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4 Stars Timm May 21, 2015

Stayed here for the third time last week. It remains the same - a solid, unspectacular choice smack dab between Aria and NY NY. It's easy access to both of these properties makes it a hit with me, and new restaurants and dining options outside make this an increasingly interesting location. With the new arena being built right behind it, expect prices here to rise and availability to drop. Regardless, we will be back.

4 Stars Michael Simonds April 19, 2015

They have really done a good job at cleaning up the place. This is my fourth year in a row staying here. My room was very clean and quiet up on the 17th floor facing City Center. It was nice to see $5 blackjack at all hours even though it pays 6/5. You are now given two drink tickets per stay as part of your resort fee. The $20 trick is very dead here. In my four years I have never scored a Monaco suite upgrade, however it appears to always get me a higher room floor with a great view (minus the tip) for making the effort. Even though I always prefer to stay somewhere else, I always enjoy a stay at Monte Carlo.

5 Stars JoAnn Juarez October 09, 2014

Just got back from staying here 3 days!!! Had a blast

5 Stars JoAnn Juarez July 10, 2014

Another great trip!! This is our 6 time staying here. Will definitely plan another trip.Hotel is great and affordable!! Love the new additions to the resort!!!

3 Stars Michael Simonds April 11, 2014

This is my third year in a row staying here for work, and this was my best experience yet. I would like to give this review four stars because I was impressed on how clean the place has become; it looks as if they are finally trying. However, look closely at the details in the rooms and hallways and you would think you are at a value Caesar's property; loose hardware, unbalanced tables, peeling wallpaper, carpet stains, and the list goes on - but over all very clean. The casino looked great, felt great, and gave us some excellent value. I know there is better, but I think I am finally warmed up to the place and I would welcome an opportunity to stay here again.

5 Stars @IndyJeffrey November 27, 2013

I highly recommend the Monte Carlo for your next trip. Is it a five star property? No. But this is a clean comfortable room. The service was great; I called for a special request and it was taken care of within the hour. I'll be back.

4 Stars 360 Vegas Mark September 28, 2013

Simply a good property. Good food options, both cheap and expensive. A nice pool area, good table limits, fun atmosphere, great sports bar, reasonably priced clean rooms and a much improved drink service. The dealers could be a little more fun and friendly though. I can only imagine the diverse collection of people they have to deal with just based on many of the people we sat with so I can't blame them, but still. They have a very good collection of slots and a marketing team who, based on their elevator commercials alone, have somehow gotten me interesting in seeing the Blue Man Group for the first time. Monte Carlo has abandon their original theme in favor of just having a quality property offering a fun experience. Good decision.

5 Stars Ed August 31, 2013

Beautiful hotel which is getting the money spent it has so craved. Everything is right about this hotel. Location, price and people. Check in was quick and friendly, rooms are a good size and everything works. Was here for Labor Day weekend and great atmosphere through out. If your a bit older or suffering a mid life crisis then come to Monte Carlo to re capture a bit of youth. Fun Fun Fun.

5 Stars Joann Juarez August 28, 2013

Just got back from staying at the hotel for 5 days. Had a wonderful time and will stay here again. Staff was friendly

1 Star John from Minnesota July 28, 2013

I have previously written about how much I enjoyed this property but on my most recent stay I couldn't have been more disappointed. My wife and I decided to add an extra night to our trip and stay at the Monte Carlo. Upon check-in we discovered there was a problem with a future reservation we had booked with the property. The front desk clerk was extremely helpful, but her hands were tied. They told me that a manager would call me to correct the situation but I never got that call. I had to visit the front desk the next day and their solution was to have me pay more money for my room on my next stay. Unbelievable. When we got into our room on this stay we found a tired, worn out and disgusting room that wasn't worth even close to the $200 with resort fee that I paid. I am not a picky person and in my other stays here the room has not been great, but it has gotten very bad in the past year and a half. If Monte Carlo chooses to let their rooms fall into disrepair, that is fine, but the price should be much more reasonable. I am disappointed because MGM is letting a property that has a lot going for it wither away. We will not be back.

4 Stars El in AZ June 05, 2013

Best value on The Strip. I've stayed here a half dozen times over the past few years. The location really can't be beat. It's a quick walk to City Center—Aria, the Crystals—as well as the Cosmopolitan, Bellagio and Planet Hollywood. I love the look and feel of the casino and other common areas. The guest rooms are decidedly threadbare, however. I usually stay in a Monaco Suite. The wi-fi is useable as part of your $20/night resort fee. The room is dated, with worn furniture and tired soft goods. Whenever I think of staying elsewhere, I come back to price and location. I really do wish they'd freshen up the rooms here.

3 Stars Michael Simonds April 20, 2013

This is my second time staying here. Overall, the hotel is clean and classy while managing to be a value property. The problem with value properties, however, is the ongoing lack of attention to detail. If you are to visit the Monte Carlo web site, you will see that most rooms have a coffee table with chairs in front of the window. HOW DO YOU NOT NOTICE HALF OF THE FURNITURE IS MISSING FROM THE ROOM??? Fortunately, my room was promptly furnished, and housekeeping did an amazing job keeping my room spotless during my stay. I still love their lobby.

4 Stars John from Minnesota April 07, 2013

I have been trying to stay at a different property every time I visit Las Vegas, but Monte Carlo makes that very difficult for me. I have stayed at this property three times in the past year and now consider it to be my "home property." The rooms are a bit dated, but not bad. The staff is wonderful and the drink service in the casino has been good. The price and location are fantastic. You can take a tram from Monte Carlo to Aria or Bellagio. This property is not the fanciest on the strip by any means, but I consider it to be the best value.

2 Stars Steve January 20, 2013

Kind of disappointing. The Pub saved it.

2 Stars johnvic December 26, 2012

It was okay because if the price, $64 a night. But the room was a little dirty and casino is not a place I wanted to hang out in. When I checked in I asked for a strip view room. She gave it to me but I walk in and books smell smoke and saw the ash trays. So I had them change me to a non-smoking, non-strip room. I was clear about non-smoking so it was annoying. Next time I'm budgeting for a better hotel.

5 Stars Timm October 04, 2012

I've decided that I really like this place. I'm on my 2nd stay here in a year and I just like this hotel - it's location, it's price, it's wave pool, it's overall feel. I'm sure that the world's elite would sneer at staying here, but I defy anyone to show me a better value at a better place on the strip. We will definitely be back.

