Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas



Nightclub Ratings & Reviews Marquee (Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas)

5 Stars Joe C July 29, 2011

Best club in Vegas - period. I've been to XS, Surrender, Pure, Rain, Moon, Tao, Bank, Haze and none compare

5 Stars Seb July 29, 2011

Brilliant night club, we went Saturday night, Roger Sanzer was there on the night. $50 to get in but I sure some other folk in front only payed $20. Vodka lime and lemonade $11-$14 for Gray goose. The down side on a big night is the queues are massive so either chat up the bouncers our be prepared for a long wait. Also once you've payment you need to queue for the lift which take you up to the club. Once upthere there a massive dancefloor and a massive outside area with pool. A must visit.

4 Stars Deegan May 11, 2011

Absolutely beautiful club! The bartenders were hot and they had 3 different rooms. Pretty much amazing outdoor area. The music was good when we first arrived with the top 40 then towards the end of the night got house music with trans. Definitely could have done without that.

4 Stars Scott May 04, 2011

Gotta be the hottest place in town. They're killing it.

3 Stars Cody March 31, 2011

Very nice place. Views rival Ghost bar and Voodoo. Stopped in after dinner on a Sunday evening. Not a big crowd but the music was hittin and the bar gave great service. Downstairs let us in for free which is always a bonus. Staff friendly (not the snobbish behavior I've come to expect at certain Vegas clubs) enjoyed our night and will return.

1 Star Alex March 14, 2011

Made table reservations 2 months in advance for the main room, when we arrived to the club they told us we couldnt get a table unless we paid 3000.00, our host was very apologetic and offered to get us in but we declined as we looked forward to our table. This club is very new and with that comes a very disorganized group, they don't really know what's going on and it seems chaotic, club looks nice inside but lots of bottle necks and poor flow, you'll have door guys flashing you with lights telling you to move it. Plan to attempt to get a table again in the summer and hopefully things are more organized, take a chance if you like and get there early, I still believe XS nightclub is the best with looks, flow, service and style