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3 Stars 360 Vegas Mark March 08, 2015

Nice rooms, nice casino and even found some decent blackjack table limits. Video poker still awful.

5 Stars Wihda Abdulalghani June 14, 2014


5 Stars Coasterphil November 20, 2013

Got upgraded from a standard luxury suite to a Siena as a result of checking in late on a night with high occupancy. I can't imagine having the opportunity to stay in a room that large again so it was quite the experience, but the square footage could have been used much better. Lots of bare space in the dining/living area and the elliptical room unnecessary. Very friendly staff across the property whether it was front desk, player's club, housekeeping, or bars/restaurants. Loved the open, clean feel of the casino floor and even though the property was busy it never felt crowded. Winter in Venice activities/decorations seemed cheap for the caliber of property so that was a disappointment. Also forgot just how far away from the action of the mid strip it was until the first night of walking around. That did result in a more relaxed less hectic stay and at least it's closer than the Wynn/Encore. I would certainly be happy staying here on future visits but will probably continue to try new options to compare against.

4 Stars Rick October 10, 2013

Love it here ... the rooms are amongst the best for price in Vegas.

As a slot player. Not overly keen on the casino slots selection but the attached Venetian casino more than makes up for it.

If you're Grazie Gold you can use the Gold lounge at Venetian for drinks and a selection of snacks


5 Stars Pricey August 21, 2013

Always a top notch experience. The Prestige level is always worth the cost. You truly receive an ever higher level of service here. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that the Palazzo does add a few note worthy restaurants as they seem to be falling behind other properties in this arena.

5 Stars RaveN May 18, 2013

This hotel is awesome! Everything was amazing.

4 Stars Bill April 06, 2013

Stayed here for the first time based on a friends recommendation. Upgraded to a strip view suite with a nice view of TI. Plenty of space to relax which is just what my wife wanted. Nice and quiet casino - plenty of ok vp for the strip.

5 Stars David January 04, 2013

Love the Palazzo. Now it is part of Intercontinental hotels (where I have Ambassador status), I get room upgrade and fruit/water delivered to the room. Rooms are large, well-furnished and wifi works well. Staff are generally very helpful.

5 Stars Simon Dax December 30, 2012

We stayed for a week and the room and service we received were fantastic. The staff were very polite and helpful. It's not only having a nice room that's makes a great trip a lot of it is down to the staff working there and our stay at Palazzo was great due to the staff. I look forward to staying here again and will recommend the hotel to friends and family.

3 Stars Iván Moreno November 20, 2012

El hotel es excelente pero me robaron 400 dólares de la caja fuerte!

5 Stars Simon Dax May 15, 2012

We stayed here for a week from jan 1st. The room was fantastic and the service we received while staying there were just as good. The lay out was very good and unlike some hotels the lifts were an easy straight stroll through the casino. I can't wait to stay here again.

1 Star ken sikorski December 03, 2011

Stayed at the Palazzo for a week, hotel is beautiful but had lots of housekeeping issues. On the last day they fixed the problem and I was happy. The guy at the desk said he would make it right and would adjust my bill, I didn't ask for any money back and I could care less if I ever do all I want is a "were sorry it took us a week to fix the problem". Next year I will stay elsewhere. Haven't seen a penny of their offer.

5 Stars TD November 29, 2011

We stayed here Thanksgiving week. 5 star place to stay.

3 Stars Lucy from England October 26, 2011

My friend and myself have just come back from Vegas and we stayed in the palazzo, the hotel was nice and the rooms but when you looked around there were small problems, the tv in bathroom and bedroom did not work there were cigerette burns in the bath, the corner of the sofa sunk into a hole and the marble sides were very grubby and were sticky. We felt the staff just wanted guests to fill rooms instead of making guests wish to stay there again. We do think the hotel was nice but the time before when in Vegas we stayed at ceasars palace and we just felt so special and felt they really appreciated you staying there, when we checked in there the gentleman said wow your here for 10 nights and it's your birthday I'll up grade you on us which was really nice of them and we had a fab time there but this time we decided to stay at palazzo and it was my 30th birthday and nothing was said or done so I feel now that maybe we were just spoilt at ceasars palace, I asked for a late check out at palazzo and was told there was a 100 percent occupancy so I couldn't but if we pay for half a night we could but how can I do that if they have 100 percent occupancy? I felt the staff were very unhelpful and not very friendly and when trying to sort out a late check out it was like talking to a brick wall, we won't be staying there again and like I said it was nice but you don't come away feeling for what you have paid to stay there was worth it,

5 Stars Ryan September 23, 2011

Awesome stay. No complaints at all. Rooms are huge. Lots of food options and great location on strip.

