Hotel / Casino Ratings & Reviews Wynn Las Vegas

5 Stars Tom November 13, 2015

Just got off the phone with Melissa Carpi at the Wynn hotel .

She was wonderful helping me plan my parents stay surrounding their 52nd anniversary.

She had many ideas for celebratory food & drink for the room, and at least a dozen on & off the property entertainment options during their stay.

She must have spent a 1/2 hr. on the phone with me and another 1/2 hr. after that putting
all of the options with her contact info. in a
very well presented e-mail.

If you're going to stay at the Wynn in Las Vegas talk to Melissa Carpi, she knows whats what about the strip and down town.

I'm excited to hear about my parents stay at the Wynn, I'm sure it's going to be top notch.

5 Stars @HugePopcorn September 15, 2014

Wynn is gorgeous. Room was great and does cool tricks. Pool is great. Bed comfy once I could finally go to sleep after Vegas mania.

5 Stars Chris June 27, 2013

Another great stay at the Wynn!! Great friendly staff that is very accommodating!!

5 Stars Bill Johnson May 08, 2013

Lance... You review is a tale-tale sign you are a loser. I'm sure you were trying to impress some ladies in the crowd and were just put in place by the Wynn employees. Be a big boy, act like you've been there before, and the night will go as planned.

1 Star Lance April 26, 2013

Didn't stay here, but visited tryst twice this month. What a terrible bunch of employees running the ropes. They go out of their way to make you feel sub par. If you didn't bring an exact guy to girl ratio don't plan on getting in with your friends. The dj sucked. I guess these employees think their club is better than it is. We went to marquee on Friday, got right in and the staff were very friendly despite the large crowd. True professionals. Oh and the dj was Benny Benassi. With a** hole employees like yours and a small mediocre interior, your days are numbered tryst.

5 Stars Dave August 10, 2012

Had a great stay. It is true about the pool being in the shade. After about 3PM the sunset pool gets 50% covered by shade. Lounge chairs are hard to find if you arrive after noon in the general pool but there are many available at the sunset pool. Had a lengthy checkin as well about 45 minutes but everything was perfect after. Would return again for sure by far the best stay in Vegas I have had.

5 Stars Jimmy July 21, 2012

Got married here on Sunday 7/8 and couldn't have been more happy with how it went. Both wedding coordinators were professional and on top of every detail that we wanted.

5 Stars Dave July 07, 2012

Perfect! Need I say more. Service is superb - top shelf !

4 Stars NoDeuces June 20, 2012

Almost incredible. From Valet greeting to calling down to checkout the service was very nearly perfect. The property has always been visually stunning when I've come to lose a few dollars in the casino but constantly being on site you notice the Disney-esque attention to detail (in both design and maintenance). Example: I'm not sure I ever encountered an untidy lavatory which is more than you can say for neighboring 5 star properties. While everything was almost perfect here are some things that aren't: 1. Cabanas - all the preliminary paperwork of reserving a cabana does not entitle you to a reserved spot. This means you're dependent on the cabana staff to meet you, bring you to the cabana and go over MORE paperwork. We waited 10-15 minutes for our cabana resource only to have a fill in who crudely discussed the price I'm front of my party. Not Wynnish if you ask me. I doubt most guests are treated like this because the cabana store employee who was helpful in notifying the staff of our arrival kept coming out to apologize to us for the wait. To top off our experience, a loud, over-served party next to us ruined our afternoon by jointly screaming lyrics to bad pop music blasting from their ipod. Cabana staff found this amusing but cared little for the experience of surrounding guests (yes there were numerous cabanas open to move us to) - so we left. 2. Bathroom fans. Our beautiful panoramic room lacked a bathroom fan which wasn't necessarily needed but was strangely missing from a room that had everything. --- The hotel manager called after comments I made on twitter. As I told him, I'm not sure how much blame falls at the feet of Wynn Resorts and how much is just circumstance and horrible neighbors. I'm not sure things could be fixed, my wife refused to stay the final night there and she won't be returning after the pool debacle, but the bridge was certainly burned beyond repair when the manager's monotone phone call yielded nothing but empty apologies. I expected him to act...whether offering future concessions or at least defending the property or staff....but he couldn't be bothered. I'm sure he had other complaints to listen to and apologize for before they checked out.

5 Stars Jim Rose May 22, 2012

By far the best hotel in Vegas however the slot machines need updated please!

5 Stars John/Jani Picklesimer January 03, 2012

Wynn has it right with their priorities...shareholders, GUESTS, and employees. We have stayed at Wynn numerous times since their opening and cannot stay anywhere else. The hospitality from employees and our casino hosts cannot be matched and the hotel decor from every aspect is definitely FIVE star. We visit a few times a year to disengage in our everyday lives. Keep up the great work Ms. Marilyn Speigel. Your commitment and company philosophy is what will keep us coming back and recommend Wynn to everyone we meet (even people we don't know). We spent 7 nights in the Tower Suites and there was no significant difference in the decor in those and a basic resort suite. The class is all over the facility!!! We can stay in any room and feel special. It is our second home.

5 Stars Chris November 20, 2011

Amazingly beautiful hotel! Great rooms and great service!! Even better service in the Tower Suites! Will be staying at Wynn Las Vegas for years and years to come!!

5 Stars Vegas baby August 11, 2011

Beautiful experience!!

3 Stars Julie July 15, 2011

Beautiful grounds and rooms. Hotel itself is gorgeous. Only problem we had was that the hotel charges your credit card $150 a day to cover expenses charged to your room. If you don't male any charges they will reimburse you after you check out. We has $600 charges since we were there for four days This was $600 we could not use during our trip since it was held by the charge. I was very upset with this.

4 Stars Jerry May 26, 2011

I have stayed at Wynn twice and I like the guest rooms better than any other Las Vegas hotel. Service is good for a large hotel. The layout is orderly and I love the casino and pool. Only negative are restaurants. Alex and Brasserie Boulud have closed and Tableau is no longer open for dinner. I prefer Bellagio.

5 Stars Royal May 02, 2011

Mayra was very helpful at the front desk of the tower suites and Maggie at the cashiers desk helped me catch my flight.

3 Stars Emily H April 22, 2011

I would have given 5 stars, however the pool was well below my expectations. It is primarily shade after 12 noon. If you want seats in the sun, you either have to purchase a cabana (and are given complimentary seats) or actually "purchase" a spot that stays sunny! We ended up going to Encore's pool

5 Stars Nick April 19, 2011

Stay 4/1to4/3 2011 the place was off the HOOK as my buddy Lano would say! Hope to be back soon.

5 Stars Cruzy April 01, 2011

Undoubtedly, a step above the rest when it comes to room quality and customer service. More expensive than the rest, if your looking to splurge though, look no further!

5 Stars Effy March 30, 2011

This hotel is so beautiful it makes me want to cry.

