. Very handy location to get to Mandalay bay.

5 Stars Marc March 16, 2015

I've stayed at Luxor more than any other Strip property in the 20-25 times I've visited Vegas. Stayed in the West tower & down at the end of the hall. Nice & quite & the location meant we were close not only to their fully adequate & well furnished gym, but the pool as well. Room itself was spacious & clean. Entire staff was beyond kind and gracious. Luck was so-so in the casino but hey.....that's no one's fault but mine for playing. Going back in May. Staying there again. Love me some Lux!

5 Stars alonseven@cia.gov May 19, 2014

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5 Stars Linda March 29, 2014

This was our first time staying at the Luxor. I had no idea what to expect. We arrived very late (12:30 am). We were upgraded to a suite without even asking. Room was perfection! Spotless, no smell of smoke, the softest bed linens and so quiet! We had the nicest staff from the cleaning lady, Hada from Yugoslavia, what a sweetheart, to all the other staff. The young gal at the concierge desk was so helpful when our flight reservation (reserved seats) were changed. Even the baggage guy out at the North entrance, very personable and helpful! I would certainly stay at the Luxor again! Plus using Mlife card and using the free comps I got on MYVegas Slots game! I saw 2 shows using my comps and got a free dinner ! Enjoyed it all!

3 Stars Captain Ron June 27, 2013

Checked in, line was long but went quickly. We were charged $22.50 for early check in because it was 11:30am. Room was clean and facing pool, elevator was slow and shaky, glad we only went 9 floors. Pool looked nice, really big. We didn't see any shade mid day. Beers were $5.50 at casino bars. The property needed cleaned up a bit. Looks like it has been let go or awhile. Room was comfy and clean though. Would stay again if deal was right.

5 Stars Marc May 09, 2013

Always great! Stayed here Cinco de May weekend 2013. Top rate service & accommodations. Did most of our gambling, eating & hanging out under the pyramid. Had a pool cabana too, which was nice.

2 Stars Bob April 22, 2013

Stayed there last weekend. Sadly, this hotel seems to be going downhill. While most staff were pleasant, a bellman was rude to my girlfriend, the service in Tender was slow and the steaks were lukewarm at best (guess that fits in with slow service). Housekeeping neglected to make up our room one day.

5 Stars Andy April 05, 2013

6 nights my mate and I had a great time room was Perfect won a jack pot had to pay 30%. Tax . Brought more money home than I went with spent 500 dollars on Present I found the Swimming pool on the last day I've booked 2 weeks I'm October for my wife and I can't wait hopping to Upgrade to a Suite Fantastic Hotel

5 Stars Marah March 15, 2013

I stayed at the Luxor with my friends. We stayed in the pyramid in the most basic room. I went to every hotel besides Tropicana and circus Circus and the Luxor was by far in my top three. The food court is convenient and the proximity to everything Is rather nice. The room was clean and well kept. The beds were very comfortable and I am very happy with my stay.

4 Stars Karen December 21, 2012

I rather liked the Luxor. We received comped rooms from Casino marketing and the MyVegas Facebook game and then a special rate of $33 for the night we paid for. The price really couldn't have been much better. I also used the $20 trick to get upgraded from a regular room to a pyramid suite. Even if you don't get comped rooms, Luxor rooms are some of the lowest priced rooms on the strip. Despite that, the Luxor is a nice place to stay and play. The casino is 120,000 square feet with plenty of gaming options. The casino and hotel are easy to navigate. It is also easy to get to Mandalay Bay and Excalibur via indoor hallways or a free outdoor tram. Though I think it would be nicer if the tram ran 24 hours. Everything in Luxor is on two floors--the casino level and atrium level. Our room was in the back of the Luxor, which meant the walk from the inclinator to the room was hellacious. The room and inclinators were a bit dated. The pyramid suites are very large with an especially spacious shower. The room was also quite clean. Two things I didn't like: there was no safe in the room--which is ridiculous--and the spa tub was broken. When we arrived in the room, we found a note from the Luxor staff saying the jets did not work in the spa tub. We were there on a dead week; I don't think they should place guests in a room with broken equipment when there are other empty rooms in the hotel. It's bad policy and makes a poor impression. That said, I would stay and play in Luxor again. I would also recommend it to people who like to stay on the south end of the strip.

2 Stars Craps player December 19, 2012

Ok. I've stayed here before, but one thing I have wanted to say a few of the dealers on the Luxor craps tables. Now, I know it's good to get tips and that's what vegas is all about. But certain dealers here(and other casinos as well to be fair), not all, but a certain few, dealers make it known when they don't get a tip, and most of all in front of the other players. Since when do dealers beg for tips? Since when is it "required" for a player to tip out the dealers? Especially if he won his/her bets on their own? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for taking care of the dealers and people who deserve it, but making comments and little sarcastic remarks like "no sir, thank YOU.....(as they stare at the player waiting for them to drop some chips)." And when you leave, say things like, "wow, all that winning and nothing for us?" And in front of the other players at that! The players will tip if THEY feel like it. Not because "YOU" chose to be a craps dealer instead of a doctor or businessman or whatever. As a dealer, you're there to work the games, not beg, and make comments about players who don't feel like tipping you out. Tips are earned, not mandatory. If you make the person feel welcomed, have a good experience, etc, then by all means, you probably have a tip coming, but if you just stand there and take bets and don't say anything other than that, then, of course you don't deserve anything. Now again, this is just for the certain dealers. The rest were all great. I definitely don't hold it against the hotel, and I would stay here again, but a little more manners should be checked prior to hiring or some kind of damage control.

3 Stars Natalie October 06, 2012

Could really use another Starbucks waited 20 mins for a coffee. Stayed here April 2012, overall nice stay,clean. The pool could be opened longer 6pm, kinda sucked. I believe during the summer the time changed I would hope?! Just make sure you have everything before you venture out for the night, we forgot something and it was a 15 min journey each way back to the room. If I ever went back I would definitely stay closer to the strip. Fun for the first time!!

3 Stars Richard September 29, 2012

We stayed at the Luxor last week and it was ok. To help you know where I'm coming from... My wife and I are not high class and do not have a ton of money but do travel a bit and appreciate value. As I said, it was ok. Just like any other standard hotel room. It was clean and the beds were comfortable. The casino was ok but in comparison to Mandalay Bay, New York and a lot of the other casinos... It was dark and dated. The Buffet was actually pretty good and looked nice. Much better than the Excalibur (which is next door and they run specials together). It is at the end of the strip so you are going to pay a lot in cab fare as walking so far is tough and using the bus is unreliable as they are always late and full. If you are looking for a cheap room on the strip and don't mind walking a lot then this is the place for you. When we go back we will probably stay closer to the middle of the strip. Not a bad hotel... Just nothing special about it. Oh yeah... The poker room is not all that. Actually went to Mandalay Bay to play the same stakes. Much nicer.

3 Stars Dave July 07, 2012

The Luxor is an interesting architecture too bad the original intent is missing. Many items have changed . The room was clean and the sheets were new. The plumbing was very old and the toliet leaked around the place. It needs a little RLC.

4 Stars Brendan June 28, 2012

Stayed here first weekend in March so impressions do not include some seasonal aspects of the hotel. I rate this 4 stars not because of luxury, but of overall experience. Checking in and checking out was too easy, although I did arrive early and depart early. What I expect in service is for someone to know their job, do it well and care about what they're doing. Everyone who I dealt with met my standard and often exceeded. People at the front desk were helpful and expedient. House maids gave smiles and greeting in the morning. Dealers were mostly talkative and helpful. Bartenders were great. And we made a ton of fun at the LAX night club. The rooms are basic but definitely nice enough. I'm plan on coming back to Vegas in August and even with more of a budget I'm really considering coming back.

4 Stars Timm June 14, 2012

Lol. Hey Jess, tell us how you really feel. He is right about the pools and price gouging in general. It's not like it was even 10 years ago. If they could charge you to breathe, most of the casinos would. It's a shame because it's not as if they don't do a great job of separating you from your money in the casinos. But I will be back because I always have a good time, so that makes me part of the problem - if everybody followed Jess and stayed away, perhaps resort fees and pay pools and other such nonsense would disappear. Perhaps.

1 Star Jess June 12, 2012

First of all, just because you book a room at the Luxor does NOT meam you will be staying in the cool pyramid building. The dang pointy building was the entire reason we picked this place to stay for our wedding weekend, and we ended up in the West tower.
Second, everything is way overpriced. Food, drinks, room service (which is terrible, by the way), and a "resort fee" (charged per room per day, despite the fact that there was not a functional pool to be found in either the Luxor or the adjacent hotel).
Third, there is no exhaust fan in the bathroom. There was a nice large tub and a roomy shower but no flipping fart fan. A lovely touch for our wedding weekend. I am glad we are healthy vegetarian types, I would hate to be anywhere near a room occupied by the morbidly obese buffet hogs that seem to compose the majority of Vegas tourists.
Overall, I have to say skip the Luxor. Better yet, skip Vegas. It was mildly entertaining when it was a cheap weekend getaway but it is now a nauseating mix of overpriced EVERYTHING, fat hookers, and burned out has-beens. Go check out a state park, go to Hawaii, leave the country......do ANYTHING, but don't waste your time or money on a city that does little else but tax precious natural resources and pride itself on ripping off visitors.

4 Stars Timm May 28, 2012

A few final comments: the staff here was very accommodating and friendly. Got a late checkout without being grilled and housekeeping was solid, including one day when we needed a late clean. Nitpicky issues: no shelves in the tile shower, which forces you to set bottles on the floor; the "inclinators" are crowded and difficult to catch at peak times; and there is no safe in the room, which is very annoying - you have to hide cash in your room or take it to the pool with you. I mention these issues for your general info - we liked the property, but maybe others would have bigger complaints about these issues.

4 Stars Timm May 23, 2012

I'm in the middle of a 6 day stay here and, thus far, it's not bad. Staying in the pyramid and the room is updated with a good bed and a 42 inch Samsung tv. Check in was crowded but efficient. Issues so far: casino has been turned into a maze, with bars and clubs and restaurants popping up everywhere, making it confusing to navigate. And much of the pool area is blocked off for, I assume, the worlds big shooters, leaving the rest of us with one pool and limited space. I've stayed here twice before - last time in 2004 - and it didn't use to be this way. All in all, I'm pleased though with the property. For the price, we would definitely stay here again.

4 Stars Luke Price May 14, 2012

For six guys on a stag do this is ideal, the Luxor is old now but they are making efforts to keep up with the rest. Had a jacuzzi suite, was massive (jacuzzi didnt work though), was cleaned everyday but could do with a refurb. Aurora is good place to meet before going out and if you have the money try bottle service at the LAX, its like being a celeb for a night.

4 Stars Alexander Gastelum April 23, 2012

A great, welcoming resort with great service!

5 Stars Paul April 21, 2012

What the F. Luxor needs to figure out the the line to buy tickets for a venue at the Luxor is hours long. They have six kiosks, staff them!

4 Stars 360 Vegas Mark April 15, 2012

I'll always remember this property fondly as Luxor was the property that brought me to Vegas for the first time. I love the structure, the inclinators and the property but wish it wasn't so far south. Since that first trip ignited my affinity for Vegas I have learned how much I prefer center strip. Still, Luxor will forever have a special place in my heart. In my opinion, the pyramid is one of the most visually striking structure in Vegas.

5 Stars Jess C. January 17, 2012

I stayed for 4 nights in February 2011 on a girl's only trip with my bestie. We LOVED the time we had there! Did the $20 trick and was upgraded to the 14th floor of the west tower, so we were given views of the lights and the mountains to the west and north. Housekeeping was awesome as they cleaned our room every day and would line up the piles of stuff we'd left strewn out (such as shoes) on the floor or the beds. We even tried room service while we were there and had success both times. Favorite part of the hotel, however, was the exhibits and food---AWESOME! I would so go back there again!

5 Stars Kevin A Pearson December 25, 2011

Stayed for 10 nights in November 2011. Great hotel with very friendly staff. My room was in the pyramid on the 8th floor. Very clean with room service every day. Being vegetarian I didn't bother with the buffet but the main restaurant was ok if a little limited for veggie food the same as most of Vegas - could only find 1 actual veggie place well off strip. Chris angel was great and menopause the musical was brilliant! I didn't stop laughing. No hotel fee was charged not sure why but... The only thing I could have asked for was wifi although there was LAN in the room. The only place I found free wifi was the Apple shops. The luxor is only a 10 min walk across to the MGM and the bus service on the strip is great 7 dollars for 24 hr pass. Great trip and winning 2,000 dollars didn't hurt either! If you're thinking of the Luxor don't be put off by the bad reviews. Enjoy!