1 Star Jessie T September 15, 2011

My wallet was taken from my room! I stayed at the Palazzo during Labor Day weekend, with several of my girlfriends. It was taken while we were at the pool. The total value is about $450. I filed a report with Risk Management, and was told to call them a few days later. It took 3 voicemails and a fax for someone to get back to me, only to tell me that they found nothing "suspicious" with regards to the room safe. I've asked for names of the people who entered my room while we were out (since it was cleaned) but they've since stopped responding to me. I also contacted Public Relations, Group Sales, etc. and have not heard a single peep from anyone at the hotel. This whole ordeal has been an absolute nightmare.

The Palazzo clearly does not care about security or customer service. Being ignored in this way is beyond infuriating. I've had to go as far as filing a police report and a complaint with the BBB. I'd NEVER recommend anyone staying here!

3 Stars Nicole August 22, 2011

The hotel itself is beautiful and the rooms are amazing, but the service they provided was less than to be desired. We booked a king suite an they gave us 2 double beds, yeah not good for a couple who wishes to have a big bed during vacation. Then the fridge in the room didn't work, so when maintenance came to replace it they were rude and unprofessional. The shower leaked water all over the floor in the bathroom. Aside from those things I really did enjoy our room at the hotel.

4 Stars MARTIN August 12, 2011

Just spent a week at the palazzo, great hotel, knockout rooms, staff at casino bars are the most rude people I have ever met, never comped me one drink, and I was playing £100 blackjack on there machines

4 Stars J Stotts August 11, 2011

Loved it. Very nice room, great restaurants and good shopping.

5 Stars Marina August 08, 2011

Best hotel ever. Perfect service.

5 Stars Sam July 29, 2011

This is my second visit to this hotel and again I loved it. Great for families as the rooms are huge and well appointed. Cleaning did tend to be slow and not as thorough as in the past but a quick call to the front desk took care of that. The pools are great and there are plenty to choose from and there are some excellent restaurants on property. We did the prestige package for an extra $100 a day but worth it with fast check in, daily breakfast, plenty of coffee waters soda and snacks for the kids With early evening snacks and plenty of cocktails with no limits but the hotel needs to add extra staff as those in the prestige lounge admitted it has recently become a lot busier and they couldn't keep up with orders

4 Stars Zdub June 28, 2011

Agree with Ryan about the comps. The Venetian/Palazzo decided to focus on conventions and meetings and have pretty much abolished their comp program. I used to go every three months, but am now looking for a new place to gamble. It's too bad they are nice hotels with great rooms. I was getting tired of the vibe in the casino though. Seems to lack some excitement. I have had a lot of fun at the Hard Rock casino lately. Fun dealers and great hosts.

5 Stars blackjack5 June 25, 2011

This is a very neat hotel, quite expensive, but it is well worth the money.

5 Stars BlockA May 29, 2011

This hotel is good. It's worth the money

1 Star Ryan April 05, 2011

No more comps and now they send $200/night offers like that's a deal... no thanks when I'm in Vegas I don't spend much time in my room, I spend it gambling. And none of that gambling will be at Venetian or Palazzo any more!

