Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews Treasure Island

2 Stars AL from San Diego July 01, 2014

You get what you pay for. Starting to feel real worn in the rooms. On a budget or on a trip where you just need a few hours of sleep a night? The location is excellent for that. Tip: concerted effort to book the young and loud on the first 10 floors. Tram to Mirage is free and easy. Good players club program here, decent slot action. Skews towards a cowboy/country vibe in terms of clientele. Not a good place for young kids-- all attractions and most theming have been wiped out

5 Stars D. Clark June 11, 2014

Best hotel I ever stayed at I'm coming back in the summer and I will stay there, I was set up where I could look outside and see the pirate show I had a very great time.

5 Stars D. Clark May 03, 2014

Best hotel I ever stayed at I'm coming back in the summer and I will stay there, I was set up where I could look outside and see the pirate show I had a very great time.

5 Stars D. Clark March 13, 2014

Best hotel I ever stayed at I'm coming back in the summer and I will stay there, I was set up where I could look outside and see the pirate show I had a very great time.

4 Stars Alex September 22, 2013

I stayed here last weekend. I was expecting much less than what I saw. The hotel is ok. The price is great, and the best thing is the location.

4 Stars Gmoe July 26, 2013

Great value. Good location for price. Great mid tier property.

3 Stars Britt April 24, 2013

Oh and you can hear what's going on in the room beside and the room upstairs. Woke up at 3am to someone having a shower upstairs and the water draining was VERY loud!! Rooms Are very dry too. I've had a bleeding nose every day and that's rare for me.

3 Stars Britt April 24, 2013

We stayed at TI for 3 nights and had asked for a non connecting room and ended up getting a connecting room way at the very end of the west tower. It's a VERY noisy room because of the train tracks and the highway right out our window (even though we are floor 25) I can't get over the noise and we live by trains in our home town and can't hear them this well. The bed is very uncomfortable and has very obvious body dips in it. Our backs were hurting after the 2nd night. No fan in the bathroom for when you shower, burnt out flickering light bulbs everywhere. Other than the rooms the hospitality is awesome, restaurants are good and location is good. We stayed at aria last time for the same price (deals on allegiant) and we had really spoiled ourselves. We wish we had stayed at aria again. I don't think we will stay here again.

5 Stars Kelly December 12, 2012

I come to Vegas 3-4 times a year and I always stay at treasure island , they are good to me , there beds are comfortable , and if there was ever a small problem when it came to food they dealt with it in a timely manner I love this place and they are great :))

3 Stars The Keg November 10, 2012

Last 2 stays in Vegas have been to TI. Overall not bad experience but missing a few details I look for. Low ceilings cause a little more smoke than other strip hotels. We have stayed in suites both times and there has always been a few stains on the walls (the kinds that wash off easy) as well as other dirty parts to the rooms. Dealers are fairly friendly, and hosts are looking for time of play compared to total lost so that earned a star. Overall I don't think I will stay again.

3 Stars Marvin October 09, 2012

Currently staying here for 4 nights. Upgraded to a tower suite because my room was already sold due to a late check in (flight delay). Overall room is generally clean and the beds are incredibly comfortable. Casino is ok. However it is very smokey and wasn't really overly impressed with the slot selection. Would stay here again...

4 Stars Jimmy July 21, 2012

It was a nice room. I had a great view of the the strip. I originally booked a basic room but asked and got the room. Casino was ok, it had some good rules and some decent low limits on the weekend. Drink service seemed a little slow however. It was nice to have groupons to a couple restaurants at TI made dinning some what reasonable. Nothing to much to complain about but it's no Wynn or Bellagio.

5 Stars Toots June 21, 2012

Stayed here a few months ago in a petite suite and had an excellent few of the strip. It's smaller and not as glamorous as other hotels on the strip but the location is good. The fashion mall is next door and spent some time there and used the tram to go to Mirage quite often. I will be staying here again next month.

5 Stars Jeff May 28, 2012

Everything was clean and up to date. Staff was friendly and helpful. Good food choices. Not as fancy as other hotels but very nice and extremely affordable. Will definitely stay here again.

5 Stars Tom May 12, 2012

Very clean room with extremely comfortable beds. Great food options on site.

4 Stars Skyler April 30, 2012

The room we stayed in was very nice and seemed to have a lot of upgraded furniture, carpet, bed, etc. Room had a very awesome view. Service was very good. My only complaint was that we got a very annoying 'wake up' call from the guy cleaning the outside of the windows very early in the morning. However we mostly ate and gambled at the Mirage because the TI casino was very crowded and had a very strong smell of smoke. Plus, there was a free tram connecting TI to the Mirage.

2 Stars Karen April 23, 2012

Will never stay here again! As we checked in we asked for an upgrade to a suite and we were told nothing was available, then our friends checked in 5 minutes after us and all of a sudden there is a suite. We are told come back in the morning and we can switch rooms, well once again that didn't happen. Get to our room and it was dirty so they had to reclean it. The one good thing is the free wifi that is covered with the resort fee. On our last day call for a late check out and once again nope sold out, but friends with the suite got a late check out. Not sure if they just cater to the people with suites or not. The rooms are getting very dated and in need of an upgrade. Another bonus was the free tram to the Mirage which is a nicer hotel. Over all we were not happy with this hotel.

5 Stars Jeff April 15, 2012

Great view an beds. Really good buffets.

3 Stars Ashley March 15, 2012

Stayed on the 31st floor in a strip view room, and our view was great! We could see the mirage volcano show and bellagiofountains pretty well! Hotel room - nice, good room service. Valet- ok, 25 minute wait every time. Bellagio was twice as busy with a much faster valet. Buffet- not good, not much variety, have to go hunting to get a drink refill, and staff mediocre at best. Kahuna-ville over priced! We used a two for one drink coupon provided by the hotel, and still payed $38 for beverages. The bartender asked what my accent was, I have no accent- I have a slight native American draw- when I told him this he looked at my like I was weird. I don't get it- Gambling was great, slots payed well, the coffe shop by the way is a restaurant that doesn't serve espresso! All in all, it was a good time- I will stay at the bellagio next time because customer service is much better there. That's important to me- :)

4 Stars Beverly March 10, 2012

Despite my advanced age I had never been to Las Vegas! I turned 65 this year so it was on my bucket list. My best friend and I decided we needed some fun for a few days so we flew from San Jose and Austin and shared a room at TI. We had a petit suite and it was a great experience! Large room with sofa-bed coffee table, bar and barstools, large desk for working if needed Great Kingsized bed. We shared and never knew the other person was there. Best of all there were two bathrooms. Call them bathrooms large enough to be a dressing room too! One a full bath with walkin shower. The other with a large spa whirlpool tub. I would stay here again in a heart beat! We had room service and played slots til we could not stay awake. Then early morning room service breakfast. Heaven. Yea TI.