2 Stars Candy C December 15, 2011

Let me start off by saying we are not high maintenance people. Pretty easy to please. Luxor was a disappointment in the customer service department. During check in we were not given what we were promised by our package deal or their customer service department when we phoned them a few weeks before our stay. They refused to give us the room we were suppose to have without us paying more. I even complained to a manager and she refused also. Ok fine. We were also suppose to get 2 free buffets per room per day. They weren't going to give us those either until I showed them the proof I had on my mobile email. After the first night we went down to get my mother-in-law in her room a couple of doors down, and her room door had about 50 of those little porn cards Vegas is so good for and some other lovely items stuck in her door. My husband went to complain to guest services and we got a sorry from a scared little man. Nothing to make up for this. We were hounded by time share people non stop through out our 4 day stay. I'm talking at least 50 times, and several of them extremely rude. The only thing I have nice to say was their buffet was very good and the room was clean. Basically once you are here they really don't care about your stay, and truly disappointed in their security. We will never stay here again.

3 Stars Cody December 12, 2011

Stayed 4 nights at the end of Nov. Rooms were a bit dated and could use a flat screen and the hotel is screaming for wifi. Other than that I really couldn't complain. Room was a good size and the sideways elevators were a trip to ride. The casino itself was well put together with plenty of games, bars and services. A bit of a walk to the heart of the strip but the walkways and monorail took some of that away. All and all a very enjoyable stay and would do it again. Price was right as well. Tender was a very pleasant surprise.

4 Stars Corey Piche December 05, 2011

Stayed 4 nights. Everything was excellent.

5 Stars Henry Yip November 15, 2011

Such an awesome hotel! Great service and people! Got an upgrade while check in without asking. The foods at the buffet is great and is not expensive. The location is not as bad as what other people said, only took me 10 -15mins to walk down to the middle of the strip (New York New York/ Planet Hollywood/ Crystal Mall). I will for sure to come back and stay here again for my next trip at Vegas!

5 Stars Mark October 21, 2011

Excellent hotel. I'm not sure why there are so many bad reviews but it is well tun and the food is excellent.

5 Stars RSaxon07 October 20, 2011

Stayed here for one night in the summer of 2010. It was only one night but I loved it. The casino was great with the exception of this one staff member that was kinda assholeish. I can't really speak on the room becuz I was in it a total of 25 minutes and didn't really look at it. The pool is nice, clean, and not crowded. LAX nightclub is awesome! We were in our Navy whites and we skipped the line and got in free of charge. Even got some free drinks!

4 Stars Helen July 27, 2011

I really liked this hotel quite alot. It's nice and not too fancy.

4 Stars Andre June 12, 2011

Stayed here for 11 days in May. Great Hotel. A little too far away from the rest of the Strip but all in all I had a great vacation here.

4 Stars Lou June 06, 2011

Absolutely loved this hotel. Stayed for a week in October 2010. Bedroom (pyramid room) was really big, bathroom was big too. Had TV, air con unit, x2 king size beds, gorgeous views. You can't hear the casino at all when you are in your room. When you come out of your room you can hear the slot machines etc so it's good that you can get away from the casino noise when you want to sleep.

2 Stars Emmalyn May 27, 2011

Never looked like the room was vacuumed at all. Forgot to leave toilet paper, plus in our room the toilet paper rolls could not be reached from the toilet. Hotel fees kind of outrageous. Crappy hotel experience. Mandalay Bay was so much better!

2 Stars Carrie April 27, 2011

So disappointed. Was on honeymoon . Had to call to have sheets changed.everyday!!! They did not vacuum room at all. Had no problem taking yips . Dirty laundry was left outside door in hall for hours... Had to phone for it to be moved. Hotel managers " comped" things but when we got to check out it was not done. Very bitter about this . Have written and complained ... No response five days after fact

4 Stars Janiebugg April 27, 2011

Arrived 10:30pm Vegas time Thursday evening... No rooms left in pyramid... So upgraded to a room in west tower.... At no additional cost. I stayed for four nights total. Housekeeping skipped a day... And when I called housekeeping to inquire about the situation. I received an apology and they arrived within 15 minutes of the call to remedy the situation. My room was clean and comfortable. Staff were friendly... I am a non smoker and I was impressed with air quality of the entire place. I ate one meal in the pyramid cafe... It was very good. Buffet... According to other family members...was of poor quality. The location of the Luxor in relation to the strip... Was the only downside for me... Lots of walking... Nearest tram station is at MGM. Next time I will try for a hotel located on the strip...I stayed at Luxor in order to vacation with other family members also staying at the Luxor. The resort fees... Should only apply to those utilizing the items associated with the fees. Overall my stay at the Luxor was enjoyable and positive.

2 Stars Charles E April 25, 2011

The hotel smelled like smoke and it was not very pleasant! The food was pretty good! It defiantly is not the best kept hotel in vegas!

2 Stars John April 05, 2011

Hotel was ok. Resort fee was ridiculous. Food was good but pricey.

2 Stars Laurie April 01, 2011

The extra resort fee added to room rate is ridiculous. Only people who use those amenities should be charged for them. Food prices here and along the strip are way out of line. To get a decent price you need to go downtown. I will not stay here again.

2 Stars Stephanie March 13, 2011

Horrible experience!! Will never stay again. The Luxor is fine to go look around and even play but the hotel is an epic fail. Housekeeping us extremely rude and don't know how to clean. The trash wasn't taken out, the towels smelled like wet dog, our jacuzzi was dirty. Our son threw up in our room. After cleaning what we could we called housekeeping to see if they would bring cleaning supplies so that we could clean it. They asked us to leave and said they would take care of it. After returning we walked in and all they did was spray the room they didn't actually clean it. We called again and housekeeping argued with us that they did clean it since they put powder down and sprayed the room. They sent the housekeeping manager up who looked and agreed that it needed to be cleaned. They again asked us to leave so they could clean it. When we returned it again was not cleaned they just sprayed the room again. We called the housekeeping manager again who came up to take a look. Again she agreed that they needed to clean it. While she was talking to me another housekeeping came bursting through our door yelling that she did clean it because they put powder down and sprayed the room. I told them that when the next people check in they will not be happy to have vomit in the room that hasn't been cleaned. They agreed but said there was nothing more that they could do. My husband decided to go talk to hotel management and switch rooms. They first told him they were sorry that housekeeping was arguing with us about it and that they would comp us our first night there for the inconvenience. We were switched rooms and the same housekeeping manager came bursting into our new room (had the privacy sign on and she didn't knock) yelling at us for switching rooms. Nice way to treat customers. That same night a maintenance guy walked into our room without knocking (sign still on the door for privacy). when we checked out they still charged us for the first night that they said they would comp. My husband talked to the manager and was told there was nothing they could do about it. I would have given this place a 1 star but had to do 2 because their valet service is amazing. Big shout out to James at the valet service. He did a great job we lost our ticket once and he remembered us by name and was able to get our car without any information needed. He always kept our car close for us and always offered up directions before we left. He was the best part of our stay. We valet parked at many other casinos during our trip and didn't have anything near the experience as the Luxors valet service if really is the best!

4 Stars Lotso January 11, 2011

For what it is it's good. A cheap hotel on the strip. You get what you pay for!

2 Stars Kelly G January 02, 2011

Was not impressed with this hotel. We had a comp night so we tried it out. Got a very small room near spa. Tub and shower were the only nice thing about room. Flushed the toilet, sounded like airplane take off. No room safe! In morning you have to walk to the opposite end of casino for coffee at Starbucks...even though there is a closer one to rooms, they don't open in early morning. Didn't like the slots offered either.

5 Stars Georgy Vegas October 26, 2010

150% satisfaction here at the Luxor dunno why people rant an rave so much bout poxy bottles of water or coffee machines or even newspapers for F sake its vegas!!! All I wanna do is rest my eyes for 6-8 hours have a shave a shower and chill before heading out.. And the Luxor helps me do just that.. We did a week there starting 15/10/10 checking staff were amazing we got the airport facing room on the 19th floor .. Room was spot on, clean tidy new beds with thicker more comfortable mattresses! After flying for 11 hours with virgin the beds were amazing! Bathroom spot on love the walk in shower! Room temp was great loved the casino and the bars and places to eat it's not an ash tray I think it's alot less smokier then MGM and exalibire! Ya can't breath in exalbur after 6pm.. Of it's a nice warm day always walk on the outside yo get to strip don't use internal walkways takes forever.. The inclinators did shake a bit and found some were outbid service but on the flipside these were gonna be fixed so all good! Pool area and food courts were good too! Will deff reccomend this place ! X

4 Stars J October 08, 2010

Kool place to sleep and eat. Cross angel is kool go see the Believe show!!! :)

0 Stars Deb Gary Tanya n bob September 11, 2010

Stayed here may 2010 and would stay again can not fault it for the price

2 Stars TC from Boston August 29, 2010

Oh Luxor Luxor Luxor Luxor. Well I fell for the casino rate trick yet again. I was warmly greeted by a surly check in agent at the "Casino" check in area. Then I was given a Tower room and had to make the long trek back. (here's a hint they have there own lobby back there.) Once at the tower area, we followed the maze of corridors to the room, which as CSI once dubbed as murder central, room at the end of the hall with exit door right near by. The room on the fifth floor of the tower had a view of the pyramid, and the roof of the spa. There was a faulty AC unit that caused the room to be sweltering hot in the middle of the day, eventually at night it cooled down.

This is my 3rd stay at Luxor and I say the same thing every time, time to upgrade the rooms. The decor is dated and looks worn and the bed felt like laying on concrete.

3 Stars Pete August 15, 2010

I stayed here on my third trip to Vegas in 18 months cus it was so cheap. Definatley great value for money, pool was excellent, room was ok a little run down and didn't have a safe which annoyed me but room was clean and comfy never spend much time in the room anyway come on this is Vegas!! Hotel was funky and decor look brilliant.i've also stayed at Excalibur which I prefered cus casino was loads better, also stayed at treasure island which was my favorite out the three.

5 Stars Trevor August 13, 2010

Were staying two nights in two different rooms and they allowed us To check out and back in super early. The rooms are super clean and the staff is real helpfull and nice!

4 Stars Malc August 11, 2010

We just spent three nights in the pyramid. It was not like how I remembered from a few years ago, but the room was comfortable and clean. We got no coffee or water any of the days like you get else where, but that was of no major concern.

What I didn't like is the hounding you get from the time share people that are everywhere. The hotel is hard to navigate when you first get there, and when you are herded to a booth with bags in tow you really do not know what is going on. I would advise people to just say no and move on. I'm a little disappointed the Luxor allows this to go on.

2 Stars edith August 08, 2010

where do I begin... first we get into the hotel room, a spa suite, and use the bathroom sink, and its plugged. Call to the front desk, yes they will get someone up there right away. So we go out, hit the strip for 5 hours come back to our room and its still plugged. So we stop at the front desk on our way out again, explain this is the 2nd time requesting it to be unplugged. We are gone until 2am, come back and sink is still plugged. No one came to fix it.

Next morning as we are brushing out teeth, praying we will not have to clean up a mess with a plugged sink, we stop again at the front desk and ask to talk with a manager and this time we show her a photo of the plugged sink, at which point we tell her this is our third attempt to fix this issue. She comps our breakfast and we get the "we will get right on that". She kept her word and it did get fixed finally.

For the rest of this over priced hell hole, we were there a week, and one of the 4 "inclinators" was broke the entire time, so everyone crowed into 3, by the way these boxes of horror are not air conditioned and are like an oven.

Again on the first night we go to the "MORE BUFFETT" which is more horrible than good and priced high enough to make you think you are getting 5 star cuisine, only you aren't the food is tasteless and under a heat lamp for what I would assume are days. Not once while there did I see anyone replenish the food.

2nd day there in over priced underserviced hell we were supposed to be getting water and a daily paper along with internet service and local calls with our luxury fee. Which by the way internet and local calls are free in any hooker hotel. But not this luxury crapper. We call down to the desk and ask where our paper and water are, we are told that we need to pick them up at the desk, so on our way back that day we stop and ask for our water and paper (truthfully we wanted the water more than the paper) only to be told they aren't doing that any more.

By the time we get to our room I am fit to be tied. So I call down and ask for a manager. What I got was a man who didn't know the first thing about customer serivce. I was told and I quote "its not our fault you weren't paying attention when we discussed your amenities"

WTF?? How is crappy service and false representation of the Luxor my fault for not paying attention?

I have been to a few dive hotels, this was my and my husband's first really nice adult vacation, and it was totally tanked by the horrible service of the Luxor. Their cafe was the only good thing about the entire dump.

I made the comment to the waitress at the cafe the food was much better there than at the buffet and she said she knew, no one liked the food there.

