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Westin Casuarina

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Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews Westin Casuarina

5 Stars Toots December 05, 2011

Great hotel not smelly or smoky like the strip hotels. Don't walk alone at night lots of bums and hookers roaming around between the hotel and the Strip. Everything was perfect at the hotel even the hot dealer who taught me blackjack.

5 Stars Ernest October 01, 2011

Great hotel... Love the heavenly beds, very clean and just a block or two from the the heart of Vegas. I stay here 3 times a year.

3 Stars Timm September 21, 2011

Hotel and staff fine. Casino is small and quiet. Issues were the tiny pool area with few chairs and the somewhat creepy, dark walk from las vegas blvd to the entrance. Probably wouldn't return but if we got a deal, we might.

5 Stars George & Linda May 30, 2011

We stay here 2-3 times a year! Great suites, service, amenities, the food at Suede is wonderful (especially the pork chops, steak, chicken parm and cheese ravs), great gift shop. Safe and uncrowded environment with a un casino!

5 Stars Trent May 25, 2011

My wife and I stay here every year. Not nearly as smokey as strip. Gotta love the spa!

5 Stars Sara July 09, 2010

The Westin is continuously professional and great!

5 Stars Jean June 02, 2010

Loved the Westin! Great for business travel.

5 Stars Brett March 23, 2010

The Westin is continuously wonderful an one of the nicest of the international hotels.

5 Stars Susan March 23, 2010

Loved it! Five stars!!

1 Star Yo mama March 15, 2010

I came hear one day early so I just wanted to try this hotel. I wish I never went there when I got in my room there was stool in the toilet DO NOT GO HEAR please do not

5 Stars Anna March 01, 2010

Great hotel!!

5 Stars John December 31, 2009

Great hotel to stay on business. Rooms are nice and accessible.

2 Stars Kim Shipley November 22, 2009

This visit to this casino was an absolutely horrible experience. The third day there we were afixiated in our room by a construction crew that was suppose to be painting at 5 AM. The casino refused to provide a material hazard sheet to tell us what we were exposed to. We had some trouble breathing and my wife experienced blurred vision for a while. We were then put on a different floor where they knew they were going to do construction, thus exposing my family to more noxious substances. My family and I were the only people in that section of the hotel. We waited for hours for management to assess us of the situation. They were going to call.They were coming to our room. They made a lot of promises and delivered nothing.

One of the Westin's big focus is on clean air, relaxation and the fact that you leave this casino feeling better than when you came there. We were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and frankly we were treated like garbage. Yes there were adjustments on our bill while we were there, but what transpired after we got home rendered that moot.

We had left the Westin with a ZERO balance we have all the receipts. There were charges put on our debit card we used to reserve the room. Management guranteed us these would be removed in 10 days. I repeat we left this casino with a zero balance and a bad taste in our mouths.

After we got home our experience with the Westin gets worst as they have begun a campaign of harassment and deceit. They have now involved 2 banks in this train wreck either by their greed or retaliatory practices. My daughter who was with us had written a check while we were there. She wrote this on her own bank account and we have proof this check cleared the bank. This casino insists this check did not clear the bank. They used this as an excuse to double dip and collect the amount of the check AND they posted the amount on the debit card. Some peaceful and relaxing experience is now compounded by the Westin lying to the bank holding our debit card. There are now several hundred dollars in charges on this card and the Westin has fed selective information to the bank about all this. They have shared information that is entirely confidential.

They refuse to put any members of management on the phone at any time. We are LAUGHED at when we have attempted to correct this with accounting. It is evident that they think we do not keep our receipts

This has been going on since October 10 2009. We stayed from October 10 to 14. Six weeks later we are still fighting over this. They have bambozzed our bank into believing their lies. This is all an effort to defame and slander us. All is not going to work in their favor as they even have violated federal law. We have made every effort to resolve this. It is sometimes easier for someone to pay all these bogus bills, but it is not going to fly in this case.....More ongoing details at eleven.

3 Stars AceAtkins November 02, 2009

Not too far from the strip. Quiet hotel all hours of the day. The gambling is cheap and the staff are very entertaining. Simple bars for a good price. Book through priceline if you can and you should get great prices. We got two nights over Halloween weekend for $90 a night.

5 Stars Anonymous September 06, 2009

The best hotel off-Strip for a business trip. The lobby bar is perfect for meetings and discussing various business topics.

0 Stars Vicki March 28, 2008

We stayed at the Westin during the last week in March, 2008. The reservations had been booked over a year ago and there was still a mix up in our room type. The beds were comfy and the spa relaxing. We did not have hot water for 2 evenings, coffee pot had to be replaced, the safe reprogrammed after my items were locked in it, the shower would not drain for 2 hours afterwards, the temperature in the rooms never got under 74 degrees with the A/C thermostat placed on 68 degrees, and the cocktail waitresses were viewed sipping customer drinks before delivering them.

0 Stars Andrew August 26, 2007

Very nice feel to this hotel. Good for business travel, but we walked to the central Strip and it was only a block away - very easy! Very nice amentities.

The downside: staff kicked us out of our room the second night. I later found out my 2nd night had never gone through, but they were somewhat rude. When I argued with the manager, he called me a liar. They did, however, pay for several couples to stay at the Jockey Club (ick) for our trouble.

0 Stars Grove April 10, 2007

We have just returned from a week in Vegas and a stay at the WESTIN CASUARINA. We traveled with our two teenage boys and LOVED this hotel. If you are looking for a hot nightspot (Rio) or a fancy ohh la la expierience (Bellagio or Wynn) this hotel is NOT for you.

