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Nightclub Ratings & Reviews LAX (Luxor)

4 Stars Luke Price May 14, 2012

If using bottle service tip your doorman, he can hook you up, we only realised this after watching everyone else, doh, they do make you feel like celebs, was fun

4 Stars Wes October 31, 2011

Cool. Get on guest list (phone them) to avoid massive queues.

2 Stars Seb July 29, 2011

Personally didn't like it. $30 to get in, $10 vodka and lemonade. The doormen are mugs with no people skills. The place I was way to dark especially on the dance floor which is really narrow and get easily crowded cos theres nowhere else to dance cos of lack of space. Not the best. Good music (hip hop) and generous with the drinks. We hit that on a Friday night.

5 Stars Fred December 02, 2010

Great club but you'll need to grab bottle service cause if you don't you'll hate it, way to many choke points and bottle necks with door guys flashing you in the face telling you to move, getting a table was the best decision we made when we came here made our night 100 times better

5 Stars Katie October 23, 2010

Great club!

3 Stars Laly September 03, 2010

Doormen where big time assholes, waited in guest list line for over 30min while they let in a bunch of retards in. Inside wasn't too bad and of course remember to get drunk in your hotel and save yourself some cash

2 Stars Gabe August 28, 2010

This place can have decent weekday parties but rates as a tourist trap on weekends. It's just wall-to-wall dudes in a big dark room. Why pay the same cover and drink prices here when you can go to a decent club like Tao, or even better, XS.

5 Stars  April 27, 2010

Ice t was playing here loved it

2 Stars MikeE April 24, 2010

Pretty awful club. Designed with bottlenecks in mind, I knock points off by the number of oompa loompas that flash bright lights into my eyes and tell me to keep moving--typical Light and Pure management place. Avoid at all costs.

5 Stars Anonymous April 09, 2010

Loved it!

4 Stars Josh April 07, 2010

Good atmosphere. The inside is amazing. The only problem we had was that there is nowhere to sit and not a lot of room if you don't do bottle service. So make sure you spend a little more and get a table.

5 Stars Shaun April 04, 2010

Loved LAX.

5 Stars Shaun April 04, 2010

Loved LAX.

5 Stars Stazi April 04, 2010

Chic and wonderful! Celebrities are commonly scene here. Look for autographs.

5 Stars Stazi April 04, 2010

Chic and wonderful! Celebrities are commonly scene here. Look for autographs.

5 Stars Stazi April 04, 2010

Chic and wonderful! Celebrities are commonly scene here. Look for autographs.

4 Stars VILLAIN March 05, 2010

LAX... Hmm where do I start. The music is very good. The staff was great. The alcohol was very strong and the place is very crowded. However; I've been to this place twice and the ratio is like 5-1 dudes-girls. So get there early and get established.

5 Stars SP February 05, 2010

I don't care what anyone says...I really enjoyed my night at LAX. the drinks were good, the line moved fast and the DJ WAS AMAZING!!! The place was a little crowded and you have no where to sit if you don't get a table. We did sit on some sofas around one of the bars. I don't go to clubs to sit down though so it didn't really bother me. The night I went Kristin Cavallari from theHills was there. It just had such a cool vibe. I am going back to Vegas in March of 2010 and I have already been added to the guest list since I will certainly be spending at least 1 of my nights in Vegas at LAX for sure.

1 Star Mstazzle August 02, 2009

Music was pretty shitty. Cute girls though. Got to the front of the line and in for free due to passes. I think being drunk is a must to relatively enjoy this place.

2 Stars AWELLS July 31, 2009

Good music. Packed on a Tuesday. Drinks pretty steep. Can't sit unless you buy a table. I wish they would have kept RA.

5 Stars Sean July 24, 2009

A must go, crowded but worth it.

1 Star Captain Wahala April 21, 2009

Why would anybody name a club after an overcrowded airport?

5 Stars Preston Rideout February 17, 2009

LAX throws the best Wednesday Night Party in Las Vegas. I caught a set by DJ AM that was amazing and the dance floor was packed.

4 Stars Chuck T January 05, 2009

This club is always fun! I would not recommend going unless you have a table reserved though. The after hours (invite only) club Noir is a blast. Noir has specialty drinks not found anywhere else in vegas or the world for that matter!

3 Stars Steve December 09, 2008

5 to 1 guys girl ratio. Place is large and almost always crowded inside...drinks are the most expensive of all the clubs I've been to in vegas. They even come in a cheap plastic kool aide cup.