As for the rest of the hotel, they clearly have the same smoke scrubbers that were originally installed back in the dark ages, because that place reeked to the point of causing migraines. One of their working inclinators walls shook to the point of making me think it was being held together with bubble gum and duct tape. In our room there was a hole, yes a hole in the wall. The couch in the sitting room had God only knows what on it, there was food and other substances, I never want to think about all over it. The bed was lumpy with springs coming up through the mattress and don't even get me started on the fact that there was never, NEVER, a fitted sheet on the bed. Apparently they can only afford flat sheets. I never lifted it to see what the mattress looked like. I was too afraid.

Save your money, go to a hotel that has better service and is cleaner. Had I known I would have gone to the MGM or New York. They both were clean and didn't smell like an ashtray.

4 Stars Danny August 06, 2010

Luxor was awesome. Stayed 4 nights with free upgrade to west tower with pool view. Very nice rooms.

5 Stars Sby August 05, 2010

Love love love the Luxor

5 Stars Deidra August 01, 2010

The room was great althogh our first rooms air conditioning didn't work so we had to get another room. The hotel is fabulous the Titanic Exhibit is great

3 Stars Anne July 12, 2010

I booked a spa suite in the pyramid for 6 nights. The view was great, and the room was clean, but it was showing it's age. It should have had the carpet and wallpaper replaced at least a year ago. Instead of the sofa and table pictured on their website, there was a single rather shabby chair and floor lamp in the "suite" area. There is a small vanity table and stool, but this "suite" offers no additional tables or chairs than you would find on a regular hotel room. The armoire was nice and big, but the tv is placed in such a way as to make viewing VERY awkward from either the bed or the chair. The shower and bathroom are spacious, with large countertops, but once again, some of the fixtures are badly in need of updating. Internet access is complimentary, but it is NOT wireless, so you'll be tethered to the vanity table (with its backless stool) or have to run the cable across the middle of the room and perch your laptop on the foot of the bed. The spa bath was by far the BEST feature, and was put to good use every day! The staff were friendly and professional, and I felt like they really wanted me to enjoy my stay. There are quite a few different dining options, from gourmet to McDonalds, so take your time and poke around a bit. The casino was ok, but the one at Mandalay Bay (which is connected to the Luxor) is far superior. Overall, I wasn't terribly disappointed, but I think I'll try a different property next time.

0 Stars Nick June 29, 2010

Stayed for five nights in one of the pyramid rooms. Room was great, not sure why it gets bad reviews. You get what you pay for I guess. Maybe they should try wynn or somewhere like that. Casino was good, apart from losing. Definatly stay there again on our next Vegas trip.

5 Stars Scaramanga007 June 17, 2010

This was our first stay at the Luxor (north tower) and it was very enjoyable! The room was nice and service was prompt and friendly. The casino, sports book, food and shows were great! We're definitely planing to stay here next year and recommend it highly!!

4 Stars Shell May 25, 2010

Just stayed here for a week and loved it! Clean rooms and excellent staff. I had a room in the pyramid and had no problems . It's not the bellagio but a great place for a great value.

1 Star Bryan May 06, 2010

Mold in the shower and a shower head that dumps water against the wall!

3 Stars Kit Kitchens May 06, 2010

This rating is based purely on the casino. Luxor has really gone out of their way to lead the charge in the de-theming of Vegas and I like what they've done. Aurora and Liquidity are nice. I drank at Aurora with some friends and the cocktail service was not too bad. The tables are a little old and worn down and the major strike against the place is the Criss Angel casino chips. I guess of his show is going to bomb, he can be on my chips so he can take credit for them disappearing.

2 Stars Josh May 05, 2010

I stayed at the Luxor in March for a convention at Mandalay Bay. I stayed in one of their Player Deluxe Tower Rooms, certainly a lot nicer than the regular tower rooms or pyramid rooms, but for the price it wasn't that good a value. Room has upgraded furnishings and 42" LCD. Service is was solid, Room was cleaned at the same time each day. I thought the casino and atrium area was pretty decent and pleasant. However, if you are attending a show at Mandalay Bay, pay the extra money and stay at TheHotel if you can.

3 Stars DonR May 04, 2010

I stayed in Luxor in March 2010. The first room we were assigned was in the pyramid. From the moment you opened the door, the smell of mold was overwhelming. There were water stains running down the walls and the curtains. We turned around and asked for another room. We were told we could stay in the tower for $20 more per night. The tower room was similar to any Comfort Inn--nothing special. However, at night, the hotel was extremely noisy with frat boys running up and down the hallways and banging on doors and screaming at each other. The hallways are beaten up, with damaged walls and doors, and some of the hallways are fairly dark and scary to walk down.

I would pass on this one.

2 Stars Duane April 17, 2010

Stayed her for 3 nights for a wedding. There was something about the Luxor where I always wanted to stay there. Well, I'm did it, no desire to go back.

It wasn't bad, just nothing special. The room was OK, that's about it. Upon check in we were to receive coupons for 241 meals but the check in person said she didn't have any just go eat and they'd take it off at checkout. Right. That would never happen.

It was little stuff like that, that kept this from being a good place to stay. Like I said it was OK. I would definitely stay again for the right price but then we are not real picky on Vegas hotel rooms.

The fitness center was good but not worth the resort fee they charge.

Go, just don't expect the Wynn

3 Stars J&S April 16, 2010

Stayed 6 nights over Easter. Despite booking non-smoking room thro lastminute.com, 1st night they put us in a ground floor pyramid 'deluxe' room, which stank of old tobacco & was in dire need of a reverb, but credit to the front desk, they upgraded us to a much fresher tower room the next day for the rest of our stay @ no extra charge. Pool area was good, housekeeping ok & checkout was fine.

3 Stars Sasha April 15, 2010

So I'm not sure if this is the correct area for a spa review, but the spa at Luxor was amazing. My friend took me there for my birthday on our trip a few years ago. I can't remember which massage I got, but it was great, and I think I had some sort of wonderful scalp massage added on. I remember the wonderful hawaiian ginger smell from the shower that I used, each stall had a different fragrance. The hot pool with the waterfall and beautiful blue tile in the relaxing area was so enticing I convinced my friend to join me in it sans suits...because we could. I went back and used the showers again the next day with the free 2 day pass they gave us - it was nice since we had four people in our room with one bathroom. I dream of going back, but I also want to try out others to see what I'm missing!

Also, I'm not a big gambler, but my friends and I had the best time calling the Camel Races...not sure if that table it there anymore...?

2 Stars KeLesego March 30, 2010

I have stayed at Luxor for the past 4 years, and really like the casino. My one but constant problem is with house keeping. They just don't seem to be able to do even a passable job.

I stay for 4 weeks every summer: I am a H S statistics teacher. Last summer, in the 28 days, they forgot to replace the $12 "free" water 8 times, would not put out new soaps to replace the open ones. Once on the 5th day I had to track down a cleaning lady and ask for some. One pet peeve I have is that I use the ice bucket every night, and even when I leave the used liner hanging out of the bucket, half the time they will take the old one and not leave a new liner. They seem to not know how to count the towels, as there are a different number every night. I once had them take the bath mat, and all the hand towels and wash cloths without placing new ones(That was 4 years ago). I went a week before they changed the sheets once. Three years ago I had to finaly call house keeping to ask them to please come vacum my room. The players room has a coffee maker, but 3 times last summer. they did not leave any coffee, and once I got coffee but no cups.

I will be staying someplace new this summer. I still LOVE the poker room, and think the people at VIP check-in are fantastic. I really like this casino, but I have to just give up on their rooms.

3 Stars tc from boston March 30, 2010

If you are looking for a cheap dated hotel room, Luxor's pyramiad rooms are your best bet. The novel "inclanator" is fun to ride at first then painfully slow the rest of your trip. The massive TV armoir takes up a large portion of your room.

But if you're on a budget the Luxor isn't all that bad, a lot of food options, a large casino, entertainment options up the wazoo, and a large pool complex, make it not a total waste.

3 Stars Russell Sauve March 30, 2010

Disclaimer; I have not stayed here but gambled and drank here a few times. The casino is fine nothing special but the bars; Aurora and Liquidity aregreat for people watching. I've also been told that, according to someone who drinks them, that Luxor has the best mojitos

4 Stars adz March 26, 2010

I've stayed at Luxor twice, and found that a late night check in resulted in a West Tower One Bedroom suite, which was a most excellent room..seperate living room with bar, huge main bathroom, a half bath off the foyer..

I've also stayed in the Pyramid..rooms are fine..just wondering how they're going to move some of the heavy furniture out of rooms if rehabs are indeed being planned..

I enjoy the buffet, the casino and the overall feel of the place..but their check in rules are bizzare..you cannot check in until 11am..no exceptions..unlike most Vegas hotels when you check in pretty much whenever you wish..

3 Stars Brad March 25, 2010

Overall the room was ok. A resort fee was charged for two bottles of water and a paper, and several other small things. I never recieved a paper. I was asked when checking in if I wanted to put a credit card on file for any room charges. I said ok and after running my card was informed that $100 a day would be charged and any left over after my stay would be refunded. It took me 30 minutes to get this cancelled. The Luxor is too far from the other high end casinos. I will not stay here again.

2 Stars Jennifer Koclanis March 22, 2010

The Luxor is the worst hotel I've stayed at on the Vegas Strip (and I used to frequent the San Remo in my younger & poorer days, so saying Luxor is worse is really saying something!)

I was in town March 2010 which unfortunately was also Spring Break & March Madness. I had read some lousy reviews online of the Luxor but I was priced out of Mandalay Bay and I figured Luxor would be better than Excalibur (I was wrong). I also figured that with an upgraded Tower room I'd be "safer" than with a Pyramid room. Not so.

When I checked in, I noticed that the walls were paper thin from my first day, when I overheard the girl in the room next to me having an argument via cell phone with a boyfriend. I'm not saying I overheard someone murmuring - I could make out her words clearly. It was more amusing than annoying (at this point). It was also a signal to me to keep my noise to minimum, since obviously she could hear everything I said as well.

I also had some maintenance issues. The toilet in my bathroom was running constantly. The room was about 100 degrees. I put the AC on full blast. The next morning the room still wasn't very COOL after running at full blast all night, so I called maintenance and reported both issues. When I returned that night, they had fixed both problems and I was just happy they were fixed - I thought perhaps my stay at the Luxor wouldn't be so bad after all.

The big problem happened when my neighbors (the other side of the crying cell phone girlfriend) came in at 4:45am on my last night there. I woke up from a dead sleep to hear shrieking and slamming doors, music, and their entire conversation which included drink orders, introductions of where people were from, and cheers of "Spring Break!" and "VEGAS!" To be fair to these visitors, they probably were not being THAT loud. It's just that the walls are THAT paper thin. I think most of the time they were speaking in normal voices and the music was playing at about the level of a loud TV. These are not unreasonable levels of noise.

After a half hour, I realized I wasn't going to be able to sleep through this, and these people are NOT ready to go to sleep yet. I called the front desk and begged for earplugs. They had none, not even in the gift shop. I said that my neighbors were having a little party and were making quite a bit of noise and I couldn't sleep. The lady on the phone assured me she would get security up there. (And yes, I felt bad. I didn't want to break up their party, I think they should get to have their fun. Of course, I also think I should get to sleep through the night.)

45 minutes went by and if hotel security came by, I wasn't aware of it. The noise continued, and finally I remembered I had some cotton balls - which I used to plug my ears and finally get some rest. when I woke up at 7:45am (yes, this happened on a day I couldn't sleep in, of course - I had to check out to go home!!) they were still partying next door.

Moral of the story is: Don't be fooled by the nice bathtub in the tower rooms. The Luxor, to use George Clooney's line, really is a shithole. Decent service can't make up for shoddy construction. But at least I've now learned never to travel without a set of earplugs.

4 Stars Ed Greenberg March 06, 2010

Excellent value. Pools are excellent. Tender Steak House is superior. Poor selection of video poker machines. Immaculate gaming floor with great bars. Major, major complaint - no smoking allowed in smallish sports/race book.

Buffet is below average but a bargain only if you take the "eat all day" one price special. MGM and Mandalay nearby have far superior buffets and a greater selection of restaurants.

3 Stars Brian February 20, 2010

Decent "value" hotel. You get what you pay for. It was NOT bad for the price. The room was pretty much like a typical Holiday Inn style room. Nothing fancy about this place, but I didn't pay for a nice room. Worlds better than Excalibur.

0 Stars Julie G. February 19, 2010

I've never stayed at the Luxor before, but I know I'm looking for a good price. Hopefully all the comments about the cleanliness of the hotel are exaggerated!... Some people make a good point though when they say that the room isn't a big deal... b/c I'm not planning on spending a whole lot of time in my room!

For those of you who "just need a place to crash", would you recommend Luxor? Are there decent/fun places near by that you visit alot?

