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4 Stars Aaaavery October 02, 2012

The view from this hotel is awesome. I rode some of the rides up there, and oh man, it was intense! You have to pay to get up there, which sucks, but I guess that's also what prevents it from getting TOO crowded. They should have a professional photographer up there taking pics of guests and the scenery instead of in front of the green screen.

The layout of the hotel in general is kind of confusing and hard to maneouver, so I got lost a lot, and many times took the "scenic" route to my destination.

1 Star Soko April 28, 2012

Went up the stratosphere tower last night and they only had 1 out of 8 elevators working. It took us 50 minutes waiting in line to go up and almost 2 hours to get back down. There was about 75 of us waiting for almost two hours to get back down but they were more worried with bringing more people up! How is this safe? They were extremely rude about it to and unapologetic. I would have tAken the stairs down if the had any. Once we finally got down from the tower the managers directed us down a different elevator and told us the escalators were down.... So we couldnt even use them as stairs and it's not like anyone was working on them. They just knew they had a bunch of angry people on their hands and wanted us OUT. I couldn't imagine staying there. Extremely rude, unprofessional and unsafe.

2 Stars Mary April 21, 2012

I was here for a training class in February. Stayed at another property, so only saw the casino floor and the floor my class was on (20 something). Place was smoky, dumpy and uninviting. Shoe shine guy was great. Got an awesome shoe shine for 6 bucks.

5 Stars Karen February 16, 2012

Worth eating here just for the view. Had lunch here at 11:00 am. Perfect time. Not busy; great view of the surrounding mountains. Lunch is also about 1/3 the price of dinner and your allowed to wear jeans and walking shoes. I had the steak. Great cut of meat and cooked as requested. Plan to go back again for lunch next time.

5 Stars Sue February 14, 2012

Stayed here from 2-4-12 thru 2-8-12. I really enjoyed our stay. One downfall was that there wasn't a safe in the room. However, the room was spacious & clean! The hotel host Tess was awesome!! We a lovely view of the strip!! I would definitely stay here again!

4 Stars Dan February 10, 2012

Fantastic views of the city at night!

4 Stars RSaxon07 October 20, 2011

Stayed at Stratosphere in March 2011 for a total 4 days and 4 nights. Arrived on a Monday a little a head of check-in time. Line was a 5-10 minute and the guy who checked us in was a young guy with a smile on his face. At the time, I hadn't heard of the $20 trick for room upgrades, but I DID slip him a 20 and ask if he could give us free passes to stuff. He said no because he only handled rooms, but he told us to go the concierge and see what he could do. Sure enough, it worked! Left the desk with about 40 passes to all kinds of stuff: shows, clubs, bars, etc. It was a great idea.

The room was nice. The view was terrible as we looked at the parking garage the whole time but you get what you pay for. You're just sleeping there, right? I'd imagaine if you're trying to "wow" any ladies you bring back, you may want to try to upgrade.

I LOVED the casino. The floor had a nice variety of slots and it was one of the only casinos that I saw that had almost ALL table games going throughout the day. Pai Gow poker, etc. don't play all day long at other casinos. I didn't actually PLAY these games but it's nice to klnow that they offer them all day versus some of the higher end casinos. The drinks came non-stop as long as you played so that's always good and they didn't usually take forever to get your drinks either. I'm probably a little biased on this casino though because out of my entire stay I won about $500 playing roulette.

The only thing I could find to not like about this place was the fact that it is THE farthest hotel on the strip. You can walk, but be prepared for at least a 15 minute walk to get even close to the action of the strip.

5 Stars Matt September 07, 2011

Just got back from a week stay at the Stratosphere, we loved every second of it. Select room was exceptional, casino was clean and staff was very friendly. I don't understand all the bad reviews, none of them make sense. Guess mommy didn't breast feed them as a baby :-). We will DEFINITLY stay here again. Roxys is good but a bit overpriced for what you get, and the Italian restaurant is AWESOME. Getting ready to book next years vacation at the Stratosphere.

4 Stars Cody August 21, 2011

Booked a wedding package and were given a block of rooms at a discount. My then fiancé and I booked a suite to have a place the family could hang out in. Staff was incredible. The entire wedding party was accommodated on the same floor and my parents and sister were given one bedroom mini suites at no extra charge. Have t been here since before the renovations and found the entire hotel a much better experience than before. Casino very nice and the center bar made for a great way to start off an evening. Kids were involved and had plenty to do with the pool, mall, and arcade. Very pleased and do recommend you visit. The old girl has her luster back. One small note, need to replace the elevators.

1 Star Paul Critchlow August 06, 2011

Just rewriting this review because the manager of this filthy dump hacked my previous review. You can run but you can't hide moron. Anyone who sets one foot in the dump will immediately known the truth. It's a rundown , smoke filled, filthy excuse for a casino hotel with the rudest staff, crappiest food, bottom feeding thugs for security hole on the entire strip. Read the other reviews or waste your time if you'd like and check it out for yourself. You might want to do that just for laughs because I'm sure that they are losing money and will soon have to implode this dive. This place is run my creeps and lowlifes and it shows. Wish I could give it a 0 but it's not even worth that.

5 Stars Howard July 28, 2011

Just returned from our 5th stay at The Stratosphere and I am very suprised at some of the negative reviews on her. Stayed in one of the newly decorated Select rooms and thought it was exceptional. Prior to the opening of these rooms the advertisements did seem indicate some additional services...namely priority check in and coffee making facilities...sadly these services have not materialised but the inclusion of a safe in the room is very welcome. All in all though was very happy with the hotel/casino on the whole and thought the service offered throughout was excellent. With the closure of The Sahara the Stratosphere is now looking a little isolated but I believe that it offers great accommodation with an excellent casino and I hope it will be enough to see them through the storm.

