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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews Red Rock Resort

5 Stars JP February 05, 2014

Visited for the first time the week before the Super Bowl. Like it but did not stay as we were booked at a Strip Hotel. Staff was very friendly and so were the dealers. Would consider staying at some time in the future. One thing to note is the shuttle from Fashion Square is NOT free. It is a convenience for registered guests of Redrock. Cab ride was $50 each way from The Strip.

5 Stars Janet September 20, 2012

Loved my stay there! The staff is genuinely friendly and really seemed to care about providing great service. Great weekend getaway and can't wait to stay there again!

5 Stars Big daddy April 26, 2012

Very very nice, had a great time

4 Stars Andrew November 10, 2011

I was really impressed with Red Rock. People complain about the distance to the strip, but if you're there for the night, there's plenty to do. Good casino atmosphere, nice bars, great pool, and good food. The sportsbook is awesome! The rooms are huge and very comfortable. Overall, a very classy place.

5 Stars Bob June 21, 2011

Stayed in a suit with an attached room for my sons. Every time we had gone to Vegas we stayed on the Strip. We tried Red Rock just for the fun of it. It was great. Quality and service exceeded our expectations. Food was excellent and the slots were noticeably more generous. My kids got to go horseback riding. There is a movie theater right there. Drove up to nearby Mt Charleston where it was 71 degrees , green and sunny. On the Strip it was 95 and crowded. Had a rental car so going to the Strip to see shows and do some touristy things was fairly easy. Best part about Red Rock was the lack of obnoxious slow moving tourists. Just a very classy nice place.

4 Stars Misty May 13, 2010

I was very disappointed with the customer service.

After making a reservation and then upgrading the room, I made numerous calls requesting a confirmation email with room upgrade and price. Three people told me they would email it to me, but never did. I finally called and requested to speak to the manager and was able to get it - the night before my arrival.

I called the morning of checkin to see if we could check in early. I was told that it would not be a problem to arrive at 1:30 (checkin is at 3:00). I arrived at 2:00 only to be told that there were no rooms available. Furthermore, I was told that CHECKIN is at 3:00, but that doesn't mean that the room will be ready at 3:00. Not cool. We didn't get our room until 3:30 pm.

WARNING: The pool closes at 7 pm. What's up with that? The pool is wonderful and there is no reason it should close so early. I was extremely disappointed by this. If I had known, I probably wouldn't have stayed here. I hate casinos and primarily wanted to use the pool.

5 Stars Cat February 19, 2010

Beautiful rooms, poo, and all around hotel. Loved the tv in the bathroom.

5 Stars NPCIII October 07, 2009

The hotel was spotless, buffet was clean and all the food was great, staff was friendly, pool was awesome. My only complaint was that the slots were a little tight. I really felt no need to leave the hotel, I'd stay here again. Rent a car case the strip is a bit of a drive. I had a great stress free vacation here at Red Rock.

4 Stars Jeff & Sands in Honolulu November 11, 2008

Great sportsbook with Salt Lick BBQ nearby!

0 Stars Dale Howard February 24, 2008

We arrived at 11 am for a 4 night stay in a $634 a night suite. Our room wasn't ready, but was promised shortly. At 1 pm a trip to the front desk again got us a "promise" for the room to be ready "shortly". At 3:00 pm another trip to the front desk got us another promise that a manger would personally find out what was going on and call us right back and a "promise" of a $50 credit. At 4:30 we got a call that our room was ready. No apology, no $10 fruit basket, and no $50 credit appeared on our bill.

Other people in our group checked into dirty rooms and or didn't get room service for 2 days. One of our party checked into a room that had a used condom in the sink.

At check out, a review of my bill didn't show the $50 credit, but showed a additional $43.58 resort fee per night that was never disclosed to me. On checkout, the front desk made my blood boil, again when they said that they could only issue the $50 credit against a room service charge and the only room service charge we had was for a $40 bowl of oatmeal, so we would only be getting a $40 credit. The outrageously expensive $246 massage didn't count, nor the very expensive $300 and $400 dinners, not even the $2.50 per local call.

There only saving grace was their bellmen. Those guys where excellent. Who ever is running that dept. should take over for the fired front desk and maid service managers.

If you enjoy a nice pool area, forget it, the main pool was cold and the pool area was closed more than open. The spa Jacuzzi was also non operational. I guess that $43 resort fee is badly needed to fix those things.

I've been to resorts and they have disclosed a resort fee of $10 - $20 upfront. That gets you free internet, free local calls, etc. Not here, a local 1 min call is ridiculas $2.50, internet, you name it, is all extra charge.