3 Stars Hunter February 19, 2012

A consistently mid-tier experience at a mid-tier property. TI continues to fill that role well.

2 Stars Lee January 31, 2012

Prime location on the strip as far as I'm concerned. Stayed here some years ago and was very pleased with my stay. This trip I was not impressed. I don't spend much time in my room and it seems that housekeeping and maintenance doesn't either. The hot water did not work and the grout on the bathroom floor was overlooked for cleanliness. Upgraded rooms should have A/C systems newer than 1980, i haven't used a Honeywell thermostat like that since around '85 and they worked!!

4 Stars Lynne December 06, 2011

Great location, floor and room was clean, non smoky, very comfortable beds ... Hotel right on strip, near overpass bridge, Starbucks, and mall... Couldn't ask for more. Only downside was smoky main floor, bad ventilation, but we never stuck around to care, would stay at TI again for sure

4 Stars Simon October 25, 2011

3rd visit to Vegas, 1st time at TI, and would certainly stay there again. Check in a breeze, room was great, with 2 queen size beds, and marble bathroom, whilst being tired, was very clean and sparkling. The daoly maid service was great too, changing towels daily, and general cleaning was far superior to PH or NYNY. We stayed on 31st floor, and was perfect, with an express lift to 31-36 floors, and nice and quiet. The casino staff and facilities were spot on, couldn't have asked for more.... Stay here it's great!

4 Stars Michael October 15, 2011

First time staying at Treasure Island. The room was nice and check in process was easy. Good location close to a lot of other resorts.

2 Stars Lisa September 15, 2011

Check-in was great. I was able to check-in early and the lady at the front desk was very nice. I went up to my room and thats when things started to go downhill. I had some housekeeping problems in my first room, instead of having someone come to fix them they just changed my room. I got to my second room and things didn't get much better. More problems, this time they sent people to fix the problems. It's usually not good when there are three employees in your room all at the same time. Overall, the best thing at TI is the pool. The staff and atmosphere at the pool are outstanding. TI has always been one of my favorite hotels, and now after this terrible experience I will probably never stay there again!

3 Stars Dige August 24, 2011

Fantastic room but 10 years ago was much better! There was better swimminpool Now is worst. Food is really expensive and the same price you can go to better hotel.

2 Stars Scott August 24, 2011

Hot water in hotel room sink didn't work at all. In room dining food was expensive and subpar for the price. Housekeeping was not 100% left the room one day came back 8 hours later room still hadn't been cleaned. Overall would not stay again

2 Stars Digger July 30, 2011

The bed was great. The food sucked, the pirate ship show was kind of dumb

4 Stars GHL July 29, 2011

Great hotel. We were upgraded to a room with a great view of the strip. Rooms are modern, big bathroom, hdtv. We waited about 20 min to check-in, staff were nice and rooms were cleaned in a timely fashion. Gambling was good but the dealers at blackjack seems to get tons of 20 and 21s. Dealers attitude were hit and miss. Only negative thing is that we could hear sirens/horns/motorcycle on the strip from time to time and the location is an inch too far north making a walk to new york new york fairly long. We Would recommand this hotel, great choice.

4 Stars Spectrabullet June 14, 2011

I would give Treasure Island a 5 stars review, but my only complaint was the location. I personally like staying in the middle of the strip. This was a little far north but the neighboring casinos are great. I like the video poker and my wife likes the slots so occasionally I would play the slots with her and feed the machines and watch the wheels spin with no return. The video poker was handing out 4 of a kinds like free samples at the grocery store on Sunday. In summary, video poker = Good. Slots = Bad. My opinion, so as far as the casino goes I liked it and had a blast. Food..... The only food I can review is Kahunaville. The others looked a little pricey. Coupons from Treasure Island made Kahunaville more tempting then we tried it. Excellent meal and ate there several times without coupons. I took advantage of the buy one get one free beers and beverages. These guys make one hell of a drink. Excellent service and excellent staff. And the teriyaki ginger flank steak is the best. The hotel, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there and everyone that is part of the operation does their job with excellent service and is incredibly friendly. If you read more reviews than mine you will notice there are comments about how comfortable the beds are. This is no joke! The beds are great. Will I stay there again? Absolutely!

5 Stars Mr.&Mrs. Villegas June 08, 2011

Booked a room for 6 days 5 nights and was the best decision we could have made. My husband won the first night we were there and every night after. Customer service was awesome & check in was a breeze. We had a fantastic time watching the sirens show as well as playing on the slot machines. We had easy access to the fashion show mall, Walgreens was directly across the street and wasn't far from the rest if the strip. We are definitely going back next year. Loved everything about this place & you can't go wrong.

4 Stars Starprincess May 17, 2011

Overall, we enjoyed our stay. We got upgraded to a strip view room, which was nice. The rooms are decent and a good value for the price. The internet access did not work well or at all. Food was overpriced for the quality. Even though the buffet has a big variety of food I could find only few tasty things. We enjoyed the show and we also liked the overall accessibility. It is easy to find your way around and a convenient place to stay if you are not looking for something overwhelming or luxurious. We will stay in another place next time though, but will sure come back.

5 Stars Brad May 05, 2011

This review is for the service specifically: We received exceptional service. One of the best hotel staffs!

5 Stars Brad May 04, 2011

Fantastic service. My wife and I had a one bedroom suite looking out at the valley. Gorgeous. The furnishings were contemporary chic and the service was wonderful. We hope to return very soon!

5 Stars Tom May 03, 2011

Returned for a day at the Spa- Lovely!

5 Stars Tom May 03, 2011

Wonderful hotel!! The rooms are gorgeous and we had a stunning view down The Strip. Awesome!

2 Stars The Honeymooners April 26, 2011

Nice clean rooms however after staying for a week my husband and I noticed our room was not being cleaned very well during our stay. Although the vacation booking & room was less expensive, they kill your wallet for food! Meals cost way too much money here and for the quality of food it was not worth the price! For what our meals cost here, we were better off dining at the Bellagio where we know the food is amazing!!! Will not stay here again.