1 Star Dale Gorham May 29, 2011

This place is a total dump and should be imploded. This run down, filthy hotel isn't even worth one star. Avoid this armpit at all costs, you'll be sorry if you even set foot in the Stratosphere.

4 Stars Mike c April 25, 2011

Love this place,some people complain about the location but I love it it's right between downtown and the hustle of the strip.

3 Stars Paul west April 10, 2011

Its A Tower Over 1000 Feet Above The Strip

5 Stars Paul west March 29, 2011

It Has A Sky Jump From The 108th Floor

1 Star Glenn March 21, 2011

Its like a white trash flea market with a tower stuck in the middle of it. Near nothing. Go to venetian. Priceline has great deals

5 Stars Russ February 24, 2011

Very impressed and pleased. Good price and very helpful people. Roxys diner is a must for great food of large helpings and nice people.

5 Stars Tiffani!!! February 16, 2011

For three nights my boyfriend and I got the premiere newly remodeled room for 150$ total! Super cheap and perfect! We didn't expect or want anything more for our room. Stratosphere has great bars and great slots! Boyfriend won 100$ on a penny slot! Even though it's on the other end of the strip it was never a problem for us it's 7$ for 24 hours of the RTC bus which takes u up and down the strip. We did everything we wanted and more! Best trip ever!!!! :)

4 Stars Big daddy January 21, 2011

A good time, we got the romance suite and the room was very nice. If you stay here make sure you get a rental car

1 Star Saloni Salvi January 12, 2011

I had booked 2 rooms for 3 nights through the stratosphere website. I arrived at the hotel at around 7:00 pm and the lady at the check in said that I would not be able to get any rooms. I would have to upgrade or take smoking rooms. I explained to her that I was allergic to smoke so I could not take smoking rooms and that we were all college students with a tight budget so we could not afford an upgrade. I said that we could wait and asked her how many hours it would take for the rooms to be ready. She refused saying it could take a very very long time and she would not be able to even get us any rooms at all then. She refused to call housekeeping and find out how soon they could get some rooms ready. I then asked her to give us one smoking room and we would put our bags in there and told her we would wait for the other non smoking room since I am allergic to smoke. There were just 4 of us anyways and she could easily have arranged that. She againg refused. We also could not afford an upgrade. She refused and said it was hotel policy and that I could check on my itinerary where it would be stated that the room bookings are just requests and the hotel reserves the right to ask to upgrade. Nothing like that was written on the itinerary. She said that she would be able to do nothing for us at all and I was forced to pay for an upgrade.

The towels in the rooms also smelled of cigarette smoke. Due to my smoke allergy, I had to go and buy a towel from outside.

I am extremely upset that my stay in Las Vegas was spoiled on the first day itself and I was forced to pay more just because the hotel could not give us our rooms. It was 7:00 in the evening when we checked in and I would think their rooms should be ready considering that I never saw any housekeepers on my floor after 4:00 - 5:00 p.m. My family owns a motel in Texas and I do know a lot about hotel business so I do know when I am being made a fool of. I think this was just a way to get us to pay more money. I will be returning to Vegas next year but i will definitely not stay at Stratosphere again and will never recommend it to any of my friends or family.

They have not even called us to apologise after asking for a review. Bad hotel.

3 Stars Mark January 07, 2011

It is at the far north end of the strip but we always have a car. Parking is a breeze. Easy access to downtown, interstate, and right on the strip. Lately it has been losing it's edge with us. Long lines at check in, they have eliminated a booklet of values, closed a nice coffee shop, overall attitude of many employees seems to be less than in previous years. Still it is a low cost hotel that is clean and comfortable. We will spend a little more next time and try something different.

3 Stars Steve January 05, 2011

My buddy and I stayed here Oct 2010. For the money, I think we paid $179 combined for 4 nights, it was an excellent stay. The room was newly renovated and very well kept. The beds were comfortable and the bathroom adequate, not that guys really care too much about the can.

The Casino staff were extremely friendly, especially the blackjack tables. I had never played before, so the dealer explaining me the odds of taking a hit vs staying was very welcomed.

As for food and drinks there were a number of economic options including McDonalds and other food places such as pizza, subs, etc. My favourite was the sports bar located on the second floor where they had several big screen TV’s to watch Sunday football; not to mention a pitcher of beer was only 5 bucks.

The downside of course, as many others will tell you, it is definitely at the other end of the strip, so walking to watch the Bellagio fountains or various other shows on the strip is pretty much out of the question, unless you don’t mind taking the bus, tram, catching a cab, or like us have a buddy in town with a car and a lot of free time on his hands.

Oh one last thing that really annoyed me was the horrendous phone bill for making a long distance call, heck I’m calling Canada on China! And what’s with local phone call charges?

3 Stars Mike December 11, 2010

Like people say views are great but not much else. too far away to care and pricey just for the view

0 Stars Goon29 October 29, 2010

The view from the top of the Strat is definitely pretty cool, but if you have a long list of things to hit, this can be a miss. Aside from the lookout, there really is nothing else here worth visiting and trek to get here is usually either exhausting or expensive. Admire it from afar :)

5 Stars Katie October 23, 2010

All new suites and amazing views make for a great stay!

5 Stars Katie October 23, 2010

All new suites and amazing views make for a great stay!