5 Stars Amado Royola March 12, 2011

I usually will not write unsolicited reviews about hotels and restaurants but the palazzo is like your first love, unforgettable. To start, the construction of the hotel is immense, full or ornate details and in the middle of fantasy land the Palazzo will take breath away. The front lobby welcomes you with fine Italian marble floors citing its walkers to wear the best shoes money can buy; the staff is well groomed and uniforms pressed to impress. As you walk through the casino your eyes gravitate to a well designed casino floor, not too dense, not too noisy; unlike the vegas of the past it was like living under the subway in Chicago. I was upgraded to a junior suite because my room I had originally booked was not ready, bummer! Really? A junior suite for little o me? Wow, upon entering this "pimp" palace I had slow down to allow my jaw bounce back up...what a swank place! Dark brown furniture, marble entrance, private gym, hot tub, living room, dining area, power curtains and shades holly crap the list amenities goes on! Who would give this place a bad review!!! For the money and what you get the Palazzo sets the definition of luxury hotel, if possible michelin should rate this place a 10 star hotel because unlike other hotels this place really took the time to raise the bar, leap over it and raise it again...what say you Steve Wynn?

5 Stars Kelly G January 02, 2011

We stayed at the Palazzo for the first time in Sept 2010, previously we had stayed at the Venetian (3x). The Palazzo is more richly decorated and much quieter than the Venetian. It's nice and close to the walkway to the Wynn and close to the Ace bus outside of the Wynn which made it a fast comfortable bus ride. We have always enjoyed the casino rates Of $129 a night and this last time we got bumped up two room levels to a Bella Luxury View on the 38th floor overlooking the pools which was nice. Not a fan of the $20 a night resort fee - got nothing extra. Supposed to include a free daily paper but you have to walk over to the Venetian side to get it. Should be delivered to the room for that price. Never saw the daily water either.

5 Stars Jessica December 28, 2010

My husband and I stayed here for Christmas and our anniversary. All I can say is AMAZING! We stayed on the prestige level and it included , use of the gym, cocktails and breakfast. They have some great choices for food. We ate at the grand lux cafe and splurged on the best steak dinner of our lives at Delmonicos steakhouse over at the Venetian. We can not wait to return!

4 Stars Mike Riordan November 11, 2010

I recently stayed at the Palazzo Resort Hotel for a business conference from Oct 26 thru 30th. The building is 5 star, but the customer service is bush league. The rooms are exactly as they appear on their website. They have three TV’s, a safe, a copier/fax, and a minibar. If you want a coffee maker you will need to stay at another hotel or bring one with you. They will tell you to buy coffee on the casino level. If you have medications that need to be refrigerated you will need to bring your own cooler and good luck finding an ice machine. The views are great from the rooms. If that is all you want for $222/night, then the Palazzo is what you are looking for. You could, however, have similar accommodations with better customer service and coffee in the room at a nearby hotel for about $40/night. You just have to give up the view from the room. If you are attending a conference, the walk to a cab and the conference from a nearby hotel may be much shorter than a walk to the conference from a room in the Palazzo.
When you arrive, expect that there will be problems with the reservation. The desk clerk will offer to upgrade your room to the exact same room you were paying for. Don’t ask the desk clerk about the room because they really don’t know. They will answer your questions, but they will probably be wrong. The desk person told me that the rooms did not have irons. My rooms had an iron. It was broken and leaked water all over the place, but there was one in each room. They will provide you with key cards and a crudely drawn map to get to your room. You will have to take your luggage about ½ mile through the casino and past a security guard to get to the elevators to the room. The security guard doesn’t seem to be so much about security and more about keeping out pizza delivery people. If your key card doesn’t work, the security guard will not call anyone to let you into your room, but will direct you back to the front desk. If you are looking for something to eat, the security guard is not familiar with the restaurant hours or menus. There are two Lux Restaurants, one in the Palazzo that closes around midnight and another in the Venetian about 1 mile away. The food is really good but it will take about 45 minutes for a chicken sandwich for about $14.00. If there are any problems with the room like two of the three TV’s are not working, like with me, they will send someone to fix it. He will probably be rude and put out for having to come to your room, but you really don’t have to talk to him. The TV’s don’t all get the same channels so if you start watching a show in the living area and decide to continue watching while you take a hot bath, it may not be possible. They may even change channels all on their own, but you can always change it back with your remote. As part of your room package, you will have access to the spa, pool, fitness center, and a daily newspaper. After four nights, I couldn’t find any of these amenities. When checking out, the desk manager told me that there are two binders tucked away by the mini bar that explain about the amenities. There is a safe in the room that I found on my last night, but I couldn’t figure out how to use it. If they need to move you to another room, do not let them move anything that is breakable. They manhandled my laptop and destroyed it. The only recourse you have is to complain and you will be told that your experience “is not typical of others who stay at the Palazzo.” Internet is included with the resort fee, but be prepared for the computer glitch that will require you to accept charges to get online. The front desk will tell you to accept the charges and they will be removed when you check out. Just remember to make sure they remove the charges as they might forget. If you decide to give the hotel manager any written comments before you leave, he will tell you that he will forward the comments to the appropriate departments. I expect that the appropriate department was the shredder. He may even give you a business card with his email address. If you write, be prepared for him to ignore it and not respond. The Palazzo website also has a comments email which will get the same treatment.
So the Palazzo/ Venetian is a nice place to visit, but you really don’t want to stay there.

