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Main Street Station

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Main Street Station

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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews Main Street Station

3 Stars 360 Vegas Mark October 03, 2014

Charming. Adorable. Looks like an old train station/hotel they added a casino to. History preserved, nice limits and player friendly rules. Worth a visit.

4 Stars If you are looking for real cheap acmocmodations, check out hostels. Some of the hostels are budget hotels, so there are places were you can you'll be able to get your own room rather than share one, but at a much lower price. Enjoy your travels. August 20, 2012

If you are looking for real cheap acmocmodations, check out hostels. Some of the hostels are budget hotels, so there are places were you can you'll be able to get your own room rather than share one, but at a much lower price. Enjoy your travels.

5 Stars Trs June 03, 2012

I really enjoyed the 777 brewery. Decent food and very tasty beer. Comps were easy to come by and the stick men and floor personnel were very professional. This is a great place to play when visiting downtown.

3 Stars Tim A. April 21, 2011

Check our the real piece of the Berlin Wall in the Men's restroom (only). Really neat.

4 Stars D3wayne August 23, 2010

This is a hidden gem in downtown. A very classy place. It ain't the bellagio, but it is certainly better than the Plaza. Staff was very nice. Best video poker downtown.

5 Stars JamieB June 29, 2010

Love it!! Great selection, great food. It is a great family place because there is something for everyone.

5 Stars Da808guest April 29, 2010

I stayed here a total of 8 times with vacations Hawaii spend the extra money to stay here than the cal or fremont. Nice casino great rooms and friendly staff. Very good buffet that serves real rice and Portuguese sausage. If you like to drink try the 777 bar sampler. Also eat the crab and steak at the Pullman grill well worth the price.

4 Stars Toastcmu April 25, 2010

This was my first time staying at MSS - The room was very spacious (aside from a small bathroom) - I thought the staff was very friendly, and the gaming was decent - we did not win, but we didn't bleed money either. I would definitely stay here again.

5 Stars Tommy o July 15, 2009

By far the best place in Vegas. No fancy rooms but the people are the greatest. Make you feel welcome. The Pitt bosses actualy come talk to you and make you feel like your #1. the comps are more than fair but you have to earn them. Small, clean and very inviting. I love this place!!!!!!

3 Stars Jeff & Sands in Honolulu November 11, 2008

Stingy on comps...

0 Stars RateVegas.com User December 06, 2005

Bad experience in Vegas. Missing several items from room, pretty expensive trip for us. Stay at a place that has a safe in your room.

0 Stars sgolden69 April 27, 2004

I've never stayed at a hotel where they didn't have ironing boards in the room. I called housekeeping twice to have one brought to the room..the first girl didn't speak English so obviously I didn't get one delivered. After waiting for 20 minutes, I called back and someone finally brought one....I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but after your clothes are packed in a suitcase for a period of time, they tend to get really wrinkled-I even took them out and hung them up, but that didn't help. Wasted alot of time just hanging around the room "waiting." My feeling is if you can't speak English, don't answer the phone!

0 Stars sgolden69 March 15, 2004

Main Street was one the first places I ever stayed in Vegas. I was so impressed with the uniqueness of the atmosphere there. It made me think of what Vegas must have been like many years ago. I think you're doing yourselves a great injustice by not showing pictures of the interior of this wonderfully ornate property. Bathrooms are a little small, but who spends a great deal of time in their room anyway. They were very comfortable---thanks for your hospitality--We'll be back!!!!!!

0 Stars m-miner2 August 30, 2003

this is my favorite hotel-casino in Vegas. The service is very good, the casino is great and it is very easy to get comps here. I love video poker and this is one of the best casinos for video poker. The restaurants are excellent also. The brewery makes the best beer I have ever tasted. The rooms are a little small but they are always clean and each upper floor has an outdoor balcony with a great view. Check-in is always a breeze. Also guests are allowed to use the pool at the California hotel which is connected to Main Street Station via an indoor walkway so it is like staying at two hotels for the price of one. I would highly recommend checking this place out!

0 Stars adamj03 May 05, 2003

Standard downtown rooms. Small but clean. Bathroom is really small with just the basics. Can be kind of loud when the trains run in and out behind the property.
If you're not after opulence. This is your place.

0 Stars dickinflorida March 09, 2003

Regular Rooms are Ok, clean, with little round table and chairs. But the suites are nice, with a separte living room, refrig., coffee maker. The beds are not too good for sleeping and a king bed has three pillows, one short for the tow of us. Can't figure out why the shower heads are so low...... And my wife and I at best average hieght....... But we love the casino, the hosts, and games.....video poker

0 Stars RateVegas User April 01, 2002

My favorite downtown place,a small but beautiful casino with good table game selection at five dollar minimun,also decent v.p. selection.Casino help is very nice and all the host make you feel welcome,and comps are very good for low to mid level players.Great buffet and the only brew pub downtown,and the Pulmen Grille,their top restaurant is excelent.

0 Stars RateVegas User October 08, 2001

Rooms were clean, comfortable and nicely appointed for a budget property. Some rooms are noisier than others due to freeway and train tracks, but not unbearable. I love all of the Victorian accents found throughout the casino, lobby, and Pullman Grille - beautiful stain glass windows and ornate wood carvings give this place some class.

0 Stars RateVegas User April 27, 2001

One of my favorites. Great atmosphere and friendly staff!! Great restaraunt (brewpub) and buffet!

0 Stars RateVegas User April 26, 2001

It's a great place! Everyone is friendly, and we're treated like royalty. Comps are easy, the rooms are comfortable, buffet is great, and the Pullman Grille is an outstanding upscale steakhouse. (You should add it to your restaurant list and remove the Cascade Cafe, which has been gone for a long time.)

0 Stars RateVegas User November 29, 2000

Really nice place to stay. Small enough for you to get around in easily, close to everything downtown, yet just hop on the freeway or Main Street to get to the strip, etc.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 21, 2000

This is the Holy Grail of downtown properties! You get to "slum"
it by visiting all the original casinos in all their smelly splendor and when the day is done come home to your private paradise. Great service, clean rooms, intimate casino, and the best buffet downtown set in the coolest surroundings!