1 Star Anonymous September 04, 2010

This hotel double booked my room to some stranger. No joke. I was sitting in my room watching t.v. and someone I had never seen before opened the door with their key and were just as surprised as I was. They had their luggage with them. WHAT IF I HADNT HAD BEEN THERE AND THEY LOOKED THROUGH/STOLE MY STUFF!!!!!! Hotel apologized and that's about it. Didn't comp me or anything. Never going to stay here again.

4 Stars Brit August 30, 2010

Have just returned from staying at the stratosphere I found it to be value for money,yes it's at the far end of the strip but I knew that when booking as the monorail is just across the road.the room was clean and I found all the staff very helpful.check in was a bit slow but we had our key within 20mins.this is not a five star hotel so don't expect it to be on the same level as them.I shall stay there again

2 Stars Adam August 18, 2010

I enjoyed the hotel and casino, but it is too far from everything for my taste.

4 Stars Howard August 17, 2010

Fourth, two week stay, at The Stratosphere and as I have mentioned in an earlier review - everything is very good or excellent about The Stratosphere i.e the casino, rooms, staff, restaurants, bars, pool and general facilities apart from the queue at the check in. Why are more staff not on the desks when it is busy or available to "queue bust"? After a very long journey from London it's a bit much to have to queue up for an hour! I wish they would address this issue as this would make it a five star review and they would have a customer for life!

3 Stars Pete August 15, 2010

I haven't stayed here cus of the location but loved the casino it felt real old school and u don't have to wait forever for cocktail waitress like other casinos, top of tower is amazing as aswell, just a shame hotels location is not so good.

1 Star Vegas Fan July 07, 2010

Rudest people in Vegas no help at all RUDE RUDE RUDE

4 Stars Luke boyes June 25, 2010

I just got back from the strat over fathers day weekend, and let me say it was perfect. I won lots o cash at blackjack, if you have the players card the buffet is good price, I watched Bite it was great and the hotel staff allowed me to check in 5 hours early. I got a strat select room and over looked the strip overall I loved it. I went to every casino on the strip while I was there but I was most comfortable at the strat. It's a ways away from monorail and taxis are pretty expensive I used presidential limo service and that was very wonderful. Thanks everyone for a great weekend

4 Stars G&J UK June 24, 2010

Stayed here for 9 nights in may. Was a bit concerned about rooms after reading other reviews but we were pleasantly surprised. We upgraded to a slightly larger room with a small seating area for an extra 9 dollars per night. The room was spotlessly clean, no problems with the shower. The room was a bit dated but the bed was so comfortable and we had a huge flat screen tv.Liked the c bar and roxys diner. Getting to the strip was easy using the ace gold bus they are the single deck buses you catch across the road not in front of the hotel. They have less stops and get to the strip quicker and cost 20 dollars for a 5 day pass.one thing I did not like was the pool as the music was deafening, I could not even hear my iPod.

5 Stars Stephen June 15, 2010

I hope this works
I love the stratosphere I stay here every year I go to Vegas
It is a good place and never had a bad stay there rooms are nice
Gambling was great and the monorail is only over the road at the sahara
Buffet has been good to me and the drinks are always flowing
Despite what people say for what you pay it's great
Pools are great and rides on top are big feature
Top of the is good for a one meal night just be careful of taxes as there quite high in big groups
Part from that I love the strat and will continue to use every year plus the back alley bar in the strat is worth the visit

4 Stars Samantha May 26, 2010

I would reccomend The Stratosphere if you goto Vegas with the intention of just having fun away from your room. The low cost rooms are run down and outdated. They do have blow dryers and irons and that's about it. Comfy pillows and beds, but the room is simple and does not look like the pictures online. You def get what you pay for. The buffet in the casino seems high in cost at first but the food is good quality and gourmet (crab legs and shrimp). All the staff are overly friendly and it almost seems too cheesy. We did not have any complaints until we were packing our things to checkout And looked under the nightstands and found condom wrappers which is not what I want to think about since I just slept in that bed for 4 nights. Over all I think it's a good location away from noise and the bus pass is only 7 dollars for 24 hours to rake you whereever you want to go. Make sure you get the ace play pass for the casino to get discounts on food and comp dollars for games, it's free.

4 Stars Howard May 25, 2010

Generally very pleasant but the service at the check-in leaves a lot to be desired. As I travel from London to Vegas I have a ten hour flight and a fifteen hour journey door to door - after that do I really want to wait in a queue to check in for over an hour? It's a shame really because I like just about everything else regarding the Stratosphere and it's dissapointing that they stumble on such a simple matter.

1 Star John May 14, 2010

The rooms are dirty and run down. The first room smelled like raw sewage and we could barely stand in it to make a phone call to the front desk to be moved. They handled our complaint well an moved promptly.