5 Stars Tara October 24, 2010

Stayed here last week. Beautiful hotel! Rooms are spacious and very clean. We didn't wait more than about 30 seconds for an elevator. Staff was friendly and both check in and check out were quick and easy. I would definitely stay here again and recommend it to anyone. We were on the 43rd floor overlooking the strip.

5 Stars Tara October 24, 2010

Stayed here last week. Beautiful hotel! Rooms are spacious and very clean. We didn't wait more than about 30 seconds for an elevator. Staff was friendly and both check in and check out were quick and easy. I would definitely stay here again and recommend it to anyone. We were on the 43rd floor overlooking the strip.

5 Stars Charlie October 03, 2010

Beautiful hotel. They're always on the top of their game. Everything is impeccable: the service, the amenities, the accomodations...all five star!

4 Stars Rick Thames September 16, 2010

Stayed here for the second time early Sept 2010. Had a fantastic time .. loved the casino, especially Pirate Bay slots! Staff were great and CWs frequent. Only complaint was that housekeeping failed to materialise on one occasion. Very comfortable rooms with great bathrooms. Highly recommended for a great Vegas stay.

5 Stars Bill August 17, 2010

The Palazzo is truly a Five Star motel located in the heart of the Las Vegas experience. We have been to Vegas several times in the past few years but have never been able to stay here. Thanks to an air/motel package, we were able to finally book a suite. Even though it was our first time, we were immediately upgraded to a 20th floor suite that overlooked the "strip". What a magnificent view and what a magnificent room. This was absolutely hands-down, the nicest room we have ever stayed in. Everything about the room was top quality, everything! The entire staff at The Palazzo went out-of-their-way to accommodate us during out three-night stay. The check-in staff was quick and very considerate. We found the Lux Cafe to be our choice for many meals, they offered many choices and the prices were reasonable. The coffee shop located near the elevators was fantastic! We also enjoyed the many pools that were on the property, being able to sit on a chair in the pool on a hot day was pretty cool. We also made use of their ultimate spa experience. No question in our minds, The Palazzo will be our choice again the next time we head to Vegas.

5 Stars Adam August 07, 2010

We booked a room in the Venetian, but got upgraded to the Palazzo at check-in. We loved this place and will be staying here again. The service was great! Even the cleaning staff greets you in the hall. In a hotel with thousands of rooms we felt special.

5 Stars Deidra August 01, 2010

Grand,fabulous,and simply stunning! The room was gorgeous and the pool, amazing!! The lobby was beautiful. I loved it!

5 Stars Skylar July 08, 2010

The Palazzo is home to the best suites for your buck in Vegas! Huge rooms, great location, great atmosphere. I've stayed there 10 times, and I have surprisingly been comped the last 8 of them. Since I am not a serious gambler (a few hundred per night), they must truly reward their loyal customers. The only downfall is petty; the low flow showers to meet LEED certification. Stay here.

5 Stars Brooke June 30, 2010

A true five star experience!

0 Stars Mike Haslegrave June 20, 2010

Stayed in a fortuna suite. Very pleased with the standards. Recommend you stay here

5 Stars Brooke June 04, 2010

Beautiful hotel. We were very pleased with both the accomodations and the service. Five Stars!

5 Stars Brittany June 03, 2010

Stayed at the fortuna suite loved it. Spa was also amazing. Even though the casino took my money it was worth it. Luxury in top form.