4 Stars david Underwood March 20, 2011

We stayed in the resort tower, 5th floor, room was nice, view of AC units below was a bummer. The bed was so comfortable, I'd love to have it at home. I played roulette twice and some of the staff were good and helpful and others were down right rude,I asked where I could find the Cashier to cash in chips and this girl working the table replied at the "cashier sign" like hey are you stupid.

1 Star Melanie Finlry February 14, 2011

Wynn sucks ass! Unless you have a Louis Viton bag forget about human decency!!!

5 Stars Andrew January 22, 2011

Nicest hotel in Vegas

5 Stars Capri Vegas January 20, 2011

You will get a bigger room at Venetian or Palazzo, but it wont match the elegance, comfort, cleanliness, class and service you get at Wynn! What an amazing group of people that make this place as close to perfect as humanly possible.

5 Stars Mr. Suker January 15, 2011

Super for Suker!

5 Stars Naomi and matt January 13, 2011

I actually want to live in this hotel! Awesome!

5 Stars Kyla January 11, 2011

Wynn was amazing. Stayed there for a week in May 2010. The room was beautiful, spotless and the housekeeping staff was great. One day I had some souvenir cups from Paris and they washed them out for me! The bathroom was the best part of the room. The tub was great, the shower big enough for two, and the huge bathroom counter and double sinks were great for getting ready. I also loved coming downstairs and stepping into the beautiful casino, the restaurants and the stores. It was a great vacation! The pizza place does a great breakfast. And Zoozacrackers is great for late night snacks!

5 Stars Hunter January 07, 2011

Vegas Internet Mafia Payola Disclaimer: The room and food expenses for this trip were covered by Wynn Resorts. It had no impact on my review - I've given them thousands of my own dollars voluntarily over the past five years and if it sounds like I liked the place it's because I actually did.

I think it's pretty fair to say that when Wynn Las Vegas opened in 2005, the room product set a new standard for quality. They may not have been the largest standard rooms (The Venetian's rooms are a bit bigger) but they were well designed and thought out, down to the last electrical socket. This extended to the suites, though they showed off a bit more of Roger Thomas' flair for the dramatic than the standard Resort Rooms.

It's now 2010 and in keeping with Steve Wynn's longstanding five year renovation cycle, it's time to tear things down to the studs and start over... Or at least that's what Mirage Resorts might have done in the past. With this first Wynn renovation, the company went out of its way to re-use whatever it could, for the sake of the environment. Artwork was repurposed, furniture was reupholstered and walls were re-painted. The result is a room that shares a lot of the original plusses but with a more modern, up to date sensibility. More details on the renovation but first let's rewind just a tad...

The first real glimpse I got of the updated designs was a Saturday morning in August. I woke up, flipped on the iPad and noticed that Chuck at VegasTripping had posted an in-depth review, as one of the very first people to sleep in the updated digs. Based on the photos, my first reaction was kinda... meh. A significantly lightened color scheme had me wondering how well the colors would hold up over the next five years and if they were maybe just a little bit too boring. Turns out that in this case, the photos didn't do the place justice.

I checked in via the Wynn Las Vegas Tower Suites Lobby on a Wednesday evening in December. Zero wait at check-in and I was up in my room in a few minutes flat, passing through an updated hallway that features ceiling rosettes, mounted on the wall as artwork.

The Parlor Suite they had allocated to me overlooked the pool (undergoing a major retrofit) and had a welcome note from the lovable folks in the PR department. It was time to explore.

Before we start, here's what the room looked up until this Summer.

My first reaction was to the color palette. I was expecting not to like it much but it looks great in person. Everything from the carpet to the drapes to the table tops looks fantastic. Granted, this stuff is brand new and I still think it will be interesting to see how well it holds up in year four.

The bedroom features yet another carpet design, a mirrored glass wall and the epic Wynn Bed. Of particular note are the bed-side tables, sporting a new finish and one of the more 'fun' pieces in the updated room. One of my favorite pieces was the bedroom sitting chair with it's lush backing fabric.

The Parlor Suite bathroom is large - not as big as the Salon but still more than enough room for two people - with tub, shower, water closet, three sinks and a separate small walk-in closet with wall-mounted safe. Like Chuck in his Salon review, I had problems with the shower - the symbols make no sense at all and the mediocre water pressure is not impressive for a luxury hotel. In addition, I discovered that my shower leaked - the entire marble floor was covered in water after I got out since the plastic seal at the bottom of the glass door seemed to be missing.

The entire suite features a new digital control system that works via radio. You can control the lights, drapes and TV with single button pre-set modes for the most common configurations. In my two night stay, this system worked well and - thank goodness - a controller is placed on the bed-stand too. The room also has more traditional light panels all over the place. I found these to be a little bit too difficult to trigger when I wanted to fine tune the light in certain spots.

On the technical side, the room has two brand new HDTVs and now includes a Blu-Ray player. One thing I did notice - I used to be able to plug in my Airport Express and share the Wi-Fi connection with multiple devices (iPhones, iPads, laptops) off of a single daily fee (Tower Suites has no resort fee ; standard Internet rates apply). This time around, I was greeted by the 'give us $15' screen on each device. I don't know if they changed something intentionally or what but any other nerds out there that were circumventing their setup should take note.

While a Salon Suite is great for entertaining, in the past I've found them to be a bit too big for a one or two person stay (though if you need a massage room, it's the one you should book). The Parlor is a great middle ground - all the luxury you want but in a more manageable size.

Service over the course of the trip was top-notch, something that is maybe to be expected from the now well-honed Tower Suites operation. Housekeeping and turn-down was perfect, the staff called to make sure everything was as it should be - they did a great job in this department.

After two days, I was reminded that the Wynn/Encore complex is one of the few hotels in Las Vegas where I can come in, not leave the grounds for my entire stay and still feel like I'm not missing anything going on outside.

The new subdued designs feel a tad more elegant and restrained... perhaps that may just be the normal progression of style over the years. The popping color of the original designs was starting to feel a little bit overwhelming, making this a welcome palate cleanser.

5 Stars LVSPARKY November 02, 2010

Along with Encore it is our favorite resort. The staff is most friendly and helpful. The Poker Room is in my opinion the best there is. They have the best and most knowledgeable dealers. Just an absolutely wonderful experience staying at Wynn Encore. Have always done well with video poker here also.

5 Stars Charlie October 23, 2010

Fabulous hotel! Words cannot describe the professionalism of the service we recieved here. The grounds are beautiful and the curtain waterfall is a sight to see!

5 Stars Charlie October 23, 2010

Fabulous hotel! Words cannot describe the professionalism of the service we recieved here. The grounds are beautiful and the curtain waterfall is a sight to see!

0 Stars John October 22, 2010

So dissappointing...... Steve, I have stayed at your hotel over ten times and last week when I visited, the casino was terrible. You did not have the newest slots. When asked an employee said you were not investing in the general casino....just to the high rollers. Guess I will be taking my business to the Palazzo and Venetian which had the latest and greatest machines. Please rethink your position and upgrade the machines.