3 Stars Ricky August 20, 2012

Fair sized room although it's mandatory you pay $20 a night for extras which u either don't use or cant access such as wifi, apart from that wave pool is great and the hotel is quite decent!! Buffet not brilliant. I would recommend staying there and the rooms pricing is fairly decent

4 Stars Chris June 26, 2012

Nice location, nice rooms, I was happy with everything except trying their buffet and a few pool issues. We spent a lot of time around the pool. I didn't understand why we needed to pay for a tube rental for the lazy river when we are already paying for a resort fee. Also, cannot bring drinks into the pool area so they can sell you their own. Overall, it was good though.

2 Stars Onenight June 26, 2012

No wifi. Smokey. Small rooms with little amenities. No fridge. Good location.

3 Stars j Hennessy June 17, 2012

We stayed here in March 2012 based upon an offer we got. We had a suite and the room was nice so no complaints there. We went during the college basketball finals so lots of sports minded people. We went to eat at the Pub one night and were told it was 25 min per person per hour to eat there.....really??? Casino was so so and very smoky. Location was good but that is about all I really liked at this hotel.

3 Stars Julia June 13, 2012

I stayed at the Monte Carlo with my cheer team for a competition in February. I loved having the convenient food court in the hotel for when we needed to get going early. The walls are very thin though and unfortunately my neighbors stated up very late. The toilets scare the crap out of me because they flush like a jet taking off. I enjoyed this hotel very much. The pool was closed wen I was staying there so I don't know much about that. I ate at the buffet twice and it was very cheap for the amount of food you can get (which is as much as you want). You order a drink and as soon as you order you go and get your food. Every time I got up to get some food and came back I had a fresh full glass of what I was drinking. People can smoke in the casino which was a bother for my team and I but that's Vegas! The staff were not as on the Ball as I had hoped because I saw people smoking in the lobby sometimes which is not allowed. And one night I saw a prostitute in the lobby. (not the best look for te hotel) I would recommend this hotel for people partying lots and not spending lots of time in their hotel room. But for people that need a hotel to stay at all day and enjoy I would not recommend this hotel.

5 Stars Daryl June 03, 2012

Hotel 32-We've stayed at Monte Carlo several times in the last few years, a great value hotel, with great employees and a great location on the Strip. We've always been happy there, and then we got a chance to stay at Hotel 32. We checked in at the VIP lounge in the lobby and are handed off to a bellman who works the 32nd floor. There are soft drinks and water available (for no charge) in this lounge during your entire stay and a wine tasting available in the evenings. We are whisked to our floor where we are introduced to the floor manager who will gave us a tour of the floor amenities. The floor lounge is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and features soft drinks and water available all day (again -no charge) and in the morning and evening features finger food that, while small, is tasty. One morning, they had a small ham,egg,and cheese sandwich that we ate instead of going out to breakfast-quite tasty. There is also coffee available that is better than most coffees we've found in hotels. Our room is about the same size as a regular Monte Carlo room, but with nicer amenities. You will get a robe and slippers in your room, but the Kiel's toiletries as mentioned on their website will not be there in the standard Studio room. The room features a refrigerator (stocked with two bottles of water at no extra charge every day), a fainting couch (which is quite comfortable), and some of the softest sheets we've found in a hotel room. When Housekeeping comes to clean your room, they (there are two folks who will clean your room) pull their cart into your room so the hallway doesn't become a gauntlet to negotiate. The floor manager is really helpful in making your stay as enjoyable as possible. We really enjoyed the quiet the floor offered and the staff's attention. Also, as part of your resort fee, a regular room at the MC gives you wired internet access, but Hotel32 gives you wireless access, which is a nice touch. All in all, a nice location to stay and a really nice room and attentive staff.

3 Stars Jessica May 02, 2012

The only decent thing was our spa tub. That's why I even gave it a 3. We paid our "resort fee" for slow Internet and a really crappy gym. It was so small, and there were hardly any machines. Disappointed. I will not stay here again.

3 Stars Michael April 26, 2012

The lobby sets a good first impression. Looks nice, classic, and clean. The elevators are very slow. I had a "strip view" room in the 30th floor. It is a very narrow view basically looking across the street, and you are not able to see up or down the strip like I can at other properties. I was warned that walls "are thin" and THEY ARE. Luckily, people nearby seemed to be mellow and quiet like myself when I retreat to my room. The room itself was "OK" at best. The furniture is very warn, the carpeting is frayed, and phone wiring was poorly installed and stapled around the perimeter of the room. Housekeeping did a great job, and my room was kept very clean. I found the food court to add a "cheese factor" to the property, but then found it to be very useful after a late night on the town. I had room service for breakfast every morning, and found it to be OK, but then again it is kind of hard to screw up breakfast. The bed was comfortable even though I had better. Overall, the Monte Carlo may be a good choice if you are on a limited budget. While I did not hate the place it did not get me excited either. I would consider staying here again if work is paying for it or if my room is comped. Otherwise, they just do not make my radar screen

4 Stars John from Minnesota March 12, 2012

Booked a stay at the Monte Carlo for the end of January through the M Life website and got a very good deal (even with the resort fees). My room was decent, nothing great but I only spend 4-5 hours per night in the room so who cares? The casino is the reason that I enjoy the Monte Carlo and will stay there again. The drink service was lacking, and after midnight the place becomes a "hooker fest" but besides those two issues the casino has a good feel. The location is solid with a tram connecting to Aria and Bellagio. Overall I felt that I got value staying at the Monte Carlo and would do so again.

5 Stars Victor Daniels December 19, 2011

The Monte Carlo was recommended to me by a friend who had visited Las Vegas many, many times and was familiar with all of the hotels there. He now lives in Vegas. His rationale was that it offered good value for money and in a good, central location, and 'less intense' than most casino-resorts turned out to be absolutely correct. I stayed there for 14 nights and had a great time. Check-in staff were great and the room was great, too. Sadly I didn't get the opportunity to eat there because the restaurants were either always closed, or we're so busy I couldn't get in (odd that you can't get in when you ate staying there). But, no problem, as Smith and Wollensky is directly opposite on the other side of the road, and they were more than happy to feed me. I didn't drink much in the hotel either. Some of the bar staff were very grumpy... Rude in fact but, hey, you can't have everything. Would I stay there again? You bet! Put it this way, if the MC was in NYC or London (where I live), it would be considered as one of the best.

3 Stars Michael (jinx) November 19, 2011

There is nothing special about the property. It's a no frills spot. Walls are a bit thin and the decor is plain and boring (even for someone that doesn't pay much attention to it). Hotel is again charging resort fees to comped guests as of weekend of 11/11. There is no wifi, only wired connection available for internet.