4 Stars Kit Kitchens May 06, 2010

I personally haven't stayed there but I visited a friend's suite that overlooked the strip and was blown away. The suites are gorgeous. Is it worth the money? I wouldn't take it over Wynn or Encore, but I will say that it's one of the nicer places I've been in and it's strip location is fantastic.

0 Stars Diana May 02, 2010

We have stayed at Palazzo about 4 times so far and the suite and service has been good. Roon service though can sometimes be slow. Maintenance and housekeeping has been reasonable quick to arrive if you need them. If you aren't disabled don't let them put you in handicap room or if they say that's all that's left make sure they move you next day. Unless you have a disability you won't like set up with closet, shower, sinks, mirrors or light switches. One of my favorite places to stay and we have in the past stayed at THEHotel at Mandalay Bay, Encore, Bellagio and others.

5 Stars MS April 11, 2010

Amazing hotel, would return without question!

5 Stars Sarah April 09, 2010

Amazing hotel! The rooms are beautiful, as is the hotel.

5 Stars Shaun April 04, 2010

The Palazzo is gorgeous! I would not stay elsewhere. Very much deserving of it's Five Diamonds and now I see why. The room, service, and grounds are exceptional.

0 Stars Mr CMZ April 04, 2010

Cassie are you for real??? You are a retard. You don't deserve to stay at either hotel. You should be posted up at Happy's Motel across from Mandalay Bay.

4 Stars Alex March 29, 2010

Another great hotel! One of the best hotels I have ever been to. But there has been some flaws with the food. But other than that awesome.

3 Stars sageblue March 27, 2010

The size and style of the Palazzo rooms are very nice, but after a few stays here, I am continuously amazed at how details are missed that shouldn't be: the printer doesn't work, or the stopper in the sink is broken, or the handle on the drawer comes off in your hand -- this seems to happen all the time.

The registration staff -- and the staff in general -- are friendly and accommodating, but if I had to pay the prevailing rate for a room here...well, I don't think I would.

2 Stars Cassie March 22, 2010

Horrible horrible horrible...DO NOT STAY HERE. We originally booked at The Venetian and although we had a reservation, we were told that they were overbooked and sent to The Palazzo. We got to our room and there were cleaning rags on the floor, cleaning solution on the counter, both beds were unmade (one bed was just a mattress with the chaise thrown on top and the other bed was a mattress with all of the linens crumpled up on a pile on top of the bed). We attempted to call but the phone did not work so we went down to the lobby and complained and were assured that the room would be cleaned immediately. Two hours later, we went back to the room and it was still in this state and we went back down and spoke with the manager. We were told that the housekeeping manager was on their way over and that she would resolve the issue right away. Well, another two hours later we went back up and it was still in this state and untouched. Unbelieveable. The finally (at 7 am told us that they would send us back to The Venetian) I would NEVER stay in this hotel.

5 Stars Susan March 17, 2010

Fabulous hotel!

4 Stars Mobile Geek March 14, 2010

Great room, great service

5 Stars Anna March 01, 2010

Everything about this hotel is wonderful. Highly recommended.

5 Stars Anna March 01, 2010

The Palazzo is simply astounding. Don't take my word, just go! Worth the money.

5 Stars Shelby February 28, 2010

Everything about this hotel is wonderful. Highly recommended.

5 Stars Mark from Chicago February 27, 2010

The absolute best in luxury and elegance. From the bars to the pool to the tables. The staff top to bottom are 2nd to none in my book. This resort, with the Venetian, is my stay everytime, I don't mind paying the price it's worth every penny! Let's go Blackhawks!

5 Stars Shane February 03, 2010

If you have complaints about the Palazzo you can't be pleased. A#1 Top of the list. Service on the 23rd floor can't be beat

5 Stars Sandra January 13, 2010

Everything...is stunning.

5 Stars Thomas January 02, 2010

Five diamond luxury. Stay at The Palazzo by any means possible.

5 Stars David December 18, 2009

I have stayed in every "5 star" hotel on the strip. The Palazzo rooms are the biggest, best, and well appointed. The casino has an unfriendly, uptight vibe, but the accomodations are fabulous!

