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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews Mandalay Bay

4 Stars KR5150 November 26, 2015

I enjoy every aspect of this property. The rooms are good, the buffet is good, other restaurants are good and the casino has an elegant if not electric vibe. The only downside to the property is the fact it is several blocks from center strip.

4 Stars Timm August 14, 2014

Love the property - here now - but they lose a star when I have an emergency and need to fax something and they charge me for it. As if they don't get enough of my $ in the casino and thru resort fees, etcetera. Kind of ridiculous.

4 Stars 360 Vegas Mark June 04, 2014

This property has so much going for it but its location continues to discourage me from committing to a whole week at the property. We took advantage of a MyVegas comp and the experience has pushed us closer to pulling the trigger, but not quite yet. Great pool, nice room and loads of quality food & drink options.

5 Stars Finally! Some new posts! Irish bar is fun. More fun when I'm not drunk, tired and way over dressed. But Irish bar is a good time. Met a bacolehr party there once from europe and they were on a 10 day bacolehr party. April 20, 2014

Finally! Some new posts! Irish bar is fun. More fun when I'm not drunk, tired and way over dressed. But Irish bar is a good time. Met a bacolehr party there once from europe and they were on a 10 day bacolehr party.

1 Star Finally! Some new posts! Irish bar is fun. More fun when I'm not drunk, tired and way over dressed. But Irish bar is a good time. Met a baoehlcr party there once from europe and they were on a 10 day baoehlcr party. April 05, 2014

Finally! Some new posts! Irish bar is fun. More fun when I'm not drunk, tired and way over dressed. But Irish bar is a good time. Met a baoehlcr party there once from europe and they were on a 10 day baoehlcr party.

4 Stars Finally! Some new posts! Irish bar is fun. More fun when I'm not drunk, tired and way over dressed. But Irish bar is a good time. Met a bahcoler party there once from europe and they were on a 10 day bahcoler party. October 29, 2013

Finally! Some new posts! Irish bar is fun. More fun when I'm not drunk, tired and way over dressed. But Irish bar is a good time. Met a bahcoler party there once from europe and they were on a 10 day bahcoler party.

5 Stars Lance September 07, 2013

I've stayed here 3 times and each time I've loved it. The rooms are very nice with higher end amenities. The staff are always courteous, Especially the check in staff. The buffet isn't the best, but its up there with the best. Too many other good restaurants here to hit the buffet anyway. The pool was crowded, but we were able to find chairs, Unlike the mirage pool where you better show up early. We payed for the topless pool club "morea" the second day. $50 was a bit steep, but the drink service, padded chairs, no sand, and no kids, make it worth it. This place is fun and they always treat me well.

2 Stars Casey P August 18, 2013

Too many fucking kids at the goddamn pool!! Way too far south!! The room was nice though.

5 Stars Timm May 22, 2013

Great hotel with great service. Everyone from maids to desk personnel are friendly and accommodating. Pool area is fabulous. Only complaint would be we are here this week while they are working on carpeting, which is closing down rotating parts of the casino. Will definitely be back.

3 Stars Trish May 05, 2013

I stayed at TheHotel for NY eve its ok but a bit way out you can get the tram to excalibar but it doesnt run 24 hours so we spent a fortune on taxis. Theres a strange smell throughout the hotel. Casino was well served with the cocktail waitresses in fact one of the best ive been in i very rarely had an empty glass before they were round again. Overall better value to be had centre strip

4 Stars Karen December 21, 2012

Mandalay Bay is a beautiful hotel. The property can be summed up on one word: spacious. The casino is huge with plenty of walking space in between machines. There are tons of shops and restaurants in addition to large convention spaces and an events center. Navigation can seem difficult because the property is so large, but there are lots of signs to guide you and plenty of employees willing to provide directions if you ask. You can also access the elevators to the rooms without walking through the casino, which is very nice and rather rare in a Vegas hotel. We booked a great room suite and asked for a complimentary upgrade in hopes of getting a sky or vista suite. An upgrade was not available, which was not really a problem. The great room suite was large and spacious with a king bed and plenty of room for two people. The bed and sheets were acceptable, the pillows were horrible (as most hotel pillows are.) The bathroom amenities were above average. We were on the airport side with a nice strip view. You could hear the airplanes, but barely. It definitely didn't keep us awake. The entire property was very clean, as was our room. However, the spa tub in our bathroom looked old. It was stained (not dirty, as I tried cleaning it but couldn't get any of the discoloration off) and chipped, which made me not want to use it. I also think the fed ex center and business center should be closer to the lobby for convenience. The resort fee--$25 per day--is a little high. You get Internet access and free boarding pass printing, but that's pretty much it. The tram to Luxor and Excalibur is free and convenient but does not run 24 hours which can be a bit annoying.

5 Stars Marc D. December 12, 2012

The Mandalay Bay is very, very classy. the casino floor is nice and spacious and the hotel pumps some kind of Piña Colada scent through the air ducts.

5 Stars Richard September 30, 2012

This place has a great casino. Stayed at Luxor but came here to gamble. So much nicer.

4 Stars Fred Turner August 29, 2012

Had a very good time the staff were very good will be going back again

3 Stars 360 Vegas Mark July 31, 2012

It was good but not great. I had the spicy lamb burger and interestingly enough, it tasted better with the bun than without. I've had better and I've has worse.

4 Stars Richard July 31, 2012

Room was kind of if drab, decor was a little boring, the tv sets were 6 years old, I guess I expected more from a suite... However, the beach area is amazing, I could have spent all day there.