2 Stars Mark February 08, 2010

I have stayed here 5 different times. Three times in the pyramid, once in the towers and once in a players room.

4 out of 5 times had horrible housekeeping. The pyramid rooms really need work and are not worth it. Also as with a former report, they seem to pick up room service stuff only once a day, so trays and stuff seem to always litter the hallways.

The players room is also not worth the money if you are paying extra for it. (It was comped for me). It is no larger than a standard room, but with the wet bar, has less overall space.

The buffet has always been horrible, but the cafe which used to be fantastic is also going downhill. The cathouse is great but not cheap. The Deli is also really good. I don't care for Mexican, but T&T upstairs gets great reviews.

I keep staying at Luxor because of how cheap it is for me with comped upgrades and other comps, but I plan to stay somewhere else this summer even knowing I will spend 500-700 more. (all my food is comped at Luxor) The housekeeping is just that bad.

3 Stars Teresa February 03, 2010

I stayed in Players Club Room in west and east towers over Christmas. My first room in west towers started leaking the third day of my stay and I was moved to a room in the east towers. The room had flat screen plasma tv, wet bar, refrigerator, pillow top king bed, jetted tub and separate shower. What I found lacking was no in room safe. I can not believe a major strip casino hotel does not have in room safes in every room! I was also perplexed that all the restaurants (except cafe and buffet) were closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas. In all the other hotels I visited the restaurants were open. I had Christmas dinner at Fiamma in MGM. My third probiem is when I checked in I was told in order to charge incidentals (like room service) to my room a $100 hold would be placed on my credit card for each day of my stay. Since I was staying for 5 days i said no to the charges. This was in addition to the exhorbitant resort fees that all the MGM properties now charge. There was one bright spot in my stay: I had good luck with the slots! Although the rooms are reasonably priced for a Strip hotel, I don't think I will be returning to the Luxor. There are just so many nicer and newer hotels on the Strip to choose.

2 Stars David Martinez February 02, 2010

My wife and I will never stay at the Luxor again. I had stayed at Luxor a few times before, and I booked reservations for us to stay in the Pyramid for our Anniversary las June. I wanted her to hsve the Luxor experience, and also so we could ride up on the Inclinator. Aside from the beauiful lobby and pool area, We will fail the rest of the hotel.
Our room was a sauna suite, and it was very poorly maintained. The couch was frayed, the armoure was chipped, as well as the coffee table. Overall a pretty junkie room.
And to top it all off was when by our seats in which we were laying out by the pool, we had the misfortune of seeing a couple men in Speedos dry- humping each other to techno music on the other side of the walkway pool area. later of course we found out about the Gay/Lesbian pool area. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't want to see a man and a woman dry-humping either.
Bye-bye Luxor!

1 Star Carolyn January 31, 2010

Watch out for this one, guys! When we opened the door to our room, a stale damp smell hit us and we noted how shabby the place looked with peeling wallpaper. The carpet was soaked from the window to the edge of the bed. When I called up about it, reception told me that about 99% of the rooms leaked when it rained so there wasn't any point moving. When out of our room the next day, several things were stolen when the room was being made up including a digital camera and some souvenirs.

You'll also be hit for a compulsory 'resort fee' at the end of your stay, about $15 a day for two tiny bottles of water and a newspaper.

AVOID THIS ONE!!! Sure it has it's novelty value but anything more than a walk through of this hotel will end in tears. It was such a disappointment, I think even a $25 Circus Circus room would have been better.

2 Stars BDRmike January 16, 2010

The rooms were filthy, mold in the shower and sink. beds were shot. Maid service was Terrible. hallways had glasses and trash in them the whole time.

5 Stars Iceblaze13 January 14, 2010

My family loves the Luxor! We've stayed at multiple casinos on the strip and the Luxor have given us the most for our money's worth. Always try to stay at the tower rooms as they are newer and cleaner. The casino is fun and offers multiple games for an average budget. If you're more high end, Mandalay Bay is just a promenade walk away. So is the Excalibur. I completely enjoy the Pyramid Cafe but they also have a small food court on the second floor if you wish to grab something quick.

4 Stars ChaoticHavok January 08, 2010

The $20 trick works if you want to get the upgrade to the Tower rooms. The tower rooms are clean and spacious. The room did lack a minibar, a safe, and an LCD TV. However, that is minor. We stored our alcohol in the sink on ice and was barely in the room. From our view we could see north on the strip. During the night there are a few hookers. Cathouse is awesome when LAX is not open. Cocktail service is better than some. Front desk is friendly and helpful. Interior of the pyramid needs a bit of work. Don't fully trust the promo videos that's playing throughout the hotel. The free tram between Mandalay Bay and Excalibur gives a quick way between properties. Service at the players club is slow. Buffet is a pass but the Pyramid Cafe is recommended. I would definitely stay at Luxor again. BTW the woman on hotel channel 100 is hot!!!

3 Stars Sopher January 08, 2010

Got a suite with 3 other guys. Nice extra sitting room. Cool hot tub. Bathroom could have had more bells and whistles, but the room was clean and decently decorated. Once were on our floor, was like a 5 minute walk to our room from the elevator. When you're intthe lobby, don't look up. The pitched floors toward the center ofthe pyramid are freaky. Great access to Mandalay bay, Excalibur and ny ny. Buffet is decent fr the price. Clubs could us a bit more talent. Oh, there were ample escorts all over the casino floor, if ur up for that. It's just annoying if ur married and a good boy. Would stay here again, if the prices stay comparably low.

4 Stars Ace macgregor January 06, 2010

Try the 20 dollar trick! We got upgraded over new years to a tower room with a view of the pyramid which is super cool at night! The rooms in the tower are much quieter, cleaner, and larger. The casino is soooooo much fun here. Good cocktail service and lots of excitement. The restaurants are the downfall but you can walk to Mandalay bay or Excalibur easily! Sportsbook is tiny but typically empty. My biggest complaint was the timeshare salespeople harrassing us as we walked in. If you have a bag you're getting pitched to! We politely declined and they laid off. I would definitely stay here again and they have huge sales on rooms all the time. Think planet Hollywood but way less expensive!

5 Stars Cindy December 13, 2009

Beautiful new casino. Everything is modern and shiny!

3 Stars VegasFunFacts October 30, 2009

Clean room, good staff, overall a nice place. I personally recommend attempting to upgrade your stay. The basic rooms are kinda blah (though sometimes there are great deals), but the suites are nice. Eating there is not great, but the location to nearby Mandalay is nice if you're looking upscale. Pool is pretty cool and inclinators are worth it the first time...after that, it just starts feeling weird. Especially if you've had a couple, 14 drinks.

4 Stars Doodog October 28, 2009

Great value. Clean hotel. Do not belive the nasty reviews. This hotel is ok

1 Star Trudy nevland October 26, 2009

Box office staff and a photographer rude not helpful and not uplifting at all.

3 Stars Jenny October 10, 2009

The hotel itself was nice however I barely made it in the door with my bags and was overwhelmed with the amount of staff trying to get me to take vouchers for all the shows (this continued every 5 minutes when I was in the lobby). I stayed in the tower which was a 10 minute walk to the elevator and when I finally got to my room I was not impressed. For being a newer room, it was very outdated. The room was clean and the bathroom was large but old. We stayed in a suite so the room wasn't the cheapest and for what I paid I could have stayed in a suite at Mandalay Bay. I've stayed at many other hotels and the Luxor has been the worse. If the price was extremely lower it would have been okay, but it's not worth the money.

5 Stars speedbird October 04, 2009

I loved this place and will be back next time. I paid à fair price and got à clean, nice room behind the Sphinx. So I had à View to the MGM, Mandalay Bay and Excalibur. Staff was really friendly and got my room alrady at 12:00pm.

3 Stars Jose September 30, 2009

This place is not too bad and not too great. We got a mid week speical on the room and it was ok. Bed was decent and bathroom was clean. Did most of our gambling downtown because their slot machines are much looser. Only complaint about the Luxor was their dinner buffet which was awful. The next morning I was farting like a 95 year old man. But to make the best of the worst I saved a couple of farts and let them rip on the elevator as I departed to the casino and as other patrons entered the same elevator to go to their rooms. I think I gassed em pretty good. The food was bland and if you were blind you would not have known what you were eating because everything tasted the same. Their prime rib was tough and I asked one of the waiters for a chain saw to cut it and he didn't find much humor in my comment. But all in all not a bad place to stay.

4 Stars Tori September 24, 2009

Had 7 nights and had a great time hotel is like butlins on steroids haha - great place to stay and not stuck in the 70s like other middle range hotels. It's a bit of fun and good value.

3 Stars Dee August 25, 2009

First time in Vegas. I was lost but ppl were really nice. Got room on the casino level. It stinks bad. Our friend got obe of those nice tower rooms which was very nice. It's connect to Mandalay so we were there for alot if our conventions. Haven't cotton a chance to try the resturantd yet. I suggest stating at the Mandalay.

3 Stars Nigel Crompton August 23, 2009

Had a great time in January this year. Rooms are a bit dated and the Casino was very smokey but overall very good.

4 Stars Steven209 August 17, 2009

We had a good stay but the rooms need a upgrade. I was very please with the hotel and the workers there. They were very nice

4 Stars Mr. Sandman August 13, 2009

Got a great deal in pricing. While lots of attention is paid to the exterior, the rooms need an overhaul.

5 Stars Mstazzle August 12, 2009


4 Stars Krishna August 12, 2009

Unlike some of the reviewers, I had no problems staying at Luxor. The room was nice, but not over the top. I got a great deal so I felt that I got what I paid for. Hey, I didn't go to Vegas to sit in my room. I would recommend Luxor to my friends and family.

5 Stars Mstazzle August 02, 2009

Very impressed. Honestly I liked it better than mgm room wise. Food isn't the best. Lax sucks. But very clean and friendly staff. Carrot top was fantastic.

3 Stars AWELLS July 31, 2009

Cool exhibits. Decent places to eat. Pool is nice but a little too diverse. Don't stay here if you are looking to find young singles at the pool. A lot of 60+ guests. Rooms look like any room any where, nothing special. With the huge atrium and all the attractions it really feels like a Vegas hotel.

2 Stars Elisha June 03, 2009

Its a really nice hotel from the outside. The lobby is also nice. When you get to the room it seems as if the room should go in another hotel. I stayed in the pyramid rooms. The room is big but very plain and in desperate need of an upgrade. The bed was a very cheap queen set. Like at a wholesale store. The pillows were extra flat. The view was horrible. I had a view of the tower. I don't really have to see the strip but i also couldn't see the mountains. I couldn't see much of anything. The iron did not work. It wouldn't get hot and it spilled water all over my clothes. I called housekeeping and it took them an hour to bring me another one. For the room i got i could have stayed at the Stratosphere and got the same quality of room at a much cheaper price. The hotel should be considered a 3 star.

3 Stars Alix May 24, 2009

2nd stay at Luxor in 10 years. Pyramid rooms are getting long in the tooth and could be cleaner. Switched to tower-better. Hotel should focus on better detailed cleaning and better bedding. The valet guys are amazing. Good location, good value, and service was good.

4 Stars Lisaloo May 08, 2009

I'm from England and went to Las Vegas in 2005 and stayed at the Luxor. Ever since I got back I was going on and on about going back. I love everything that is Las Vegas! I returned from a week in sin city this week. Again I stayed at the Luxor. It is an amazing building, when you walk in you will be shocked at just how big it is. It may not be the most fancy hotel on the strip but who cares, you get to go in all the others any way. The rooms were pretty standard however the bathroom was very large and all was very clean, only downfall was that the rooms are a little dark. The hotel offers a large range of food to suit all taste and wallets. Staff were always helpful and friendly. Really enjoyed ourselfs.

3 Stars Jei April 30, 2009

The Luxor is spank in the middle between the Mandalay & the Excalibur. It is also half way in quality between the Mandalay & Excalibur. If you don't want to pay 5 star Mandalay prices but don't want to compromise with Excalibur

3 Stars Christina April 26, 2009

A nice hotel for the price. The rooms aren't anything special but they're fine for the amount of time you'll actually spend in it. Not the most luxorious hotel, but a good place for a reasonable price.

5 Stars Deana B-Florida February 22, 2009

My husband and I just got back yesterday from staying at the Luxor, it was amazing, food was incredible no matter where you ate, food comes in all price ranges there. We saw Carrot Top, Fantasy and the Titanic exhibit for 50% off thanks Tix4Tonight! Saw Criss Angel believe front row, I felt was worth every penny, I even interacted with him which put the frosting on the cake for me. Room was clean, hotel was clean everywhere you looked. We will definitley me returning to the Luxor! Highly recommended.

