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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews Paris Las Vegas

5 Stars Mike April 21, 2013

We normally stay at planet Hollywood but we thought we would try Paris. My wife and I enjoyed it. Rooms were nicer than ph. Crowd was alittle older and the theme was aimed at an older guests (30+) Location is perfect. Pool was ok chairs need to be updated. We will stay here again.

2 Stars Up North November 19, 2012

Dealers are old and bitter. Location is great! Rooms are good enough and room rates are usually pretty good. Great place to headquarter to explore the rest of the strip.

5 Stars Richard September 30, 2012

This is just a review of the casino. AWESOME! Must go there at night!!! Cool look and the dancers are smoking hot!!!

1 Star Paul July 30, 2012

Very slow and inattentive service. Food was warm at best. You can definitely find something better. Bus boy attempted to take our drink order as our "waitress" was MIA. Saw her twice in 40 minutes. Never any follow up.

4 Stars Justin July 28, 2012

Overall good experience

4 Stars Jeremy e May 17, 2012

The staff were great. Did the $20 trick and was upgraded to a red room. Great view of the fountains. I have stayed at a lot of properties and would definitely rate this one at the top. If I had one complaint it would have been the casino size. It is definitely a smaller size casino floor.

3 Stars Trevor V April 19, 2012

The Paris hotel rooms are starting to show their age. While they are clean and spacious, they are beginning to show their age. The tv is quite old, small, and not a flat screen. The bathrooms, while mostly clean, have spots of mold around the base of the shower and lime build ups in many places. The bed is also not especially comfortable, although maybe I've been spoiled by the excellent bedding at the Westins these days. The room was quite spacious, but the corner room I was in didn't seem to be laid out very well and had poor use of the space. As for the casino and common areas, they seem to be top notch and updated regularly. They were installing new slots while I was there. I had considered bringing the dog with me but decided against it. I only saw 4 dogs during my 5 day stay and didn't see any signs directing anyone to any dog safe areas (where do I walk my dog?). Not sure they have quite committed to the whole pet stay program yet. While everything here is well and good, and I can hardly complain about my free Total Rewards room, I think I will stay at a different Total Rewards hotel next time.

4 Stars Kevin Boran February 14, 2012

First of all- this is great app and the reviews on the site really helped me plan my trip. One good turn deserves another so here is my Paris review. Generally stay at Caesars so I wasn't sure what to expect at Paris. First ir is a much smaller property - not necessarily a bad thing..the casino can be "scanned" in a minute. Found the machines to be tight and the table games to be Harrah's standard-but a generally pleasant crowd. As a 50y.o. Gambler I enjoyed the fact that there were fewer 25-35 y.o. Hipsters than some of the " cooler" properties. Had a red room- pretty good. Not the Augustus Tower at Caesars but "nice". Found the bars to be fun-2:1 cocktails ate Center Bar is a good deal. The pool may not lok like anything special but the lack of a day club vibe meant I Coulston actually find a chair and use it. Whether it is my iPad or this app I wish the return key would work to take me to a new paragraph!

4 Stars Brew February 12, 2012

Just back from Vegas and I was glad i chose Paris to stay (it was a random pick). While the room was a little dated (no flat screen) it was a good size and very clean. As the hotel is smaller than most it is a short 5 min walk from the room through the lobby to the strip. This made exploring the strip really easy. The club at the hotel was good but spent more time at planet Hollywood next door. Overall, It was an excellent choice- no regrets

5 Stars Tracey February 03, 2012

Shoot, wish we could edit....oops lol What I was trying to say on my review was that the Paris is NOT a huge city inside. It's perfect size to walk and navigate around. Pardon the faux pas ;) amazing how one little word can change the meaning of a sentence ;)

5 Stars Tracey February 03, 2012

Fabulous stay...everything was as represented! Using the Vegas Mate app, we were able to make many informed decisions. The Paris did not let us down! We arrived and checked in early, as requested, about 10 am. We booked the premium room facing the strip, with views of the pool, tower, and fountains. The room was very clean and updated. Large flat screen tv, plenty of wardrobe/cupboard space, in room safe (free), separate tub/shower, large bathroom, and a coffee maker! And no, there is no resort fee. There is wifi (and Internet plug) connection in the rooms, for a fee. It was not unreasonable. However, there is a free internet room on the main floor that most people checked in on their emails etc a couple times a day and be done with it. The bar was nice, with plenty of seating and comfy chairs, until it got packed of course :) but we sat at the bar and chatted with Noam, the bartender, and a local couple. We had a fantastic time! The hotel and casino is a huge city in which you can get lost or need rest stops while navigating your way through. It connects nicely (indoors) to Ballys and the casino with a bit of shopping and places to eat along the way, including THE best buffet in Vegas! Ballys casino drinks may not come very often to you at the machines, depending on the floor waitress, but we had no issues with Paris Casino. The Paris Hotel was great. The Sugar Factory comped us a Pop Rock Martini :) We got exactly what we asked for (perhaps not comped much) and are already looking ahead at booking twice more this year...and staying at The Paris.

4 Stars Matt January 26, 2012

Hotel was in a great location center strip. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The only complaint I had was that the room was a little "tired", could use a renovation. Room was quiet and the bed was nice. We has a room on the 29th floor with an amazing view. Would definitely stay here again. There were lots of choices for food, ranging from a buffet to nice French restaurant. It was relatively easy to find your way around inside.

4 Stars Lori November 23, 2011

Hotel - Rooms are showing there age. I upgraded to the Red Room which is there most recently updated rooms and I was disappointed. There were chips in the wooden furniture and the bathroom is the same as the regular rooms. I wouldn't pay for the upgrade. The location is great but I think the Planet Hollywood next door is the better value. Casino - Gustav's Bar is my favorite video poker bar in Las Vegas. I look forward to going there every trip. Friendly bartenders and good atmosphere.