5 Stars Scooter June 24, 2012

Have stayed at this hotel several times and loved it. Coming back out again in August. Was going to stay at the Luxor this time but after reading the reviews we are going to pay a little more and and stay at Mandalay Bay. The pool, beachside casino are a blast. If you go to the beach I recommend you get one of the red chairs. It's in it own section, nice soft, you have it all day so if you leave and come back it's still yours, free water all day.

3 Stars Levi May 27, 2012

Room cards are easily damaged and de-activate. Created quite a hassle for me and my friend. Otherwise, good room quality and casino is great!

4 Stars Levi May 26, 2012

Good rooms. Strip View rooms are top quality and have top-to-bottom windows. Casino and Lobby area lack atmosphere and a general sense of fun. 4/5

2 Stars Stuart Poyner May 16, 2012

Rooms are clean and functional but lack any atmosphere. Same with the casino. It just lacks that bit of needed spark and ambience, . Only worth coming to if you want to make use of the great pool-but it gets very busy. Good spa too but starting to look its age now.

2 Stars Michael March 05, 2012

We go to this hotel every year for the WVC. Every year we get the same song and dance. Despite reserving a Non-Smoking Room with a King Size Bed, we are told there is only smoking rooms with two full beds. 5 years this has happened! It's obvious that this is a planned rouse on Mandalay Bay's part. This trip, we also had mildew on the shower floor. We asked from day one to have it cleaned. The maid staff tried to clean it. No success. We were told only certain cleaners could be used on the shower floor. So, the maid would notify higher ups that the cleaning needed to be finished. That never happened. The shower floor looked the same the day we left as the day we arrived. Pics of the shower floor are available. They were taken upon arrival and departure. You be the judge.

4 Stars Scott January 29, 2012

$20 trick at check in kinda of worked. 17th floor strip view (sort of) spa suite. Paid for a 550 room. Room is very clean and check is was quick and easy. Maid service was great. We have no problem with it being at the south end of the strip. The tram to Excalibur then a walk to Caesars took maybe 20 minutes. Elevators were no big issue at all. Solid 4 star hotel.

4 Stars Pat December 21, 2011

Stayed here multiple times. Always had a good experience. The service is great, the rooms are big and clean. This is a safe pick for someone who wants everything under one roof.

3 Stars Bette December 09, 2011

Stayed at The Hotel, rooms are nice but are now getting dated...need to update the TV's at least. Staff was o.k. but requested turn down service each night and did not get it. Contacted my casino host and she never bothered to call back and she was at the hotel that day. Am now disappointed with Mlife...and found that my platinum card means nothing. Will probably go back to Wynn & Palazzo as we are treated GREAT at those Hotels. We come to Vegas 3-4 times a yr. We were disappointed on this trip...

4 Stars Sixstud December 04, 2011

Didn't stay here but immensely impressed with the Mandalay Bay property, it's convention centre, and the additional services available on the property itself, next time we go to I-SPA we fully intend on taking advantage of staying and enjoying every amenity available!

4 Stars Jeff November 23, 2011

We have stayed at the The Hotel and Mandalay Bay and both are fun with the pool,food,and service being top notch. The only issue is the location at far south end but the tram helps you get to the Luxor and the Excalibur which gets you close to the MGM.

5 Stars Joey October 17, 2011

i got married here in 2010. the guest rooms are starting to show some age, but the casino floor and public areas are still in great shape. if you don't mind the south strip location, this is a great mid-range property, and a great choice for Vegas virgins.

5 Stars Vegas Lover September 13, 2011

This place is cool

4 Stars Heineken Whyte August 08, 2011

Just stayed for the fifth time and this resort keeps getting better. VIP check-in was a breeze, additions to Mandalay pool are great and the rooms have a great design. As for the casino, the new center bar is cool and the drink service when gambling is fast. Missed out on fifth star due to rum jungle, one of my favorite night spots, is no longer open.

3 Stars Helen July 27, 2011

I like this hotel. I love the pools and my family and I have a great time. We've stayed here twice and liked it. One thing I didnt like was the bathrooms which hardly give you any privacy because there is a small opening between the doors and have no lock. That was literally the only reason why I didn't like it. Overall it's a very good hotel

4 Stars Justin May 30, 2011

Great hotel. Convention center is quite a hike but there are many sights to see on the way. View from Foundation Room is a must see.

5 Stars Pete May 22, 2011

Loved this place after staying at Aria. Very pleasant feel and friendly staff. Great gaming floor. Loved the view from the room. Lion king was great. Plenty to see and do. Great walk to Luxor and doesnt feel like your far from the strip. Would definately go back

4 Stars Mike D. May 01, 2011

Great place to stay, loved the tropical smells and feels and decor. Wife loved the room, nice bathrooms also.

0 Stars Dave November 15, 2010

The combination of multiple pools including wave pool and lazy river is unique on the strip.

3 Stars Brian October 16, 2010

Nice rooms. We had two adjoining. Plan to wait for an elevator. We were there on a convention week. The area on the main floor for elevators is tiny and was always packed. Parking is very far from the hotel itself, but great access to the highway, strip and airport. Buffet was so,so. Waited forever for drink refills. Houses of Blues was dead. What a shame.

0 Stars Sleepy August 15, 2010

Hotel is tired looking and the paper thin walls allowed us to hear everything our neighbours said or did each and every night. Would not stay there again.

