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Palms Place

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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews Palms Place

5 Stars James January 26, 2012

Wonderful stay overall. The suite was amazing.

5 Stars Peter January 20, 2012

Wonderful restaurant as well!

5 Stars Peter January 09, 2012

This hotel is wonderful. The service is always top notch. This is a very classy boutique hotel set far back from The Palms for silence and an elevate level of class. The suites are quite nice and have wrap around balconies, as well as state-of-the-art kitchens. The views are the best!

1 Star Isela Martinez December 05, 2011

Customers beware>>>even though the food is not the problem...our waiter was very shady with our check. He ran our card too many times causing a fraud alert that froze our account. It was our anniversary and our night was completely ruined by this awful experience. Luckily we had withdrawn cash from our bank account and were able to pay in cash. We called the bank after we left and learned that "they" had caused the freeze and were creating a "merchandise" charge with a New York address? We returned to the restaurant to speak to the manager about this, and to request a receipt for our cash payment. They did not like that "at all". It took them about 45 minutes to retrieve it? And when they did, my husband spoke to the manager and let him know that the whole experience was very unpleasant. The manager behaved in the most unprofessional way I have ever experienced, and was terribly rude by telling us that "our card declined" as if we did not have money to pay. He then proceded to practicly kick us out by pushing me, and called security. We spoke to security and let them know what happened and they were very understanding and courteous.
We have lived in Las Vegas for 16 years and have been to the Palms numerous times as well as had dinner at all of their restaurants, but have never experienced anything like this! This restaurant is an embarassment to Las Vegas locals, and unfortunately for them, I work for a plastic surgeon and always give recommendations for dining to our patients that come in from out of town. I will "definitely" NOT be recommending this restaurant to anyone!!!

5 Stars Tom F. April 06, 2011

Simon restaurant is also quite superb!

5 Stars Tom F. April 06, 2011

Top notch hotel accommodations and stay! If there was ever a true boutique hotel in Vegas, this is it. Five Stars.

1 Star Adolf Hitler March 19, 2011

The hotel was horrible dirty, smelly and dark. Would not suggest people to waste their time and money at this hotel.the only nice part about the room was the shower and that's about it.

1 Star H Burley March 08, 2011

March Madness is a great time to visit Las Vegas. An even bigger draw is when it’s your best friend’s bachelor party that you’re planning. After doing my homework and reading a few reviews, I booked a 1BR/1.5 Bath 1200 sq ft suite at The Palms Hotel. This venue is off the beaten path however, the benefits outweighed the hike. Besides, everyone can use a little cardio in his or her life.

I must admit, I received a stellar deal from one of The Plams wholesalers. The way wholesalers work is that in effort to meet occupancy goals, hotels such as the Palm Place will allocate a block of rooms to hundreds of sites to sell at reduced discounted rates. It is a win/win situation. Hotels such as the Palms maintain the prestige of price integrity while filling rooms that would have otherwise remained vacant, while wholesaler are allowed to monetize traffic coming to their sites for the best deals on the net. I thought I was doing my part by supporting the eco-system that is affiliate marketing. That is until SEVERAL hours after I booked my room, received a confirmation number and my ccard was charged, that I received this email:

“Hi Mr. Burley,
I just left you a voicemail but unfortunately, Palms Place is completely sold out for your dates of stay. I am sorry but they sold out today and we can’t submit your reservation. Your deposit has be refunded…
Thank you,
Leslie Walk
Condo Hotel Marketplace, LLC”

You can imagine how I felt. How anyone would feel. I immediately called to receive clarification. Leslie expressed that they did not update their booking calendar as often as they normally do, and The Palms already rented the room hours earlier due to the busy March Madness weekend. She then proceeded to try to upsell me in price for a room that was smaller with fewer amenities. After getting nowhere with this wholesaler, I decided to call the source to see why they booked a room that was previously reserved.

After explaining my situation and being placed on hold for several mins, I was transferred to a manager. I explained myself again and offered to switch rooms nightly if needed, however I requested that the room size and amenities that I originally reserved honored. The front desk manager explained that how the Palms had rooms available for my first night, but where severely overbooked by over 31 rooms for the next night and that he could not honor my rate. I never mentioned my rate (~$1000 for 3 days) so I asked him if he had reviewed my reservation (normally faxed over by the wholesaler as explained). He replied no. If that was the case, how did the wholesaler know that the room was double booked and most importantly how did the front desk manager know that he could not accept my rate? Feeling backed into a corner at this point, I even went as far as offering to pay $100 to $200 more to have my reservation honored. Unfortunately, the only thing that he could offer me was a smaller standard room for more money.

This entire experience from booking through one of their partner sites to speaking with upper management was horrible. Clearly, the Plams Place is more concerned with penny pinching every dollar versus creating customers for life.

If a component of the AAA star system consisted of properly scheduling/securing reservations and overall customer service, they would be a 3 ½ star hotel. Thanks for placing a damper on my trip Plams Place/Condo Hotel Marketplace. Buyer beware.

0 Stars Stix June 15, 2010

The hotel was amazing the elevators are jet fast. The sky tube is perfect and the location is great. Cab rides to the strip stayed under 20 bucks. Great place to spend my 21st I will be visisting again to the palms place

5 Stars John June 07, 2010

Five Stars. Top notch hotel!

4 Stars MikeE April 16, 2010

Excellent hotel. The staff is wonderful, the spa is unique with outdoor lounge areas, the rooms are spacious, and the overall ambiance is quite relaxing. During the summers they often have promotions where they include a complimentary cabana making them one of the best deals in town. Other than the occasional palms douche stray and the overwhelming food court smell as you make your way out of the skytube, it's my favorite off strip option.

5 Stars Anna March 01, 2010

Fabulous hotel!!

4 Stars Vegasbab February 02, 2010

Drift Spa here is wonderful. Great facilities and very nice therapists. Got a facial.

5 Stars Matt January 26, 2010

Wow. Very contemporary and worth every penny. You'll want to bring people to your room to brag. I did.

5 Stars Anonymous September 02, 2009

Beautiful, yet modern boutique hotel off the Strip.