5 Stars Wes November 01, 2011

Another great hotel. Faultless. Loved the pool and pool service. All I saw was staff cleaning which was good after staying at the flamingo. Pay the little bit extra for the bellagio fountain view.

5 Stars ChupaCabra October 13, 2011

Excellent! Loved it and will be back.

4 Stars John September 27, 2011

Great service, room needs some updating.

3 Stars Mike September 26, 2011

Casino is very nice,Eiffel tower was an experience but I wouldn't do it again, too crowded and not enough holes in the fence to shoot off your photos

4 Stars Carmen September 20, 2011

Just stayed at the Paris from 9/04-9/12. The stay was excellent no problems at all. We got a room on the 10th floor with a great view of the pool/Eiffel Tower, you could also see the fountains from the Bellagio. The hotel has a good selection of restaurants. We had dinner the first night at Mon Ami Gabi, great food and service. We had breakfast a several times at the Sugar Factory - good prices and good food. The casino is not too big compared to others but had a nice atmosphere. Room was very clean. Rooms have both a tub and shower. Pool is nice but water was a bit cold. Getting to your room is very easy, you do not have to walk through all to the hotel to find the elevators. They are located very close to the front desk area of the hotel. Another thing I liked was the direct access you have to Bally's and the monorail station through the walkway where most of the restaurants are located in Paris. Parking was fairly easy too. We ordered room service a couple of times, in the early evening and past midnight, and service was prompt and quality and presentation of food was also very good! Frankly before going to stay at the Paris, I was a bit worried after reading some of the negative reviews I had read but frankly I will be recommending this hotel to anyone that asks. I have stayed at other hotel in Las Vegas (Montecarlo, MGM, Luxor) and this one has been the best. It's a very beautiful hotel. If you decide to stay there, I hope you enjoy it as much as my husband and I did. A bientôt!

5 Stars Helen July 27, 2011

I haven't stayed to sleep here, but just the casino and shops are very pretty. It's gorgeous in there! Wow everytime I go in there I don't wanna leave. I seriously wanna stay here! But for the price I'd rather stay at Excalibur and just visit this place.

5 Stars John May 17, 2011

An all around amazing stay! The suites are incredible.

5 Stars Brad May 13, 2011

Amazing hotel! Saw Kim Kardashian. :O

4 Stars Trip Girl May 12, 2011

We stayed May 8-12th comped in a beautiful room upgraded. Service was excellent. The casino was average... We won more at others. The chocolate croissants are not to be missed! I had a fabulous fire and ice pedicure at the Mandala spa but was misquoted half of the price over the phone. Regardless, it was great. Paris is nice and centrally located. My husband and I are 30 and this is our third time back to Vegas. Will stay here again. The Sugar Factory is new and is a great place for fondue! Highly recommend it!

2 Stars James Osborne May 09, 2011

We stayed May 2nd through 7th and also had our wedding reception at Mon Ami Gabi. The food was fantasfic and the servers were very friendly and made our night special. The general service at the hotel was not great though. On checking in we were told our Strip-Facing Red Room had been booked in as a non-strip facing..... And when I queried this at first the staff member was reluctant to offer to change it, saying it was more expensive. I knew it was more expensive, she made out like we were being charged for the strip view without receiving it. Fortunately this was resolved and we were also informed about their "concierge lounge" which was included in our room and was a continental breakfast lounge and also offered pre dinner drinks and snacks in the late afternoon.. A real gem in Vegas to be able to get breakfast included.

A member of the pool staff however was incredibly rude. When we collected towels we were asked by a friendly lady "do you have any drinks in your bag, we said "yes", we were then asked if we bought it in the hotel, we said "yes". Then the girl explained "...ok that's fine as only hotel drinks can be brought into the pool". Now we were completely happy with that and during the ensuing chat about where were from, how long we were staying, had we used the pool before etc... we happened to mention that we had bought our water from the vending machine on our floor. A male member of staff with sunglasses clearly took offense to this and demanded a receipt to prove it was from the hotel (what vending machine provides a receipt?!) and was almost threatening us, he then went on to change the rules and say that only drinks bought in the pool shop were allowed. If my wife had been on her own she would not have felt comfortable with his confrontation and would have not used the pool.

Lastly, on checking out Saturday morning at 9.30 I told the concierge we would not be leaving for the airport for a few hours and I was expecting our wedding photos to be delivered, would that be ok as we had officially checked out? We were told yes, but the photographer was turned away 30 mins later and informed we had left. We are now waiting for them to me sent via air mail to the UK.....

I may visit Mon Ami Gabi again on my next trip to Vegas as it was a fantastic meal, but I will be unlikely to stay at or recommend the Paris Hotel.

5 Stars Tom F. March 21, 2011

Excellent stay. The hotel itself is amazing!

2 Stars DWSh March 12, 2011

Sad how the property has been let go. Paris needs some serious work to get to the level it was before it was taken over by Harrahs/Caesars. In the typical fashion of the present owner, the casino no longer has favorable blackjack rules and few open tables which still pay a true 3/2 for blackjack. Interestingly, a player is no longer "grandfathered" at the table limit they sat down to and will instead be told they have 15 minutes at that limit after the table limit is raised --after which they must play the new higher limit or leave. I'm told this is what is done in Atlantic City but I have never seen this happen in any other Las Vegas casino. Put simply -- if you're comped at Paris the rooms are okay and you may be willing to stay there. But. Go play at the Bellagio where there are lots if tables and table players are still treated properly.

5 Stars Tom F. March 06, 2011

Awesome stay!

5 Stars Sarah March 01, 2011

The hotel rooms in themselves are gorgeous.