5 Stars Dallas Rose August 08, 2010

I thought it was a great hotel the people were friendly and the rooms were very beautiful! The wave pool was awesome for my kids

4 Stars Mariel Bancod August 05, 2010

Beautiful hotel but the best part is definitely the Mandalay Beach. It's like a mix between a beach and a water park. There are lounge chairs nestled in the sand while there is a tube park that moves along like a river, a big pool that has a wave come along every few minutes, and a kiddie pool. It's like you are in a different place and you forget that this is a casino in the desert.

0 Stars Scott August 05, 2010

Great place, staff was friendly, resturants were good and nice sportsbook. Reserved a deluxe room and the sandwich trick got us upgraded to a suite in The Hotel. Would recommend this hotel.

4 Stars Candice May 20, 2010

I stayed here last summer in one of the strip view rooms that was on a high floor and let me tell you, i've stayed at many hotels in Vegas and the view from my room was spectacular! Rooms are very up to date with flat screens in the bathroom and in rooms. I love the shops they have, like Urban Outfitters and a Lush. Many unique restaurants and bars also. 'The Hotel' is very nice too, I only made it into the lobby but it looked quite chic with a very classy and sexy atmosphere. The only complaint I can really think of is the distance from all the other hotels. I like to be able to walk from hotel to hotel for clubs and bars but here you have to take a tram and create a path to get to the heart of the strip. BUT I must say the pool is
Pretty impressive, so much to do and perfect for laying out with your drink and soaking up the blazing Las Vegas sun!

5 Stars Brad And Lee May 09, 2010

My wife and I stayed here in 2008. We got married by Elvis in Vegas and mixed in our honeymoon as an all in one trip. We loved the Mandalay Bay and the pool area is great. It's very nice and clean and it has a lot to chose from as far as restaurants and shopping. I would suggest it to anyone. We hope to go back soon.

4 Stars Kit Kitchens May 06, 2010

This review is based solely on the casino but mainly on the sports book. First, it was awesome to see the place where one of my favorite shows Las Vegas was filmed (along with Ocean's 13) but the casino floor is large and clean. The bar areas are nice and the cocktail servers are great. Mainly, I was blown away by the sports book, which I think is the best in Vegas, hands down. I'd love to watch March Madness there.

0 Stars RandomB April 30, 2010

I meant Excaliber on my previous post, not Treasure island. Sorry. :)

0 Stars RandomB April 30, 2010

Great hotel! My wife & I go twice a year and this is a great place! For the most part, everything's convenient. (except for the lack of morning coffee venders.) We've been to quite a few strip hotels and this rates top-3 for sure. Only drawback is strip location. Normaly when we go its for a UFC event and having seen Vegas a ton of times theres no reason to stray away from the 3-interconnected hotels that surround the complex. (Mandalay, Luxor & Treasure Island.) Any type of food, cheap or expensive, themed or exotic... Its all here! 4 of 5 stars IMHO.

4 Stars NoDeuces April 25, 2010

A fine property with the best pool in town. With sister property (THEhotel) and shopping (Mandalay Place) it has everything you want in a ritzy Vegas resort. Ignore warnings of location. The property has a free tram that will connect you to Excalibur and then you're a crosswalk from MGM Grand and their monorail access. The only complaint would be lack of cheap eats and full pay video poker. But if that's what you want, you avoid the strip. Rooms are nice bordering on luxurious. Thanks to incredible pool you have quite a choice in deciding between strip view and pool view.

5 Stars Brian April 06, 2010

Had a great stay here in January 2010. Tried the $20 trick. We had booked a normal deluxe room, hoping for an upgrade to THE Hotel. No rooms were available there, but they did give us a 32nd floor strip view room and then handed the $20 back.

The casino there is huge. The only drawback is that you can't find a table less than $10 during the day and $15 at night.

Everything else is gorgeous and well done. I wish the location was better. If you're anywhere north of City Center at the end of your night, take a cab home. Walking home (especially with a wife or girlfriend in heels) is a bad idea. Believe me.

5 Stars Nice simply nice April 01, 2010

Nice simply nice

0 Stars Mark March 30, 2010

I like Mandalay Bay's poker room. The room is nice and open, but feels like a room. The players tend to be loose, and a little aggressive. You may run out of players around 9 am, but it will not take long to get things running again. Mostly 1/2 NLH.

4 Stars SEJerome March 25, 2010

Terrible location, but everything else is excellent. If you're planning on staying the entire trip at one property e.g. for gambling marathons and/or want a lot of time at their excellent pool, it's a great experience and value. Its location is good for gambling jags in particular, because you have luxor and excalibur right next door if the limits are too high ($15 minimums are common on the weekends), and the sportsbook is really nice and open. If you want to party, though, you're stuck taking a cab or staying put, as it's far from any other comparable property (although Luxor is slowly improving). Rooms are starting to show their age. If your budget allows, THE Hotel is very much worth the upgrade.

5 Stars Ed Greenberg March 06, 2010

This hotel has but one negative - it is located at the end of the strip so if you want to go to any other hotel its a very long walk or very expensive cab ride. There is simply nothing bad to say about this hotel and casino period.

Outstanding in all respects except race/sports book which is still better than most.

If you intend to stay at one hotel only and not "see" Vegas, this is without question where you stay if you are under 55 years old.

