Nightclub Ratings & Reviews Breeze Bar (Treasure Island)

2 Stars Hunter February 19, 2012

Missing key ingredients to standard drinks.

3 Stars Goon29 October 29, 2010

This bar is really nothing special, but I always like to stop here for a drink. Neat location on the casino floor.

4 Stars Dr. Dukes March 10, 2010

Always quick service! Quality drinks!

5 Stars Olli January 30, 2009

Nice bar in the centre of the casino. Good selection of whiskey.

0 Stars donnymac August 06, 2008

I always make sure to stop by the Breeze bar when I am in Vegas. Good selection of cocktails and great service from Rick, Larry and Dee. I wish the video poker paytables were better but I know thats not going to change.

0 Stars User June 15, 2005

The rooms are very comfortable and the bathrooms are large with deep tubs. If you can get a view room then you will have one hell of a view when the night lights come on. The new Sirens show is a bit britney Spears-ish in its presentation though. I would only stay here again if I could get a room with a view.

0 Stars User April 13, 2005

Nice little bar in the middle of the hotel. We spent a lot of time here, could always find a comfortable seat.

0 Stars kahuna March 14, 2003

Nice revamped job on this lounge.
Now it is a nice upscale area to sit talk and listen to good music.
If you happen to catch Bobby Barrett in action you can consider yourself blessed.
This guy provides a phenominal tribute to Frank Sinatra.
Close your eyes and you would swear it was ol' blue eyes himself.
I make it a point to hear him whenever I come to vegas.
I have never been dissapointed. Save yourself $200 for floorshow tickets.
Come here listen to Bobby, stick $50 in his jar and you will walk away feeling like you
were stealing.

You have my word on it

- The Big Kahuna

0 Stars Hunter February 28, 2003

Great additional to Treasure Island. Sinatra impersonator Bobby Barrett was in there the two nights we stopped by. A good place to rest the feet and get some drinks.