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Nightclub Ratings & Reviews Rhumbar (The Mirage)

1 Star Tyler October 10, 2013

I like Rhumbar; tasty drinks, nice wait staff, good music and a phenomenal location...unfortunately I won't go back. They have started charging a 3.75% CSF, a fee for no reason other than to make more money. Our waitress told us it was called a Concession Service Fee, and that it was a way for them to make more money without raising their drink prices. This fee is ridiculous! The CSF wasn't even listed on our menu, it just showed up on our final bill. Charge me what the drink cost and don't tack on a fee at the end. I'm more than willing to pay the current cost of the drink and would even pay a dollar more, their prices are competitive with other speciality bars on the strip. In all fairness, we did a little investigating and after looking through a couple of menus we found one with the fee list, also our fee was waived when we asked to speak with the manager (he never talked to us, just told the waitress to take it off the bill). I would love to go back to Rhumbar but until they get rid of the fee I won't be back. Lesson for anybody that chooses to go to Rhumbar, asked to speak with a manager about the CSF and they will waive it rather than have to justify their shoddy business practices to you.

5 Stars Andy Lawrence May 03, 2013

This bar is an overlooked addition at Mirage. We spend time here on every trip. Do NOT offer to buy your group a round of drinks. Instead, spend $40 on a large drink to share. The music here is always good and is not super club-like. Look for a groupon to save even more. Have fun!

5 Stars Alan Key April 05, 2013

Rhumbar is our group's favourite place to drink and we stop by on each trip to Vegas. The cocktails don't come cheap but they taste great. Outside is comfy with no cover charge or dress code. If you're lucky you can get a view of the volcano. The last DJ played music everyone enjoyed and somehow got away with playing electronic bongos at during every song. I got a scorpion bowl which sent me dippy real fast- definitely for 2 or more people.

5 Stars BordFan September 05, 2012

Crowded when we went about 10:30pm but still had great service and great drinks. Both the wife and I had one of their speciality drinks, fantastic.

5 Stars Lisa September 03, 2011

Delicious drinks! Great ambiance! Great location!

4 Stars LaylaB August 07, 2011

Nice atmosphere!!

4 Stars Cody December 29, 2010

Pina Colada is out of this world!!! Inside or out the place is great. Recommend you sit outside for a bit of people watching. Staff was friendly.

4 Stars Goon29 October 29, 2010

STRONG drinks for this kind of bar. Got one before heading out onto the strip and was feeling pretty good by the time I got to Bellagio!

3 Stars MG - London August 07, 2010

Nice addition to the mirage, when we went it was very hot so didn't stay long. Trouble getting seats as some people seem to buy a drink and then spend the next 3 hours drinking it but all in all, not bad.

3 Stars Dan August 01, 2010

Good drinks, small but good cigar selection, nice area outside. I will return.

4 Stars G&J UK June 24, 2010

Great place to take time out in the afternoon after walking the strip. The frozen margheritas were great and the outdoor seating was lovely.

3 Stars Jasn June 22, 2010

Classic hurricane

5 Stars E June 10, 2010

One of the best places to relax and people watch. Excellent drinks! From the mojitos to Mai Tais Rhumbar offers the tastiest rum drinks.

0 Stars S and A June 06, 2010

Cocktails were great but the band was not! We left in the end as it was so loud and bad!

1 Star fshowalter June 02, 2010

Well, on the plus side, there's no cover and the patio is a nice outdoor space, but the "band" was godawful, so much so that when the PA system went out a faint round of applause could be heard. Compound this with a single waitress and bartender for the entire outdoor area and you're in for a disappointment. My advice: since there's no cover, poke your head in and feel it out before you commit. Vegas time is precious and not to be wasted.

5 Stars Jaclyn April 04, 2010

I had the weirdest and most potent Mai Tai of my life there called the 1944. It was not syrupy like a lot I have had but crisp and clean. I also tried the Hemingway Daiquiri garnished with pink grapefruit, which was excellent. We were there in the afternoon and the vibe of Rhumbar's outdoor patio was very chill – sports on the big screens, misters to keep you cool, and techno remixes of a lot of Michael Jackson hits. If you enjoy a cigar, this is a great spot to have a smoke and people watch.

4 Stars chadster July 31, 2009

Great atmosphere and stiff ass rum drinks. The 1944 Mai Tai rocked! Outdoor patio with views of the volcano was a plus. Only drawback was the price, but hey, it's Vegas. Recent celeb sightings too...Holly Madison, Slash, Steven Tyler, Billy Gibbons all got their rum on. Will definitely go back!