0 Stars Tara February 25, 2010

On February 14th, 2010 by boyfriend and I ate at the buffet @ Mandalay Bay. It was the best buffet we have ever had yet in our life. Everything was hot and so delicious. Service was excellent. We can not wait to go back.

Thank you.

5 Stars Mr. Zeitz January 11, 2010

This is an absolute cornerstone of Las Vegas. Food, gambling, entertainment, pool, spacious, layout, environment...everything. The place even smells good. My favorite for a long time.

5 Stars Sarah December 21, 2009

Great hotel! We stayed in a City View Suite. Service was perfect and suite was massive. Will certainly return!

0 Stars patty December 11, 2009

We did not stay at the hotel but went there for a special night at one of the restaurants called rum jungle and then to the house of blues. the service was medicore at best. and after dropping $200.00 in food and drink we then went to the next venue the house of blues at the same Mandaly Bay and the door greeting was "stand only or buy a meal" we had just dropped $200 at the mandalay bay rum jungle restaurant but we were told stand or buy some food. My read is they are like Mac Donalds , high volume but they add the glitz to make it look good from the outside but very poor on the inside. I would not recommend, just take a walk through but don't bother spending as they do not give any recognition to patrons

5 Stars Amber November 05, 2009

Fab!! In every sense of the word. A true 5-star place. The grounds are beautiful!

4 Stars Jaynee September 21, 2009

Recently stayed at THE Hotel. The rooms we great...my favororite was the LAZY RIVER POOL!! ONLY downfall pool did not open until 9am and closed at 6.....wish the hours were longer!

5 Stars Aaron August 03, 2009

Mandalay Bay offers a truely unique Vegas experience: no other complex offers a beach, wave pool and a river! It is positioned at the far South of the strip but a free shuttle whisks you to and from Excalibur so we didn't find that a problem.

3 Stars (null) June 19, 2009

The men's spa is great love the pool could be laid out better they switched my room last visit after an argument they put us in a better room they tried to give us a smaller room as they had overbooked the suite we wanted. The rooms are showing some age and not as clean. Do love the pool!

5 Stars Andy White May 27, 2009

Best hotel experience in Vegas. The pool/beach area is worth the price of admission alone. The array of shopping, dining and entertainment means - literally - that you do not have to leave the complex (and we didn't).

5 Stars Sara Kosiorek May 19, 2009

Our favorite place in Vegas. So fresh and fun and away from it all. We live the strip-view rooms, the blackjack dealers, the restaurants, the amazing smell...

4 Stars Abed Nader May 10, 2009

I stayed here In a 2 bedroom suite and it was amazing. Great service and food was good too. The buffet is average and is ok for the price. My only complaint is that the game floor sucked. They barely had any games and the pits were crowded.

5 Stars Alex melendez May 04, 2009

I really like this hotel we won $80 then we went to the mandalay bay first entered the driveway next we check in then we wait for a few minutes then we go to our room it really looked nice. We watch tv the tv looked nice on the hotel brrochure on the tv. After that we went to go to explore the other hotels they look really nice too espesally the wynn then we drive back to the hotel it looks nice at the nighttime we went to sleep in this comfterabe bed.The next morning my dad and I went to the fountains of Mandalay bay my dad took pictures . After that awhile we went to the pool they had construction by the pool area we went in the wave pool we swam back while the waves went up then we went to this jacuzzi they told us to go to our rooms because they were closed. at night we went to the ballagio in the garden it looks beautiful the we went outside the hotel we saw the fountian show . The morning we check out then we drove off

4 Stars Jei April 25, 2009

For a five star hotel, the house keeping works like a one star motel. Perhaps they are overwhelmed or under paid but if you're paying for five star service you expect just that. The whole time I was there, there were food trays left in the hallway the entire day. They do a good job at keeping the cigarrette smell off their casino & their staff is halfass freindly. If you don't get five star service don't be surprised.

4 Stars Liz April 17, 2009

Beautiful hotel and nice rooms with great bathrooms - perfect for a long soak. Floorplan takes some getting used to, but after a few minutes with a floorplan, navigation is easy. The pool area is top notch. Clientele is a nice balance of young/old/singles/couples/families.
Casino floor is low claustrophobia and a lot less smoky than many others. Since it is at the end of the strip, a great jumping off point if you rent a car and want to explore. Have sayed at both Mandalay and TheHotel and enjoyed both. TheHotel is a hike to the pool and casino, but rooms are more plush.

4 Stars AndrewT March 26, 2009

We travel to Las Vegas on average every other month. Probably 8 of 10 visits we stay at Mandalay. The reasons for us are: easy access from the airport rental car facility, easy access to the entire strip via the tram to Excaliber then across to the monorail at MGM, nice rooms (get a suite with a playpen couch and the in-room jacuzzi!), and great restaurants and clubs onsite. Never have had a bad experience here...

3 Stars Http://Www.Sunseatours.com March 24, 2009

Beautiful hotel. Poorly laid out. Elaborate maze of areas and gaming along with shops and restaurants make it a really BAD place to enjoy everything it has to offer. If you are in main tower the pool is a 5 minute walk through the casino, restaurants and convention areas. Poor set up. Too far to walk throughout the spread out gaming floor to get to anything or anyone. Fighting the machines and flow of traffic can be/ is irritating. Staff is not the friendliest. Casino is wayyyy to far up strip to be able to get to anything within a few minutes walk. Not one of the top 5 vegas has to offer. Needs reworking and updating. Was there in June 2008. Going back 3/25/2009. Will update critique there!