1 Star Brando November 03, 2011

My wife and I stayed at the upscale "hotel 32" on the top of the Monte Carlo for our wedding weekend. We had a $4,000+ dinner at Andre's restaurant with 20 of our family and friends. After dinner we all headed up to our suite for drinks. We were there for maybe 30 minutes before the hotel supervisor "Erick Baum" showed up with 5 large security guards. He told us that we all had to leave immediately because the noise was too loud. We told him that we would turn the music down, but he refused. We offered to be transferred to another suite and even pay the price difference, again he refused. Our music was barely turned up and was a a mild level 4 of 10. Our group consisted of upscale members of society... doctors, lawyers and airline pilots, not the usual rockstar crowd that gets kicked out of hotel suites. The room wasn't cheap, about $2,700 for 4 nights. You'd expect better treatment for dropping that kind of money at a hotel. We were very dissatisfied with the treatment of Erick Baum and his Monte Carlo staff. Im sure that some high roller in the next room complained and the hotel decided to cater to him rather than accomodating us. I will never stay at the Monte Carlo or Hotel 32 again.

4 Stars Timm October 15, 2011

Checked out today and was pleased, overall. My wife and I would stay here again. Monaco suite was nice and two bathrooms is a plus. Maid service was outstanding and check in easy and accommodating. If I were to look for negatives, the cocktail waitresses in the casino are a bit sparse at times and the toilet handles are oddly difficult to flush. The short escalator rides to aria and the free tram to bellagio make this now a prime location with easy access to neighboring properties. This place is underrated and we are only sorry we wasted our 2010 trip at the "Fla-shithole" We are likely to stay at the Monte Carlo again.

5 Stars Timm October 10, 2011

Just checked in today and am surprised; preceding review talked of updating and that is nonsense. This place is very updated with an MGM type feel to it. Got here early - 9 am - and was allowed to pick up key with the desk calling me when room was ready. They were very accommodating and room was ready at 12:30 pm. Have a Monaco suite and it is fine. Bed is great, room is updated. Only issue: room is too large to have just a 32 inch tv, but it's a minor complaint. Will update when we checkout Friday but thus far we are pleased. FYI the Aria is just a short stroll away, which I think is a bonus. Now if we could just win some money....

3 Stars Nifty October 04, 2011

This is a very old school type hotel. The rooms are very outdated, and pretty much everything about this place requires updating. That said, I always have had great service here. From check-in to the floor service, I couldn't offer a single complaint. Rreasonable rates and the great location.

1 Star Kristan October 03, 2011

This was our first trip to Vegas and we definitely picked the wrong place to stay. The Monte Carlo was a terrible place to stay. We paid for a Deluxe/Strip view but what we got was a regular Motel 6 room and a view of the parking lot. The vending machine on our floor didn't work so you had to go to the lobby for a drink in their shop but they always made you feel like you were bothering them or they didn't have time to check you out. Then we decided to try to room service one night, big mistake...they got there with the wrong food and wanted to argue with us about what we ordered rather than make it right. This was a terrible place to stay and I will never stay here again!!! Don't stay at the Monte Carlo!!!

5 Stars BebH September 30, 2011

Me and my husband stayed at the Monte Carlo for a week in April. I loved the hotel I loved the drinks and I can't believe they don't have any pictures of the -5 Bar! It was one of the most exciting experiences! It was right in the mix of Vegas and we had a great time! Will stay there again!

2 Stars Graham Lionel September 23, 2011

MC isn't so much "bad" as it is "boring." the hotel rooms are clean, the service us friendly, and the food is edible, but there is nothing about this hotel that sets it apart. Do they have suites? Yes, but why bother when they aren't very special? Honestly, it's not bad, but isn't a great experience either.

1 Star Johanna September 11, 2011

The Monaco suite was nice the 2 standard rooms were nice , but room service is so bad ! Breakfast was gross check in was a hassle . The pool was fun housekeeping was good the dragon noodle was very good but the buffet was really really bad!!!! Will never stay there again

5 Stars Trever September 11, 2011

Great place to stay, the buffet was included. The food was very good. Nice sports book but they don't allow cigar smoking. Beer and drinks are very expensive. The pools and lazy river were very nice but I would think twice about staying here during a holiday because I can see were the pool area can get very crowded since they are not that big. We would stay here again.

5 Stars MH September 04, 2011

Great hotel, great location, great price!

5 Stars Bill L July 28, 2011

Stayed for 4 nights and had an awesome time at the Monte Carlo! Pools are excellent and the staff was awesome. The only issue I had was with the shower heads which are really low for tall people. I will definitely be going back to the MC again.

5 Stars Jon R. July 28, 2011

The restaurants are also top notch.

5 Stars Jon R. July 27, 2011

Amazing time!! The accommodations and staff are both top notch.

5 Stars Todd July 26, 2011

Awesome hotel! Great location. Hope to return very soon!

5 Stars Sarah H. July 25, 2011

Stayed at the Carlo this past week. The staff was wonderful and accommodating and the suites were gorgeous. Perfect location! Hope to go back soon.

5 Stars Cindy July 25, 2011

We absolutely loved the Monte Carlo. And HOTEL32 is gorgeous if you have the cash....

5 Stars John July 23, 2011

We absolutely adored everything about the Monte Carlo. The suites are gorgeous and we had a wonderful view of City Center!

2 Stars Richard July 20, 2011

Sure. It's a good value. No worse than a Hampton inn. But, ugh. The towels smell like burnt toast. The casino doesn't smell much better.

2 Stars Kevin July 18, 2011

Stayed here in May. This is middle of the road, nothing special, decent casino for poker and 3-card, but the rooms are motel 6. Come expecting to get what you pay for. The toilets flush like a jet taking off. I stars here 4 nights and saw prostitutes standing in the lobby one night. This place is a bit sleazy, but it's cheap. Not my style, I like the luxury, the detail, and the design of hotels and this place fell short. At least the service was decent. Staying at Aria next time.

1 Star Yvonne Witherspoon July 15, 2011

HORRIBLE experience. Room carpet very dirty, furniture need replacing. The room was on the third floor with the views of the roof and A/C views. Even tho reservations were made far far in advance on line it didn't matter. I will never stay here again.

5 Stars Pete May 22, 2011

Stayed in the Hotel32 part of the resort. We absolutely loved this place. From the limo driver at the airport to the very helpful concierge to a massive suite and most comfortable bed. Very quite with no interuptions of any kind. If you want a little luxury at an affordable price this is it. Monte Carlo is also a great resort with good gaming, a nice pool area, and easy access to everything. Cannot say enough good things about Hotel32.