0 Stars Angry Strat Guy May 06, 2010

My 4th Goal in life is to Bash the Stratosphere hotel for at least 2yrs, Their location is horrible. It's far from the strip and they give you a view of the mountain which isn't anything like having a strip view. Their customer service is a 0 because it is the worst I have ever experienced. Their check-in rep is rude. I believe the managers got their Hospitality/Hotel Management degree, if they have one, from D.F.N.S University. Here is how I came to that conclusion. We got to the hotel around 1:30pm to check in. The young lady at the desk said "Check-in isn't until around 3, but we can get you started so all you have to do is come back and get your keys at 3pm". Then we asked if there is early check-in. She said, "we do offer that but the room isn't ready yet". So we said ok and checked our bags at the bell desk. We gambled and ate at the Roxy Diner and around 3:23 we went to pick up our keys. He greeted us and I told him I was there to pick up my keys. He looked up my info and said my room wasn't ready. I asked what do you mean it's not ready. He said housekeeping hadn't cleaned the room yet. I asked him when the room would be ready and he told me he doesn't know. So I asked him if he could call housekeeping and find out what time or an estimate of what time my room would be ready. He had the nerve to tell me he isn't housekeeping, which pissed me off. How dare he insult my intelligence. I knew he was not housekeeping. I was just asking if he could call housekeeping so I would know when my room would be ready. I wasn't asking for anything that was beyond his ability. I had just gotten off a 6hr flight. At this point, I was livid. So I asked to speak to a manager. The manager comes and she has a attitude like I interrupted her from watching Desperate Housewives or something. I explained to her that I understood the room wasn't ready, but I was asking him to call housekeeping and find out when it would be. She then tried to give me a room on a lower floor. I said no I want the room on the higher floor that I booked weeks in advanced. I said please, just find out when the room will be ready. She also found this hard to do. At this point, I walked away because I was at a new level of lividness. I was ready to leave the Stratosphere. My friend stayed and talked to them . They told her that check in of 3 pm was for normal rooms not suites. It is very interesting that since we decided to get a suite and give their hotel more money than other guest, we had to wait. They finally decided to call housekeeping. They told us our room would be ready in a half a hour. So around 4:23 pm, more than a half hour later, we returned. Imagine our reaction when the young lady at the desk said that our room still wasn't ready. After seeing our reaction, she said she would check with housekeeping to see if the room was in fact ready. It's funny how she offered to check with housekeeping so easily. She came back about 8 - 10 mins later to tell us the room still wasn't ready. I was done. I asked for the corporate number because we were leaving. This was ridiculous. On their website, they state "Soak up the excitement of Sin City at the Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, where you'll get the VIP treatment, plus a whole lot more." What excitement? What V.I.P treatment? Is that why the hotel was on the brick of bankruptcy like 2 or 3 years ago? She said hold on let me get the manager's card. She came back 4 minutes later and said our room was available, interesting. She said our room will be 42015. I asked what happened to 41715. She said it wasn't ready and that the rooms are the same so we took it, because it was a higher floor and we we're tired of waiting. So we finally got to the room and it smelled like the toilet had over flowed onto the carpet. We called housekeeping and they sprayed the room. But at this point, it's like what the hell. After a 6hr flight and 4 1/2 hours of waiting to get into a room, we get a smelly room. At this point, we had already spoken to the Director of Customer Excellence. He offered to comp our resort fee which was $7.50 per day so that would have been $45. Please, that is like an hour and quarter pay for me, they wasted an hour and a half my vacation. On top of that, they gave me a headache with their stupidity and rudeness. So I asked him for an upgrade. He said we would have to speak to the hotel manager. My friend then asked him if she would help us or was she going to waste our time, because we already wasted most of our day. He said she is the manager and will work with us. When she called she offered to have our room changed because of the smell but she told us there would not be a room available until the next day. What happened to 41715? We then asked about an upgrade for our trouble. She said there wasn't an upgrade from the room we had. At that point, we knew it was time to leave. We asked about the cancelation policy and she said that would be fine we would just pay for the one night. We asked if we wanted to leave today, could we get our money back. She said we would need to check out now. Then we said we would need more time than that to find another hotel. She then said she would give us 15 minutes. We said well it is only fitting that you give us an hour and a half because we gave you an hour and a half of our time. She proceeded to say she would give us a hour because she needed the room for another guest. She then said word for word "Am going to need you to get out" with a tone that said get the F out. We all sat their quietly for like 5 sec in a breath shock like WHAT! That was the final straw. So we finished our search for another hotel, packed our bags, called the Directory of Customer Excellence and left him a message saying we were leaving and that I would be calling their corporate office. So now we're at our new hotel and I get a text from my card showing a charge for $1147.89 by Stratosphere. I left the hotel and they are still finding ways to piss me off. I called them to ask why they charged my card when the check in lady said that nothing was going to be charged to my card. A few minutes later Sarah called me back to say they removed the hold on my card. I informed her that I left my camera charger and batteries at the hotel and she said she would send someone to get it and hold it for me because the room was still empty, interesting. And the stress didn't stop there, when I went to get my charger they couldn't figure out where they put it. So after a hour of waiting, after I had call and said I was on my way to get it, I had to make another trip to the Stratosphere the next day to get it. Now I am trying to get the shuttle money we paid to get there and compensation for the stress and hell they put us through, reminding me that there is truly hell on earth.

4 Stars Frank Campbell May 05, 2010

Great value! A little far from the heart of the Strip but still worth it.

4 Stars Josh April 07, 2010

Good hotel for the price. The cab rides were like $20 each way to the middle of the strip. Make sure you get an Ace card. Discounts on food and u can't beat $20 unlimited drinks Happy hour.

3 Stars Alex March 29, 2010

Stay at the rides, NOT The hotels

4 Stars D@ve March 27, 2010

So far a very nice place, rooms are nice and clean. We had read alot of bad feedback but guess that those reviewers wanted 5 star hotels for the price of a 1 star. We will update at the end of our stay. Bottom line common down Vegas is waiting!

5 Stars Shelby February 28, 2010

The views from here are gorgeous! Dinner at Top of the World was stellar as well.

3 Stars Diana February 23, 2010

I stayed here last year and based on other reviews I was expecting the worst...but it was not that bad bed comfortable and had a nice clean room n no waiting to check in hours early...only problem it was very far from any hotel I wanted to be around but did have the bus stop very close by

2 Stars Barbara f February 15, 2010

Bathtub drain was bad, ac did not cool off, hotel far and without transportation .