0 Stars John October 22, 2010

So dissappointing...... Steve, I have stayed at your hotel over ten times and last week when I visited, the casino was terrible. You did not have the newest slots. When asked an employee said you were not investing in the general casino....just to the high rollers. Guess I will be taking my business to the Palazzo and Venetian which had the latest and greatest machines. Please rethink your position and upgrade the machines.

4 Stars D3wayne October 21, 2010

If it's got Wynns name on it you know it is swanky. Just don't expect to see Phil Ivey playing craps here. Of all the super plush casino resorts in Vegas the Wynn stands above the rest. Fancy without being pretentious.

5 Stars John October 16, 2010

Had a great time at Wynn!

5 Stars Katie October 16, 2010

Simply divine. Everything was perfect, service, and accommodations. Will return soon!

5 Stars Carrie October 15, 2010

The country club is wonderful as well!

5 Stars John October 15, 2010

The very best! Five star accommodations, staff, and grounds.

5 Stars John R September 17, 2010

My wife and I love this property. Everything about it says FIRST CLASS! It's without a doubt the best Vegas has to offer. From food to service to accommodations, Fabulous.
We will be back. Thank you Steve Wynn

5 Stars Roger Bedford September 15, 2010

I stayed at the Wynn June 29th through May 3rd. Just as the previous 2 visits, the resort was magnificent. That staff were all very nice and accommodating, the rooms were clean, and the food was awesome. Wynn/Encore are by far, the jewel of the Strip resorts.

Hopefully, I'll be back at the Wynn, sooner rather than later!

5 Stars Adam Schloss August 05, 2010

The Best period.... Best restaurants, night clubs, and pools.. Service is by far the best you will receive in Vegas..

5 Stars John August 02, 2010

Nicest hotel in the world, bar none.

3 Stars Jeremy July 22, 2010

It's a nice hotel... but it seems like they're cutting a few corners to save on running costs, which ultimately lessens the experience. There was once complimentary bottles of water in the room, now you have to pay. The buffet seems understaffed. Housekeeping does not change the sheets on your bed unless you specifically ask - even after 10 days. The main coffee shop style restaurant is no longer open for dinner. They don't comp any drinks at the casino bars while playing poker machines. The concierge is no longer open 24 hours. Sure, these are all minor things, but you don't expect a property of the calibre to get cheap on us. I won't be staying here next time.

5 Stars San Diego resident July 06, 2010

So much to rave about. Definately 5 star quality. From the bellhop to the laundry service the staff was friendly, respectful, and knowledgable. We were there for three nights and although our curtains had trouble closing the first day, the hotel had a mechanic in to fix it within 10 minutes of our call. Well decorated and the views were the best.

5 Stars Steve June 15, 2010

Stayed in an Executive Tower Suite. It was one of the nicest rooms I have ever stayed in. I've travelled the world over and the Wynn is by far the nicest hotel I've ever seen.

0 Stars Vahid Borges June 04, 2010

I had the misfortune of losing my shoes in the casino, Wynn staff took great pains to search high and low to find them! At 91 the damnest things can happen, thank heavens for the wonderful people at Wynn, I've had those kicks since 1965! I shall return in a fortnight, and visit the Bodies exibition at Luxor, maybe, if I have time, give that Kris Angel a piece of my mind! Long live the tradional buffet!

5 Stars John May 19, 2010

Mr Wynn, my hat goes off to you for knowing how to give your guests the utmost treatment and unforgettable experience when coming to Vegas. The way you keep your employees in the present of your guests is phenominal...offering drinks, asking if they can help you and the most impressive gesture was the employees going around and constantly wiping down the slot machines and ashtrays. I could not find trash, cig butts, or empty cocktail glasses anywhere. I will be back soon. I've sent three people to stay at your resort.

5 Stars Jhg May 19, 2010

Stayed in the douplex very nice good job wynn

5 Stars Chelsea H May 15, 2010

Nicest hotel I've ever had the chance to stay in. VERY nice view of TI, the Palazzo, and Mirage (could basically watch the "Sirens of TI" show from the room. Great service by the staff, professional and courteous. The room was beautiful and clean and we had no problems during our stay. The bathroom was huge AND had a TV! Checking in and out is a long process but is reasonable considering how many rooms there are. If given the chance, would absolutely stay there again!

5 Stars Esther May 06, 2010

This is by far the best casino/hotel in vegas. It will be my third time there this June. So excited!!

4 Stars Kit Kitchens May 06, 2010

I plan on staying there this summer, but in true wynn fashion, I'm already pleased with their level of service. From the times I've played in their casino (by the way, nicest restrooms ever) to my experience with working with a hotel reservation person, they have been great. If you call in and it's your first time staying there, please let them know. They'll really work to earn your business. I'm certainly looking forward to my stay there and my interactions with the staff. I've already enjoyed my interactions with their dealers. My one complaint is that there's no way to work on getting a hotel room with your red card. I'd love to see some kind of players club or total reward type web site to help those who have played there get an incentive to stay there.

5 Stars Steve Farrar April 27, 2010

Stayed in an Executive Tower Suite. It was as nice of a room as I have stayed in Las Vegas.

0 Stars Michelle April 24, 2010

The rooms are great. The bed is extremely comfortable. The floor to ceiling window / wall is outstanding.

5 Stars Neil lynch April 20, 2010

Outstanding hotel could not recommend it highly enough

5 Stars MikeE April 16, 2010

There really isn't much that needs to be said. As far as massive megaresorts goes, Wynn Las Vegas' rooms, dining, and staff put it head and shoulders above any other option in the city. Treat yourself to the Tower Suites for that rare balance of casino vibe and Four Seasons service and relaxation.

5 Stars Brett April 09, 2010

The Wynn is, without a doubt, one of the finest hotels in the world. In any city, anywhere, Dubai, Monaco, Florence, this is the absolute best.

4 Stars Bs April 05, 2010

Loved the hotel but one dude was so mean to my son, my son forgot that he can't watch the slot machine and he went ape on my kid

5 Stars John M. April 05, 2010

Have stayed at Wynn twice and both times it was incredible. The attention to detail is what sets them apart from the other top tier hotels. The beds are the most comfortable anywhere and the views are great from both sides either golf course or lake/strip view.
Cocktail service in casino is very good.

5 Stars Brandon April 02, 2010

Great Hotel, beds are awesome, rooms are huge. Bathrooms are the nicest in Vegas. My wife and I just got back from Encore, and I have to say Encore is a little nicer, but Wynn is 1.a. Its not a snobby hotel, its awesome, they know it, and they keep it that way and are proud of this place, kinda refreshing.

