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Nightclub Ratings & Reviews The Chandelier (Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)

4 Stars Michael Simonds April 19, 2015

Go to level 1.5, and get the Verbena at least once in your life. The service here is excellent even when they are being overwhelmed by large crowds.

4 Stars Jane Public July 30, 2014

I like going to this bar w/ the multi levels But the outfits they make the female cocktail servers are very weird. I always though have a very good time at this bar...

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark June 05, 2014

With the addition of video poker, this is now my favorite place to hangout in Vegas.

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark September 28, 2013

The most beautiful, best bar without video poker in all of Las Vegas. Nuff said!

5 Stars Amanda paull September 09, 2012

This is a truly memorable experience. It is breathtakingly beautiful and the cocktails are very original and expertly crafted. Don't miss this one - you will really enjoy your time.

5 Stars 360 Vegas Mark July 28, 2012

Always a great time. They have a different drink menu on each of their 3 levels. My favorite is still the Lime in the Coconut on level 1.5 but tons of unique, delicious options to choose from. Most beautiful bar in Vegas.

5 Stars Michele June 10, 2012

Go to level 1.5 and order the Verbena. It's a tingly tequila drink as if you just licked a battery. Great service and atmosphere all around.

5 Stars KerenMark May 25, 2012

The Chandelier Bar is amazing visually, but you're missing out if you don't try some of their specialty drinks. They differ by level, but let me recommend The Butterfly on Level 3. I don't remember everything that was in it, but the mango and strawberry purées make it incredibly smooth & creamy. It's the only specialty drink that I've ever gone back for seconds! If they had video poker at the bar, I'd never leave!

5 Stars Scott January 29, 2012

Best cocktail I have ever had. I told the bartender I wanted something with vodka and lemon, beyond that his choice to get creative. His drink was OUTSTANDING. At $37 for 2 it better have been. Don't go to get drunk. But it is worth it.

5 Stars Mike September 26, 2011

The chandelier alone is well worth it!

4 Stars Enter Your Name August 23, 2011

I did enjoy this.

4 Stars Kevin August 06, 2011

Cool place. Like a big chandelier, multi levels, nice environment. Bartenders give good service and are very kind. It wasnt loud when I was there at all. More like a lounge than a place for drunk people but I'm sure it all depends on the night. I won't go back most likely just because I enjoy the mandarin lounge a bit better.

5 Stars Mel July 10, 2011

Stopped here for a quick drink. Had some sort of watermelon margarita which was yummy! The ambience is great. Not pretentious & the inside of the chandelier is gorgeous. Our server was really friendly & this is a great spot to take out of towners for the pictures alone.

5 Stars BobScottOnline June 03, 2011

3rd floor mixologist Malcolm rocks! Will make suggestions and creations to taste - will even educate if express the interest. TIP: Hot Mule (Moscow Mule variant) $10 - $4 cheaper than Vesper downstairs (until they find out :-)

5 Stars Squid April 11, 2011

Our first time to this bar. The drinks were great, and our bar staff was great too. We nicknamed our server Angel Eyes for obvious reasons. For the staff alone we will be back.

4 Stars AjMN March 22, 2011

Pretty cool 3 level bar in the middle of a giant chandelier.

4 Stars TBONE December 22, 2010

Dj's on the main level were fun, couple chicks tearin it up...

4 Stars Hunter December 19, 2010

A pretty cool bar - it's actually more like three bars at different levels of the giant chandelier inside their main entrance. Each has slightly different cocktail menus. If you want something a bit more mellow, I'd recommend the middle level - since you have to climb stairs, many lazy people will not even make it up there.