2 Stars KJ February 25, 2011

Stayed at Paris. comped. My previous experience was delightful, nice rooms, fairly new (Dec 2008). This time (Dec 2010) the comped room was super old, bed was hard, bathroom had a moldy smell, old fat TV, the only thing great was the view of the eiffel tower. we were right in front of it. we did not gamble, the place seem pretty dead. I guess I've been spoiled with plushed bedding from staying at the Mirage suite. I had higher expectations from Paris Hotal; will not stay there again.

5 Stars Paul January 30, 2011

Was kind of unhappy at first when they did not have my reserved nonsmoking room but she gave a a room facing belagio on the 27th floor and the view of the strip and the fountain made it worth having a smelly room. Service was good - fun place to stay.

4 Stars Josue December 21, 2010

Very good hotel, clean service is good! The only think I dint like about the hotel was the tv! Lol I know who would come to vegas to watch tv! I like to watch a good how before I go to sleep. I been in different hotels and most of them have good tvs! At Paris I got this old tv! Come on Paris we need to upgrade! The casino here sucks, you rarely see people winning! I loose over 200 bills here! Went to Grand hotel and start with 6 dollars end with 140! So far I found that place beat on Vegas to gamble! I was on Vegas for 4 nights! So believe me I got to see everything! Thanks everyone who is reading this hope is helpfull

4 Stars Bob December 10, 2010

We stayed in 2301. Talk about a room with a view...it was pretty fantastic. The maid did a super job! We'd be gone for 15-20 minutes and it would look like a new room. I can't say enough good things about her. We also ate at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant and the food and the staff were superlative. The view while eating was unbelievable. I would stay at Paris again, but I would never eat at The Cafe or the Buffet again. The food was mediocre and the service was atrocious! At breakfast we ate at the Buffet where we had enjoyed eating while on previous trips and I ended up with a pretty good case of food poisoning. That pretty much ruined the last three days of the trip. I took two bites of the scrambled eggs and ate no more because they tasted funny. Apparently two bites were enough. Stay at Paris, it's a great hotel, but skip the buffet and Le Cafe.

5 Stars Josh December 01, 2010

Top floor penthouses are beautiful! Immaculate stay.

2 Stars Shay November 28, 2010

Friday night & they only had 3 people working check-in. The valet was full. The hot water took 10+ minutes to start working. Nice size bathroom & clean room, but house keeping insisted on turning the heat down to 62 in November. No heat in the bathroom so you'll freeze getting out of the shower. I wouldn't stay here again.

4 Stars Michael Dutterer October 20, 2010

Paris looks very nice and the staff is pleasant. The Eiffel Tower attraction has a nice view of the city but pretty pricey. Do it at night to get a nive view of the Bellagio fountain show.

4 Stars Andrew kca September 18, 2010

Me and my wife had dinner here and we enjoyed it. We sat oitside because we wanted to watch Belagios watershow while dining, food were great i loved the mussles and their fries.

4 Stars Spalaw September 17, 2010

In the last 2 years, I have been to Vegas eight times, and have stayed at Treasure Island, Planet Hollywood, MGM Grand, New York New York, Mandalay Bay and now Paris. I don't go to Vegas to gamble, but like to stay at hotels that have a "fun vibe." I generally travel with my wife, but have also taken the kids. Overall, Paris is a really nice hotel in a great location. However, I did find it to be more quiet and low-keyed than the other hotels I have stayed at. It doesn't really have any hip lounges, bars or clubs. There is no music playing in any areas of the hotel like a lot of other places. We also booked a standard room that, while decent enough for the price, was outdated and in need of renovation. There are newer updated rooms if you want to pay the extra money. I would recommend this hotel if you want a nice place to stay and don't really care about a hotel with energy or up-dated standard rooms. If you want something more hip, fun and with more energy, or want a renovated room like you can find at many other hotels, you may want to try other 4 to 4 1/2 star hotels that will be in the same price range.

4 Stars Andrew kca September 17, 2010

Me and my wife had dinner here and we enjoyed it. We sat oitside because we wanted to watch Belagios watershow while dining, food were great i loved the mussles and their fries.

5 Stars Derek August 24, 2010

Worth it friendly services. Will come back

0 Stars Austin August 20, 2010

Surprisingly, I was able to find a $5 craps table around 10 AM here, and it was pretty packed. The pit boss was friendly, and the dealers were social and efficient.

Though the casino is not huge, I felt like the air was cleaner here than anywhere else I walked through. It even smelled ionized or something. =)

There was a Lord of the Rings slot machine that I parked myself at for over an hour, which is unusual because I usually machine hop pretty fiercely. As far as ambiance goes, I think this was one of my favorite places to gamble.

3 Stars Betty, Addison, Il August 18, 2010

Overall my stay was nice. Staff friendly and accommodating. My gripe is with the state of the casino. The machines are OLD and the chairs are pitiful. They have people walking around offering back and neck messages. Must be because of those broken down chairs they have everywhere.

0 Stars Stark July 23, 2010

Well worth it! But make sure to get a strip view room. The line during check in was long but moved quickly. The guy at the registration desk was very helpful. I suggest dropping your party and luggage at the front then parking in the self parking. Hauling your luggage through the shops to the front desk is a pain. The rooms are adequate for the price. While gambling I've had no problem getting drinks. Lots of gorgeous women! The pool is decent and not too crowded to be enjoyed. Overall I'd definitely stay here again!

3 Stars Leslie Tennyson July 12, 2010

Nice lunch with you yesterday Mon Ami Gabi the baked cheese was wonderful. A good choice for lunch mid strip

4 Stars Jenny Conner July 06, 2010

Enjoyed our visit. Had a superior view from our room. Room size was small , but very quiet and the bed was very comfortable. Check in through diamond services was easy and efficient. Lines at eating facilities were long but again with Diamond service everything was very efficient Casino is fun drink service was slow. Atmosphere is fun saw lots of security. Nice place to stay.

