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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews Palace Station

1 Star JG March 05, 2012

After being as loyal ad one could possibly be to the Palace Station for years (~5X per year), I am saddened to report that I will no longer be back anymore. One early morning recently I decided to take a break from Baccarat and headed over to the craps table. The dealers needed someone to @#!$ with it seemed....to help get them through their shift. So the mocking begins. The inside jokes about me go back and forth between two of the dealers and the table pit boss, especially once i start playing the dont pass, on a table with two others. The continuous mocking goes on for about 20 minutes, before it starts getting to me. Then the short asian dealer tells his female jamaican? counterpart "thats what he wanted" over and over mocking my play and just-loss. So it prompted me to say to him "that's not what I wanted". He tried to tun it into another mocking joke. Then he turns to his put boss sitting next to him right in front of me "dudes come through here with thOUSands...... and this m-f bitch wants to say shit"? Since when does a dealer call a player a "mother $@&#%*^ bitch!?!? right in the players presence? I immediately asked the short asian dealer why all the harassment? He was like "naaah man, it ain't like that", trying to deny it" in a cool, back to being professional way. You should've saw their reaction when I cashed out and walked away...., like kids in a candy store that just got the thrill of the night. The palace needs to get rid if idiots like the only short Asian craps dealer and the dark-Cuban/Jamaican looking craps dealer with braids on the early morning shift...cause they are turning loyal life customers into hurt, mad, betrayed, hateful rejections having' to call another casino home and say goodbye to the dump.

5 Stars Emma August 04, 2011


5 Stars Emma July 31, 2011

This hotel was wonderful! I really hope to return soon. Both the staff and management team are perfect.

5 Stars Jon R. July 31, 2011

Great location and great hotel!!

2 Stars Nick July 23, 2011

Palace Station has lost it's touch. After coming here for years and not having a single complaint, I am afraid the scales have tipped. The shuttle service has been reduced, sometimes it doesn't show up and you're left paying for a cab out of pocket on top of the extra 14.99 you pay for the shuttle and other services each and every day you stay here. This fee is on top of the hotel room rate. Note this extra fee used to be 4.99 with superior service and 2 shuttle stops. Now you get only one stop and triple the cost. I know the recession is likely the reason for the higher price, but the reduced service is a slap in the face. This complaint is not meant to slam the hotel unreasonably, but to encourage them to bring service back to what I would consider a great hotel and experience. I cannot recommend this hotel any longer. It's just not the same.

5 Stars Josh November 16, 2010

Great location! We had a nice stay.

5 Stars Susan October 20, 2010

Nice hotel, very close to business and arts district, as well as the Strip!

5 Stars Carrie October 15, 2010

Loved this hotel! Great location and views!

4 Stars Georgia Hodsdon September 24, 2009

We stayed at Palace Station 9/18-9/21/09. We were pleased with the Tower room we had-17th floor. It was large enough to accommodate our stuff, had a great view of the Strip, and the beds and pillows were really comfy!! The staff and service personnel were very good, polite and helpful. The pool areas are located in the courtyard room sections-there are 2 pools in each area. However, the pool areas are somewhat shabby; lounges are tattered and the grounds are poorly kept. We appreciated the free shuttle to the Strip and to the airport; also, the daily newspaper. There is a large variety of restaurants (the buffet is not well done)and a large selection of gamlbling offerings. Table games and machines aplenty. Casino wait staff is great-polite, happy to serve and usually smiling.