5 Stars William Brenchis February 21, 2009

Excellent selection of some of the finest restaurants. The hotel is gorgeous and there are many fine lounges for businessmen.

1 Star Amber February 15, 2009

Horrible customer service. Asked to switch to a non smoking room only to be put in a smoking. Said they would have our key up to us to switch rooms but never came. Went to the complaint desk to get our keys but they didn't seem to care. Each of the three rooms were filthy! Our last room had the Kleenex all torn up and there was blood spattered all on the wall in the bathroom! Don't know how that was missed! My advice is to stay at the Venetian.

0 Stars Anne May 02, 2008

My husband and I just stayed at the Mandalay Bay for a week in late April of 2008. THE NEGATIVES: The check in process was the longest I have ever waited (40 minutes in line, and we were told to come back in an hour for the room, and we arrived early!), the buffet is very average and overpriced with few seats that actually have a bayside view so be sure to ask for a window seat. The buffet has self pay machines with really takes the personal feel out, the restaurants at MB are good but there are no real casual eating places at all! Moving on, the layout is really bad as the self parking is extremely far from the hotel elevators and the casino is not a "fun" enviornment like some places (Mirage). We were astonished to find out that at such a high priced resort they actually charge you for high-speed internet access and is $14/day! THE POSITIVES: The Beach area is a lot of fun with good sized waves and plenty of sexy people, the lazy river is much better than I had thought it would be, and the overall relaxation at the beach area is great. I also really liked the Beachside Bar and Grill which had amazing fish sandwiches and chips and authentic salsa. On a scale of 1-10 we would rate this resort and our expierience a 4. Look elsewhere for value and fun!

0 Stars scott johnson August 09, 2007

We really liked the Mandalay Bay. It was our first stay and we were very impressed with almost everything. The casino is large and spacious. Lots of tables and slots and good drink service, as well as cool pit bosses and dealers. The pools are great, and our room was amazing. Larger than most, and a giant plasma tv, and a smaller one in the bathroom, which consists of two rooms and is really big.The cons were few, but aggravating: The bar at the pool was pretty bad. The drinks are TERRIBLE...weaker than I've ever seen, and more expensive than anybody has a right to charge. The bartenders are tools, as well. Didn't see one smile on the whole 5 day trip. NO personalities, nor do they acknowledge repeat customers by saying hello. Kids. The second con was the lack of a lounge or pre-dinner type of bar with music. They have several bars, but all are generic and boring. (Although the bartenders at theses were super friendly, for the most part) We will stay again next year, but now we know to get drunk BEFORE going to the pool. haha!

0 Stars Bobby July 18, 2007

The room was impressive, but the air conditioning SUCKED!!!! We call the front desk 3 times and the sent someone to work on it but it was never cooler in the room. I thought for the price we paid they might try to get us another room, but was never offered. I didn't see any of the slots paying off and the dealers were stuck up. We had a better time on Fenton street than we did anywhere else.

0 Stars DANNO YANNON June 16, 2007

This place sucks, period. Slot machines are tight. Was invited to a couple slot tournaments there and they were boring. My slot host, Fu Mu Tran, is a knucklehead. This is the only casino that invites you to a tournament then charges you for your room. They charge a players' rate, but on a weekend it is still expensive. Luxor has the same wording in their offers but do not and have never charged me for my room. This place sucks!!!!!

0 Stars Gertie April 08, 2007

Renovated room (suite) was dirty and had things that didn't work,cigarette burns,trash in drawers,newspapers magazines left behind.Both bathrooms had hair in them,three towels per bathroom and one had holes and stains.Mini-bar was in disaray.Moved to an older upgrade and the construction noise starting at 6AM was unbearable overhead and the housekeeping staff was loud right outside so it was no sleeping in.The adjoing room to older suite was nasty cigarette burns all over the entire room curtains,carpet.I probably would not stay here again.

The pool and lazy river was good,food and drink service was slow if they remembered to bring it at all,an hour and a half to get burgers and they said thats average time and that to "order ahead"

Better value in Vegas then this place

0 Stars Scott Johnson December 13, 2006

Our favorite place to stay in Vegas. The last couple trips have been the theHotel wing. Great rooms, very quiet and comfortable. The casino is open and airy, excellent restaurants with good variety, unique bars, lounge entertainment, big pool area, it has it all!

0 Stars Craig & Terri September 30, 2006

We stayed for 5 days at MB in July 2006, and will not stay again. The bed had a metal bar sticking out, which my husband hit his leg on (breaking skin). We tried calling to advise them of this safety hazard and could not get anyone, so we went down to the front desk---where we had to wait at least 15 min. In a nice, non-demanding way, we explained the unsafe situation and asked them come take a look (they refused and treated us like criminals)!! We were also charged for 10 hours of phone calls we did not make as we both have cell phones!!! They resolved this by saying they'd "only" charge us for high speed internet access instead. It was horrible--we travel a lot and have never been treated so poorly. Plus, their rooms are adequate, but certainly nothing special for the price. The pool area was hot, crowded, and the lazy river was dirty, scummy. They charged $20 to rent an inner tube! We would much rather stay at the Venetian!!!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 08, 2006


0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 27, 2005

I would like to warn anyone planning a stay at Mandalay Bay to lock your valuables including medications in the safe – even if you leave the “Privacy Please” tag on the door.

