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Mandalay Bay

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Nightclub Ratings & Reviews Red Square (Mandalay Bay)

5 Stars Jim July 19, 2010

Combine the ambiance and the dense vodka martinis in the Red Square makes this my and my brother's favorite bar. By custom, we always go there on our first night in town to decompress and have succeeded for the past 11 years. Get there early so you can sit at the ice bar and be prepared to pay $15 per drink. Look for me and Mark on Aug 9.

5 Stars John O'Brien April 10, 2009

Probably my favorite bar in Vegas. Enjoy some good drinks in the dustbin of history! The homemade spicy vodka is very interesting to say the least.

5 Stars Mike December 03, 2008

Banana foster martini is worth every penny.

0 Stars DenverDiva May 27, 2004

Definietly a uniquely themed establishment, a necessary stop in Vegas. My girlfriend who lived in Russia for a few years was delighted to have such access to the long list of rare russian vodkas. The martinis are superb! While the bartneders are very skilled (and comprised mainly of chiseled, young eye candy) the service wasn't stellar when it was busy. This place is a little small and expect to have to practically climb over the bar to get a drink during peak times.