5 Stars Loststooge100 June 28, 2010

Spent a week in Las Vegas from June 12th - 18th, stayed at Paris, Las Vegas again, this was our 7th stay at Paris. My wife and I have no complaints with the Hotel, we were treated great at check in, got an up-grade using the $20.00 trick, housekeeping kept the room cleaned and stocked with fresh towels, the dealers in the Casino were friendly and great. I believe the Hotel seemed to be cleaner this trip then the last one we had. Customer Service is definitely back in Las Vegas, especially at Paris, Las Vegas.

4 Stars Tracy May 28, 2010

Stayed at Paris for 10 nights , was very good. rooms were a good size, not up to the Agustus tower rooms at ceasers, but because the hotel Is smaller was quicker to get around. The pool was pleasant and plenty of sunbeds what ever time u turn up. The casino was quiet poor for a variety of machines , but the drinks service was excellant . Over all would stay and recomend this hotel.,

5 Stars Mike May 21, 2010

Stayed at paris for four days. Had a great time. Clean room, service was average. Beds are very stiff and casino is smaller than casears but i like it because not as far of a walk. The view from the tower was great for 2 for 1 price. Would not want to pay 15 a person. ReAlly good looking day or night. Would stay here again. You get a lot of coupons and stuff for the companys other places like ballys, harrahs, casears and a few others so that was a huge plus.

4 Stars Eric April 13, 2010

I've stayed at the Paris once, played and eaten and shopped there many times.

Had a nice room on the 7th floor. As promised, it was a pool view room, the Eiffel Tower dominating the center of the view. I could see Bally's to the right, Bellagio behind the Tower, and just a glimpse of the fountains when they reached their highest point. I certainly had a lovely view of the bikini babes at the pool, which was nice. :)

Room decor is sort of "old world." Everything is functional, if not fancy.

The casino is one of my favorites in Vegas. Love the open feel, and the cobblestones. Drink service is usually excellent.

The pool is small and unspectacular; and even in summertime, is COLD!

4 Stars Jaclyn April 04, 2010

We initially booked a standard room via the "Hot Deals" on the website, but when we arrived at noon they were out of King non-smoking rooms. We decided to splurge and get upgraded to a suite, and the receptionist was so accommodating she put us in a high-level "P" room with a view of the Bellagio fountains and the pool. For $185 a night, it was worth it, especially since the web price was significant;y higher. Check-in took about 20 minutes so despite the long line, they were zipping through us pretty quickly.

Our room was lovely. There is a half bath, parlor area, dining area, and bedroom that is separated by french doors. The bathroom has a jetted tub, stand alone glassed-in shower, and separate commode room. The toiletries were of generous size and of good quality. There was a lovely scented potpourri in the room so those with environmental sensitivities may be put off. I was not a fan of the bedroom TV consul which raised and lowered via remote, nor of the marble coffee table with multiple sharp corners that stabbed my husband and I on numerous occasions. Maid service was excellent and they even left a little chocolate on the pillow - a nice touch I have not seen in a few years. Internet is about $14 extra for 24 hours and they offer both wireless and jack.

We don't really gamble but we did hang out in the casino quite a bit and enjoyed watching others win big. Our cocktail waitress i the casino bar was a doll and gave us the lowdown on the service industry in Vegas over the past 20 years and well as some great drink suggestions. I also love the collectable ceramic Paris balloon goblets you can get when you order a frosty drink. We did not see any of the showgirls walking by or little dancing girl shows that we remembered seeing in the casino when we walked through on our last visit. The pool scene looked mellow and resembled a petri-dish, but it was 105 degrees out so we preferred to stay in the A/C.

We ate at several restaurants inside the hotel and enjoyed every one, especially the Eiffel Tower Restaurant. Because our room was so high, we opted out of going to the top of the tower and enjoyed the view from our room.

We had two snags during our stay. Our room keys stopped working the first night and when we went to get them re-keyed that receptionist said we were not registered at the hotel. It took 10 minutes to sort out but we were exhausted and not in the mood. Meanwhile, a somewhat drunk and belligerent guest was making a scene with the manager and I have to commend how the manager handled it - I would have blown my top at the stuff the guest was saying to her. We were also billed for a fax that was sent to a guest at the beginning of the month, but it was quickly taken off on request.

Overall we were pleased, but not ecstatic with our stay. I felt like there was a little sparkle missing from the whole experience. We will defiantly be back to dine and lounge, and may check out the Red Rooms in the future.

4 Stars Chris March 31, 2010

My wife and I had a Premiere room for our stay. The room was spotless, and was kept that way for the duration of our stay. Every employee we interacted with gave wonderful service. The gaming was fairly standard for the Strip, but the location is central to most of the major casinos - which makes it ideal.

0 Stars Big daddy March 30, 2010

Wonderful room we had a p room and it was amazing!!!!! Only thing I have to complain about is the super grouchy Asian ladies running the Eiffel tower! By far the grouchest people I met in Vegas

5 Stars Wart March 21, 2010


5 Stars Chris brown March 20, 2010

Very nice and clean. The staff were very nice. The resturants were very good

1 Star Stanger March 18, 2010

Hotel was average. The dealer at the big wheel I don't want to mention names but if u meet her you will know what I am talking about what cranky well u know!

4 Stars Kayng March 15, 2010

Very nice hotel, your in awe the second you walk in. Service was great and the hotel was really nice. Try the Eiffel tower ride, the wait might be long but if u wanna be a baller, upgrade to the VIP like I did and go straight up. Great shops and all around great service, will come back again!!!

0 Stars Ed Greenberg March 06, 2010

Restaraunts are always,always overcrowded. Gaming floor is average in all respects. Forget race/sports book.