He left the room with the “Privacy Please” sign on the door so that no one would enter the room. He returned to find the sign hanging on the inside of the door, the room cleaned and 30 Oxy pain killers missing. He then spent his whole day trying to resolve this issue.(hopefully get the pills back). NO compensation was offered for his inconvenience. He was told compensation will be determined after the investigation is completed – around 2 to 3 weeks. I called the hotel to request the $17 room service be removed since he was forced to wait for claims and security to file his report. I was told that they could not credit the room service and that no compensation could be given until the investigation is completed. The attitude of this hotel makes the victim feel more like the criminal as if he is trying to scam them out of something – he is the one that will have to suffer through a week of pain since he will come up short on his meds this month.

On a positive note, the food was awesome even the catered meals during my meeting. Check-in was painless except they had issues with my VISA and after asking what was taking so long I offered up another credit card (my credit card company did not find any issues with my card the next day when I called). The service in the Kona Café was the best in the hotel.

The theft could have happened at any hotel but due to the lack of speediness and customer service to resolve the issue, I do not recommend this hotel.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 03, 2005

One of the nicer hotels in Vegas. Super nice rooms.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User April 27, 2005

I started out my week long stay with a Honeymoon suite. Found out the hard way that you don't want a honeymoon suite. They are located either next to the ice machine or next to housekeeping. I found out that Housekeeping is 24/7. So my first night I didn't sleep a wink since housekeeping was working from midnight to 4am. They kept me up all night. I could hear everything they were saying to each other and also I could hear every person that walked by my room. I called the front desk to complain about the noise that housekeeping was making. They apologized and upgraded me to an executive suite. The executive suite was situated better as it was at the end of the hall. My nights were now much quieter. The executive suite, for what it cost is not impressive at all. The room was a little bigger than a regular room.
I would not stay at Mandalay again. I would consider THEHotel which has some really nice rooms. I don't like the location of Mandalay since it is at the end of the strip, I ended up taking a lot of cab rides everywhere. I've previously stayed at Rio Suites and those rooms were much cheaper. The cab rides are actually cheaper from Rio since it is just begind Caesars.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User April 10, 2005

From here you can see the entire north strip if you get a strip view room!
I love the sportsbook and the deli to the left of it. House of Blues CLUB is a must. It's a small venue and you can get up close and personal to your favorite bands. 80's nite on Fridays is great there too. Pass on the HOB restaurant, it's an overpriced Planet Hollywood/Hard Rock.
The pool is my favorite in Vegas. Especially the wave pool. BONUS: Concerts in the wave pool,
I saw Big Bad Voodoo Daddy in Late October in blazing sunlight with a cocktail. Concerts are great out there.
Rumjungle is a waste, unless you are into trying to be super trendy and payin $15 cover then $7 for each drink.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 30, 2005

One of our favorite hotels to stay at. Prices are not the lowest in Vegas. Clean, large rooms. Modern. I like the location being so near to
Luxor and other hotels. Lots of new stores to
shop in .

0 Stars RateVegas.com User December 22, 2004

The best thing about this hotel is the pool. If you want to just lounge out at a bach style pool this is the place for you. They also have a variety of really fun and cool restaraunts there. Rum Jungle is always a good night club if you have never been either. This hotel is definitely one of my top 3 in Vegas!

0 Stars jenningsmusic September 02, 2004

We were told we were getting a "honeymoon suite". Now I'm not sure what that is supposed to be but our "suite" was no different than any other suite and when we asked about it after our arrival, we were ignored.

0 Stars zblossom July 27, 2004

I am giving feedback on The Hotel at Mandalay Bay. The room was incredible! Most comfortable bed I've slept in which helped with a huge hangover 3 days into the trip.
Also, the bathroom/shower features BATHE products which was a great touch. Bring your own dvd for the 42 inch plasma in the living room. Believe me, Bladerunner never looked quite as impressive as it did at The Hotel. Only downside was having to walk past the restaurant/coffee shop/lounge on the way to the casino...but that is splitting hairs. I'll be back in October to recharge my batteries for the holiday restaurant season. Oh yeah, the coffee shop had the Fred Flintstone-size blueberry muffin that lasted me until dinner...

0 Stars Toicat June 26, 2004

My rating is focused toward the new tower additon known as THE hotel. The rooms are very large 900 SF +/-. Each contains two 42-inch flat screen TV's and a 13-inch flat screen in the bathroom. There is a half bath, and a glassed-in shower. The room also has a nice office setup for faxes and internet access. You cannot go wrong.

I would also recommend going to Club Moorea. It is limited to 125 and it costs between $30 and $40 per couple to enter. The service is great...food, beverage, very comfortable lounges. Oh yes, it is also topless. Hip music, completes the atomosphere. The alternative is to go to the main pool area with hundreds of others fighting over chairs and complaining about drink service. It looked like a picture of hell to me, so we didn't bother to go.

The only really odd thing about THE hotel, is that you have to enter through a parking garage (This is not a misprint). The parking garage is the entrance. All in all, THE hotel is a very afforadable alternative to The Four Seasons which is located on the oppoiste side of the property.

0 Stars luvnvegas June 18, 2004

Our wedding package included a nights stay in a honeymoon suite, but we opted to book 2 additional nights as well. Upon check in we requested an upgrade, we were given an executive suite. The room was large, nicely decorated, clean, comfortable and had a great northern view. The bathroom is lovely and the jetted tub was heavenly! Definitely not the best suites in town, but they suited us just fine. Only complaints about MB is the slower than slow elevators in the hotel and parking garage, the property can be far too overcrowded on the weekends ~ both valets and the parking garage were full on a Friday night.