0 Stars Sylvia Mallon March 25, 2010

The Wynn was my FAVORITE casino in Vegas. When I walked in to the building I just got this welcoming feeling. It was so nice and bright in there. The first thing I did was sign up for their players card. The staff that signed me up were very friendly and accomodating and answered all of my questions. The casino itself is very inviting and very well laid out. Also the chairs were super comfy! Believe me, this is important if you're sitting at one machine for over 20 minutes ;) I think their comp structure was very fair as well!I was able to earn 100 points very quickly, which would be difficult to do elsewhere! I was alos very impressed with the drink staff here as they were all over the place and offering drinks regardless of where you were or what you were playing. I've mentioned this in several of my reviews because I think it's important. Not everyone who comes to Vegas is a high roller, so it's nice that there are casinos out there who will serve you drinks even if you're only playing a $0.01 machine! The slots at the Wynn were very friendly to us. The loosest ones we found on the strip. Maybe we were just choosing the right machines, but we did well here! I think next time I go to Vegas, I definitely want to stay here!

5 Stars Susan March 17, 2010

In my personal opinion, the finest hotel in the world.

0 Stars Ed Greenberg March 06, 2010

Gorgeous. Stunning, classy gaming floor. Superior sports/race book.

5 Stars Seahwks February 23, 2010

Just back from my first stay at the Wynn, had a great stay and great experience. Room rates a little steep but if you can afford it you will love it.

5 Stars Neil from Tampa February 09, 2010

I hit the Wynn every August for a much needed break from business. I am huge on customer service and so love the fact that everyone and everything at the Wynn is geared towards impressing and pleasing the guests. Top notch!

5 Stars CJ December 03, 2009

After a weekend in a room on the 60th floor of the Wynn Tower this is my new favorite LV hotel! The restaurants were great, the service was impeccible, and the views were amazing!

5 Stars tjmann November 02, 2009

First time at the Wynn and I was very impressed indeed. Superb service throughout my stay all over, from the dealers to the bellstand. When I realised I had forgotten my iPhone charger, they even offered to send someone out to get one for me! Minimum bets are quite high, but there were a smattering of $10-15 dollar tables around during the day, and then in the evening they went to $25. The room was amazing and right up there with the best hotel rooms I have stayed in - very spacious and everything you need. Very comfy beds and a great shower! The best hotel onthe Strip right now, I would definitely stay there again.

5 Stars Ashley Taylor August 20, 2009

Favorite casino in Vegas! Very classy all around. Friendly staff. SW steakhouse is excellent!

0 Stars Richard Burns August 17, 2009

Well I'm sitting in the Lounge Bar at the Encore because my room is not ready yet. It's 5:30 & check-in is 3:00. I have to be at a show by 6:00. I'm not happy. After a day of travel I'd really like to be in my room. I am shocked by this as I have never been in this situation before.

5 Stars Marc woods August 13, 2009

What can I say... The hotel is amazing every detail is perfect. The shops are fantastic, we stayed for a week we were truely looked after well... The room was spotless and the view was unreal!!! Thanks wynn!!!

5 Stars MS June 17, 2009

Incredible! $20 trick upgraded me nicely on a Sun-Wed stay in June. Must stay here once...

5 Stars Robert b April 19, 2009

Beautiful hotel truly one of vegas finest.

5 Stars Lynn April 13, 2009

The Wynn is simply FANTASTIC! The room was beautiful, the bed was very comfortable and the views were amazing. We ordered room service and the meal was great, complete with a tablecloth. The Red Card has some of the best comps on the strip. We can't wait until our next stay at the Wynn!!

4 Stars Bryan B. February 22, 2009

A beautiful property and excellent hotel, it's just not the Palazzo.

5 Stars edp January 18, 2009

My wife and I stayed at the Wynn from Jan 11, 2009 to Jan 17, 2009 and it was absolutely fantastic. The room was impeccable, the restaurants superb, and the casino floor excellent. We found the staff at every level to be extremely polite and attentive. The casino is huge and has a great selection of all the popular slots. We also found many gaming tables with $10 minimums. And with this crappy economy, you can get some really nice deals at the Wynn.

2 Stars Robert B January 13, 2009

We ordered what was supposed to be a couple of shots of Don Julio Anjeo tequila. The tequila was poured from a Don Julio bottle but the tequila did not taste like Don Julio, more like a much cheaper brand.

5 Stars Marc woods November 15, 2008

With out a doubt the best hotel in las vegas, ok it's a little more expensive but you get what you pay for and everything about this place is stunning. The staff are amazing and the food is to die for. Can not wait to go back and try Encore at Wynn.

5 Stars Silvester Pucher- Phoenix Az November 15, 2008

The Best Hotel & Casino :)))

0 Stars Dave bucar April 16, 2008

I have stayed at Bellagio, MGM Sig and enjoyed them, but the Wynn is better. Period. I spend my money at places that deserve it the most. So be it!

0 Stars Nick January 06, 2008

I took my father out to Vegas for Christmas week. We stayed at the Wynn. check in was a breeze. We were offered an upgrade to any suites because it was the "slow" time of the year. i declined because the regular room is more than enough. we were on the 55th floor with a beautiful view of the golf course. the room was fantastic. it's the nicest hotel on the strip. we gambled at the local casinos. we find that we do better at the local places than the strip. my father played the slots at the wynn, but i didn't. i only play craps and the minumum bets at the craps table at night are $25--$100. that's a bit out of my range. I like playing at other casinos with lower minimum bets. the sportsbook at the wynn requires you to have a drink ticket to get a drink. if you don't have a ticket, you don't drink, even a soda or juice. you have to ask the person at the counter for them when you make a bet. alot of the people won't give you one unless you ask. i made a $600 bet and had to ask for a ticket and only got one. from that point on, i made all my bets at the palms. they're friendly and don't have the drink tickets. for inexpensive food eat at terribles. we went there for breakfast. my dad got the pancakes and coffee. i got the ham and egg special with hashbrowns and toast for a total of $11. we didn't have to eat until a late dinner. we ate there another day. we had dinner and i got the steak dinner with baked potato and green beans and salad for $6.99. my dad got fried chicken with mashed potatos and soup with a basket of bread for a total of $15 after a coupon i had. if you go to their website they have buy one get one free for the buffet that you can print out. the peppermill was very good to eat at. it's on the strip. the trip was fun and i am looking forward to returning in the future....

0 Stars Julie November 10, 2007

Just returned from a 3 night stay at the Wynn. I do not understand any of the negative comments regarding the Wynn as I found nothing to complain about. Understandably the room wasn't ready when we checked in at 11:00 am but we were in the room by 1:00 pm. A panoramic view room on the corner with great views of the strip. Regarding construction noise, we heard none. I found the people at reception and throughout the resort friendly and polite. Yes we spent money in the restaurants and the casino but isn't that the reason you are there! I am not a high roller but do like to play the slots. They were not tight at all. I did receive some comp on check out and a card for a host on my next visit. I did not hit it big on any machine and
did go home with money in my pocket. I do realize this will not occur on a regular basis but I do look at this as entertainment only and I budget accordingly. I highly recommend the Wynn.

0 Stars Mike P. October 24, 2007

A strip facing room is unacceptable for anyone other than a vampire or a party all night yuppie. I've had quieter nights in a Motel 6.