If you want to go some place that is only interested in taking your money and raising your blood pressure go there, if you are interested in service and a relaxing experience the choices in Vegas are hugh.

0 Stars Stephen April 20, 2007

Spent 4 nights at Red Rock over the first weekend of March Madness. Gorgeous hotel with great service, beautiful huge casino and one of the best sportsbooks i've been to in Vegas.

Rooms are as good as any on Strip. The only better room situation is a fountain view Bellagio room and that's down to the view, rather than the room. Beds are as comfortable as I've ever slept on. 42" plasma in bedroom and mini-plasma IN the bathtub are sweet.
Video Poker paytables were excellent. Restaurant choices were endless, from Fatburger to Chop House to excellent buffet and everything in-between.
The service was excellent, even on a very busy weekend. I couldn't finish my drink before they were offering another.
Friendly staff in all areas. Even the craps guys were friendly :-)

It's a $30 cab ridew from the strip, although if you've been there and done that and just want to enjoy the resort, it's a no-brainer to spend your time at this place.
Casino seemed a bit smokey at times, even although the ceilings are very high. I'm not sure why this was the case.
I didn't win, although the paytables were very positive.

This place is a must see next time you're in Vegas.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 30, 2006

The red rock casino rocks! (literally) The rooms, service, dining, and spa were all awesome. When in vegas stay here. This place tops all other hotels in Las Vegas, without a doubt.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 16, 2006

This place has soul and a lot of it! From the moment, you drive up to the red rock, you know that this isn't your typical Las Vegas resort/ casino...
1. Great website.
2. Easy reservation.
3. Excellent interior design; modern and contemporery, yet warm and casual.
4. Gorgeous rooms. (Mine was a double queen. The walls were painted white, with injections of colors through accessories and other things. The 42 inch plasma on the wall was a great touch. Along with the plasma in the main space, there was a 15 inch LCD in the bathroom. Also, a little side note, the bathroom walls were swathed in brown leather; what a nice touch! Overall, in my opinion, the interior design of the rooms at red red rock were nicer than that of the Wynn.
5. Unlike hotel/ casinos on the Strip, red rock doesn't force you to go through the casino just to get to your room; the hotel tower elevators are located just off the lobby.
6. The casino was gorgeous, and the slots were loose (or maybe I just got lucky). The colors scheme is inspired by the desert and nature. Also, I second the comment that this place makes the Wynn look tacky and the Bellagio cheap; this place is miles ahead of those places in terms of interior design!
The red rock has NO cons!!!

All in all, I must say that this place is definitely unique. It doesn't try to be something it isn't; it isn't Rome, Paris, or Egypt. It is as its surroundings: natural and beautiful. In short, if you make this you destination of choice, you won't be disapointed; this place rocks!!! (It's all in the name.)

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 07, 2006

Forget about all those froo-froo hotels on the Strip. The Bellagio is dead, the Wynn is old news, and THE hotel (at Mandalay Bay) is not the hotel. The hotel is the Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa. Like THE hotel, the hotel rooms at Red Rock are done is a modern, sleek style. Besides that, the rooms here feature the same technology that is the standard in all of the rooms at the Wynn. Also, like the Wynn, this place uses bold color choices in the room and throughout the resort, but unlike the Wynn this place uses colors in more subtle ways that gives a classier atmosphere. My room, which was covered in a brown fabric, was absolutely great. In the main, space there was a 42 inch plasma flat screen, and there was a LCD flat screen in the bathroom. Along with all this, the service was nothing short of stellar. The great service was probably the biggest surprise of my stay here; you would only expect service like this to be available only at places on the Strip, however I received service that makes the Wynn and Bellagio look lack luster in comparison. Overall, this was an excellent stay, and I high recommend staying here. The Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa rocks (literally)!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 04, 2006

The Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa is definitely, without a doubt, the best hotel in all of Las Vegas. Ahhhh, now where to begin about this place…

-Interior Design: From the moment you set foot in this place, you are awestruck by the beauty and simple elegance of this place. The lobby has a beautiful Swarovski crystal chandelier that has about 32,000 individual pieces of crystal that itself is flanked by a grand staircase. All in all, the property has over 3 million pieces of crystal in its chandeliers and curtains. Anyways, back to the lobby; the lobby, which is intimate and small in size, is very simple, yet gorgeous. Upon walking to your room, one should take notice that you don’t have to trudge your way through the casino; details like this were overlooked at the Wynn and Bellagio. The casino and gaming areas are just as stunning, as one would expect. The color scheme is bold and earthy, while the lines are curvy and sleek. In my personal opinion, this place definitely makes the Bellagio look cheap, and the Wynn downright tacky. Ok, maybe not tacky, but those boxy and cylindrical onyx chandeliers make those parasols at the Wynn look cheap in comparison. Also, the architecture of the place is done in “Desert Modern.” It’s one part Frank Lloyd Wright and another part 50’s/60’s vintage Vegas.