3 Stars SanD April 23, 2011

Upon checking into our non smoking reservation we realized we were in a smoking room. After calling the front desk, and being told that they were sold out my husband and I were ready to move to another hotel. They called us back, and miraculously found us what we booked. After this we found the hotel to meet our needs. The food court was perfect, as it gave us a chance to het a quick, light breakfast in anticipation of a good lunch and dinner. The casino was perfect, and we took a free craps lesson. The pool is good, and staff is friendly. Our room was nothing more than basic, but me our needs just fine. The stay was good, but we would be tempted to try another hotel next time, as it wasn't anything other than average.

3 Stars Kkenn April 08, 2011

Hotel was descent for the price. Great location. Walls very thin so you can hear about EVERYTHING through the walls. Down side was tacky dancers on the bars on weekends which made women and families uncomfortable. We left and gambled somewhere else.

3 Stars Will April 07, 2011

Easy check-in, everyone was very nice with the exception of the security detail at the pool gate who think they own the pool & everything associated with it. Since everything associated with the Monte Carlo, or for any & all resorts on the strip, is to extract $$$ from your pocket & put it in theirs. You may not purchase a plastic cup of coffee from the Starbucks, located a few feet from the entrance to the pool guard shack, & take it into the pool area. Go figure.

5 Stars garry harrison February 06, 2011

From first walking into the foyer and being greeted by the front desk staff was a pleasure.
The only thing bad about the place was i only stayed 6 nights.

0 Stars Tiny January 22, 2011

Hotel is mediocre. Just too much noise in the walls. The walls seem paper thin. Great deal though. $200 for a weekend stay not bad. Good thing is they have a food court which is very convenient.

4 Stars Brian R. December 11, 2010

Decent place. Great, convenient location. Nice casino. The pool is actually pretty awesome! Loved everything about this stay. It's not upscale or fancy, but if you want a nice, affordable hotel near center-strip, I'd recommend the Monte Carlo.

3 Stars Dan October 17, 2010

Stayed 3nights in september, good casino, nice room,very clean, great location, hated resort fee for stuff I did not use. Wil go back

0 Stars Honeymooned October 07, 2010

My newly married husband and I stated here for the week of our honeymoon. We got the diamond suite for around $1000. Totally not worth it, the only good thing was the massive tub! Plan on waking early, b/c if your neighbor is using hot water, you will hear the very loud and annoying pressure whistle. We just thought for what we paid it would be a little better. Also, we ate at the buffet and saw Frank Caliendo. Buffet was the worst we had and we never saw a waitress. FC was not impressive either, I paid extra money for closer seats, should saved it for the slots. He hasn't updated his routine in 10 years. In short, spend an extra $400-600 for a nicer hotel!

3 Stars Michael September 25, 2010

Decent hotel. Nothing fancy or special about the place. But if you want a decent place to sleep in the middle of the strip, this is a good choice.

5 Stars Texicoe August 12, 2010

Wife and I stayed Tuesday-Friday in mid July with some friends. Booked a standard room online but decided to upgrade to a spa suite at check-in. Spa suite was a great value and we had a great view of the pool area/citycenter. The check in desk waived the resort fee when we upgraded so that was nice. Monte Carlo is not the Wynn or bellagio but it is a great, centrally located resort on the strip. We signed up for the players club and my wife played enough slots to get us two free buffets. Glad I didn't pay for it because the buffet was not very good. Everything else about our stay was great!!!

5 Stars BrettPC August 06, 2010

Worth it, has everything u need , will be back

5 Stars Book Police July 08, 2010

The perfect hotel for those that are not too picky, but are looking for an excellent value. I booked four weeknights at $40 per night. Can't beat that! Usually rooms are around$60-80 if you keep your eyes out. There is a hotel charge (I think it was about $8 per night) for internet, newspaper, gym, and who knows what else) so just add $10 to the advertised price. Most hotels are doing this nonsense now. The rooms are your standard size, but are always clean and are actually decently decorated. During our July stay, it was very hot and the pool gets crowded quickly. If you want a good spot with shade, I recommend getting there when the pool opens at 8 a.m. There is a wave pool and lazy river for the kids, and a regular pool and hot tub for adults (there are no adult only pools). The pool, front desk, casino, and food court are all conveniently located right off of the hotel elevators. This is a huge convenience if traveling with kids. The hotel is very kid friendly due to the cost and great pool area, so expect lots of them! I have been coming here for years with my family and I am happy to say it is still going strong.

5 Stars Jenny Conner July 06, 2010

Recent stay was awsome. Room was large comfortable. Customer service was excellent. Everyone we came in contact with was very friendly. Casino host was exceptional. Check in & out a breeze. Great location. Many food options , food was good.

5 Stars Brooke June 28, 2010

Loved everything about it. Wonderful concierge service.

5 Stars Steve June 28, 2010

Fabulous hotel!

5 Stars Steve June 27, 2010

Fabulous hotel!

2 Stars MS June 22, 2010

Rude dealers (all 4) but nice atmosphere otherwise.

5 Stars Jean June 02, 2010

Awesome! Service and accomodations were both right on. Highly recommended.

2 Stars Scott May 30, 2010

Seems like a nice enough place but I'm paying a daily resort fee for Internet access and other misc. items. I wouldn't have a proplem with that if I could actually get online. All of my Internet items (iPhone, iPad) are wireless and they don't have wireless. If I had known this I never would have stayed or would have checked out the first day. Unfortunately this is part of a prepaid package. No one will talk with me about having a discounted resort fee to help with this issue but they promise to e-mail me a comment card after I check out. Kind of late by then.

5 Stars Vgonzlz May 25, 2010

We loved the Monte Carlo very clean, not too big. The food court was a plus we got back around 3 am and sbarro, mcdonalds and subway were still open. Can't wait to go back!

5 Stars Yvonne Witherspoon May 10, 2010

I have coming to the Monte Carlo Hotel since 2000, I have stayed at other hotels on the strip but none better than the Monte Carlo. GREAT!

5 Stars Tom April 09, 2010

Hotel 32 is wonderful!

5 Stars Peter April 09, 2010

Hotel 32 is absolutely wonderful! Five stars all the way. Pricey, but well worth it.

3 Stars donnymac66 April 05, 2010

Part 2 of my Monte Carlo review. I just had an awesome stay at Hotel32 and took the comp limo to McCarren only to find out that my flight had been cancelled. So I call the casino host desk and they find me a room in a sold out hotel, it was only 3 days before New Years so it was very busy and they got me a Monaco suite to boot and sent a car for me. Score!!

