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Nightclub Ratings & Reviews Lavo (The Palazzo)

2 Stars Jonny4 November 18, 2010

It's average, very small and they like to pack you in, even with bottle service you really don't have much room like other clubs, place smells of accents cause of the theme they have kinda like Tao which they are both related, it's ok maybe try somewhere else

5 Stars Steven G June 27, 2010

It was probably one if he best night I've had in my life bottle service was great our waitress made awesome drinks. Music was incredible and pumping I am definetly going back next year it was mental

5 Stars John June 07, 2010

Great location!!

5 Stars Anonymous April 09, 2010


3 Stars Rick April 04, 2010

If I can't get into Tao, I'd go here since it's not that far away. Good for Industry nights!

3 Stars Johanna March 18, 2010

had a terrible time, it was just too crowded and the place was just too small. Only reason I'm giving them 3 stars is because they managed to get A LOT of good looking girls in there + open bar for the first hour.

5 Stars John March 06, 2010

Great club!

5 Stars Brad March 04, 2010

Awesome club, superb sound system, fabulous girls!! Don't miss it!!!

5 Stars Susan March 04, 2010

There are celebs here all the time! Great club! Fabulous hotel.

5 Stars Nader November 04, 2009

Beautiful club. This is definitely one of the places to be seen. Bottle service is great!

1 Star Millah September 14, 2009

The place was awful and I was on the Guest List and was refused entrance but they wanted me to purchase a table! Ah NO, believe me...Don't waste ur time or money on this overrated nightclub!

5 Stars Elisha June 03, 2009

Lavo is the best club ever! I had the best time at Lavo. The crowd is more between the ages of 25 to 40. The music was a perfect blend that everyone could be happy with. Drinks were the average vegas price. The bartenders were very nice. It is small compared to other clubs in vegas but I had a good time. Whenever I'm in Vegas I will be sure to go back.

1 Star Mary January 02, 2009

This place was awful. It is for the older crowd. We had free passes and free drinks so we went. But not worth it. The first level is a restaurant with only reserved seats, the next level is nothing and the last level is the club. It is full of smoke and too small. There is no room for dancing and you can't even get to the bar without jumping over everyone. You have to get the VIP access if you plan on siting and having somewhere to relax and put your drinks