5 Stars Loststooge100 March 03, 2010

Was back in Las Vegas twice in 2009, July and November stayed at Paris both times. The wife and I have no complaints, was treated well at check-in, and the entire staff was very friendly. Did notice in the hallway going to my room, that the base boards and doors could use a fresh coat of paint. I always use the Spa, and it could use some new robes as well, these are minor things. Planning another trip in June of 2010, and will stay at Paris again. I always book a standard room, but I use the $20.00 trick and usually get an upgrade to a P room. Would like to get an upgrade to a P Red Room one time!

3 Stars Da808guest February 22, 2010

I just arrived back from vegas. My first room on the 30th floor was a mess. The wallpaper was giving me a headache blue and white vertical stripes around the whole room and also falling of of the walls. My bed sheet wasn't changed it looked like someone smoked in the bed and dropped there ashes on the sheets and just rubbed it in. There was even a footprint on the pillow case and the floor was very dirty. The previous guest stole the batteries out of the tv remote. I thought that I was in a las Vegas club room. But the front desk did move me into a premium room. Don't know if the upgrade was givin to me because of the crappy first room or because I'm a diamond Tier player. If they offer you a room on the 30th floor don't take it. It's a smoking floor with those irritating stripes and poor maid service. All in all harrah's entertainment do take care of there guest and they reward there loyal players with free rooms special meals and no lines and I'm no high roller I'm a everyday Joe that plays video poker.

4 Stars Liz Stephens February 08, 2010

We have stayed at MGM, Luxor, Venetian, Excaliber, and several properties off-strip. Paris is definately our favorite. Location, location, location: bus stop right outside, monorail station in back, across street from Bellagio Fountains, next door to Planet Hollywood, 1/2 mile walk to Venetian or Mirage, very close to new City Walk/Aria, several very good restaurants. Rooms are very comfortable, quiet, and relaxing. The property is not too big. No extremely long walks to rooms. (Venetian is very nice, but we had to drop bread crumbs everytime we left our room.) The staff at Paris were all very nice and professional. Our last 2 visits to Vegas we stayed at Paris and will stay at Paris again and again.

4 Stars J Isaac January 22, 2010

Don't valet your vehicle at Paris Las Vegas. Valets will steal from you.

Paris Las Vegas is a great deal, and is in a great location... just don't valet your vehicle there.

4 Stars Vegas Lover January 08, 2010

Great hotel in every way!

3 Stars Paul D June 24, 2009

Not a fan of the casino here. Cocktail waitresses need updating. They are old! The rooms were nice and we had a great veiw of the pool, Eiffel tower and the bellagio fountains across the street. The pool is nothing special and it's hard to find a cocktail waitress around the pool. Pool side food was pretty good and not to expensive. Not bad all together but I would rather stay at planet Hollywood for almost the same price

5 Stars MS June 17, 2009

Line for the Eiffel Tower was outrageous, even on Mon and Tues...

5 Stars Ronnie May 31, 2009

My wife and I stayed at the Paris for our first Vegas trip in July 2008. Extremely nice hotel! The rooms are very clean and comfortable. They have a very nice pool area. The casino was one of our favorites. The sky painted ceiling is really relaxing and the casino area seems to be well ventilated as there was never any foul odors. We will definately go back.

3 Stars Jei April 30, 2009

I stayed here about 2 years ago & it hasn't change much since then. The rooms are ok for what they charge. Check in was ok with no delays. Their casinos are hot (temp wise) with a musky order of old French laundry. Overall this hotel is getting old but if you get a good deal

4 Stars Alan April 26, 2009

Out of all the casinos I gambled in, this was my favorite. Very nice place to stay.

5 Stars Robert b April 19, 2009

Amazing hotel really has that Paris feel. Will defenly be staying there next time.

4 Stars Gord L March 16, 2009

We have stayed at Paris a number of times and have always found the rooms to be a little above average for strip rooms. This trip we arrived in the AM and received a room immediately. Staff in the hotel, with very few exceptions, are always courteous and willing to serve. As an example,we had a problem with our in-room safe and it only took about 5 minutes before security arrived and corrected the problem. Although the economy has forced the hotel to reduce staff, the employees appear to be doing their best under the circumstances.

4 Stars JohnR March 09, 2009

Nice hotel. Got comp room for 3 nights. Actually 2, but when I made my reservation online they comped the 3rd also. Easy check in at 8 am on Sunday. No line and they had a room.

4 Stars Fran Jinnouchi January 21, 2009

I like the size of the Paris hotel/casino, not too small but big enough with a variety of slot machines to choose from. Their suites are great. Casino host Nancy Riley is the best. It's a bonus having Ballys connected for a change of pace and Bally's steak house is wonderful, as is Paris's Ah Sin. Plus I've hit two big jackpots at Paris and one at Bally's and my husband has hit one big progressive at Paris too.

0 Stars Deb August 25, 2008

The only good thing about Paris was the decor. The staff was not friendly, the room was okay, view was terrible. We were next to a "P" room which had a party going on all night long with screaming and yelling. I did call security three times to ask them to quiet down to no avail. Security said there was nothing they could do but ask them to be quiet which was a complete joke as the people just made more noise. Do not book next to a P room since they are bigger rooms and could have more people in them and thus louder. The walls seemed paper thin, especially when you are trying to sleep at 2, 3, 4 and 5 a.m. The buffet was very understaffed. We waited in line for dinner for 1 1/2 hours. There were plenty of tables, but the hostess said it was management's fault for not staffing enough servers. It is a buffet, how many servers did they need? People were complaining about the wait with so many open tables but all they hostess kept saying is "to yell at her boss". I was not impressed at all and would definiately not stay at Paris ever again.

0 Stars Jeremy April 14, 2008

Of the places in Vegas I have stayed, which include Ceasars, Treasure Island and Bally's, this was by far my favorite. The rooms were much nicer than Treasure Island or Bally's, and comparable to Ceasars. But what sets this place apart for my wife and I is that the property and casino in particular isn't as overwhelming as Ceasars but still has the elegance of the property.