A very pleasant and efficient checkin later I was opening the door to a Monaco suite. Quite a difference from Hotel32. It is a very spacious room with a view of the pool and the CityCenter people mover. This room has not been renovated in many years and the decor definitely reflected that. Really old jet tub, sony cd/alarm clock/radio that was busted but overall the room was very clean and in decent repair. After spending 5 nights at the Monte Carlo the place really grew on me, the access to citycenter without the room rates is nice. I really enjoyed the casino and it's staff, low limits, great cocktail service and super friendly dealers.

While Monte Carlo may not be my first choice of places to stay on the strip for the right rate I would stay there again,

4 Stars donnymac66 April 04, 2010

A tale of two Hotels.

I stayed at both Hotel32 and a Monaco suite at Monte Carlo in December and it was like @ different properties. This review is for Hotel32, I will do a separate one for the Monaco suite.

Hotel 32
Arrived at Monte Carlo via cab from TI, if I was arriving at McCarren they would have picked me up in a limo. I was taken to the VIP lounge where I was greeted by a bellman for H32 who took me and my bags to the lounge on the 32nd floor where I met a suite assistant. We filled out the paperwork, received my room keys and was informed that my studio would be ready in about 20 mins. I relaxed in the lounge with a bottle of water and a great view of City Center. The lounge served food at breakfast and in the evening and free alcohol from 4-7.
My studio was nicely decorated with a view of Mandarin Oriental and MGM/NYNY. The bed was very comfortable and the HD tv actually had 10 or so hd channels. There was a fridge that they would stock with your favorite non-alcoholic beverages. The staff were incredibly helpful and attentive to my needs. I really enjoyed my stay and if I can get a good rate will definitely stay at Hotel32 again. The dining options at Monte Carlo are very good and mid-range as far as pricing goes.

3 Stars Barry March 29, 2010

I stayed at the Monte Carlo mid March. For the most part, it is a satisfactory hotel/casino. There are nothing special about the rooms there, unless your staying at Hotel32. The hot water always seems to take a few minutes to actually get warm when you first turn on. If your driving to it, it can be a pain to get to it given you have to go on Las Vegas Boulevard(unless if you know how to navigate the back way). They generally run only one $5 craps table and it tends to be packed. I'd stay here only if price was right. Not much of view anymore since CityCenter pretty much blocks things out

5 Stars Cathy March 23, 2010

Hotel 32 is the place for intimate five star service. Loved everything about it! Although, I still prefer SKYLOFTS.

3 Stars Ed Greenberg March 06, 2010

Go only if the price is right. Convenient to other, better hotels. Perfectly OK if you are not paying much for the room.

Sleep here, go elsewhere. Clean and perfectly OK, but only OK.

5 Stars Anna March 01, 2010

We were at Hotel 32, the boutique five star hotel within Monte Carlo. Everything was superb. Service was perfect and the suite was awesome! Highly recommended, if you can splurge.

3 Stars Big Time February 19, 2010

This place was nice... Nothing about it was overwhelmingly great though... Got a good deal online, and I also try to stay someplace different every time I hit Vegas

5 Stars Anne February 09, 2010

This is my favorite place to stay in Vegas. MC has everything you need, yet its small enough to be comfortable - it doesn't take 40 minutes to get to your room from the lobby. Pool area included racing river and wave pool. Newly upgraded shopping area connects with CityCenter.

5 Stars Shawn January 19, 2010

Very chic, and plush European style resort. Five Stars-Hotel 32.

1 Star Vegas Lover January 08, 2010

We had high expectations when we checked into The Monte Carlo and by the end of our stay it didn't meet any of them! The rooms are drab and small and the bathrooms are no better than what you'd find at a Motel 6. The pool was cramped and overrated!!

4 Stars VegasFunFacts October 30, 2009

The Monte Carlo is an interesting hotel. From the outside, it's a beautiful site, but inside it's rather boring. The casino is clean and the dealers are ok. Limits can be lower than some of it's local brethren (MGM, NYNY, Bellagio). Overall, the rooms are clean and I've never had any problems with the staff. I'd recommend MC to most people looking for a good location, cheaper room without sacrificing quality. Nothing will wow you but it won't disappoint much either. Also, one of the best secret little poker rooms in town. Great dealers and great room. Small though, so you might not get the game you're looking for 24/7.

4 Stars Dapper Danno October 13, 2009

Just returned from a 3-night stay at the Monte Carlo. We has a comp'd suite plus another comp'd adjacent room. We were given $300 in freeplay and also three meals a day for all three days comp'd. Our choices were only the buffet, cafe, Diablo's and the Pub. They also have a food court that offers Mickey D's, Subway, pizza, etc for those who want a quick bite without long lines. The food was very good and the service was superb. Only problem was the gaming. The slot and video poker machines were tighter than Fort Knox and I didn't see one single person win "jack." So our last day there and down 5K, my wife wanted to go to the Bellagio were I have won 12K, 4K and 36K in jackpots my last three times staying there, all this year. And what do you know? I immediately hit a 4K video poker jackpot on a 2 dollar machine and 45 minutes later, on the same machine hit a royal flush for 8G's. Sweet! But the Monte Carlo is quite nice otherwise, the suite was nice and big and modern, but the deluxe room was a bit small compared to the Bellagio and Mandalay Bay. But it was all free so no complaints. I'd stay again but would be hesitant to gamble there.

5 Stars Anonymous October 08, 2009

Hotel 32 is gorgeous!!

2 Stars Steve September 10, 2009

Average! Nothing that would make me stay here again. With so many options, try someplace with a personality before you go here.

5 Stars Anonymous September 02, 2009

Hotel 32, is a beautiful new boutique hotel. It just won the AAA Five-Diamond award. If you have the money, stay here in the penthouses.

3 Stars Mjd77 March 27, 2009

Average place mid strip. Many better places, but not bad.