5 Stars Mark Lippa January 21, 2009

Have stayed here 3 times now & highly recommend the Lux. Staff are always friendly & helpful. Rooms are immaculately clean

4 Stars Mary January 02, 2009

We stayed at the Luxor Thanksgiving Weekend. It was our first time. We like it. It was a nice hotel. We were in the pyramid room. The beds could use some upgrading but other than that all was good.... We would stay again.

3 Stars chris g December 27, 2008

We've stayed at Luxor for three years running, and I can safely say it has gone a bit downhill. It's under new ownership as I understand, and that will inevitably bring some good changes, but I'm not impressed with what they've done so far. First of all you have a choice: the pyramid rooms, which are old and barely functional, or the tower rooms, which are nicer but more expensive and offer poor access. The Egyptian theme that I enjoyed is being slowly phased out. They seem more interested in attracting a young, rich crowd that wants to pay a cover charge for about 17 nightclubs. The IMAX theater is gone, as well as the (rather dated) arcade. On the upside, we find a lot of good deals on rooms at Luxor, as well as good access to Mandalay Bay. The monorail service to Mandalay Bay and Excalibur is pointless; you could just about walk to either one in the same amount of time. The check-in line moves quickly, mostly because the staff don't mince words and keep it moving. Overall Luxor is still a cool-looking place but the shine wears off the more money you spend here.

0 Stars Detlev Kesten June 30, 2008

We have stayed at the Luxor several times over the past 7 years, and we always found it to be a clean, pleasant place to stay. In fact, we're going back in August and didn't think twice about booking the Luxor again.

Sure, you can get more luxurious trappings elsewhere, but the rooms have always been clean and adequate, and the check-in quick enough. When there are long lines, you can always check it with the bell captain and enjoy Vegas for a few hours instead of griping about the long lines.

While the hotel is not mid-Strip, it's easy enough to get around by walking, cab, the tram, or the Deuce (the bus driving up and down the strip all the way into downtown).

Give the Luxor a try, you won;t be disappointed.

0 Stars Marty March 31, 2008

After reading literally hundreds of reviews, some good some bad, my friends and I decided to opt for the Luxor.
We arrived in mid march (later to be told its mad march and notoriously busy due to some kind of netball ;-D) and fully expected a horrendous queue for new guests. It was actually very good and despite looking awfully big it only took about 25 mins for us to be on our way to our rooms via inclinator 4. At this stage let me please say the Hotel looks awesome and is massive, the main entrance is huge and easily navigated, very easy to find reception and concierge service.
Anyway, the cool lift got us safely to floor 8 and off we went to our Pyramid deluxe rooms. Now I had read many reviews about how tired looking these rooms were, how badly the furniture had aged, how unclean the rooms were, bugs roaming etc but let me tell you it was absolutely spotless upon arrival. Plenty of space, great double bed, fantastic double shower, large t.v (even if American t.v is full of ads for lawyers!) and a nice feel to it. Being hyper critical the room was slightly on the dark side as the sloping glass is tinted quite heavily, that said I had realised this as it was me that had booked staying IN A PYRAMID!:-D
Depending on where you are staying in the Luxor the views vary, we had a partial of vegas and a fair bit of the car park. That said I didn't come to Vegas to spend hours looking out of my window.
The facilities were good in the room with an iron, hairdryer, ironing board, t.v, toiletries, lots of storage but no kettle/tea making facilities. I think this is a cunning ploy as there is a Starbucks (three in fact) situated just before the elevator!
Oh, and absolutely NO bugs of any sort! Which was good as I dont like the buggers.
Ok, that pretty much covers the room, the rest of the hotel then...service at reception is very good, very helpful and polite, room service was quick, Starbucks staff were typically one paced but not at all bad, barmen/ladies were fantastic, croupiers had a sense of humour, in fact the only negative I can think of is that the breakfast staff, especially the mexican looking fellas, were a bit miserable.
Onto that then, we had the breakfast buffet a few times and at $12 it was great value...lots of fresh fruit, loads of pastries, loads of cooked items incl bacon & eggs..lots of eggs in fact, and pancakes, waffles and maple syrup. The food was great and the queue was not too bad if you got there before 9am. The casino in the Luxor is small compared to most others but I enjoyed my time there and fund all the croupiers and pit bosses approachable and friendly. There was a decent shopping area and fast food section upstairs and it did put on some shows (even if I would suggest going to others first..carrot top was rubbush and Fantasy was merely ok if a bit expensive @ $70).
Upon checking out the luggage guys were extremely helpful and good and of curse that was appreciated in the way of a tip.
To summarise then The Luxor was the best hotel I have ever stayed in and I found it to be clean, tidy, have good staff and overall id mark it 8/10. The thing is it was my first time in Vegas and after looking at all of the other hotels there you can see that whilst excellent it really is not in the top 5 of Vegas. And thats no criticism, the strip has some of the best hotels in the world, but I would conclude that if you go to the Luxor you will have a great time, but for me personally I am going to try another next time I am in Vegas. Maybe the Wynn as it looked amazingly impressive.
Thats it, Great job Luxor, thanks for the pleasant memories.

0 Stars kevin reilly October 08, 2007

spent 2nd time in luxor , hotel was good was in pyramid ,but wish i had took a tower room again.
bar staff were great only problem i had was with the fusia restruant , despite good reviews i found it terrible , starters were luke warm and staff so-so , would never eat here again , but in general hotel was good.

0 Stars Pat September 10, 2007

We stayed in the pyramid and the rooms were showing wear and tear. The tower is newer and nicer but they are renvating rooms now. Has the best run poker room in Las Vegas, great promotions and absolutely the best and friendliest staff!! This fact is why they attract a friendlier and more varied group of players. The off strip poker rooms are dominated by the locals who act as if they resentyour being there in thier game! The Luxor has a blend of better class locals and a nicer group of guests.

Still a great hotel and the Pyramid Cafe is the best 24 Hour place in Las Vegas.

0 Stars Sherry Ewing September 05, 2007

My husband and I stay at the Luxor because of their poker room. We love to play Texas Hold 'Em and think the Luxor has the best run poker room we've played at in Vegas. The staff is awesome and they offer 2/4 Limit. We have played for 12 hours straight sometimes. We stayed in the pyramid room and while not as nice as the tower it was fine. The housekeeping service was great as well.

0 Stars Parker September 03, 2007

Everything was excellent! We stayed at Luxor Aug 28 - Sep 1. We originally booked a Pyramid Room but were upgraded for FREE to a tower Room on the 18th Floor with an excellent view. Everything was clean had room service everyday even if left the room late at 1130 or 12. Bathroom was very spacious. The pool was nice and spacious, with plenty of chairs available for all. The new Bar Flight is a great deal if you get the Sampler cocktails. 3 for just $12. LAX opened this weekend and had huge lines, we did not want to wait and went to the Palms instead. The dealers were very friendly. I received a comp for 2 for Champagne Brunch on Sunday which was great, free Mimosas and Champagne. Check in had about 45 people in line but only took 15 minutes at about 1:30 when we arrived at the hotel. Check out was very fast. Used baggag storage for a late flight we had when we left and everything went fast and smooth. Would gladly go back. Highly recommended!

0 Stars Andrew August 26, 2007

Pyramid rooms are a bit unclean and tough to stand up in near the window if you're tall. I've visited friends rooms and they're not too great, especially if you get one of the ones in the back. Plus, the inclinators get old.

I got an easy upgrade using my Players Club card to a tower room. Much better. The bathroom is the best part - tub, marble, nice shower. Ratings are based on the tower room.

This place is cheap enough, use your MGM Mirage activity and book via VIP services. You'll be able to save a LOT of time checking in.

Pool is decent, cabanas aren't as nice as other hotels, but not as expensive either.

0 Stars Jack MeeHoff June 30, 2007

Not really a bad place to stay if you get a deal. I've heard these knuckleheads finally put a check in counter at the west end...that's great. In the past, if you were staying in a west tower room, you would have to drag you luggage a mile back and forth from the east check in counter. Slots there are pretty tight and the buffet kinda sucks. Rooms need to be updated. Our room smelled like a week old elephant fart and there were "pecker" tracks on the comforter.

0 Stars Redlorelei May 29, 2007

They have the worst customer service. I booked a non smoking room in the pyramid and was given a SMOKING room in the tower. The room stunk to high heaven. When I called front desk they refused to move me to another room. All I got was well we're sorry, but we can't do anything. That completely soured my whole trip. The walls are paperthin and the bathroom was meant for handicapped people. Not worth the money I spent and and I have a $120 charge from them I have to now dispute.

0 Stars kk May 21, 2007

We stayed last August. I don't recommend it. It was clean and the room was big enough. But, we had a view of the airport... Also, the pool was freezing!!! It was so uncomfortable no one was swimming. I have gone to Vegas for years now, and had always wanted to stay at the Luxor, but was very disappointed with it in general. The layoout of the floors to get from place to place is confusing and it was loud from the club downstairs. Many of the restraunts were under construction and for the higher price than the Flamingo, I really expected more, not less.

0 Stars Drew May 11, 2007

We will not return. The buffet was below average. One night we called room service and there was a 45-60 minute wait. Much more smoky than other casinos.

0 Stars Christina May 11, 2007

We got to the Luxor at 1 am, so there was no wait. The check-in person was very unfriendly and more concerned about it being the end of her shift. We had reserved a non-smoking room, but got a smoking room. We often had to switch elevators due to the elevator not recognizing our room key, which was very aggravating. There is not much action whatsoever at this hotel. This hotel is also not located in the "hippest" section of the strip. My parents had called in to the hotel to give us a credit to spend and they gave them the run-around and wouldn't take their credit card without faxing something to them, and having them return fax it. (They were also on vacation and this was a major hassle and inconvenience). We would not stay here again. The buffet line in the morning is VERY long and makes you feel like you're at Disney World. The beds were VERY uncomfortable. Poor view.

0 Stars Ryan May 07, 2007

The interior design of these rooms is awful. The condition of the rooms is even worse. Carpet was gross, needed painting, needed a complete remodel. The towels were so threadbare that you could see through them. This "resort" is along the lines of a Motel 6.

0 Stars Harold April 24, 2007

Consistantly a great place to stay. Clean, comfortable, modern. Not the most upscale place on the strip, not the most courteous staff. You will be satisfied and comfortable in your room, especially for how cheap it is. Tower rooms are recently remodeled for a more modern feel. Pyramid, a little worn, but cheaper and not recommended. The novelty wears off quickly there. But a great value. Keep in mind, it's not near 'mid-strip'. Restaurant selection is mediocre, but who cares, the city is at your doorstep. Service is something to be desired, but certainly not rude. Pretty much the standard anywhere now.

0 Stars Two Young Lovers March 17, 2007

The price was good, the decor was a little kitchy. We stayed in the attached towers, and the shower and separate bath were nice, but all in all the whole egyptian motif was done "on a budget" it seems.

Did win money at the blackjack tables though, so I'm not going to complain too much.

But...where is the free wireless internet? I continue to be pissed at a supposed "luxury" hotel that doesn't have the same amenities as a roach motel down the street.

0 Stars Mike O'Herron January 06, 2007

We stayed at the Luxor Dec 10-14 2006. West Tower suite, Rm 10221. Excellent room. Very clean room and building. The cleaning crews were thorough and friendly.
We really enjoyed the place. That time of year is not busy, and the stress seems lower for all the various service people: front desk, dealers, wait staff etc. They were all in a good mood, courteous and helpful. Very refreshing.
Everything about the hotel was excellent, EXCEPT the buffet. Skip it!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 16, 2006

We stayed for our honeymoon five years ago in one of the jacuzzi suites. Very nice. Beautiful room. We loved the hotel. No safes in room, but safe deposit boxes are easy to use there.

For those complaining that self-park is too far from the front desk, don't be so cheap. Use valet parking. It's very easy and quick. Just pull up under the sphinx. Only a $2 tip, or $5 if you're feeling generous, when you pick up your car. They are very quick by the way at getting you your car, at least when I was there, and courteous.

One other thing. When we were leaving, the bellhop who came to get luggage tip hustled us. Said that his shift was about to end, so ... and then he held out his hand, awaiting his tip which he felt that we owed him. What an asshole. These jackoffs pool tips and you tip when the luggage is put in your car, not when it is picked up. So he was taken care of despite it being the end of any shift for him. Besides it occurred to me later he could go around all night saying it was the end of his shift and make quite a bit of dough. If some jerk does this to you report him so he gets fired for tip hustling.

Other than that we loved the place. The pool is kinda boring, but hey, it's huge. Lots of room.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User March 26, 2006

This place indeed is highly over rated. We used to go there all the time and attended slot tournaments. Their last few tournaments were boring and I told them that. The slot staff is only concerned about an individual's wagering and not the individual, but that is what they are trained to do. They are there to bring your money into their profits and that is it! They couldn't give a ^%$# about the people.