1 Star C. Newhouser March 26, 2011

Terrible since the property was sold

4 Stars Hoganswinger March 17, 2011

Pretty good hotel with a nice tower suite. View from room not as great as other hotels on the strip. Gaming was not that great but the mid strip location is great for other casinos.

5 Stars Tiffani!!! February 16, 2011

If you go to Treasure Island go to Mystere and Kuhanaville!!!! An amazing show and an amazing bar!!!!!

1 Star LovesVegas February 07, 2011

HORRIBLE!!!! Worst customer service that I've experienced since I've been going to Vegas!! First of all, the people over at TI Vacations are RUDE, INCONSIDERATE, AND DOWN RIGHT NASTY!!! Our group (party of 20) booked a vacation package with TI and had problems with them and their unprofessional attitudes right from the beginning. The were unwilling to assist us with our concerns, and basically since they had our money already, acted as if they could care less. After finding a resolution to our problem ON OUR OWN, we had hoped that things would get better once we actually arrived at the hotel/casino... News flash: IT DIDN'T! The customer service sucked. No one seemed to smile, greet you, offer assistance, etc! It was not a decent experience at all. In fact, after my husband had won back at least quadruple the amount it cost us for the trip at their hotel, we took the proceed and went gambled, ate, shopped, and did everything else, away from their hotel. So in essence, I guess they paid for our trip and gave us a pocket full of spending invest and spend at another property...THEIR LOST... so Thanks TI... Poor customer services doesn't pay!! Otherwise, the hotel was ok.. Not expensive; good location on strip; small, but clean rooms. The beds were comfortable; strip views were nice, didnt really care for their entainment/food choices, so we went to the Mirage (really nice..beautiful), Bellagio, etc and did a lot of things, but overall, the hotel/casino wasn't too bad. Will definitely not be returning nor making recommendations to this one.. For us, CUSTOMER SERVICE IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. There are hundreds of choices to choose from as far as places to stay, so if im going to pick you as my choice of stay (out of hundreds) then I think you can at least be courteous and respectful to me...

5 Stars Kim Barlow January 05, 2011

Been going to Las Vegas for the past 5 years from the UK and have only ever stayed at TI. It's a brilliant hotel; the facilities and the staff ate excellent. Being fairly central in the strip it gives easy access to all the other hotels around and makes a good base. The rooms are perfectly adequate, but to be honest are you really going to spend that much time in them when there's so much to do. The restaurants are great, in particular Canters Deli and the Steak House. This hotel is a real gem without the pomposity of others around.

5 Stars Tazmaniac January 03, 2011

Best hotel I've stayed at. Best location and upgraded rooms are amazing and super clean.

5 Stars Tazmaniac January 03, 2011

Best all around hotel, on the strip. Central local. Upgraded rooms are amazingly clean. Isla Mexican cuisine, is a must--!!! We have stayed at many strip hotels, best value for your $.

3 Stars Kelly G January 02, 2011

Very comfy beds. Rooms are small but nicely decorated and comfortable. Casino lighting too dark. Crowds from TI Siren show make getting in and out of casino difficult. Restaurants are good and nice access to Mirage and Showcase Mall. Friendly staff. Poor drink service.

5 Stars SgtGripweed December 30, 2010

Location wise, it's in the center of the strip, so you have a short distance to anywhere. TI has the most comfortable beds on the strip. As a matter of fact, the most comfy sleep I've ever had in any hotel! The buffet is very good. And if you 'LOVE' the Beatles, the CDS show is right next door at the Mirage. I will stay there again on my next trip.

5 Stars Goon29 October 29, 2010

Newer rooms with super comfy beds. If you catch a deal, can be a great value but at other times room prices can be a little above their class. Pool is nice but very small. Strip view rooms have an amazing view of the South strip. Property has gotten a bit schizophrenic under new management.

5 Stars Toya October 07, 2010

My husband and I stayed here on our honeymoon on 9/26/10. Great views of the strip and very clean room. I was impressed. The super comfortable bed was incredible. I would definitely stay again.

3 Stars Hunter October 05, 2010

Pretty average stay. Room was inexpensive and clean. Bed was comfortable. Service was a little spotty - my first room was already occupied when I got into it. I mentioned the potential security issue to the front desk manager who seemed completely clueless.

4 Stars Chris October 04, 2010

I had a great week-long stay at TI and I hope to stay here again. The room was nice and clean, and the beds are probably the best in Vegas. Our friends had an awful time with the keycards but ours worked fine. The room access is comparatively great if you don't do much gambling. I do wish they'd put in some more modern and useful shops here; they all seem to cater to older folks after some cheap junk. I only caught the end of the Sirens show and it was very lame. It draws an absolutely enormous crowd, though, so someone must like it. The buffet here has a strange layout but is otherwise excellent. Good deals can be had here but they do charge that annoying $20 resort fee.

4 Stars Jaymes September 26, 2010

The location is convenient to the Venetian and Wynn, which is nice because you'll probably want to leave the property to have a good time. Overall TI provides a nice room, plush bed, modern design elements, flat screen TV, but not a lot of extras. The pool was forgettable, didn't gamble much here except at the machines. Only ate at the coffee shop, which was pretty standard. The best thing about this place is the busty pirate show, and hotel guests do get access to a premium viewing area. Bottom line, its a good value, but not any thing special

3 Stars RL August 19, 2010

I stayed at TI in december 08 and there was a rodeo event on. Suite was beautiful and clean. Nothing bad to say about the suite. However the wait at checkin was 40 mins long...not what I wanted after an 11 hour flight...oh and then I got hit with a $500 bottle of champagne which was added to me room bill when I was told it was on the house in the nightclub. Staying at venetian next year

1 Star Ken July 27, 2010

Nice hotel, very clean. One big thing is they charge resort fee which I wasn't happy about. It should not charge any additional fees at all.

5 Stars Dodie June 07, 2010

Stayed in petite suite. Loved it!! View was great. 2 bathrooms!!! Huge shower in one bath; jet tub in the other. Awesome!

5 Stars Stu April 27, 2010

I didn't stay here but the Sirens show is a must and Gilley's bar & grill is a great night out too.

0 Stars Michelle April 24, 2010

The rooms are a little small but nicely appointed. The staff is very friendly.

