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Nightclub Ratings & Reviews Coyote Ugly (New York New York)

1 Star AOchoa January 12, 2014

Tourist trap!

1 Star Skip It December 14, 2013

Bust. Skip it

1 Star Lacey April 19, 2012

Was not happy it was not fun at all never will go there again

3 Stars Gussie January 05, 2012

Went for a couple of minutes and those min were a wast. If I stayed I probably would have enjoyed it. All it was. Was an employee dancing in the bar with guys looking up her skirt.

4 Stars Wes October 31, 2011

Fun. Only do it once.

1 Star John May 09, 2011

As sleazy and annoying as the movie. Skip it.

5 Stars Em February 28, 2011

I spent my 23rd birthday on the bar at coyote ugly!!! It has been my goal since I saw the movie!!! So fun... Great time.. Great drinks (strong as everyone else says!!!) just a blast.. Yes it was crowded.. But hello!!! It's supposed to be!!!!!! A night to definitely remember!

5 Stars Lisa January 10, 2011

Super fun!!! Free shots for girls!!!

3 Stars Meli January 09, 2011

I went to coyote on a Tuesday by chance it was early so there was no cover ..... The entire staff was entertaining the whole time I was there. Lady's get ready for shots it seemed like every ten min it was " free shots for lady's!!"

1 Star Fred November 30, 2010

This place is for tourist

1 Star Goon29 October 29, 2010

Probably exactly what you would expect it to be, only smaller and with less hot chicks. Tiny bar with loud, annoying trucker girls barking at you. Expensive drinks. PASS!

0 Stars S and A June 06, 2010

Bought a cocktail from thebar and left. The drink was delicious! The drink was expensive but was so strong I didn't need another one all night and it took me most of the night to drink it!

1 Star Dave May 27, 2010

Tourist trap! Slot machines don't rip you off as bad as the cover charge!

2 Stars Jaime March 31, 2010

Went in this place for about 30 min and left. The cover was 5 dollars. It was crowded with mostly older men in their 30s and older drunk women. Harldy anyone around my age I'm 22. It is way to small inside and the bar staff were barely entertaining. Your just suppose to stand there and watch. They just stand on the bar and talk and try to make you laugh. The dances that they do were sloppy and just plain and boring. I thought that the bar staff were so suppose to be these hot babes but no it's just the make up that's caked on their faces. I'd rather watch the movie.

3 Stars Big daddy March 31, 2010

The drinks outside the bar are phenominal but it was way way too crowded to go in so I give 3 stars to the bar and 5 to the drinks

1 Star TC from Boston March 30, 2010

Attempted to gain entry into the tourist trap known as Coyote Ugly, there was no line at the door and they gladly took our cover charge. Upon entering the club it was obvious why there was no line, everyone was already inside. It was impossible to move around and the bars were to crowded to get near to get a drink. We promptly turned around and left and demanded our money back.

One positive note is the fat Tuesdays run slushie drink bar outside, while overpriced, they are a good to sip on (in a normal sized cup please and thank you) on a hot walk up the strip.

1 Star Diana March 10, 2010

Went in there and it was waaay too loud and nothing much to see. Wouldn't go back again'

5 Stars Helen February 17, 2010

I went to coyotes in 2008 with 2 female friends and it was one of the best nights in Vegas. Atmosphere was fab and the bar staff were entertaining. We still talk about "the night in coyotes" till this day. Also I wore shorts with no issues. Staff were all friendly and many free drinks

2 Stars Greg November 30, 2009

I'm 25 and the average of the crowd was about 10 years older than that (if not more) it was really loud and not big enough. Glad I got in for free because I would have demanded my money back if I was made to pay a cover. Totally not worth it- the only decent part was that the drinks were reasonably priced compared to other places on the strip.

0 Stars Larry rebstock October 23, 2009

Was going to go until we found out (no shorts - no tennis shoes). We have been to the ones in New Orleans and Nashville wearing shorts and tennis shoes. So I can' say anything good about this place since we couldn't go. My suggestio is if you want to go to a Cayote Ugly go to Nashville. Bartenders make it fun and entertain you.

2 Stars Tori September 24, 2009

Ok I have a similar bar in uk and was expecting great things - the only relation it bears to the film is that the girls dance on the bar the fact they don't even serve behind the bar leaves you with the impression that they feel it's beneath them, to all intense and purposes they were gloryfied podium dancers and the best advice would be put down the microphone get a DJ, proper lighting and the girls should serve and dance.

5 Stars Sean July 24, 2009

Hot staff, Hot crowd, Cool Ass place to go!

3 Stars Big Time June 17, 2009

Been to this place a few times... Waaaay to small of a place, if it were bigger I am sure it'd be better. The frozen drink stand outside the bar is better, just get a coyote octane and your sure to get hammered!!!!

1 Star Drewski March 31, 2009

Super hot staff, but insanely crowded. Get there early or get stuck waiting in line.

5 Stars DavidW December 26, 2008

Excellent bar. Everytime I've been, i've had a great time. Fantastic music and reasonably priced drinks, also the waitresses in there are amazing!!!

0 Stars Whitney October 04, 2006

I was so looking forward to dancing on the bar at Coyote Ugly in Vegas - But when we got there, we left within 5 minutes because it was so cheesy. It has NO atmosphere - Tiny!!! And on top of that, we couldn't even get a drink cause they kept telling us to "step away from the bar." LAME!!!!
Don't waste your time!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User March 24, 2006

Awesome drinks - I was hammered after just one (extra shot for only a $1).

0 Stars RateVegas.com User June 19, 2005

My daughter and her husband went here because they had coupons for free cover charge. They stayed long enough to drink one beer and then fled. Crowded, no place to sit and the staff was rude.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User May 08, 2005

This place just sucks!!! !I was nicely dressed and I did not have to pay the cover charge.Thank god,because I've only stayed in there 30 seconds.Loud music and ugly overly drunk people.If getting ice throwned at you by the bitchy bartenders sound like fun to then go for it.Be sure to be extremely drunk before you go.

0 Stars RateVegas.com User January 26, 2005

This place sucked. My two girlfriends and I payed a $15 cover to walk in there, stand around in a tiny, crowded bar, with some not so pretty girls dancing on the bar (just visitors, not the bartenders like in the movie). It was super loud and jam packed, mostly with guys, but it was so loud and crowded that you could not carry on a conversation. We stayed about 30 min and left. It was that bad. I do not recommend it if you are the type who likes doing the trendy bar scene!!

0 Stars RateVegas.com User November 07, 2004

I thought Coyote Ugly was ok. I am glad I didn't have to pay a cover. The bartenders were hot. The girls they were getting on stage were not.

I was pretty tired though so it could have been my attitude. The music overall were pretty good. The cost of alcohol was a bit high.