0 Stars Nevermatters June 06, 2004

I'm rating only theHotel at Mandalay Bay. It was everything as advertised, separate bedroom and sitting room with a plasma tv. Also,1 1/4 baths. I was placed on the 4th floor which is just ok since it had a view of the parking lot. If you stay there, make sure you get a floor higher than the 6th. Otherwise you will be placed accross from the conference/meeting rooms and if there is an event going on, you're going to be sorry. There was a long check in wait (1/2 hour), but again I was arriving on a Friday (and checking in before check-in time). The hotel's elevator areas were not well designed. You have to go through a narrow passage to get the elevator banks. It's only an inconvience if there is a ton of people trying to get to the elevators, which happens more often than not in Las Vegas. The decore is contemporary of the lobby but could use some color. It's mostly black and white. Only the reception area has some splash of blue on the wall. It was probably an attempt to get some color into the hotel. I had a good time.

0 Stars swanboy333 February 19, 2004

We went in November and the room was not too much bigger than an average hotel room. But the bathroom was HUGE. We had a plumbing problem with our shower but the came and fixed it right away and made sure we got extra soap and bath salts. Nice bathtub in the room also. The service was great. I would recommend it but the rates are always so high.

0 Stars VegasJunky January 29, 2004

The rooms are awsome, the L shaped suites are beyond awesome. The junior suites are awkwardly appointed with the sofa near the foot of the bed. The bathrooms are extremely roomy and have plenty of room for your wife or significant other to spread her stuff out without getting in your way thanks to the dual sinks. The separate toilet room is a bonus that all hotels should consider. First rate all the way !!!

0 Stars crazybunnie99 July 24, 2003

Let me just start with saying that maybe I expected too much. As soon as we arrive, we get poor service from the front desk. We had requested adjoining rooms since the family wanted to stay together. Given that we paid full price, I expected quality service, great accomodations, and to be happy. First, we had bad service from the front desk only to find out that our rooms were not adjoining when at the front desk, the clerk said it was. So we call to find out what went wrong and to request adjoining rooms again, and the customer service/front desk just blew us off, basically saying that we got a room--so we are basically lucky for that much and that it was not their fault that they could not give us adjoining rooms. Well, I asked if there was a reason that we were not able to get adjoining rooms (thinking maybe it was just because they were too lazy to do anything about it). Their explaination is basically that it was not their fault and that they could not help us. So I asked if there was anything they could do for us...get us better rooms, freebies, anything? Guess what...it's not their fault and will not provide further assistance. I was pretty upset because I expected better service, if not nice friendly staff who will try to help us with our situation. They were not even courteous. I really think they need to take "Customer Service 101". Okay so they already got on my bad side...next thing is that one of the room's lights were not working and it was facing a parking structure which made the room pretty dark. Okay so I don't mind leaving the curtains closed and not having a view regardless of how much I paid as long as the room is comfortable. Well, it was pretty dark and the lights don't work, so we had to call someone up to fix it. How the hell did the maid clean the room in the dark? Well, maybe she didn't. The handle of the shower did not work (broken -- probably by previous occupants who were pissed at Mandalay) and there was hair in the shower, ewwww gross!!! Anyways, moving on...we went to the pool, hoping it would be good...to be honest it was decent but nothing to rave about. The pools were small, the beach was small and you were not able to swim too far into it (well there was no where to go so how far can you swim?). The lazy river pool is nothing great either. Basically, it was BORING. I would not recommend going there. The lucky thing is that we got one room that was pretty okay...the decor was good, you can see a view of the pool, it was alright...so we gave that room to the elderly, so that they can at least enjoy their stay. Unfortunately, we will never go to Mandalay Bay again. If you don't believe me read the other reviews at tripadvisor.com.

0 Stars Sonya June 06, 2003

I love this hotel. It's got such a good feeling when I'm inside. I love just walking around in there. The rooms are large and comfortable. Our room in the Fiji Wing had a GREAT view of the strip and we enjoyed falling asleep with the drapes open each night we were there. The bathroom is wonderful with a soaking tub and separate shower and double sinks. Our only problem with the bathroom was the marble floors. They are very slippery when you get out of the shower and have to hike arcross the bathroom with wet feet. Be careful!

We haven't spent a lot of time at the pool as most of our visits have been in Winter, but the pool area is the best in town, IMO.

We are big fans of Mandalay Bay.


0 Stars lzcutter May 28, 2003

The room was great. Lots of space, a California King bed, two lighted closets, a 25" television in an armoire with drawers. Lots of cable channel choices though no premimum channels. A desk with a phone with a data port. Wireless internet also available. A divan by the window. The bathroom was killer. Two sink vanity, large soaking tub with jets (also bath salts!!), a separate shower, and the toilet is in its own room. Toiletries offered are a good grade. Some of the rooms are showing the wear and tear around the edges. Be sure to ask what view you are getting when you check in to avoid a view of the Happi Inn and the airport (unless of course, that appeals to you). The banks of elevators can be crowded at times. Easy to access the room elevators and the hotel is quiet, which is nice. Considering how far you have to walk at some hotels from the parking lot, this one is quite good.

0 Stars Lowro11er May 23, 2003

I would have rated the rooms higher, but they are a notch below the Venetian. Bathrooms are very nice, I would have given them a "10" if the large tub would have had "jets" even without jets, the bathroom rates above the Bellagio's & the Venetian's standard bathrooms. The pool, simply the best in Las Vegas, bar none.