If you're a human who expects to sleep sometime between midnight and dawn insist on a golf course view or get a Fairway Villa. Or better yet, stay elsewhere.

0 Stars Arno Graf August 19, 2007

Rooms: Wonderful and roomy, with double sinks, tub and separate shower, plus separate toilet room.

Gaming: Highest minimums in Vegas, and lucky to find a minimum $25 table. Only double odds at craps, sub-par blackjack rules, and slots programmed at the legal minimum payout rating.

Food: EXPENSIVE, but good.

Service: Mostly ok, but to much obvious PHISHING for profile info. Big Brother is definitely watching here.

Prostitution: Technically not allowed, but I was approached by 4 hookers within a few hour timeframe just minding my own business playing slots. I brought it to the attention of the security guard and he basically laughed in my face and blew it off.

Tryst: This place is an absolute disgrace to the hotel. For a place that prides themselves in exceptional service, the Tryst is by far the opposite. We were supposedly on a VIP Guest list because we had gambled a lot, and also were staying in the hotel. But because I tried to walk in with 3 mildly overweight women, they repeatedly ignored us even at the front of the line. We never even got in the door, even with our VIP passes.

0 Stars Michigan Couple July 31, 2007

Luxury; I don't thinks so, nickel and dime extractor; definately. The only thing luxury here is the price. Put money into a poker machine at the bar and get charged for a beer. 11.95 a day for very slow internet access, Non sense. All the resturant have very limited menues, food's not bad but the service is the worst. Its just a big Holiday inn with a bad attitude. Wynn had such a good track record how could this happen? Greed.

0 Stars joe July 27, 2007

best hotel stay of my life. every detail was perfect. a little pricey but worth every penny.

0 Stars Kevin Miller July 21, 2007

The resort room we stayed in was the most comfortable room we have ever stayed in. The beds were so comfy with pillowtop comforters, down pillows and lots of pillows, flat panel TV in the room and bathroom. Incredibly classy and ritzy.

The casino staff were not the friendliest and the slots are tight. The people were a bit snobbish.

The buffet was excellent.

0 Stars Dale Openshaw May 17, 2007

Great hotel but you get what you pay for. A sligt hiccup as soon as I checked in though, I went to change $1500 in cheques at the cashier who was very rude to me - she assumed that because I wasn't smartly dressed I was just a bum from the street. She got a shock when I spoke to her manager and went mad at her attitude. Shame that that was my first impression of the staff there. Just remember they will treat you according to how you're dressed. The next night I was in a suit and was being asked to come to the posh lounge there.
Nice hotel, remember to get a Red card to get free buffets!

0 Stars sandy Tarant May 12, 2007

At the end of March, Wynn had installed previously non-existent continuous shuffle machines at their BJ tables and are now hitting soft 17's at most BJ tables. One of the best venues for the 21 player has joined its competitors in the cesspool.

The casino is gorgeous.

Bellagio screams opulence. Wynn is understated, whimsical opulence, money with a bit of a grin.

Pool was unremarkable. I still think Bellagio has the best pool area in town.

There's a Rolex store there, but check out the Wynn watch shop--some real nice brands-- since real horologists don't love Rolex.

0 Stars adz April 01, 2007

The most incredible hotel room I've ever expereinced..plasma TVs in both the living area and the bathroom..comfortable furniture..outstanding views..while the check in area is tiny, service is quick and efficent..if you can, experience this hotel at least once..its the standard setter in Vegas right now..

0 Stars Person who stayed at the Wynn October 13, 2006

Excellent place to stay! Great rooms and restaurants. They just need to improve service!

0 Stars User August 04, 2006

We booked a non-smoking room and called to say our flight was delayed due to mechanical problems, so we woudl be a later arrival.

When we got there (8pm), there were NO n/s rooms available. I explained that I had called ahead and was very sensitive to smoke. She could do nothing about a n/s room for us. So she put us in a panoramic view room. It did have a lovely view - and a distinct odor. They did bring up an ozone machine (after I convinced housekeeping that I really did want one). It helped quite a bit, but had to be run for an hour while we were out of the room. The odor was definitely back by morning.

The bathrooms are everything described; however I did notice that in the water closet (toilet area), the brown wallpaper was very "speckled" around the toilet. It was really bad behind it, but also obvious all around the walls. In addition, there were ashes on our windows sills. I just think for the level of facility - the room was frankly not very clean!

The food and pool were fantastic - absolutely not complaints there. On our first trip in Jan. 06, I thought the staff was extremely friendly. Much less so this trip.

If it weren't for the pool, I would have been disapointed.

0 Stars User July 02, 2006

A great place to stay at if you have the extra cash!

0 Stars User July 01, 2006

During my vacation in Las Vegas, I stayed at two hotels: Wynn Las Vegas and Red Rock Casino Resort Spa. After Reading such good reviews of Wynn, I had high expectations of the place. This place was without a doubt a very big disapointment. I had the worst service! My room wasn't ready. The pool wasn't all that great. I could go and go about this place!!! However, I had a totally different experience at the red rock. The rooms, atmosphere, and interior design were way better. Also, the service at red rock was more personalized, unlike the Wynn. Overall, all I have to say is to save your pennies and stay at the red rock.

0 Stars User May 22, 2006

This is without a doubt the finest in resort casino gambling atmesphere I have ever seen,thank you for a lovely time.
yours truly
M.Jean Tessier
P.S. why did you ask for my phone number?

0 Stars User May 01, 2006

I stayed at the Wynn for Thanksgiving 2005 and plan on going back within the month. I absolutely loved it there, and this is why I am returning for my birthday. I have stayed at the Bellagio in one of the big overpriced suites like three years ago. I will never go back there. The man at the pool yelled at me to show him my room key. The wall paper was peeling off the wall. It was a nice room but too stiff for my taste. Don't get me wrong, I like pretentious and I think The Wynn does it perfectly for me. It has more of the American pretentious feel than the European kind at the Bellagio. The beds are amazing and the bathtub is so relaxing. Their room service food is really really good and the buffet is the best on the strip, expensive but worth it. This next time I go I will be enjoying the cabanas and getting to know the spa. I don't plan on leaving the hotel this time, there is no reason to. I can't wait!! Happy Birthday to me!!

0 Stars User April 15, 2006

We just returned this morning we had three rooms at the Wynn. One located top floor the other two on the 20 th and 28th all had wonderful views. Beds were wonderful, however in two rooms we had 4 people, beds could have been larger. Service first class. Pool amazing. Casino large well lit smelled great. Decor spectacular.Resturants A+ Buffett excellent. Plenty of shops. Construction underway next door, kind of a long walk from the street to Wynn. However they offer a shuttle to the monorail. Rooms are average size.But clean and beautifuly decorated. Would stay there again in the future.

0 Stars User April 07, 2006

Wynn is amazing. And so are the negative reviews. I was married and stayed three days in a Villa at Wynn and everything was the ultimate in luxury. While it is agreed that the Wynn is pricey (but in my opinion worth it) If you are not interested in paying for the best, stop complaining and go back to the Flamingo.