0 Stars Brent N February 13, 2008

Just returned from a 3 night stay at the Paris.

Overall, I'd rate this experience as a 7 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the best). Just slightly above average.

The room was nice and my mother-in-law got an awesome "P-room" by using the famed "$20 trick". We wanted one as well, and could have got one, but we needed two beds as we had our kids with us (not recommended by the way!) and all the "P-rooms" have a single King sized bed. The room my mother-in-law got was very nice, spacious, with a sitting area, a closed (as opposed to the armoire (sp?) that all regular rooms have) and a make-up table/desk.

Our "regular room" was nice, clean, and comfortable but it seemed a bit small and we've been spoiled by the large suites at the Venetian so, for us, it seemed like a step down.

The "front-line" employees, with the exception of the dealers, all seemed to be completely clueless and spoke English as a second...or third language. This was true of their spa employees, total rewards club clerks, and cashiers. I had issues with each of them and their initial responses were always incorrect and required intervention of their managers/supervisors who always fixed the issue...however, it wasted my time and left me with the feeling that the employees weren't trained very well.

On the negative side, my wife had a terrible experience with a massage therapist who left her bruised and scratched (had long, sharp, fingernails)despite her frequent pleas for the therapist to lessen the pressure and stop scratching. Fortunately the manager removed the charge for the massage, but it ruined my wife's experience and set her off on the wrong foot for the day...which happened to be her 40th birthday!

The rooms were comped based on an offer from Total Rewards so I can't complain too much. None of us had any luck in the casino but I did find all the dealers, cocktail waitresses, and floormen to be very friendly and pleasant.

Not sure if I'll stay at the Paris again.

0 Stars DOLORES MCDONALD December 14, 2007

4 of us girls stayed there end of oct. to nov. 2 nice room .were comped for all 5 nights between all of us, pool and jacuzzi were very nice and the trip up the Eifle Tower was a sight you can't miss. we went at night got lots of wonderful pictures. will stay there again nrxt yr. if not sooner.

0 Stars Andrew August 26, 2007

Nice rooms and nice craps pit. The hotel and casino are very nice, although the table games have Strip odds, which is disappoining.

0 Stars Linda August 20, 2007

I can't tell you how disappointed we were with our August 2007 stay in Paris. The room was average at best. We were given NOTHING in the way of discount coupons to any of their shows or attractions. We also received nothing when we signed up for their slot club. Since we had gambled 3 years ago in Biloxi, they did not recognize us as new members and were therefore not eligible for any new member perks. This made absolutely no sense! The restaurants were over priced and the food was average. The slots were tight. We did see the Anthony Cools (hypnotist) show which was great. We'll never stay here again.

0 Stars sandy Tarant May 12, 2007

A terrific upper middle range hotel. Definitely ask for a "P" room when you check in. These corner rooms are larger and there's no extra charge. Buffet is much above average. Closure of their restaurant Ortanique was a significant loss. Since the takeover by Harrah, the overall ambiance has gone down a notch, and I just stopped going there--the effects of the takeover have been "harrable". But if you don't know what it was like before, you can expect a reliable and real nice experience here. Be sure to go to Napolean's in the evening for the dueling pianos. Great fun!

0 Stars DoubleGW September 16, 2006

I usually always stay at Paris. It's not the fanciest or plushest hotels, but I always feel welcomed there.

I have never had a problem with the staff, they have been friendly and accomodating.

I have the most fantastic casino host who takes care of me very well. It is part of the Harrah's Total Rewards program, which can be very adventegeous if playing there. Many comps are available. I am not a "high roller", but I feel treated as if I were.

We recently had 2 night reservations at Rio. We were not at all pleased with the hotel, casino and especially the service aspects. We cut it a day short and went immediately to Paris; where we were so much happier and more staisfied.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 11, 2006

Paris is staring to show its age. The location is great and everything is easy to find. The pool is not as nice as those at nearby hotels, but at least you need not travel through the casino in a bathing suit to access it. During this stay, the front desk staff was rude and completely useless in attending to requests and problems. Very poor. However, the bellman and valet were excellent.

Bell and valet staff

Older bed and bedding
No more French milled soap in bathrooms
Rude front desk staff
Boring pool
Cafe prices are up
Tight slots

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 13, 2006

will never stay at paris again staff must think they are french what a bunch of snobs normally stay at luxor or the rio willnever go to paris again

0 Stars maggiepaul March 20, 2006

Longish line at 11:00 pm check-in, turned out worthwhile when we were upgraded to a petit suite, no $20 trick used, didn't request upgrade. That was great. The room was well appointed, very clean, beds very confortable, rented a cabana with friends $75 ea. service @ cabana was great.
Only downside lineups for breaky were 2 blocks long for buffet, ate at Cafe instead, food service great, Dinner @ Mon Ami (I think) on patio across the street from dancing fountains was fabulous. Didn't see a lot of 20-25 crowd, suited me, but maybe not you. We had a great time there.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User February 23, 2006

I can't stand the French! Why would anyone stay here? Also, French food is just American food that is glazed!

0 Stars Loststooge100 February 19, 2006

Have stayed at Paris twice. Had a P room both times. Last visit, did not get a corner room, but a room with a view, not as good but nice. Was told you must ask for corner room on check in, first come first basis. Enjoyed the stay both times, gong back June 06, staying at Paris again.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 20, 2006

I guess they want to keep this place as dirty as the real Paris:dirty.
The carpet in the casino is as dirty as the one at the Golden gate in downtown.