3 Stars Vince February 14, 2010

Good value for the price.

2 Stars Cody February 10, 2010

Could use an update and the staff could use a few more hrs of customer service training. That said there are a few nice things about the place. The attractions and rides up top are well worth it and so is the restaurant and lounge. Casino floor is nice and the center bar has a great happy hr. North end of the strip so be prepared to walk a little but the Duce is close by and the there is a monorail stop at the nearby Saharah that can take you into the heart of the strip. Rooms are small and offer few amenities but are clean and the bed is comffortable. All in all I doubt I'll return. There are plenty of other properties that value my business

4 Stars Luis & Vero February 05, 2010

We were at the Strat last year and we just can say: AMAZING !!!! Great staff...we will be back..

3 Stars Dom & Denise October 28, 2009

We went there to have dinner & see a show. Two women we thought were hookers turned out to be table dealers (that was a plus). Lively casino but the lounge bar had no mint to make my wife's Mohito. Roxy's diner looked like a great place. My favorite attraction was the shoeshine man, who locked onto my poorly maintained shoes with a disapproving gaze until I was compelled to get a shine. My shoes were never so happy.

3 Stars MS October 25, 2009

Had an awesome time! Grand Suite was spacious, clean and comfortable. Staff were friendly and prices were fair. I'm officially a fan and will surely return!

4 Stars Chuck R July 16, 2009

I was pleasantly surprised. This hotel was the cheapest price on a promotion that we took advantage of. It is very clean an pleasant in the gaming areas and the shops. The room was normal size with two very comfortable queen sized beds. The pillows and covers were very soft and comfortable and the tub was nice and deep, great for a well deserved soak. The pool area is very inviting with wonderful amenities, the towels were large and very absorbent. The staff was very pleasant and helpful, from the valets at the door, the concierge staff, as well as the housekeepers. The view from the tower was breathtaking and free to hotel guests. The restaurants were very good and the buffet was amazing. Be sure to take advantage of the all-day buffet. For a modest price, have breakfast in the morning, run around for a while, return to re-hydrate and refuel, run around some more and return to relax and enjoy some fine food. Once you pay in the morning for the all day, you no longer have to wait in line, just go to the VIP entrance and you ate seated right away. Slots seemed to be friendly as were the attendants and cocktail servers. This place is a bargain, one that I plan to go to again in the future.

2 Stars Sheila Sizemore June 03, 2009

I booked a room online and requested a premier view suite with 2 beds and a smoking room. When we got to the room there was no ashtrays so we called the front desk to find out that we were in fact in a NON-SMOKING room. How the heck do you put a smoker in a non-smoking room?? Anyways upon seeing the assistant manager and the manager in regards to the fact that I was put in a non-smoking room, he rudely stated back to me that the preferences are not guaranteed. I got loud and started voicing my complaint loudly on how I couldn't wait to write my review of the hotel when I got back. He told me I was threatening him and thats when my daughter really exploded. He continued his insulting attitude by mocking us and letting us know he'd be happy to check us out. Needless to say things got heated and we were escorted out of the hotel, thrown to the curb with no car and left to find a new room at another hotel. Not to mention the security calling my daughter a BITCH as were were being escorted out. This weekend was supposed to be grand for my daughters 21st birthday, yet there we were at 5:30pm looking for another room in Vegas to stay at while all my daughters friends who came to vegas to help celebrate her birthday were at the Stratosphere where she was told she would be arrested if she came back on the property. Thank you so much for ruining a day that can never be replaced. My recommendation is to never stay at this hotel.

5 Stars Veronica May 17, 2009

I staayed in the luxery spa suite in ddecember 2008. The room was perfect. The price was great and the giant tub was amazing. As for the rides on top, the only one worth the money is the one that goes straight up the pole. Great view of the city. Will be staying here again soon and looking forwrd to it!!!

3 Stars Abed Nader May 10, 2009

It is what you pay for. The room is a motel 6 room. The cainso was ok I got lucky while playing blackjack there. The dealers where great and their game selection was better than Mandalay Bay. Go up to the top becuase it's an amazing view.

3 Stars Jamie May 07, 2009

Pretty good hotel, friendly etc yet a $20cab ride to the main strip. Their night club Polly Esthters is no longer operational, however the C Bar is enjoyable.

3 Stars S.Taylor April 30, 2009

My wife and I stayed at the Stratosphere for the first time about two weeks ago. First we got the wrong room (we were supposed to have a strip view but ended up with a view of the mountains), and the hotel refused to change our room without charging extra. So we stayed with the room we had which turned out ok anyway as we weren't in there much anyway and we were near the Euro pool (BC 25).

As for the pool we spent most of our time at the topless pool and enjoyed it up there much more than the main pool. The main pool was nicely remodeled and there was nothing wrong with it, we just enjoyed the quiter atmosphere at the topless pool.

Service at the C-Bar was brutal, and the one bartender was rude and expected me to clear my own table (we were doing the bottomless happy hour and he expected us to re use our glasses). I told him his job was to make our drinks and not tell me to clean my table.

The hotel was ok, but we would look elsewhere next time. If you are looking for a cheap hotel with average rooms and service then the Stratosphere would work for you.

1 Star Jei April 30, 2009

The Strat is a budget hotel at the end of the strip, period. Don't expect your beer money to pay for champagne cause it ain't gonna happen. The hotel is a tad better than Circus Circus which is nearby. This hotel is not for the wealthy nor will you see any weathy clients here either. You pay for what you get and what you get isn't much here at the Strat.

