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M Resort

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M Resort

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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews M Resort

4 Stars Eric September 15, 2013

I probably would not have stayed here if not for a work-related conference. I come to Vegas once a year and always stay on the Strip The only downside for this place is the location. I so wish it was on the Strip. They did have a free shuttle that offers a drop off and pickup at the Fashion Show Mall. Customer Service was great, and my room was great. They even offer an option to skip housekeeping in exchange for a coupon for a discount on food. That was pretty cool. The casino was spacious and not overly crowded. Again, I wish this place was on the Strip. I would definitely come back if it was.

5 Stars Bob Smith May 06, 2012

I had played blackjack here several times during the past few years, but this was our first stay. My wife and I were very impressed with the clean, spacious rooms, the chic decor, and the excellent selection of dining options on-site. We ate twice at Hash House, once at Marinelli's and once at the buffet. All three more than met our expectations. For $10.99, the breakfast buffet was a true bargain. The wait staff at Marinelli's was very attentive, and the food well above average. Hash House delivered as expected. We ordered from the "seniors" menu because we are not massive eaters and found these portion sizes to be more realistic. We always rent a car for our Vegas trips, so the distance to the heart of the strip was only a mild inconvenience. I couldn't find an employee who wasn't proud of the M Resort, from blackjack dealers to front desk staff to restaurant employees. They have every reason to be proud. M is a standout in a very competitive hotel casino market. We will definitely be back.

3 Stars R March 16, 2012

The Buffet was "OK". A lot of variety but nothing to drive that far for. It seemed as if they were trying a little too hard to have such a variety that they left the quality and authenticity out, but to merely just have "another choice" in the buffet line. The service was alright, not personally, but as far as speed and efficiency, plan on waiting a while for your soda. It seemed as if there was only one server, and the rest of them were on break or slacking BIG TIME!

5 Stars CamRon February 02, 2012

Have stayed here a couple of times, covering about 6 days in total. Without a doubt, the nicest property, on or off strip, in Las Vegas. Not on the same scale as the 3,000+ room properties on the strip, but nicer, per square foot, than any of them.
Penn has not dropped the standards of the property one bit since taking over from the Marnells.
If you are going to Las Vegas for the strip experience (which is only about a 10 minute drive away), this hotel may not be for you. That being said, if you are going for what Las Vegas hotels provide (superior rooms, food, great spa and sportsbook, etc.), it all exists within the four walls of the M as nicer than anywhere in the city.

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark September 04, 2011

Wow. What a beautiful property. I usually have no interest in staying at properties off the Strip or Fremont St but this place has stirred up interest.

5 Stars Brett January 24, 2011

Absolutely amazing hotel! Very classy place. Hope to return very soon!

2 Stars Hac January 22, 2011

Ugh! Go here to lose $ & put on weight. A Vegas miss.

5 Stars Charlie October 06, 2010

Wonderful hotel! Talk about luxury, the casino is gorgeous. Nice vanilla scent throughout the hotel helps add to the fresh flower bouquets in the lobby. Beautiful place!!

1 Star Jen September 04, 2010

Do not stay here! Really smokey and too expensive. Staff was rude too.

1 Star Anonymous August 18, 2010

The staff was incredibly rude, the food was way overpriced, full of retired people, not a good place for children (no arcade). Had a horrible experience here. Would not stay here again.

5 Stars Katie August 12, 2010

Such a nice hotel! The lobby is beautiful!!

5 Stars JK July 22, 2010

Right now the best buffet by quality, quantity, and cost in Vegas. Several different carving stations. Great round setup. Big and airy. Fresh cooked in front of you. Free wine & beer, and great desserts too. Well worth the trip if you have a rental car.

4 Stars MS June 22, 2010

Swanky but too far from Strip

0 Stars Dee w May 26, 2010

Awesome,my new favorite. I'm on a gluten free diet & there were a lot of foods I could eat here. Staff was knowledgeable about seasonings. Their meats were gluten free & wonderful. All the wine is included with buffet price. Nice!!! Sorbet was great. Espresso mmmmm. You really need to stop here for an awesome & extensive offering of foods at an unbelievable low price. Hotel Is modern too

5 Stars atdleft March 25, 2010

Without a doubt, this is the best place to go in Henderson! If you don't mind staying off Strip, do come here! The rooms are quite luxurious and spacious at 550 sq. ft. The bathrooms have full soaking tubs and flat-screen TVs, while the main rooms have comfy beds, big flat-screen TVs, and nice sitting areas. Oh, and they also have killer views of The Strip and the mountains! Don't hesitate to eat here. Marinelli's does classic Italian right, while Red Cup Cafe serves quality food 24 hours a day. Even the buffet is pretty good here. The M really has set a new standard for luxury in Henderson, and now I really appreciate it as a Green Valley local! ;-)

4 Stars MCLT February 27, 2010

This has just taken the place of G.V.R. Buffet was packed with great food and desserts. Soda island is very clever. Great views from all locations.