0 Stars otamadn October 22, 2005

Spent 3 nights Oct. 16-18 2005. Room was across from the Bellagio fountains, could'nt get a better View. Got a Free upgrade without using the stupid $20 Trick. Staff was great and Check-in at airport was fast

0 Stars RateVegas.com User July 29, 2005

The rooms @ Paris are great. The bathroms are huge and very nice.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 19, 2005

Room was comped for two days. Our first time to stay here. NIce. The view was good of the pool, fountains, and tower. Bathroom was nice. Shower, tub and lots of marble. The room was a little bigger than most others in L/V but nothing exceptional. All in all was a pleasant stay. Will stay again if comped.
Dee from Texas

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 03, 2005

Great hotel! My favorite to stay in as far as rooms go. Be sure to get a room that faces strip and Bellagio fountains. A great view!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 13, 2004

Just stayed at Paris for 4 nights. The hotel is beautiful on the outside, and the bathrooms were fantastic, but the room itself was nothing special at all. The room I was given faced the airport and the Alladin's roofs o the view was simply dreadful. I imagine rooms facing the strip would be much better.

The bathroom was great, with lots of marble, a separate shower and a lot of room for two people to get ready (two sinks would have been perfect, but this was still good.)

The pool was nothing spectacular to look at. It was actually closed without warning one day so I never got to do much more than look at it.

It was nice, but my overall impression is that there are much nicer rooms or better values elsewhere.

0 Stars lpdrec July 08, 2004

Just returned from a three day stay. Airport check-in is great, had room key in less than five minutes. My first stay at Paris, room was clean, bathroom had great shower and oversized tub. Had a "Premier View" room, superb view of Bellagio fountains, Eiffel Tower and Paris pool. All employees very friendly and helpful. Encountered no snobbery or rude employees. Loved the buffet, specially breakfast. Tight slots, but mostly played elsewhere. Would definitely stay here again.

0 Stars Randy April 20, 2004

Really enjoyed the casino and playing the tables. Appreciated the courteous service and management from the floorman, Michael. He was prompt in helping me straighten out a situation and also fair as well as on top of everything, obviously a pro!!!

0 Stars paddy02l November 02, 2003

Have stayed at many of the strip hotels, and this one is not in the top 10. While the view is nice, and the furnishings are good, the walls are thin, and noisy neighbors can make it unpleasent. Overpriced when compared to other strip hotels.The staff are somewhat "snooty" and the reservation system is a joke. Beware that you do not have a "reservation", but only a request, and they do not try to go the extra mile to help you if what you thought you had reserved and paid for in advance is not available. Forget the upgrade, they will swithch you to a room that was cheaper when you made the reservation, but is now higher priced due to the "need" and try to make you think they have done you a favor.

0 Stars monti June 13, 2003

Enjoyed my stay here June 3rd and 4th very much. I had requested connecting rooms on my reservation. When I arrived, Sara( front desk) worked hard to fine connecting rooms and I had already paid for the rooms w/view ,she put us in a P room. This has a private entance of hallway with two rooms . Outstanding. Thank you very much for making our stay pleasant. Gambling here was not good at that tables.

0 Stars sabramo102 June 11, 2003

Nice room with attractive furniture - very quiet - we heard no noise from hallways. Property seems to be well maintained; room was clean every afternoon when we came back - ample supplies of towels and toiletries. Bathrooms are very large, glass shower, attractive vanity - toilet is not separate from the bath area. The pool is nice but not outstanding. Last stay was Oct. 2002 and would stay there again if they were offering a "deal" on rooms.

0 Stars wolfman1953 June 06, 2003

This trip started the worst ever. Our plane was downsized and we were on standby, but got on. The flight was delayed do to a tornado warning. We missed our connecting flight. Dollar rent a car said we had a reservation, but no vehicle assigned to it, so we had to take a minivan at $49.95/day. This was our first stay at The Paris. It was 1:30 AM. The receptionists that weren't busy were standing in the center of the foyer, where some asked if they could help and a receptionist said come with me and chatted about on the way to the desk (yes, she did you the fake French accent). She took our information, then stepped around the desk to us and asked if we would mind be upgraded for no extra charge. We didn't object. When we got the 30th floor, our room was the first (double) door down the hall. The Callias Suites are excellent. The hall way to the living are is wide. The living are is equipped with a dining area, wet bar, sofa chars and large TV. There are more chairs at the wide that offers a fabulous view or the Eiffel Tower and Bellagio water shows. The bedroom is furnished with the usual, with an armoire, at the press of a button another large TV rises. The first bathroom has a shower only. The second large bathroom has a Jacuzzi with a bidet room off of it. Service was great. The fake French accents and demeanor got a little old.

0 Stars Sonya June 06, 2003

We stayed here for our wedding scouting trip, so we didn't spend a lot of time in the casino. We got a P room at the end of the hall. One window looked out towards Aladdin and the other looked across the pool, through the Eiffel Tower to the Bellagio Fountains. If you opened the window vent and listened VERY carefully, you could hear the songs too.

The room was good sized and comfortable with a couch and chairs and a desk area between the "bedroom" and "bathroom" areas. I wasn't as thrilled with the bathroom as I have been with other hotels. I've been spoiled by the soaking tubs in other hotels. Also, we didn't have time for soaking anyway. :)

I thought I would be extremely annoyed by the "Bonjour" every time you turn around, but I wasn't. What I was annoyed by was the "street performers". The shopping area that is made up to be like a Parisian street is very narrow. Too narrow for dozens of tourists to be standing around watching a guy pretend he's a statue when I have appointments to get to. :)

Dan enjoyed having a Pernod in the bar, but was very disappointed in the blackjack rules and high table minimums on our visit.


0 Stars lostyouth June 01, 2003

Room was very nice, liked the location of the pool looking up at the Eiffel Tower but the pool area itself could have been bigger. Overall an enjoyable stay.