0 Stars User January 27, 2006

Wonderful place, I just wish Steve Wynn had built it somewhere other than the Desert Inn site.

0 Stars User January 18, 2006

Wynn is ready for its implosion, Mr. DeMille.

The sound of workmen pounding woke me up at 4 this morning. Then there was no hot water in the shower, even after letting it run for a while. The bathroom scale is broken, I can hear
voices in the next room through the wall, and they charge per minute for calls to toll-free numbers.

I saw an interview where Steve Wynn talked about the good taste in the design, but its just the same old Vegas. A real disappointment from the guy who built the wonderful Bellagio.
Instead of this budget grandeur, they should have hired John Waters to do bad taste well.

The one bright spot is the staff, who have been friendly and helpful (except for the guy pounding this morning and the guy who turned off the hot water).

0 Stars User January 18, 2006

As many said,the hype was way much more than the place.Friends of mine who have worked and currently work at former Wynn's properties all agree: this place wash rushed to open so that Steve Wynn could say "Ehi,watch out everyone,i'm back and read to kick some butt,i'm the man".This place is just flashy and lack of the details you can find at Bellagio or Mirage,even TI.It will get old very soon,with all those reddish and purple colors.Sure it's a beautiful place,and I really enjoyed the music in there,really unique(you have to go there and hear it to understand what I'm talking about).
Now it's all about rich people,but it wont last.And imho,it's not appealing enough to take a walk in there.Maybe that's what Steve wanted,just rich people in and peones out.But ,again,this trend will not last long.Bellagio still the most elegant place in town,period.

0 Stars User January 14, 2006

This place is so snotty and expensive they will eventually make you pay for farting if you are not a hotel guest!!
Anyway sure is beautiful,but Bellagio still win the classiness race

0 Stars User January 08, 2006

this was our second visit and was much better than the first. We asked for and got a high floor stip view which was incredible! Everyone was friendly and took care of our needs. THe spa was great and all the places we ate at were really first rate. This was a great stay and it is clear that the Wynn has worked through its early start up problems. I am a long time fan of Bellagio, but must admit the Wynn is just as gtood now with rooms at least one notch above the Bellagio.

0 Stars User January 06, 2006

Can someone tell me why this Hotel/Casino would not be good for Kids?

0 Stars User December 12, 2005

Oh the frustration of using the website!

I couldn't even find the Webmaster's address to complain.

Waaaay too cute for any practicality! I wanted information about the new property and the restaurants, and I was caught up in a revolving show, creeping across the page. I had to wait, and wait, and finally bailed. So here I am at '' to get the info I wanted! Should have gone here in the beginning!

0 Stars User December 03, 2005

The Wynn website is a total pain in the ass. If you only have dial up, it takes an hour for the stupid thing to open. I had to go to this website just to get their phone number. How frustrating!!!!

0 Stars User September 19, 2005

I just returned from my second stay at Wynn Las Vegas. I had been there 11 days after the open and it was fantastic (there were a few minor problems). This stay was superb! Everything went well, including getting the same room that I had last time. The craps dealers remembered me and the golf course was in great shape. Dinner at Alex is something that has me contemplating moving to Las Vegas, I love the place, the food and the ambiance.

0 Stars User September 14, 2005

One of the nicest standard rooms we've stayed in! Great King bed looking out towards the floor to ceiling windows! Huge plasma tv on the wall that swivels towards the bed or couch. Huge bathroom w/his & her sink, vanity table, separate toilet room, & oversized separate tub & shower. Dinner at SW was incredible, as was Bartolotta! Service at Wynn was Top Notch! Overall 4 1/2 stars in my book!

0 Stars User September 11, 2005

A poor imitation of Bellagio The room was nice but the TV is too small and the auto-charge snack tray a bit tacky for a luxury hotel.
The closet light did not work, and the fomsy toilet seat was actually vwery off center.
I ordered a small fridge for my medicine at checkin and after repeated calls, it came six hours later.
The buffet staff was not well trained. to deal with guests. One does not tell a guest that you have never heard that complaint before and then turns and walks away.

0 Stars User September 11, 2005

As of 8/8/2005 I still feel they are not ready for guests! We were set to stay three nights and decided not to waste the money after staying one night...if you are into the details don't stay here yet. The staff is not well trained even for the simple requests. The rooms are nice, but not finished. We still had construction markings in the shower and scratches on the walls and chips out of the marble appears the hotel was completed in a major rushed effort...perhaps in a few months or a year it might be worth the money. Everything costs there...the internet is not free, water is $ the money!

0 Stars User August 11, 2005

I've stayed at all the top tier Vegas hotels and Wynn Las Vegas blows them away. Everything in the hotel is top quality. The textured fabric wallpapers that abound look and feel great to the touch. Woodwork is outstanding. The lighting fixtures are unbelievable. Compare the plain chandeliers over at the Bellagio to the truly unique pieces at Wynn and you'll see. I never thought I'd say it, but Bellagio looks bland inside after you take a walk around Wynn. Wynn Las Vegas completely out classes Bellagio, especially now that MGM owns Bellagio. The rooms at Bellagio's new Spa Tower, built under MGM ownership are built cheaply...definitely not the same "spare no expense" attitude of building that Wynn used. For example, in Bellagio's Spa tower, the tissue box is covered in a cheesy aluminum thing. At Wynn, the tissue box is a polished wood. Another example of Wynn outclassing Bellagio, Bellagio sticks a black Bic pen with a Bellagio logo on it with your room note pad. Wynn places a high quality metal pen with your pad. Towels at Wynn were plush and soft...Bellagio seems to have downgraded in their towel department.

The service Wynn was impeccable. Friendly greetings, helpful staff. Take time to explore the entire resort, even a stroll through the ballroom areas are filled with eye candy. Mosaic flooring was beautiful.

I ate several of the hotel's restaurants. Tableau and had the best hamburger I've ever had. Red 8 had GREAT food at an affordable price. SW steakhouse served up a fine steak. DB was kind of a dissapointment...I never was much into celebrity chefs anyway. I had hibachi at Okada, and was pleased. Great atmosphere in there with stunning views of the waterfalls on the mountain.

In my opinion, Wynn Las Vegas is the new top hotel in Vegas.

0 Stars User August 07, 2005

Who are these people who are rating the Wynn so high? Have they never experienced the Bellagio? This is supposed to be a 5 star hotel and with all the hype you go expecting to be knocked off your feet. Instead you are greeted by a group of emotionless robots who check you in without even a smile. The elevators are not cooled and sometimes not even working. It is clean and smells nice because it is so new but not spacious or open like the Bellagio lobby. The rooms are just average. They are not as large as the Venetian rooms but maybe slightly larger than the Bellagio if you count the foyer or entry into the room. The views are limited as there is construction at the strip side and the golf course in the back. Nothing special about the golf course view. For the price per night, you want to feel pampered and special. Not here. VERY OVER PRICED for what you get. The buffet is probably the worst in Vegas. Stay with the hotels that are experienced at pampering their guest and giving them 5 star treatment. The Wynn needs to mature quite a bit before it earns the 5 star rating.