This hotel is rated 4 stars in most travel guides and meets or exceeds your expectations. We arrived after midnight directly from the airport. Parking was easy in the attached garage. The main lobby is very nicely layed out. You enter to several check in desks instead of the usual "stand in line" check-in. Even at that time of the morning, they had three people staffing the desks. Check-in took all of five minutes. We had requested adjoining rooms with a mini fridge and all was ready and waiting for us. Keys in hand we followed the bell boy (Yep ... on duty after midnight) to our rooms on the 9th floor.

The rooms were wonderful, not overly large, but had a seperate sitting area and a view of Bally's and Bellagio. Never having stayed at a Westin ... I didn't get all the hype about the "Heavenly Bed and Bath" until I looked at the beds. WOW!! We had a king in our room that was heaped with pillows and a european style duvet. Under all of that was the most comfortable bed i've ever slept in. No run of the mill sheets here either. Quality egyptian cotton with the Westin monogram.

The bath was done in marble and tile. Nothing extravigant, however the shower has two shower heads so you can ajust spray and massage to your hearts content. Full size extra thick bathmats and thick terry towels awaited. Nice terry robes waited for you as well as a full vanity of high quality toiletries.

After a great nights sleep we went to breakfast at Suede, the resturant just off the lobby. Very nice buffet for breakfast that ranged from yogart and fruit to eggs benidict. If it wasn't on the bar, they brought it to you at no extra charge.

The hotel staff was always quick to try to help or just offer a smile and "good day". From the maids in the halls to the pool boy, every staff member I encountered offered a greeting and a smile. Nice to see!!!

The concierce, Grant, hooked us up with some great show tickets and was always available to answer questions or give suggestions.

The casino is small and quiet, but does get a bit smokey late at night. The slots are a bit stingy on payouts. We did well at the Black Jack tables and all of the dealers and casino staff are pleasant, unlike some I encountered in the "mega" casinos.

If you want great service, good value and jquite place to relax away from the party animals ... this is the hotel for you!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User August 07, 2006

I have found and reserved the hotel by an accident thru internet service. And I stayed 4 nights mid-July. All I can say is that the experience of WESTIN was far above my initial expectation. I ususally opt for big hotels on the strip but somehow I ended up at the Westin this year and it was one of the most pleasant hotel experiences in Vegas. Since I had the car and the gambling wasn't on my agenda, it was the perfect hotel for me. Parking lot was so close to the lobby-don't have to walk a mile from the parking garage to your room-staff were VERY pleasant, and most of all the bed and the shower were "Heavenly!" It's also located on the mid-strip which was a plus for someone like me who hopped around every different hotels for the shows, shopping, dining and clubbing. I also stayed at the MGM Grand on the 5th night and I noticed the difference in the BED, Shower, and the front desk service immediately. It's a perfect cozy hotel to just rest for a few hours of good rest between the other Vegas activities. I would definitely recommand it to other based on above reasons.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 10, 2005

This could be one of the most boring hotels in Vegas. Although the casino isn't bad, there is no action at his hotel. In three days, we were never there to do more than sleep.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User April 20, 2005

As a certified vegas-a-holic, I have stayed at most of the hotels on the strip. On this vacation vegas was just an overnite stop with the kids, on the way to the midwest. Unike all the strip hotels(unless you are Paris Hilton and Tinkerbell) the Westin Casuarina ALLOWS PETS. Try that at TI. The room was one of the nicest standard rooms I have stayed in, the bed exceptional, and the staff was friendly, helpful, and very customer oriented. The casino is smaller, almost intimate. It is a wonderful place to stay in vegas....and if you arent a high roller getting the ultra luxurious suites,,,,THIS IS THE PLACE TO STAY.. I will return on my next trip to vegas

0 Stars RateVegas.com User December 18, 2004

Used up some Starwood points to stay for free because: 1) I was tired of the busy strip hotels; 2) Westins have the best bed and baths of any chain and 3) it was free. Wasn't disappointed. Heavenly Bed and Bath were awesome. Service was great (check-in was a whopping 1 minute). Casino is very small and very quiet, so dealers had more personality. No comps to speak of. Pit boss couldn't even work out a free pass for their new show (not that I didn't play enough...he just didn't have the authority). Close enough to Strip but also walking distance to the "bargain" spots like Tuscany, Key Largo and Ellis Island. Restaurant served good food and was almost always half empty. All in all a great place to stay.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User November 28, 2004

Stayed for 1 night and really enjoyed this hotel!
The room was excellent with the exception of the view which was blah just a look at the traffic and parking lot. The bed was by far the most comfortable I have slept in and the bathroom with the great thick towels and dual shower heads was great! I was allowed to check in at 9:30am with no hassle instead of the normal 3:00pm check in time. The overall feel of the hotel was warm and inviting, small and cozy instead of the big casinos where you can easily get lost...

0 Stars bnlfanmatt April 18, 2004

Friendly staff, nicely furnished room. The heavenly bed was great to sleep in. I had a view looking north, seeing anything from the Imperial Palace to the Stratosphere from left to right. Not too far off strip, either. I took a video of the room, in .mov format, if anyone wants to see what it is like. I would definitely consider staying there again.

0 Stars Mikeynla January 05, 2004

The room was gorgeous, with really comfortable furnishings, and that amazing Heavenly Bed. The bathroom was equally stunning, with a fantastic dual-head shower and wonderful towels. Room service was perfect as well. Overall, we felt very comfortable and welcome at the Westin, and it provided a very nice "escape" from the Strip, while still being a 5-minute walk to some of the best properties on the Strip!