0 Stars lzcutter May 28, 2003

Great valet parking. Probably the best in Vegas. That said, the rooms at Paris are on par with most of the rooms at the newer hotels in Vegas but nothing sets them apart from those others either. The "P" rooms at the end of the hall offer a little more room and if you are lucky the right side of the hotel offers a view of the Bellagio Fountain Show. There are no refrigerators in the room though they are available for medicinal purposes. The bedroom/sitting area is comfortable with an armoire that houses drawers, the closet and the television. The bed is a California King. The bathroom has one vanity sink, a soaking tub, separate shower and the toilet is in the same room so it cuts down on privacy while using the loo.

0 Stars genadingee April 11, 2003

The Paris is lovely in a Disneyesque, fun way. The rooms were comfortable, clean and well-appointed. The bathrooms were great and featured the best blow-dryer I have ever used! The full-length mirror directly facing the see-through shower stall is a bit diconcerting, though, if you haven't been to the gym lately or indulged too much in the buffet. I was especially impressed with how quiet the rooms are. You never hear the people in the next room or anyone in the hallway. The only complaint I have is with the pillows on the bed. They were the most uncomfortable pillows I've ever encountered -- like sleeping on rubber balls. Service was generally excellent, and I would definitely recommend it and stay here again (but I'd bring my own pillow). The location, right in the middle of the strip, can't be beat.

0 Stars Hunter February 28, 2003

A very nice, clean room with a good bathroom. The pool is nothing but a concrete hole in the ground. The service was of a high quality but they need to drop the mandatory "bonjour" with ever request.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 29, 2003

We stayed two nights at Paris as part of our wedding package. Boy were we wow-ed! Previous to check in I had left my wedding gown with the concierge and it was de-wrinkled on time, as promised, even though we weren't guests of the hotel yet. Even after the desk had closed I had no problem retrieving my dress as staff was more than willing to help out. Our room, a Le Mans suite, was outstanding! Well apointed, a lot of space, couches, closets... The bathroom and spa tub was great, too. Everything was very clean. The towels were very scratchy though, the worst I've ever encountered. Chocolate covered strawberries were delivered to our room as was breakfast; room service was awesome, exactly on time and delicious! My parents stayed in a standard room when they camed out and it was very well appointed, too. I was impressed for it being a standard room. We would all stay there again!!

0 Stars RateVegas User January 11, 2003

please make it known to tip village waiters and waitress,s like any casual fine dining resturant.many tourist from the u.s think it is a cafateria back to home and this would help them to enjoy the experence more if they knew,they are eating in a nice resturant and not a vegas buffet from the old days.i have been coming to paris since opened and i constantly hear ignorant hicks say,i wonder if we were supposed to tip or are they allowed to accept tips. thank you. p.s. patsy in the evenings in the village buffet is the best. custumer forever .

0 Stars RateVegas User December 26, 2002

I stayed at the Paris when it first opened, but wasn't highly impressed. The rooms were nice, but a bit pricey for what we got. I took a chance, however (prompted by a great special rate!) on an end room for my recent anniversary, and I'm SO glad that I did! The room was fantastic, with an unbelieveble view (both up and down the Strip, from 2 sets of windows!). The bathroom was really large, with seperate shower and large tub. Service from the reservations clerk to the check in clerk at McCarran was all fabulous! I had a great experience at Paris, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a nice, quality room at a really reasonable price. The views of Bellagio and the Eiffel Tower alone were worth what we paid!

0 Stars RateVegas User October 09, 2002

My wife & I stayed at the Paris Hotel the first week of October, 2002 and found the accomodations very much to our satisfaction. Room was standard with French decor& bathroom had a separate tub & shower. Great hotel in middle of strip & accross from Bellagio Fountain. Before going to evening shows, we ate twice at the JJ Boulangerie, where there is no waiting with a variety of sandwiches & salads for about $7.00. You also eat in an indoor sidewalk cafe & be entertained by roving accordian players, mimes, & singers.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 25, 2002

Ask for a "P" room, a room at the end of the hall, it has two windows & our room overlooked the Bellagio fountains & Paris spa area. Check-in at the airport was great! Room & bathroom were huge & had everything you could need.
Pool area was great, had plenty of room, not like some pools where your sitting on top of other people.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 27, 2002

Great place to stay. We arrived late at night and received an upgrade to a suite. Huge room with great views. Only problem was the whirlpool tub was broken but the management offered to have it fixed on the spot (at midnight). All the staff were terrific. We would return any time.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 23, 2002

Our basic room at Paris was far superior to the jacuzzi suite we had at Luxor the week before (except for the jacuzzi). Room was clean and fashionable. Overall hotel layout is tasteful, sensible and non-confusing. Breakfast at the Village Buffet is very worthwhile.
We'd definitely go back to Paris and have recommended it to friends.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 05, 2002

Great hotel, probably the best Park Place property I've
stayed at. Nice rooms that are well appointed, good service
and great location. Paris is a good alternative for folks
looking for medium cost and a great room.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 24, 2002

Thought the Paris was nice. Rooms were averag, though TV seemed a bit small. Had all that you needed in the room, and the staff was friendly. The theme is carried through everywhere and that got a bit annoying by the end of the stay. Overall. I enjoyed it.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 06, 2001

Rooms very small and dark. The pool area is small as well and in the shade more often than not. Bally's rooms are much nicer, as is their pool area.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 04, 2001


0 Stars RateVegas User August 27, 2001

My friends and I had the best time we have ever had this past weekend. The staff was wonderful and the machines paid off great. I am coming back soon.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 22, 2001

My wife and I have stayed there three times and we haven't got any complaint. The atmosphere is great. The most romantic hotel in Vegas.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 26, 2001

Excellent service -- especially the room service breakfasts

0 Stars RateVegas User March 02, 2001

I liked this hotel rooms and Pool area. The rooms were very nice. The pool was nice also.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 12, 2000

This place was great. Elevators extremely fast. Love to stay again.

0 Stars RateVegas User May 15, 2000

Very nice, comfortable and extremely clean hotel. We were able to book for $39 ex tax in March. It was a steal.
We loved the swimmingpool as well.