0 Stars rosa giacomantonio August 29, 2007

I do not believe any of the negative comments regarding the Stratosphere hotel in las vegas. From the cleaning personnel to the check in personnel to the slot people or anyone else they could not be more courteous or kind. The rooms are always satisfactory, and the buffet is outstanding, as well as the other eating places. We have eaten at a lot of other buffets.

0 Stars Nastypup July 15, 2007

We have been staying at the Stratosphere for the past few years after staying at all of the expensive hotels. They give us great comps (free rooms, meals and show tickets) and I won a lot of money. I have never had a problem with the staff. One time, I had a problem with a room and they immediately changed out room and actually upgraded it to a Spa room. Always great service and you can't beat the price.

0 Stars UgetWhatYouPayFor June 30, 2007

My wife and I just got home from our first visit together to Vegas. A co-worker stayed at the Stratosphere a couple months back and said the place was not too bad. I've read some reviews and knew that this was going to be nothing special. I thought we'd stay here and save a couple hundred dollars to spend elsewhere...that was a mistake to say the least. Check-in was pathetic. The staff was very rude. The room was basic as expected and clean so there's no complaints there other than the cleaning woman just coming on into our room without knocking first.
Yesterday while we were leaving, my wife discovered an envelope on the floor of the casino. As we were in a hurry to get out, she did not open the envelope until we got to our rental car. Once she opened it she found two paychecks inside. We immediately drove to the front and she went inside to give them to casino personnel. Security was nowhere to be found so she tried to give it to the bell service counter who refused to take it and told my wife to go to the back of the casino and give it to security. Nevertheless, she went to another counter and just left it with them.
Overall, the staff was definitely horrible. The room was basic as expected. We went to almost every other main casino and realized we'd spend the extra few dollars and never return to the Stratosphere again.

0 Stars Dennis January 03, 2007

This was my second trip to Las Vegas, NV in 2005 for a Star Trek Convention. Upon check-in at the Stratosphere they didn't have my reservation made throught Vegas.com. I went ahead and gave them my confirmation number that was given to me via the Vegas.com web site. Once it was found I was off to my room. (There was no waiting and the staff was friendly.) My room was perfect. No smells or stains found in my room. Had a nice view of Carls Jr. throught my window. The food at the Stratosphere was pretty good. I've tried Italian, their buffett, Starbucks, and McDonalds. The buffett was good, however, the prime rib was tuff and dry even with the auju. I suppose all buffett prime ribs at the casinos are that way because of the rush cooking they have for the customers. Another complaint I have was collecting casino chips. The first time I went to the cage I requested 10 1 dollar chips. The second time they told me I had to go to a table to make the exchange. What happen to customer service? Overall I had a great time at the Stratosphere. I definately would return to the Stratosphere.

0 Stars brian December 02, 2006

The room was actualy not bad for the price. You have to walk a couple blocks to get to the monorail. cabs are pricey. Stratosphere was 8 out of 10. HOWEVER...
Las Vegas itself sucked.I cant believe they call it SIN CITY. A few things to know.
You cannot go to a strip club with full nudity and drink, you can go to topless and drink. Expect huge cover charges to do either one ($50). You can go nearly anywhere in Alberta and do this with no cover.
Restaurants are dirty and gross, unless your a big spender.
EVERYTHING in CANADA is cheaper than the USA except gas,smokes an beer, and who wants their beer anyway, not me.
LAS VEGAS is all about the money, if you wanna have a good time go to EDMONTON, where your treated human.

0 Stars Scott October 01, 2006

We got to the Stratosphere the evening of September 9, 2006. Took a $7 shuttle from the airport. I think it was CLV they have a ticket booth right outside of the airport. Well worth the money per person. We got to the check in and there was not much of a line. We got to the counter and asked for the free room upgrade. She said sure, we have a upgrade that overlooks the strip for $15 per night more. I thought I asked for free. So I told her that we would keep the room we reserved. Then she says or we have a King room for $15per night more. Not sure which part of free she did not understand. So we got to our room after getting lost in the casino with our luggage. The room was very nice no smells or stains. Overlooked the parking deck and could see the mountains. Who cares we were only going to sleep there. We went down to find something to eat and we found Lucky’s . Luck’ys was great. They had great food. We had the open faced beef with garlic mashed potatoes and gravy. It was the best I have ever had. The service was a bit slow and it felt like they did not see us for a while and the place was not that busy. But the food was great. We did visit the pool one morning. I was very nice, no complaints. We took the trolley the first day for $6.50 for an all day pass. I thought that was worth it. It took a half hour to get from the Stratosphere to Mandalay Bay. But that afternoon it took an hour and a half from Mandalay Bay to Stratosphere. So the next day we got Monorail passes. $35 for 10 rides and we could share it. Much faster way of travel. We walked to the Sahara during the day to get the Monorail and at night we took a cab from the Sahara to the Stratosphere $6. $6 was worth the safety. The Stratosphere is about four blocks from the Sahara where the first Monorail stop is. You can but the Monorail pass with credit card or cash. The bars in the Stratosphere are ok. We brought some of our own stock. Check your airline web site. We put it in out checked luggage. We just put it out of sight when we were not in the room. Enjoy your trip we did.
p.s. no coffee pot or mini bar in standard World Tower I

0 Stars RateVegas.com User April 18, 2006

The Stratosphere hotel ruined our Las Vegas trip in so many ways. My wife and I had booked and planned our trip 5 months in advance, with the primary focus on seeing Barry Manilow at the Hilton (my wife is a HUGE fan and the reason we waited 5 months was so that I could get her the best seats, which turned out to be 2nd row center). Needless to say she was as excited as a little child on Christmas morning during the 5 month waiting time! Now, let me break down this horrible place by category for easier reading...

