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Nightclub Ratings & Reviews Bond (Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)

5 Stars Ryan King September 13, 2015

I recently had my first experience playing video poker at Cosmo, and it was amazing. I was here on Labor Day around 3pm, and there were plenty of seats (the party pit was not in action yet). I sat down to play, and over the course of the next hour or so a few super classy bartenders made me several super classy cocktails. The 6/5 Bonus Poker pay table was worth the quality of service and atmosphere.
They even have a coffee table with video poker next to the bar (which allowed my girlfriend to study while I was playing and drinking).
A great experience, and I expect to find myself at Cosmo more in the future (instead of just for Secret Pizza).

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark October 04, 2014

Leave it to Cosmopolitan to do a classy party pit. Attractive dealers with tastefully sexy outfits. The dancers are good looking and are actually dancers with choreographed routines. The atmosphere is classic Cosmopolitan, sheik & modern with a top quality bar. And being located in the front of the property, providing a view of the strip why you play, makes this my favorite party pit in Vegas.

5 Stars Bond John Bond September 13, 2012

Can't recommend this place enough for their drinks and the scene. Great spot to lounge at and meet new people as the area gets a lot of attention.

5 Stars Andrico June 22, 2012

Each night we visited Bond (2 times total- 4 in our party) it was happening. Bond gives you a club feeling without the club hassle! Cocktail waitresses were great and bartenders were quick. We didn't need bottle service but wouldn't have hesitated if it was necessary. The dancers were also cool, posing from up high for my wife to take their picture. I love this place! If you're looking for a fun, live club like lounge with plenty of available places to sit start with Cosmo and finish with Bond!

5 Stars Bobbi S February 21, 2012

Fun and hip!!! Loved the dancers but Saturday's they don't start until 11:00 which I thought was late. Cocktail servers were great! Expect to be kicked out of the couch to make room for bottle service so sit in the chairs if you get there early.

5 Stars Redcivilian June 29, 2011

I did not try the other bars at cosmo, only because I liked the bartender I had at Bond so much. I visited in the afternoon so there was maybe 1-2 people there besides me and my wife. The bartender Brandy(I think) was super cool, and didn't even hesitate when I told her I wasn't sure exactly what drink I wanted, but only what flavor I was in the mood for. I would just let her know what I thinking about having and she hit it perfect each time. Each drink I would have ordered again, but I kept wanting to try different things. The flavors I was craving were chocolate and cream, sour, vanilla, and coffee or mocha. The drinks she answered with were the Nutty Professor, some kind of lemonade kamikaze with Ginger, a lemon chip and a lemongrass straw to drink it all out of, cream soda and vanilla vodka, and an expresso martini. All were made with care and amazingly good. I passed by this place a couple times in the night and it was BUSY. Looked liked an even hotter spot to just chill at in the night, but I can see it MAYBE taking a while to get a drink. That is pure speculation though as I only ordered drinks during the day time and drinks were made with absolute care. Even though I have heard good things about vesper, I am in love with this bar so much. The place is a cool spot to lounge around and you can people watch the inside of the casino and on the strip due to the walls being made of glass.

4 Stars Michael December 22, 2010

I posted the double charge about bond and it was just a pending charge while we had the tab open. No double charge. The drinks are amazing. And the management staff very helpful.

1 Star Michael December 21, 2010

Bond had great drinks, pricey but good. However, incredibly slow service. It took 20 to 30 minutes to get our drinks after we ordered them. The waitress also double charged us.

4 Stars Hunter December 18, 2010

Pretty bichin' casino bar featuring amazing LED light show and 'flying' DJs / dancing girls.