4 Stars donnymac66 April 15, 2010

I stayed at TI for the 5th or 6th time and as always the room was great. THe bed is incredibly comfortable and housekeeping does a great job. I really like the craps dealers and pit bosses. For food, skip Phil's Italian Steakhouse but Isla, Pho and the coffee shop are all good.

5 Stars xxxNatexxx April 05, 2010

When I stayed here for vacation, I was totally excited about staying in Vegas for 2 weeks. One in Treasure Island and one in Excalibur. When I first walked into the room, I saw the strip view, BEAUTIFUL! Then as I was going to bed, I heard a boom and it was the free TI show. The one you see outside. It was pretty good for a free show. My son got dissatisfied when he kept waking up to see the start of the show. "It's annoying, and the show gets old." he said. I found it hard to believe at first, then I started to find it noisy and tiring. We are not heavy sleepers and we barely get tired. My friend and his son brought my son to the hotel's arcade. Pretty average when I saw it when he and my friend left for Circus Circus and Gameworks. I start to wander about at the casino. Good casino, managed to win $600. When I came back to my room there was a problem with my key. The staff was very nice and gave me an extra two of them. Me, my friend and the kids then went to Luxor to go eat. Food was simple. But on the final day of the week where we got room service. It was the best and I titally regretted going to luxor to eat. Treasure Island was probably ONE of the best, not the best. But it's a very good hotel. I will stay here again, if I have to.

5 Stars Sc0rp10n$ FAN April 05, 2010

Pros: Awesome Rooms, Delicious foods, and cool pools. Negatives: the start of fireworks of the show really get you started and the show gets old.

4 Stars SEJerome March 25, 2010

Decent semi-budget option. Haven't stayed there since the Ruffin takeover, but no complaints. Not much character, but it's the cheapest of the nicer half of the hotels on that stretch of the strip.

4 Stars Diana March 10, 2010

Stayed here til march 4th. The line to check in took FOREVER but I asked for an upgrade and got it free of charge! Buffet was OK but the room was nice and clean and the location was nice I would stay again for sure!

4 Stars Dr. Dukes March 10, 2010

Great value and convenience. We'd come back!

0 Stars C. Newhouser March 07, 2010

For over 10 years I stayed at this once wonderful hotel at least 2 times per year. I have been comped for my room the past 6 years obviously due to my play in the casino. I was offered the same comps at the sister casino's as well but due to the wonderful people who worked at TI i always went back to TI. After new management I was told I have to pay for my room. My action in the casino was the same and I was still offered the same comps at the sister casino's. So that tells me alot about management. Mirage casino treated me like they should have and that says alot about the long road Treasure Island management has ahead of them. I will never stay at Treasure Island again. I wish the workers luck.

5 Stars Ed Greenberg March 06, 2010

We stayed there just before it was sold by MGM. So with that in mind...

Great value, location, room and buffet. Would definitely stay again. Unclear as to which demographic they are appealing to but we did not care.

5 Stars Anna March 01, 2010

TI is very nice!

5 Stars T.Sloan February 28, 2010

Stayed February 22-25. Had a wonderful time. Hotel staff and the Casino staff were all very friendly. I've stayed many times. This round was even better! The food was great as well. Make sure you join the players club. They DO take very good care of you! Working on booking again. Were from Tampa Florida and the new T.I. is back and better then ever. The room was great nicely done.

4 Stars Vegas Lover January 08, 2010

Our home away from home!

0 Stars Michael Cranmer November 02, 2009

This was my second time back to Vegas and my girlfriend's first time. This time around we did a package trip with WestJet and Treasure Island. We were impressed with the cleanlyness of the hotel. Our room faced the southstrip and had 2 queen beds. The bed was incredibly soft and we both enjoyed a great nights sleep waking well rested and ready for the next day of trekking the strip. We are planning our next trip to Vegas and will gladly return to Treasure Island. Here's to next year. Cheers.

4 Stars Trudy nevland October 26, 2009

Very nice

4 Stars Jessi C October 14, 2009

My husband & I just got back from a 4 night stay at Treasure Island. Our room was clean, bed was comfy, service was great & the price was reasonable. However, we could hear people in other rooms, doors slamming, the freeway noise, & though we were in a non-smoking room could still smell cigarette smoke. The buffet was overpriced & tasted terrible. The Coffee Shop service & food was great as was room service. Cirque du Soleil's "Mystere" is a must see if you're staying at TI. Also, be sure to go to Cliffs Barber Corral, located on Tropicana, for an old scool, barbershop experience if you need a haircut and a laugh...

4 Stars Bryan September 18, 2009

Gr8 stay

1 Star Cindy September 14, 2009

Very disappointing! The room was very nice but the smoke was horrible, even though it was a non smoking floor.

4 Stars Steve September 10, 2009

One of my favorites. The sports book alone is a hidden gem. Great place to watch football. Very good drink service. The rooms are on par with other similar MGM properties. Mystere is a fantastic show. Food choices are ok.

5 Stars Jamie September 06, 2009

It was Our first time in Vegas this hotel was fab and so in the centre of most things lots of great bars We had a fab view of the strip room was clean.

2 Stars GW May 23, 2009

I stayed here in December and had a room with a Strip view. Unfortunately, I was not impressed. Check-in was unbearingly long (approximately 45 minutes), apparently there was some cowboy convention going on. Finally got to the room, the view of the strip was impressive. But, we could hear the outside traffic, not a good thing when you're trying to sleep. The walls were thin, you can hear the people next to you. I would not stay here again!

5 Stars Olli January 30, 2009

Nice rooms, good and friendly service. The sirenes show is also very nice.

4 Stars Joey October 25, 2008

Clean, young, great location. TO gets a four star rating because it is a notch below the quality of the big players but is still very nice and can usually be booked at a relative value. If it's $200 for wynn vs $110 for TI, give me TI every time. Great location, decent dining options, great beds and updated rooms all add up to a no brained for an upper mid tier vegas stay.

0 Stars donnymac August 06, 2008

Just stayed 4 nights in a renovated room. Really tastefully decorated room and great bed. Service at the Breeze Bar was top notch as always. The craps crews and paigow dealers were really fun and friendly. Overall we had a great time at TI and will definitely stay there again.

0 Stars Jeff June 30, 2008

Poor AC, unfriendly staff (across the board), horrific key fob cards.