0 Stars User August 07, 2005

I am very unimpressed with the Wynn. While I would like to see Steve Wynn pull off another Bellagio or Mirage, this resort is an absolute joke. The so called "large rooms" are very average as he put the extra space in the entry ways. You enter the room in this huge foyer into an average size room. Nothing special about it. All the money he put into the place and he did not bother to air condition the elevators! A ride on the elevators is just like being in a sauna. You can't wait to get off the thing! There are no big WOW features like the Bellagio fountains, or the volcano, pirate ship, etc. He has this big flat screen fountain that turns into a drive in movie screen for cartoons a couple of times a night. The buffet is just horrible. The food is presented in very small plates with only a small portion of food in each plate. No prime rib, lobster, duck, just the cheapest cut of meat, FLANK STEAK and fried chicken and some turkey. Seating is far away from the food and everything is cold by the time you sit down. BIG DISAPPOINTMENT. Don't waste your time or money. The staff are very bland and you feel like you are in the check out line at Walmart when you check in. No personalties not even any eye contact. Very bland and distance reception for guest who stay there. Hotel does not compare to Mirage and Bellagio. Has Steve forgotten the things that matter most?

0 Stars User August 03, 2005

It was the best hotel i have stayed at.

0 Stars User July 26, 2005

You just can't beat another 2.7 billion-dollar job from Steve. This has overtaken every other casino on the strip...Bellagio is dead. Wynn is in!

0 Stars User July 18, 2005

Another Wynner from Steve! Can't have asked for a better experience. Rooms were THE BEST that I have ever stayed in. Pool was beautiful, as was the rest of the resort. Everything had that "priceless" look to it. It was clear that when Steve built the place, money was no object. And his staff realize this. They are the best trained, most friendly people in the city! Keep up the good work; I will be back!

0 Stars User July 11, 2005

Stayed at the Wynn the week after it opened and was very unhappy. I reserved a room with a view on a high floor, but it was not available and the room I was given was on a very low floor with a floor to ceiling view of nothing but the casino roof, really ugly. Check in staff were rude and said I could not change my room that day because it is against their policy to change rooms on check-in day(???) Some 5 star hotel. The room was great except for the view and the dirty dishes from the last guest that were not removed. The Spa was also very disappointing and small. It was the worst Spa treatment I have had in Vegas and very expensive. The food was good and the public areas are beautiful, but totally derivative from the Belllagio, not original at all. For the same price I can have a corner suite at Bellagio with a great view from the whirlpool. I hope Steve Wynn can address some of the shortcomings with the addition, but the view from the lower floors is a disaster.

0 Stars User July 06, 2005

I was stayed at the Wynn during the July 4th weekend this year. We checked in on the 1st and were out by the 4th. The hotel and casino were very nice. The rooms were comfortable. I can't say enough about the beds. The bed was so comfortable, the second you lay on it, you fall asleep. The spas were nice, the price for pedicures is a little steep for me($100). The gaming was also good. The dealers were nice, all the staff was friendly. We gambled at other places but ended up coming back to the Wynn due the friendly playing environment and overall ambience. The only complaint I have is about their comp system. Of course, I'm just an average player played only about $4k, but they should have a better system and pick up more of the tab for the amount I spent. I guess that is normal considering this is not Treasure Island or the Mirage. All in all, if you have the money; stay here!!

0 Stars Mikeynla June 28, 2005

I just returned from a 3-night stay in a Salon Suite at Wynn and have just about nothing but praise! The approach to the Tower Suites through the atrium is absolutely gorgeous. Arrived on a Friday at 6 pm and didn't wait at all to check in... Then, the room. I can't even begin to describe to absolute beauty and glamor of the Salon Suite. Ours was deocrated in browns, reds and whites and worked wonderfully. The artwork selected for the room was perfect and matched well with the overall color scheme of the room. The master bathroom was larger than the living room in my condo and was amazing! The champagne jets in the huge bath, and the rain feature in the shower were two of my favorite things about our room. Room service was exceptional, and they even came in and set our places at our table. Before leaving, they asked what time they should come by to pick up after us! Brilliant! We had a great time in the casino and I found it to be very warm and inviting. In fact, one forgets just how big Wynn really is; I think the design is just wonderful - you never feel like you're in a huge cavernous place as you do at Bellagio or other large casinos. The resort as a whole just made me feel so HAPPY. The colors, the plants, the design - all wonderful. I really can't understand what people have complained about, but whatever! I had the most amazing time at Wynn and will find it very difficult to stay anywhere else now... We did have some electrical issues with our DVD players, but they were fixed, and we were granted a $100 credit on our bill, as well as a 5pm check-out! Awesome!

0 Stars User June 16, 2005

WOW!!! This place is the best in Vegas! Rooms are fabulous, pools are the best. Upon arrival, I was upgraded to A FABULOUS PANORAMA SUITE! I was shocked to see how large and luxurious it all was...From the rooms to the casino to the dining and nightlife. A special thanks goes to the staff who were the best! Thanks for making my trip great, Wynn!

0 Stars User June 11, 2005

To start off, Steve - I would like to say GOOD JOB! This is by far the best hotel on the Strip. Just got back from an executive suite at Wynn - My entire stay could not get any better. When I arrived, my car was taken quickly and I was ushered into the V.I.P lobby...Breathtaking. The design is fresh and original. Stylish like Bellagio but fun and energetic like T.I. My room was ready immediately. The elevators to the thirty-eighth floor were quick and efficient. When I opened the doors, I was shocked by the bold and beautiful decor. Wynn's previous hotels were usually very classic. This one builds on that classical design with modern and bold touches. It was very clear to me that this was my new favorite suite in Las Vegas! From the plush bed to the TVs and air-infused tub in the bathroom, everything was GREAT! Had dinner at SW Steakhouse - My favorite used to be Delmonico's at Venetian. I liked to have dinner there every trip. Well, that all changed when I tried SW. Forget Delmonico! The casino was very lucky for me, as was the poker room. Every fixture was top-notch, everything the latest and greatest technology available. And it was all done on a truly impressive scale. Later, I decided to try the pool. It was top notch! The topless area was truly breathtaking :) and the VIP pools were great! I even rented a cabana - well worth the price. These are not your usual canvas tents, either. They are real, solid, permanent structures! It was like having a mini-suite right by the pool!

Now on to the staff - some say that they are unhelpful. Well, I don't know what happened to other guests, but I felt like a god! Every person that I met was willing to help and extremely friendly. I was also very happy to find that Wynn had a couple of nightspots - La Bete and Lure. Went to La Bete and found a new favorite nightspot. It is truly breathtaking to sit in a nightclub and look out the window to see a waterfall! Lure was equally luring :) - better than Tabu at MGM!