Their slot machines are tighter then Fort Knox and their buffet absolutely sucks!

And yes, to get to your room takes a hike. They should have check in counters at each end of the casino so people staying in the west tower don't have to walk a mile.

We won't go there again.

0 Stars maggiepaul March 20, 2006

Cracked tile on bathroom floor, never got fixed, cut my foot on it. Beds were like sleeping on a slab of concrete - that sucked. Service in the lounge, poor at best, but the buffet...I loved it, way better than the Rio, the food was delicious!! Only reason I'd go back there would be for the buffet.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 08, 2006

What is wrong with everyone not liking LUXOR? We love it!! Everything about it!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 16, 2006

Some free advice to those of you that stay at the Luxor.

Don't stay in a Pyramid Room...period!

And if you have a room reserved in the east tower be prepared to drag your luggage about a half a mile. The parking is on the opposite side of where the front desk is.

And if you are staying in the west tower, stage all of your luggage somewhere as soon as you enter the casino from the parking area and have someone in your party watch it. That way you won't have to drag it one half a mile to the front desk and then one half a mile back to the west tower.

You'd think they would have put the front desk in the west side close to the parking lots/garage, but Einstein was not consulted beforehand.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 16, 2006

What resort onwership in their right mind would design a casino and build the parking lot a mile away from the hotel front desk?

Answer: LUXOR

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 16, 2006

What resort onwership in their right mind would design a casino and build the parking lot a mile away from the hotel front desk?

Answer: LUXOR

0 Stars RateVegas.com User December 30, 2005

Place is a pit. Was upgraded to a jacuzzi suite. What a disappointment. Everything was worn out and threadbare. Dark and dingy. Matresses and pillows were shot. Annoying elevator/inclinator that gives you vertigo. Nice casino staff, actually learn your name.

Ugly place, don't bother. Stay in the Monte Carlo, or any place on the southern stretch of the strip.

You have been warned.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 09, 2005

Aug 27, 2005

Our first room was on the 16th floor, a pyramid spa suite, the a/c hardly worked and the room and whole floor had a burnt rubber smell, they had no other rooms available until the next day. We had a pretty mountain view and the 2 rooms were very large. The next day we were moved to a smaller spa suite on the 19th floor but the ac worked very well.Rooms were kind of shabby, for $249 I would have expected a cleaner room. And be prepared to walk, our second room was 1/2 mile to the inclinator.Staff was friendly.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User August 02, 2005

Highly overrated. Great place to visit, but you really don't want to stay here. Overpriced for what you get, which is a basic room, but "it is in a pyramid!!" -- whoopee, big deal. Not a dump, it actually is a great place to see and experience -- and then go stay somewhere else for less money and just as many amenities.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 03, 2005

I was there in Nov. 2004. Room was outdated. Carpet was worn out. It just had an old and run-down feel to the rooms.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User April 13, 2005

My girlfriend and I stayed at Luxor between April 5-9. The room was OK and the huge shower was a nice touch. My main issue with Luxor is its location and the distance from the frontdoor to one of the "inclinators" and our room. Being at the bottom of the strip makes for a lot of walking and there is nothing worse than getting to the front door of the hotel and realizing that you have another 1/2 mile to get to your room. If I had to do it over a mid strip location has many advantags. If you do stay at Luxor ask for a room near the inclinator. If not you could do some extra walking.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User March 29, 2005

We just returned from 3 nights at the Luxor in room 7155.

We had asked for a non-smoking room. Still, all of our clothes smelled like smoke when we returned home, even the ones we never used.

I don't think non-smoking rooms exist in this hotel.

We had a room for 4 people. When we arrived, there were towels for 3 people. WHY do hotels do this??? We had to ask for, wait for, and the tip for extra towels.

ALL of the staff was A+! Every single person we had contact with, from front desk to housekeeping to security guard, especially Juan. He was excellent. Highest recommendation for him.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 20, 2005

I don't know what is wrong with these people who rate the LUXOR less than excellent. This is one of our favorite hotels. The rooms are nice and very clean, the tower rooms are in better shape than the pyramid rooms, but both are nice!!! The pool is AWESOME! The water temp is perfect, the drink service is excellent! We have stayed here several times! I think it is the BEST value on the strip. You can find better, like Man. Bay, but you pay twice as much! $89 a night in mid summer is EXCELLENT! The cafe is great, kinda pricey but huge portions. Valet service is good, the building and decor is amazing! The casino is beautiful, but for low rollers like us, we don't tend to play the tables much. I LOVE THE LUXOR, WILL STAY THERE EVERY TIME FOR THE PRICE, VALUE, QUALITY AND AMBIENCE!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 30, 2005

We got great rates being that it was during the CES show. We had booked in Sept. Room was clean, modern, and a nice view. Some complain it was too far to walk but I didn't think so. No further than any other hotel on the strip. We would go back in a heart beat.

0 Stars Linda January 22, 2005

I stayed in the pyramid in early Oct. 2004. The hallways were a little shabby from my previous visit in 1999. I needed to call about the AC possible malfunctioning. A technician came to the room within 5 minutes of my call. A minor adjustment was made and all was well. I really got my exercise staying there. Everything's a walk. I did find the bridge to Mandalay Bay to be very beautiful. The shops are quite unique.If you stay at the Luxor be prepared to walk, or learn to use the bus system. The monorail wasn't working, so the bus came in handy.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User November 29, 2004


0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 10, 2004

I had a terrible stay here. First off, our view was of the Sphinx's exhaust fan. Second, the service was surly at best.

0 Stars wolf1000 August 14, 2004

The luxor is the best place to stay on the strip!!!.The rooms were great the service was five star all the way,it will be my new home when in vegas.

0 Stars JBF August 02, 2004

My wife and I stayed at the Luxor July 25-30. We flew in from the southeast for our first trip to Vegas. We decided to stay there after a detailed search on line (including this site). We were not disappointed. Rooms were good quality (complete with iron and hair dryer, which is not standard at some hotels) at a reasonable weekday price. We were in the west tower with easy access to spa, pool and ground transportation. While it definitely had the Egyptian theme it didn't seem over the top tacky like the Excalibur next door, or overly busy like NYNY and to a lesser extent the MGM Grand. We also considered the Tropicana, but we are glad we didn't stay there because it felt tacky and dated. In fact, because of its location somewhat out of the pedestrian traffic flow, the Luxor never felt overly busy or crowed. Because of the tram service between Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay Bay, most of those who were coming to the Luxor were either guests or this was a destination not a pass through. Enjoyed drinks and music at Nefertiti's lounge and food at the Pyramid Cafe.

Only drawbacks-- no coffee maker in room and execessively long line at the one coffee shop on the property. Lighting could also have been better in bathroom, but it had a stall shower and a separate bathtup. Also, pool hours are limited (closes at 8 p.m.)

We have also read about complaints about long lines at check in. When we arrived about 8 p.m. local time, there was no line. But, we did notice lines at peak check in and check out hours.

Be prepared to walk a great deal to get anywhere, including to the first monorail stop across the street and down the way to MGM. But, walking a lot to get somewhere would be the case no matter where you go in Vegas and you're always walking "through the casino !"

If you're a middle aged couple (35-50), we can highly recommend the Luxor. We also noticed few children, so it does provide a more adult environment.

0 Stars stevez49 July 05, 2004

everything is nice here except those very long lines to check in.

0 Stars luvnvegas June 18, 2004

In April, we had a tower room and a few family members had pyramid rooms. I was thrilled we opted for the tower room, the room itself and bathroom are much larger than in the pyramid. Also, 3 out 4 rooms in the pyramid all had waterspots and mold along the ceiling. Overall, we had a pleasant stay and would return in the future. Also, the trams and indoor walkways to Mandalay and Excalibur convenient.

0 Stars DenverDiva May 27, 2004

All in all I was happy with my stay. Luxor is quite a way down the strip, which I didn't realize so unless you want to go to Mandalay every night, be prepared to walk your feet off or call lots of cabs. The rooms aren't spectacular, but they were just fine for us. The pool(S) is huge, nothing fancy but we could always find a deck chair and a little space. A good value for the (usually low) price if you don't mind being in the outskirts a bit.

0 Stars Jimwad69 March 13, 2004

Really enjoyed my stay there. Will return next month. Regular rooms are spacious, Staff is friendly and efficient. Food is good. Price is very good for what you get. Only two beefs.
1. Wait for check-in can be long. We waited about 30 min but I have seen at other sites that it can be much worse.
2. Because only one inclinator goes to each floor, you can have a long walk to your room. Now, I don't mind walking, but my Dad has terrible ankles, soooooo.........
But like I said, other than that, I loved it. I'm going back in late March.

0 Stars swanboy333 February 19, 2004

We went for my birthday and got the jacuzzi suite. Pictures don't do these suites justice. The room waslarge, it was an average luxor room with a jacuzzi but it also connected to another room. Its was like two luxor rooms combined. Service was good. They delivered everything we asked for pretty fast. I have stayed here so many times. The tower rooms are slightly larger and have a tub and seperate shower. The pyramid rooms have slanted windows which is kinda cool. But I would always try to get the jacuzzi suite if I got the cance. It is well worth the money.

0 Stars lisabatty August 28, 2003

We had a lovely stay at the Luxor. The detail of the Egyptian theme was just right and hasn't got too tacky like some themed hotels. The atmosphere was relaxing and refreshing. Staff were very helpful (though sometimes a little slow on reception desk). The room was a good size and very comfortable - we were in a Pyramid Room on the 14th floor overlooking the airport and Strip. Rooms were quiet - no noise from the busy atrium outside the door. The bathroom was spotless, I cannot fault it at all. The maid service was very discreet and very good. Security staff and bell staff were very polite and helpful. We had a lovely stay and wouldn't hesitate to stay at the Luxor again - highly recommended.

0 Stars jimstraz August 08, 2003

This is a fun place to stay. I went with a group of friend from LA. We are all well educated professionals and wanted to have a good time. 8 of us total. We all got rooms next to each other in the Pyramid and it was fun and different. I really liked it and didn't feel like it was Circus Circus at all. The pool area was so cool. A really hot sexy crowd goes here. The bodies are amazing and it is like a big party during the day. I have very fond memories of the Luxor and will one day return. I prefer Four Seasons and Caesars Palace and Bellagio, but this place is very comfortable. I don't think you can go wrong here. Plus it is connected to Mandalay Bay. I love Mandalay Bay. If you are young and want to be around a chic crowd stay here or Mandalay Bay. You will be happy you did.

0 Stars Spangle July 20, 2003

We stayed at the Luxor in December 2001 and had a fantastic time. After the filight from the UK we would have been pleased with anywhere to lay our hats, but were blown away by the Luxor. While checkin was chaotic, our early arrival meant we had ample time to practice bending our necks back 90 degrees with our jaws agog to get the full view of the vast space that forms the atrium of Luxor. Thus we struck the pose that would see us in good stead for the remainder of our stay at Vegas. The fantastic vista that awaited us every morning when we opened our bedroom door (situated on the middle of the eleventh floor), stunned us in to silence: We were in awe of the vast space that greeted us and despite our daily hangover and fear of heights, we never cased to be impressed. The faded glory of the rooms only added to the charm and whilst we realised that we were staying in a once truly spendid hotel, the fun we had on the inclanators and getting stupendously lost in the casino, resulting in the need for a frequently administered "medicinal tonic", meant that we were glad we were staying somewhere where we could enjoy being carefree again without worrying about offending the people that insist on remaining mature in this hedonistic playground.

0 Stars wsmith1051 July 15, 2003

We stayed at the Luxor twice in the last two years, and will not hesitate to return. The rooms were clean and comfortable in the pyramid; next time we'll stay in the tower for a change of pace. The pyramid rooms have easy access to the casino and once you understand the floorplan everything is easy to get to.

0 Stars sames1 July 02, 2003

This is a unique hotel for sure. The pyramid design is amazing as are the inclinators they have instead of elevators. It's a strange sensation to go up and sideways to get to your room if you stay in the pyramid section, which is half the fun. The rooms in the pyramid are small , but not too small. The angled ceiling is a big strange, but the view can be nice if you get the proper side.
Service as fine. They check your key at the inclinators so that not everyone is riding up and down.
Overall it's fine.

0 Stars monti June 13, 2003

Will not stay here again. My stay was nice once we were able to check-in. Arrived at hotel on June 1st at 9:30 a.m., unable to check-in untill 5:20 P.M. Other people were checking in at 11:30. Was told that since I had reserved connecting rooms that it might take longer to get in my room, but to keep checking every hour or so. Check-in time is posted at 3:00 P.M. The check-in clerks and front desk supervisor said they have no control over housekeeping. THEY SHOULD. I also had reservations at Paris June 3-4th. Much, much nicer stay.I will not stay at the Luxor unless comped.