0 Stars Dominique Bonnot February 13, 2008

This was our first trip to Las Vegas. We were originally scheduled to stay at the Monte Carlo, however due to the fire this was not to be. We had 3 days to pick a different hotel & finally settled on Treasure Island. We are very happy we did. The hotel is lovely & it's rooms are spacious and clean. Aside from a couple of grouchy dealers, the staff was friendly & helpful. The hotel itself is in a nice location, I much prefer it's location to the MGM and Luxor hotels. The casino is a bit smokey at night, but it is not unbearable. We saw Mystere at TI and this is a must if you are going to Las Vegas. What a fantastic show !! The buffet is pretty good, and a lot cheaper than eating out at restaurants every night. The Sirens of TI was a fun show..a bit cheesy, but oh well !!
Overall our trip to Vegas & our stay at TI was fantastic & I would recommend this hotel to anyone. ( Especially if you can get a room on the 35th's an amazing view )
PS. I won 2100$$ at a 2 cents slot keep your eyes open for those machines

0 Stars LINDSEY January 07, 2008


0 Stars Jim September 05, 2007

We booked a Petite suite, It turned out to be right off the elavators, they all are. The suite had two huge bathrooms and a huge entry way, small bedroom. Service was bad, hotel help rude. Won't be back. One of the worst hotels on the strip.

0 Stars jeremy aldridge August 24, 2007

Just returned from a four night, five day stay at TI. Having previously stayed at Paris and Caesars, this property wast a downgrade from those two. However, the price was significantly lower, so I pretty much expected a little less.

I would rate the rooms as being average, nothing great, but certainly not poor either. The beds were extremely comfortable. I found the staff to be courteous and helpful when needed.

The casino was nice, I liked the table limits. I frequently play craps and found a $5 during most days and $10 at night. It was through the week so it's probably higher on the weekends.

We spent one night in the Kahunaville bar, which was very entertaining.

Overall, it's a nice enough place but nothing special when compared to other properties. I personally will spend the extra money to go back to Paris before I stayed at TI again. That being said, at $89 a night it was a pretty good value from that standpoint.

0 Stars harold April 24, 2007

This place was a refreshing surprise. After years of only visiting a competitor's hotel, we tried the TI. Rooms were modern and upgraded, rates reasonable. I assumed it would be a worn out pirate theme with a cheesy new facade. I found everything to be very reasonable. The rooms are very comfortable. I think the transition to 'The TI' was a good one. Restaurant selection was great. Highly recommend Isla. Being a southern California resident, I rarely eat Mexican when outside of the state, this place impressed me.

0 Stars User August 04, 2006

This was not my first visit to Vegas but it was my first time staying at Treasure Island. I had a no smoking room 2 queen beds 14th floor. When I asked for extra towels they were there immediatley. They had the most comfortable beds. Only MGM West Wing can beat that. Buffet was reasonably priced and food was fresh. Lines? Expect lines everywere for everything. I saw longer lines at the Paris hotel. They moved quickly. We did not go to pool.
I would stay her again.

0 Stars User June 26, 2006

The only problem with this casino is the attitude of the waitress at Breeze Bar. I was there on 06/23/2006 afternoon trying to get a drink at Breeze Bar, but the waitress just kept ignoring me.

I tried to file a complaint to casino, but they said I need to speak to Breeze Bar manager. I later ask the bartender if I may speak to the bar manager, but he couldn't find where the manager was.

The bar wasn't busy when I was there. I have no idea why they would hire a waitress that wasn't willing to take drink orders, but lean against at the bar giving attitude to customers.

0 Stars User May 23, 2006

Had a strip view room for 1 week. Very comfortable and good sized. Bathroom was large and water pressure and temperature were good at all times. Good security at night with key checking. Players club help was very fast and polite. Check in and out was very fast. A little worn carpet strings right at the room doorway, but everything else in good shape.

0 Stars User January 19, 2006

Finally made it,2 nights at the TI.For those of you who are scared by TI's changes just don't worry,rooms are still the same.The trash bin is still with the old Treasure Island logo.
Rooms are nice and cozy,and also comes at a great rate.This is my new home away from home in Vegas

0 Stars User October 17, 2005

Had a good holiday here at TI - my 5th visit to Vegas from the UK. Had read the comments about the small rooms, rowdy crowd etc., I am not a young trendy type but didn't feel the younger crowd was a problem. There is definitely a younger element at this hotel but didn't feel this was a problem by the pool or anything.

I considered the rooms were a normal size for the price I had paid and the bathroom was adequate. Although the shower could have done with siginificantly more power.

Room was clean and looked after very well. Had a view of the Pirate Ships and board walk - but also the building work next to the Venetian - a shame but unfortunately the work has to be done otherwise nothing new gets built.

All in all I would go back to TI again. Show was very well done and it was definitely an improvement on the old one. The day had come for a change.

0 Stars User September 01, 2005

Unbelievable time Aug 21-26th at TI. Great service, great room and will definitely stay there again and again.

Housekeeping was outstanding. Clean and prompt. We loved the location and will book again for next year for our annual trip.

Thanks TI. Keep up the great work.

0 Stars User August 04, 2005

We go to Vegas 3-4 times a year and have stayed many places. TI is my favorite. The rooms are great (better than Mirage for less $) and the staff is very friendly. Craps table staff are wonderful, friendly, helpful. I like the fact that the Casino is not too large that you get lost from your companions. And you are so close to many other Casinos in the middle of the strip.

0 Stars User July 30, 2005

The last time I have stayed here I can see how the hotel has gone down since it has been "revamped".

They got rid of the great sign out front to a too small sign that just has TI on it.

The shower curtain in that bathroom shown signs of being pulled out of the wall. I called room service for some towels and it took them about an hour to get them to me. After spending a day out in the LV sun and heat I was expecting to wash up some.

Also, if you use the internet (Web TV) that they offer, you will have to put up with a screen saver after every 15 minnutes of use. That gets quite annoying when you have to relog on to it everytime.

This hotel has started to go downhill since they have tried to update it.

0 Stars User July 19, 2005

We come to Las Vegas at the very least 3 times a year. We haven't been able to get over to Treasure Island for a few years, however, we just got back and I can't believe my eyes. We used to love coming here it was so full of life and the slots were so much fun. I don't know who came up with the idea to change this place but I think they should have their heads examined. Who ruined this once great place? And why? Well I wish I could say we will be back, but, I know we won't unless it is restored to it's once fun pirate going place we fell in love with.