0 Stars sdcdsland March 06, 2003

This hotel has the best rooms, facilities, and service I have experienced in Vegas.

0 Stars RateVegas User October 16, 2002

The room was very nice but not great. The view was awesome but not all views are anywhere near as good as the room I had. The Bathroom was very nice and big and lots of free goodies. The pool looked to be great did not use. The Casino was very tight and the table games not for low rollers at all. The location was not real good but we had a Car so it was no problem. Overall glad I stayed there but would not make big effort to stay there again unless real cheap.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 08, 2002

Hotel theme, 10! Room was smelly, bed was not near as big or comfy as the Monte Carlo(pillowtop). Bathroom was awesome, but not worth the $$$. Maid just walked right in without knocking:(... Check in/out took FOREVER!!!! Very quick at Monte Carlo by the way. Buffet is ALWAYS awesome, well worth the $$$. Slots are tight but not horrible. Staff seems ok, but not overly accomodating. Way too many richie snobs, but what do you expect??? Pool is a waste, wave Pool? Yeah right, don't waste your excitement here. Way overpriced for what you get. Parking garage is way the heck out of the way.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 02, 2002

The hotel was great except everything is way overpriced, the wave pool is horrible, and the food is disgusting.

0 Stars RateVegas User February 09, 2002

The service was great. They automaticly gave me a room on the 33rd floor with a fabulous strip view. The rooms were bigger than the standard rooms and the windows were ceiling to floor. However, the bathroom doorswas not fitted properly and there was a large opening.

0 Stars RateVegas User February 07, 2002

Excellent property and the pool is incredible, but in general the service sucks. The clientele was mostly spoiled kids from L.A. when I was there. (Bad in my book, but it might be what you are looking for.)

0 Stars RateVegas User January 28, 2002

Very nice property. The rooms are first class, pool beyond awesome, and the staff very friendly. My third favorite Vegas resort.

0 Stars RateVegas User November 13, 2001

The room that I had was nice, but the view sucked. All I could see was a roof. The bathroom was the best that I have had in Vegas with a tub and bath stuff you throw in the water. Overall it was good except the sucky view.

0 Stars RateVegas User October 28, 2001

The room looked great, however, our floor was wet and we called to ask for a different room. 2 hours later a man looked at the room and sent us a carpet dryer and said if that didn't work to let them know. I was on the go too much to have time to worry about it and the floor never dried. They should have moved us the second we had a complaint whether housekeeping had a chance to look at it or not. Also.. the wave pool is overrated.. there are barely any waves. I enjoyed MGM's pool much better.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 30, 2001

A nice hotel but it just didn't do anything for me. Room was nice enough, but not what you get at the Venetian. The wave pool generates a wave about every 3-4 minutes or so, hardly the ocean. The river pool was intersting, though the water was cold. Consider, however, before making reservations, that shark exhibits & "fun" pools attract LOTS of kids. That's okay if you're with kids or don't mind the energy of children, but that tends to make the place more noisy. If you're looking for a tranquil place to hang out, it's not this pool and probably not this hotel.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 25, 2001

A very beautiful, upscale enviroment. I couldn't beleive the poor service that takes place in the casinos. It took 1 hr and 45 minutes before a cocktail server or a change attendant came around. It wasn't something I expected on a saturday afternoon.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 22, 2001

The pool is great, the service was excellent, & every request was met with a smile!!! I would go back tommorrow,

0 Stars RateVegas User June 21, 2001

Great service, frienly staff something Bally's lost years ago.

Please staf more people at check-in/out.

Hotel food and room service is near, but not beyond, reproach.

The staff at 3950 were outstanding, I never expected this from a hotel.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 15, 2001

Incredible property. Rooms are very nice, the bathrooms are out of this world, and the pool is in a class by itself. By far one of the best places to stay!

0 Stars RateVegas User March 07, 2001

Fantastic freindly service. Fast check-in and out. Room was great. Slots were very playable and actually paid off. Buffet was Not good. seafood was slimey and the other food I tried was tasteless. Rock Lobster was out of this world! best lobster I have had in a loooong time. Services for the GGP conferance was also 1st rate. Lunch for 800 in an hour was done with precision and the food was very good. I have been to 33 countries and most all of the states staying in over a 1000 hotels and this one rates right up at the top! Great Job!!!!!

0 Stars RateVegas User January 23, 2001

This place is great,sure one of my favorites .Room are very nice ,bathrooms are beyonds !!!The tv was very small tho .

0 Stars RateVegas User December 11, 2000

Though I prefer it's upstairs cousin (The Four Seasons), when I could not get a rate there that was practical I tried the Mandalay. Must say that I was very pleased. Room, staff, etc. were very good and the pool is awesome.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 06, 2000

Good rooms. Great pool area. Teeming with children. Service is the real down-fall of this resort, along with their pricing which is completely out of line with what they offer. Agood hotel, but there is much better value to be had.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 14, 2000

The pool is amazing!

0 Stars RateVegas User May 28, 2000

This is what you expect at a "megaresort".The rooms are very nice and spacious with ceiling to floor windows.Make sure you ask for the tower facing the strip,as one of the two looks out on McCarren airport.The bathrooms are gourgeous with seperate tub and showers.Don't let the loction scare you it is easily accessible to the rest of the strip.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 02, 2000

incredible experience, incredible place, never had heard of it before, it is THE BEST kept secret in Vegas.