5 Stars Cindy December 14, 2009

Wonderful hotel. Everything is simply stunning and the shoppes are beautiful. Rooms have extremely comfy beds and wonderful tubs. Five Stars!!

5 Stars Frank December 06, 2009

Hotel is absolutely stunning! Stayed for three nights and service was impeccable.

2 Stars jimR November 07, 2009

Very poor service.

5 Stars Rick Thames October 10, 2009

This is a fab hotel. Stayed for 5 nights August 2009 in a beautiful, clean, strip-view room on the 27th floor and it was wonderful from start to finish. Service was great and the casino light & airy. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend

0 Stars Rick Thames September 12, 2009

Spent a great five nights here Aug 2009. Beautiful rooms with good facilities, very comfortable bed and top class service. Slots a touch on the mean side!

5 Stars Heather August 16, 2009

My husband and I loved it!! I can't imagine staying anywhere else. The spa was so relaxing. I'm already counting down til we go back.

4 Stars Rodney July 16, 2009

Nice hotel that lacks a Vegas feel. Paid for a view room which turned out to be an 18th story suite with a "view" of the Trump building. Not exactly what I was hoping for. Also while the place is very nice our room was very dusty. The people there are very nice and make you feel welcome. Also a big disappointment was the pool, it was fairly small and crowded and very swallow. Overall the stay was nice but I'd probably go elsewhere next time in town (Wynn or Belliago)

4 Stars Sergnap June 21, 2009

20 minutes in and it's the freshest sourdough bread I've ever tasted

5 Stars Diet pepsi June 14, 2009

Nice place! Dal Toro is great too

4 Stars Angel June 13, 2009

I was staying here for 5 days 4 nites I had a blast especially da new hot spot LAVO... I'll 4 sure go back to this beautiful suite :)

5 Stars Rick Bissat May 03, 2009

Best standard room on the strip. Great center strip location. One of the most generous players clubs. Excellent staff. Great shows, although I preffer cirque du soleil shows. If you are driving than this is the easiest casino to get in and out of because the parking garage is directly below the casino. The shopping center is very good (forum shops and planet hollywoods shopping are slightly better). Overall the best place on the strip to stay because they have everything (except for a buffet).

3 Stars Shelano April 26, 2009

Nice sized rooms but they are already showing wear after only a year. Not cleaned and maintained well. Lobby very nice.

5 Stars RandyH April 05, 2009

We've stayed in virtually all of the "high end" hotels on the Strip, and we have players cards at most of them. The Palazzo's rooms, service, ambience, and comps are by far the best I've experienced. They are on the top of my very short list of "must stay" places in Vegas!

5 Stars David March 24, 2009

I have stayed in every "5 star" hotel on the strip. The Palazzo rooms are the biggest, best, and well appointed. The casino has an unfriendly, uptight vibe, but the accomodations are the beat Vegas has to offer.

5 Stars Gord L March 16, 2009

This was our first visit to the Palazzo and we cannot say enough about this beautiful hotel. We were treated royally by all the staff we came in contact with. We received a 3 night free offer and entry into a video poker tournament and jumped at the offer as we would not normally be able to afford to stay at a 5 star hotel. It met and exceeded our expectations.

5 Stars David G March 03, 2009

Stood here late December 2008 and let me tell u that this is the nicest staff in the world. Car trouble made us stay an extra day and the staff went out of their way to help. Gave us late check out and because of our play were comped an additional night (we are not high rollers). Great experience. Join Club Grazie for great specials, we had three nights comped. Rooms are excellent staff superb and place on the strip make it a fun place to stay if you can get a good rate.

5 Stars Johnathon Frye February 22, 2009

The Lago Suites are beautiful, however they will run you around $2,000 per night. There are also six ultra luxury villas that are 7,000 sq. ft. each. These are about $15,000-$25,000 per night. The Palazzo is an all-suite hotel and is a AAA Five-Diamond that is one of the most beautiful resorts in the world.

5 Stars BrentN February 19, 2009

We had a great stay. The rooms are comperable in size to the Venetian but are more modernly furnished. 3 flat screen TVs (one even in the bathroom). Our room looked North (vice a strip-view) and we were really glad that's what we got as we had a beautiful view of the Wynn golf course and pool area.
I'm sure we will be staying here again!

