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South Point

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South Point

Michael Gaughan


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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews South Point

1 Star Kevin February 28, 2015

I am not a gambler, I did not lose any money here. However, I brought 4 families from all around the western U.S. to this hotel for 5 days. My family needed to check out 1 day early because of the smoking in 100% of this hotel. My elderly mother-in-law has asthma and was hours away from having to go to the hospital. She had been taking breathing treatments and inhalers for 4 days and was literally in tears because of the air in this hotel. After talking to SHELLY, the operations MANAGER of this hotel about a 30 minute late checkout, and being told, "We will charge you full price if you are 1 second past our checkout time", we had to pile our belongings into the hallway and pack there to avoid the charge. My mother-in- law survived, but I would appreciate it if none of you would spend your money with these un-American, in-compassionate, arrogant people. Our group spent in excess of $15,000.00 in this hotel/casino during these 5 days and SHELLY could have cared less. Help me make a point, please, because this hotel's OPERATIONS MANAGER, SHELLY, couldn't give a squirt about the elderly and their health.

5 Stars D. Clark June 11, 2014

Looked for a great place for activities.

5 Stars D. Clark March 13, 2014

Looked for a great place for activities.

3 Stars Sheldon January 15, 2012

Played at the casino. They advertised earn 200 points before 11:00 pm, spin and cash the prize before midnight. They had a secret rule that you had validate your 200 points before 11:00 pm. I felt it was misleading. Not a good start to my week.

0 Stars Terry hyde October 08, 2011

The south point is the best place to stay in Vegas if you have a car. Very clean,friendly,spacious. We have stayed there 3times whilst visiting from the uk. We will be back again in 2012

4 Stars AC July 20, 2011

Excellent room! The pit and dealers didn't blow you off. They actually comped me on a $5 bj table. Steak and Shake was gooooooood.

5 Stars Cindy July 11, 2011

Luxurious, beautiful second stay. Couldn't ask for more and the staff is just perfect.

5 Stars Cindy July 06, 2011

Wonderful stay overall. Loved every minute and the rooms were beautiful.

5 Stars Liz July 04, 2011

Great hotel!! Hope to return soon. The staff is very friendly and attentive.

5 Stars John July 02, 2011

Wonderful hotel! A joy when staying off strip.

1 Star Patrick June 01, 2011

I can't believe it's not butter color hurts my eyes. This place is a waste of time.

4 Stars William March 12, 2011

This was my first trip to Vegas (2010). The South Point helped make it a good one. The staff was friendly. The room was spacious. The convention I attend was at the limit of what the meeting rooms could handler. The only downside is that the buffet might have made me ill. (I'm not sure.). The catered food was great, and the Italian restaurant was worth the price. I look forward to my trip this year.

5 Stars ERIC February 19, 2011

Stayed 2 nights 2/8-2/10/2011. Really nice room, very large and clean. All the staff we ran into were friendly and professional. Tons of choices for slots/vp and low table limits at all times. Decent pay tables on vp and lots of bartops. Del Mar deli was only negative as it is way overpriced for what it is. Would highly recommend this hotel and will be back.

5 Stars Josh January 06, 2011

Wonderful stay here. Hope to return real soon

5 Stars Todd January 01, 2011

Very nice hotel property and equestrian facilities. The suite we had was very clean, service was great, and the accommodations were excellent.

2 Stars Brandon December 28, 2010

Used to be a great value. Spa is still nice for the price. But the carpet is starting to come up in spots and the drink service is pretty bad. As a off strip option M resort is much more comfortable.

5 Stars Josh November 16, 2010

Nice hotel. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Staff was wonderful!

4 Stars Anonymous August 18, 2010

This is a great place for families to stay because it has a movie theater AND a bowling alley INSIDE the casino! The gambling is okay here and the rooms aren't that expensive either. I would stay here again.

2 Stars Stephanie June 22, 2010

The customer service in this hotel was outrageous. In my 20-years of visiting Las Vegas multiple times a year, I have never witnessed such unprofessional treatment of guests.

I would not recommend this hotel to anyone other than my ex mother-in-law and people that abuse children.

4 Stars Wally June 22, 2010

Great room experience but apart from that, this place is an absolute joke! Front desk experience...shoot me now! Staff throughout the place...boil in me in acid and take my life. As for the security staff...take my remains and burn them! Hopefully I've illustrated my point. There is a reason this place is 5-miles away from any other noteworthy hotel...THE REST OF VEGAS IS EMBARRASSED to be associated with place. I've seen better customer service when renewing my driver's license.

3 Stars MS June 22, 2010

Great (and cheap) place to gamble. Will return.

5 Stars Scaramanga007 June 13, 2010

This is our second visit to South Point and the service, rooms and food are very good. It has the advantage over other hotels of having a movie theater inside the hotel. Shopping is limited but one can always take a shuttle to the strip. We will definitely return to South Point next year!