CHECK IN PROCESS - We arrived at the Stratosphere hotel on Thursday afternoon and we had to wait 40 MINUTES in line at the registration desk due to the fact that they had only 3 clerks, and what made things worse was they would help anyone who just walked up and skipped the line. After about 10 minutes I was fuming and decided to just walk up myself, and was promptly told to get back in line since I wasn't checking out or switching rooms, or that I wasn't a gold card member of the hotel. Finally got to the clerk after all that time and asked why it took almost as long to stand in line for check-in as it took to fly down from Washington State! All I got was a smile... no apology or even a caring look.

THE ROOM - I had anticipated a small room with the package I booked so I called in advance to upgrade to a larger room, that according to the hotel web-site had a minibar, room safe and a coffee maker. This room was not only a dump with a view of the parking garage across the street, it didn't have the above mentioned items. I called the front desk to inquire about this and was again promptly and rather shortly told that only the suites had these items in them, and "if" she could find one available it would cost an additional $275!!!! I just hung up in disbelief, I mean come on folks... we're not rich and snobby people, but at least a coffee maker would be nice to have, right?

FOOD POISONING - Friday night we ordered a sample appetizer plate from room service that contained 2 chicken wings, 2 chicken tenders and a couple quesadilla's. My wife ate the wings and we shared the rest. Within 2 hours she became VIOLENTLY ILL and was up all night and into the next day vomiting, in obvious pain and discomfort. She was only able to get out of bed all day on Saturday to use the bathroom. Very typical signs of food poisoning.

OTHER CASES - At the airport returning home, I mentioned this to the ticket gal at the gate and asked if my wife could get her seat early so she could sit and rest while the other passengers boarded - and she told me she'd heard of MULTIPLE cases of food poisoning from the Stratosphere, and that we should contact them and let them know they have yet another case.

FOLLOW-UP - When we returned home on Sunday my wife saw her doctor the next day and he confirmed it was indeed food poisoning.

BARRY MANILOW - Of course we missed the show, the whole reason we were in Vegas to begin with. She was devastated, to say the least.

HOTEL STAFF - Other than a couple bartenders and waitresses, they were all very indifferent to us - almost to the point of being rude. Like I said before, we're not old, rich or snobby people - we're just a couple of regular folks in our 40's who like to have fun, a few drinks, dance a little and gamble. The dealers at the tables seemed like zombies to me, no personalities and all of them acted like they totally didn't want to be there. Of course, with this hotel I can see why... they probably treat the employees like the guests.

Folks.... there's no reason on earth to stay or play at this place. They all could care less if do and they act like it. Vegas is a wonderful town and there are many great hotels that's worth the prices they charge! Either that, or stay at a Motel 6 while you're there... at least you'll have hot coffee in your room in the morning.

0 Stars linkscabs July 08, 2005

myself,my wife and my daughter have just spent two weeks in vegas staying at the stratosphere.room was good ,service was godd,in fact we have no complaints at all with the hotel or the service.
i was unsure prior to stying at the strat that i made the right choice but we had a wonderful two weeks and got good comps and did not have aproblem with any aspect of the hotel.a special mention for "angie" the server at lucky`s cafe who looked after us superbly during our stay,nothing was to much trouble for her and she made us feel special every time we visited the diner.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 03, 2005

I have stayed there numerous times (usually due to free room offers received in mail). It is always clean and room is ready. An upgrade to a jacuzzi suite is worth small extra cost. Nothing fancy here, but hotel does not have the crowded hub-ub of many strip casinos.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User April 29, 2005

Stayed in a suite, and it was fine and dandy...no complaints, but no adulation either. Bathroom was fine, but I didn't use the jacuzzi at all. Baggage assistance was good. Check in was OK at best as far a speed goes.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User December 30, 2004

We stayed for two nights Dec 7 through 9. The room was clean but the bathroom setup was not satisfactory. Lavatory in the sleeping area and the toilet and tub in a separate compartment. Shuttle service to the strip was frequent but uncomfortable, drivers outstanding.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User November 30, 2004

Overall this was a nice hotel for the price. The room was large for just the two of us. Clean as it could be - (stains on carpet - etc. from age). But not dumpy.

The staff were freindly - and we had a nice view.

This hotel is a great value if you don't mind using taxis, trolleys, to get around.

We never did make it out to the pool area - So I can't really rate it.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User October 01, 2004

We just returned from a 3 day stay at the Strat. Overall, our experience was really good - after reading some of the reviews on this site, I was skeptical about the place. We had no problems with check in - walked right up. As suggested on this site, we asked for a "new tower" room, and they gave us a great room. (The clerk did forget to give us the coupon book - had to be reminded). We were given exact directions to which elevator to take by the desk clerk, too. The room was very nice - clean and spacious (even the bathroom, and I am one picky bathroom person!) No funky smells, stains anywhere, etc. We ate at the Strat buffet twice and were very pleased both times. The slots paid off pretty well, although the "Ultimate Rewards" program was not worth it. The coupons they give you are virtually impossible to redeem. I racked up almost 2,000 slot points over the course of the stay, and that amount to ZERO comp dollars. The clerk at the redemption booth acted like I was stupid for thinking I could cash in!! This was our first time in Vegas, and we have nothing to compare it to except the Canadian casinos, which pay you $5 for every 100 points you redeem). The one disappointment with the casino was that it did not have my favorite machine, the I Dream of Jeannie one.