0 Stars User March 25, 2005

What is now TI?Is it still the islander/piratesque place or a trendy casino for trendy people.Well I think MGM doesnt even know.What I see happening here is the same thing happened at the "Reserve" hotel and casino turned into the "Fiesta Henderson" hotel and casino.A weird mix of "Africa go to Mexico".
Treasure Island is now a "Pirates go to the elegant whorehouse called TI".
Gaming become terrible too.No more 5$ blackjack tables in the house...geez...there is ONE 5$ BJ table at the Bellagio and none here!!

0 Stars User February 14, 2005

We used to love this place, but are now just feeling gouged for expensive weak drinks and bad service, never mind the fact that it feels like being in tijuana during spring break. BIG MISTAKE taking away all of the beautiful themed decorations for the cheap "trendy" crap. Generally we just don't respect this hotel anymore, and I refuse to call it TI. I'd rather just not say the name ever again. See ya, old friend.

0 Stars User January 11, 2005

i decided to give TI a try. I was disappointed. I asked reservations for a Tower Deluxe room. They assured me I would have a south strip view. I had a not so lovely view of the construction next to the Venetian and a view of the mall...not at all what I expected. I found it to attract a very young 20 something crowd, and limited food choices (we actually found good dining at the Mirage though). The casino is small and tight (very small walkways). I truly was not satisfied and will not be booking any of my clients (I am a travel agent) at this hotel again.

0 Stars User January 02, 2005

If you're over 30, forget this place. They now cater to the young and trendy. They seem to be aiming for the less affluent of the Palms crowd. Security was a joke on New Years Eve, not so at the other strip hotels we were in. Anyone and everyone had access to the floors with the rooms.
The beds are so bad I had to make sure I wasn't in the Saraha or Circus. I could feel springs when I ran my hand across the sheets, sleeping on it was a nightmare. Bathroom is nice but why not a full length tub? I'm oly 5'1" and I couldn't even stretch out!
Overall, it was way less that I'd expected. I know Vegas well, we make about 4 trips a year and stay a week. This place is just not well managed, I kept finding odd things being done, like cleaning carpet in a major traffic pattern in the casino at midnight? HUH??? The place is tight enough when it comes to walking, could ya maybe wait till about 4AM to do the major cleaning?
I'll stay with Caesars and Mirage and the other establishments that seem to want my 40something $$, have great security and treat me with some respect thank you. And when I want to gamble and win, I'll drive off the strip to Silverton, have a nice meal at Twin Creeks and win some $$ too!

0 Stars User December 21, 2004

My husband and I have stayed at TI many times and have found it to be the best place to stay while in Vegas.
Room service is superb,housekeeping is the best.The only thing lacking here is cocktail servers while playing at machines.
The hotel staff is always there to assist.
This hotel is a high recommend.

0 Stars User October 03, 2004

Top floor rooms have much higher ceilings. I love TI!

0 Stars Adam12 August 11, 2004

Stayed at TI from July 25 - 29, 2004. Had an incredible view from the 32nd floor (32093), facing the southern strip. The pool was directly below us, the volcano in plain site ahead of us, and the back end of the Bellagio Fountains just beyond that. Had a clear view of almost every casino from TI to Mandalay Bay, and the Rio and Palms to the right. Service was excellent, staff very friendly. Will return.

0 Stars vegas4me00 May 03, 2004

We were in Vegas for our 2nd anniv. TI upgraded us to the penthouse floor. Beautiful room and sent up free champaign. Our room had a beautiful view of the south strip. We could see the Belligo fountains and the Volcano. They really made our trip!
Pool was nice, a little small compared to the other places we stayed but very nice.
We loved staying there and would stay again.
(we even won money on the slots!!!!!)

0 Stars CricketGirl88 March 22, 2004

The service here was horrific! I have stayed here twice, and both times I have been treated very badly. The front desk is very snobby and rude, and the room service takes two hours to get to your room on average.

0 Stars biegs March 12, 2004

about the same as a holiday inn

0 Stars cringle February 18, 2004

TI is a great combination of luxury, high quality and value - It's a solid choice within its price range. Standard rooms are nicer than most. Tower Suites are great, with his & hers bathrooms with a full jacuzzi & walk in closet in the 'hers' - and plenty of room. The property has the same overall feel as other Wynn propeties, which is a good thing. Very enjoyable.

0 Stars bb November 11, 2003

Recently spent a weekend here. The room (standard) was clean and comfortable. Smoking room and I'm a smoker, but the room never got cloudy, great ventilation. Nice big marble bathroom with great amenities. The Water pressure was not great, but there was lots of hot water.

Service was good. Quick check-in. Used express checkout so we didn't need to go to the desk. Everyone was polite and the housekeeping staff always said hello and smiled when passing you in the hallways. Luggage service was quick. Good night security, need to show key to get to elevators.

Dinner at Buccaneer bay was wonderful. My husband and I had a honeymoon dinner some years ago and the wait staff was polite, prompt and completely unobtrusive; they knew we wanted a romantic dinner. This time we were there for a birthday party and their attitude and service fit the mood. Waiter very funny, service fast without being pushy and the food was wonderful. Staff seems to know what kind of evening you want.

Extra bonuses: Krispy Kreme, & Starbucks on site. $ 7.50 plus $5.00 room service charge for a pot of so-so coffee a bit steep, really my only complaint. But not a big problem as we could throw on some sweats in the morning and run down for a decent cup of coffee

Two things stood out for me. Family stuffed animals were carefully placed on the bed by cleaning staff. They (the stuffies) were even given the remote and their own blanket (a clean towel!). Corny, I know, but it shows the staffs attention to detail. Also When I decided to sit in the Battle bar for a while to read and drink a class of wine while my husband was playing blackjack (I don't gamble), I wasn't made to feel like I was in the way and taking up a table meant for a larger group – an issue I’ve run into before. In general I felt that we were treated with respect and courtesy. Would recommend TI to anyone.

0 Stars Kathie September 13, 2003

I really enjoyed our stay at TI. The staff was wonderful and very helpful. It is just the right size. Not to big and not to small. We received a room on the 32nd floor with a view of the strip, we could even see the Bellagio fountains. Our next trip we will be staying here again. Thank you for a wonderful vacation.