0 Stars R. Ventura September 14, 2008

My last stay at the Monte Carlo was the 3rd time I visited their casino this year. Let me say that both of my previous stays at the Monte Carlo was exceptional, but this time my experience was quite different. At the end of my previous stay I was approached by one of the Casino Hosts and told that they would like to extend 2-3 nights complementary based on my level of gaming, this offer was good for my next visit to their Resort and Casino. At the end of August we received a promotional offer from the Monte Carlo by e-mail and decided to take them up on the offer and went ahead and booked the trip. The second day during our trip we decided to go and talk to the Casino Host that offered to comp us 2-3 nights for our next visit and was pleased that she not only remembered me by face but also had remembered the offer she had extended, when I told her that I would like to take her up on the offer she pulled up my information on her computer and advised me that she could not honor her offer since we were visiting under a promotion. This seemed kind of strange to me since she specifically stated on my prior trip that her “offer” was based on the level of gaming we had played during that visit. I express that I was disappointed as I was hoping that any comps for the current visit could be used towards taking my wife to some of their dinning establishments. She looked into the level of gaming that we had already played for the 2 days prior to talking with her and she proceeded to comped us 2 nights stay off our bill based on those 2 days. She asked if I planned to maintain the current level of play for the remainder of our trip, I let her know that we have a set daily amount which we spend collectively so the level of gaming would stay very consistent, she replied that any other incidentals such as dinning etc… would certainly be covered by the Casino and to please see her again before we checkout in order to have those charges taken off our bill, of course this “comp” would be in relation to our level of gaming. My wife and I enjoyed the rest of our vacation; im big fan of the Blackjack tables but im no high roller in any sense of the word, im not going to get to far into dropping numbers, amounts, wins losses etc…etc… but I will say that on average I spend about 5 hours per day on Blackjack and my average bet is about $60.00 (any mid range gambler knows how many hands of Blackjack you can go thorough in an hour with a fast dealer). Anyhow, prior to check out I stopped back by the Casino Hosts office and to see what they could do with what was left on my tab and what future comps may have compiled for future visits since I was unable to take advantage of her original offer. She pulled up my information advised me that I had spend $224.00 on miscellaneous incidentals, she then went back to examining my gaming activity, to my surprise she advised me that she had “OVER COMPED ME” when she had taken off 2 nights from my bill earlier on the trip. I know how the comps work and the amount of the 2 nights she comped was less then 10% of what I had spent in the Casino at that point in the vacation, coupled with the fact that $224.00 would be small fraction of comp value even for just one day of gaming between my wife and me. I asked her why she had told me to came back to receive the rest of my “comp value” prior to check out, she replied that it was her oversight but offered no remedy. Anyone that has visited Las Vegas any number of times will recognize that the Monte Carlo took advantage of my loyalty to their establishment. They are losing a very loyal customer over $224.00, on Blackjack I would lose $224.00 in 4 losing hands within a matter of minutes. Its not the amount of money spend –vs- what should have been comped, it’s a matter of principles, its obvious that the Monte Carlo does not value me as a customer. Based on this experience I would not recommend anyone to this establishment that plans to spend any time in their Casino.

0 Stars Sam November 23, 2007

I stayed here in august 07 as a family reunion and loved it! great rooms, great food, this is a great resort, great pool as well (not some one pool resort) all in all stay at this resort

0 Stars donnymac66 October 13, 2007

Stayed at the Monte Carlo in September. This is the first time I have stayed there since 2000. The hotel is nice and the room was very good. The service at the VP bars was outstanding. There was a bit of construction in the casino as Diablo's was just about to open. We had a pool/city center view on the 35th floor and never heard any construction.

0 Stars Andrew August 26, 2007

Rooms aren't bad, especially for around $100 a night. Hotel or casino not too exciting, but a nice place to hang your hat at night, and close to the MGM and the Bellagio. Plus, housekeeping service was fast and helpful when I needed a sewing kit and pillows.

0 Stars Monte Carlo guest May 02, 2007

Be warned!

You can pay with a credit card/debit card on their website. But when you use that same card to check in, you will have to either use another credit card or leave a cash deposit to use the "incidentals."

They wanted to charge me $50 a day IN ADVANCE! to possibly use the phone. What I did not use would be credited back to me. But would take "up to three days for my bank to put the funds back in." This was according to the woman at check in. She was all friendly until I told her no since I had a cell phone. That would have put a $250.00 hold on my bank account for items that I would not even have used. They are the only casino that has done that yet.

Also, when I was there in December 2006 they had torn down the parking structure and we all had to use a very small side lot. Or the parking structure at the NYNY.

No where on their website did it state this. I only stayed there because I got a great deal on their website.

I hope that they have the parking fixed by now. Not in any hurry to stay there again.

0 Stars vegasgal40 April 04, 2006

We were lucky to get free upgrade and had a wonderful room! We really love the pools because you can relax or hit the wave pool.The lazy river is nice too!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 22, 2006

I had a group of 25 people and this was a HUGE letdown. It was for my wedding...my husband and I paid for the middle of the road suite which is pricey, small, and uninviting. I would have much rather had a standard room and when we told them about our stay they had nothing to say...they didnt seem to care which I found completely rude since it was my wedding. They ruined that part of my whole experience. We got married at the Flamingo ..wish I wouldve stayed there, as do the rest of the group I brought. We will NEVER stay here again.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 08, 2006

was in Vegas for a convention 12-05. Got a very good rate and a very nice room. Very little smoke smell in the enitre place! The tram to the Bellagio was convenient too. I ate at the food court a couple of times when I was in a hurry to get to meetings. The buffet was average, although the Asian bar eas excellent. I would definitely stay at the MC again if in Vegas!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 23, 2005

A buddy and me took our first trip to Vegas right before school started back up again. We paid for a normal room, but got a Strip-view on the 30th floor (The Monte has 32 floors) so the view was amazing. North strip and mountains in the background. Everyone was super nice, and food was really good everywhere we ate, especially in the Brewery. The wave pool was out of order, but that was the only thing I remember being broken. I didn't go to Vegas to swim though, so no worries.

Overall, a great first trip to Vegas, and I will stay here again. I won 400 dollars playing poker, and craps tables were pretty good too. The strip isn't just for families - and downtown was dirty as hell. Downtown sucks. The strip is the place to be.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 29, 2005

This is a great hotel/casino. Their food court, pub, steakhouse and casino as well as drink service is wonderful. We were on the 20th floor non smoking and the room and bathroom were just fine. There were no plumbing problems or hearing the neighbors next door. This is a gem on the strip and we will definitely be back again.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 23, 2005

I brought a group of 30 people. No complaints F/anyone. The hotel employees very friendly.The food court employees should take a lesson from them! Be back next year

0 Stars akisok2 May 16, 2005

This is a very nice hotel for those of us who cannot afford the luxury of Caesar's or the Venetian. I found the hotel and casino to be a little less nice than the Mirage (one of my favorites) but don't get me wrong: the Monte Carlo is a great joint! The rooms were nice and spacious, though the beds were a little uncomfortable. Not sure why. The bathrooms were nice too, though a little smaller than I would have expected for a hotel this size - it was tough for two people to be in there at once getting ready or whatnot. The casino was lively, though a lot fo the people there were older tourists. We had more fun gambling at a different casino. The restaurants are very good, so eating there won't be a problem. All in all, a pretty decent choice for the money!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User March 20, 2005

Great location; was able to walk to some other major casinos. Nice, clean room; clean bathroom. Our first room had some noisy neighbors; one phone call down to the front desk, and they immediately moved us to another room.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 30, 2005

We have stayed here twice. And would go back again. Clean, modern, noise level is down compared to other hotels. We go every year during the CES show but haven't stayed here in a couple years because the rooms were booked. I call in Oct. to Monte Carlo first but
haven't been able to get a good price in the last couple of years or they were booked. And the garage isn't that far away either.