-Service: The service here at the Red Rock was exemplary, and totally exceeded my expectations. I was treated like royalty the entire time I was there. Unlike the service at the Wynn and Bellagio, the service here was more personal.

-Rooms: In some ways the rooms here are better than what you would find at the Wynn and Bellagio, and in some ways the lack (but only slightly). The quality of things in room is exceptional. My room was done in a dark chocolate brown, as the bathroom walls were covered with real leather (what a nice touch!). Like the Wynn, the beds were extremely comfortable and had high tread count Egyptian cotton linens. Opposite the bed was a large 42 inch flat screen plasma TV with HDTV. Along with that, there was a 15 inch LCD in the bathroom. However, unlike the Wynn and Bellagio, the rooms at the Red Rock didn’t have motorized curtains. Overall, the Red Rock has better rooms than Bellagio; in my opinion, the rooms are at the level of the Wynn, just with some minor shortcomings (no motorized curtains, however the big flat screen makes up for that).

-Pool: The pool area is ok. It isn’t that big, but does have a really cool fountain in the middle of the pool. Other than that, well, that’s all.

-Casino: I’ll keep it really short on this subject… I won some and I lost some. Hopefully you’ll have more luck than I did.

Dining: The Red Rock has a plethora of restaurants to suit any budget. From T Bones to the Food Court, this place has just about anything. While I was here, I was only able to try 3 of the restaurants: The Feast Buffet, The Grand Café, and Cabo Mexican Grill. All three of which, I highly recommend. Hopefully, in the future I’ll be able to try all of them! :-P

-Location: This place is located some ways off the Strip. 10 mile to be specific. Any who, some of you might see this as a good, while some of you might see this as a bad thing. In my personal opinion, this is good thing since this place is away from all the traffic and heckticness of the strip. But anyways, if you’re coming to Las Vegas to see the Strip, then you’re better off staying on the strip. However, if you’re like me and like the peace that is off the strip, then you’ll like this place. Red Rock is also close to its namesake: Red Rock Canyon (that’s a no brainer). So in other words, if you’re that adventurous type that like the outdoors and hiking, this is your place.

Overall, I can just sum up what I think about this place in one sentence: This place is freakin’ awesome. I highly suggest this place if you want to do something different from the Strip or if you want to experience the luxury of the Wynn on a budget. If you do chose this place, don’t worry; you’ll have a blast.

0 Stars Hunter May 07, 2006

Red Rock is gorgeous. As far as 'locals' casinos go, it is the hands down winner. Evening comparing with Strip resorts, I would put this place up there with the very best offerings. They did a great job integrating the look with the environment. It's just a gorgeous property. Construction is on-going on the hotel tower expansion until the end of 2006/beginning of 2007 so it is a little loud at the pool.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 05, 2006

Red Rock is truly the crown jewel of the Station Casinos family! The rooms, food, pool, and overall quality of service meets the standard set by the best of the Strip resorts. My room on the sixteenth floor faced the Strip - What a view! The room itself was a sight to behold; modern and comfortable to the last. With an Ipod-docking station and HUGE plasma TV, one would never have to leave! The beds and bathroom were equal to those at Wynn (as was the rest of the room)! As a matter of fact, this entire resort seems like a modern take on the classic Wynn design - It fits in perfectly with the rugged mountains and valleys of the OTHER Las Vegas. The pool was GREAT - Sultry and beautiful like Green Valley Ranch, but with a heavy emphasis on "tropical paradise." The lobby and public areas were impressive and SPOTLESS (would one expect anything less from such a new resort?). Dining was a pleasure - Sometimes, when visiting a locals casino, one has to deal with mediocre and tasteless food. Red Rock breaks this mould! The T-Bones steakhouse was amazing, as were the other restaurants sampled during this visit. Gaming in the fresh and modern casino was fun, lively, and refined. The tables were lucky, dealers were friendly, and slots were loose! What more could one ask for? Red Rock Station is not only at the top of the locals casinos, it is at (or very close to) the TOP OF VEGAS!