0 Stars diva217 August 27, 2003

The room was beautiful. Big and nice colors, the bathroom was spacious with marble floors and a nice size bathtub. I had friends staying at other hotels and their rooms paled in comparison. However, there was no coffee machine in room ( I found this inconvienant). The pool was nice, but small and very crowded. The service was average, nothing great.A plus was the fact that the hotel was not as big as many others on the stip and getting to your room is quick and easy. I have stayed at the MGM Grand and it was TOO BIG and took TOO LONG to get to the room. Overall TI was a wonderful expreience.

0 Stars brandylee July 31, 2003

Great rooms and the staff was helpful and nice. Pool is small for the number of guests the hotel has.Easy to navigate the hotel and find rooms. Only problem we had is that the computers had crashed and it took us 8 hours to check in. They did give us a room upgrade and free buffets, so overall had a great experience and would go back. If you are looking for a kid friendly hotel I would chose a different hotel as they are changing thier image and there is nothing but the pool and a very small arcade.

0 Stars doctor_al July 22, 2003

The Petite Suite was excellent. As noted, it has two bathrooms, one with jacuzzi tub that might just fit two people. The pool area is nice, if somewhat crowded. The view from our room was great, but the window is off to one side of the room. The lounges and public areas are pretty upscale, esp. Breeze Bar, Mist. For the prices that can be had, this is a very good value.

0 Stars bnsf600 June 11, 2003

I love the rooms here. I admit that you can't fit more
than two people in the room, but since the remodel, the rooms
are in perfect working order and there are no signs of wear.
Great location and the prices are usually pretty good. Nice
bathroom with space and a marble floor, which is totally
great. The pool is a bit on the small side compared to other
resorts nearby. The service here is great in my opinion. They
do their best to get you the room you want and they always
seem to have a smile on their face.

0 Stars sabramo102 June 11, 2003

We choose TI frequently for weekend stays; they usually have a better price for rooms than most of the other Strip properties that we like. The rooms are very attractive, they are not the largest we've been in. Bathrooms are a good size, but it's a shower/tub combination in all of the rooms we've been in - I prefer a separate shower. Housekeeping is excellent - rooms are always very clean and nothing is ever hanging around in hallways. I have always encountered the friendliest and most helpful people here - the staff is a big plus! The pool is pretty but not too large. Another good value!

0 Stars wolfman1953 June 06, 2003

Stayed November 2002. We had a suite that over looked the Pirate Battle. The room was huge and clean. The bathrooms were also large. One bath had a shower, the larger bath had a Jaquzzi. The service was better than average, but not excetional.

0 Stars lostyouth June 01, 2003

Highly recommend watching for a deal on the Tower Suite here. Beautiful room with a great view of the bay. Service was excellent.

0 Stars roberti805 May 31, 2003

A very nice hotel with great rooms! And a value for your money, especially if you are lucky enough to receive offers from them.

0 Stars May 27, 2003

The Tower and Petite Suites are great. Definitely worth the extra $$$.

0 Stars sillywabbit33 April 28, 2003

very poor service, staff made it seem like i should be greatful they even acknowleged my existence. Room was like a typical Hilton Box. Was not impressed with this tourist-trap property.

0 Stars April 07, 2003

very good service,friendly people.Not too many children on casino floor.Gold Bar great place and great people.

0 Stars Hunter February 28, 2003

The rooms are fantastic for the price, and not too shabby by any standard. Always clean and nice. The staff are always very attentive. My only major complaint is the pool. Dunno what Steve Wynn was thinking but it should be bigger and better. Otherwise, TI is almost always a direct hit.

0 Stars RateVegas User February 18, 2003

Terrible place!
would never go there again.
tram broken all 4 days,
ice machine broken
room pretty but casino bad
would never ever set foot in that place again!

0 Stars RateVegas User January 31, 2003

My husband and I, took our son and daughter-in-law,to Las Vegas, we had alway's stayed at Imperial Palace. Having finding out that Imperial was booked for the week we were going to be there, our agent, got us booked with Treasure Island...I must add, that it was one of the best trips we'd ever had to Vegas...Starting at check-in, it was fast, and the staff was very courteous, and helpful...I had requested rooms with a view, and i must say, the rooms we were appointed were wonderful...the beds....were very comfortable, the bath...was roomy and well stocked....The housekeeping staff, were very friendly....
I'd heard that the casino staff, was slow, unfriendly,etc...but we found that to be wrong...we were treated with fast, friendly service....This was my son's and his wife's first time to Vegas, and our time spent at Treasure Island, will be an memorable one..
Thank you, Treasure Island....We will be back.....

0 Stars RateVegas User January 29, 2003

We stayed at Treasure Island in one of their Petite Suites over Christmas 2002 for our honeymoon. The room was tastefully appointed, clean, and more than adequate in space. The bathrooms were great (two separate ones). Mine had the whirlpool tub and his had a step in shower.

We never went to the pool area, so I can't rate that.

Overall, the people at Treasure Island from front desk to casino to restaurants were very courteous and some of the best on the strip. We found ourselves comparing our accomodations and experiences with the other places and deciding that T.I. was one of the best, if not THE best, value on the strip. We would definitely stay there again!

0 Stars RateVegas User June 17, 2002

1st stay at T.I., great service & nice room with a view. Very easy self-parking. pool kinda small for this kind of property. Even had a good time in the casino, hit a nice jackpot on a real loose slot; wild cherry right in- between change booth & elevato rs. great breakfast buffet. would stay again!

0 Stars RateVegas User June 17, 2002

1st stay at T.I., great service & nice room with a view. Very easy self-parking. pool kinda small for this kind of property. Even had a good time in the casino, hit a nice jackpot on a real loose slot; wild cherry right inbetween change booth & elevaters. great breakfast buffet. would stay again!

0 Stars RateVegas User May 11, 2002

The room I had was great b/c I was on the 34th floor and I
had a corner room. A corner room has two windows, which is
great for the view. I thought the room was a bit small when
compared to other hotels I've stayed at like the Stardust,
Tropicana and Stratosphere. However, the bathroom is real
nice compared to the other hotels I mentioned. Nice and
clean casino and most of the casion employess are quite nice.
The pool is nice, but not a top 5 pool. Ben & Jerry's has
an ice cream shop downstairs, but I would not recommend the
shake b/c it is very watery and doesn't have much taste. If you
are looking for a sandwich and don't want to wait in line at
the Terrace Cafe, head on over to the sportsbook and visit
the Delicatessen. I got a club sandwich and it had 1/4" to
1/2" of bacon. Having a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop is also
a very nice positive. I would stay here again if the rate
was right.