0 Stars jewelz June 09, 2003

Upon checkin we were upgraded to a suite for a smalll charge. Suite was spacious but poorly lit. Our unlucky friend down the hall happened to be one floor directly above the RA nightclub. The bass from the music kept him up until 4am. At 6am sharp the jackhammers start outside the window. They're building worlds largest convention center between Luxor and Mandalay Bay. Our friend was comped the entire stay after complaining to management. If you stay here, be sure to request a room away from the construction!

0 Stars bnsf600 June 08, 2003

The room I was in was in the pyramid and going up those
inclinators was a ball (most people complain about them).
It feels a bit odd at first, but then it is fun no matter
what room your floor is on. The bathroom was average. I
really liked the pool. The pool area is quite huge. It
doesn't have anything special like the wave pool at Mandalay
Bay, but it is a huge area with alot of room between
the lounges. There is plenty of room out there. Most
of the staff was nice and none seemed to be in a grumpy
mood while I was there so the service was good.

0 Stars wolfman1953 June 06, 2003

We stayed here May 2003. We had a tower Jr. suite for $109. The tower is the other as far away as Egypt. We did find it easier and quicker to go to the street level floor and pass through the group check-in to get to the casino. The room was at the end of a hall. The rooms were clean and spacious. The bathroom was in 2 time zones with a Jacuzzi and separate shower. There were enough towels for 8 people. Service was excellent.

0 Stars Hunter June 03, 2003

A recent stay at Luxor was not spectacular. Not that there was a specific event that soured my stay but my overall impression of the property decreased... It seems like it has evolved into a Egyptian themed Circus Circus in terms of quality of product offered... Make sure you avoid any room accessed via a 'Glassback' elevator. These are on very low floors and not the nicest of rooms. The security guard chuckled when we mentioned that was where our room was located.

0 Stars lostyouth June 01, 2003

Stayed here in 98. Room was nice. Liked the pool.

0 Stars madge62 June 01, 2003

Just returned from 5 nights at the Luxor (May 25-May 31). Very much enjoyed the whole atmosphere, the service was excellent. The inclinators were a real treat, travelling 39 degrees sideways was fun. Our room, on the 21st floor in the pyramid, was actually larger than I had thought it would be with a nice desk area for our laptop, a small table and chairs and a nice armchair. The housekeeping service was very good. We also enjoyed the pool area every morning, even though it was 98 degrees at 9 a.m.!

0 Stars Turtles May 30, 2003

We stayed in the jacuzzi room for three nights and it was great. The pictures of the room on the Luxor home page does not clearly show how large the room actually is. The jacuzzi size is more than enough for two people. We happened to get a very nice view of Mandalay Bay and a room next to the elevator.

0 Stars cote722 May 20, 2003

Excellent Service. When checking in, the front desk was going to give us a room on the 6th fl, but then told us it would be noisy because of some construction, so they bumped us up to the 22nd fl. Everyone on the Luxor staff was outstanding. Great resturants. Buffet is hidden away from the casino which is nice. No problems with check-in, check-out, housekeeping, or with other casino reps. Excellent service at the Nile Bar. One great thing about the Luxor, along with their sister hotels like Excalibur and Mandalay Bay, is when you walk in, you do not get "attacked" by hotel reps asking if you are married or if you want to see a show. This happen alot when walking into New York, New York. Stayed here for 4 days, 3 nights and will stay here again and again. A+++

0 Stars angreda May 10, 2003

I thought the Luxor was a great place to stay. The staff were very pleasant. At the desk the that lady helped us check in upgraded us to a jacuzzi room for all three nights instead of the one night we orginally reserved for. Plus those two extra nights were at no extra cost. I felt very safe going up to my room knowing only those who had room keys could go. I'd definately stay here again.

0 Stars dimsum April 18, 2003

I booked my vacation ( airfare and hotel) throught Orbitz. Cost was $250 for roundtrip airfare and 3 nights at Luxor.
Checked in at SFO (San Francisco) caught an earlier flight and arrived at Luxor at exactly 3pm. (Check in time)
Waited about 10 minutes in line, got a no smoking room in the West Tower with a king size bed. (room 11 359 to be exact)
I was very happy with the room. Nice view of the entire pyramid, spotless room and bathroom, nice tub and glass shower.
The maid never came in when we were there and always cleaned it beautifully.
We were all the way at the end of the hall between vacant hotel room and the emergency exit. Never heard any noise except for the occaisonal door closing down the hall.
I have very few complaint but I do have to complain however, this is a review.
The shower had very low water pressure making it hard to rinse my long hair, the air conditioning system was weak,and room service is very overpriced. Typical.

Out of all of the casinos on the Strip (and I went to all of them) Luxor was always the busiest. Maybe it's slow since the economy sunk, the war started, people are getting SARS, and the world is slowly ending...oops. I didn't say that,
But Las Vegas was very very slow compared to my pre 9/11 stay.
And I do mean very very slow.
People staying here should keep in mind that is hotel in on the South Strip.
The strip is a very long walk from one end to the other. Not a comfortable walk either.
So be prepared to take cabs, buses, trams, and trolleys.
Don't rent a car. There is too much traffic anyway. You will be guaranteed frustration. And who needs that on vacation?

0 Stars spinfamous April 18, 2003

i've always enjoyed the luxor. stayed in both the pyramid and tower rooms. pyramid rooms have a more central location, but the rooms feel a bit smaller due to the slanted shape of the outside wall. the main reason i stay here is b/c of the promotions they have from time to time on room rates. also, ra is my favorite nightclub in vegas, and as a guest of the hotel, you get to bypass the line. my only real complaints about luxor is that the lighting is a bit too dim, both in the rooms and in the casino, and that the beds are not as comfortable as those at palms, mandalay and monte carlo. overall a great value for a fun resort.

0 Stars spinfamous April 18, 2003

i've always enjoyed the luxor. stayed in both the pyramid and tower rooms. pyramid rooms have a more central location, but the rooms feel a bit smaller due to the slanted shape of the outside wall. the main reason i stay here is b/c of the promotions they have from time to time on room rates. also, ra is my favorite nightclub in vegas, and as a guest of the hotel, you get to bypass the line. my only real complaints about luxor is that the lighting is a bit too dim, both in the rooms and in the casino, and that the beds are not as comfortable as those at palms, mandalay and monte carlo. overall a great value for a fun resort.

0 Stars emt888 March 24, 2003

My sister and I checked into the Luxor on March 15. Since this was a Saturday at 1100am, I prepared myself for a long wait at the counter. To my surprise, when I walked in I saw that there was no line at all and I was able to walk right up to the counter. When I asked if I could check in early, the clerk told me that early check-in is usually not allowed until 1200pm, but since she had rooms available, she would let us check in early. We got room 28023 (pyramid). The room was a standard room, but it was very big and tastefully decorated. I especially liked the hiroglyphs on the armoire. The view wasn't the greatest (Mandalay construction) but I don't usually spend much time in my room in vegas. It started to rain at about 1100pm that night and the next morning I awoke at 330am hearing "drip-drip-drip-drip." Our window was leaking! I
was too tired to call down to the front desk, so I just grabbed a towel and
threw it on the floor and tried to go back to sleep. I woke-up at 9am with
a migraine from sleeping with a pillow over my head to drown out the
dripping noise. I called maintenance to let them know about this and their
exact answer was "Yup, some of the rooms leak when it rains, there really
isn't anything we can do about it." I couldn't believe it! I thought that
maybe it was just this person who was being lazy, so I asked to be connected
to the front desk. They gave me the same answer! Then they went on to say
that they would have house keeping bring us up extra towels and an extra
garbage can so that we could catch the drips so it wouldn't make the floor
wet. I was almost speechless. Not only were they aware that some of their
rooms leaked, they wanted me to work to save their floor. No way! I then
asked to speak to a manager who finally offered to move me to a different
room. That ticked me off since we had totally unpacked the day before, but
what else could I do since rain was forecasted for the next 2 days. I asked
him if any upgrades were available and they upgraded us to a Jacuzzi suite.
I was pretty excited about that since I am such a low roller, I never get
comped anything. The Jacuzzi suite was really nice, because we walked to almost every place that we went and it was great to be able to come back to the hotel room at 2am and sit in a Jacuzzi. The view here wasn't the greatest either, we had a great view of the airport and then in the sitting room we had a somewhat view of the strip. All in all, I liked the Luxor and I will stay there again.


0 Stars Vegas $$$ March 10, 2003

Luxor Pyramid rooms are fantastic! Get a room on a higher floor to avoid noise from the casino. Also, pyramid rooms don't have tubs, only showers, but the Tower rooms have both.

I would recommend the pyramid room for any first-timers so that you can experience the ambiance of the Luxor. Then after that, the Tower rooms are the way to go.

Service was great. Nice, knowledgable staff. Cleaning crew was wonderful too.

Food was not that good for their lunch buffet, but breakfast buffet was pretty good. Food court is the best deal though.

0 Stars Hunter February 28, 2003

The jacuzzi suites at Luxor are great rooms. Large with plenty of space, the jacuzzi is right against the pyramid window.

0 Stars RateVegas User February 05, 2003

Hubby and I stayed in the Pyramid on the 13th floor. (We found it odd that a Vegas resort has a 13th floor)

The noise level from our room was nil because we were so far up and the room itself was a decent size. The bathroom was the best part! Except for the fact that they had no tubs in the regular pyramid rooms (you can only get tubs in the tower rooms), the bathroom was roomy, clean, and nice.

The casino itself was a little confusing to navigate at first, but once you memorized the landmarks, it became very easy. Gaming was decent. We won some, we lost some. Nothing special.

Service at the Luxor was wonderful! We never had a rude staff member, the front desk was knowledgable and kind, room service was GREAT! Room service came in the afternoon which was perfect for us since we could sleep in without being disturbed. They also did a fantastic job with cleaning and responding to speical requests such as more towels.

I would recommend the Luxor to everyone I know. It was comfortable, clean, and we are staying there again soon!

As a side note: I would recommend staying in the pyramid rooms for first timers (ask for a room on the upper floors so you don't get noise disturbance from the casino and night club). But if you have stayed there once or twice before, I would recommend the tower rooms since I hear they are bigger and they supply a seperate shower and tub in the bathrooms. (The tubs can be perfect for sore feet at the end of a long, but fun day in Vegas)

0 Stars RateVegas User January 17, 2003

My wife and i stayed in the pyrimid 2 years ago we were there a week and had a wonderful time i recommend the luxor to everyone the room was great and the staff was excellent.The last day we were there i asked a waitress for a lucky slot machine,she pointed one out and i quickly won 850bucks.I recommend Las Vegas to everyone and to stay at the Luxor.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 02, 2002

Stayed at the Luxor for the first time 2 months ago, went back last month and stayed there again. Overall, we loved the hotel. Very impressive exterior and lobby area. Stayed in the pyramid the first time but moved to the towers the next day due to the noise coming from the RA nightclub (the pounding bass notes permeate all areas of the lower floors). Definitely recommend the Tower rooms. Besides, you get a bathtub in the tower, but not the pyramid. The Egyptian theme throughout the whole hotel (casino, halways, elevator, rooms, etc) was very nice and added to the experience. Great buffet, loved the IMAX, and the BMG are definitly worth seeing. I laughed until tears come out of my eyes. Definitely recommed the hotel and show.

0 Stars RateVegas User November 16, 2002

I got married in Vegas on Halloween and 10 of the 13 people in our wedding party stayed at the Luxor. We all absolutely loved it and can't wait to go back! Upon check-in, there was initially a problem between the hotel and the travel agency about my room in that I had been booked for a regular room and not a suite. When I showed my receipt to the people at the desk, they immediately took care of it and got me into my suite in the West Tower, only five doors down from my dad, who had checked in earlier that day. The staff was wonderful to my 87 year old grandfather, who walks with a cane, and provided him with wheelchair rides up to his room on several occasions. Our suite was roomy and beautiful and came equipped with more toiletries than any other hotel I have ever stayed in, and the jet tub was to die for! I used it every night. Some of our party stayed in the pyramid and after seeing their rooms, I would definitely recommend the towers, as the rooms are much newer and nicer, but the pyramid rooms weren't bad either. We ate at three of the restaurants: The Pyramid Cafe, the Pharoah's Feast Buffet, and the Sacred Sea Restaurant. All were acceptable for their price ranges and convenience, I just wish I had been able to eat more at the buffet, as I never made it past the salad bar (pre-wedding jitters). Also took in the 3-D IMAX show, which was superb!

0 Stars RateVegas User October 19, 2002

I've stayed at the Luxor 4 times in the last 3 years, and have always enjoyed it. I've never had to wait long, the rooms have always been clean and quiet - plenty of hot water, great view and a good value for your Las Vegas $. It's not the zoo that Excalibur or MGM is, and if it was mid-strip it would be better but all in all, I continue to stay here, and don't regret it.