0 Stars Linda January 22, 2005

I did not stay at this hotel in Oct. 2004, but had a very pleasurable experience at the Brew Pub and the gorgeous Italian glass shop. We played te slots/poker machines for well over 3 hours. I will go there again, and maybe try their rooms, this time.

0 Stars coleslough August 19, 2004

suites are very good.

0 Stars kiki2332 June 28, 2004

I really like this hotel. Its in a good area and althou their not as flashy as the other hotels, its still a good value. The rooms are nice and big and clean. It is not dumpy like the other cheap hotels around the strip and is comparable to the big, flashy ones. The pool area is sufficent for the price range with a wave pool and lazy river pool. I like that the rooms are away from the casino and that the pool is away also so you don't have to walk through the casino in your bathing suit to get to the pool area. I also have read on other review sites that the Monte Carlo walls are thin and that the plumbing is bad. I notice no problems at all with thin walls and noise problem. My stay at the Montel Carlo was very pleasant. If your looking for a nice place to stay in that is quite, in a good location, and not too flashy then the Monte Carlo is for you.

0 Stars luvnvegas June 18, 2004

I was pleasanty surprised by our room at Monte Carlo. I think MC is often under rated. We had a lovely room. It was good sized and clean. Service was friendly. Pool looked nice enough, never had an opportunity to use it though.

0 Stars jamiewils June 17, 2004

We go to Vegas at least once a year and despite the fact that we like to try new resorts, we're constantly comparing them to the Monte Carlo. In our opinion is is the best mid-level resort on the strip for value and ammenities. Add to that their prime location and the Monte Carlo is a great choice for those people seeking luxury at an affordable price. The pool area is wonderful and the casino is a pleasure to navigate (especially if you're used to the MGM or Caesar's). I highly recommend the Monte Carlo. Oops, I take that back, I don't want my hidden gem to become TOO crowded. =)

0 Stars barbara251 May 26, 2004

The room was ok but minimal closet/bureau space & hard chairs. A loveseat would have been nice. My main complaint--the major part of the pool area is in total shade until late in the afternoon. Who designed this pool area???

0 Stars swanboy333 March 23, 2004

Just got back from my trip from the Monte Carlo. Weather was perfect. Pool was fun. We stayed in the Monaco suite. It was a nice sized room. Two bathrooms. A couch and normal sized TV. Nothing spectacular. Expected more. Would've rather stayed at the jacuzzi suites at Luxor. The walls were thin but didn't bother me so much. Loud plumbing also. Overall good service though. A good deal for a suite though. Very clean hotel. I would stay again, but maybe next time see what their jacuzzi suites are like.

0 Stars scarlet59 November 08, 2003

This was our first stay at the Monte Carlo and we were very pleased. Check in was quick and professional and the staff was always willing to be helpful. We decided to upgrade to the concierge floor (32nd floor) and it was worth the extra $35 a night. We had read other reviews that complained about the plumbing but the occasional knocking we heard was easily remedied by closing the bathroom door. We ask for a room at the end of the hall (I'm a light sleeper) and never heard any of the other guests. Our room overlooked the pool and the strip; very beautiful at night. The room was spotless and they sure don't skimp on bath towels. We reserved during a promotional offer and received several coupons for shopping discounts, salon and spa discounts, and a 2 for 1 at their microbrewery. Plus the concierge upgrade got us a paper every morning and a turn down service. We also had exclusive access to their VIP lounge where we could have free continental breakfast, light lunch, and nibbly things all day if we wanted. The pool area was lovely and plenty of pool employees to get you towels and anything else you want. Drink service was good. My only complaint about the pool is that they shouldn't allow cigar smoking. It's so offensive and one guy literally cleared an entire area with his cigar. Also, the tram to the Bellagio is out of service while they rebuild part of the track, but we like to walk so that was no big deal. We would definitely stay at the Monte Carlo again.

0 Stars salsagev June 11, 2003

the TRAM connecting Monte Carlo to Bellagio is not in service as of March 2003. This is due to the new tower construction at Bellagio. Please check with either hotel before your trip to find out if TRAM service has been resumed.

0 Stars roberti805 May 31, 2003

A nice hotel as far as easy to manuever around, the rooms are nice but yes the plumbing is quite noisey. This can be a great value in a great location as they run many specials, sign up on there web site guest book.The food court and Hyper Market are a plus to this property as is the Bellagio/Monte Carlo tram.

0 Stars lminster May 20, 2003

The Monte Carlo Hotel offers the best of everything at an affordable price. Weeknight rates are as low as $49/night and go up on the weekends.

However, don't let this low price fool you. This hotel and casino is no dive. It is beautiful! The casino is elegant and sophisticated (upscale all the way), there is a wonderful spa on the premises, the hotel rooms are newly remodeled, and the hotel offers many lovely shops and amenities such as concierge and show ticket sales. The Hotel offers an outdoor pool and mini waterpark with a lazy river and waterfalls (a very nice bonus). There are also several restaurants in the Monte Carlo hotel. They range from fast food (McD's, Sbarro's, Hagan Daaz) to a buffet restaurant to both formal and informal a la carte restaurants. There is also a brew house on the premises which has both entertainment (in the pm) and good food.

The location of this 5* hotel cannot be beat. It is right next door to New York, New York. It also offer a quick tram ride directly to the Bellagio Hotel. This is very convenient because even though the Bellagio is only a block away, you can avoid walking on the street where there is nothing interesting to see along the way. It is across the street from the Alladin Hotel (which has a great buffet). From the Monte Carlo you can get to many of the top hotels (MGM Grand, NYNY, Alladin, Paris, Bally's, Luxor, Mandalay Bay, etc) on the strip very easily (walking distance). There is a CVS next to the hotel on the strip. You can purchase everything from toiletries, soft drinks, water, etc. to souveniers.

This hotel offers an excellent value. Go to www.montecarlo.com and check out their promotions. Often they have specials which include free or discounted spa passes, shopping and dining coupons, etc. One warning, the rates on their website change frequently. If you see a better rate appear after ou have already made a reservation, just call their 800 number and they will rebook you at the lower rate. Often the best rates are for 2 double beds (vs one King).

I highly recommend this hotel to anyone looking for an afforable hotel right on the strip. You won't be disappointed.