Overall, my trip to Vegas was fantastic. And I credit this to my staying at Wynn Las Vegas. They have set a new standard for luxury in this bright city! Keep up the good work, Wynn. I'll be back!

0 Stars User June 07, 2005

No doubt this is an upscale property, but that being said:
(1) While the rooms are stated to be 650 sq. feet, the bedroom is probably only about 60% of the total square footage with the rest devoted to the bathroom. Therefore, the bedroom is only slightly bigger than most standard Las Vegas rooms. Great bed and all amentites are of very high quality;
(2) Bathroom is oversized, but with toilet open to the rest of the room reducing its use to one guest at a time. Separate toilet area (ala Venetian) is more practical for more than a single occupant at a time. Again, great finish and amenties in the bathroom;
(3) Pool is more for soaking and lounging than an active public place. Very much in the style of the Bellagio than, say the Mirage or Mandalay Bay. Bold move in using artificial grass in the pool (and other) areas. Looks fairly real, but astroturf? Does it work---you decide;
(4) Service is stil evolving, but is fine as is. Few kinks to work out (key card hit and miss in opening the door--elevators sometimes not working). View is either of south strip (largely TI) or golf course

0 Stars User June 06, 2005

After staying here for 4 nights, I have to say the Wynn is beautiful, but needs to hire the appropriate staff. Unless you are a gluton for punishment, do not go on a holiday weekend. Issues: They gave me a room that was occupied, could not reach anyone at front desk from a house phone (just kept ringing), was upgraded to panoramic view room (not sure what the views are from other rooms, but this one was fantastic), there were no lightbulbs in any lamps, paint was on the carpet, etc. Maintenance was called and never showed. The SPA was beautiful (bellagio is much better) but service was rude and my massage was the WORST. The elevators were malfunctioning so 25 min wait to go up AND down. There was a 1hour& 45 min wait at Buffet, but when we complained, got a pass to the front of the line only to be surrounded by 10-14 EMPTY tables! Okada sushi was to die for - best sake ever. Do yourself a favor and check into the Bellagio or Four Seasons and avoid the hassle until they hire more people.

0 Stars User June 06, 2005

OK, if you really don't want Vegas but you have to be here..then THIS IS THE is not for eveyone, but for the Four Season bunch it rates. The most understated hotel in Vegas (after the four seasons) is quiet and gentle approach. The rooms suberb, the service (still in some training) smooth and willing. The food fantastic/decor great/clubs elegant...the shops are top flight and the prices same as Fifth Ave or Rodeo DR...
think over 30, think world class, think about anything but the bill...
PS the buffet is a good deal...

0 Stars User June 01, 2005

We just spent three days in an executive suite. The suite was truly grand. We always have stayed at the Bellagio. The Wynn is much more elegant and refined with a modern feel. We will stay at the Wynn from now on. Dr. G. in Houston

0 Stars User May 28, 2005

The reality of the Wynn Las Vegas fell far short of my expectations. I'm glad I visited it, but don't feel the need to re-visit. While it is a lovely hotel and casino (altho not if you enjoy slots), it lacks the luxury and grandeur of the Bellagio. It is reminiscent of the Bellagio in its "mood" and "color," but it lacks the "takes your breath away" impact when you first walk through the front door. The water feature, waterfall and the Parasol Bar were the highlights. But, again, it falls short of the sheer beauty of driving up to the Bellagio and seeing the lake, the fountains, the sheer magnitude of the building itself. I was disappointed. I had expected that Wynn would do something more original, more breathtaking. I think the Bellagio takes first place, the Venetian second place as the "must see" to believe hotel/casinos in Las Vegas!

0 Stars User May 23, 2005

Wynn Las Vegas is everything you hope it will be. It provides an intimate experience unlike any other. Throughout the resort, dramatic decor excites the imagination. Each new area brings a new theme, giving profoundly diverse but equally impressive ambiance to every corner. The charming staff goes above and beyond to impress, from personal tours to calling their guests by name. The restaurants and bars offer world-class food, drink, service, intimacy, and environment. Alex is a perfect example (read my review below... you'll recognize the style). In sum, Wynn Las Vegas has redefined the LV experience in every regard. It's worth every penny.

0 Stars User May 21, 2005

loved it

0 Stars User May 11, 2005

I just returned from four nights at Wynn. It was a magnificent experience that I would tell people to try! I had a room on the top (60th) floor that had a panoramic view. It overlooked the golf course, which was great for me. The room was very large and had a liquid crystal - high def tv. The curtains and drapes were electronically controlled by a switch by the bed. What a treat to wake up, puch a button, and have a world of light and sights come flooding into the room. The bathroom was large and also had a lcd tv next to the sink. It was fun to shave, watch the news, and drink some very good coffee at the same time. Since the resort has only been open for a short time, there are quite a few non-guest visitors in the casino and resturants. Ask a host for a line pass and forget about waiting! I was a Bellagio guest - emphasize 'was.' There are few expereinces in life during a vacation like this, go for it.

0 Stars Hunter May 01, 2005

Wynn Las Vegas sets the new standard for Las Vegas rooms. The service is top notch, despite a little check-in problem - but it was the first weekend! This place amazes around every bend.

0 Stars User May 01, 2005

Wynn Las Vegas is the pure epitome of luxury in Las Vegas. It is unmatched by all! The rooms ARE reminiscent of a New York apartment with luxurious and comfortable touches. The casino is new and freshly designed, with employees walking by every minute. The entire resort has the feel of a private club!

0 Stars User April 30, 2005

I got a chance to visit the Wynn Resort tonight. To borrow the tagline from the resort's show "La Reve", the Wynn Resort is a rearranged collection of rehashed ideas. But it will be a great anchor to the north end of the strip.

Architecturally the Wynn Resort is the Mirage repackaged in Bellagio form. Lush vegetation and waterfalls greet visitors from the street. Entering the Esplanade, one is quickly reminded of the shopping esplanade at the Bellagio, albeit less sterile and more colorful. The center of the complex is a flower atrium in the style of the Bellagio's conservatory, but without the welcome quiet space. The adjoining casino is reminiscent of the Mirage Casino with Bellagio treatments. Throughout, the color scheme was chocolate browns accented by reds, purples, flowers, and confectionary colors.

The "weenie" of the resort is the "Water Feature", a small lake with adjoining 100 foot high flat waterful that doubles as a screen. The fit of the screen/waterfall had all the charm of a drive-in movie theatre set in the middle of Yosemite. Worse, to actually enjoy the show requires seating at one of the restaurants or lounges that borders the cove. Other than the crowd overwhelming the security people at the top of the curvy escalators, a public viewing area was unavailable.

There is a working Ferarri / Masserati dealership and Ferarri store - I suppose that is the other "weenie". A second theatre and a new expansion project to the north will enlarge the casino over time.

Overall a solid entry from Wynn, but not a revolutionary new casino on the strip.