1 Star MS June 17, 2009


0 Stars Richard Smith April 20, 2008

I recently stayed at Palace Station for 7 days. I had booked online with air/hotel and at a very good price.I was not sure what to expect with staying off strip, but from the time of check in onward...I was very surprised. I booked in a courtyard room, which I later found was near a maintenance room located downstairs...which was a bit loud at times.but I must say the room was clean and neat and the housekeeping staff was great. The casino has all the usual table games and slots which I prefer. I found the slots to pay rather well and spent some time playing.The slection of restaurants are many, having meals at the breakfast,lunch and dinner buffet was good...but nothing out of this world..but very tasty food and staff was very good. *** The one comment I will make about food at palace station is....THEY HAVE A GEM IN THE ROUGH........( THE OYSTER BAR ) this is without doubt one of if not the best places Ive EVER had seafood. The bar style restaurant seats 18 persons around the bar...you have to wait a couple of minutes to get a seat...BUT.. its well worth the wait. they cook the seafood dish in a steamer type pot and pour into a bowl with a scoop of rice...lobster,crab,shrimp and oysters..what food......I thought I had died and gone to heaven...everyone I talked with sitting around had the same comments.........one of the best places in vegas.....really folks...its worth a ride out to palace station.....Just to eat at the oyster bar...enough about food...as far as palace station goes with hotel,casino and restaurants....I dont think it can be beat...service and staff are great and very helpful and if you need to go to the strip or airport....they provide free shuttle service to both...for my money..I will be returning to palace station. I would rate my stay a 10+

0 Stars annie basa March 07, 2007

In all the years that I had visited Las Vegas and gambled, my favorite and best place is Palace Station reasons are following:
(a) Casino Host: Erik Douglas, very atentive, courteous, helpful. He goes out of his way in helping people and making them feel welcomed and at eased.
(b) Resturant: Very clean and good food served around the clock.
(c) Restroom: immaculate clean.
(d) Workers are very friendly and nice.
(e) Slots gives out more than any other casinos in Las Vegas.
(f) They give free money to help people play and enjoy themselves.

Yes, I intend to continue playing at Palace Station. There is no other better place to play. Thank you all for making this a fun and enjoyable casino.

Annie Basa
2016 Notre Dame Ct.
Barstow, CA 92311

0 Stars Rob (Calgary Alberta Canada) October 03, 2006

For the $$$$PRICE$$$ YOU CAN NOT GO WRONG by picking this property.

Dollar for dollar I can not think of a better deal. I have only stayed in the courtyard rooms, and they are a motel style. However they were clean, quiet, and the just recently remodeled. The only thing is the short shower heads, but for the price I can live with it. The slots were loose, and the drinks were plenty and quick while playing. The only table I play is craps,and the table odds are great, and the min's are low. The pool is plain, but unless you are going to lay by it all day it was more than good enough to go for a swim and cool off.

I have stayed here 5+ different times and have not had a bad stay yet.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 17, 2005

Dollar for Dollar the Palace Station is a very good value. If your like me, amd don't spend much time in a room, but want a safe clean nice place to sleep. the Palace station cant be beat. Great food at good prices. decient rooms. Good casino. Five minutes from strip. Free shuttle service to,from airport & strip. You will have more money to spend by staying at The Palace Station. I will stay there again.
RMW, Pa.

0 Stars RateVegas User October 30, 2001

My wife stayed at Palace Station Oct.1,2001 through Oct 5,2001. Check-in was a breeze. The line went quickly and the clerk was very good. The elevators to the tower rooms are located about 30 feet from the front desk. We did not go through the casino to get to the elevator.
The room was on the 14th floor. We rode the elevator that is on the outside of the hotel. The view of Downtown was very nice.
The room had a king size bed. The room was not large, but was spacious. There was nothing exceptional about the bathroom, just neat and clean with everything working. The view from our room was very nice. We could see South down the strip. At night, the lights were impressive.
If you are a video poker player, then Palace Station is the place for you. They have more video poker machines than slot machines. Good paytables also. The casino is not hard to get around. It is T-shaped. The table games are in the center of the T. I never lost my wife once.
As far as swimming pools go, Palace Stations two pools are OK. I am not a pool person so I do not know if they are good or not.
We mostly ate in the buffet. The food was good. It is easy to use your slot points at the buffet. Just give your slot card to the cashier and she will deduct the points from your card for the meal.
For me Palace Station was a nice Hotel/Casino. It is a nice place to stay. Nothing fancy, just a clean room and good food at a reasonable price.