5 Stars Sandra January 10, 2010

Amazing hotel, quiet set in a prestigious area right up against the mountains with views of the city. We were picked up from the airport in one of the hotel's private Mercedes Maybach cars and escorted to our one bedroom suite for the weekend. We had a full service bar for entertaining as well. Everything was perfect! Views, room, service! Will certainly return.

5 Stars Peter December 31, 2009

Fabulous stay!! We had a Loft Suite and it was clean and gorgeous!

4 Stars MS December 16, 2009

Beautiful hotel and friendly staff!

5 Stars John H. June 13, 2009

A beautiful hotel.

5 Stars Anonymous May 24, 2009

Stellar service and accomodations. The hotel is absolutely gorgeous.

0 Stars BRANDON LEE April 19, 2009

Went to Studio B on Saturday for seafood buffet. We arrived at 5:00 p.m. and did not get into the buffet until 9:45 p.m.

There is no sign for this and there were many disappointed to find out that you need to get a "ticket" in order to stand in line.

Our ticket told us to come back at 8:15 p.m. We waited another 1-1/2 hours.

Probably would not do this again.

Price of buffet is affordable, $17.95 with rewards card; includes king crab, sushi, lots of fish (mahi mahi, salmon, etc.) and sushi.

Extremely long wait even though we arrived at 5:00 p.m.

A sign is needed for the procedure on how to pick up a ticket for the buffet. There were a lot of confused customers!

Service wasn't great at the end of the night. We didn't even get the drinks that we needed.

We also didn't get all the buffet items offered for the night.

Dessert items ran out also.


Table Games


Lots of tables with minimum bets on the floor $10.00, which is good for a Saturday and a busy casino.

Dealers & Hosts were friendly and quickly made the rewards cards for everyone without having to stand in the long line.

COCKTAIL: I'd have to give my best customer service comment to the cocktail servers who did an excellent job that night. We had a short wait for our drinks every single time. I am superstitious when gambling and I do not order drinks in fear that I would not be there by the time they get back. But my husband wanted a drink and was watching so I ordered one for him and every single time we ordered (in several different areas) they did a great job!

TIP: There is also an area in the middle of the casino near the cashier where you can make your own soda in a plastic cup. I thought that was cute.

2 Stars Amanda April 16, 2009

Nice casino to look at. However, not only was the service bad the food was even worse! We are Las Vegas locals and looked forward to a closer new locals casino. Huge disappointment! Your better off at Red Rock or the Strip!

0 Stars alaska steve April 16, 2009

I thought the M was a nice place. I make my annual vegas trip and had to check the place out. I won a little on the quarter slots but spent most my time on the VP machines with little luck. It's out of the way but very clean and the staff were friendly. Great comps if you play a lot. I earned $7 cash back for roughly 5 hours of play. Like Red Rock I'm sure these great deals on food and comps will go away once the economy turns around and more folks play there. I'm no local but have to say this was by far my favorite casino to visit this last trip. However, you can't beat the cheap room rates on the strip properties now,($60 for 6 nights at Harrah's) so save money and use it on a rental car to visit the M.

0 Stars Matt April 07, 2009

Nice Hotel to look at, but don't spend your $$ there, SLOTS are VERY, VERY, VERY tight (i'm from vegas and know some of the best places for locals to play and this one has to be last). I took $1,000 cash to try it out when they opened and spent $800 of it playing different penny machines, not once did i hit any thing worth while,(not even the people around me where winning hummm.....).Most locals are staying clear from the M and playing at the older casinos. M is nice to look at, Food at the buffet was ok but not great. All in All not a place for locals!!! If you play slots you have a better chance of winning on the strip. I give the "M" 1 STAR Out of 5.
I'm a Las vegas Local i've been playing slots for 12 years. Good LUCK

4 Stars Jim April 02, 2009


5 Stars Hope March 12, 2009

Awesome! Very nice. Restaurants were packed, wait for each was over an hour. Beautiful casino!

0 Stars Kathy March 05, 2009

Veloce Cibo has unexperienced Servers. My goodness, we had to walk out before we could order any Entree, what a nice place but lacks in service.