The hotel staff seem to think that the strip trolley picks up in the front of the hotel - NOT. It's around the back where the tours pick up. It's definitely worth it to buy the all day pass for $5 - it's great to be able to jump on and off the trolley while visiting the hotels on the main strip. The Strat is the first stop, so there's plenty of seats. Hang on, though - those drivers are crazy!

All in all - a great stay and we'd definitely stay there again!

0 Stars buffbc August 24, 2004

We stayed in one of the suites here, and it was wonderful. Good looking room with plenty of space, a great bathroom with jacuzzi tub, and all at a decent price! I haven't stayed in a regular room at the Strat, but the suites are a great deal, and are more than worth it. The pool is a bit sad, but wasn't used very much when we were there, so basically you had it to yourself most of the time. Service from everyone was great, everyone was very helpful and went out of their way. I would recommend the Strat to anyone out there, especially if you are looking for a good deal.

0 Stars randazzio August 06, 2004

Very adequate place to stay. Service was good, the staff was friendly. The room was a decent size. The bathroom was standard fare, but spotlessly clean. Pool was very plain without some of the lushness of bigger hotel pools, but it did provide a volley ball net and baskets for playing, if so inclined.

0 Stars CarlosBece March 11, 2004


That's what happen to us this February 2004. In short, this is what happen to us. When we got to the casino we decided to leave the car at their valet parking while we went to register. Then we went up to the room (which the electronic entrance card DID NOT work) to relax. Then came back to pick up the car. But, to our surprise our car was vandalized, things were stolen from inside the car and the truck. Worse yet, the theft was perpetuated by the employees of the valet parking.

Why I say this? Because there were not broken windows and the doors were locked. They stole from us several things: a TV/Radio/CD Player combo, music CDs, sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses and a digital camera. All these were not left for people to see. They wore hidden in the car and back in the trunk. Looking back, I regret the decision not to take EVERYTHING from the car to the room.

Right there, when we got the car we complain to the valet parking people, to the hotel security, and to the hotel's Director of Risk Management (supposedly he was going to take care of it). But, their answer was: "the casino is not liable for theft unless the car is vandalized, i.e., broken windows" and that "there are no video cameras at the valet parking lot" (yeah sure, every where else there are cameras but not here, how convenient). So they cannot do a thing.


0 Stars chel2626 October 27, 2003

Room was beautiful (a suite), Hotel seemed clean and nice, but the service was HORRIBLE!!. We stayed for 5 nights and saw 1 person smile twice that worked there. I had prepaid for my suite and was impressed with the room but our first night gambling in the casino we were met with rude employees. Dealers that didn't know the rules to craps and 2 cocktail servers for a the whole floor. Our second evening we went to the cage to cash a few travelers checks and went to gamble. My husband went over to the exact same cage worker whom had cashed 2 other checks and she now refused to cash his travelers check stating it wasn't his signature. He had his room card, his drivers license, 2 credit cards all with matcing signatures. I then proceeded to go over there and ask why she wouldn't cash it and she said the signature did not match, I asked to speak with her supervisor and she became furious. The cage "boss" came over listened to the problem and stated that he felt the signatures matched but he did not see my husband sign it so now he couldn't cash it. I was floored. My husband stated he signed the check right in front of the employee, made it out to the Stratosphere and now can not cash a $1000 travelers check. Both employees stated rules were rules so we took the check back, walked to Circus Circus (we were mad, had to let off steam) and they cashed it no problems, even with Stratosphere crossed out. I vowed for the duration of our stay we would not spend another penny in the Stratosphere let alone cash any more of our travlers checks.

0 Stars bnsf600 June 10, 2003

A perfect 7 rating. The room was better than I had expected
judging from my feelings about the area. The bathroom was
nice and clean and the room I had was one in the new tower
they built. The pool was 100x better than it used to and
it is located on the 3rd floor roof as i recall or it could
be the 5th. The check in and check out were quick and
the dealers were nice and friendly. I would stay here again
if the price was right. The only drawback to this place
is that you must drive a mile to get to the real portion of
the strip. Aside from the domestic violence across the hall
and the murder down the block, I'd stay here again.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 02, 2001

This was the first trip to the "North Strip" area for my wife and I. As long time Vegas veterans, we were looking for something different/new. Kudos to ALL the staff at the Strat. We were taken care of from the almost instant check in till check out. The shops were of good variety to keep us entertained. What really needs mention is the quality of the restaurants. WOW!!! What great food, especially Fellini's Tower of Pasta. We feel it's the best Italian food in Vegas. The casino offers a god variatey of table games and slots, with limits to keep anyone happy! We have found a new home when we visit Las Vegas, and I hope some others will too. My wife and I feel for the location and the quality of service, the Stratosphere Tower id "The Best Deal in Vegas"!!!!!

0 Stars RateVegas User June 09, 2001

Had a great stay. All staff very friendly and helpful. They are in the middle of expansion, but what is finished is very nice. Didn't find the location bad, frankly nice to get away from all the crowds on the middle strip area. Eat at Lucky's and Roxy's, both very good and reasonable prices.

0 Stars RateVegas User March 02, 2001

This Rating for the room is for a players suite. The standard rooms are decent but if you can get a players suite as an upgrade take it. The pool is a joke.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 14, 2000

I've stayed here twice, last January on my 1st trip to LV for a week, and again for a night in October - which was comped - because of the crappy room we had the first time - lol - :-)

Not at all a bad place to stay though, we just happened to get a bad one that one time. Our comped suite was BEAUTIFUL, although we were only there for about 4 hours max. :-) Again, as with the Sahara, a fine place to stay for not a whole ton of $$. Get a car...it's not that far down the strip. Plus kind of a central location between the strip & downtown.