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The Silverton

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The Silverton

Ed Roski Jr.


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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews The Silverton

5 Stars David C. June 11, 2014

Just want by to see what the place look like in side hit a $5000.00 jackpot and it was only my first day of a 3 day stay went on my way and found Las Vegas boulevard to the Vegas sign.

5 Stars David C. May 03, 2014

Just want by to see what the place look like in side hit a $5000.00 jackpot and it was only my first day of a 3 day stay went on my way and found Las Vegas boulevard to the Vegas sign.

5 Stars David C. March 13, 2014

Just want by to see what the place look like in side hit a $5000.00 jackpot and it was only my first day of a 3 day stay went on my way and found Las Vegas boulevard to the Vegas sign.

5 Stars Marc February 13, 2013

I didn't stay here, but I likely will in the future. Rather, three friends and I spent several hours here for the "Big Game" party (can't call it Super Bowl) at the Veil Pavilion. Was only $35 for unlimited food & drink. We then stayed for about seven hours in the casino & it didn't take long for the comps to start rolling in. The entire staff was very kind & accommodating. The setting was also a nice break from the raucous strip crowd. This place is a no-nonsense destination for fun & great customer service.

4 Stars Rob June 29, 2012

Although I only stayed for one night, I had zero issues. The room was clean and adequate. The casino was fairly generous with good VP pays and the typical off strip lower minimums on table games. They do have a free shuttle to the airport and to the Forum shops. The Forum shop shuttle leaves at 10am. I had breakfast in the cafe on a previous trip and it was pretty good but service a tad slow. If you are a Jack In The Box fan, there is one across the street. I should mention that the main casino bar has good multi play VP and what appeared to be Hamm's on tap; but by that point I wasn't very coherent due to outstanding bar service for players.

4 Stars MikeZ April 21, 2012

The Silverton has become one of my favorite places to stay south of the strip. The beds in the rooms are great, but the bathrooms and televisions leave a lot to be desired. I have yet to stay in one of the remodeled rooms, so the televisions may be updated in those rooms. The casino is the perfect size, and all employees I have encountered have been great. Also, one of the easier properties to earn mid-week room comps from.

5 Stars Period Girl August 12, 2011

I like this place it's very pretty! The Bass Pro Shop is very cool. The aquarium there is big! Nice place. Would like to stay there.

5 Stars Pete Lawson April 08, 2010

Wonderful hotel. Upgraded to the suite and was very impressed. Food served was 1st Class. Will be staying again. Could do with a better gym.

4 Stars kris October 12, 2009

We stayed there for 5 nights. This is a nice hotel but their management stinks its policy is customer no service. The manager Mike is RuDE and won't return a phone call and so is the general manager Brian. Tried to book a package deal but when I clicked on the site it never gave me the offer I was told it was because I booked more than the required stay. That a bunch of bull. They put a hold on my credit card for $100 and it took over 14 days to get the money back and when I contacted them about this all I got was the run around. Will NEVER STAY THERE AGAIN

0 Stars Scott Mayer February 16, 2009

Silverton is currently running a promotion that is unethical. Huge billboards proclaim 'Two For One At All Restaurants' Monday - Thursday. We saw, we went, we dined. However, we it came time to pay, our server informed us that you have to have earned a certain number of player points to receive the promotion. Obviously, there is no mention of this on the billboards.

What's even more unfortunate is that we talked to the restaurant manager AND the food and beverage director. They could have been robots for all of their customer service skills. They nodded, said they would pass on our comments, but did not give us a complimentary entree.

For $12 they lost two repeat customers.

0 Stars M Walter April 12, 2007

The Silverton has been busy upgrading, expanding and remodeling over the past few years. You see it in the rooms, which have comfortable beds, plenty of room, a nice TV, adequate bathrooms, clean, and newly remodeled. Longest you'll wait for an elevator is 30 seconds. You can score very cheap rates ($29 every so oftern for mid-week) which is a tremendous deal for how nice the rooms are.

The pool is a pool. If you don't plan to go lounge out by the pool, it shouldn't matter, but if you want to hang out, gawk at the ladies and get drunk on a lounge chair, go elsewhere.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User December 18, 2005

Great, comfortable beds. Rooms are nicely appointed. Very clean! In general a nice place to stay. Chuck C.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 02, 2005

OK, I seem to be the only one who write reviews. Maybe someone reads them, so... They just did a major remodel on the casino, lobby and added that great Bass store. OK, it is wonderful. But the rooms are fading fast. Plumbing is a real issue, we were in two rooms with the same problems this trip. 12/26-29 I may be staying elsewhere next trip. I finally tried the buffet. All I can say is that Circus is not the worst place I've ever eaten now. Hey Silverton, you guys cater to locals but some of us out of towners need you to keep the room quality up too!!! Hope you're listening!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 25, 2004

Just thought I'd update my review. We went back for a 4 day stay this week (Sept 2004) and I have to say, even with the construction, this little hotel/casino is just he best! The desk clerk made sure we were away from the noise-without us asking. The room was just as well maintained as last April. Housekeeping does very well. The rooms feel much larger than 300sf listed here? Room service was wonderful-prices same as the grill/coffee shop. Can't wait to see it all completed with the expanded casino and Bass Pro Shop. And to make things even better-I won at video poker and slots!
Best kept secret in Vegas!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User September 15, 2004

We stayed here quite by accident in April 2004. What a pleasant surprise. The rooms are very well done, but the bathroom was rather tiny. The beds are the best I've found in Vegas-better than the suite we stayed in at Caesar's the following 5 nights. I do think a car is necessary if you stay there though. Excellant service at the steak house. I'll be staying there next week with a $15 a night offer! Make sure you get a players card, we didn't even gamble that much and got wonderful offers in the mail! It's not Bellagio, but clean and well managed. I am admittedly a hotel snob, but this is a great deal in my book.