Saw the Wayne Brady show and loved it!

5 Stars Cameron Diaz February 06, 2009

The absolute finest resort on the Strip. This is a AAA five diamond property.

3 Stars sageblue January 11, 2009

Certainly, the room is enormous, and I prefer the decor of the Palazzo suites to that of the Venetian. However, Palazzo misses out on the details: fixtures missing, TVs and printers not working, furniture broken. The room though is comfortable and the bathroom enormous. I just wasn't impressed.

4 Stars Chia January 06, 2009

Great rooms, big & luxurious. Staff was helpul & friendly. The room rate was a bargain for what you get, 720 square feet, three flat panel tvs (1 in bathroom) sitting area with a wrap around couch & remote control blinds. $7 for a domestic beer in the casino isn't such a great deal. Check out the sports bar, it has a great outdoor seating area with couches & fountains.

5 Stars Bryce December 21, 2008

First time in Vegas and was perfect. Our 10 year anniversary. We upgraded to the concierge suite with a view. Perfect, they stepped all over themselves to serve us. We used them to make all of the reservations, they even offered to print out our boarding passes and check us in to the airline. Will definitely stay there again.

5 Stars Hunter October 12, 2008

Palazzo can be a bit of a split experience.

The rooms themselves are fantastic - large, well appointed and very comfortable.

The rest of the place has a few high points but generally speaking, is somewhat unremarkable. The casino is a large open, box-like room without much to distinguish it from other properties.

A few of the restaurants are quite compelling, including Carnevino and Dos Caminos, depending on if you want a quick bite or a full-on sit down meal.

0 Stars Kyle September 14, 2008

My wife and I stayed at the Palazzo over Labor Day weekend. We received four comped nights, and we are not high rollers by any means. The rooms were nice and clean, and we did not have any negative experiences with the staff. The hotel is nice and clean, and was not as smokey as some of the other casinos on the strip. We found the slot machines at the Palazzo were tight, and enjoy the casino at the Venetian much more. The sports book at the Palazzo is extremely small and difficult to find. There are numerous pools at the Palazzo so we did not have any problems getting chairs, and we were able to find a quiet pool away from all of the kids. We would definitely stay at the Palazzo again especially for the four free nights. This hotel seemed quieter and not as congested as the other strip casinos which was nice.

0 Stars meira July 06, 2008

Avoid this hotel. On July 4, 2008, the maid searched through my luggage and stole a bracelet that my children had given me. It was the first day that housekeeping came before 2 pm. There are long lines stretching down the hall for the elevator, there is trash on the floor - glasses, napkins, and debris - from the partying the night before - and the pool deck has limited shallow pools with lots of chairs but no shade. Considering the better staffed luxury choices on the strip, I would suggest people go somewhere else. Don't be lured by the appearance of the rooms, like we were. There are no services to back up the building.

0 Stars JC June 24, 2008

Wynn is 100% better than the palazzo. I just got back from vegas and I stayed at the palazzo this year. The palazzo was NOTHING compared to the wynn! At the Palazzo, the employees were rude, the hosts suck, and the rooms/hotel/casino is VERY forgettable. This casino does not care for their guest at all. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE. GO TO THE WYNN!

0 Stars Hunter January 23, 2008

We stayed for the opening weekend and I wrote a long blog post here: http://www.ratevegas.com/blog/2008/01/palazzo_las_veg.html

Overall - if you like The Venetian, you will dig it. Otherwise, I still prefer WLV and Bellagio.

0 Stars Mindy J January 22, 2008

This is an absolutely beautiful hotel! The room was perfect and very comfortable.
Now that I said that..the service was horrific, the maid service was almost non-existant, and we checked our bags and waited 8 hours to get it back!! They are still doing construction on alot of the hotel and woke up to drills at 6am. I would stay here againif I knew that I would not need anything but to check in and out. They really need to step up their services.

0 Stars Naomi August 17, 2007

I think its going to be great. The only thing is, I hope they hire all new cocktailers to fill in the spots and trindy outfits. This will be a first.