0 Stars salsagev May 08, 2003

Great Location! Easy to get to NYNY and MGM Grand. Nice lobby and common areas. The Tram to Bellagio is out of service for a year and it is a far walk now. Rooms and Baths were clean but smallish. The pool area is crowded quick, and the main sunbathing area is far from the pools. Houdini's Lounge is nnice and has a great lounge feel but mixed drinks seemed weak and the Chairs are in need of replacing there.

I like the Casino. Good dealers and good selection of table games. I would stay here again for the location but I think I would need a really good room rate to do so. we paid $110 ave/night for Thurs-Sun.

0 Stars spinfamous April 18, 2003

i stayed at the monte carlo from a sunday-saturday. 5 nights at the $49/weekday special rate, and one weekend night at $139. had an excellent experience at this gem of a hotel. unfortunately, the main pool was closed (first week of march), and they only had a small secondary pool section open which was not very nice, but other than that the hotel was great. there are plenty of $5 blackjack tables open for the low rollers, the casino is not overcrowded, the buffet is cheap, and not bad (not great either, but a pretty good value), and it's located right in the middle of the good part of the strip. if you like nightlife, the clubs at mandalay bay, mgm grand and luxor are a short walk away. at $49/night midweek, i don't think you'll find a better hotel value anywhere in the world.

0 Stars SMODAKMAN April 11, 2003

This is THE TOWER OF SLAMMING DOORS !! Clean room, but so plain. Small TV, few channels, uncomfortable chairs, dull decorations, and VERY NOISEY !!!! Don't be fooled by the exterior, this is a cookie cutter, less-than Holiday Inn. Service was good here on my visit during a VERY slow time. I would rather stay at the old Boardwalk next door.

0 Stars nikol14 March 19, 2003

my fave! stayed there twice out of 7 times. the hotel smells so good when u walk in! rooms r so clean! i love monte carlo!

0 Stars Hunter February 28, 2003

Cookie cutter Mandalay Resort Group construction... Instead of trying to save a few bucks, they should try to build in a little higher quality. The walls were thin and I could hear people in the hallway all night. This was in a standard room, not a suite. Best part of my stay was the bloody mary stand in the elevator lobby in New Years Day. They knew what we needed.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 08, 2002

This hotel is very clean, comfortable, easy to maneuver in. I really enjoyed it. The only I have to complain about is the small tub in the bathroom. It was midget sized for those of us who like to bathe and sometimes not alone! The other thing, everyone is right about the noise. I couldn't believe how true the comments were! It kept me up nearly all night one night! The alarm in the next room went off and I could here it as if it was right in my ear!!!!!! I think they really need to do something about this. It's truelly the Monte Carlo's downfall. Everything else is really nice. Everything down to the parking garage, easily accessible.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 29, 2002

Great stay, very comfortable rooms, polite staff, prompt housekeeping. Free fridge brought to our room. The pool was crowded, but clean & well kept-up with several staff (life guards and cocktail service) on duty. One downside--no safe in the room. But safety deposit box at the front desk is free and fairly convenient. The air conditioning was nice and cold! We enjoyed our stay tremendously

0 Stars RateVegas User May 17, 2002

Rarely have I read someting negative about a place that
turns out to be 100% accurate. Many things are in the eye of
the beholder. But all that they have said bad about the
Monte Carlo is totally true. LOUD toilets that sound like a jet
engine, thin walls that you can hear EVERYTHING next door
and everyone that comes down the halls. Granted, Vegas is
not a place to get a good noght's sleep and I only "nap"
there myself for a few hours. But it was impossible at this
place to do so and very frustrating. Terrible service from the
valets, to the bellmen (if they have any, its a mystery to me!).
I worked in the bar business and I like to tip. For good
service I take care of people. Well, the Monte Carlo was
good for one thing...they saved me a LOT of tip money. ;-)

0 Stars RateVegas User April 18, 2002

I loved this hotel...We got moved here from the MGM due to scheduling problems with Expedia and I must say this was much better than the MGM....Wonderful hotel and beautiful!!!

0 Stars RateVegas User April 13, 2002

My husband and I stayed at the MC for four nights for our 7th anniversary.
We had a suite room with a whirpool bath which was well worth the extra $80 a night.
The veiw from the room was a bit rubbish (6th floor) but it was facing the strip as we requested.
The service was excellent and the rooms were clean and comfortable.
I would reccomend the MC to anyone for an outstanding short break.

0 Stars RateVegas User November 29, 2001

We visisted the Monte Carlo Sat-Tue and had a great time. Room service was quick and good, and any needed items we asked for from housekeeping were delivered promptly. We stayed in a suite and the room was large and classy. The price was very good for what we got, I would recommend to anyone to stay here. And we noticed that at night when all the other casinos didn't have $5 tables, we found some here.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 04, 2001


0 Stars RateVegas User August 29, 2001

Our room was on the 27th Floor, room 131. It has a nice view facing New York, New York. The room was clean and the air conditioner worked very well.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 30, 2001

the monte carlo is a very nice establishment,with alot of good people trying to make your stay as nice as possible.we have been going since it open and have never had a bad stay.so try it you'll enjoy it.

0 Stars RateVegas User March 27, 2001

Good looking cocktail waitresses. Pool is nice but the lazy river attracts too many kids. Nice rooms, clean, but staff (in hotel and casino) could offer better service.

0 Stars RateVegas User March 02, 2001

I liked the rooms and the pool here!

0 Stars RateVegas User January 04, 2001

The Monte Carlo really is nothing special. If not for it's good location, I wouldn't consider staying here again. Treasure Island is a much nicer hotel for similar prices. The walls in the rooms are THIN and the plumbing is NOISY. Service was okay but nothing special.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 12, 2000

We thought the Monte Carlo was just beautiful! The rooms were very nice and overall, the resort is a nice, bright place. It is a classy place and we found it to be an absolute bargain for the money. Highly suggest that others stay there!

0 Stars RateVegas User September 06, 2000

Nice stay. Many children there in August. Rooms were adequate, as was the bathroom. Nice pool area. Food Court was a plus.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 22, 2000

Poor value for your dollar. The rooms are really noisy (bathrooms/walls between rooms), and are nothing special. You're better off paying half the price and staying at a slightly lower rated hotel because you will not see any difference between them in terms of service or hotel room quality. The front desk service was rude and adversarial. Housekeeping was sub-standard as well. Very disappointing...

0 Stars RateVegas User June 13, 2000

Cookie cutter Circus Circus property. Say that three times. Thin walls and cheap plumbing make this a average experience. If you think Chili's or Applebee's are fine dining establishments, you'll love this place. Great for audio voyuers who like to listen to their neighbors make love.