0 Stars RateVegas User March 04, 2002

Very clean. Service was attentive. Thought the rooms could of been larger.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 05, 2001

Excellent service, professional and courteous. The room was immaculated and the bathroom was nicely appointed. This is a very nice place to stay with a good location and is an excellent value.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 14, 2001

TI is a good place to stay. Not too pricey but nice rooms. The only downside is the pool pretty much sucks compared to some other properties. Service is always good.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 14, 2001

I stayed at Treasure Island around Memorial Day. We got a great room. Even if you dont smoke you may want to ask for smoking as we got earlier check in and a great room. We were on the 33rd floor with a great view of the strip! A penthouse view for sure! Staff was great and very nice. Food was good but not much for casual dining. The room itself was very pretty and felt elegant. I had stayed at Luxor two years prior and although it is close I liked Treasure Island better. Getting a great room makes the difference here!

0 Stars RateVegas User July 26, 2001

The pool area is small but well maintained. Rent a cabana -- it's worth every penny.

0 Stars RateVegas User July 26, 2001

We loved the Treasure Island, and thought that the rooms were much nicer than the Mirage.

0 Stars RateVegas User April 09, 2001

We stayed there in June 2000 and found it to be far nicer than the MGM the previous trip.
The TI has nice rooms and a good overall feel to it.
The casino is well laid out and pleasing to the eye and you don't need a cab to get around it!
The pool is small by competitor's standards and not up to it's big brother next door, but it is very nice and has a party feel to it.
Don't be put off...this really is a lovely property.

0 Stars RateVegas User March 14, 2001

My husband and I come every year from the UK to Las Vegas,having stayed at The Excalibur, but last year was the first time we spent at TI, we found it extremely clean, staff very friendly, and the breakfast buffet far outweighed any of the other hotels we have visited. Our bedroom was lovely, so big, it overlooked the strip, thus seeing, the Mirage, Paris Paris and Venetian. We are planning on coming back this Christmas. There was also plenty of parking. The one thing we were looking forward to seeing was the galleon showing outside, but it was out of action for most of December, and we were only there from 20 - 22nd December, so we missed out, just hope it will be running this year.

0 Stars RateVegas User February 17, 2001

Our stay was excellent. Rooms are spotless and very convenient from the outside or the casino. Valet parking is fast and courtious. We will stay here again on our next trip. We loved it.

0 Stars RateVegas User January 23, 2001

This was our first trip to TI and we were really delighted. We try to go to Vegas at least once a year and were really excited about staying here. We found the service to be very gracious with all employees seemingly happy doing their tasks. The folks at the restaurants were particulary happy people. We'd stay again, but we try to go to a different hotel everytime. I would give TI thumbs up over these properties. Rivera, Excaliber, and the Golden Nugget. The Golden Nugget was nice though and I'd opt to return there again. We'll probably stay at the Rio next time unless TI has some really unavoidable room rates. We paid $59 a night from Sun to Wed. so I feel we got a good deal. The slots are fairly loose, but we did the best at Rivera. We also had dinner at the Eiffel Tower 11th floor resturant and found it to be...well..kinda' over-done as far as the food goes. The view of the Bellagio fountains was Awesome though.
Treasue Island had nice rooms, but kinda' small. The decor was a pretty Peach/Sand color and it was easy on the eyes. The furniture was handsome and fit the color scheme very well. We also took in Mystere...and man it was the most unbelievable thing I had EVER seen! and I'm 42 yrs. old and thought I'd seen plenty! We ate in this small French kinda' Cafe at TI that was the best meal we had, I had Lasagna, very good! We went to the buffet at Mandaly Bay for breakfast and it was wonderful also. The best thing I had was Martinellis Apple Cider. It was in a Champagne bottle, and oh my god!! It was great! We even found some at the local grocery store when we returned to Austin.
We love Veags and can't wait to return. Yes, we also saw Danny Gans and he was Very entertaining, not quite like Mystere, but very, very , good.

0 Stars RateVegas User December 20, 2000

Thought the rooms were comparable to Mirage. The casino was nice but the service was the absolute worst I have ever experienced anywhere in Vegas (or anywhere else for that matter). Would not stay there again even if comped.

0 Stars RateVegas User September 06, 2000

Excellent services at this hotel. Pool area is okay. Rooms are nicely done, but are certainly not 500sq ft. average!! Would stay here again in a heartbeat.

0 Stars RateVegas User August 21, 2000

We usually stay at Harrah's but this year they were fully booked for the dates we were planning. Besides, Harrah's has been steadily going downhill the past few years.(rooms are dirty and staff unfriendly.) I was glad to be trying a new place. I absolutely loved Treasure Island. The rooms were very clean, the staff friendly and helpful, the location excellent and the slots I played were "loose." lol It's a miracle if you go to Vegas for a week and come home with the same amount of cash you took, lol. To me that's a "win." There were only a few things that were subpar....the food being one but we ate at different places everyday so that wasn't a problem. The phone charges were astronomical! Apparently, Treasure Island charges something like 40 percent extra. The pool was too small but nice. As we are from the East coast and had to take a "red eye" home, we wanted to stay in our room until 6 p.m. the day we had to leave. They first quoted us $90 which I thought was high but there was no way we could have checked out early and then walked around until 9 p.m. when our bus was scheduled to pick us up to take us to the airport. So we decided to keep the room. When we went to check out, we were very pleasantly surprised that they didn't charge us for the extra time we stayed. I kept thinking it was a mistake and asked the clerk about it...she assured me that I would not be charged. I would rate my stay at Treasure Island a 10 and would definitely stay there again!

0 Stars RateVegas User July 10, 2000

Another great stay at TI. When we checked out, we left our luggage for a bit to do some shopping. When we returned, we found out that a bottle of Tequila in one of our bags had been broken. Even though they were not obligated, they sent a bellman to the liquor store to replace it right away. Great service.

0 Stars RateVegas User June 05, 2000

Our room at TI was a pretty good size for the cost... The
service was wonderful. I would definately stay here again!

0 Stars RateVegas User April 18, 2000

Clearly not as breathtaking as it's sister resort The Mirage,
Treasure Island is a lot of fun, not too expensive and the
staff are always curteous.