0 Stars RateVegas User October 17, 2002

My family stayed at the Luxor from 10/8 thru 10/10 and were no impressed. The scenery of the hotel is magnificent when you enter and very overwhelming, but that is where it stops. The rooms were not what I asked for, the bags took an hour to get to the rooms and the managers were appothetic to say the least.

When I made reservations I asked for my parents jacuzzi suite to be on the first five floors, as my mother is affraid of heights. I also asked for the room to be close to the elevator since she is handicapped. I asked for the other two deluxe rooms to have a nice view of the strip and on whatever floor it would take to get this acheived. When we checked in there were no notes for the girl working the counter, so I restated my wishes. Tammi acted like this would not be a problem and searched through rooms on her computer and then said that the jacuzzi suite would have to be on the thirteenth floor, and was not near the elevator. The thirteenth floor at a casino should be omitted for obvious reasons. She them gave them a room on the twenty-eighth floor. I assumed this was the only one Tammi, the incompotent, could find with a decent view close to the elevators. However, after I went to see my parents room I found that it was on the opposite side of the elevator and was only bearable due to the floors at that level not being very lond anyway. As for the other two rooms they had a great view of Mandalay bays construction. I , however, having seen construction before and giving Tammi a twenty dollar tip a get rooms with a view of the stip was not impressed. I called down to the manager and demanded a room change. He said that The hotel didn't have any rooms with a better view and that the best he could do is a view of the mountains. I told him to give me those and I would just have to live with this. I told him Tammi should have told me this upon check-in. He said he would send a bellman up with the other room key and to show me where it was. I called back down after twenty minutes of viewing construction and being bored. The desk said they were busy and would not have a bellman for at least another thirty minutes. I had planned a paddle boat ride for the family and could not wait that long. I told her I would come down and get the new room keys. When I got down to the desk she acted like she had no idea what I was talking about until I talked to a manager, obviously she had no intention of sending someone up with the new room key when I had talked to her earlier. After getting Melissa, the bell clerk, straightend out on this matter I asked her how long it would take to get our bags sent to the room. I explained to her that we were in a hurry and had reservations to meet. She said it would take about thirty minutes, a normal guess for her when it comes to time. I doubted this was going to be correct since she didn't even look to see how many tickets she had waiting. I asked if it could be done faster and was told there were people infront of me. I told her that the order to our rooms would have been in the front if they had gotten our rooms correct the first time. She said it would still take thirty minutes unless we wanted to take them ourselves. We agreed to do this as we had a schedule to keep. They had already sent two of our bags to my parents room instead of the rooms to which they were to be sent and we had to flagdown the bellman to try to get them back. He wanted a ticket that we had already given to Melissa at the desk. This is where I got really pissed and took the bags from the cart and told him to call the front desk and report me if he would like. We then lugged our luggage up to the fourteenth floor and got into our rooms to find we had a marvelous view of the airport. I, however, was tired of fighting them and had to be at the specified meeting place in five minutes anyway so I decided to continue my vacation and try to forget their lack of service.

I would recommend that unless you are willing to take whatever rathole they stick you in and accept extremely poor customer service you should take pictures of the wonderful inside and leave as fast as you can. The scenery in the rooms and hallways is no better than a standard Best Western anyways. You can view all that is spectacular without having to be jailed there. I would rather camp in the desert and shower in a gas station than stay there again.


0 Stars RateVegas User August 25, 2002

had a room in the East tower. The pool is nice, but the cement gets really hot in the sun. The bathroom in our room was great! The tub is huge!!! The bed was very hard.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 11, 2002

Excellent decor....but unpleasant experience. Fairly quick check-in, but when I went to my room I was given a smoking double queen when I specifically asked for a non-smoking king. Had to go downstairs and get a new room key. New room was great....until the next morning when I went to take a shower and there was NO HOT WATER! I called the front desk which suggested letting it run for 20 minutes as "the hot water sometimes takes awhile to travel to the higher floors." I was only on the 14th floor. I did as suggested and there was still no hot water. I called again and then they reported the problem to engineering and offered to switch me to another room. Hastily I did so (as I had to meet a tour group pickup) and by sacrificing my breakfast time I quickly packed and raced to the new room which had hot water. I ended up getting a $10 discount on the room and a comped buffet pass, but was EXTREMELY annoyed at this (honestly - you might run out of hot water at an apt., but not at a luxury resort). Be warned lower floors in the pyramid get a LOT of noise from the nightclub.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 02, 2002

My kids loved the pyramid and the famous inclinators. The water pressure in the shower was fantastic. Make sure you get a room in the pyramid near the inclinator to avoid a long walk.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 23, 2002

Very disappointed with the pyramid room. We had a high-piced jacuzzi suite for our 25th anniversary. The room itself was decent enough, but nothing special. The bathroom was laughable: it was HUGE but almost empty. You could stage a soccer match in there! The toilet was 4 feet away from the toilet paper holder - IMPOSSIBLE to reach (and I'm a big guy). The only sink is IN the bathroom.
Soda machines were ALWAYS EMPTY. Housekeeping didn't show up till after 3PM. I hear the tower rooms are better; sure hope so!

0 Stars RateVegas User June 03, 2002

Came in on a Friday morning and was not prepared for the long check-in lines. Had to wait around 30-40 minutes to get to the counter, mostly because the registrar was doing too much talking and not enough checking in. The hotel is beautiful and the egyption theme is portrayed very well, everywhere you look. The lighting is soothing, not like all the glitter and blinking and clutter at other hotels.

We stayed in the East Tower, the view was toward the pyramid and the southern strip (what little is left of it). It became clear that the West tower is better since it is closer to the pool and most of the shops and restaurants on the upper level. The room was great except for the bathroom where the toilet seats don't stay up and if they do, they quickly slam down which is no fun for anyone at 2:00 am. Spent alot of time at the pool, staff is helpful, courteous, and prompt with your drink orders. All the pools are only 4 ft. deep though, would be nice to have deeper water.
We rented a car but would recommend using taxi's if your not sight seeing. Valet parking was quick and curtious. Would definately recommend Luxor to anyone. Not many children in the hotel which was nice since we were on vacation to take a break from ours.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 29, 2002

We stayed in the Luxor for a week last year, and had a fabulous time. The staff were friendly and would accomodate for whatever they could. The pool had a fantastic layout and the deisign was superb. The only drawback was that it was not mid-strip, although I would recommend this hotel to anybody.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 22, 2002

My husband and I satyed at the Luxor with two of our freinds who were getting married in Nov 2000.
It was fantastically clean and we actually got a room in the pyrimid!
Overall erevrything was exceptional, we would definitley stay a the Luxor again. 10 out of 10!

0 Stars RateVegas User October 11, 2001

We just went in Sept. and decided to stay in one of their jacuzzi rooms. We stayed on the 27th floor and had a view of the Mandalay Bay. The room was large adn very spacious. No feeling of being cramped here. Through out our 3 days there, the service we recieved was great! Room service was prompt, and helpful with special requests, the front desk people were very polite, even the spa (my first time) was very attentive to my needs. The tuuuubb, well with a view and at night...very romantic! Even though the rooms seem to show their age, we had a wonderful time.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 12, 2001

I didn't stay here but a batch of buddies did. The decor is impressive in its scale but very dark and gloomy. The interior is hollow pyramid and to get to rooms along the pyramid walls you have to use an elevator which goes diagonally up to your floor. You then have to walk along a balcony to your room with views over the other balconies, casino & restaurants way beneath. To make it authentic stone colour has been used on the interior but sadly, coupled with the lack of light it gives a concrete like image reminiscant of 70s council flats in the UK with their unfortunate walkways. The rooms are nice but don't have baths and the sloping windows prevent you from getting a good view of Vegas.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 04, 2001

I started out in the pyramid, had to switch room because the west facing room did not get cool in the summer even with the air on full blast. Moved to the East Tower. Would highly reccommend the tower room much nicer greaat bathroom. The trouble with the first room and the lack of service in fixing this problem, soured my stay there.

0 Stars RateVegas User April 01, 2001

This is our 5th trip to Vegas & our first stay at the Luxor. The hotel & casino are beautiful. Not many kids, that was a plus. Staff was very friendly & our room was extremely nice, large bathroom with both tub and seperate shower. My only complaint would be that the casino layout is a bit confusing, and if you are staying in the Tower rooms you may walk around in circles trying to find your way back to your room. Don't miss the coaster at NEW YORK NEW YORK it's the BEST! The Freemont Hotel has a great Seafood Buffet for $14.99. Last but not least, if you take the $1.50 trolley ride south from the Luxor it is hard to catch the ride back & take comfortable walking shoes!!!!

0 Stars RateVegas User February 14, 2001


0 Stars RateVegas User February 05, 2001

Walked in off the street on a memorial day weekend and got a room for the weekend. Inclinators were a PAIN. Nice design. Stayed close to the top and made the mistake of looking of the railing after a night of fun. Dizzy! not for the faint of heart. I was dazzled by the gimick but when I went back not to long ago the thrill was gone, and it looked a little dusty. They built these block like towers right next to them that made me wonder what the heck they were thinking. Nice place, but slipping.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 26, 2000

Have stayed at the Luxor at least 8 times in the last 5 years and have always been very happy, rooms always clean and comfortable. Always treated special by entire staff. It will continue to be our Hotel of choice. We have been in almost every hotel on the strip and most certainly know there are many wonderful ones avaliable, but why change when we are so pleased with the Luxor

0 Stars RateVegas User December 16, 2000

BEWARE! Our stay at The Luxor was not a pleasant one. Service was awful everywhere in The Luxor except for the Front Desk but even that was slow. The buffet was horrible, the slots were below average and the employees don't speak much english. Overall a hotel to stay away from if you ask me. Rooms in the pyramid are Days Inn/Holiday Inn Quality and the beds and furniture need to be replaced immedietly, overall not a place where I would want to stay ever again!

0 Stars RateVegas User December 15, 2000

This place was a design mess when initially built and continued to be one when they immediately began planning to "rehab" the place after only 2 weeks of operation.

If you want to stay at a hotel whose theme is "excuse our mess during our permanent reconstruction", than look no further than Luxor.

0 Stars RateVegas User November 20, 2000

stayed here many times and always liked.but this hotel is going down year by year.they need to remodel it asap.stayed in the tower last time,nice room and very nice bathroom ,but still prefer the pyramid.nice casino and good cocktail service ,but most of the time unfredly dealers ,especially with the newbies.

0 Stars RateVegas User November 17, 2000

Stayed in a Jacuzzi Suite and it was quite nice. Overlooking Mandalay Bay!

0 Stars RateVegas User October 19, 2000

Always enjoyed Luxor .except for the last time .they gave me this room connected to a suite so it was a little bit smaller and not appointed as usual.next time i'll try the new rooms .
restrooms are basically motel's one .But defenetly i'll go there again ,a very comfortable and roomy casino.good buffet.always unlucky at the tables ..always !!!

0 Stars RateVegas User August 23, 2000

Stayed there 8/13-8/16/00 for the 1st time. Room was beautiful and well laid out. HUGE glass shower and good size bathroom. Casino table games were ok - not very friendly dealers and you have to play $25 per hand for 4 hours to even be considered for a meal comp! Probably would not stay there again.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 05, 2000

The Luxor was so bad, we checked into a different hotel mid-way thru our visit (even without a refund). The guests are essentially of the same demographic as a Wal-Mart shopper. The rooms are essentialy a Motel-6 room. The toilets have so much pressure, the spray out water onto the bathroom floor (nasty). Buffet is overpriced, and service is poor. We waited 1.5 hours in line to check into our room. Recommnedation -- spend another 100 bucks for your vacation, and stay somewhere else.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 23, 2000

Stayed in a pyramid room. Clean, well appointed, proper amenities. Only drawback was the distance to the inclinator. It took a minute and a half to walk it. But overall, a nice place, and I'd stay there again. Note: this was not my first time to Las Vegas. I've stayed at other places, and rank the Luxor above average.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 02, 2000

Pyramid room was kinda funky, but nice, with the slanted windows.
I thought you would be able to see out of the inclinator, but it's just like a regular elevator but when it takes off, you get this weird sideways motion feeling.

Toilet flush sounded like an atomic bomb going off! And SPLASH, sheesh. Also, shower only, I like a tub. :)

Also, they didn't have any Do Not Disturb sign until I complained and none of those What's On mags. They gave me one (Showbiz, not What's On) when I complained.

0 Stars RateVegas User March 30, 2000

Room was very nice in the new tower. Bathroom was quite nice with a HUGE tub...

0 Stars RateVegas User March 30, 2000

This place was pretty nice. Not the best...