0 Stars Matthew May 05, 2010

WOW What a RIP off casino, They had on the south point sign that it had the best slots and bingo, That’s a LIE where do they get this info from there workers? We had a party of 60 and stood across the street so we thought we would spend our night out and go check it out seeing that the board said THE BEST STOTS (ok I know slot have a low pay out but man it was the worst slots in Vegas we had better winnings at the palms and station casinos(green valley & sunset., out of the 60 of us we spent about $3,500 $4,000 and all left with nothing but the smell of cigs and a cough ,not one of us won anything worth while, or even a big win, we played all sorts of different machines but they just didn’t pay #@$^.We will save or money and take our chances on the strip even though there slots are tight but south point on the other hand is BAD!!!!!!!. O AND almost forgot the 3 hours we where there we came out coughing and smelled like an ash tray, south point has no air flow what so ever so the place is so smoky and seems as if there are no vents, I felt like I smoked 10 packs of cigs and I don‘t smoke, the 8 that did smoke said it was too much for them as smokers now that’s BAD. “*****MR.GAUGHAN*****” please post where you get your the best place to play and you should be ashamed of the issue with the air flow. Me and my wedding group will not take a step in SP again, The promos are also BAD earn like 400 points for a lunch buffet and as a bonus more smoke while your eating, Gaughan your really pulling a fast one and making Vegas look bad. WE WILL NOT TELL ANY FRIENDS OR FAMILY TO VISIT SOUTH POINT>.“*****MR. GAUGHAN*****” you have a lot of work on your hands to make your casino a better place to play and visit. And work on the truth about the billboards.I am a vegas local and most of my party came from other states and this is the first trip to vegas for some and I feel bad I took them there..

5 Stars Charles E April 29, 2010

Very pleased with our experience. We will be back!

4 Stars Lisa June 14, 2009

Nice hotel, very clean and spacious rooms. The food is good and well priced. The only drwaback is that it's about 6 miles south of the strip

4 Stars Hope March 12, 2009

Very nice. Good restaurants. Would stay here again!

5 Stars Joan G. March 02, 2009

Wonderful place to stay on business. Plasma TV's are a bonus.

3 Stars Andrew Campbell October 24, 2008

It was a nice place to gamble. They kept the drinks flowing. Had a room in the new tower. Clean room. People were very friendly. Would stay again.

0 Stars Business Traveler September 11, 2008

Libra, if you go anywhere in Vegas, don't expect great food at the coffee shops or the buffets (unless they're getting $25 and up - I mean, what do you want for $13.95???). They have a nice lineup of good to very good restaurants at the South Point. The Prime Rib Loft and Silverado Steakhouse are notable, Baja Miguels is quite good with large portions, and the real standout is the Oyster Bar. HUGE shrimp cocktails, excellent pan roasts and a knockout Seafood Diavolo. Try a real restaurant next time (if there is one for you)...

0 Stars Theresa January 28, 2008

We stayed at South Point Jan 08. We found it to be very pleasant. It offered quick and easy access for parking our vehicle and getting to the room. A great place to stay if in Vegas as stop point for local hikes or going to grand canyon. Area/location is very nice. Easy on/off highway-no traffic issues. The hotel and room was clean. We don't eat at Buffets so no comment there. Silverado Steak House & Big Sur Bar very good with service and food. They even have flourless deserts. Hotel has a real nice spa, theater, bowling and entertainment shows. It offered several nice little bars for that glass of wine. Noted a huge new pool being built which looks great. If you use the free shuttle to the strip; you should then take the tram from the hotel drop off (if you walk from drop off probably not so good) Sure beats driving down & parking. We're not the big gamblers so the strip via shuttle few hours was good. If you drive to the new Sky Walk at Grand Canyon West - pack a lunch and drinks. Only one small choice out there for eating. It is easy drive and worth the trip; just take your own food and have patience. Hoover Dam is getting a new road and that is interesting.

0 Stars Libra August 05, 2007


Most areas of the casino floor is poorly ventilated. The pool area is nice, rooms were average, but OK for the $75 price. The food: buffet was average to poor for the price (even free tickets won't entice us to eat there again; the cafe was some of the worst food we'd eaten in a very long time. The hot turkey sandwich ($9)was terrible; meat was thin, salty and devoid of any turkey flavor, potatoes tasted like those in a TV dinner, stuffing was edible, but tasted as if it came from a box. Our waiter was very nice and appologized. The expensive upscale restaurant might be good, but we didn't want to chance it.

We'd previously stayed here when it was the South Coast and hoped new ownership would improve the food. We will pass on this place in the future.

0 Stars David June 12, 2007

I was quite impressed by this hotel.
The size of the rooms are very good and are nicely furnished. The bathroom is also a fair size. The hotel has lots of facilities, most of which I never even tried out i.e Cinema, bowling ally.
But the other stuff like the pool area & casino floor was just as good as some of the more famous hotels on the strip.
There are plenty of slot machines & gaming tables and a nice comfortable sports book area.
It has some good restaurants & has a very good buffet.
The only downside was the hassle of getting to the strip. Even though a bus was provided free of charge, you could still find yourself waiting quite a while for it to arrive. Plus the last 1 back at night was 12am from Mandalay Bay. So if you head to the strip in the morning & feel tired by the afternoon, its a bit stressful having to come all the way back and then maybe go back out later.
But overall I rate the Hotel & Casino very highly.